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Always you

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Katsuki had finished for the day, was wrapped up in his civilian clothing and was walking home. He had just stopped off at the local grocery store for Auntie and was going to drop by hers before returning to his own home for the night.

Katsuki had his hands deep in his pockets, there was a buzz from his arse where he had stuffed his phone before leaving the agency, but he ignored it. No way in hell was he going to take his nice toasty hands out of equally toasty pockets just to answer a text. He was nearly at aunties anyway, so whoever wanted him could wait five minutes.

Katsuki huffed and buried his nose further into his scarf. Today had been a good day, Katsuki had saved a lady from her stalker, helped Uravity in a recuse mission at a collapsed building down town, and brought in a new sidekick.

The kid was good also, had a fire type quirk what Katsuki pretended not to be impressed by, and a sarcastic whit what could burn even Katsuki.

All round good guy in Katsuki books.

He was about to turn the last corner when a flash of green had his neck whipping around so fast he was scared he would crick it. The shopping bag hit the ground, but it was a distant thump to the slap of Katsuki boots racing down the pavement.

Katsuki knew it was a trap, knew that from the first flash of green that it was a trap and he was going to walk right on into it all guns blazing.

No he was going to barge into it with explosions and death threats, hey he hadn’t grew up that much in the last nine years.

All that Katsuki knew was that he was going to kill him. He was going to wrap the palm of his hand around that stupid face and blown the little twerp into teeny tiny pieces.

No one would be able to find his body, Katsuki would make sure of it. All the police would have to prove that this fucker was dead would be the few strips of skin Katsuki would leave behind.

He was going to enjoy it, enjoy making that stupid mouth what use to smile up at him, scream around the pain he would cause. He didn’t even know that through his anger, through his bloodlust to kill the bastard, if he would be able to get answers. The main one being why.

He was just so utterly and completely pissed.

Rounding the last corner into the small alleyway Katsuki snarled, palms snapping with explosions, teeth bared in a growl as he took in the figure before him.

The super villain Dauntless was leaning against the far wall, head cocked to the side slightly as he regarded Katsuki, watching him like one would watch a deer before bringing the rifle up and shooting it in the heart. It pissed Katsuki the fuck off.

He was dressed to impress, forest green shirt had been pressed, and the cuffs folded - not rolled, Katsuki noted - to his elbows. Tailored black pants clung to the curves of his thighs, a black waist coat hugged his lean chest and taper waist. Suite jacket merely places over his shoulders, like the villain didn’t expect to move fast enough for it to fall off. His oxfords where the same green as his shirt with black accents, shiny and polished enough for Katsuki to see his own refection in. Tight black leather half palm gloves finished off the look, though what look it was meant to be Katsuki wasn’t sure.

Mafia boss, maybe. Either way Dauntless looked fucking stupid. Okay that was a lie, he looked good enough to eat but Katsuki was sticking to stupid thought, so he didn’t have to think too much about the other one.

Katsuki let his mouth twist into a vicious snarl while hunching over slightly, palms facing outwards, readying himself to attack. “Ready to die”

The younger man smiled, and it was all razor blades and bloody teeth. Gone was the sunny smile of the boy he once knew in middle school. “Oh Ground Zero” he taunted, tapping his chin with his head still tipped to the side. “How easy you are to read. Bet you couldn’t wait to follow me when I showed up in this run down town of yours. How utterly boring, I thought you may have gained some knowledge in age, but alas” Dauntless gave a long tired sigh, shrugging his shoulders before spreading his arms wide, like one would ask for a hug. “Look, you've made it so easy”

“Do you ever fucking shut up” Katsuki snapped. “You’re always running your damn mouth, always use to fucking ramble, even when we were kids. Just love the sound of your own fucking voice right?”

The other man laughed, his head thrown back to expose his milky white throat. He was completely and utterly insane. “Oh you might be some fun after all!” he sang, smile slashed across his face once more. “Take him alive” he crooned.

To late did Katsuki realised he was surrounded, he let off an explosion in a man’s face who made the mistake to grab him from the side, but he wasn’t fast enough to catch the man wearing a bird mask, who gripped the back of Katsuki neck. Pain erupted through every nerve ending, it was like he was being taken apart and put back together again, and all the while Dauntless laughed.

“Oh Kacchan, how I’ve missed you”