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No more pushing

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Cuddle? Cuddle? Justin jumps out of bed saying it aloud "cuddle? You don't cuddle, well you do, but you don't use the word."

"Well excuse me, for using a word that offence your sensibility" Brian says.

"Don't, Brian please."

"Don't what?"

"Don't push me off Mt. Kinney, for whatever reason you think is for my own good."

"Justin, you have to go to New York. You have to see where your art can take you and you know that just as well as I do".

"I do want to go to New York, just not yet. I can paint here; maybe get in a few shows in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg. And in a couple of years when Kinnetik is big enough we can conquer New York together. I know you all ways wanted to go there."

"You have that much faith in me, that you think Kinnetik will be ready for New York in a couple of years? What if it isn't? Are you just gonna put your career on hold indefinitely for me? You know that if you wait and we get married I won't be able to let you go without me?"

That smirk is going to be the death of me Justin thinks.

"If I haven't gotten an agent by then, then I'm not good enough for New York anyway. If I have then I won't really have to be there to conquer the art world. I only have to show up for shows to smooch potential buyers."

"But Lindsey and Melanie said that you would be giving up your career by staying with me."

"Melanie knows shit about the art world and Lindsey is trying to out-live her own dream of living in New York as a starving artist through me. I'm more worried about you!"

"Me, why are you worried about me?" Brian sounded genuinely surprised.

"Brian Kinney doesn't go to his own stag party without fucking every cute guy in sight."

"Yes I do, I've had a wake up call. I don't know if you heard about the stupid bet I made with Brandon?"

"How could I not. Every queen was only too happy to let me in on that little tidbit. Looking ever so sorry that you didn't even put me on the list of the ten hottest guys"

Brian looked shocked "I could never do that to you Sunshine."

"I know, so that didn't hurt that much, I just wish you would have asked me, I would have done it and you could have won that much sooner since I would have never touched that slimy prick."

"Why would you do that?"

"Because that is who you are, Brian fucking Kinney, stud of Liberty Avenue."

"Christ Justin, I really fucked you up good, didn't I?" Brian looked sheepish and guilty. "Well it used to be who I was. But not anymore!" Brian looked so determined that Justin had to ask.

"What happened?"

"Well I won the bet, as you know. When it came time for me to collect my winnings I couldn't."

"What did you win?" Justin was almost scared to ask, this was so not like Brian.

"I won Brandon’s ass, figuratively speaking. He came here striped, got on the bed and I didn't want to fuck him anymore."

"Why not? You have wanted him ever since we first saw him at Babylon."

"I know, but it was the wrong blond." Justin almost didn't hear that since it was just a whisper. "I found out that I didn't want him or anybody else for that matter. I kept up appearances and fully intended to go to Sidney. I even fucked a few guys after, but my heart wasn't in it. When I heard about the bombing, my only thought was of you. My world stood perfectly still until I saw your mother and she told me you were still in there. That’s when I realized that I wanted to marry you and hold you so tight that no one could ever hurt you again. You almost died on my twice in 4 years, don't ever do that again." That smirk again. "So I didn't change for you but because of you, you made me realize that my life was empty without you in it and that I really don't need anybody else."

Justin was shocked to say the least. "So, we are still getting married? You won't push me off Mt. Kinney this time?"

"No more pushing, I promise."