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Clipped Wings

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After news broke out about the Riddler’s Henchmen showing up at Wayne Security, eyes were all on the employees and their bosses. Especially the CEO of the small entrepreneur business,  Vanderveer Wayne.

Van, whose skills as a boss were terrifyingly lack for someone running a business, was already on a ‘watch’ list for the ‘big man’ Bruce Wayne, although the older had always refused to fire him. But now, with Van trying to throw himself into the same life that Bruce and his family lived, it was time to intervene.


“You have a call, from the Gotham office.” Jackie, the blond, done with her boss, secretary spoke to said boss.

“B-dubs?!” Said boss, grinned in childish delight. Immediately answering the phone and ignoring what else Jackie had to say.

A quiet tune played through the speaker of the phone as Van waited patiently for whomever was calling to answer.

-Take him off hold… I’m not Bruce. A slight annoyed tone came from the line, Van’s expression changing to forced seriousness as he prepared to speak out.


“Oh… You weren’t on hold.” The speaker seemed surprised, “Van. This is Dick Grayson.”

“Dickie, mah buddy ma pal! How’s old B-Dubs treating you?”

“Fine. I can’t talk recreationally right now, Van.” Dick groaned. “Look, Bruce doesn’t have time to talk to you himself, you know him. But he wants me to inform you that a representative is coming to Charm City. Treat him good, and listen to what he has to say.”

“Anything for my nephew, Dickie!”

“Yeah, go-” There was a loud crash on the other side of the line, “Um.. Gotta go! He’ll be there in a couple days!”

Then the line went quiet, the call ending with a ‘click’

“JACKIE! Get my platinum cuff links, We’re going to have a visitor!”


A day after the alluded call from Dick Grayson, a teenage boy stood at the front desk of Wayne Security. The bangs of his medium length, dark brown, hair fell messily over his face while the rest was pulled back into a small ponytail resting at the meeting of his spine and skull. He looked and walked like the dead, bags under his eyes and a 25 ounce coffee in his hands. “I’m here to see Van Wayne.” He spoke to the desk assistant, the woman simply pointing at the elevator and giving him a floor number. All while looking genuinely worried for this kid’s health.

The boy rode up to the floor that was given, being graced with relative silence until he reached the destined floor. Where he was greeted by an overly cheerful woman.

“Hi, are you lost? Looking for a parent?” She was confused, that much was blatantly obvious.

“No, and no.”

“What’s your name then? I’m-”

“Emily Locke, I know. If you’d excuse me, I have a meeting.”

The persistent woman was dumbfounded by the Teenager’s boldness, and surprising guessing skills, however she didn’t leave the kid alone to get to his meeting, “And what would your name be?” she repeated

The teen groaned, setting his drink on a nearby desk as he rubbed his temples. “Look, Ms. Locke. Unless you happen to be Mr. Wayne’s secretary. Which I know for a fact you aren’t, because Jackie, she’s over there, at her desk. You can wait for introductions like the rest of your team.” The boy growled, picking up his drink in an annoyed matter “Now if you’d excuse me, I’ve got a meeting.”

Emily watched the teen go in an amused trance, only shrugging and turning after he had been ushered into Van’s office by Jackie, who seemed to recognize the boy immediately.

“I’ve been expecting you.” Van spoke, as the door closed, not seeing who this ‘representative’ from Wayne Enterprises was, as he spoke in a deep and gravelly voice, almost trying to mimic the Batman himself.

A chuckle escaped the teen’s throat; the irony in Van trying to unknowingly impersonate his cousin.

“Van. My name is Timothy Drake.” the teen spoke, walking over to the chair the older man was sitting in, and turning it to face him. “Bruce sent me to show you how to properly run a business.”

Van laughed, this teenager, whom Van knew nothing about, was going to show a Wayne how to run a business. “For your information, Timmy . I think I know more than a teenager does about running a business.” He snapped, “After all, I am a Wayne!”

Tim, rubbed his forehead and gave a long sigh. “Perhaps, I should rephrase my introduction.” the boy grabbed Van by the collar of his shirt. “I’m Timothy Drake-Wayne. Owner of Drake industries and Current CEO of Wayne Enterprises while my adopted Father works on more important business like making sure your piece of shit business stays above sea level.” a smug look was on Tim’s face as he pushed Van away. “ ‘After all, I am a Wayne.’

Van stood dumbfounded, a few minutes going by before he was ready to speak again, but before he could utter anything, Tim interjected again.

“Oh. And If you don’t listen to me. This laugh of a business will be shut down, and I’ll make sure that you don’t get promoted to Gotham office, unless as a janitor.”

Van choked. “Let me introduce you to the teams.”


Van seemed to cheer up substantially as he dragged Tim around the building, introducing him to each and every person he could find, the introduction getting more chummy each time.

When the two finally reached the floor that they started at it was nearing noon, and the secretary, Jackie, was waiting for Van to get back and go to a meeting. Van held out his hand as a gesture for ‘one minute’ and pulled Tim over to the boss of the R&D team.

“This is Emily Locke.” He spoke, smiling widely, as he introduced Tim to her, “Emily, this is my nephew: Timmy-D!”

“I’m not your nephew, now stop calling me ‘Timmy-D’.” Tim growled, looking at the woman for a second before turning back to find Van was gone. “Nice to know that attribute runs in the family…”


“Oh, nothing. Van just reminds me a lot of my dad.”

The woman, chuckled, “That’s rough.” she grinned in response to a scoff that came from Tim. “What’s your name, kid?”

“Tim, Tim Drake.” he spoke, tossing his cup into the trash, finally. “Sorry about my attitude earlier. The meeting was giving me nerves.”

“No worries. You’re no worse than Van when he’s expecting someone from W.E.” Emily laughed. “They should be here soon, maybe you’ll meet them too.”

Tim narrowed his eyes, did she not know? “Um, Ms. Locke.” he began, seeing her expression of curiosity towards him. She was clueless. “You know what, nevermind. Can you introduce me to your team?”

“Of course! I’d be happy too.”

It wasn’t long before they made it into a laboratory area, a small beeping robot going off as they approached four people huddled around a desk. “Tim, this is Wendy, Ron, and Teddy.” the three turned around, seemingly recognizing Tim a bit more than Emily did, although it seemed they weren’t going to correct her cluelessness to who Tim was. “So, i’ve got some stuff to take care of. Can you three show Tim what we’re working on?”

“Sure thing, boss.” The tall man named Teddy spoke, waving off the woman. “She doesn’t know who you are, does she?”


“Want to exploit that?”


Tim looked at the three, clapping his hands together, “So, I’ll be working here until the incompetent CEO, understands his job.” He moved towards the table they were huddled around earlier, “But being the boss, of your boss doesn’t mean this stuff isn’t interesting to me. What are you working on?”

“Well, before the incident with Riddler’s henchmen we were working on an indestructible phone case.”

Tim looked at the tall man with a confused expression “Why’d you stop?”

“Robin showed up!” The woman, Wendy, interrupted.

“Robin?” Tim looked at the woman confused, “The news said that it was just Van.”

“Oh, it was. But it attracted too much attention to the case, so it was removed by the board.” Ron spoke, grinning overly wide for having lost a huge product.

“Ah… I can talk to Bruce if you want to continue work on it?”

“That’s alright.” The atlantean smiled, before moving back to his work. “We’ve got different things to work on.”

“Exactly!” Teddy interrupted, holding out blueprints.

Tim looked over them, they were absolutely fantastic in theory. “If you can pull this off.” He spoke, holding out the blueprints to return them to Teddy, “You should get more praise from the board.” He smiled, turning away once the papers were out of his hands, “I’d love to see that in action.” He grinned before leaving and wandering off, not being found by anyone for the rest of the day.