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Katsuki had finished for the day, was wrapped up in his civilian clothing and was walking home. He had just stopped off at the local grocery store for Auntie and was going to drop by hers before returning to his own home for the night.

Katsuki had his hands deep in his pockets, there was a buzz from his arse where he had stuffed his phone before leaving the agency, but he ignored it. No way in hell was he going to take his nice toasty hands out of equally toasty pockets just to answer a text. He was nearly at aunties anyway, so whoever wanted him could wait five minutes.

Katsuki huffed and buried his nose further into his scarf. Today had been a good day, Katsuki had saved a lady from her stalker, helped Uravity in a recuse mission at a collapsed building down town, and brought in a new sidekick.

The kid was good also, had a fire type quirk what Katsuki pretended not to be impressed by, and a sarcastic whit what could burn even Katsuki.

All round good guy in Katsuki books.

He was about to turn the last corner when a flash of green had his neck whipping around so fast he was scared he would crick it. The shopping bag hit the ground, but it was a distant thump to the slap of Katsuki boots racing down the pavement.

Katsuki knew it was a trap, knew that from the first flash of green that it was a trap and he was going to walk right on into it all guns blazing.

No he was going to barge into it with explosions and death threats, hey he hadn’t grew up that much in the last nine years.

All that Katsuki knew was that he was going to kill him. He was going to wrap the palm of his hand around that stupid face and blown the little twerp into teeny tiny pieces.

No one would be able to find his body, Katsuki would make sure of it. All the police would have to prove that this fucker was dead would be the few strips of skin Katsuki would leave behind.

He was going to enjoy it, enjoy making that stupid mouth what use to smile up at him, scream around the pain he would cause. He didn’t even know that through his anger, through his bloodlust to kill the bastard, if he would be able to get answers. The main one being why.

He was just so utterly and completely pissed.

Rounding the last corner into the small alleyway Katsuki snarled, palms snapping with explosions, teeth bared in a growl as he took in the figure before him.

The super villain Dauntless was leaning against the far wall, head cocked to the side slightly as he regarded Katsuki, watching him like one would watch a deer before bringing the rifle up and shooting it in the heart. It pissed Katsuki the fuck off.

He was dressed to impress, forest green shirt had been pressed, and the cuffs folded - not rolled, Katsuki noted - to his elbows. Tailored black pants clung to the curves of his thighs, a black waist coat hugged his lean chest and taper waist. Suite jacket merely places over his shoulders, like the villain didn’t expect to move fast enough for it to fall off. His oxfords where the same green as his shirt with black accents, shiny and polished enough for Katsuki to see his own refection in. Tight black leather half palm gloves finished off the look, though what look it was meant to be Katsuki wasn’t sure.

Mafia boss, maybe. Either way Dauntless looked fucking stupid. Okay that was a lie, he looked good enough to eat but Katsuki was sticking to stupid thought, so he didn’t have to think too much about the other one.

Katsuki let his mouth twist into a vicious snarl while hunching over slightly, palms facing outwards, readying himself to attack. “Ready to die”

The younger man smiled, and it was all razor blades and bloody teeth. Gone was the sunny smile of the boy he once knew in middle school. “Oh Ground Zero” he taunted, tapping his chin with his head still tipped to the side. “How easy you are to read. Bet you couldn’t wait to follow me when I showed up in this run down town of yours. How utterly boring, I thought you may have gained some knowledge in age, but alas” Dauntless gave a long tired sigh, shrugging his shoulders before spreading his arms wide, like one would ask for a hug. “Look, you've made it so easy”

“Do you ever fucking shut up” Katsuki snapped. “You’re always running your damn mouth, always use to fucking ramble, even when we were kids. Just love the sound of your own fucking voice right?”

The other man laughed, his head thrown back to expose his milky white throat. He was completely and utterly insane. “Oh you might be some fun after all!” he sang, smile slashed across his face once more. “Take him alive” he crooned.

To late did Katsuki realised he was surrounded, he let off an explosion in a man’s face who made the mistake to grab him from the side, but he wasn’t fast enough to catch the man wearing a bird mask, who gripped the back of Katsuki neck. Pain erupted through every nerve ending, it was like he was being taken apart and put back together again, and all the while Dauntless laughed.

“Oh Kacchan, how I’ve missed you”

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Chapter 1

Katsuki came awake fighting, what unfortunately did nothing to help his situation in the slightest, apart from make pins and needles erupt down his arms. With a groan he got his feet under him and stood as best he could.

He was hooked up to a wall by his wrist, hands encased in some kind of metal to stop his quirk. Katsuki had been left to dangle by his arms, so his shoulders were screaming at him in agony. Getting his feet underneath him didn’t help too much either, as he could just about put the tips of his steal toe cap boots to the concrete floor below.

The room he was in was small and bare, like the rooms use to interrogate people in movies. It even had a wooden table, chair and the stupid bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Katsuki couldn’t hold back the eye roll, didn’t even try to stop it.

How fucking original Deku.

Movement to his left caught his eye, and Katsuki whirled in that direction, lips pulling back to snarl. What unfortunately that did him no good with the muzzle strapped around his jaw.

A fucking muzzle, Deku, really!

Someone had watched the sports festival from his first year at U.A. he was betting Deku.

The man was wearing one of those old doctors’ masks, the ones what made them look like giant stupid fucking birds. With a glare Katsuki realised it was the same man who had gripped the back of his neck earlier and took him out of the fight.

He strained against the bonds, trying his damnedest to get to the stupid bird fucker. Screaming every profanity in his arsenal around the stupid fucking muzzle.

The man simply raised a brow, looked him up and down once like Katsuki was something found on the bottom of his shoe, nodded and then walked from the room, leaving the door open in in his wake. It was a slap in the face if Katsuki ever did see one, showing that whoever held him hostage believed he wouldn’t, no couldn’t, escape.

It made Katsuki try all the more, pulling on his restraints until he rubbed his wrist raw and blood dribble down his arms in rivers towards his shoulders.

Katsuki was seriously debating trying to walk up the wall and hook his ankle around the chain holding his wrists captive, when footsteps clicking towards him made Katsuki pause. He turned back around to face the door, waiting with his eyes narrowed.

“This is good Chisaki-kun, with any luck we’ll have him by the end of the week” Deku said while walking into the room, he was smiling up at the bird man and Katsuki nearly reeled back when he realised the smile wasn’t the one from the alleyway, it was the same sunny smile Deku use to used as a child.

Deku was holding an open file in his hands, eyes running over the words as he muttered under his breath, finger raised to his chin. He had removed his suite coat but was still dressed as he had been earlier, letting Katsuki know he hadn’t been out of action for more than a day at most.

With one last nod Deku closed the file and handed it back to the bird man, who swapped it out for the one under his arm. Handing the new folder over to Deku, carful to never touch him, Katsuki noticed.

After what felt like years Deku finally looked up at Katsuki, and his smile became a little sharper around the edges. “Good afternoon Kacchan, I hope you are well rested” his smile widened at Katsuki’s bitten off snarl. “Forgive my men for placing you in here, but see I had other business to attend while you were sleeping and we couldn’t risk you bringing the building down. Oh don’t worry though, for I am here now and we’ll have you out of them chains in a jiffy”

What the fuck was going on

Deku bounced forward slightly to place the folder on the table, turning to the bird fucker he waved in Katsuki direction. “If you wouldn’t mind removing his gag Chisaki-kun” he said with a stupid grin on his face and large green doe eyes.

Katsuki now knew how this little shit had everyone wrapped around his finger. Deku, or Dauntless as he went by in the villain world, hand been the bane of Katsuki existence for nearly five years. When Katsuki had graduated from U.A. at 18 and made his first debut as a hero, Deku had come out of the fucking woodworks as the villain Dauntless.

Deku had a full organisation behind him, men willing to die if he so much as clicked his fingers. Villains flocking to him, gathered around him like mouths and he was the only bright light for miles, begged Deku to take them under his wing.

And why you ask. Why were they all running to him, this stupid quirkless fucker? Because the man had promised to destroy All Might, and he had succeeded. Deku hadn’t promised to simply win a game against the hero, no he had taken the number one hero of the playing field altogether.

And to this day Katsuki still didn’t have a fucking clue how he had done it. The guy had been a nobody, a quirkless little fucker who had followed Katsuki around from a young age, worshiping the fucking ground he walked on.

Whatever had happened to Deku before the U.A. entrance exam Katsuki didn’t know. What he did know was that one day this little fucker was fighting some sludge monster of Katsuki and the next he was gone, poof, vanished. The best magic trick Katsuki had ever seen.

Deku’s mother had been in hysterics, the police looked for him for months. Everyone assumed he was dead. Then one day Dauntless had walked out, suite tailored to fit his every curve, like it was now and a mask to rival the birds, but instead of looking like a beak it was all sharp razor teeth. No one had seen Izuku Midoriya in four years, and if you weren’t looking for it, then you would have missed that this new villain was in fact the hero worshiping boy he had once been.

When Katsuki had heard about the villain he had laughed, it was just another up and coming little shit, who thought he could be something in the world. When he caught sight of the man on TV for the first time he had frozen, Katsuki had grown up with them eyes looking at him all his life, he would know them anywhere.

When he went to Deku’s mother with his questions, she had slapped him so hard he felt his neck spasm. The woman was distraught, that was not her little boy she had screamed in his face, her son was good and pure and wanted to be a hero. Inko told Katsuki, in a voice he would never forget, that her Izuku had died four years ago and that man on TV was a monster wearing his face.

Katsuki wanted to believe what she did, Deku would never become a villain. But as the weeks turned into months and the months into years, he learned slowly – painfully – that this man was in fact his former childhood friend.

Deku had always been good at analysing, he was the best at recording a hero’s quirks and working out there weak points, where to attack, where to place the final blow. Katsuki watched with copper in his mouth as Deku took down hero after hero. Until one day he had stood on top of a building, MT Lady nothing more than a pile of ash at his feet, destroyed by one of his cronies, who’s top half of his face looked like it had been stitched to a corpse’s mouth. A smile was slashed arose Deku once happy face, mask forgotten as he pointed at the camera. “I’m coming for you next All Might”

Katsuki wouldn’t have believed Deku could do it, but a year later and All Might had been ripped from his pedestal, the number one hero reduced to a skeletal form of his once glorious self.

That had been two years ago, now both at 23 Katsuki had finally found the little shit, only to have been ambushed. Of course, he had been stupid, of course he knew it was a trap. But even knowing that hadn’t stopped him form rushing in like he hadn’t done since his years in school, letting the anger he had learned to tame come to the forefront in a fit of rage.

And now he was paying for it.

Well done Katsuki, Shouto will be so proud. Katsuki could imagen the other man’s flat tone scolding him on how childish he had acted.

“Oh be careful Chisaki-kun, if I do remember correctly he bites” Deku’s voice brought Katsuki back from his thoughts, just in time for him to feel the bird fuckers fingers at the back of his neck, and hear the snap as the clasp of the muzzle came undone.

When it was away from his face, he spat.

Chisaki froze, glob of spit running down his temple. Katsuki smiled viciously, even as the man’s eyes hardened and his hands began to shake. The bird reached out to grip Katsuki’s face but before his finger could so much as touch him, Deku was grabbing the bird fuckers arm and turning him around.

“Oh no” he said to Chisaki, eyes large as he looked his face over. “This won’t do, come now, lean down, yes that’s it” then Deku was pulling a handkerchief from his pocket, wiping the other man’s face down while throwing a heated glare at Katsuki. “That was disgusting Kacchan! Chisaki-kun has OCD, he does not like getting dirty. Really Kacchan he could have killed you”

Katsuki snarled again the sound rebounding through the room now it was no longer muffled. Teeth bared as he snapped. “Would like to see the fucker try!”

Deku rolled his eyes, still patting down the other man’s face. “There there Chisaki-kun, all gone. Why don’t you go get washed up, you can burn your clothes and I’ll have a new mask made up for you.” Deku was smiling widely again as he dropped the dirtied rag on the table behind him. “I’ll handle Kacchan, you may have the rest of the day of. Oh, and please send me Jin-kun, thank you Chisaki-kun”

The man nodded at Deku once, eyes traveling over Katsuki one last time, hands clenching and unclenching before he marched from the room.

Deku shook his head in a small tired fashion, before leaning a hip against the wooden table and crossing his arms over his chest. “Really Kacchan, have you no manners.” Katsuki snarled, body lashing forward, trying to throttle the younger man.

Deku frowned, eyes looking Katsuki over, he stopped on Katsuki bare arms, what were covered in rivers of blood. “Your bleeding” Deku stated with another frown, hand coming up to pinch the bridge of his nose. “Of course you’re bleeding, would it be too much to ask that you don’t struggle Kacchan”

“Don’t be a fucking idiot, stupid Deku!”

The other pulled his hand away from the bridge of his nose to smile at Katsuki, and for the first time it didn’t hold the sharpness of earlier. “Would you believe me if I said I’ve missed being called that” he said with his head cocked to the side, eyes large and bright.

“Deku, Deku, Deku, Deku!” Katsuki repeated like child, voice getting louder each time until he was shouting. Katsuki suddenly cut himself off when the younger started to laugh.

“Oh Kacchan” he chuckled, hand covering his mouth. “I forgot how much of a stubborn arsehole you could be. Tell me, did you miss being call Kacchan, you haven’t told me to stop yet. Maybe others call it you also?” Deku was closer now, crowding into Katsuki personal space. Katsuki could smell the mint of his toothpaste, maybe it was just the smell of Deku, he didn’t know. The other man ran a gloved finger over Katsuki jaw, head cocked once more as he softened his eyes. “No I don’t think they have, because if so I might have to kill them”

Katsuki lunged at him, trying his hardest to wrap his unchained legs around the younger but Deku danced back out of his reach with surprising grace, laughter darker then before bubbled from his lips. “Oh did I hit a nerve, was I right? Who are you so close to Kacchan, maybe I should meet them”

Katsuki snarled, lunging as far as he could at Deku once again. “Get the fuck back here you little shit. I’m going fucking slaughter you, you hear me Deku. I’m going to blow that smart mouth of your fucking face!”

Deku just chuckled again, hands behind his back and standing in all innocence. He looked like a five year old asking for a toy with them big green eyes and pouty lips. “Don’t worry Kacchan, you’ll have your chance to kill me as soon as Jin-kun gets here. I’m not tall enough to unhook you, see?”

Katsuki stopped struggling to give Deku a calculated glare. With a raise of his chin and less bite to his words, he asked. “You’re going to take the restraints off”

Deku smiled brightly, clapping his hands together in front of himself while bouncing on the balls of his feet. The idiot really did look like a fucking child now. “Oh yes Kacchan, you don’t think I would leave you like this, do you? It’s hardly very hospitable of me.”

“You’re a fucking villain Deku, you’re not meant to be fucking hospitable”

Deku waved him off with a roll of his eyes. “You say to-MAY-to, I say to-MAH-to.”

“There’s not another way to pronounce villain, stupid fucking Deku!” he snarled, tick starting being his eye in anger. A reaction that only Deku could bring out.

“OI boss man, what's with all the noise in here?” And then there was someone else in the fucking room, and Katsuki was ready for putting his own face in is palm and just blowing his fucking brains out.

Deku turned to smile brightly at the man who had just entered, hands once more behind his back as he rocked backwards and forwards. “Oh Jin-Kun you made it!” He said like he hadn't asked for the man to be sent down, but had instead invited him to a party. “If you would be so kind, I need to get Kacchan down, but you see, I can't reach.”

“No problem boss man, always here to serve. Say what happened to Overhaul, wasn’t he meant to be helping you out?” The man stepped forward before pausing slightly, shaking his head like he was trying to shake away a thought. “Oh you don't need to answer, why would you want to answer, I'm just a nobody and of course nobodies should not be asking questions-” he was cut off by Deku’s hand on his arm.

“Jin-Kun you’re getting a little lost again” the smaller man said, reaching up to rub between the newcomers eyes over his mask. It was nothing fancy, if anything it remind Katsuki of that American movie hero/villain? The one with the guns and the butt ugly face what he always covered in a mask. You know the ones people use to actually believe in before quirks became a thing.

“Oh right sorry boss man, wait should I be sorry?”

Deku stepped back with another laugh. “It's okay Jin-kun you be whatever you want to be, you know I don't take offence. Now can you help me with Kacchan?”

The man was bobbing his head along with what Deku had just said, little ‘yep, yep sure thing’ slipping through his lips while he walked back towards Katsuki. He pulled up short and Katsuki swore he could see the man’s eyes go larger under his mask.

“Whoa boss man, you went and caught fucking Ground Zero” a pause while he tipped his head the other way “wait you blew my face of like 5 hours ago, but don't worry man it was one of my clones, not the real me you know.”

Katsuki didn’t know, but he also didn’t care and was really fucking confused by this man. Jin started making his way back over to Katsuki, slight bounce in his step.

“Oh hold on Jin-kun” Deku called, coming over and removing his leather gloves “you just reminded me of a little thing I need to fix, or this confrontation could end up more bloodier than originally planned”

Jin looked over his shoulder before throwing his hands up as if to ward Deku away, even if the younger man's eyes were only for Katsuki. Katsuki on the other hand, had a sudden sicking in his stomach, his gut telling him not to let Deku touch him no matter the cost. “Woah boss man, let me get out the way before you pull the big guns, yeah”

Katsuki struggled, lips pulled back in a snarl as he snapped his teeth at Deku. “Fucking touch me Deku and I'll brake your fucking hand, you hear me, I'll snap every bone in your fucking body”

A sudden punch to the gut had Katsuki doubling over as much as he could from his hanging position, then a hand gripped his jaw in a firm hold, his face being man handled my Deku to look the younger in the eyes. Deku smiled, all sharp edges and razor blades, before leaning forward and licking a strip up Katsuki face.

Katsuki reared back, before flying forward to try and head-butt the younger man but Deku jumped back like he had done earlier, his voice sing song as he said “you can try Kacchan”

Once he was a safe distance away Deku pulled his gloves back on and started pushing the table against the wall, turning with a smile as he began to stretch, gesturing for Jin to unhook Katsuki.

Jin stood on the chair, reached up and pulled on a latched encasing Katsuki hands, there was a click and then Katsuki hands were free. He stumbled to his feet slowly, eyes narrowed as he assessed the situation. Katsuki let his arms come out to his sides and curled his palms, body facing Deku. The masked fucker had ran from the room as soon as he unhooked Katsuki, only peeking his head around the door frame to watch what would unfold.

“I’m going to fucking murder you” Katsuki said with a vicious smile at Deku. “I'm going to rip you apart and then destroy this whole fucking building, I'll destroy your whole organisation Dauntless”

Deku laughed, brought his arms out and gave Katsuki a come get me motion.

Katsuki barrelled forward, running at Deku with a battle cry as he jumped at the younger man, knee first. Deku grabbed his knee with both hands, stumbled back into the wall and then twisted away from Katsuki, arm coming up to knock Katsuki hand away from his face before he brought the butt of his own gloved palm up to hit Katsuki in the temple.

Katsuki stumbled, vision going dark for a second. Deku’s laughter ringing in his ears. “You never learn Kacchan, you always start with a big right swing. The knee was new, but not enough to trick me. You'll have to try harder if you want to win”

Katsuki snarled “fucking Deku, you wait, I'm going fucking murder you!”

He threw a left hook, what Deku dodged, gripped his wrist and twisted more into Katsuki hold, elbow coming up to catch Katsuki in the gut. With a grunt Katsuki stepped back and kicked out, sweeping Deku’s legs from under him. The younger fell, rolled and was up just as fast as he was down, now a few feet away, face split in a grin.

“Come on Kacchan, you can do better than that. You've not even used your quirk yet. Tell you what, I'll even give you a free shot” and then he stood with his arms wide, fucking infuriating smiled on his face as he looked down at Katsuki.

Katsuki roared, flaying forward to wrap the palm of his hand around that stupid face. Katsuki had been binding his time, letting his sweat gather into his palms so when he let the blast of it would completely destroy the other, killing the little shit once and for all.

Only the blast never came, Katsuki couldn't get his quirk to ignite.

Deku was still smiling, all teeth and eyes dancing in humour. He brought his hands up to wrap around Katsuki wrist and upper arm before giving a brutal twist. Katsuki snarled in anger as his shoulder was dislocated, his feet swept from under him in the next attack and his injured arm rammed up his back until he let out a cry of pain.

Deku leaned in over him until his mouth was lined up with Katsuki ear. “It's hard fighting as a quirkless fucker, isn’t it Kacchan?”

“The fuck” he snarled, trying to fight his way out of Deku’s hold, but only managing to grit his teeth against the pain in his arm “what the fuck have you done to me”

Deku huffed a laugh above him. “Oh don't you know? Don’t tell me you tracked me down but did not know what I was capable of. Why Kacchan, I've taken your quirk.”

Katsuki went still under Deku and the younger man used this to get up and away from him. Katsuki breath was stuck in this throat, the walls were closing in, tunnel vision, and everything was going dark and blurry at the edges. He needed to breathe, what had he heard when others tried to quell there panic attacks, three seconds breath in through his nose, five out through the mouth, or was it the other way around.

He was going to be sick, he could feel the bile building and churning in his stomach, burning his throat.

What had Deku said, no quirk. It had been taken, gone, quirkless. He was Katsuki Bakugou, he had had a quirk since four years old, it was one of the strongest quirks out there, made him an amazing hero, one of the fucking best.

That did not mean he could ignite his fucking palms. His muscles strained with the memory of what he needed to do, ached and burned with how he was trying to use them, still nothing, not even a spark.

Shifting his dislocated arm finally made him take the breath he had been starving from his lungs. When Katsuki manage to stop hacking up a lung he glowered over in the direction of the younger, who had now taken up the position of leaning against the open door.

“Oh Kacchan that look” he said in mockery, clutching his heart. “If looks could kill Kacchan, well I don't think there would be much of me left”

“Give me my fucking quirk back Deku, or I swear I'll rip your throat out with my teeth”

Deku hummed, bumping his head lightly against the doorframe, bringing his hand up to clutch at a pale white throat. “Oh I might like that” when Katsuki snarled again he laughed lightly, swooped down and popped Katsuki shoulder back into place. “Oh stop snarling Kacchan, your quirk will come back, in four or five years.”

Katsuki went for him again, he was going to wrap his hand around that pale throat and squeeze the fucking life out of him. Unfortunately Deku was faster, and leather clade fingers wrapped around his own throat, cutting of Katsuki newly returned air supply.

He didn’t fight it, he wasn’t going to show weakness by clutching and pulling at Deku’s fucking arm. He did wrap his own hand around Deku’s wrist, squeezing slightly, letting the younger know silently that if he cut of Katsuki air anymore, then he was going to snap this stupid fucker’s hand.

Fuck was Deku strong, when had he built up so much muscle, when had be become so good at fucking fighting. Katsuki knew that Deku had always been good at fighting, even if he had been terrified throughout middle school. The younger was good at reading people, analysing what moves they would make and coming up with a counter before the other could even attack.

If Katsuki didn’t know the fucker was quirkiness he would have sworn the little shit could see into the future.

“You’re quirkless fucker Deku” he wheezed, voice coming out raw.

Deku cocked his head, cheeky smile pulling at the corner of him mouth. “I was, but you see we found this outstanding little girl a few years back, her quirk so powerful that she could make people disappear, poof, gone! Well we couldn’t let her keep it, far too strong for someone so unstable, All For One passed it on to me. What better quirk for a man who wanted to become a hero no matter what, Eh Kacchan. The quirkless man who wanted to become a hero, is now a villain who can make a hero become quirkless. Fitting right?”

Quirkless Deku, ha! Hadn’t Katsuki always thought the little shit was weak, below them all. He was so weak he couldn’t even manifest a quirk. Now here he was, making others as quirkless as he had once been.

The fucking irony

Deku let go of Katsuki’s throat and the other took a step back, hand coming up to rub at irritated skin.

“What the fuck happened to you”

Deku laughed again, rocking back on his heels. “Oh I’ll tell you all about that later, but right now why don’t we go upstairs. Come, I’ll make you some food.” And with that he turned, snatched the abandoned folder of the table and then marched from the room and down the hallway, Katsuki debated following him for all of a second before huffing in irritation, stuffing his hands in his pockets and stomping after the other man.

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Chapter 2

Deku might not have realised what he was doing just yet but Katsuki would take this chance to learn everything he needed to know about the stupid villain. He would watch and gather all the information he needed before somehow getting his fucking quirk back, killing Deku and bringing this whole house down. Then he would return to the agency and with all the intel he had, they would come back and completely destroy this stupid organisation.

Katsuki learned that he had been held in some kind of basement, what had been refurbished to resemble a hotel? Office? He wasn’t too sure, he just knew that the hallway he walked down was lined with doors on either side, some open, others closed. All looking like the room he had just came from.

Finally at the end was a narrow set of stairs and a heavy set metal door, Deku knocked on it after he opened it - like one would test how thick wood was - looking over his shoulder at Katsuki. “My quirk has been manipulated into these doors, same as the cuff’s you were wearing earlier, they stop quirks from being used”

Katsuki just snorted, hands still curled deep in his pockets as Deku lead the way through the house. There was noise coming from down one hallway, lots or rowdy shouting and laughing, it pinged Katsuki interest. Deku led them away from it and into a large open plan kitchen, shiny white cupboards lined the walls, black granite worktops had been polished enough to see his own refection in. An island sat in the middle of the room with high backed stools, looking out at the far wall of floor to ceiling windows.

“There also quirk proof” Deku said with a wave of his hand in the general direction of the windows. Letting Katsuki know that he wouldn’t be escaping that way. “Grab a seat Kacchan and I’ll get started on dinner, does stir fry sound good?” Deku said, throwing the folder he had been carrying onto the island.

Deku didn’t wait for an answer before pulling pots and pans down, rummaging through the fridge and cupboards, ingredients scattering across the counter tops. “Jin-kun” Deku called, his voice just loud enough to travel out of the kitchen, not loud enough to interrupt all the ruckus down the hall. Still the masked man from earlier sailed into the room. It seemed that Deku didn’t need to command attention, the residents of this house were waiting for Deku to call them like a dog would wait for its owner.

Pathetic tosser’s.

“Jin-kun” Deku said with a smile, turning to face the older man while holding an insanely sharp cutting knife. “I’m sorry Jin-kun but I need Twice for a little moment, would that be okay?”

The man bobbed his head, little, ‘yep yep, sure thing boss man’ falling from his mouth before he reached up and pulled the mask of his face.

Katsuki didn’t try to hold back the grimace. The man’s face was a fucking mess. His head was stitched from hairline to the middle of his brow, eyes frantic and wild, and hair a rat’s nest of light brown spikes.

Deku tapped the point of the knife against his chin before speaking. “Twice I need you to do few jobs for me today while Chisaki-kun rests. Could you informed Kurono-san that Chisaki needs a new mask, his other one was sullied. I need Setsun-san sent to me as soon as he’s done with his tasks, I would like to go over todays mission. Also if you could inform Shigaraki-san that I have Ground Zero in my possession, that would be amazing” Deku was still tapping at his chin with the knife when he suddenly pulled a disturbed face, causing a small bead of blood to form. “Oh and please make sure Toga-sama doesn’t follow you back, I’m not in the right frame of mind to deal with her advances.”

The man bobbed his head before literally splitting himself into four. Katsuki watched a little queasily as they all simultaneously pulled there masks back on and then three of them turned on their heels and walked from the room, leaving - Katsuki assumed - the original behind.

“Toga-kun is very lovely” the clone bastard said, voice a little dreamy.

Deku hummed, back to chopping once more. Katsuki hoped he had washed the knife. “Toga-sama wants to fuck me and kill me, preferably at the same time”

Katsuki nearly choked on his own spit.

Jin pressed his hands together like he was praying while sighing. “So Lovely”

Deku pouted, pointing the knife at the masked man. “Not so lovely when you’re gay” yep Katsuki was definitely choking now “and want to live to see your next birthday. Also Jin-kun just ask her out already”

Jin squashed his cheeks between his hands. “But she’s so beautiful and evil! Have you seen how she can calve up a body, she knows the best ways to cut to make them bleed out slower. She could probably make Endeavour cry out in pain.”

Deku gave a slight chuckle, throwing all the ingredients into the wok. “Again Jin-kun ask her out, because if you don’t you’re clone might”

There was a beat of silence as the temperature in the whole room seemed to plummet a few degrees. “I’ll kill him” the masked arsehole said and then shot from the room like he was on fire.

Deku called to his retreating back “Oh and make sure all your clones are gone by the end of the day, I don’t want you destroying the house with your fighting.” He turned back to the food, chuckling fondly.

Katsuki had been eyeing the file he had seated himself near during the whole exchange, whenever Deku’s back was turned he carefully fingered it closer to himself. Deku tossed the ingredients in the pan and looked over at Katsuki. “Go ahead Kacchan” he said nodding at the file while also upending some soy Sause into the veg and noodles. “Open it up, I know you want to”

Katsuki snorted but opened the file anyway and was greeted by his own face, though a bit younger, and far less scarred. It was a full page on him, his likes and dislikes, everything about his quirk, where he worked, who he was close to and who he hated. The latter being far longer than the first.

“Fucking stalking me Deku?”

The younger laughed, attention only for the food he was cooking. “Not just you Kacchan”

He was right, because when Katsuki fingered his way to the next tab another familiar face greeted him. Stupid fucking hair for brains was smiling up at him in his old U.A. photo. Next tab and there was the walking plug socket ‘Chargebolt’ then the half and half bastard. Heroes, a folder full of them, explaining in detail everything Deku knew about each and every one of them.

Some he remembered from his U.A. days, in the same year as himself or in the ones above or below. Others from different school, heroes he had never met apart from on the field. His stomach rolled once again. “The fuck is this Deku”

“It’s my bucket list” the other sang, chopsticks stirring the ingredients in the pan. “I plan on taking all of their quirks before I die. And you going to watch Kacchan.”

“The fuck I am!” he roared. Jumping from his seat so suddenly that the chair clattered to the marble floor behind him. His hands were fisted around the granite worktop, he wanted his quirk back so fucking much, so he could blast this whole place to fucking cinders.

Deku didn’t even blink. Gone was the boy who would flinch and stutter if Katsuki so much as looked at him.

“Yes you will Katsuki” Deku said, voice cold and hard. Katsuki felt a shiver travel violently down his spine. Everything in his body was telling him to run, to get the fuck out of here. He had never had his flight response tested so much, no villain had ever made him want to run for cover.

But here this little shit was, making Katsuki want to bolt. He bit down hard on his lip until he tasted copper, fingers digging into his palms hard enough to leave bloody half-moon crescents. Katsuki wasn’t fucking weak, he wasn’t going to fucking move an inch.

Deku hadn’t even turned to look at him.

“My quirk” Deku started. “Is call rewind. I can reverse someone’s body to a previous state, can make someone disappear if I really want. You heard me earlier, your quirk will come back in four to five years. That’s because I reversed it, took it back to when you had just been born and it hadn’t manifested yet. In five years you’ll have it back, five years after you may be back to how you are now, with rigorous training of course. But that’s ten years of Ground Zero being gone from the hero world, what would happen to all them innocent people while you’re away?” Deku plated the food up and slid it over to Katsuki, finally looking at the older man.

Katsuki wanted to scream, wanted to blow this fucker up. Deku was looking at him with wild eyes and a smile what was all insanity.

“Why are you telling me this” he managed to growl out.

Deku leaned forward until his elbows rested on the granite worktops, fingers laced together and chin resting on them. “I can rewind someone’s body to a previous state Kacchan, what means I can rewind it back to how it was previously. I can give your quirk back just like that” he snapped his fingers, smile still slashed across thin lips. “So if you want your quirk returned you can’t kill me, not yet anyway. What means you’re quirkless, powerless to stop me. How does it feel Kacchan, to have everything you worked so hard for to be taken from you with just a few flicks of my fingers.” he waggled his fingers for emphasis before tapping the open folder.

“I’m going to take it all from them to. Everything they have work for to try and better this Godforsaken world, and you’re going to watch, you’re going to watch as the heroes fall and you’re powerless to help. After all, what quirkless fucker can be a hero?”

Katsuki felt that last sentence like a punch to the gut, he stumbled back hand going up to cover his mouth. “Your - your fucking doing this because of something I said at 14!”

Deku was leaning on one palm now, fingers tapping his cheek. “Karmas a bitch, right Kacchan? I couldn’t become a hero, so I became the villain. And Katsuki Bakugou, Ground Zero, one of the best heroes of his time! Has become a quirkless nobody by the one he said would never become an anybody. You couldn’t write it better!”

He stood and stretched, shoulders popping with the effort. “Now eat up Kacchan, you’re going to need your strength if you want to kill me”

“I will fucking kill you” he snarled, hand fisting and un-fisting.

Deku hummed, turning to place all the pots in the sink to wash. “If you kill me too soon, you’ll stay quirkless”

“Like I fucking care about that” They both new he was lying. Katsuki had been raised in the spotlight, raised with praise blew up his arse on a daily basis. He couldn’t walk out of here and not keep going, not keep fighting the bad guys. Unfortunately he couldn’t do that without his quirk.

He needed to keep a level head, to try and calm his temper like he had over the years. Katsuki needed to figure out everything about Deku, get his quirk back and get the fuck out of dodge so he could warn his friends and former class mates about who was after them and what he was capable of.

With a growl Katsuki picked the stool back up and sat down. Deku beamed at him over his shoulder, whistling some stupid tune while washing the pots. Katsuki gave the food a calculating look, poking it with his chopsticks, like he was waiting for the thing to spit poison at him.

Deku laugh was full of joy once more. “It’s okay to eat Kacchan, if I wanted you dead I would have done it already” Didn’t Katsuki just know that to be true. It was a startling fact to realise and a morbid moment overtook Katsuki, wishing the younger would just top him, that way the worry and anger wouldn’t be eating at his stomach and crawling up his throat.

With a sigh he tentatively took a bite.


Deku was in the process of drying, Katsuki stuffing his face - Hay, he was hungry and Deku wasn’t half bad at cooking - when someone walked into the kitchen. He was lean, fair skinned and tall. Blond hair hiding one eye while his other had very heavy bags underneath. “You summoned me, young Midoriya sir”

Deku beamed at him, bobbing his head. “Yes yes I did.” he said, putting his gloves back on, the man who had just entered visibly relaxed at this. Deku then fixed his arms behind his back and walked around the table to the newcomer. Katsuki had to do a double take at the knife behind the younger man’s back, when the hell did he pick that up? Should he say something?

“Has everything been done for the day Setsuno-san” Deku asked sweetly, finally coming to a stop in front of the man being questioned.

“Of course young Midoriya sir”

“Good good. Then I would like to talk to you about what happened earlier today” the man tensed up all over again. “You failed to follow orders, nearly causing the heroes to be alerted. I’m so disappointed in you Setsuno-san” Deku voice had gone low and drawn out, the tone a father would use with their child who had failed to study for a test.

“I-I’m sorry young Midoriya sir, I was not in the right frame of mind. I do not wish for you to think I was disobeying you on purpose young sir.” the man stuttered. He was standing perfectly still, hands down by his sides and eyes focusing just over Deku’s shoulder.

“Are you saying that you were not paying attention Setsuno-san? That your lack in concentration nearly caused us to be found, nearly caused the people you consider your brothers to be hurt. Do you know that your blunder could have lost us Ground Zero?”

The man was ramrod stiff, breathing coming out in shot shallow pants. “I apologize young sir, as soon as I came too I followed your orders directly. It will not happen again.”

“You said that last time”

The man stopped breathing altogether. His eyes going wide and Katsuki could swear he could see the shine of the other man’s eyes, the sweat beading his brow. Was he really disappointed in himself to have messed up his leaders orders so much, or that he had been caught out doing it for a second time?

Deku rocked up on his toes and pressed on gloved hand to the man’s cheek, in what Katsuki understood was meant to be a soothing touch. Setsuno looked down at Deku, and Katsuki could see how the younger tipped his head to the side, most likely smiling at the older man as Setsuno visibly relaxed into the touch.

“I believe you Setsuno-san” Deku said all sweetly, like melted sugar. “Because I’m not giving you another chance”

Katsuki didn’t see Deku move but suddenly Setsuno took in a wet gasping breath. Blood bubbled up at the corner of his mouth and he coughed once, eyes wide and hands coming up to paw at his chest.

Deku took a step back, grimacing at the blood spattered over his pale face, the shininess the only clue that they weren’t part of his freckles.

Setsuno made another wet gurgling noise and Katsuki snapped his eyes over to the man once more. Gaze going round when he caught sight of the large cooking knife what had been jammed in-between Setsuno’s ribs and up into his lungs.

The man’s eyes tracked Deku, full of betrayal and fear before his legs gave out and he toppled to the floor. Blood spilling from his mouth to puddle around his head.

The noodles on Katsuki’s chopsticks fell to the worktop with a wet splat

Deku signed deeply, running a gloved hand down his face, smearing the blood. “Such a shame, his quirk came in handy when he could be arsed to listen.” he looked over at Katsuki, large bubbly smile plastered on his lips once more, like he hadn’t just killed a man in cold blood. “Eat up Kacchan, your foods getting cold”


The house was full of psychopaths and Deku was king of the insane.

After Deku had taken a man’s life right in front of him, Katsuki had been a little put of his food. Deku had taken this to mean that Katsuki didn’t like his cooking and had pottered about the kitchen trying to find the older man something tastier to eat.

Katsuki had just been trying to keep his jaw closed and his previously eaten noodles down.

While Deku had bounce around the kitchen, blood smeared down his face and green shirt, another man had walked in, promptly tripped over the dead body and then called down the hall for a clean-up team.

Within 5 minutes the body had been removed, the floor had been scrubbed to an inch of its life. Katsuki’s nostrils burned with the amount of bleach used and Deku had made him 3 other dishes, all of which he hadn’t touched.

Thankfully the other mentally ill people living in this house took turns snatching food from his plate. Mouths full while they talked to Deku and cleaned the blood from the white tiles. Katsuki even noticed that the grout between the tiles had a high shine finish so the blood couldn’t stain it… and he should derail from that train of thought, like right fucking now.

A dark figure had stepped through the door once everything was spic and span. Wearing a large green fur hooded parker coat, black jeans and padding along in socked feet. He raised a brow to the room at large before zeroing in on Deku, who was sat next to Katsuki, slurping some fucking smoothie and talking his fucking ear off.

Katsuki nearly opened his mouth when he realised it was the bird fucker - he no longer wore his plague doctors mask, had just a simple turquoise thing to keep the dust away - but when his noodles threatened to make an appearance, he clenched his jaw hard enough to grind teeth.

Chisaki walked over to them and Deku snapped his mouth shut to grin up at the older man. “Chisaki-kun you’re meant to be having the day off” he all but sang.

Chisaki narrowed his eyes at Deku, keeping a few paces away. “You’re filthy” the man finally said. Katsuki nearly jumped a foot out of his seat, it had been the first time he had heard the other man speak. His voice was a low growl, dark and enticing, a voice to be expected of a villain.

Deku’s face went suddenly blank and then he was looking at his gloved hands. Before Katsuki could figure out what was going on the younger man was up and out of his seat. Hands coming up to pull and snap buttons from his shirt, the offending green garment and waistcoat made its way to the trash can. Deku stood in just an undershirt and before Katsuki could appreciate Deku’s lean body the other was bringing his gloved hands up to his mouth, teeth pulling them off so they could be thrown away with the rest of his sullied cloths.

Deku was at the sink in the next instant. Soapy water being scrubbed across his face and through his hair.

After a few more frantic minutes Deku stood back, tea towel wiping down his now spotless face. Hair wet and curing more than normal, eyes a little shy as he spread his arms for the bird fuckers inspection. “Better?”

Chisaki hadn’t moved an inch during Deku’s frantic rushing about the kitchen, but he stepped forward now, gave Deku and appreciative once over and a small nod before holding his own hands out. “Take mine”

Deku let out a breath, hands coming down to pull on Chisaki’s gloved fingers, carful to never let his skin touch the others. “Thank you Chisaki-kun”

The other man shrugged once. “You always make a mess” then he glanced over his shoulder at the room once more. Everyone who had been in the kitchen while Deku darted around had now left, slipped quietly away like they had never been here to begin with. “Kurono called, said you had killed Setsuno.”

If Katsuki was expecting Deku to look even the slightest bit sheepish, then he would have been disappointed. Deku slipped on the too large for him gloves and shrugged while fastening them. “He refused to follow orders, it was the second time. I don’t tolerate disloyalty”

Chisaki stuffed his hands back into his pockets and Katsuki noted that he was staying as far away from everything as he could, the only exception being the floor, what he had to stand on to get around. Katsuki thought that this man would love a levitating quirk, that way he wouldn’t have to touch anything, ever.

“You stabbed him”

Deku nodded. “I did. Stupid how they forget that I’m more dangerous when not using my quirk. But wearing gloves always does lull them into a false sense of security”

The bird fucker hummed, eyes looking out of the window to the darkening sky. “You killed him to fast”

“I did?” Deku asked, head cocked and hands behind his back. Giving the older man space, Katsuki noted.

Chisaki looked back at Deku again. “People who are disloyal deserve a slow and painful death”

Yep, Katsuki was in a house fully of the loony toons.

Fucking fantastic.

Deku hummed, rocking on his heels. His eyes seemed a little far away, his smile a little too sharp. “I could bring him back and you could take him apart again”

Katsuki really was going to be sick now. He had known who Chisaki was as soon as that clone bastard had muttered Overhaul. He had just been too focused on what was going on around him and on killing Deku to let the information sink in.

Overhaul was one powerful villain, his quirk allowed him to dissemble and reassemble anything he touched. This could be anything from people to the earth if he wanted. Katsuki had seen what Overhauls quirk could do to people, how he could completely blow them to pieces and then bring them back just to do it all over again, with only one finger. Katsuki also knew that over the years Overhaul had been refining his quirk, he could now take someone apart one nerve at a time if he wanted.

If Chisaki agreed to Deku plan to bring Setsuno back, - something Katsuki didn’t even know if Deku could actually do - just to take him apparat again, only slower and more painfully. Then it didn’t matter if the arsehole was a villain or not, Katsuki was going to have to try and save that poor bastard.

Thankfully the bird fucker made a wrenching noise, face turned up in disgust. “And touch something so filthy, you forget who I am”

Deku sighed. “Well that death will have to be good enough, I don’t trust anyone else to do it right Chisaki-kun”

Overhaul narrowed his eyes slightly before giving his own huff. “Then it will have to be.” he looked over at Katsuki, face sneering around the dust mask. “It seems you haven’t gotten rid of all the filth just yet Izuku-kun” Katsuki didn’t know if he wanted to growl at being called filth or the familiarity in which they addressed one another. Either way he growled around his clench jaw.

Deku reached out to tug on Overhauls hood, drawing the other man’s attention back to him. “Kacchan’s here for me Chisaki-kun, you know why I need him.”

“I don’t like it” the bird fucker sneered. His eyes tracing over every part of Deku’s face. “I don’t like him here, he’s to filthy, he’ll contaminate everything he touches, the house will have to be burned to the ground once he’s gone just to get rid of the pollution he has caused.”

Wow okay this freak had a thing against germs. OCD, fuck no, this guy had something much worse.

Deku let out a long breath, still tugging at the fur hood to get Chisaki to move into a new position, this one with his back to Katsuki, like Deku was trying to keep them out of each other’s line of sight. “Once this is finished we’ll leave, okay Chisaki-kun, wherever you want to move to. I heard there’s beautiful blossom trees up north, you like blossoms right Chisaki-kun?”

The bird fucker physically relaxed when he could no longer see Katsuki, it was as if just having his eyes facing a different way mentally helped him. He was like a dog that liked to bark at everyone, but once it faced its owner it forgot there were others near. “Yes” the older man confirmed, and his voice sounded far away, as if something Deku had said was draining the stress from his body.

Deku beamed up at him, eyes sparkling. “Then it’s settled. Let’s find a house with a nice blossom tree in the garden for our next headquarters. But first, I told you to have today off, you should be resting” he made a shooing motion with his hands. “Go on now, shoo, go get some rest.”

Chisaki snorted and Katsuki nearly toppled back out of his chair. In the space of 30 minutes he had heard Overhaul talk and laugh for the first time. He was in a different reality, or having an insanely fucked up dream. Yeah he would wake up any minute now.

OW! Okay, maybe not, god that pinch fucking hurt.

Overhaul took a step back, hands still buried in his pockets. “I came to check on you”

Deku’s head cocked to the side and the hands what he had been using to shoo Chisaki were now placed on his hips. “Chisaki-kun you don’t need to worry about your boss, what kind of man would I be if I couldn’t handle this family”

Chisaki nodded like this made sense, even if Katsuki’s own head was spinning. With another nod the bird fucker turned to leave, threw a glare Katsuki’s way one final time and then called over his shoulder. “I’ll have his file ready for you in the morning, my lord”

Chapter Text

Chapter 3

Afterwards Deku had said he needed to change. Called one of the clone fuckers to him and told the bastard to take Katsuki to his room. Katsuki was in a little bit of awe when he saw his room for the first time, and a lot of pissed off when he realized he was being locked in.

He debated destroying the perfectly lovely, old mahogany, four poster, king size bed. What was placed against the well plastered and artfully decorated walls. Thought of trashing the walk-in wardrobe and dark wood dresser. Contemplated throwing the remoter control - what was resting on an old Victorian coffee table - through the 50 inch TV. Pondered tearing the thick heavy drapes from their brackets surrounding the floor to ceiling windows, wrapping them around Deku’s neck and finding somewhere to hang the little shit.

Instead he flopped down on the ratty old green leather couch. Okay he was lying, his arse was in heaven, he didn’t even know they made couch cushions this soft.

This wasn’t his room, Katsuki noted. This was his suite! It was just missing a kitchenette and he could comfortably live in here, and that thought was somehow insanely depressing.

With a grumble Katsuki climbed back to his feet. Might as well have a look around, he thought to himself. Moving over first to the windows.

The drapes where as he first thought, heavy, and stupidly fucking expensive. He knew this because his Father had been a fucking connoisseur of fabrics. Stupid and unimportant to a young Katsuki, but convenient to his teenage and adult self. His Father had been the one to suggest what materials to have his costume made out of, which would resist his explosions the most, what would feel most flexible over his skin. So Katsuki new just from touch alone what expensive felt like.

The widows were built like the ones downstairs, large glass panels with not a lip in them. They were made to be looked out of, not opened. An experimental kick told him they were also reinforced, bulletproof maybe?

With a tsk, Katsuki walked into the bathroom. Again the room screamed money! One wall was just a walk in shower, dials and nozzles and an assortment of other things Katsuki didn’t even want to try and understand. A claw foot bath had been placed in the middle of the room, it was like walking in to see a large cat sprawled out, look at me, it said, I cost money and only the wealthy can pet me.

He hated it.

A mirror hung over the sink and Katsuki turned away. He didn’t want to look at himself yet, didn’t want to see the defeat in his eyes. Didn’t want to see his own anger, his own hatred, and his own despair looking back at him.

Deku was a fucking villain, and he couldn’t stop him!

The dresser was bare like the wardrobe, little packets of dried flowers lined the bottom, making the whole thing smell like a fucking garden.

Katsuki checked out the bed last.

Just looking at it made his hands twitch for a quirk what wasn’t their. He wanted to burn those fucking pillows, to blow a hole through that stupid mattress, splinter the canopy of fucking wood above it.

Instead he crawled under the covers fully dressed to bury his head as deep as he could, maybe if he tried hard enough he could suffocate himself? The duvet smelled like cleaning products and dust, it was new, the room never used before.

A room made up for him.

Katsuki wanted to scream, to rave, to tear this fucking place apart. But he couldn’t. All his anger, all his crushing bitter pain was coming back to attack him in large choking gasps. He was a fucking hero, he was one of the fucking best, would be number one in a few more years! But here he was helpless, quirkless, surrounded by stupidly fucking powerful villains who were following his childhood friend like he was the fucking pied piper and they were the rats under his spell.

Deku was a puppeteer with a sweetest of smiles and the deadliest of hands. He had witnessed how the younger man could smile while pushing a blade into your lungs. Where had the stupid boy with larger than life dreams gone? Where was the little boy who pissed Katsuki off, who ran up to him with admiration in his eyes and Kacchan on his lips? The little boy who was a nobody, a quirkless little shit, but would still risk his life, risk his health, just to hold out his hand and ask if you needed help.

Where was the boy who ran to him when heroes couldn’t, who fought through the muck surrounding Katsuki mouth just so he could breathe another breath, gasp some clean air into strained lungs. Who had pulled at his clothes, his wrists, his hair, and helped beat a villain with nothing more than bitten fingers and a watery smile as he cried for Katsuki to just keep fighting. His smile had been forced, wobbly and strained. His cheeks red and tear stained, but he had kept going, kept helping where the pro heroes couldn’t.

That day Deku had done something Katsuki couldn’t do himself, what the pros couldn’t manage even though it was their fucking job. Deku had saved him.

And then he was gone, vanished from one day to the next, like the rising sun. Katsuki remember storming the police station, demanding to know what happened to the sludge villain. If anyone had gone after Deku it was that fucker, he thought.

Who else would take away quirkless Deku if not the villain he had beaten the day before.

But the villain was in custody, locked up, and would never get out without a key. Yet Deku was still gone, still missing, lost to the world.

Deku had saved him, and Katsuki had never even gotten to say thank you.

Katsuki turned over with a snarl, curling up tighter in the thick warm duvet. He bit his lip, his cheek, his knuckles, anything to make the angry prickling behind his eyes fuck off.

He couldn’t think about that now. He had to think about the future. Deku was a villain and Katsuki was a hero. It was his job to take Deku down, bring him to justice.

First he had to get his shit together.

Throughout the day he had been in a bit of a stupor, his mind still trying to process the fact his quirk wouldn’t ignite, and he needed to get over that now. He needed his brain in fully working order if he was going to get out of here alive and intact.

With a sigh Katsuki scrunched his eyes shut tight. Deku was keeping him to cause him pain. He wanted Katsuki to see how helpless he was from stopping the villain from attacking people, but why? Was it because when they were kids Katsuki had been a little fucker and caused anyone weaker then him pain? That he had bullied and belittled countless people, Deku being his main punching bag.

Or was it because of something else? Was Deku doing this so Katsuki could see what it had been like for Deku when they were younger, weak and quirkless, unable to save anyone.

But that wasn’t true. Deku had saved people, had stood up to Katsuki again and again, had come tearing down that alleyway like hell was snapping at his heals to get to Katsuki. To save him!

Katsuki rolled over again, jaw tight so he wouldn’t howl in rage. It didn’t fucking matter, whatever Deku’s reasons were he had to stop trying to unravel them. Katsuki just needed the basic information to get out of here, he didn’t need Deku’s whole fucking backstory.

First, learn everything about Deku’s quirk. Second, find out why his minions where so loyal. If he knew what they thought of Deku he could try to find the chink in their armour, who would be the most likely to betray the little shit.

Third, he was going to have to gain Deku’s trust. Make the little twerp think that Katsuki was giving up. Not completely because he never would, he would have to fight tooth and nail throughout it all, make Deku believe that he was winning, that Katsuki was falling in line like his other chess pieces.

And then when the little fucker thought he had won, thought he had Katsuki by the balls, he was going to rear up and rip the bastards throat out.

- - - -

Katsuki didn’t remember falling asleep, he had been tightly wrapped in blankets, tossing and turning as his eyes grew heavy, trying to come up with a perfect plan of action when a knock at the door startled him into wakefulness.

He looked over to his bedside table, trying to find the green numbers of his digital clock. Frowning when not only the clock was missing but so was his nightstand. Just then the door beeped and a head of messy green curls popped in. The events of yesterday came rushing back to Katsuki so fast he nearly got whiplash.

“Morning Kacchan” Deku sang, strolling into the room with a larger than life smile of his face, hands fastened being his back. “Did you sleep well?”

Katsuki blinked the sleep from his eyes, rubbed at them a little more and snapped. “The fuck you want Deku”

Deku smiled like they were having a civil fucking conversation, eyes bright as he turned on the spot, looking around the room. “I brought you some clothes Kacchan.” Katsuki noticed the small bundle at Deku’s back then. “The rest will be delivered later. Oh I am happy you didn’t destroy your room, do you like it that much Kacchan? I picked it myself.”

Katsuki grumbled, pulling the duvet off him and climbing out of bed to stretch. He wanted to run at the younger man, throw him against the window, the wall, the floor. Wanted to crush his windpipe under his foot! But that would end with Katsuki death, he wasn’t stupid, he knew that if he took Deku out then Overhaul would be the one Katsuki met his end to.

What had he been thinking about last night? Oh yeah, he needed to gain the little twerps trust if he wanted to get out of here alive. Well better late than never.

Katsuki sneered at Deku, mumbled something under his breath about how he hated his room - this only caused the younger to beam at him all the more - before heading for the bathroom. “The fuck you mean ‘the rest’? You raiding my fucking apartment now?” he called over his shoulder.

Deku laughed like this was the funniest thing, head thrown back and all. “No Kacchan, I sent Twice out to get you some clothes.”

Katsuki just grumbled, popped the mirror open so he didn’t have to look at his reflection before cupping his hands around the tap and bringing the cold biting water up to scrub his face. He glanced over his shoulder at Deku who was leaning against the door frame, arms hugging Katsuki’s change of clothes and eyes half lidded as he hummed to himself.

“You gonna watch me take a shit to Deku, the fuck you want?”

The younger jumped slightly, hard to miss if you weren’t looking for it. Before throwing Katsuki an easy look and walking over to place his clothes on the counter. “I’ll wait in your room Kacchan”

“Oi” he snarled as the other began to walk away. “You fucking ignoring me shitty Deku, the fuck you want?”

Deku blinked over at him, eyes large and doe like. Trying to fake innocence most likely. “If you mean in the grand scheme of things, then you’ll have to wait Kacchan. If you mean now, then I want to give you the tour of my home” and with that he was gone, closing the door with a soft click behind him.

It took Katsuki 10 minutes to work out the fucking shower and then another 20 to turn the fucking thing off. He wasn’t stupid, but this! What the fuck was this shit!

Katsuki snorted at his new clothes. He was happy to get out of the blood and sweat soaked ones he had been captured and slept in. EW. Grumbled slightly in delight when the new garments didn’t scratch of itch his skin, even if they had just come of the rack – again, expensive being the only reason for this – and then huffed in irritation when he noticed they screamed teenage delinquent. Or more specifically, Bakugou Katsuki at 15 and being a teenage delinquent.

The black tank top looked like its sleeves had been torn off, the edges frayed in just a way that Katsuki knew it had been made like this and Deku hadn’t removed the arms himself. The white skull and crossbones on the front had him rolling his eyes.

That eye roll had nothing on the one he did when seeing his pants for the first time. Okay the trousers weren’t that bad, they were dark green cargo pants, plenty of pockets. It was the fact they were easily two sizes too big. He had grown out of that stage, what 5, 6 years ago? Thankfully he had no complaints about the boxers and socks.

When he walked from the room he stood with his hands buried deep in his pockets – Fuck he forgot how much this used to make him slouch and would hurt his back – and a scowl on his lips.

Deku beamed at him, clapping his hands. “Oh Kacchan you look very good! Quite dashing.”

“The fuck you say” he snapped, eyes lowering in a glare. Deku looked slightly dumfounded at this. Good, Katsuki thought. “Have you got fucking eyes you little shit, it’s all to fucking big!” he emphasized this by moving a hand up and down his body. “And the fuck is this top! I hate getting fucking cold, have you got me a jacket? ‘course the fuck not, cos you're useless fucking Deku!”

Silence and when Deku spoke next his voice was small and quiet. Not deadly like Katsuki had heard it the day before. He actually sounded on the edge of tears. “To big? But I thought Kacchan likes his clothes bigger”

“Heh” Katsuki said while clicking his tongue. “I use to, like in fucking middle school, stupid Deku”

The silence what came next was too long, too heavy. Katsuki chanced a glance over at the younger man, who hadn’t moved from his seat on the couch, and nearly reeled back. Deku was looking at him with his eyes large and lost, little whimpering noises coming from his mouth. His bottom lip was actually fucking wobbling. “Shit you really are gonna cry” Katsuki found himself saying. Was that his voice? He didn’t know he could sound so… worried?

Deku snapped his face over to the opposite wall, mouth in a pout as he sniffed once, loudly. “I thought I knew everything about Kacchan” he mumbled, words wobbly.

Katsuki sighed and ran a hand down his face. Shit! What the fuck was going on? This little fucker was a villain, one of the best, evading capture for years and here he was nearly crying because Katsuki didn’t like his fucking clothes.

If he thought yesterday was fucked up, then fate had just thrown him a curve ball.

“Look” Katsuki said, words bitten off. “Just phone your fucking minion and tell him I like pants in my actual size, and long sleeve fitted tees. Whites, green, blacks and browns, I don’t want any of them fucking bubbly colours okay. And the only vest tops and shorts I want are for sleeping and training in.” Deku was looking back at him now, eyes big and round, mouth a little open. Katsuki tsked. “Oh and nothing with fucking skulls on, how fucking old do you think I am Deku?”

A beat of silence, then Deku was on his feet, bouncing up and down while bobbing his head rapidly. “Yes yes, I’ll do that.” he stopped to bite his lip, eyes bright and Katsuki found himself reaching out to push the youngers face off to the side.

“Wipe that fucking look of your shitty face Deku. Wasn’t you meant to be showing me around?”

Deku nodded again, squirming away from Katsuki and rummaging around near the base of the couch. “I got you these also” he said holding up a pair of brown leather biker boots, steel toe capped and all. He gave Katsuki a nervous look. “Did- um, did I get these right?”

Katsuki snorted, snatching the boots away from Deku. “Yeah nerd, you did”

- - - -

The house was fucking huge. Katsuki hadn’t seen it from the outside - him being unconscious and all that - but he was sure that from the inside he was in a fucking mansions. And if the size of the rooms didn’t give it away, then when Deku said his and Kacchan’s rooms where on the right wing, well that would have confirmed his suspicions.

Downstairs he was shown the lounge – empty – the library, yeah they had a fucking library – one villain was in here, still and silent as the books around him – the den seemed to have a few guys around a table playing poker. The entertainment room, what consisted of a TV as large as the wall and all the games consoles Katsuki could name and then some he couldn’t, hooked up to it. The games room, this had the most people in it, all laughing and making a fucking racket.

“Yo little boss!” a large man shouted in a chipper voice. He was leaning over the pool table, his long light coloured hair was spiked up. Katsuki didn’t know if it was a fashion statement or if the guy just wanted it out of his eyes. He was also dressed like a member of the yakuza, plain dress pants, buttoned shirt and braces. With a sudden realization Katsuki whipped his head around to notice that Deku was dressed the same. Was Deku part of the mafia?

What. The. Fuck!

“You up for a game, I’ll give you fair odds” he finished with a wink at Deku as he potted his next ball.

Katsuki couldn’t place him and that didn’t sit well with him. Everyone in this house he had been able to name. The silent guy in the library, he was Tengai Hekiji. The two playing poker had been Rappa Kendo and Katsukame Rikiya. The man on the other side of the pool table, Kurono Hari. Fuck everyone here was a member of the eight precepts of death.

Deku laughed, rocking forwards and backwards on his toes. “No thank you, we both know the only fair odds are if you let me take your quirk”

The man’s laugh was loud and obnoxious, it grated on Katsuki the wrong way, like a cat having his fur stroked against the grain. The giant leaned on his pool cue and Katsuki was surprised it didn’t break under his weight. “What about you” he said with a nod of his chin in Katsuki direction. “You any good?”

Katsuki forgot about trying to place the man for a second while he snapped out. “Fucking course I am!”

The man smiled, rubbing at his small goatee on a too large chin. “You here that Kurono, the little hero says he’s good. Well then little hero, how about we have a game”

Katsuki was about to snap some form of ‘bring it’ when Deku stepped before him, small apologetic smile on his lips. “Sorry Irinaka-kun, I don’t mean to intrude but I’m showing Kacchan around. Maybe I could bring him back later? I know you’ll all be very accommodating to Kacchan”

Katsuki heard the threat in the last sentence just as much as the other men around him did, if their sudden stiffness was anything to go by. The man in front of Deku frowned, mouth dropping out of the easy smile he had worn since Deku had walked into the room. “Of course little boss” he said, eyes never leaving Deku. “We would never go against your wishes, whatever the little boss asks for we will give to you”

Katsuki was going insane, because those words, they had been said with the upmost sincerity. And wasn’t that just fucking crazy?

Deku bounced forward, patting the man on the arm and beaming up at him. “I know I can always count on you Irinaka-kun, I’m so grateful to have such an amazing family around me.”

The man snorted slightly, hand coming up to ruffle Deku’s hair. “Okay little boss, stop now or you’ll make us all emotional”

“You’ll make me be sick” Kurono said as the giant removed his hand from Deku's head to flip him off.

Deku swung round in the same instant to stick his tongue out at Kurono, the giant guffawed while Kurono called them all dicks. His face impassive the entire time.

Then like a sledge hammer to the gut, the big guys name hit Katsuki. “Wait” he snapped, eyes looking the big guy up and down, from the points of his polished brown shoes to the tips of that blond spiky hair. “Your Mimic, but you’re meant to be” then Katsuki brought his hands together, like he was trying to hold an invisible football. “You’re fucking huge!”

The man snorted and slapped his thigh. “Man that’s my quirk” he said like the sky was blue, water was wet, Katsuki was dumb.

He said it like it was a known fact of the universe and Katsuki was the only one who didn’t know.

With a growl he stored that information and the man’s face into his mind, he would be giving this information to the proper authorities on a later date.

“Come on Kacchan” Deku said, tugging the hem of his top - he always tried to avoid touching skin, even with his gloves on, Katsuki noticed - to lead him from the room. “There's still so much more I have to show you”

“By Ground Zero” the giant arsehole shouted. “Come back later if you’re not to chicken”

Katsuki flipped him off.

- - - -

The rest of the house went the same way. Rooms too big for the number of people living here. Two kitchens, one where Katsuki had been taken to last night – He found out this one was Deku’s and Overhauls personal kitchen, always tidy, always smelling of disinfectant – The other one was where everyone else ate, it was fully stocked like Deku’s, enough food to make large meals or just grab a snack and go.

Dining rooms what looked like they had never been used a day in their lives. A pool, yes a fucking INDOOR swimming pool! Was set up for people to do lengths in. The training room had Katsuki drooling, it was beautiful, all the equipment one could need to keep their body in top form, sparkling and new.

Deku smiled over at him. “Everyone trains in the mornings, normally during 5-8, I ask that they all put an hour in a day, but they normally workout for the full three hours. You’re welcome to join them whenever, there’s a sparing room through that door” he said, waving a hand in the general direction of a blue door to Katsuki right. “Just remember that they all have their quirks and you don’t.” a shrug. “Sorry they’re not known for going easy on people”

“Like I would fucking want that” Katsuki snaps and they both know it’s to the going easy part and not to the fact that he would jump at the chance to train, even against a bunch of villains. Then something else clicks in Katsuki brain and he narrows his eyes on Deku. “You can really just tell these fuckers to do something and they do it? No fucking questions asked? No fucking putting up a fight?”

Deku looked at him, nose scrunching a little in confusion – what was fucking adorable but he’s not going there – and fingers tapping against his thigh. “Well yes, I am their boss after all”

“Yeah how the fuck did that happen?”

The fucker just laughs at him, smiles cheekily and waves him the fuck off. Turning to leave the room.

Katsuki snatches Deku’s arm and the younger squeaks, pulling his wrist from Katsuki’s hold. “Shitty Deku, the fuck you hiding?”

Deku gives him a confused look, arm pressed against his chest like Katsuki had burned that pale skin. If he didn’t have his quirk Katsuki might have been worried that he had. “I’m not”

Katsuki growls, taking a threatening step forward. “Then why the fuck do they all bow when you enter a fucking room Deku?”

Deku licks dry lips, eyes jumping about the room. Finally he sighs and gives the smallest of shrugs. “I don’t know, I didn’t come here to be their boss, it just” he lets out and exasperate breath, waving his hand around “it just happened. One day I was one of them, the next I was top dog”


Deku snorts, brow raised and giving Katsuki a look what says really. “I’m not arguing with you Kacchan. I told you the truth, you can believe it or not, but either way that’s not my concern.” he looks away, hands back down behind his back, shoulders straight. Katsuki had noted how the younger held himself as soon as he arrived here. Deku walked with his head high and a smirk that said ‘yeah, I have all the cards, I have all the power’ Katsuki hated it.

“But” Deku starts, eyes squinting slightly, calculating. “If you want to know why they follow, then ask them. I’m sure they would be happy to oblige the notorious hero Ground Zero in a friendly discussion.”

With that Deku strolled from the room, leaving Katsuki behind with a sneer pulling on his mouth. The little fucker didn’t even look back to see if Katsuki followed, he expected it, knew Katsuki would be behind him like a dog trailing it's master. Katsuki dragged his feet the whole time, grumbling and wishing to whatever god was out there for the strength not to leap forward and wring the little shits neck.

- - - -

They ended the tour in Deku’s office. It was large and spacious with lots of black leather furniture, silver trimmings and tinted glass. Modern, stylish and cold.

Deku walked behind his desk and took a seat in the large plush chair. He leaned back, popped an ankle on the opposite knee and rested his head on the back of his hand. Other hand hanging loosely down the arm of the chair, while he regarded Katsuki with narrowed eyes. Katsuki thought he just needed a cigar or glass of scotch to complete the look.

Katsuki walked around the office slowly, taking in the room at large. The whole of the left side of the room was lined with floor to ceiling bookcase’s, each shelf crammed to braking point with hundreds upon hundreds of notebooks, all numbered with a black marker at the bottom of their spine and a little bit of sticky tape pressed over it. Number 13 was burned and more beaten up then the rest, causing something to tug at Katsuki’s mind. He reached out subconsciously, finger caressing the top of the spine to pull it free when Deku spoke.

“That’s all the information I have ever collected on every hero in Japan”

That made Katsuki drop the book back into place, stepping back with horror gripping his throat like acid. “Shit Deku, they’re fucking hundreds here, this is, this is-”

This was fucking wrong! All this information, all these in detailed analysts, if any of these books ended up in the wrong hands then the heroes in them could, no there was no could about it, they would be destroyed.

Yet Deku had them, had them on fucking show like some trophy. But then again Deku was a villain, they were already in the wrong hands. As much had been made clear when the little fucker took down All Might.

The younger hummed, fucking hummed and when Katsuki spun around to glare at him he was hunched over his desk, pen scribbling away in another one of them fucking notebooks. “How much more can you possible write, don’t you fucking know everything by now!” he snarled, storming over to slam his hands down on the desk.

Deku looked up at him though sinfully long lashes. “I’m writing about you Kacchan.” Katsuki felt his knees buckle, he stumbled back so he could collapse on the opposite chair, eyes wide and mouth snapping shut on whatever angry retort he was about to say before. Deku seemed oblivious, tapping his chin with his pen. “I mean it’s only about what clothes you prefer, but every little detail helps.”

Katsuki wanted to be sick, he had given that information away so easily, so readily and now Deku was jotting it down, storing it to be used against him at a later date. “How much fucking information do you have on me you shitty nerd, how many of them fucking books are about me?”

Deku blinked at him, head cocked to the side. “None of them books are about you Kacchan” he said it mockingly, like Katsuki should know this. “They’re to do with all heroes, you’re in about, what twenty or thirty of them, but none of them are solely for you.”

Katsuki could feel his insides boil, burning him from the inside out, bubbling up and over until it’s roaring in his veins. Katsuki’s shot back up once more and was in front of Deku with his fists clenched within an instant. “Is this what you do, go out and watch fucking heroes save people so you can write it all down. Sell it for easy fucking money, or for the right price to the first villain who comes through that door. Is this how all these heroes have been falling, is this how you got rid of All Might!”

There’s silence in the room, Deku looking at him though slightly bored eyes. Finally the younger stands up, hands splayed across the desk as he leans forward, gesturing for Katsuki to come closer. The latter never does, but it don’t stop the smile from splitting Deku’s face.

“I don’t sell any of my information, this” he gestures to the wall of books. “Is for myself and Chisaki-kun, so that when heroes attack my family I have all the knowledge to make them disappear. And All Might never fell to some wannabe villain Katsuki. I brought him down, me. I walked right up to him and stole his fucking quirk, he didn’t even fight back! Is this the All Might you thought he were, the hero everyone mourned for, a man who was so tired, so exhausted with his hero life that he let me take his quirk without even batting an eye. Everyone says I must have been this brilliant villain, how I bested the number one hero” he laughed like a manic, head thrown back and arms wide.

“You know what happened Kacchan, you want to know how I took down the symbol of peace. I asked him if he wanted to be saved, and he said yes! So I rewound his quirk, took his power away from him. And look at him now Kacchan, since then not one person has gone after his life. He’s free, the symbol of peace is no more, the weight is of his shoulders and he couldn’t be happier.”

Katsuki punched him. He didn’t know how he had moved so fast but one instant he was listening to a raving lunatic and the next he had vaulted over the desk to tackle Deku to the floor and follow that punch through with murderous intent.

Deku laughed, blood trailing from his nose and staining white teeth as he smiled manically, eyes crazy and wild. They grappled, Katsuki getting in some good hits, Deku giving him a black eye and bruised rib. Finally Deku got his feet under Katsuki, planted them against his chest and kicked him across the room. Katsuki smashed into the stupid bulletproof window, banged the back of his head hard enough to see stars and came back up swinging.

Deku had a gun trained on him.

Katsuki froze, breathing coming out in ragged pants. Deku tsked, wiping the blood from his mouth with the back of one gloved hand. “Did you forget” he started slowly, spitting a glob of blood on the floor. “That if you kill me your quirkless forever.”

Katsuki snarled, gnashing teeth together. “Like fuck you would give me back my quirk arsehole, I’ll fucking kill you, I’m going to tear-”

“Yes yes I know” the other said with a tired sigh. “Tear my throat out, right? Would it kill you to be a little more original Kacchan” Deku stopped, pulled the gun to his face and checked it once, then threw it away from him like it had personally offended him. “And I will give you your quirk back, I always planned to.”

Whatever Katsuki was going to say died on the way out of him mouth. He stared, and then stared a little more because this little shit had to be lying, why would he give him his quirk back, what could he gain from it.

Katsuki let pieces slide together, the file from yesterday with all the heroes in it, Deku tapping it and saying he would take everything from them. How the younger had mumbled that he wanted Katsuki to be weak and helpless, unable to save anyone. With sicking clarity it clicked into place.

“You’re going to take their quirks” he said, voice dead, eyes flat. “You’re going to take all of their fucking quirks and make me watch, then give me mine back. I’ll be a hero again, but they won’t and I’ll always have it on my fucking conscience, always know when I see them that it was because I was too weak to stop it from happening to them.”

Deku hummed, wiping away the dried blood with the sleeve of his shirt. “You’re finally getting it Kacchan”

“I’m going to murder you Midoriya Izuku” his voice was deathly quiet, no anger, no despair, it was a cold hard fact.

Deku stopped fussing with the blood on his face to look at Katsuki and with a heavy sigh he got to his feet, brushing the dust of his legs and giving Katsuki a look. It was a look that said everything and Katsuki didn’t need the “I know” confirmed for him in words. Deku knew he was going to die at the end of this, he was prepared.

Katsuki didn’t know how he felt about that, couldn’t feel anything apart the burning anger in his veins.

“When the end comes” Deku said, taking a seat on his chair once more and leaning forward to start writing in that stupid fucking notebook again, not even looking at Katsuki as he finished talking. “I know it won’t be by anyone else but you Kacchan. Be sure to make it hurt, you’re only going to get to do it once”

Chapter Text

Chapter 4

Katsuki was losing his mind. It was the only logical reason he had to be leaning over a pool table, playing a one on one match against Mimic.

After what happened with Deku, Katsuki had stormed from the room in a blind rage, ready to kill something or someone. With the anger raging against his chest along with the beat of his heart, Katsuki knew it was best to walk away while he could. Somehow he found himself down in the training room, beating the living shit out of a punching bag.

That was were Mimic found him, the giant clapped Katsuki on the shoulder, offered him a beer and a game of pool. How could Katsuki say no to that?

Four hours later Katsuki was still playing, though considerably more drunk then when he first started.

“I don’t even know why you fucking like him” he started his rant off again for the fourth, or maybe fifth time this hour. Potting a ball in one smooth clean shot - hey he hadn’t lied when he said he was good - “He’s a fucking nerd, always thinking he’s better than everyone else. Looking down on fucking everyone”

The giant clucked his tongue, hands linking to rest on top of the pool cue. “My man, I don’t think you even know what looking down of someone means.”

“OI, I ain't fucking short, dickbag!” the next ball sailed into the pocket.

Mimic huffed. “No you’re not, but there’s a difference between looking down at someone and looking down on someone”

“Yeah? Well fucking enlighten me then, wanker” another ball potted with little ease.

Katsuki could practically hear the roll of the man’s eyes before he spoke. “What are you 5’10, 5’11?” Katsuki snarled 6’2 and the giant waved him off, like it was neither here nor there. “Fact is, you’re tall. So you’ve always look down at people, they’re smaller then you, same goes for me. But when you look at me, well your looking down on me, see? In your eyes I’m beneath you, same goes for anyone you look at. Really you should work on that” the last comment was said offhandedly and Katsuki chose to ignore it.

The younger man snorted, potting two more balls and snookering Mimic on the third shot, with that Katsuki took a large swig from his bottle. “Still don’t see your point fuckmunch”

The giant sighed through his nose, walking around the table to take his shot. “Little boss doesn’t look down on people, even when they’re smaller then him.” Katsuki wanted to laugh, Deku wasn’t tall enough to look down on anyone. “He also doesn’t look up to them either, they’re all pieces he can use. That look you don’t like so much, that’s him figuring out where he’s going to play you”

Katsuki snorted, taking a few more large gulps. “You wouldn’t fucking know. The little fucker always looked like that, even when we were kids”

Mimic hummed, potting the ball. Katsuki swore the bastard was cheating but after the first match where Katsuki had started to cause a scene, the giant had laughed, ruffled his hair and called him a sore loser. “You ever thought that that look back then was him figuring you out?”

Katsuki wanted to rebut with a ‘Deku’s not that fucking smart’ but they both knew that Katsuki would have been lying. Where Katsuki was smart by nature, retaining information in passing like a sponge, Deku went looking for more. If you said a word the younger had never heard before, then you could bet your arse he was going to go away and not just look up that words meaning, but every other word that could mean the same thing. The five minutes someone could take to research something would take Deku 5 hours because he would get sidetracked, addicted to all the new information.

Deku had only been below Katsuki in grades, because while Katsuki stuck to the material assigned to them, Deku did that and then some. Making his work to long winded and to chaotic for the teachers taste. ‘This wasn’t what was needed in the real world’ they would say ‘people did not want all of this information’

How wrong they had been, because that was what undoubtedly made Deku Deku, and what made him so deadly now.

Katsuki grunted while the giant potted another ball. “I don’t fucking care” he finally said, leaning fully against the wall. Might as well get comfy, Katsuki thought, he was going to be in for a long wait, Mimic was good at pool. Not like he would ever admit it out loud. “What I would like to know, is why you all follow him like dogs waiting for whatever fucking scraps he sends your way.”

“It that what it looks like?” the clone fucker says to his right. He had come wondering in an hour or so ago with all of Katsuki’s new clothes. They were currently still bagged at the front door, waiting for him to taken them up to his room.

The clone splits himself in half, letting one half go back to playing Ping-Pong, while the other comes over to lean next to Katsuki. “Boss man doesn’t give us scraps, he gives us whatever we want”

“You” Mimic snarls, pointing the pool cue at the clone fucker. “Have no say in this, you have been with this family for no more than two minutes”

Katsuki blinked at the giant, seeing the anger paint his face and a sneer twist his mouth, both aimed at Twice. The giant was also biting his tongue, jaw clenched and Katsuki heard the splintering of wood from the cue.

“Woah woah” the clone says, hands up to ward him off. “Chill chill, I was just trying to share in on the conversation.”

“Don’t” the other snaps, cue finally splintering in his hands. “You’re still part of the League of Villains, don’t think we don’t know why you’re here. As soon as you step one toe out of line, it will not matter what the little boss says, we’ll kill you!”

There’s mumbled agreement around the room and the clone fucker next to Katsuki throws his hands up in the air and then melts away. The original over at the Ping-Pong table calls over. “Shutting up!”

Mimic grunts, looks down at the damaged pool cue and curses. Katsuki hands his over without another thought, not like he was going to get a chance to play again this game. “That” Katsuki states when the giant takes the offered cue with a thanks. “That’s what I don get”

Mimic sighs, standing out of his leaning poses and away from the table altogether. “Before the little boss, we were a bit run down and a lot of a mess. Big boss was losing his shit, the old geezer died and left his shitty little niece, who wouldn’t fucking play ball. There had just been an attack on our home, heroes came for the brat, some people were killed, and others captured, all injured in some way -.”

“Mimic” kurono hissed, stopping his game of Ping-Pong so he could glare at the giant. “You shouldn’t be saying this, he’s still the enemy”

The giant shrugged, swinging the cue up and across his shoulders. “If the little boss didn’t want him knowing, then he wouldn’t be allowed to wonder around. You know little boss would have thought of all of this, he doesn’t leave anything to chance”

“I don’t like it” the clock haired man says again. “Overhaul will be displeased.”

Another shrug from Mimic. “Big boss can take it up with little boss.” then he’s looking back at Katsuki, who by some miracle and years of training has managed to stay quite. He had learned years ago that people were more willing to talk if they thought you would listen, and villains loved blabbing their plans before trying to carry them out.

“Anyway. The ones who made it, fled. We followed the big boss, but he was having problems. The brat wouldn’t quit fighting, her quirk was out of control and only big boss could stop her. He had to take here apart and put her back together again at least 6 times within the space of one hour.”

Katsuki could feel his insides go cold at that statement. He had only got a glimpse of Overhauls power yesterday when the man had took him out in the alleyway. The pain had been so intense and so blinding, over as soon as it started. Going through that more than once, it made Katsuki’s skin crawl.

Mimic carried on talking, oblivious to Katsuki’s inner turmoil. “That’s when we ran into the Symbol of Evil, All for One. Little boss was stood next to him, like he didn’t have a care in the world, like it was where he was meant to be. They had come for the brat, big boss was pissed, rightfully so, we had just had to fight tooth and nail because of her, we couldn’t do it again. But then little boss stepped forward, ducked down so he was the same height as the brat and smiled at her like some fallen angel.”

Mimic took a breath, shaking his head. Katsuki noted that twice was watching with interest, this was most likely the first time he had heard the story also. “I’ll never forget what he said. ‘You want to be saved, don’t you? You’re in pain and it hurts, and you don’t want that anymore. It’s okay, I’ll help you, but you’ll need to help me first’ he was just smiling at her, this big stupid grin on his face while petting her hair. Then he turned to big boss and said ‘you’ll use me from now on, and I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll control this quirk and you’ll use it to get the power you need, in return I want loyalty and your mens to help me take down the heroes”

Mimic shrugged finally leaning over to take a shot on the pool table once more. “There was more shouting and swearing, big boss tried taking out All for One, got his arse handed to him three ways to Sunday. That night we left without the brat but a new little boss, though he wasn’t a boss yet. Big boss took him apart and put him together again every day for a full year, little boss never left, never tried to. And while big boss did that little boss made plans, he started small, taking down little heroes here and there and then got bigger and bigger. Until one day we all just fell in behind him.”

Katsuki mouth was dry as he asked. “And Overhaul, does he, does he still take -”

Mimic snorted, finishing off the table. “No. little boss helped big boss, he got him his power back, got him all the money and influence one could need, got him the respect from the yakuza. We fell in behind little boss when big boss finally did, and he did because little boss is like the old geezer, see? He takes care of use, makes sure we got what we want. This is our family and little boss is the head of it.”

Katsuki's own head was reeling and it had nothing to do with the beer. This guy was a piece of work, that was for sure. Katsuki wanted to ask if any of the others understood what the giant was talking about on a daily basis, but he guessed that when you lived with someone long enough their mannerisms became normal.

Humming around the beer bottle Katsuki said. “Yakuza? I noticed the getup you’re wearing, also noticed that Deku wears it” a quick look around the room while tapping the side of his bottle. “Well shit, your all dressed the part”

It wasn’t a question but Mimic confirmed what he had been guessing at, setting the table up for a new game while he did. “We were a part of them before we became villains, we still sort of are now” Katsuki didn’t think Mimic new what a villain was, the mafia had been on the wrong side of the law for centuries, before quirks and they would be here after also.

Katsuki was just about to say as much when the older man shot up straight, eyes rooming about the room a little frantically. “Oi kurono” he called, throwing the pool cue away from him. “Little boss hasn’t eaten, if big boss finds out” Mimic didn’t finish the sentence and apparently he didn’t need to. Everyone scattered from the room, all heading down the hall and Katsuki could hear the distant opening and closing of cupboards.

He turned a wide eyed, confused look on the giant when the latter placed a hand on Katsuki shoulder. “Looks like while the big boss is away you're in charge of getting little boss down for some food”

Had everyone just scattered so they didn’t have to do this job? What the fuck had Deku done to make people so scared of telling him to eat.

- - - -

Katsuki walked up the stairs, grumbling all the way. He was still royally pissed from before, still wanted to beat Deku’s head against the desk until his skull caved in, still wanted to take out the anger Deku’s earlier words had caused him, on the younger man.

But when he reached Deku’s office all thought went out the window. Deku was hunched over, papers scattered about him, laptop opened as he tapped away furiously. Head bent and curls a bird’s nest on top of his head from the amount of times he had ran his hands through it. His eyes looked low and drawn, red at the edges from rubbing at them too much.

His once immaculate appearance was in disarray. His tie was removed and balled up on one corner of his desk, top two buttons of his black shit popped open. The sleeves of said shirt no longer looked pressed and folded to his elbows. He had been messing with them, unfolding them, fiddling and then pushing them back up so they were now full of lines and wrinkles. Waistcoat had been removed and Katsuki couldn’t see it anyways about the room.

“Oi Deku” he found himself saying, softer then he originally planned while taking up leaning against the doorframe. “Come on, your minions sent me to get you, lunch is ready”

Deku looked up at him, eyes red and bloodshot before glowering. “Go away, I have work to finish” then he was back to tapping away at his laptop once more.

The fuck!

Katsuki snarled, stomped over and slammed the lid of Deku’s laptop shut. “Look here you little shit, I don’t know what you get away with with your lackeys, but if won’t fucking fly with me. Get your backside out of that fucking chair before I hauled your arse downstairs.”

Deku leaned back, eyes unimpressed and a scowl across his lips. His gaze clearly said ‘touch me and I’ll end you’

Katsuki resisted a shiver, narrowly. Instead he tsked, pointed a finger in the younger man’s face and snapped “is this why they’re all downstairs shivering like shitting dogs, because you’re being a little fucker! No wonder they sent me up to get you while Big Birds away”

Deku opened his mouth, eyes hard and cold but at the last second he snapped it shut. A tongue came out to poke at his lips and the next time he spoke he was trying to conceal a laugh. “Did you just call Chisaki-kun Big Bird, like from Sesame Street?”

“Two fucking right! You’ve seen the guy, I’m just waiting for the yellow feathers”

Deku giggled! Fucking giggled! And Katsuki pretended it didn’t make his heart stop and then start twice as fast.

Deku had a hand up to smother the laugh against his mouth as mirth danced in his eyes. “Oh I forgot you like to nickname people. Go on, tell me some more”

Katsuki clicked his tongue, leaning back and giving a cocky look. “Well you got the Yakuza giant” he started, counting them off on his fingers. “Clock hair, clone fucker, musical fucking statute, and then the piece de resistance, Useless Deku”

He said the last one with a smirk. If Katsuki was expecting some sort of rebuke from Deku he was disappointed. The man leaned forward, small smile on his lips as he rested his chin on linked gloved hands. “And then Useless Deku” he repeated Katsuki like an intelligent parrot.

When the silence stretched for too long the younger sighed and dropped his hands. “Kacchan you can leave now, I have to work”

“You fucking ignoring me again, Stupid Deku. Your minions sent me up, you need to eat”

“I need to work, preferably alone but I’ll take silence”

Katsuki tsked, leaning back and crossing his arms while Deku started scribbling away on one of the many papers littering his desk.

Katsuki watched the younger, watched as his eyes skimmed over words and numbers, tutted while flipping around for charts and graphs. Katsuki had no idea what any of it was, no idea what Deku could possibly be working on that wasn’t hero information. But he did know what sunken shadows and bloodshot eyes meant, had seen that look on his own face when studying for finals.

Suddenly Katsuki remembered last night, remembered being led to his room while Deku went to change. Katsuki had fallen asleep within the hour, but Deku had never said he was going to bed.

“How long since you’ve slept, did you even go to bed last night?” he snapped, lip curling on how stupid Deku was being, truly living up to his name.

“Kacchan” Deku sighs, leaning back once again to rub at dry, tired eyes. “Please, I need to work”

“You need to hauled arse and get some rest and food”

“Why do you care” the other asked, eyebrow raised.

Katsuki sputters “care? I don’t give a fucking rat’s arse, die for all I care!”

Another bout of silence where Deku gives Katsuki a smug look, it was as if Deku had just won some argument what had been raging for hours and not, in fact, ten minutes.

Katsuki lets out a harsh sigh, rubs at his clenched stubble lined jaw, biting his words out through gritted teeth. “Look Stupid Deku, your henchmen have sent me up because they’re under the impression that the bird fucker will be mad if you don’t eat. Is that what you want? For them to take the blame for your stubborn arse”

Deku pursed his lips together and narrowed his eyes “that’s a low blow Kacchan”

“Well someone’s got to stop pulling their fucking punches with you”

“Yes” the other said, hand coming up to rub at his split upper lip, Katsuki had the shiner to match. “Since you’ve been here you haven’t pulled one of yours”

He snorted, eyes rolling hard enough that if Deku didn’t see it, then he would have heard it. “That’s ‘cos I’m not a fucking weak ass bitch.” A beat of silence where they both eye each other, Katsuki raises a brow. “You coming or what?”

“Fine fine!” The other says, hands going up in the air to exaggerate how exhausted he was by the whole conversation.

Katsuki smirked as the younger gathered the papers into a haphazard pile. He waited for a beat or two, letting the blood from his thundering heart pump around his body. “So” he starts lowly, Deku raising a brow, hands not stopping in their task of ‘cleaning’ “your part of the Yakuza now?”


He wants to strangle Deku for that nonchalant answer. Fucking ‘oh’ could he not have thought of anything better in that stupid overthinking brain of his?

Katsuki doesn’t rise to it, doesn’t open his mouth, because he knows an onslaught of vile will spew will fall from his lips. He waits him out, eyebrows frowning and hands clenching and unclenching.

Deku hums, moves around the table, and gathers piles into other piles. Generally he’s trying to wait Katsuki out. Little does Deku know, that Katsuki has not only mellowed out somewhat in age, he’s also been to enough anger management classes that he can stop himself from throwing a bitch fit at the first sign that something may not be going his way.

Also as a pro hero, he has hand to learn to keep his mouth fucking shut, or the repercussions were nearly unbearable.

Somehow Katsuki keeps his jaw clenched enough that Deku looks up and takes pity on him.


“I guess you figured it out”

“Figured it out” he spat, waving at his anger management classes as they pass him by. “Oh yeah real hard with how Deku & co dresses! The fuck are you wearing! Could you not be any more original, you sheep!”

Deku looks down with a pout. “I thought I looked good. The trousers and shirt were tailored to fit” he does look good, Katsuki can agree to that. The Younger man is wearing black pants and shirt with dark green braces, Katsuki also knows that the tie he had on earlier was of matching green. But how good he looks in a fitted suite is neither here nor there.

Really Katsuki didn’t know he could miss them stupid red high tops so much.

He groans pinching the bridge of his nose and lets his head fall back. Deep breaths he tells himself, counting backwards from ten. When he’s reached zero and then gone into the minuses - just to be safe - he looks back at Deku. The little shit looks like butter wouldn’t melt.

“Just - just give me a straight answer Deku” he sighs with a long drawn out breath.

Deku mulls this over, gloved finger tapping his chin before he shrugs. “Yes, we’re one of the leading families, very well respected and just as hidden. But we do have eyes all over of Japan, fingers in all the pies, as the saying goes… Now you said I had to have lunch?”

- - - -

The kitchen was a riot of noise. It was all a little too loud, a little too hectic for Katsuki to feel anything but on edge. It wasn’t that loud boisterous people around him was anything new to Katsuki, he had lived with stupid hair for brains and the walking plug socket for years after all. It was the fact that these people all mingled, all fed of each other in a way that was making him realises that he was completely outnumbered.

He was the odd one out, the link what didn’t quite fit. It was like being back in the first year or U.A. when he had been the loudmouthed arsehole who everyone avoid like the plague.

It wasn’t like Katsuki wanted to fit in here. No, he didn’t care about any of these people, as soon as he had the power he was going to kill every single one of them.

It was the fact that he needed to fit in somewhere so he could find their weak link to help free himself. He needed them to be as easy around him as they were with each other, or he was never going to survive this.

Instead conversations with incriminating information where hushed as soon as they began, glances sent his way before more mundane topics were brought up.

Deku, of course, was the center of attention. As soon as he had waltzed in, folder under one arm and Katsuki on the other, they had been on him like flies on shit.

The folder and Katsuki were passed off to the giant, while Deku was pulled around to the other side of the counter, a plate of food pushed before him.

Katsuki grumbled, had his shoulder clapped for a job well done – really, they were all just weak little pussies, not being able to get their boss to eat a fucking meal - and was promptly pushed into the seat next to Mimic.

The older man sat with his left hand holding up the folder that Deku had brought down for him, and the right bringing up chopsticks full of food to and from his mouth. Every now and again he would drop his left hand to reach for a glass of water, but the folder would stay floating where he left it.

Katsuki throws sidelong glances at it, trying to read whatever is printed in there. He spots numbers and graphs and a bunch of other things, what really doesn’t make any sense to him without all the information, but the yakuza giant is humming and nodding away like he understands Deku’s messy handwriting perfectly.

Deku’s laugh brings Katsuki eyes away from the folder and towards the younger man. He’s got his head resting in the palm of one hand, chuckling away at something the stupid two face clone bastard is saying. Deku even reaches out with one gloved hand to pet the bastard on the head, and it’s like watching a trainer pet their dog for doing a good trick.

The clone fucking preens into the touch and says something else what makes Deku face crack into a smile.

Katsuki wants to hit him. Which one? He’s not sure.

Kurono cuts of their conversation to ask when the bird fucker will be home, and Katsuki doesn’t know if he’s glad for interruption, or just more pissed that Deku seems a little upset.

The younger removes his hand from the clones head so he can look at his watch, he cocks his own head to the side and hums. “He should be home -”

Deku’s cut off by the door opening and there in all green parker glory is the bird arsehole. Katsuki distantly remembers hearing something about speaking of the devil and he will appear, but decides to keep that bit of information to himself. No way in hell is he letting this prick think he’s anything as frightening as the devil.

Chisaki strolls in, black suit pants pressed, white sneakers scuffing the floor and that same stupid green parker from the other night. Really it was the coat that made Katsuki first think Big Bird. It just needed to be yellow and it would complete the look. Especially now with his new dark orange and gold beak/mask whatever the fuck that was.

Chisaki didn’t pause when he entered the room, there was no quick glances to see who was where, or doing what, he entered and made a beeline straight for Deku. The younger dropped his hand and sat up a little straighter, eyes stupidly large and full of what Katsuki could only describe as happiness.


“Chisaki-kun” Deku says, voice light and airy, “how was your trip, I assumed it all went well?” he’s smiling at the man who’s storming towards him like his whole purposes in life is to put Deku through a fucking wall. The others in the room cower back slightly, but Deku is still gazing at Overhaul with a big bright warm smile and Katsuki clenches his first on the sudden desire to punch the stupid shit.

Still to this day Deku has so self-preservation, it seemed.

Chisaki is in front to Deku in the next instant and everyone who had sat around the younger moved to give the two room. Deku’s still smiling, still rambling about how well the bird fucker’s trip must have been when Overhaul reaches out fast. The younger doesn’t flinch, doesn’t even bat an eye when the bird fuckers gloved hand grips Deku’s chin hard and angles his face up.

“Who touched you” the man hisses, his voice gravel rough and low through the mask. “Who has dirtied you?”

Katsuki is expecting Deku to stammer his words, to wave his hands about as he tries to come up with some explanation as to why he has a busted lip. Katsuki is not expecting Deku’s eyes to go hard, for the younger to raise said busted lip in a sneer.

“I handled it”

Overhaul doesn’t seem to be paying him any mind, his eyes are tracking across the kitchen for the first time, and Katsuki sees when the man lands on his black eye. Katsuki gives a smug smile and leans forward on his chair, resting his chin in the palm of his hand. “Got something you want to say to me Big Bird”

There’s a sharp intake of breath from behind Katsuki and the yakuza giant has gone perfectly still on his right. They didn’t take well to their big boss being insulted it seemed.

Chisaki either didn’t care or wasn’t interested as he turned back to Deku. “You let that filth lay a finger on you, why is he still standing, why is he still breathing?”

Deku’s mood had switched once again, Katsuki was begging to think he would get whiplash if he tried to keep up. Deku’s eyes had softened in a way what said he understood why this crazy feathered bastard was acting in such a way.

The younger brought his hand up to press against the one still holding his chin, delicate gloved fingers rubbing in a soothing way. “Chisaki-kun, I said I handled it”

“I don’t see how, when the man is still alive” but his voice was less like gravel now, it was still low, still a little rough. Katsuki blinked taken aback, Chisaki was actually being brought down from whatever emotion had been so present before. His shoulders unstiffened, his pose slumped forward slightly and even the angry line between his brows melted away as he watches Deku’s fingers run over his hand.

Katsuki has a feeling that this man hates being touched, but would tolerate Deku like one would tolerate going to the hospital for a check-up. Deku new this, Katsuki could see it in the way his hand moved, slow and firm. His touched said ‘this is where I am, see I’m not moving, it’s not that frightening’

“I need Kacchan alive Chisaki-kun” and then the bastard pulls on the birds wrist, not to get the older to move away but to rearrange his hand so it pressed against Deku’s fucking cheek. Large green eyes twinkled as he sandwiches Overhauls hand between his own and his face, his head turning so that his nose brushed against the older man’s thumb. “You won’t kill him will you? I’ll be so disappointed if you do” could his voice get any fucking sweeter! It was like molten honey, thick and golden.

Katsuki didn’t know what Overhaul was thinking looking at the younger, but he didn’t move, not even an inch. “Then you should let me give proper punishment.”

Deku hummed, eyes closing while he thought this through. He never stopped rubbing his fucking face against the bird’s hand. “No Chisaki-kun, I want to the only one to hurt Kacchan. No one is to lay a finger on him, is that clear?”

It was a command to the whole room but Overhaul answered. “Crystal” he said, finally pulling his hand away. Deku pouted at this but dropped his own hands down to his lap. Chisaki next words may have been for Deku but he looked over at Katsuki when he said them. “But once you have finished with your games then I am going to take him apart, one cell at a time. Bakugou Katsuki will be cleansed from this world completely.”

Chapter Text

Chapter 5

Once the first night was over, his room was left unlocked and Katsuki took full advantage of that. Late into the early hours of the morning, when he was sure everyone else was asleep, he carefully and silently crept out of his room and down the hall. Katsuki checked any other doors he passed, listening out to make sure all occupants were sound asleep before moving on.

Once down the stairs and in front of the main door he paused. The front door looked like nothing more than an old heavy set thing, but something about it had him eyeing it wearily.

“It’s alarmed” a voice said behind him.

Katsuki didn’t jump, didn’t react in any way – thankful for his years of training. He had seen that tired gaze, the black bags lining the underside of eyelids. He knew what someone who didn’t sleep often looked like.

“I know” he said, never turning to face Deku.

“You’ll have to look for another way out”

Katsuki hummed, looking the door over once more. Even if it wasn’t alarmed it would have been near impossible to break it down without his quirk. The timber was easily 5 inches thick, the only weak point were the hinges.

“Why are you awake Kacchan?”

“Investigating” he said, turning on his heel to face the other man. Hands deep in his pockets as he looked Deku up and down. Deku was sat at the counter to his and Overhauls privet kitchen, hands fastened around a mug in a vice grip.

His eyes were two deep green orbs encased by purple bruises, settled into a pale face scattered with freckles. Thin lips stretched up just slightly in a tired smile, but it was a smile nether the less.

“Its 3am” he mused, gloved hand running down his tired face with a sigh. He was still dressed in the same suite from earlier, messy sleeves and all.

“Yes” Katsuki said, eyes narrowing on Deku. “Evidently I thought everyone would be asleep”

“Evidently you were wrong”

Katsuki snorted. “Well if you don’t have any objections, I’m going to keep looking around”

Deku hummed, taking a sip from his mug. “No objections” he said with a wave of his hand.

- - - -

Somehow that set the pace for the whole week.

During the mornings Katsuki would head down to the gym and train with the other villains, it was surreal to say the least. He would hit the heavy bag until his knuckles split through his gloves, would lift weights until his shoulders and arms screamed at him to stop and would run on the treadmill until he was sick.

Anything to make his body feel like his own again, even if it was for a little while.

The afternoons were set in the routine of him eating with the others and then wasting the day away playing pool, ping pong or video games. There was always someone in the house to supervise him at any given time, even if some of the members came and went throughout the day, they never stayed gone for more than 2 or 3 hours.

Both Overhaul and Deku were only seen at meal times though.

Katsuki had stopped seeking out the younger man after the first day. As their conversations tended to end in arguments what left him with an empty feeling inside his chest when he looked at Deku, gone was the once little boy who looked at him with large eyes full of admiration and now in his place was a man smirking and telling him how much he would enjoy taking Katsuki apart piece by piece.

It was during one of these conversations – if it could really be called that – where Katsuki was fuming and snarling and Deku was gazing on with a look of indifference, when suddenly the younger had smiled all cutting and brutal as he whispered. “What upsets you most Kacchan? The fact that I’m a villain with a quirk, or the fact that I kill without using it”

Katsuki had stormed from the room and beat the living shit out the punching bag for a solid 4 hours.

Everything about Deku was wrong. Every smile, every look, it was all twisted and warped, leaving a bitter taste in Katsuki mouth. Deku had been a snivelling quirkless wonder, which had always been fact. What was also fact, was that he had a strong sense of justice. All those times he had stood up to Katsuki had proven just how strong that was.

How had he strayed so far from that path? What had happened to make the once quirkless runt, who had glared at Katsuki with steely determination in forest green orbs, as he screamed to the world that he wanted to be a hero, do such a 180.

Katsuki pushed the thought from his mind, thinking about it too much hurt his head and his heart.

Nights in the mansion saw Katsuki walking around trying to memorize every nook and cranny, to map out the floorplan and seek out any cracks he might escape from. So far he had been unsuccessful. That wasn’t a deterrent though, it just made him try harder.

He had also been unsuccessful in finding a weak link within the group of bandits calling themselves the Eight Precepts of Death. Which, even though he tried not to show it, pissed him the fuck off.

They were all stupidly loyal, not only to Deku but Overhaul also. Even the clone fucker Twice, who was still working for the League of Villains - something the other members liked to remind him about daily - had his head so far up Deku’s arse that he could wear the younger as a decorative headpiece.

By the middle of the weak Katsuki was going crazy. Never mind getting out of here to warn the other heroes about how completely off his rocker Deku was, Katsuki would be joining him in the land of the cuckoo soon enough if he couldn’t find something less mind numbing then video games.

By the fourth day Katsuki had contemplated - four times - taking the same sharp blade Deku had used to kill someone his first night here, and cutting his own throat.

After Deku’s stupid order about no one touching him, no one would spar against him, and all the pent up anger, all the fury, was eating at his insides like a parasite. He was fidgety, quick to snap and bare his teeth, well quicker than normal. He wanted a fight, he was itching for one. Unfortunately the only one who would fight with him was stupid Deku, and that normally happened after a verbal sparring match, one Katsuki couldn’t compete with anymore.

Instead he ended up in the library.

Katsuki walked around the shelves, grumbling as he took out any book what caught his interest. All the while feeling the musical fucking statue’s eyes watching him from the second level. Once Katsuki had enough books in his hands that he worried he would drop them if he picked up any more, he made his way over to the table and set them down unceremoniously onto it. Then he went back for more.

He ended up doing three trips before sitting down and pulling the first book over to himself. Katsuki had always been a smart person, he was like a sponge, retaining passing information. He also didn’t mind revising back at U.A, he did want to be the best hero after all, and that meant good grades also. That did not mean he would normally pick up a book unless promoted.

Apparently worrying about losing your mind from boredom could do wonders.

Still he needed one to grab his attention, he needed to let his mind get lost in the pages, let his conscience wonder as the story danced around him. He couldn’t force himself to sit here and read, or this would end up feeling more like a chore then an escape, and if that happened then he might actually go looking for a knife.

Because of this he dropped the first book he picked up to flick through, onto the floor. Boring. He also noticed that the fucking statue above him flinched at this. He smirked, small pleasures an all that.

He did this with 2/3rd's of the pile before he found a book what actually made him frown and lean forward in his seat slightly. The book was full of fighting styles, ones all used without a quirk. The movements were old, the style one what had died out long before the time of quirks. He flipped through pages and was hooked after just a few minutes.

As time passed Katsuki got closer and closer to the end of the book, when he was nearing the final chapters he dropped the hardback on to the table and went searching for some more of the same kind, he came back with another armload.

Tengai had moved from his perch to come and clear the books that Katsuki had dropped onto the floor, away. The man returned to the table a few minutes later and placed two other books down, both on different kinds of extinct fighting styles. He then walked around Katsuki and gathered up the books the younger had brought over at the start of his escapade, novels with knights and dragons, others with wizards and goblins. Books Katsuki was no longer going to read now he had something to focus on.

He was on his third one when the doors to the library opened, Katsuki snapped his eyes up to watch Deku walk in, plate of something in one hand and glass of orange juice in the other. Katsuki threw him a glare before going back to his reading. He was sprawled in the cushioned chair, feet propped up on the table in front of him.

“You missed lunch” Deku said, coming over to place the plate of food and drink next to Katsuki feet, he then popped his own hip against the wooden surface. “I made Ebi chili, I know it use to be your favourite, extra spicy also”

Katsuki hummed but didn’t make a move for the food, he flipped to the next page, reading over the paragraph slowly. Hoping Deku would get the memo and fuck off.

Clearly, Deku didn’t.

He sighed, rubbing gloved fingers under his own tired eyes. “Kacchan you’ve been skipping meals, and you look like you’ve hardly slept in days.”

“You wold know” he muttered. Every night when Katsuki had gotten up to wonder around the house he would find Deku in the kitchen, same seat as the first night and hands gripping a mug like it held all the answers to the world. The younger never moved, never watched Katsuki, never fallowed him while he wondered around the house. And when Katsuki was finished exploring for the night and he could feel his eyes drooping, Deku would still be at the counter.

Deku pouted and then leaned over the desk, slamming both elbows down and holding his face in his hands. “What’s wrong Kacchan?”

Was this man for fucking real? What’s wrong? Oh he didn’t know, poverty, homeless people on the streets, children without parents, Deku being a villain. The list would be endless.

Instead he snorted. “Why do you care?”

Deku was still holding his own face, his hands pap, pap, papping on his cheeks. “I do care Kacchan.” a snort from the Katsuki. “I’m worried about you, let me help”

“I don’t want your fucking help” he snapped, eyes flashing furiously. “I want my fucking quirk back and to leave this dreadful place.”

“It’s not that bad” Deku pouted. “I have tried to make sure everyone has whatever they want. Well, whatever I can physically get for them at least.”

Katsuki feet were of the desk now, and he slammed his book on top of the wooden surface. “Not that bad” he mocked. “I’m going stir fucking crazy! Your minions won’t spar with me! Do you know I shattered a pool cue over that clone fuckers head yesterday, and you know what happened, nothing, nada, not even a fuck you Bakugou!”

“That wasn’t very nice of you Kacchan”

Katsuki roared, flying forward and gripping the stupid fuckers tie so he could pull Deku in close, nose to nose as he seethed. “Nice? Deku you’re a fucking villain, I haven’t got to be nice to any of you!”

Deku sighed, his face impassive as he gave Katsuki a once over. Eyes locking on Katsuki own, searching for something, analyzing him. Katsuki didn’t know what Deku was looking for, didn’t care, he was just angry, taut, a rubber band ready to snap at a moment’s notice.

Finally with a shrug Deku brought his hands up to card through Katsuki hair. The older man froze, like a deer in headlights but Deku’s hands were the headlights, and Katsuki didn’t know what to do. He was already caught, trapped, frozen and would be hit any second. He knew this, and yet he couldn’t stop it.

Deku’s gloved fingers worked over his scalp and then down his neck, resting on his shoulders, squeezing slowly, they poked and prodded, thumbs rubbing deep circles into the crook of Katsuki neck and Katsuki found himself melting, even if it was just a little. He was wound to tight and those fingers were so sure and strong.

“You’re so tense Kacchan” Deku whispered, voice a low purr against Katsuki cheek. When had he gotten so close? He could feel Deku’s breath on his own face, sharp with mint. “How long has it been since you got laid?”

Katsuki threw him away with a snarl. Deku danced back on his feet, laughter ringing through the room as he raised his hands in the air like he was trying to calm a wild animal. Maybe he was with how anger pooled in Katsuki gut, how he bared his teeth.

“Eat the food Kacchan, also get some rest. If you don’t then there are rooms you don’t know about yet. I’ll be happy to show them to you, I could even strap you down, give you something to help you sleep” his voice was so sweet, so lovely and soft. But the threat could be heard loud and clear. Listening to Deku talk was like watching the ocean, beautiful and relaxing but you knew that there were undercurrents what could drag you away if you didn’t pay attention.

Then with one last bright smile, the younger pivoted on his heels and skipped, fucking skipped from the room.

Katsuki growled all the way through his meal, no way in hell was he going to let Deku know he was a damn good cook.

- - - -

The library became the new place Katsuki could lose himself for a few hours, it was quiet and clam, nothing like the people who lived in the house. The statue moved every now and again, putting books back and silently leaving new ones for him to read. He didn’t mind this, but it was still a little unnerving to say the least.

Deku brought him lunch every day and dragged him to dinner every evening. At night there was a hot steamy mug of coco waiting for him on the kitchen counter, Deku holding his own cup – though Katsuki wasn’t sure what was in his – and neither of them speaking while they drank.

Amazingly when Katsuki got up to retire for the night, Deku would now follow him, placing their used cups in the dishwasher and shuffling after Katsuki. Once at the top of the stairs they would go their separate ways. Sometimes Deku went to his office, other times he moved down the hall past Katsuki and practically fell through his own door for the night.

Katsuki didn’t know how he felt about this new development. On one hand it was nice to be able to just be near the younger and not snarl and fight. If he could keep this up Katsuki was sure he would be able to worm his way under the younger’s defences and learn everything he needed to, so he could get out of this hellhole safe and sound.

On the other hand, he was learning things he did not want to know.

Things like Deku still had a nervous habit of scratching his cheek, and the little shit still mumbled up a storm. He also now knew that Deku hummed or sang softly when content, what had been startling at first but became soothing after a while. Pouted or jutted his bottom lip out like a child would do when things weren’t going their way, and the younger man would also rub at his temples when thinking intently.

He had also learned the face Deku made when he was feeling lost, and Katsuki didn’t like that one fucking bit. It had happened on one of their silent nights, Katsuki was grumbling away to himself, his words low and slurred with sleep. He hadn’t even known if Deku was listening to him or not, he just knew that his brain was running on fumes and therefor his mouth was moving without his full consent.

Traitorous bastard.

He ran a hand through his hair and down his tired face before making the move to his pocket, only to pause when he realized the carton he normal stuffed in there was missing. With a huffed laugh Katsuki let his head fall back as he mumbled up to the ceiling “that’s the first time I’ve looked for a cigarette in a week. Guess being kidnapped can really help a man quit”

Deku’s whole face had paled, his jaw slackening and eyes large, breath hitching slightly. katsuki watched as Deku’s tongue pressed to the back of his teeth, as his bottom lip wobbled a little. His eyes, what had always been big, what had always been holding some sort of emotion this past week, were empty and void. It was what Katsuki imagined someone marooned on an island with no hope of escape to look like.


And Katsuki did not know if it was because Deku had just learned something new about Katsuki he hadn’t know before, or if it was to do with the fact Katsuki had just used the word kidnapped.

Katsuki also learned that Deku had 32 freckles on his face alone.

His whole world shook, the foundations cracking right under his feet. He had the sudden realization that he was slowly beginning to understanding how Deku felt when he looked so lost.

And it scared the living shit out of him.

- - - -

As the end of one week came to a close and another one started, the whole house erupted into complete and utter chaos.

Katsuki was sat in the kitchen, nursing his third cup of coffee – really he was exhausted but sleep avoided him like the plague – looking out through the large archway into the main lobby. He was in the same spot Deku had been in the first night he decided to wonder around the house, so he could see the front door from where he sat, and if he decided to crane his neck to the side he could also see the stairs.

Katsuki was currently craning his neck.

It was as if an egg timer had gone off, one minute all was quiet and the next a ruckus so loud that Katsuki was worried his ears would bleed, commenced. Katsuki watched partly bemused and partly horrified at the stampede of villains that came charging down the stairs. Each one was making some sort of noise or gesture. Some whooped and hollered, others clapped comrades on their back and Twice was even clapping enthusiastically as he bounded down the stairs.

Each and every one was dressed in some kind of bird mask.

Katsuki gut sank.

Slowly, painfully so, Katsuki got up from his seat and moved to look out at the sea of villains. Mimic was now in his more compact form, tiny and hardly reaching Katsuki knee. Chronostasis had his wellingtons and rain coat on, hood pulled up to hide his hair. Nemoto black hat and cape were securely in place. Rappa mask looked like one of an executioner and even Tengai had donned his robes.

Overhaul was walking down the stairs, suite pants and shirt as black as midnight, add his dark brown hair to the mix and his skin looked to pale, to sickly to be normal. Especially against the startling blood red of his new plague mask. His tie, gloves and trainers were all white. Overhaul had his arms loosely open, like a god being praised as he descended the stairs. His eyes flashed in the chandelier lit lobby and even though Katsuki couldn’t see the man’s mouth, he could tell from Overhauls gaze alone that he was overjoyed.

Finally he came to a halt at the bottom of the grand staircase, a hush fell over them all, like the quiet that happened at a concert before the singer came on stage. It was fully charged, full of eager anticipation. Then in some sort of creepy synchronized movement – what Katsuki was certain had to have been rehearsed beforehand – the villains turned as one to look up at the head of the staircase.

There at the peak, standing above his men like a benevolent king addressing his people, while slipping on black half palm gloves and smiling blindingly was Deku. Katsuki breath hitched, his throat tightening enough to hurt and his heart pounding against the cage of his ribs.

There should have been an unearthly light shining from behind the younger man, blinding and brilliant just like Deku had always been in his youth. The villains waiting below him should have dropped to their knees, thankful that in their miserable lives they were fortunate enough to be graced with Deku’s presence.

Because Deku…

He looked like a fucking avenging angel.

Everything about Deku was a punch to Katsuki’s gut, a clenched fist knocking the breath from his lungs. He shouldn’t be thinking of Deku like this, the man had killed, had destroyed, was planning on tearing Katsuki life apart one piece at a time.

And yet, his heart thudded deeply in his chest like the beat of a drum, his lungs weren’t getting enough oxygen to them, burning him from the inside out. His head was also swimming and Katsuki felt his arm go out to catch himself on the wall.

Katsuki was being thrown back, being dragged kicking and screaming through his own painful memories. Images of Deku flashed before his eyes. Again and again Katsuki saw the younger man, saw him grown and change to become something wholeheartedly good!

Then why had it come to this, why was Deku leading one of the strongest groups of villains in Japan. Shouldn’t he have been at the top of a different pedestal, being looked upon by people seeing him for how utterly and completely heroic he was.

The image before him was twisting something painful inside Katsuki, making it even harder than it had been only seconds ago to breath. His lungs were on fire, each short shallow breath burned in a way he had never felt before, it was like swallowing a lungful of smoke, acrid and bitter.

The thought Katsuki had had a thousand and one times came crashing back into him with the speed and power of a bullet train.

Deku should not have been here.

He should have been a world away, living a different life. A life Katsuki was sure would have been just as blinding as Deku was. He hated that he was thinking like this, hadn’t he watched the younger man take down countless heroes, stared brokenly at the TV screen when the announcement of All Might’s attack had come through.

So the small spark that Deku had ignited deep within Katsuki, he wanted to stamp it out, kill it before it could grow and become something deadly, lethal. Because that small tiny light, the minuscule part of himself he never wanted to admit to. That was something whispering to him that he could still see some sort of good in Deku.

He hated to have hope. Especially when it was the false kind.

The image was shattered when Overhaul stepped forward and Katsuki found air coating his lungs once more in beautiful cooling waves.

Where overhaul was dark, Deku was light. His suite pants and waistcoat were ivory white, red crisp shirt underneath, cuffs folded up to his elbows once more. Tie, shoes and gloves the only black part of his outfit. His curls– what had started to become more unruly as the week progressed – had been chopped off into a stylish undercut. The hair on the back and sides was nearly black with how short it had been shaved, while the longer top flopped over his forehead in soft green curls.

A knife was strapped to Deku’s right forearm and Katsuki new without asking, without being told, that that was a decoy, there only to draw the eye. He knew this because he could see Deku's underarm gun holster hiding a shiny black pistol.

When Deku reached the bottom of the staircase the villains surrounding him moved as one, closing in around him on all sides while Deku smiled at each of them in turn. It was different from Overhauls overjoyed look, this smile was small and coy, a secret hidden in plain view. Finally when Deku eyes landed on Overhaul the bird fucker held out something black and shiny, he bowed while handing it over, fucking bowed!

Deku took it with delicate fingers, turning the thing in his hands a few times before bringing it up to this face. Only then did Katsuki finally make the connection to it being a mask. It was unlike the ones around him, no beak, no bright reds or oranges, just simple and plain.

The thing was black and silver and when Deku fixed the straps around the back of his head and looked up, Katsuki nearly heaved.


This man in front of him was no longer Deku, no he had never really been Deku to begin with. Katsuki had lied to himself, fooled himself into believing this man could still be the little boy he had known for so many years.

He had been telling himself again and again that Deku was a villain, but knowing about it and seeing it from afar were completely different from having it stood before him, living and breathing.

Seeing Deku take up his villain mask and wearing it with a look of pride, nearly had Katsuki being sick. The bile burned the back of his throat, coated his tongue.

The black garment fitted over the lower half of Dauntless’ face, covering his nose, cheeks and jaw. And there in a smile all razor sharp were the metal teeth, each one a cutting pointed blade what could give a shark a run for their money.

Dauntless adjusted the straps and face piece until it sat right and then held his arm out, a pristine white jacket was pressed over it and Dauntless shrugged it on. Again like the first night Katsuki had saw him, the suit blazer was merely placed over his shoulders, one roll and it would fall to the floor.

Dauntless sensing Katsuki eyes, looked over at him. Katsuki couldn’t see if the man was smiling or not, but the mask was doing enough of that for him, especially with how it seemed to curve up maniacally. Dauntless eyes twinkled and when he spoke his words were muffled slightly through the mask, but still clear enough that Katsuki didn’t have to strain to hear them.

“The games about to begin Kacchan, are you ready? Wait up for me. I want to see your face when I bring home one of your heroes”

A part of Katsuki clicked into place, it was all anger and power, and the bitter unrelenting rage to win. Without his brain full processing what had happened, Katsuki was flying across the room, hell-bent on taking Dauntless down.

He didn’t care that he was surrounded, that each and every one of these people held a quirk what could take him down. That if he did or did not succeed right now, he could be used as a personal punching bag, beaten until he was nothing more than a bloody pulp.

They could kill him, take him apart, brake him slowly and brutally. But all of that was an afterthought. All he could register was the undying urge to put his fist through that smart fucking mouth.

He went for Dauntless with everything he had.

Unfortunately he never even got close. Katsuki slammed up against an invisible wall while Dauntless laughed wholeheartedly and waved at Katsuki, a ‘bye bye Kacchan’ ringing throughout the room.

Katsuki snarled like a wild animal, fought and slammed his fist against the thing until his hand was bloody and he was sure a knuckle or two was broken.

The villains paid him no mind, they filed out of the house one by one, and only when the last had passed through the massive oak doors did the barrier finally fall away.

Katsuki went at the door like it had personally offended him. He kicked and screamed and ragged against the wood until he felt his arms tremble. Finally he sank down to the ground, a frustrated snarl leaving his lips as he brought his hands up to his hair and pulled.

Who was Deku – no Dauntless – going after? What hero would he be coming back with? Red Riot? Chargbolt? He thought of the small bouncy child he was a godparent to, what only made him want to scream to the heavens in rage.

Maybe he was going after someone higher up, Endeavor or Todoroki. Endeavor he couldn’t give a tiny rats arse about, that man was a villain in a heroes costume for all Katsuki was concerned.

Todoroki was different, he had a little girl on the way. Their friendship had come about and grown from difficult times, but they were still close, even if it was not common knowledge.

Or maybe Dauntless was going back to Katsuki agency, was going to go after the heroes working with him and their sidekicks.

Katsuki was drained and broken and for the first time ever, he felt completely beaten. He slammed his already throbbing fist against the ground and screamed in anguish. Angry tears swelled up in the corner of his eyes and cascaded over his cheeks.

His chest squeezed hard enough for him to grip at it, he could feel the way his heart slammed against his curled palm. The pain becoming too much to bear for an instant and caused Katsuki curled in on himself.

He remembered Deku leaning over the granite worktop as he said ‘I’m going to take it all from them and you’re going to watch”

This was it, this was the beginning of the end. How could he survive this again? It was only the first time, the beginning of many more to come, and Katsuki already felt as if he was broken beyond repair.

How many more times would Katsuki have to feel this pain? How many more times would he have to watch Dauntless walk out of that door?

Was there really any way he could survive.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6

Katsuki didn’t allow himself to wallow in self-pity for long. Oh no, he raged until the house was completely and utterly destroyed. Every piece of kitchenware had been shattered in both the privet and communal kitchens, the cupboard doors were handing from their hinges, the fridges had been tipped over. Pans, plates and glasses were shattered against the shiny white tiles of the floor.

He hadn’t stopped at the kitchens either.

The games room was nothing more than shattered wood, pealing wallpaper and the inner stuffing’s of furniture. Katsuki had taken the heaviest object he could find and beat the pool table until its legs snapped, then he had stormed back into the war zone of a kitchen for a knife, before heading back to carve away at the green fabric. The same went for the Ping-Pong table.

The games consoles where now in teeny tiny pieces, the TV nothing more than shattered glass and wires.

Any room whose door had been left unlocked received the same treatment, Katsuki tore pillows and scattered feathers, pulled drapes down from their hangings and shattered chairs against windows. Katsuki even climbed into the communal kitchen sink and kicked until the faucet came off and water sprayed up everywhere like a burst fire hydrant.

Katsuki was still fighting against Deku fucking office door, trying with everything he had to get in and destroy every single one of them fucking notebooks, when a slam came from downstairs followed by voices.

Katsuki raced to the top of the stairs ready to jump the little shit the first sign he got, but as his foot touched the top step Katsuki froze. Something wasn’t right. Overhauls voice was low, dark and worried? With his gut churning Katsuki took a few more steps down to look over the rail.

Mimic was back in his human form, large and foreboding with a person – a man Katsuki guessed by the shape of his build – tossed over his left shoulder. Was it a hero? A villain? A sex doll? Katsuki couldn’t tell, all he could see were black pants with green trimmings and a slash of orange. A cape? Maybe, Katsuki wasn’t too sure but it was covering the man so he was unable to get a good look at whoever it was.

One thing was certain, that costume did not registered completely with him. There was a small inkling, nagging at the back of his mind, curling and hissing that he knew it from somewhere. If only he could just stop to think for a minute then he would know who Mimic was currently carrying.

Unfortunately there was no time for that. The atmosphere was charged, full or barely controlled anger and tightly wound nerves. Everyone was on edge, villains shifting just so, ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

Katsuki eyes tracked over the others, trying to find Deku among the group of bandits the younger had branded his own. Waiting for the soft voice with a cutting edge to call ‘Kacchan’ and the taunts to begin.

What he found was Overhaul with Deku’s smaller body wrapped around him, like the bird had suddenly become some kind of tree and Deku was now a fucking spider monkey. The bird fucker hand his hands under Deku’s thighs, fingers curled into claws to help support Deku weight against his chest. The younger man’s arms were thrown over the bird’s shoulders and his face buried in Overhauls neck.

They were both caked in dirt, harder to see on Overhauls black suit, but startling against Deku’s white one.

Katsuki could feel something twist inside him and he didn’t like it, his gut clenched, churning and squirming enough to make him want to gag. Fire licked at his insides, coating his veins in blazing lava trails. Burring him enough that Katsuki was sure he had set of his quirk inside himself. His palms itched, and he curled his hands subconsciously, waiting for the blaze to make its way down his arms and to his hands so he could kill someone.

Anger, unbidden and revolting was smoldering like in inferno within Katsuki chest. His jaw clenched and his eyes flashed. He hadn’t felt anger quite like this in years, not the absolute burning rage what coated the back of his throat and made him believe that he could mutate his quirk so he could also breathe fire.

The last time he had been this angry was when he found out Deku was alive and well, though now on the side of the villains. The pain of believing he had lost Deku for years had twisted inside of him in a blinding flash and had come barreling into Katsuki with enough force and vigor that he had leveled a building in his rage.

Thankfully it was in a secure and restricted area, so no one was hurt. Well apart from Katsuki own heart.

Another look at Deku and bile coated his tongue at how easily the younger was holding onto the bird fucker. Did he have no fucking dignity? Who would practically try to fucking dry hump someone while being surrounded by their own men?

Could Deku and Overhaul not fucking wait until they were behind closed doors, far away from Katsuki so he did not have to see this shit and wish for brain bleach.

Katsuki could feel his lip curl at his own anger, it was stupid, and he was being ridicules. Just because he didn’t like how Overhaul was holding Deku like he was something precious, didn’t like how one hand was on Deku’s backside and the other was clutching his back, bringing their chest closer, stopping Deku from slipping. Did not mean that he had to become this completely and utterly infuriated -

Wait what?

Katsuki gave them both another look and noticed this time that Deku’s arms were slug over the bird fucker haphazardly. His legs looked to be loose, not tucked behind the older to help secure himself in place.

The realization that Deku was not clinging to the bird but was being supported by him, hits along with the smell of copper.

That was blood, why could Katsuki smell so much blood?

Overhaul turned as if sensing him and that was when Katsuki got a good look at Deku’s right side. He stumbles back into the wall, one hand going out to catch himself and the other firmly clamping over his mouth as he dry heaves behind it. His mind’s whirling on the small glimpse of the younger he had just gotten. Because Deku didn’t have both arms thrown over the bird fucker. No he only had one slung over the other man’s shoulder.

Because the other was fucking missing from the elbow down.

The dirt Katsuki thought they were both caked in now registered in his mind as blood, dried blood, and a fuck ton of it at that. Deku had to be dead, there was no way the body could lose so much blood and still be able to survive.

His arm was tied of by a belt - in some poor attempt of a tourniquet - just over Deku’s bicep to stop the younger man from bleeding out any more then he already had.

Unfortunately no one had thought to cover the wound, so Katsuki got a blistering eyeful of torn skin, muscle, sinew and bone, congealed blood gathered at the ends of arties and Katsuki knew this image would be stamped into his retinas for a lifetime. He heaved again.

Katsuki felt like his gaze had been glue to Deku’s mangled mess of an arm for hours, when in fact no more than 5 seconds had passed.

Overhaul snarled, causing Katsuki to drag his eyes away from Deku to look at the older man. The bird was taking, saying something, commanding people. Katsuki could see his mouth moving behind the bird mask, see the jump of his jaw. But no noise was getting through.

What was he saying?

Sound hammered into Katsuki like a freight train, causing him to stumble down another step. “Take him to the basement, have him restrained! Kurono pass me that arm! Filth with me!” the bird said, his voice a low growl with undertones of worry. Then he was marching off, storming down the hall and away from Katsuki’s wide eyed gaze.

Katsuki took another step down, one hand over his mouth and the other reaching out like he could touch Deku from where he stood, so far away, the expanse between them greater then Katsuki could ever imagine.

Overhaul spun on his heel, head raised as he snarled at Katsuki. “Are you deaf, stupid boy! Did I not tell you to follow? If he dies because of your incompetence I will make the last days of your life the worst you could ever imagine”

Katsuki nearly toppled down the stairs in his hast to get to Deku, a weak “he’s alive” pressed from between his lips.

Overhaul wasn’t watching him anymore, his even steps leading them both down the hall, taking turns and opening doors Katsuki had not had access to during his nightly travels. “Barely” the bird clarified, before turning the handle and leading them into a room what resembled dentist’s office.

Overhaul placed Deku down on the bed with more care then Katsuki thought him capable of, ran a hand over Deku’s flushed feverish cheek and walked off to rummage through some of the many cabinets lining the walls.

Katsuki looked away from him so he could focus his gaze on Deku. If it wasn’t for the blood caking his skin, and the smell or sweat and rot then Katsuki could have fooled himself into believing the younger was nothing more than asleep. Especially with how Deku’s head was tipped to the side, eyelids fluttering and soft panting coming from his partially open lips. His fully intact arm was resting over his own heart, rising and falling with his chest.

Overhaul moved into Katsuki’s line of sight a second later with a large needle full of clear amber liquid. Where the bird had gotten it from while Katsuki was looking over at the younger man, Katsuki couldn’t tell you, didn’t care.

He watched in frozen horror? Amazement? As Overhaul calmly popped the buttons of Deku’s shirt, pushed it from his torso and pressed two fingers of one hand to Deku’s chest. Before Katsuki could even blink the bird brought his other arm down in a closed heavy first, needle sliding between Deku’s ribs and straight into his heart.

Overhaul pushed down on the plunger, tore the needle from Deku’s body and tossed it away. Then he proceeded to walked around the bed and started setting up a medical table. How the older man was being so composed and level-headed, Katsuki wouldn’t know. He took one look at what Overhaul was setting up and heaved again when his eyes landed on Deku’s severed forearm, knife still attached in its sheath and all.

Overhauls cold eyes snapped over to Katsuki. “Don’t you dare bring up your stomach in this room, or I shall make you listen from outside, unable to help” the bird said in a low voice while rolling up his sleeves and removing his sullied gloves.

Katsuki didn’t even know if he wanted to be here, never mind hear it, but he clenched his jaw and swallowed the bile coating his tongue. Overhaul gave him a quick look, pulled up a chair and placed a hand on Deku’s right bicep, just above the torn jagged flesh.

“You will do as I say, there will be no arguments, and if you hesitate for even one second I will end you” Chisaki said, digging around in this pocket with his left hand and bringing out something small and blue. He popped it in his mouth and chewed, right hand tapping Deku’s arm like the ticking of a clock in waiting.

Katsuki didn’t know what they were waiting for, unfortunately he was more worried about opening his mouth and being sick then asking questions. So he kept his jaw closed tight. 10 seconds passed, the 20, by 30 Overhaul was becoming agitated.

All of a sudden Deku reared of the bed, broken of cry tearing from his throat as he started to claw at his chest with his left hand. Chisaki’s own hand had come up to grip the collar of Deku’s shirt and he gave the younger a slight shake as Deku let out a gurgling cough to clear his throat.

Deku’s eyes were glazed, most likely from the pain and adrenalin coursing through his system. He was panting brokenly and sweat coated all the skin Katsuki could see, making him look pale and clammy.

Deku blinked a few times before sluggishly dragging his gaze over to Overhaul. “Chisaki-kun?” he asked, hand coming up to place over the birds what was still brutally gripping Deku’s shirt collar.

“Yes” the other said, voice low and soothing but still urgent at the end. “I’m here. Izuku you need to stop now”

Deku blinked again, body wavering slightly as he looked around. He frowned when his eyes landed on Katsuki and then pitched forward slightly, like he wanted to be closer. He was caught by Overhauls hand and Deku stuck his bottom lip out to pout when the older man shook him to get his attention.

With a groan, Deku listlessly dragged his eyes back to the bird. He blinked at him a few more times as if he had forgotten he was there, then half dazed, he looked down at his right arm.

Deku’s body went instantly, horrifyingly still. Katsuki was expecting tears, expecting Deku’s eyes to well up and for him to start crying and pleading, babbling like he did so much as a child. What he was not expecting was for Deku to let out a grating, insanity stricken laugh. The younger brought his left hand up to his face to hide behind his eyes as he chuckled lowly to himself. “Ow” he moaned, like he was only now feeling the pain. “Oh god that hurts.”

Then as if a light had been switched, as if two puzzle pieces were clicking into place, the temperature in the room suddenly plummeted by 10 degrees. Deku eyes were slits of pure undisguised rage, acid green and electrically sharp as he snapped them over to Overhaul and snarled with a curled lip. “Fix it! Fix me!”

If Overhaul was unsettled by the tone, or Deku’s sudden change in mood, he never shown it. With a look way to calm and collected for the situation, the bird removed his hand from Deku’s collar and went back to his mangled arm. “You need to stop, control it”

Deku’s breathing was ragged, his eyes wild with rage and the underlines of panic. He curled his lip and tossed himself back against the bed. Left hand searching for the edge, so he could grip it in a bruising hold. “Get me something to bite!” he snarled, voice on the edge of hysterical.

Overhaul pointed Katsuki to a peace of leather, what Katsuki folded and placed between Deku’s teeth, so the younger could clench his jaw without braking a tooth.

Deku watched him with them wide, wild eyes the whole time, and when Katsuki went to step away Deku reached up and curled his left hand into the shoulder of Katsuki’s tee, balling the material into a tight fist, anchoring Katsuki in place and making it impossible for him to walk away.

Deku screwed his eyes shut, bit down as hard as he could and breathed once through his nose, slow and steady before nodding.

“Hold him still” Overhaul said quietly before snapping the makeshift tourniquet from Deku’s bicep, placed the younger man's detached forearm an inch away from the mangled remains and activated his quirk.

Deku screamed.

He also nearly flew of the bed with how hard his body recoiled from the pain, and Katsuki found himself slamming the palms of his hands into Deku shoulders, holding him down with all his strength as the man below him trashed wildly. Deku’s legs kicked out, the hand in Katsuki tee twisted and pulled until it was cutting of his air supply. All the while Deku’s head banged repeatedly against the bed behind him and he bit down like rabid dog on the strip of leather between his teeth, trails of spit and foam leaving his mouth as he cried out in pain.

And still Deku screamed and screamed, the sound so anguished and agonizingly painful that Katsuki could feel the pin pricks of tears behind his own eyes.

He didn’t care if Deku was a villain in this moment, no one should have been so brutally attacked. No hero should have used such tactics that Deku was now missing an arm and having it sewn back together, cell by cell, by Overhaul.

What hero would do this! Heroes were meant to subdue villains, they were meant to bring them to justice, not take of a fucking limb!

Katsuki wasn’t a hero at this moment, his quirk was gone and he was useless to the general public, but he could be here to help Deku get through this pain.

Overhaul snarled, leaned over and backhanded Deku hard across the face. Katsuki growled at him, brandishing his teeth and snapping them at the older man, it was all he could do as he was still using his hands to restrain Deku. The bird fucker paid him no mind, and gripped Deku’s chin so glassy green eyes could look at Overhaul. “Control your quirk!” he snapped again and Katsuki understood.

Deku’s quirk was rewind, he could rewind other people’s quirks. He was most likely in so much pain that he was rewinding Overhauls without thinking, making it impossible for the older man to stitch his body back together.

If Deku took Overhauls quirk then the latter couldn’t fix Deku.

Katsuki chanced a quick glance over at what Overhaul was doing, to see how much longer Deku would be in pain. His arm was now connected by the bone once more, and Overhaul was slowly intertwining his muscles back together.

“Can’t you hurry it up” Katsuki snapped

The bird carried on working while he answered. “His arm has been removed for far too long, if I go to fast he could lose feeling or movement in it. It is slow but necessary”

A few more endless minutes passed, Deku had stopped screaming, stopped trashing altogether, but his breathing had started coming in short uneven pants and Overhaul growls again, hunching over Deku’s arm. “Clam him down, if he does not control himself I can go no further.”

Katsuki can see how Deku’s chest is heaving, how his eyes are rolling under closed lids. He knows what them short gasping breaths mean, he’s seen it before. “Shit” he snaps, one hand coming away from Deku’s shoulder to tap against the younger man’s face. “Come on Deku, stop that”

Because now is really not the fucking time for a panic attack.

Katsuki brings a hand up to grip at Deku’s, what has not moved from its vice like hold in his tee throughout all of this. “Come on Deku looked at me! Izuku open your goddamn fucking eyes!”

Deku eyes fly open, roll back once and then snap forward, searching briefly before landing on Katsuki. His eyes are huge and black, pupils blown so wide in pain that they have devoured the green altogether.

No Katsuki realizes, not pain. Deku is terrified. He’s not having a panic attack because of the pain, he’s having one because he’s scared.

Katsuki remembers back in U.A, when Endeavour had walked through the halls to find his son, Shouto Todoroki. Katsuki had never heard what was said between them, but suddenly the half and half bastard had pushed passed his old man and gone racing away. Katsuki had followed, curious. When he had finally found the other boy, he was curled up against the wall, hands over his head, what was pressed between his knees.

Katsuki had been about to open his mouth, ask what the fuck was going on, when Momo Yaoyorozu had knocked him out of the way in her haste to get to her boyfriend. Katsuki had snarled for her to watch where the fuck she was going, but she was use to him by that point.

Instead she had just started fucking talking, rambling on and on about how Shouto was having a panic attack and he needed to breathe, he just needed to breathe. What apparently was easier said than done. Eventually she managed to talk him down from it, slowly and with soothing calm words.

Words and a tone of voice Katsuki would never be able to recreate, but fuck he had to try something.

Katsuki pulled at the wrist still curled into his shirt collar, causing Deku to whimper slightly and tighten his hold. Thankfully he gives up when Katsuki twists it just right. Slowly he moves Deku’s hand to his chest, where the younger man can feel Katsuki heartbeat and his deep steady breathing under his palm.

“You feel that Deku, can you feel me breathing? Come on now, follow it”

Deku moans, eyes rolling as he lets his lids drop shut once more.

“Hey” Katsuki snaps, other hand moving from Deku’s shoulder to gently cup the back of his head, lets the newly trimmed short fuzz of hair run over his own callus fingers. Then he lets out a huff and guides Deku’s head up until their foreheads come together.

“Hey, did I say you could fucking close your eyes, shitty nerd.” Deku groans again, eyes blinking open. They’re wild for a second but when they focus on him they calm slightly, some of the fear being replaced with something Katsuki can’t even begin to name.

“Look here stupid Deku, you’re having a fucking panic attack and I’m all you have to talk you through it, so keep your fucking eyes open and listen to what I say”

Deku hums slightly, and when the sound reaches Katsuki ears it sounds less like he’s in pain and more like he understands.

“Good” Katsuki says. Spreading his other hand out on his chest over Deku’s own one, so the younger man’s palm is pressed flushed to Katsuki beating heart. “You need to breathe with me okay, you can do that right? Come on, don’t be such a useless Deku” Katsuki tries to smirk at the younger, tries not to let his panic show.

Katsuki knows it’s hard, Deku is still getting his arms stitched back on, but his effort must be appreciated as Deku chokes on something what can only be considered a laugh. “Come on breathe with me now, in through your nose for 3 seconds and out through your mouth for five. Well that’s currently occupied so let’s go with the nose for both”

Deku makes another choked wheezing sound and Katsuki cannot believe he is laughing at a time like this. Then Deku blinks up at him, curls his hand a little tighter into his chest and follows Katsuki’s next breath in. it’s all that’s needed, the first breath breaking down the initial panic of not being able to get air into the lungs and setting the pace for the next one. For the next 30 seconds or so they’re both taking deep even breaths, eyes never leaving the other.

Overhaul must get to a nasty part because Deku suddenly tenses up and holds his breath. “Hey fucker, what do you think you’re doing, did I say you could stop?” Katsuki huffs lightly, gripping the back of Deku’s head just a little tighter until he relaxes. “Come on stupid Deku, keep breathing with me”

Katsuki doesn’t move away from him, keeps their foreheads pressed firmly together. He can feel Deku breath harshly passing over his face. The stench of copper huffing out over his cheeks and invading Katsuki nose.

Deku’s trembling in his hold, whimpering and twisting weakly at the pain, yet he never closes his eyes, never stops holding Katsuki gaze, even as he pain becomes nearly unbearable.

He’s brave, Katsuki notes, has known all along. Deku is so fucking brave it hurts to watch him, hurts to see him like this. Because someone so brave should not be a villain.

When Overhaul finishes Deku flops back on the bed, hand leaving the front of Katsuki’s tee to paw at his own face, removing the spit soaked gag with a dry heave. A tired gaze searches Katsuki out, and then Deku is pawing again, this time at the air in front of him, trying to reach for Katsuki.

Katsuki leans over, thinking Deku would just want to grip his tee once more, to center himself with some kind of touch, but the younger man surprises him. Deku starts patting his chest, neck and head, until Katsuki has got Deku’s hand in his hair and is being guided down until their nearly nose to nose.

“Hmm” Deku mumbles, tongue darting out to lick cracked lips. “Kacchan, Kacchan” he whispers it like a prayer, like a secret, like it’s a word only the two of them know and it twists something in Katsuki. Then the hand moves from Katsuki’s hair to his face, thumb swiping under his eye and it’s the first time Katsuki has noticed that Deku hasn’t got his gloves on.

“I forgot” Deku mumbles, voice slurred with sleep, with the small residue of pain still left over. “I forgot how beautiful your eyes are.” Then in a voice so low that if Katsuki was not as close he would have missed it, Deku breathes “Don’t look away from me Kacchan, don’t look anywhere else but me”

Katsuki doesn’t know what that means and he doesn’t get to find out. Deku’s eyes roll back into his skull and his hand falls limply by his side. Soft even breathing coming from between pale pink lips.

Katsuki guesses the adrenaline has been burned from his system because Deku has passed out cold.

- - - -
Katsuki collapsed on the chair in the corner of the room as soon as he gets a second. Overhaul is cleaning Deku of, wiping away the blood and removing the soiled shirt from his torso.

The bird’s hands are caked in just as much blood as Deku shirt and Katsuki smiles at this, taking small pleasures in knowing that the fucker will be going away to scrub three layers of skin of later.

“Who took his arm” Katsuki finds himself asking, doesn’t even remember giving his brain the command to open his mouth. But there the question is, heavy in the air between them. He doesn’t even know why he’s asking, doesn’t know why he needs to know what hero did this, why he wants to hit them with a quirk powered punch.

“We were fighting Lemillion, Izuku knocked me out of the way, and the blow meant for me got him. He pulled Izuku arms into a wall and left him there to fight the rest of us” the birds voice is flat, he’s giving facts not telling a story.

Yet even at Overhauls monotone voice, Katsuki can feel the blood burning in his own veins. “Lemillion took Deku’s fucking arm off?” He can’t believe it, it’s like saying Icy-Hot made up with his old man. The idiots as close to All Might in justice and smiles as one could get without being the number one hero.

The bird fucker looks over at him, eyebrow raised. “Izuku took his own arm of”

Katsuki mouth hangs open, shock knocking the air out of his lungs in a wheeze. He shakes himself, literally, like a dog trying to rid water from its fur, he’s trying to rid that picture form his mind. Deku always was a self-destructive little fucker, he guessed no amount a time passing could get rid of that annoying habit.

Overhaul must see how sick he looks, how green his face had gone and yet he takes no pity on Katsuki. “The blade attached to his right arm was not the only one he took into the fray”

Katsuki can picture it, it’s a cinematic HD horror film flashing before his eyes. Deku snarling that he can’t help, that he’s being useless and pulling out a hidden knife. Maybe it was behind his back? Or attached to a harness on his leg? Bringing it up and cutting through his arm, like it’s wasn’t his own flesh and bone. Slicing through it as easy as he had punctured that man’s lung the other week.

Katsuki can see the manic smile on his face, the crazy broken laugh leaving his lips, eyes hysterical and wild. Blood dripping in a pool around him, staining his shirt and pants as he steps away from a part of his body what had been attached only moments ago, still clutching the knife in his good hand, in his only hand.

Katsuki leans over the chair and brings up this morning’s coffee.

Overhaul levels him with a look, like he’s worse than the stuff on the bottom of his shoe and Katsuki couldn’t give a tiny rat’s arse. Let him clean that up, the bastard.

After a few more moments have passed - in which Overhaul checks Deku’s pules and throws a sheet over him to keep him warm - he looks back over at Katsuki just in time to catch him wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

Head tilted slightly to the side, the bird says “You helped him” he’s saying it like ‘I did not expect you to with the situation you’re in’ means it like ‘why would you help the one keeping you captive’

Katsuki huffs, folds his arms and looks away. “Yeah, well I owed the fucker one. Don’t look to much into it, me and the nerd are fucking even now” with that he stands and makes his way out the room

“I’ll tell him that” Chisaki mumbles.

“Don’t give a shit!”

- - - -

Katsuki’s sprawled out on his bed, eyes staring endlessly up at the canopy above him. All eyes had been on him when he walked through the house, gazes cold and heated all at the same time, their glares hard enough to feel like a physical hit. Katsuki had smirked and winked at Rappa “bet you wish you could lay a finger on me now” he mocked, walking past them and heading up the stairs.

He couldn’t be arsed dealing with their bitching. These people meant nothing to him, never would. What did they expect, threatening him before leaving? Katsuki had a temper a mile high and a terribly small fuse, the house hadn't stood a chance.

He was still mulling over what he had seen. Deku with an arm missing, Chisaki taking care of him better than he did with any of his other men. The fact confirmed by Overhaul himself that they had fought Lemillion. The black pants and an orange cape tossed over the Yakuza’s shoulder. The snapped command to take him to the basement.

The fact Deku had removed his own fucking arm!

Katsuki rolled over onto his side and curled in on himself, hands coming up to cup his ears. He could still hear Deku’s screams, his pleading for the pain to stop, his eyes wide and full of pure unbound fear.

The way Deku had locked gazes with Katsuki, eyes calming down if only a touch. The delicate figures swiping under his eye. Mumbled words Katsuki still didn’t know how to interpret.

Katsuki clenched his jaw. Everything was a mess, it was all wrong, all twisted somehow. Why did he want to brake from his room and search out Deku, to pull the younger man to his chest and demand that he never be so stupid again?

Why was this sickening feeling clawing at his chest, the one what didn’t make Katsuki go tearing down the halls in search of the kidnapped hero, but instead made him want to look for Deku. Why was he more concerned, more worried about a villain then a fellow hero.

Was it guilt from when they were children? How Katsuki had beaten Deku down again and again, both mentally and physically. Or was it something else, maybe the fact that Deku had always been good and pure, but now was poisoned.

Or was it the pain of seeing Deku in Overhauls arms and thinking him dead, the feeling of ice setting into his veins like it did all those years ago when Deku first went missing. Was it seeing his lifeless body and thinking ‘not again, please God no, I can’t survive this one more time.’ Was it the flashbacks to all those endless nights searching, scouring the streets for just one tiny shred of the younger man.

Was it the sleepless nights and the countless ‘what if’s.’ The closed casket lowering into the ground even though it never held a body, the empty feeling rotting in his chest as the day of the funeral came and went. Because it wasn’t right, wasn’t fair. Deku should have been alive.

He had been so angry just a couple of hours earlier. Ready for killing Deku and everyone in this house. They had threatened him, threatened heroes he cared and respected. Where was that anger now? Why was he grasping at straws when looking for that fury from earlier? Why had Deku nearly dying done this to him?

Was it because it dragged up memories lost to the past? Because he had been through the pain, the agony, the utter helplessness and bone deep anger that Deku was truly gone. Was it because Katsuki new that pain that he never wanted to feel it again, even if it was Deku.

Or was it only now that Katsuki was seeing Deku as not just a villain, or a boss of a Mafia group, but also as a person? Someone who may be wrong in what they did and a little bit rotten on the inside, but still someone who had jumped in to protect another living thing.

Villains were not meant to care about their lackeys. Villains were meant to think of nothing more than their own goals, but Deku had taken a blow meant for Overhaul. A fact stated by the man himself.

Katsuki thought he finally understood how Deku had felt that night, the night when he had looked away with large vacant eyes. Katsuki was lost. Lost and wondering in a sea of greys, not knowing what way to turn.

A yell broke Katsuki from his thoughts and he sat up fast to listen closely. Again it came, louder now.

No wait, that wasn’t a yell. That was a cry of pure unbound anger.

Katsuki scrambles out of bed and threw his door open just in time to see Deku come barreling out of Overhauls room. He was shirtless and crazed, some blood the bird hadn’t been able to clean flecked his skin here and there. Dark and rusty against pale skin smattered with freckles. Deku’s body was like a night sky littered with constellations, just a begging to be mapped out and charted, and Katsuki hand itched to do just that.

Deku’s white pants where still red down one side, a poor attempt at copying the half and half bastard, Katsuki thought. Shoes had been removed from socked feet, but that didn’t stop the younger from flying down the hall like hell was snapping at his heels.

Overhaul hurried behind him, steps long and measured compared to Deku’s fast angry pace. Katsuki watched them go by, waited a second, shrugged and followed. He had to jog to catch up, Deku was moving through the house like a man on a mission, like hell's gates had opened and the fire was licking at his back.

They moved down the stairs, through the lobby and then down into the basement. Katsuki paused at the door, palm leaning against the cool metal. The hero was down here, the hero who had set the path for Deku to take his own arm.

Katsuki knew it was Lemillion. Had known since Chisaki had said they had fought him and Katsuki’s brain had put together the black and orange of his heroes’ costume.

But what sickened him more than Deku racing to take his quirk was the fact that Katsuki was having a midlife crisis. He was a hero, born and bred to save people. And yet something pulled at him to walk away, pretend like he didn’t have to watch, pretend that Deku was not destroying another heroes’ life.

Katsuki walked down the hall.

He made it to the room he himself had been kept in a week prior, just in time to see Mirio Togata’s head get slammed against the wall. Deku’s hand covering the man’s lower jaw as he smashed Lemillion’s skull against the brick behind the hero. Lemillion hands were chained above him, much like Katsuki had been. They had forgone giving him the muzzle though, and Katsuki was only mildly annoyed at his.

Lemillion was also completely and utterly unconscious. Katsuki did not pity the headache he would wake up to.

“To deprive you of your quirk for 5 years would not be enough!” Deku snarled, face mere centimeters from Lemillion. The hand on the heroes jaw tightened enough to bruise. “I will have it striped from you for good! Your foolish tricks and heroic ways, your ability to cause me and mine harm will be ripped from you.”

Katsuki had the urge to tell the younger that Lemillion, was in fact, unconscious. And therefore could not argue, beg or plead his case. Katsuki also wasn’t stupid and knew that if that wrath was turned on him then he and Deku would fight until bloody.

Deku huffed, pulling his hand away from the heroes jaw - for the second time that day Katsuki noted the other was gloveless - and stepped back, if only slightly. “Send in Twice, I want Lemillion delivered to All For One by the end of the day. Let him find some use from this pathetic man’s quirk”

“Yes” Overhaul said from Katsuki left. Katsuki glanced over at Chisaki, noting that the other had in fact showered. His skin clean of any blood what had left Deku’s body. His suite pants had been swapped out for dark jeans, shirt change for a fitted black short sleeve V-neck. Black leather gloves so clean and stiff that they had to be new.

Deku spun around when Chisaki spoke, eyes tracking over the older man’s body. “Come here” he commanded, voice short, sharp and crisp.

Katsuki thought that Overhaul would refuse, the man had surely had enough human contact for one day, or year for that matter. Katsuki had watched over the week how Overhaul stayed away from the others, how he was always just out of arms reach, and his men seemed to understand why. The bird fucker hated to be touched.

He only seemed to except Deku’s touch and that seemed to be with a lot of restraint not to flinch or push the other away.

Katsuki had also noted that Chisaki only touched the younger when Deku was hurt. Even when Deku had killed one of his own men, Overhaul had only removed his hands from his pockets long enough that Deku could take his gloves.

But it seemed today was the day of opposites. Overhaul didn’t just step forward, he crowded into Deku’s space.

The younger don’t seem to mind this, did not seem to be intimidated in the slightest. His hands came up and he began to fret over the older man, palms patting down the bird fuckers body. Deku seemed to keep going back to Chisaki right arm, he would check Overhauls chest then his arm, stomach then arm, neck then arm.

Finally after what seemed like hours, and Deku had deemed that he had petted Overhaul enough, did he look up. “He didn’t get you? You’re okay? No injuries?”

“I am in peak physical health” he said, running his own gloved hand down Deku’s arm until his fingers circled Deku’s wrist, turning it slightly so Katsuki could see the new scar circling the younger man’s forearm. “It is you who was injured”

Deku looked down at his own arm, fingers running up and down over the dark slightly raised skin. “Yes it seems so” a sigh slipped from his lips while he pulled away from Overhaul. “I am letting my emotions run away with me, but I believe this is the right choice. I am sorry Chisaki-kun, I will not be swayed in this decision. Have my command followed, send Twice at once. Lemillion will be at All For Ones feet before the night is through.”

Deku took another step back, hands coming up to rub down his own chest, he pouted slightly, like he only now realized he did not have a shirt on.

“I will be out this evening, do not wait up.” With that Deku turned toward Katsuki and the latter hand to stop the flinch from passing through his body. Deku eyes were broken, full of neatly controlled fear. He still managed a smile, cold as it was, and it never reached his eyes. “Have Kacchan locked in his room, it will stop him from interfering and also serve as punishment for terrorizing my home”

Chapter Text

Chapter 7

Katsuki had been a second away from protesting. Mouth open and ready to snarl, snap and bite every angry comment he could think, at Deku.

Unfortunately for his own bruised pride, Deku had stepped forward to fast for the eye to track and brought an elbow up to Katsuki’s temple.

Katsuki now understood why people said it was the hardest bone of the body.

He had blacked out before he could even kiss the floor.

When Katsuki finally woken up, he didn’t know how much time had passed, what year it was, or if he had just woken from a very vivid and fucked up dream. He also had a killer headache.

If he thought sitting up was painful, then standing was like pulling fingernails. Katsuki clutched the bedpost with one hand and held his head with the other, while the whole room spun and his stomach churned.

Definitely not a dream.

Katsuki shuffled over to check the door, he knew it would be locked, but still that small stubborn part of himself had him checking, just to be sure. It would be like Deku to tell him the door was locked just to open it later with a bright taunting smile. ‘You’re so gullible Kacchan. Why didn’t you check?’

Yeah he was checking the fucking door.

Unfortunately whoever had brought him back to his room, had in fact locked the door. Katsuki placed his head against the cool wood, grumbling about shitty mafia bosses and even shitter villains.

With one last grunt he pushed off and made for the sofa. On his way Katsuki spotted an ice bucket, carefully placed on the old Victorian table. And by some higher being there was tiny blocks of ice and tea towels to wrap the cubes in.

Sliding down on the sofa Katsuki made himself a cold compression to place against his head, and man did that sting like a bitch! Thankfully Katsuki had had enough blows to the head over the years to know that this wasn’t anything serious, not even a concussion.

That did not stop the world from spinning.

How long had he need out? Had Lemillion been taken to All for One by now? Had the other hero even woken up? Did he know who his captures were?

Questions raced through Katsuki throbbing mind.

He felt for Lemillion, he really did. All for One was the boogeymen to all heroes, the man mothers told their children about, said he would come and take them away if they did not behave. Was the monster under all children’s beds.

Katsuki had be brought up with the stories of the greatest villain, only outclassed by the greatest hero. All Might had been holding AfO back for years, keeping him down enough that the darkest villain could not scare the people anymore then he did.

Once All Might had fallen Katsuki was sure AfO would come out from the shadows and try for an all-out war with the heroes. But for some unknown reason he had stayed hidden, kept to the darkness. No one had heard hide nor hair from him in years, only the odd whispers caught from the villains kept the heroes believing that he was still alive.

The heroes had been looking for him for years, Katsuki included. Every time they thought they were close, every time Katsuki thought the next turn would take him to where the other was hiding.

Poof! Gone. Not a shred of evidence to say the villain had even been in that place to begin with. It was frustrating, and the first few times it happened Katsuki had gone back over all the evidence, all the trails leading to the villain, sure he had to have missed something.

But he hadn’t. It was like the man knew when the heroes were close and simple upped and left. Or maybe he was just leading them all on a wild goose chase.

All for One was not a villain to be taken lightly. Katsuki had seen what the man could do, had watched first-hand as he took someone’s quirk right in front of Katsuki’s eyes, then used the power himself. The man was a monster! No one should be able to hold that many quirks in their own body, never mind using them simultaneously.

Lemillion would lose his quirk for good, it would be stripped from him, taken and given to someone else. And there was nothing Katsuki could do to stop it.

Katsuki looked down and clenched his fist, strained his muscles to activate his quirk. He had been doing this whatever chance he got. Still even though his muscles bulged with the memory of what to do, no sparks came.

Cursing Katsuki slammed his hand down into the plush cushions of the couch. He hated feeling so utterly weak, so completely useless!

Katsuki thought of Deku and wanted to scream. The other man never used his fucking quirk while fighting. No, he had somehow became nearly utterly fucking undefeatable in hand to hand combat. Katsuki didn’t understand, why if you had a quirk so powerful that you could literally rewind someone back to a child, would you not use it.

Everything about Deku wasn’t adding up. There was something there for Katsuki to see if he could just open his fucking eyes and look. It was like watching Deku through fogged glass, he could make out the shape of him and see the basic outline of what he was doing, but he couldn’t understand it.

It pissed Katsuki the fuck off!

Deku was becoming the world most difficult Sudoku puzzle, one Katsuki did not have the fucking time, nor patience to try figuring out every possible way he might work.

Again Katsuki mind wondered back to the same question he had been asking himself since being captured. Why was Deku a villain?

And why had he gone after Lemillion? Wasn’t this whole plan meant to be some kind of ‘look while I attack the people you care about Kacchan’ shit show?

Katsuki was definitely not close to Lemillion. Sure they had bumped into each other at hero conferences, helped one another now and again when hero work required their agency’s to work together. But they were far from close. Nothing more than passing acquaintance.

Lemillion was a good hero, one of the higher ranking ones, shit he was even above Katsuki. But he was normally called out for stealth and rescue missions, never actively went out searching for the bigger villains to fight. His calling was in saving people, not the pummeling of his fist against flesh. No that was all Katsuki.

So why had he been targeted? If Deku Knew Katsuki at all, if any of that fucking information in them notebooks where true, then Deku would have known that the first person to go after – who would hurt Katsuki the most at not being able to protect – would be Eijirou Kirishima or Denki Kaminari.

Shit, even Shouto Todoroki would have been better than Lemillion.

Again Deku just wasn’t adding up.

Katsuki didn’t know how long he sat there trying to figure this out. But he did know he had to change the ice in his compress three times and use a new tea towel as other one was nothing more than a sopping mess, when voice in the hall caught his attention.

Standing up and making his way to the door, Katsuki was slightly delighted in the fact the room no longer spun on its axis, and surprised to hear Deku and Overhauls angry tones from the other side.

Pressing his ear to the door he caught the back end of their argument.

“- cannot keep doing this, you are more recognizable now. The heroes believe you died tonight, this is an advantage for us and you should not be running around like some entitled child”

“Chisaki” the name was said with such a deep whine that Katsuki believed Deku, had infarct, became a five year old once again. “Can you please, for one night, shut your fucking trap?”

The fuck!

Apparently Overhaul did not get the memo. “This is not how the boss of a founding Yakuza family acts Izuku. There are rules to be followed, and yet here you are, covered in more bruised then when you fought that hero earlier.”

A thump against Katsuki’s door had him jumping slightly. Fortunately he didn’t need to press his ear to the wood for Deku’s next words to reach him. “Well maybe if I was not treated like some kind of porcelain doll I would not go out seeking trouble. You forget Chisaki that I was not raised for this life, therefore if I need to blow off steam I will do as I please”

“You are being stubborn”

“Didn’t I tell you to not wait up!” A pause followed and if Katsuki concentrated hard enough he could hear the heavy breathing on the other side of the door, though who it belong to he couldn’t be sure.

“Chisaki, this lifestyle, it pulls on me in ways it does not you. I am drained, I am tired and I have had to have my fucking arm stitched back on by your quirk. Forgive me for needing to feel something. Now if you'll excuse me, I am irritated and would like to end this conversation”

The silence what stretched had Katsuki believing that everyone had retired to their own rooms for the night. He was about to turn around and sit on the couch for another couple of hours when the bird fucker spoke.

“You have not been yourself since you brought him into this house”

“I do not need to explain -“

Deku was cut of abruptly. “Do not forget that you are a villain and he will always be a hero. We are your family, we are the ones who will stand with you at the end. If you will not listen to anything I have to say tonight, then hear this. There will come a day when he has to make a choice, and he will always choose the path of the righteous, the path furthest from you”

The click of a door indicated the end of the conversation and Katsuki had to remember how to breathe again. Was Overhaul talking about him? He had no chance to mull this over as the beep of his own door signaled the lock and been switched off.

Without a second thought Katsuki threw it open to see Deku on the other side, hand raised as if to knock. “Really?” he asked skeptically. “You were about to knock? You lock me in but was about to fucking knock” he said dumbfounded.

Deku gave a small, nervous laugh. “I guess. c-can I come in?”

Katsuki looked him over, noting the new busted lip and blue black bruise forming under his left eye, leading down to paint his jaw in the same shade of blotchy purple. The eye was completely red from a burst blood vessel and Deku seemed to be slumping against the doorframe rather than leaning against it.

Katsuki still had an ice pack to his own head, so did not feel too guilty about the smile what pulled at his mouth because of the younger man’s state. Maybe he should ask Deku who did this to him, then go find the fucker and high five them.

“You’re not going to fucking knock me out again, are you?” He asked, showing the younger man the ice compress.

Deku laughed slightly before grabbing his side and whimpering. “Right now, don’t think I could even if I really wanted to”

“Then you best get the fuck in before you collapse outside the door, I won’t pick you up” he warned, stepping back to let Deku in.

Deku gave a hum in understanding before shuffling into the room. He made for the couch before eyeing it wearily. Finally he shrugged, leaned over and started making his own compress up. Once done he placed it on his ribs and walked around to rest his rear on the back of the couch.

Katsuki walked over to the bed and sat so he was facing Deku, easily ten feet between them.

The younger looked around the room, groaning slightly when he didn’t find what he wanted. “We should have gone to my room” he mussed. “I have a liquor cabinet”

“Then what the fuck are we waiting for, lead the way” Katsuki said with a sweep of his arm.

Deku laughed again before curling around his middle and whimpering like a kicked dog, it hurt Katsuki to watch but he made no move to comfort the younger.

When Deku managed to straighten once more, eyes watering slightly, he smiled at Katsuki. “I’ll go grab a bottle shall I, don’t worry I won’t be long and then we can drink the night away”

Even though that did sound like a pretty fucking great plan, Katsuki found himself asking “are you sure? You can barely fucking stand at the moment Deku”

The younger man waved him off, already opening the door. “Don’t worry Kacchan, I’ve had worse.”

Yeah, for some reason that didn’t sit well with Katsuki.

- - - -

Only when Deku had made it back in relatively one piece, still looking as shit as earlier, did Katsuki breathe easy again.

The younger had brought some imported whiskey, deep amber liquid sloshing in the decanter as Deku handed out one crystal glass to Katsuki. He was debating whether to smash it while Deku poured him a drink, just to see if Deku would complain about their cost. Somehow Katsuki didn’t think he would care and it would just be a waste of damn good whisky! So instead Katsuki knocked back the first, let the burn scorch his throat pleasantly on the way down and held out his hand for another. This one he nursed.

Hey they had all night and a full decanter, he knew how to pace himself.

Deku was once again leaning against the back of the couch, facing Katsuki. Left hand pressing the ice pack to his ribs and right slowly swirling his drink.

“So you going to tell me why the fuck you look like you went ten rounds with All Might” Katsuki asked. He was still sat on the bed, legs crossed under him. He had dropped his own ice pack on the floor when Deku arrived back in his room, figured that now the room was back to being level he had gotten rid of most of the swelling.

Deku snorted, wiping his face on his clothed arm. The younger had some stupid red jumper on, what was easily two sizes too big. It was the first civilian clothes Katsuki had seen Deku wear since he arrived, so he couldn’t really complain. Even if it didn’t go with his pressed suit pants and polished shoes.

“I didn’t think I looked that bad”

“Newsflash arsehole, you look like shit. Well shitter then normal”

“Thanks” Deku said with another snort and a sip of his drink. He was taking his time, contemplating what to say. Finally he must have reached some conclusion in his own head, because he decided to answer.

“When Overhaul uses his quirk I need some time afterwards to pull myself back. And feeling, well anything, helps. Sometimes I need pain, other times sex, and then there are the times when I just need to feel at peace.”

“Don’t tell me you look like that because you went to a brothel” Katsuki tried to joke, he didn’t know if it worked. His voice sounded flat even to his own ears.

Somehow though, this made Deku smile. His eyes were still tired but the smile was bright and real. A smile not to bring out fear, a smile not to lead you to false hope. Just a small, simple smile, because he wanted to.

Katsuki remembered back to when they were kids and Deku would smile like this all the time.

This smile was all Deku. All Izuku Midoriya.

“Not quite” Deku said. “Rappa use to fight a lot in the underground rings, he showed them to me a few years back, when I felt like I was going insane because Overhaul had taken me apart for the 56th time. I needed to feel something I could control, you know. And fighting helps. I can analyse an opponent and allow their strikes to hit where I need.”

“So you what? Go through more pain just to feel something, after receiving a shit tone of pain in the first place. I’m sorry but what the fuck! You really are more stupid then I thought, Stupid Deku”

“No it’s not like that” Deku sighed, pulling the cold compress away to poke at his ribs. “When Overhaul uses his quirk it doesn’t just take you apart physically, it does it mentally also. You’re drained afterwards, emotions running high but your body has not yet caught up. Don’t you remember how tired you were the first day here?”

A lot had happened the first day Katsuki had arrived. He had been captured, fought Deku, watched the younger man kill someone in cold blood, and then watched said younger man run around the kitchen to get clean for the bird fucker. He hadn’t had time to think about how tired he was that day, but it had been the only night he had gotten a full nights rest since being here.

“I thought that was an effect from you taking my quirk” Katsuki said.

Deku shook his head slowly, ice compress against his ribs once more. “No, that was because Overhaul had taken you out earlier that day. It’s the fastest way we have of knocking someone unconscious”

Figures. Though Katsuki was surprised that big bird even agreed to it, the man had made it perfectly clear that he saw Katsuki as nothing more than filth. And Katsuki knew that Overhaul needed to remove his gloves to use his quirk.

Katsuki smirked. Overhaul had probably returned to the house and bathed in bleach after touching him.

Small victories and all that.

Katsuki looked up to see Deku biting his bottom lip, most likely thinking about the best way he can explain to Katsuki why he needed a beating after practically taking the worst one of his life.

With a soft huff of breath through his nose, Deku finally spoke. “Okay what Overhaul does is torture, there is no other way around it. It’s a pain you can’t control, you can’t stop it, and because of that I feel like my body doesn’t belong to me.” His hand comes up to touch his bruised jaw. “But when I fight, I can choose how many blows they land, I can choose how long the fight lasts, and I can choose how much pain I want to feel before it’s enough”

And Katsuki gets it. Hadn’t he been beating the punching bag to an inch of its life every day, just to feel like he had control of his own body? To reassure himself in the knowledge that even though he hasn’t got a quirk right now, he can still fight with everything he has.

Katsuki sees it from Deku’s perspective. The image playing vividly in his mind’s eye. Day after day, for a full year of being taken apart, only to know that it was coming and not being able to do anything to stop it.

Katsuki’s honestly surprised Deku went out fighting instead of picking up a blade and slicing into himself.

“And the sex?” Katsuki asks instead of letting his thoughts take him down that dark winding path.

He’s also trying really fucking hard not to let his face match the color of Kirishima hair right now. Seriously talking to another bloke about sex, he should not be feeling embarrassed. He had listened to Kirishima and Kaminari talk about their sex lives no stop while at U.A., he had also had to listen to it through the fucking walls on more than one occasion.

But he remembered Deku the first night here, saying he was gay. Remembers the way he had run a hand down his throat and said he might like it if Katsuki ripped it out with his teeth. And yeah, okay, Katsuki is feeling a little hot and bothered under the collar right now.

“Oh that’s for the pleasure” Deku answer like Katsuki is not a blushing mess staring down into his whisky. Thank god the room is only lit up by the bedside lamp. “Sometimes after so much pain it’s just nice to be touched in a way, that’s well, pleasurable. Unfortunately it’s an all-night event and Chisaki gets, well upset, if I’m missing for to many hours.” he finishes with a shrug.

And Katsuki is going to hell in handbasket thinking about Deku getting off. Thinking about hands running down that flawless pale skin, palming his arse and spreading him open. Pushing past the tight ring of muscles to listen to sinful moans and -


“And to feel at peace?” Katsuki chokes out. He needs to get his traitorous brain away from thoughts of Deku under him, or he’s not going to be able to control how his body reacts.

Villain! He reminds himself. Deku is a fucking villain.

That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like to pin him down and fuck him into next week -

Katsuki pulls a face, looking down at the whisky. Has this shit been drugged? No Deku’s downed twice as many glasses then he has and Katsuki has watched him pour every drink.

Guess it’s just been a while since Katsuki got laid. What was it now, nine months? Yeah he was totally blaming it on that.

“Oh that doesn't take much, I just climb up on the roof and stargaze until dawn.”

That sounds like something Katsuki wouldn’t mind doing himself from time to time.

“So why don’t you just spar with one of your lackey’s” Katsuki asks, it seems like Deku is in a talkative mood, so he might as well try and learn as much as he can.

Tomorrow was a new day and Katsuki had a sinking suspicion that they would go back to screaming at one another.

Deku pours them both a new drink before answering. His own ice compress now resting on the floor along with Katsuki’s, as he leans back against the sofa, fingers tapping his glass in a small rhythm Katsuki can’t place. “Remember the order I gave everyone about you? Well Overhaul gave the same about me”

Katsuki doesn’t know how he feels about the ice churning in his gut. The order on him was that no one could hurt him apart from Deku, it stopped everyone in the house fighting back. For Deku to have the same order but with Overhaul on the other end made a violent shiver race down his spine. Because big bird didn’t fight with his fists like Deku, no he used his quirk. What meant for a long time the only contact Deku had ever had was with Overhaul, and that had been painful.

Katsuki new the only reason he got away with hitting the younger man was because, well for one, Overhaul didn’t fucking control Katsuki like he did his own men. And secondly, Deku had made it quite fucking clear that he would fight back.

But that brought another thought to Katsuki’s mind. “How the hell can Overhaul hurt you if you can stop his quirk?” Because if one thing Katsuki had learn since being here, it was that Deku was a fighter, there’s no way he would take it laying down.

Deku hums taking another sip from his glass. “It took me a while for me to learn how to control it. He didn’t want to teach me and neither did anyone else, so it was all on me to figure it out. The day I did was the day he stopped taking me apart.”

Katsuki can feel the bile rising in his throat, remembering the Yakuza giant saying something about how Overhaul had taken Deku apart every day for over a year.

The bird fucker had never really fell into line like Mimic believed. He had simply backed off when Deku had been able to go toe to toe with him. Katsuki didn’t think Overhaul was loyal to Deku because he respected him. No, it was much more likely that he was a smart man and new that if he stepped too far out of line Deku could ruin him.

Better the devil you know and all that.

“And why did he take you apart” Katsuki asked. He was sure Deku would wave him away, laugh it off while telling Katsuki that he wouldn’t give all his secrets away in one night.

Deku proved him wrong. “For my quirk” he said around another mouthful of whisky. God this kid was knocking them back. “He found out there’s a component in my blood what, if fashioned into the right weapon, can take your quirk away for up to 24 hours”

Katsuki sputtering up his drink because “that outbreak a few years back, where villains were shooting heroes and then beating them down when they were quirkless. That was because of your blood? Wait don’t the police use the same bullets on villains now?”

Katsuki didn’t know how he feels about this new development. On one hand he had breathed a huge sigh of relief when villains had stopped getting hold of them bullets, heroes could do their jobs again without worrying about their quirks being made null and void for a day. On the other hand, the police could now help with villain attacks, what was both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because it gave them extra man power when needed, and a curse because now the police had started to get full of themselves. He had even heard a few talk about how they would no longer need heroes in the future if they could keep using this new weapon.

And that was terrifying. Quirks were already controlled enough, what would happen if the government deemed heroes as more of a burden then an investment. The hero business could be completely scrapped.

“Yeah, Chisaki-Kun had the idea to sell to the villains.” Deku said with a sigh, like he couldn’t believe Overhaul could be so stupid. As if Overhaul was a child saying he wanted to be a tiger when he grew up. You couldn’t be angry because they were still young, but you knew it would never work.

“His big plan was to sell the drug what could erase quirks to the villains, then sell the cure to the police or heroes. Said they would end up killing each other off. But it got me thinking, Chisaki-kun hates quirks, says they’re a disease what’s needs curing and heroes have it the worst. So I thought, sell a minor quirk suppressant to the police and let them take care of the villains. What’s the fastest way to get rid of heroes then take away what they work for?”

“That’s sick” Katsuki snapped, downing the rest of his drink.

“It’s smart” Deku hummed. “And it makes us tens of thousands a week. The bullets have an expiry date, if they’re not used within a month of being made then the affect wears of. They can’t be replicated or cloned either, we’re the only ones who can manufacture them.”

Deku hums again, head tipping back to look at the ceiling. “It’s insurance also. Why would the police want me captured if it means they can no longer have their precious bullets? I have them in my pocket, know that I can do as I please with little to no consequences.”

And okay that was fucking brilliant but Katsuki was never going to let Deku know that, instead he sneered. “You’re destroying people’s lives”

Deku had the gall to roll his eyes. “I’m destroying heroes’ lives, and to be fair what have they ever done for me”

Katsuki couldn’t stop the bitter “what the fuck happened to you?” From leaving his lips. He actually thought that Deku would answer with how loose his lips had been, but the younger crossed his arms over his chest and looked away.

“Ask another question”

Unfortunately Katsuki was riled up now, his mouth getting away with him in anger. “Don’t you see what you’re doing to people, don’t you see that you’re fucking destroying what people, heroes, have worked for. Talking like they owe you, well guess what Deku, they didn’t owe you shit when you was quirkless and they don’t owe you shit now.”

Deku pouted, putting his glass down on the floor next to the half bottle of whisky what was still left. “I can’t talk to you when you’re like this Kacchan” and he stated walking towards the door.

Katsuki’s hand shook around his own glass, he was tempted to just throw it at Deku, but knew it would do no good in the long run, instead he went for the cheap blow.

“What about your mother, Deku.” Hey, Katsuki never said he was a saint. “Do you know that she looked for you for years, begged every hero to help find her baby boy. Do you know they helped, never gave up until you came out the fucking shadows as a villain.” He didn’t say how he was one of them people, the one next to Inko as they scoured the internet and checked police reports for any sign of Deku.

Deku had stopped with his hand on the doorknob, shoulders hunched up to his ears. He hadn’t turned to face Katsuki, but he hadn’t left either, so Katsuki carried on.

“She won’t believe it’s you, even to this day. I know because when I brought it up to her, she slapped me so fucking hard I felt it for a week. You’re destroying her every time you show your face on TV, every time a news article comes out about you, it’s killing her a little more.”

“Shut up” Deku growled.

“Why does the truth hurt Deku? You think you can just fucking run away and be all happy, that it won’t affect the people around you. Well here’s the fucking truth, your mum is in bits, and she misses you. She was so fucking distraught when you went missing that she lost her job because she was absent for so many days. She hardly eats, hasn’t had a popper night’s sleep in years, and the only reason she’s not on the fucking streets right now is because I bought her a fucking apartment with my first pay check as a hero. So yeah, take the heroes out, be the best fucking villain out there, destroy families. But you better fucking remember that it was a hero who took care of your mother”

Deku slammed his balled up fist against the door, head bowed. “Shut up, Shut up! SHUT UP!” He screamed, smashing his hand on the wood as he emphasized each word.

Deku looked over his shoulder at Katsuki and Katsuki’s breath caught, he could see the tears streaming down the younger man’s cheeks. Crying, Deku was crying. It should not have been such a rare sight, but here it was, like catching a glimpse of a white deer. Stunning, beautiful and so heart stopping you wanted to protect it.

Katsuki had stood up and took a few steps before he came back to himself and froze. “Deku -“He started only to be cut off by the younger man’s choked out ‘Don’t’

He was scrubbing furiously at his eyes now, trying to calm the flow of his tears to no avail.

“Deku talk to me”

Deku laughed, it was bitter and broken, hand still rubbing over his face. “I don’t fucking owe you Katsuki”

Katsuki could fee his teeth grinding together, could hear it in his own ears. “I’m not asking you because I think you owe me, stupid fucking Deku. I’m asking you because - shit” he brings a hand up to run through his messy hair “fuck Deku, didn’t we use to be friends, I just want to know what the fuck happened to you”

“Friends?” Deku asked and he’s laughing again now, it not bitter this time though, no it’s fully hysterical. “Friends! When was we ever so close, oh I remember, before you got your quirk, before everyone started blowing steam up your arse”

Katsuki doesn’t think, his body taking over without his brains consent and he throws the glass. It shatters against the wall near Deku, causing the younger man to jump and finally look at him through the tears. He freezes at the sight of Katsuki.

Katsuki can feel his breathing coming in fast laboured pants, chest rising and falling with his fury. Blood burns through his veins like molten lava. And he knows he’s stood with his arms out by his sides, hands curved into claws. If he had his quirk right now, uncontrolled explosions would be going off.

“FUCK YOU!” Katsuki snarls, lip curled to show off his pointed canines. “Fuck you, fucking Useless Deku! You think because you were quirkless that we stopped being friends, you think just because I was a fucking brat that I suddenly stop fucking classing you as one! FUCK YOU!” He roared.

“Did you ever stop and fucking ask? Look at you jumping to your shitty assumptions! You never stopped being someone important to me just because you were weak! Fuck you Deku! I fucking hit you because I was a fucking child and didn’t know how to tell everyone what I saw when I fucking looked at you.”

“Look at him’ everyone would say, ‘he’s not going to amount to anything because he’s quirkless.’ What the fuck were they looking at, why couldn’t they see it, why didn’t they see what I did! Why were they all so fucking blind! You were meant to be next to me! I just needed you to stop being so fucking weak so you could stand there without any fucking problems!”

Katsuki clutches at his hair before falling to his hunches and screaming his anger to the world. Breathing hard and ragged once he comes down from his anger slightly. He could feel the pricks behind his eyes and he ground his teeth against it. He wouldn’t fucking cry, not now.

“Kacchan?” The voice was soft and hesitant and Katsuki could not look at the owner. He would brake if he did. “Kacchan, I didn’t know –“

“You were never meant to be a villain! You were meant to be with me, next to me! So fucking tell me Deku” he said to the floor, hands still in his hair. “Tell me I didn’t have any part in what you are today, tell me you’re not like this because I didn’t know how to use my fucking words”

The silence stretches on for so long Katsuki thinks Deku wouldn’t answer. Then a shuffling came from in front of him and gloved hands are running along his own, asking him with hesitant touches to stop tugging at his hair.

“Kacchan stop. It- it had nothing to do with you, I swear”

Katsuki didn’t feel the relief he thought he would, instead it hurt him more. At least if it had been him, he might have known how to try and fix it, but how was he meant to help with this.

“Tell me” He croaked. Hands now clutching Deku’s gloves ones in front of him.

“I-I can’t, not yet. Kacchan please, it wasn’t you, it wasn’t. Please listen, it wasn’t some big spectacular event, it just happened.”

“You were meant to be good” Katsuki said, taking his hands away to wind around his middle. He felt like he was falling apart, that his whole world was crumbling around him and if he just held on a little tighter he might be able to stop the inevitable. “You were meant to be a hero”

‘We were meant to be heroes’ he thinks to himself

Deku sighed again and the next time he speaks it’s like he’s is talking to a petulant child. “That’s enough now Kacchan. It is what it is.” Then Deku stands and walks away from him, the space between them expanding with every passing second and Katsuki hates it.

Still he stays crouched on the ground, arms around himself and vacantly looking at the hard wood flooring.

‘Breathe’ he tells himself. He just needed to fucking breathe.

Katsuki hears the tinkling of a glass and knows Deku is picking up the broken pieces. He wants to snap at him, wanted to curse at him. But Katsuki feels just as broken as the glass right now, so all he can do is rock and wish for it all to be over.

How much he wishes for a quirk like Deku’s right now, so he could rewind his life back to simpler times. Times when he believed Deku had thought of him as someone close, someone he might be able to trust.

A minute later and Deku’s back in front on him, a new glass of amber liquid being waved in front of Katsuki bowed face. “Drink” Deku says. “It will make you feel better, or well it will make you feel less shit. Either way you should drink”

Katsuki reaches out with a shaky hand to take the glass. Deku either doesn’t notice or just doesn’t care enough to say anything, and Katsuki is thankful for either one. Then Deku hums and stands once more.

“I think it’s best if I retire for the night, it’s been an emotional day for both of us.” He paused, most likely looking down at Katsuki. He doesn’t move from his spot, doesn’t try to look up, doesn’t want to face Deku. Katsuki’s hands are clutching the glass hard enough to shatter it, but it’s the only lifeline he has. “Goodnight Kacchan.”

Katsuki hears Deku walk away, listens to the soft click of the door being opened, and finds himself calling out. The other man stops, yet Katsuki still doesn’t look up, talking to the ground he says. “Spar with me. In the mornings, come down and train with me. Stop going to these underground matches and fight me. We both need it”

He doesn’t know where it comes from, and can’t find it in himself to care. He just doesn’t want Deku to walk out of here with this rift between them.

Deku’s laugh is the only bright thing in the thick dark room. “Okay Kacchan, I’ll spar with you. I’ll, um, see you tomorrow, I guess.”

The door clicks closed behind the younger man, no beeping to signal the lock had been put back into place. Katsuki was free to roam the house at night once more.

He stares at the amber liquid for a few quiet seconds, watches as it curls around the glass like melted honey. Katsuki knocks it back in one go and then shatters the glass in his hand.

Only then as he looks down at the blood and glass, only then as he picks out the little shards from his palm, only when the room is completely void of Deku’s presence does he let the tears fall.

Deku would have made a great hero.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8

Katsuki didn’t know how long he had knelt there before the blood had trickled to a stop and he had begun the painful process of removing every shard of glass from his palm. One of the cuts, on the meatier part of his hand, was deep enough to need stitches. Katsuki just tied the tea towel around it instead, it wouldn’t be the first time he damaged his hand.

By the next morning Katsuki’s sleep deprived brain had gone through the conversation between himself and Deku that much, that he believed some of it might have been a dream or a figment of his own imagination.

He was even sure that he had even gone through the five stages of grief at one point. What had given him some seriously bad emotional whiplash.

As Katsuki lay awake, head spinning with every new fact, he let the old anger he had learned to bury, spring to the surface. Katsuki clenched his bloody hand, let the pain scream through his system as he gritted his teeth and growled into the dark room.

And with it came the realization as to why he had been feeling so lost the last few days. He was a fucking hero! Somewhere in the capture, in the kamikaze attack that he had lost his quirk in, Katsuki had forgot that very important fact.

Heroes didn’t just fight crime, heroes didn’t just save lives. A heroes job was to help people and that could range from many things, be that taking down criminals or helping an old lady across the street. Talking a man away from throwing himself of a bridge, or just going into preschools and inspiring the next generation.

A hero was someone who never gave up and Katsuki had forgot that very important fact.

It had come to him while he thought of Deku, while thinking about how the younger would have made an amazing hero. Not because he had a tactile mind, not because he now had an amazing quirk. No, Deku would have made a great hero because he had a way of making you want to be better, do better. He had a resolve very few people had, a resolve even fewer heroes could admit to having themselves.

Deku had a whole organisation around him, one what may have already been around before he joined, but one he had still made it better. The villains in the house listened to Deku, it may not be out of respect, may be out of some weird sense of duty to the bird fucker. But they followed him and trusted his judgment and believed he was there to better their lives.

Deku had all the qualities to become a great hero, unfortunately life had made that difficult for him, not impossible, just difficult. But somewhere along the way he had stop walking that path and moved on to another, this one darker and more brutal.

Katsuki thought of the people around Deku, of the villains in the house, how they flocked around the younger man. This was all Deku knew, all Deku had ever know for - how long had Deku been missing now, 9 years? How many of them years had he been with Chisaki?

How long had Deku been a pawn and then a boss? How many years had he had to be a child? How fast had Deku had to grow up to fit into this world?

Katsuki thought back to U.A. to Kirishima and Kaminari always throwing themselves on him and laughing about some stupid shit. To Mina popping bubbles as she talked his ear of to the latest gossip circling the school that day. To Sero using him as a human leaning post and ruffling Katsuki hair, laughing all the while when Katsuki threatened to kill him.

Had Deku ever had that, ever had someone who just wanted to be near him, not because they could use him, not because he was the boss, just because, well…

‘Friends? When was we ever so close’

Katsuki heart ached remembering those words. He had always been a little shit, always been a bullying little brat. But Deku had always been his friend, even if he would never have admitted it.

Hey, half the time he still wouldn’t admit he was Kirishima and Kaminari were friends out loud. It was just who he was, he didn’t show shit with words, he shown it as best he fucking could with actions.

Yeah he may have beat Deku, but he had beaten up the other kids to. Deku was different from them, not because he was quirkless but because he always, always! Stood up to Katsuki.

He had been so angry when he heard Deku was quirkless. So angry at the teachers and the parents and the other fucking students.

‘Can’t you be nice to him’ they would whisper to Katsuki where Deku couldn’t here. ‘He’s quirkless so you need to treat him gently’

It had made him even angrier, made him loose control of his barely manifested quirk. Did they not see! Deku didn’t want to be treated different, didn’t want the gentle words. He wanted to be a hero!

So Katsuki had beat him harder, had called him a quirkless wonder. Maybe if he screamed it loud enough and hit Deku hard enough everyone would see what Katsuki could.

Just because Deku didn’t have a quirk didn’t mean he was weak. Well it did, because he didn’t have the same powers as others, but it also didn’t.

They all seen a little boy without a quirk and thought useless, so Katsuki had called him that. They said he was weak, so Katsuki had beat it into him.

Katsuki had been crowding Deku’s space for years, again and again he would attack him in every way he could. Because Deku had to get fucking use to it! If he was going to be a hero then he needed to let the insults and the threats roll of his back. Katsuki had been trying to prepare Deku for the real fucking world.

He knew now looking back, that as a five year old he had took the wrong course of action and stuck to it for far too many years.

He had just been trying, in his own completely fucked up way, to make Deku strong enough to stand at the top. Because that’s where Katsuki had wanted him, not above him or below, but shoulder to fucking shoulder.

Katsuki thought Deku had made it as well, that he was ready to brush arms with Katsuki. Because when no other hero could act, when everyone had left him for dead, left him to the sludge monster. Deku hadn’t, had come racing down that alleyway to save Katsuki.

Afterwards there had been a small moment when Katsuki had thought. finally, he can stand next to me

That moment had been dashed the next day when Deku had vanished.

Deku had always been his oldest friend, it didn’t matter that he had been quirkless, they had crawled around in fucking nappies together for fucks sake.

And the day Deku had finally been strong enough, the day Katsuki could stand and brush shoulders with him. Laugh as he said ‘you did it you fucking nerd’ had been the day Deku had gone missing.

Had Deku left thinking Katsuki didn’t care, that he had never thought of him as anything more than a punching bag?

Had he left a life of heartache and pain just to walk into another?

Had Deku ever even had a friend? Because it was startlingly obvious that the younger didn’t consider Katsuki one.

And with that thought, Katsuki remembered what it meant to be a hero.

He was going to save Deku.

Katsuki had climbed out of bed in the early hours, before the birds had even woken, to pace his room. Twenty strides to one wall, twenty strides back. While he counted he breathed even and slow, letting his mind wonder.

How would he save Deku?

He thought of the first night here. Of Deku looking up at Setsuno and saying his lack in concentration had nearly caused the people he considered his brothers to be hurt.

He thought of Overhaul, of the man with a plague mask stating in a board tone ‘he took a blow meant for me’

He thought about Deku racing down a hall to slam Lemillions head into the wall, screaming ‘your ability to cause me and mine harm will be stripped from you’

Deku was protecting them.

Then Katsuki needed to give Deku a reason to protect him, to fight for him.

He thought again to earlier, Deku laughing while saying they had never been close enough to be friends.

Friends. Katsuki had to make Deku become his friend, or see him as something close to one.

But how would he go about it. He was captured, being held against his will. Deku still planned to take down the people Katsuki cared for. How could he even try to stay close to the younger if all he would want was to kill him?

Katsuki would have to work fast, had to come up with something what would make Deku want to be close to him, would want to get close enough to Katsuki that he might actually allow Katsuki to bring him out of this nightmare.

On his 14th lap of the room it hit him.

Now he just had to see if he could save Deku before the younger went too far for even Katsuki to pull him back from.

- - - -

The next morning when the knock at his door came, Katsuki was waiting for it. He pulled it open and set his face into his normal scowl. If he move to fast with his plan then Deku would know he was up to something.

Slow, he had to take it fucking slow. Snail’s pace, Katsuki. Come on you can do this.

Deku stood in front of him. Sweatpants and a tank top, and Katsuki had to swallow hard at seeing the younger in something other than a suite. Simple training pumps were on his feet, and the leather gloves had been swapped out for cycling ones, easy stretchy material what wouldn’t hinder his training.

“Morning Kacchan” Deku sang, hands clasping behind his own back as he rocked on the balls of his feet.

And okay Katsuki hadn’t noticed before, but Deku was shorter then he thought. Maybe those fancy shoes added an inch or two to his height, or maybe all that expensive clothing made Deku seem larger than life.

But he wasn’t. Deku’s short, well shorter than Katsuki. In plain black pumps, the top of Deku curls only reach Katsuki’s nose, and fuck if that’s not the cutest shit he’s seen since being here.

“Are you ready for the day? What have you got planned for us this morning, just sparing or are we doing a full work out? It’s been a while for me so you might have to go easy.” Deku paused to give a small laugh before taking up his mumbling once more “what am I talking about Kacchan doesn’t know how to take it easy. Well I have to work later so please don’t be too harsh -“

Deku shuts right on up when Katsuki reaches out and tilts his chin up and to the side. He tsked at the deep purple bruise outlining Deku’s jaw and cheekbone. Huffs slightly through his nose as he swipes his thumb under Deku’s eye.

“Did you let the other man hit you? Or is your defence just that shitty Deku?”

“Hmm” Deku said, his eyes are so large with shock and maybe a little confusion. But Katsuki’s got the answer he needed. Deku is touch starved. Katsuki is sure that he hasn’t been touched in a none threatening away in a very long time, maybe even years. Well not one he hadn't had to pay for in a brothel.

Katsuki doesn’t pull his hand away, let’s his fingers trail down Deku’s face until he’s cupping his jaw and moving his head this was and that. “Well I know you have fast reflexes, but that does fuck all if they can beat down your defense.” Katsuki finally pulls his hand away and Deku eyes follow it with a frown. “We’re going to be doing full training sessions. Be prepared, it’s a gruelling workout, one I put my sidekicks through regularly”

Katsuki is trying to joke a bit, trying to lighten the mood because Deku is still looking at him like a deer caught in headlights. Slowly Deku blinks and the small frown he had been sporting since Katsuki touched him, suddenly becomes more prominent. Deku reaches forward and takes the hand still wrapped in a tea towel.

“What happened Kacchan?” he asked while undoing the material.

Once Katsuki had is out in the open between them and they can both see the deep cuts does Katsuki speak. “I broke the other glass, don’t worry about it. See, I can still move all my fingers” Katsuki wiggles his fingers just to prove a point but Deku is still frowning.

“You could have seriously damaged your hand Kacchan”

Katsuki lets out a breath and crowds into Deku’s space, shutting the door with his other hand behind him. “It is what it is” he says mocking Deku’s words from yesterday. At Deku’s pout he tries a different route. “Come on, I’ll make you breakfast. How long as it been since you had home cooked pancakes”

Deku eyes have gone all large again and his mouth is hanging open just slightly. Snorting a laugh Katsuki removes his hand from Deku’s and turns the younger by the shoulders, walking him in front of Katsuki. “I’ll take that stare of awe to mean it’s been awhile. Okay I’ll make you any flavor you want, see it as an apology for being a dick last night”

He can see Deku struggling in front of him. They both know that it wasn’t just Katsuki being an arsehole the previous night. But if Deku says that he’s not going to get free pancakes.

Finally the younger bites his lip and mumbled. “You wasn’t a dick Kacchan”

Katsuki laughs and gives Deku a little push to get him moving down the stairs. “Yeah I was. Now stop fucking arguing with me for one day, can’t you see I want pancakes to”

Deku looks over his shoulder with pursed lips, as he takes the steps two at a time. “But Kacchan doesn’t like sweet things”

Katsuki rolls his eyes and walks around the kitchen to pull out ingredients. Amazingly the whole place has been cleaned and fixed, no evidence of Katsuki tantrum anywhere to be seen.

These villains should start working with the police at cleaning up the destruction caused by heroes. They would make a fortune! That was, if they wanted a job where they weren’t braking the law.

“Shut up Deku and let me make you something you fucking like, okay. You’ve been making all my favorite dishes all fucking week, least I can do is repay you. Now what do you want? Bacon and eggs? Peanut butter and banana? Berries? Syrup? Come on fucking pick!”

Deku has just been stood frozen in place staring, eyes wide and hands fidgeting in front of him. He snapped out of it when Katsuki throws a look at him over his shoulder.

“Chocolate” comes the quick reply. Katsuki fights back the eye roll, he forgot Deku likes his sweets extra fucking sweet “and, um, maybe strawberries?”

Katsuki huffs and turns back around to start measuring the dry ingredient. “Yeah sure, whatever. Why don’t you cut up the strawberries while I mix up the batter?”

They work in silence for the next few minutes. Deku chopping at the counter behind him while Katsuki is cracking the eggs and begging to start whisking.

Everything is quiet, not even the other rowdy men of the house can be heard. So Katsuki nearly jumps a foot in the air when Deku starts singing, flicking batter on himself in the process. He grabs a dish towel to wipe his face while listening to Deku. His voice is low and quiet, too mumbled for Katsuki to pick up the words, but that’s Deku’s voice and he’s singing, and in the silent kitchen it echoes.

Deku’s singing and that means that he’s happy, content.

Katsuki had only heard Deku sing once while being here, but once was all it took for him to know it meant the younger was relaxed. It was late at night as they both sat in the silent kitchen, drinking hot chocolate and neither saying a word. Katsuki had been ready to doze, elbow on the counter as he rested his face in the palm of his hand, eyes beginning to close with sleep.

And then Deku had sang and Katsuki had jumped a fucking mile high. Deku had looked at his sudden movement, blinked a few times and blushed furiously. Katsuki knew it was because Deku had forgot he was there.

But now when Katsuki looked over his shoulder, he can see Deku gazing down, small sweet smile in place while he sings under his breath. Deku looks up and their eyes catch and hold. It lasts for a second, a minute, an hour? Katsuki not sure but he doesn’t care. Those jade green eyes and small curled smile have him, hook, line and sinker.

And when a delicate blush darkens Deku’s cheeks, causing his freckles to pop and he ducks and hides behind his curly hair, Katsuki is hit again with the same conviction he came to last night.

I’m going to save him.

“I was singing again wasn’t I? Sorry Kacchan, I’ll -“

“Keep going” Katsuki finds himself saying and Deku’s head is snapping up just as fast as Katsuki mouth is clicking closed.


Katsuki shrugs and turns back to whisk the batter, talking into the creamy mixture so he doesn’t have to look at Deku. “I remember back in middle school, you would sing while studying.” Another shrug. “I’ve heard it before, so if you want to sing, sing. I don’t fucking care”

Katsuki hopes his face isn’t as read as the strawberries Deku is chopping up, he keeps his head down just in case.

The silence stretches so long it’s deafening. The only noise is Katsuki attacking the batter for all his worth. Maybe if he beat it hard enough the sound would drown out his own embarrassment?

“I didn’t know you heard” Deku says next to him and Katsuki nearly smashes the bowl over his stupid green head. Really! How many times was he going to jump in one fucking morning?

Fuck, he had forgotten Deku could move as silent as a mouse. Katsuki would have to get him a bell.

“Yeah well, I didn’t exactly go in the library much, but I heard you enough”

The first time Deku had sang that night hadn’t been the first time Katsuki had ever heard him sing. It had just been so long that he forgot about when they were in middle school. Forgot the day he went storming into the library because he was struggling with fucking English of all things. Forgot that he had turned around an aisle and froze because Deku was there and he was muttering to himself.

Katsuki was ready for going over, leaning against the shelves and winding him up for muttering all the fucking time. But then the melody hit and Katsuki had noticed that for the first time Deku wasn’t mumbling, no he was singing.

Katsuki had shuffled back and hid while listening to the quiet words, Deku’s voice was pitched low as he sang one of those corny old love songs Katsuki had caught his mum and dad dancing to.

And yeah if that voice wasn’t one of the most beautiful things Katsuki had heard all day.

Katsuki had stayed where he was, listening as Deku went over the same song nearly a thousand times before the teacher came and told the younger they would be closing soon.

Katsuki had never gotten the English book he needed.

“You never said anything”

Katsuki snorted, putting the bowl down and leaning his hip against the counter, arms crossed. “Would you have wanted me to?”

Deku blinks at him and then his finger comes up to scratch at his cheek, eyes glancing of to the side. “Ah, no, I guess not”

The silence stretches for a few more seconds, Deku looking off to the side scratching his cheek and Katsuki leaning against the counter with his arms folded. A shadow passes just out of Katsuki’s line of sight and quick sideways glance confirms the bird fucker had just entered the kitchen.

Because Katsuki is too preoccupied with trying to watch Overhaul as he slowly makes his way over, without giving himself away to actually watching the bird, he jumps when a hand comes into his line of sight.

Katsuki snaps his gaze over just in time to see Deku pulling his hand back, letting it hover in the air between them. “S-sorry” he stutters, cheeks going slightly pink. “Ah, um. You have some batter on you face, right here” Deku’s says, pointing at his own cheek, just under his eye.

Katsuki tsk’s lifting a brow. “Well” he says, tone exasperated. “Get rid of it Deku”

“Oh” Deku says, eyes bright and small smile on his face once more. He leans up to swipe at Katsuki cheek but Katsuki pulls away again.

Lip sneered he growls out. “Without the fucking gloves on Deku”

“Oh right, of course.” The other mumbles pulling at his right glove. “It would be silly to get them dirty”

Katsuki clicks his tongue. “I don’t give a shit about your fucking gloves Deku, you’re just not touching me with that shit on your hands”

Deku pauses, glove halfway of as he eyes Katsuki slowly. “You won’t get your quirk back” he states, brows drawn down in confusion. “If I touch you without my gloves. My quirk don’t work like that”

Katsuki heaves a sigh and lets his head fall back with the effort. He wants to wipe a hand down his face but has a feeling that will get rid of the batter and right now that would defeat the object. “Deku” He says, looking up at the ceiling like it holds all the world’s secrets. “I fucking know that. You have, in fact, touched me without your gloves when you was missing a fucking arm and look, still no explosions.”

Katsuki is looking back at Deku now, the next words he says he tries to keep as much bite out of them as he can. “Look Deku, I’m not one of your men, I don’t care about germs, I’m not scared that you’re going to take my quirk” already too late for that, he thought. “So if you’re going to touch me remove your fucking gloves, because that shit is annoying”

There’s a pause while Deku mulls this over. Katsuki can practically hear the gears turning and knows in a second Deku will start muttering.

He’s trying to work out why Katsuki is doing this, why he’s demanding he removes his gloves before touching the older.

Katsuki had figured it out last night. When he had gone over every single interaction Deku had had with his men. Overhaul only touched Deku when he was injured and that touch normally came with the price of pain at fixing Stupid Deku.

His other men sat near Deku and spoke with him, but like the first night when twice had lifted his hands as if he was warning of a crazed animal, they stayed away from Deku if his gloves were off.

On top of that was the order given by Overhaul not to touch, and it all came back to one startling fact. Katsuki new Deku had not had skin to skin contact with anyone he wasn’t being hurt from or was hurting them. And the only time this fact was null and void was when Deku paid for sex.

Katsuki was going to try and save Deku with the one thing his men would not give him. Skin-ship

Because even if Katsuki would hate to admit it, touch was one thing he enjoyed in a friendship. Even with his angry and abrasive personality he still had people who had wanted to throw their arms over his shoulders, who had butted heads with him in a sign of comfort. Who would sit next to him, knee to hip and rest their heads on his shoulder.

Mina would jump up onto his back, lips smashing into his cheek. And the first reaction for Katsuki would not be to throw her of but hook his arms under her knees to steady her, as she pointed ahead and cried ‘onward into battle’

Sero, being as tall and lanky as he was. Would ruffle Katsuki hair and then lean his arm atop his head. Using him as his own personal leaning post, and Katsuki wouldn’t blow him up for it. Sure he cursed him out, called him every name under the Sun, but he had never moved.

There had even been a time - when it was his birthday - he had been walking into class when suddenly Eijirou and Denki had each grabbed one of his thighs and heaved him up onto their joint shoulders. Singing - screaming - happy birthday.

Katsuki had beaten Eijirou on the head knowing the other would harden himself and not feel any of his blows. He had been even more embarrassed, red in the face and a stuttering, when the rest of the class had set of party poppers.

These had all been people who had given a part of themselves to him, small acts of friendship passed along in their touches.

Katsuki hadn’t known that he had needed it until U.A. and the family he found there. That skin-ship he had learned over the years had helped him in the future, had helped him become a better hero.

And it was going to help him save Deku. He hoped, no, prayed.

When Deku ungloved fingers finally stroked across his cheek bone, Katsuki let his eyes fall half close. Deku hands were so smooth compared to his own, they were delicate and soft. He had none of the calluses or scars Katsuki own hands held. None of the bitten down nails and rough knuckles.

Deku pulled his hand back and Katsuki had to fight really fucking hard not to throw a smirk over Deku’s shoulder at the bird fucker. Instead he watched Deku pop the digit in his mouth and asked with a tone slightly dry. “Need anything?”

Deku hummed around his finger. “Vanilla”

Katsuki snorted, shook his head and reached a hand out to ruffle Deku’s hair. “Of course it does. You always had such a fucking sweet tooth” The younger froze slightly at the touch but was soon leaning into Katsuki hand.

Katsuki pulled away with a sharp smile. “Whatever you want Deku” he then shifted his eyes over to the bird fucker, noting the man’s curious look and letting Deku know they had company.

Once Deku had turned and smiled, letting out his usual ‘Chisaki-kun’, Katsuki picked up the batter, put some more vanilla in for Deku and then started cooking the pancakes.

God he hoped he could make this work.

Chapter Text

Chapter 9

The next time Deku went to touch Katsuki was two days later. They were at lunch with the other members of Deku’s motley crew, and Katsuki had made it his mission to sit next to Deku instead of the Yakuza giant.

They were shoulder to shoulder, all but an inch between them, Katsuki could feel the heat radiating from the younger man's body. Deku had stopped talking to Jin once he caught sight of Katsuki absently running a finger over the cut in his palm he had received from the glass a few nights earlier.

Katsuki laid his hand out on the table between them, palm up in a silent invention. Deku looked at the hand and then at Katsuki’s face before glancing back to his palm, the whole time chewing on his bottom lip. Katsuki didn’t let Deku’s inner turmoil bother him, picked up his chopsticks in his other hand and started to eat, letting Deku decided what he wanted to do.

Only after what seemed like an eternity later, did Deku finally start working his gloves of. The table never stopped their talking while Deku did this, but they did go quiet, conversation more mumbled as they watched.

Katsuki didn’t say anything, didn’t look up, didn’t stop eating his food. Just sat with his right palm out to Deku as he looked forward, chopstick pushing noodles into his mouth.

Tentative fingers moved over the cut, ran along the angry red line what had started to scab. Moved up and over his palm, across his fingers and back down again. Slowly Deku gained more confidence and he picked Katsuki’s hand up in both of his own, turning it over and checking every little detail.

“Kacchan’s hands are so rough” Deku whispered, thumbs swiping over the calluses on his palm.

Katsuki grunted but didn’t look over at Deku, or stopped eating. “Years of fighting without protection will do that to you”

A pause as Deku turned his hand again and touched his knuckles softly. They were misshapen, one raised more than the others - from the amount of times Katsuki had broken them while punching something or someone.

“I like them” Deku mumbled softly “they’re Kacchan’s hands” Katsuki had to look over at the younger man then. Deku was gazing up at him through thick black eyelashes, green eyes sparkling in the fluorescent kitchen light.

Their eyes held for what felt like days, months, years. He wasn’t sure, didn’t care. It was only broken when Deku dragged his gaze away, blush dusting pale cheeks.

“Can I, um?” the younger said, worrying his bottom lip once more and Katsuki knew what he wanted without being asked.

He removed his right hand from Deku’s, switched his chopsticks over and offered out his left. It was awkward sitting and eating like this, but when Deku’s eyes got a little brighter and he smiled that small smile, Katsuki would have happily starved.

- - - -

The third time was after training. Katsuki had scrubbed a towel down his face to remove all the sweat when something touched his neck.

He had jumped nearly a foot in the air and spun on Deku, who hand his hand raised. His gloves had already been worked off and the pale delicate skin of his hand was hanging between them.

“Sorry” Deku said, going to pull his palm back but Katsuki had caught his wrist before he could get to far, pulling the younger forward and placing Deku’s hand back into his neck.

“You just caught me of guard” Katsuki said, letting Deku’s fingers follow the flurry of his beating pulse.

When Deku smiled at him this time, Katsuki blamed the hammering of his heart on the workout.

- - - -

The fourth time was when Katsuki had just gotten out of the shower. He had changed into comfy clothes, still feeling the aches in his bones from his morning workout.

Deku had been doing really well, he was slacking in some places, nowhere near the top fitness of a pro hero, but he was stubborn, more so than Katsuki. If he had learned one thing, it was that Deku was not a quitter.

Well Katsuki had known that all along. It was why he had always wanted Deku close to him, shoulder to shoulder.

Deku stamina wasn’t as good as his own, but he made up for that in technique. Katsuki had figured it out after the third sparring match. Deku liked to use moves to immobilize his target, liked to send hits what would stun or knock his opponent unconscious.

Sparring with Deku was like a marathon runner taking on a sprinter. Deku would shoot miles ahead in speed and technique, but if you could block and dodge him long enough you could slowly catch up until he was too tired to fight.

Add his fighting style to his already analytical brain and any pro would be beaten and captured within seconds. Fighting Deku was like fighting a cobra who knew when and where you were going to move, striking before you even knew it was coming.

Katsuki had ended up with a lot of bruises on his face while sparing with Deku. But once he got the hang of holding back and not letting his adrenaline run away with him, he was able to win as many fights as he lost, if not more.

Katsuki had walked into Deku’s office, towel around his shoulders to catch any stay rivets of water from his hair and went and slumped against Deku’s desk.

Since the night of their argument and the night Katsuki made it his goal to save Deku, he had been seeking the younger out more and more. Now their times together ended in polite goodbyes or Deku shooing Katsuki away with laughter in his voice. Rather than the screaming matches and death threats, what had been so constant at the beginning.

Deku looked up at him, eyebrow raised and smile pulling at the corner of his mouth. “I have work to do Kacchan”

“Right” he grunted, sliding down to sit on the floor next to Deku’s chair, back pressed against the younger man’s desk. “And you would prefer to do that alone but you’ll take silence, right?”

Katsuki could practically hear Deku roll his eyes from where he sat, before the younger man got back to work, Katsuki chose to pay it no mind and instead tore open the bag of chips in his lap. He had made a detour to the kitchen and library before coming to see Deku, so he had a good book and food to keep him quite for a few hours.

Katsuki didn’t mind sitting in Deku’s office, the only time he could get in here was if Deku was in it, all other times it would be locked up better than a high security prison.

Katsuki also noted that if he sat right here - out of sight of the door, then when people came in to talk to Deku they would let a tidbit of information slip out before noticing Katsuki’s mop of blonde hair. Because of this Katsuki had learned that the quirk repellent drug was made in some warehouse not too far away from where they currently were, though where that was Katsuki didn’t have a fucking clue.

He also learned that there were a set of labs within the house, rooms made up to hold heroes so Overhaul could take them apart and learn about the inner working of their quirks. It was even mentioned at one point that Overhaul would like to get his hands on Katsuki, learn how to make their own bombs from his sweat. Deku was quick to dismiss the idea though, said Katsuki’s quirk was to uncontrollable, said bombs of any kind could go wary.

No one argued against him.

Katsuki felt the ghost of fingers touch the ends of his hair, and turned his head to look up at Deku. The younger was leaning back in his chair, chin resting on the back of one hand and the other playing with the tips of Katsuki’s spikes. His gloves were discarded on the desk as he gazed down with half lidded eyes at Katsuki.

Katsuki could tell that even though Deku was looking at him he wasn’t really seeing him.

Deku’s fingers stopped brushing the tips of his hair to dive in, nails scraping across Katsuki’s scalp slightly. Katsuki had to bite back a groan what threatened to rumble out of his throat, but the younger had no such restraints. He let out a soft little pleased sound, what Katsuki thought had no right leaving any humans mouth, especially not Deku’s, before he smiled down at Katsuki.

Katsuki had learned that Deku had many different smiles. There were the ones what just pulled at the corner of his mouth, curved up on either side of his lips even if it never reached his eyes. They were smiles of viciousness.

There were the ones that were big and bright, all teeth and crinkled eyes. These where smiles Deku used before he was about to laugh, or when he was showing he was genuinely pleased.

Then there were the small smiles, the ones what were just a quirk of the lips, it was usually joined by a slight huff of breath. This was when Deku found something amusing that he shouldn’t, normally anything that left Katsuki’s mouth.

The last smile was the one being aimed at Katsuki now. It was all eyes, huddled lids and a sweet curve to his lips. A smile reserved for the person you woke up next to after years of marriage, a smile for someone who held a special place in your heart. Katsuki only knew this because he had caught his Father giving his Mother this smile whenever he thought she wasn’t looking.

Katsuki didn’t know if Deku knew he was doing it and his heart twisted painfully whenever the smile was directed at him. For one because, well, that smile was for someone you cared for and Katsuki didn’t know if he was in the category, or if Deku was a better actor then he was giving him credit for. Secondly, he didn’t know how he felt having a mafia boss and a villain look at him quite so softly. They normally tended to glare at him with hatred burning in their eyes.

There had still been no indication given yet to let Katsuki know if Deku could be saved.

“I never knew it would be so soft” Deku mumbled happily, petting Katsuki’s hair like he was some obedient dog. Katsuki bit his tongue to stop from snapping about that, and just let Deku have his way - this time at least.

- - - -

The fifth time Deku touched him was when Katsuki had stripped out of his t-shirt in front of the younger man. They had both gone back to Katsuki’s room after an unfortunate smoothie incident, what ended up with Katsuki tee completely covered in purée peanut butter and banana.

Deku had been trying to smother his laughter all the way up the stairs, and to Katsuki’s displeasure, he wasn’t doing a very good job.

So Katsuki was slightly shocked when he had kicked his door open, gripped the back of his tee at the nape of his neck and pulled it off in one easy movement. Because the slight chuckles escaping Deku’s lips had come to an abrupt halt.

Katsuki had looked over his shoulder to see Deku pulling furiously at his gloves, throwing them away without a second thought before soft hands were running over the planes of his back.

“Your tattooed” Deku had breathed, voice far of.

Katsuki had rumbled a laugh and shrugged. It wasn’t anything fancy in his opinion, just a bunch of circles and dots, a few lines here and there. Running from between his shoulder blades down to the base of his back.

“There constellations. There’s Taurus, Aries and Cancer” Deku said, it wasn’t a guess, they both new Deku was right, he was smart after all. A finger ran up Katsuki’s spine as Deku mapped the stars decorating his back, Katsuki had to suppress a shiver at the light touch.

“These bigger circles are planets and moons right?” Deku said, hands running along the bumps of Katsuki’s spine, before fluttering off to his shoulder blades “Oh and there’s Orion’s belt, Ursula major and minor, Oh you even have Sirius! Kacchan, this is beautiful”

“Thanks” he mumbled, walking away from Deku’s wandering hands to rifle through his dresser for a new top. He needed to get away from those soft delicate fingers and the awe coating Deku’s tone. “I’ll let the artist know”

When he turned back around Deku had his head cocked to the side in thought. “Why are you tattooed Kacchan” he asked

Katsuki shrugged, pretending to play nonchalant, hoping he succeeded. “It was a dare, and there was no way I was going to get a little pussy tattoo. Go big or go home, right?”

Katsuki’s not letting Deku know the real reason. Not saying that the last night at U.A. - before everyone went their separate ways - that class of 3-A had set up a fire on top of the school roof. Curled up on coats and other bits and bobs they had stolen from the school, roasting marshmallows and passing around a bottle of Hennessy whisky.

How everyone had been there, no one had missed that last night. It had been blissful and quite, the slight laugh from here and there, the hushed conversations and sniffled tears from those whose emotions got the better of them.

It had been a clear night, the sky so black and the stars winking down at them. Mina had cooed, slug an arm around Kirishima’s neck and tipped her head back to the night.

“Whenever I look at the stars I’ll remember tonight” she said with tears streaming down her cheeks and laughter in her voice. “I’ll look up and see my family”

Kaminari had called her gay and Mina had pounced on him to ruffle his perfectly styled hair. Everyone had laughed at the exchange but once they had settled the class looked up at the night sky.

Katsuki had been tattooed the following week. He didn’t want to wait until night to see them all in the stars, he was going to be carrying them around with him for the rest of his life.

Kirishima had teared up when Katsuki had shown him, bringing him in to a back breaking hug that had bruised Katsuki’s organs.

- - - -

By the end of the week Katsuki noticed that he had conditioned Deku.

When entering a room Deku no longer made his way Overhaul or Twice, but instead would work his way towards Katsuki. They would sit shoulder to shoulder as Deku removed his gloves and touched any part of Katsuki he could, his hands, his scared forearms, the pulse beating at his neck.

Sometimes Deku wouldn’t touch him at all, would just sit close with his gloves firmly in place. During these times Katsuki would bump their shoulders together or rest his knee against Deku’s. Showing with small gestures that he appreciated the closeness, even if Deku couldn’t take the extra step that day.

There were times when Deku went to touch him with gloves on and Katsuki would make himself flinch, would set his face into a scowl while he growl out “take them the fuck off Deku”

These either ended with Deku turning away with a huff and a scowl of his own firmly in place, or the younger grumbling angrily while he pulled the gloves of.

Either way Katsuki counted it as a win.

- - - -

There was a day Katsuki was reclining on Deku’s office couch, feet propped up on one arm rest and head resting on the other, book balanced on his chest while he read. When Mimic recoiled so hard he knocked a paperweight of Deku’s desk.

The Yakuza giant had entered Deku’s office a few minutes ago, gave Katsuki a quick nod of greeting and made for Deku. Katsuki had tried to listen to their mumbled words while keeping his eyes glued to his book.

He had been too far away to hear what was said, but not too far away to be up in an instant and halfway across the room when the paperweight hit the floor.

Deku was holding out a bunch of files, looking up at Mimic with a confused expression. The giant did a quick sweep of the room with his eyes and Katsuki was close enough now to see how Mimic looked at Deku’s face and then pointedly at Deku’s ungloved hand.


Deku had left Katsuki at the top of the stairs to change after their training, like always. Once Katsuki had showered and dressed he went and grabbed some snacks, a book and then made for Deku’s office, a habit now more than a routine. The younger man hand never looked up from his work when Katsuki entered the room, so Katsuki had shrugged and made himself at home on the sofa.

They hadn’t touched since training, hadn’t even been in each other’s personal space for a good few hours.

There was no reason for Deku to have removed his gloves.

A quick glance at Deku’s desk had Katsuki smirking, he couldn’t see the offending leather items anywhere. What meant only one thing, Deku had forgot to put them on when changing.

Deku followed Mimic’s gaze and his eyes hardened when they landed on his own hand. With a downward frown pulling at his lips Deku placed the folders on the table “take them and get out” his voice was flat, cold, unmoving.

Mimic snatched the folders and strode out the room like hell was licking his heels, the small click of the door signalling that Katsuki and Deku were alone.

Deku was staring at his hands, curling and uncurling his fingers, he moved them this way and that before he made them into tight fists.


Katsuki sucked in a breath. He moved his weight slowly from one foot to another, debating if to stay or not. Something about Deku’s tone had him hesitating more than normal. On one hand leaving would mean there wouldn’t be an argument, what he could sense in the air like a thunderstorm about to roll in.

On the other Katsuki was a stubborn bastard and hated doing as he was told.

Also Katsuki had a feeling that leaving wouldn’t end well. Staying might end in an argument and bloody knuckles, but leaving would end in something worse.

This was one of those moments they liked to talk about in books. A moment suspended in air, a moment what could make or break something. A catalyst to something bigger.

Katsuki knew he couldn’t leave, but he also didn’t know how to take the next step. He thought of all the people he had surrounded himself with, the people at his agency, the people who helped to make him into the hero he was today, the people he was meant to be protecting from Deku.

Katsuki knows that if he fucks up now, then he’s lost; lost Deku and whatever little peace he had made, lost the foot he’s wedged into the door that is saving Izuku.

“Did you not hear?” Deku says and his voice is the same as the very first night Katsuki had seen him, flat, void of any emotion. Katsuki is suddenly back in that alleyway with a villain who use to be his childhood friend, and he’s all that’s there to bring Deku back.

“I suppose that even the great Ground Zero can be hard of hearing. So let me simplify it so your pathetic brain can process what I am about to say. Get out or I’ll kill you”

Katsuki leaps forward before he can even think. Before Deku could think, and that’s what matters right now, he needs to get the upper hand, needs to be the one in control even if it’s just for a second. Katsuki must succeed, because in the next instant he has Deku’s hands in his own, and Deku is looking up at him in shock before it morphs into loathing, lip sneered.

“Katsuki -“ it’s a warning, a red light flashing, it means there will be pain if he can’t make Deku go amber and then green, and fast.

Katsuki brings Deku’s hands up to his throat, not even realizing until he’s looking up at the younger man, that he had fallen to his knees by Deku. Deku’s fingers find his pulse and squeeze. Katsuki doesn’t let the flutter of fear show, doesn’t even let his breath hitch while facing down Deku’s vacant eyes and twisted smile. Katsuki lets himself relax, tells his body that he has nothing to fear. Deku is in there somewhere. The man who sings and bumps shoulders with Katsuki, the man who laughs loud and full, the man who fights like it’s the last time he has the chance, full of excitement.

“Deku” Katsuki starts, keeping his voice hushed and low, soothing like one would use on a feral animal. The hands on his throat tighten enough to cut of his air supply, yet Katsuki doesn’t flinch, doesn’t pull back, he just places his own hands on top of Deku’s.

“Deku” he tries again, voice a slight wheeze. “They’re just hands”

The younger cocks his head, not letting up the pressure on Katsuki’s throat. “Ah but their mine, and it seems everyone’s scared of what they can do”

Don’t cause a fight, Katsuki silently tells himself. Don’t pull Deku’s fingers away, don’t let the short fuse you have, get the better of you. “I’m not”

The pressure on Katsuki’s throat loosens and he takes in a sharp, hard breath.

“I’m not scared of them” Katsuki says again, words slow so Deku doesn’t miss anything. “I’m not scared of your ungloved fucking hands Deku, there just hands! We all have them”

Katsuki watches, mesmerized, as Deku slowly comes back. Catches the way Deku’s eyes fill slowly with emotions. Breathes a sigh of relief when Deku takes a breath and eases his mouth out of a sneer. Feels the hands that press against his neck again only this time it's not a threatening gesture, but a grounding one. Deku’s checking his pulse, making sure Katsuki is alive, making sure this is real.

“You should be, mine have killed. They have taken lives, taken quirks, all they do is take, take, take

“They saved me” Katsuki whispers so low he’s sure Deku doesn’t hear, he plunges on nevertheless. “When no hero could, these” he presses his hands to Deku’s a little harder. “These hands did. You always reached out for me Deku, you never took from me”

Deku lets out a humorous laugh, smile a little watery. “I took your quirk” he states like Katsuki doesn’t know this, like they haven't been arguing about it since katsuki’s kidnapping.

“You’ll give it back” Katsuki says, there no if’s, or butts. For some reason Katsuki believed Deku when he said that, it might be for the wrong reasons but Katsuki was going to get his quirk back. He just had to change the outcome of why he received it.

“You’ll kill me”

Katsuki hums. Because he doesn’t know, still doesn’t know if he can save Deku, if when the time comes he will be able to hold out his hand and have Deku take the offered palm and not the explosion.

He wants to be a hero, he wants to save Deku. But what he wants doesn’t matter, it’s Deku’s choice to be saved.

“Then I would have taken something from you” Katsuki says instead. “But…” he pauses, feels the words clawing at his throat. This can go one of two ways and he’s not sure if it’s too early to be showing his hand. Swallowing Katsuki starts again. “But that’s because I wasn’t the being the best fucking hero I could be, by trying to save you”

A pause while Katsuki holds his breath, it lasts a minute, maybe an hour, feels like a lifetime and then Deku is sobbing, big fat crocodile tears and his whole body a wreck.

Katsuki learns that when Deku cries it’s not how it use to be, it’s not tear stains down pale cheeks and bitten lips to keep the sound muffled. Its big wet sobs what shake his whole body, it’s the rocking with the force of tears.

Is the most real thing Katsuki has seen.

“You’re going to save me?” Deku chokes, voice horse. “You can’t, I’ve done too much, broken too much, and I can’t fix this

Katsuki doesn’t know what this is but he doesn’t care. He removes his own hands from the top of Deku’s, bringing them up to cup the younger mans’s neck in the same hold he himself is in, and brings their foreheads together.

“I’m going to try” he says it like a challenge, like he’s daring god and the devil themselves to come down and try and stop Katsuki.

Deku sobs into his hold, eyes closed tight against the world and when he talks next, it’s so low Katsuki would have missed it if he wasn’t as close as he is.

“Try, please try”

- - - -

Afterwards, when Deku stop sobbing and they both stop feeling like the world was crashing down on their shoulders, Deku says he needs to rest and walks out of the room, doesn’t even bother to usher Katsuki out first.

Katsuki wonders if he should investigate, lets his eyes glance over the papers piled high on Deku’s desk, his hand twitches to look, to flip through and find out what Deku is up to. Instead he takes a breath and leaves the office, today is not a day to be looking for more fights.

Katsuki doesn’t see Deku for two days, the man never leaves his room, not even for food. Overhaul has a fit - what the rest of the house stay well away from, and instead takes food to Deku. Unfortunately the younger man refuses to open the door and his does nothing to appease the bird fucker. Katsuki watches with wide eyes as Overhaul takes of his gloves and then proceeds to take of the fucking door!

It’s the most emotional Katsuki has ever seen the bird.

The next morning Deku is in the kitchen, his eyes are low and drained, his smile weary and tight. And the gloves are fucking back on.

Katsuki feels his stomach drop, ice settle in his veins. He tried and he lost. Deku has had two days away, two days to think and it’s obvious that he’s chosen not to be saved.

It brakes Katsuki. He slumps down in the seat next to the Yakuza giant, eyes glazed and far away. Mind in another lifetime, never mine another place.

He’s thinking about all the what if’s. What if Deku had got into U.A. would Deku have become a hero, would he be working with Katsuki or would he be across the sea, working where his favourite hero All Might had started out.

What if he had been born with a quirk, would he still be here or would his life have taken a different path, a purer path?

What if Katsuki had always told him he could be a hero?

Katsuki is so lost he doesn’t even realize he’s stumbled to his feet and made for the coffee machine, doesn’t even notice the coffee he poured has gone cold in his hands, or that many of the villains left the room while he stared into space.

Barely notices the pressure on his shoulder until he’s looking over to see a riot of green curls and deep jade green eyes watching him from under a heavy set of lashes.

Deku’s stood next to him, head resting on Katsuki’s shoulder and that small smile what is all Izuku on his lips.

The ice melts, his veins burn, it’s going to be okay. Katsuki can do this, Deku has always been stubborn, and he’s never been a quitter.

“I won’t make it easy” Deku whispers and before Katsuki can answer, before he can even formulate a word - never mind a sentence - Deku is pulling away, walking out of the kitchen with a bounce in his step.

Katsuki wouldn’t have it any other way.