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Found In The Most Unlikely Places

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*Phone ringing*

“Who calls at three in the morning?” Was grunted out as a hand reached out from a bed for the phone. “Booth.”

~~~~Time skip~~~~

“So, what have we got this time Bones?”

“Fresh kill that was extremely tortured. I mean Booth who ever this was should have died within what looks to be the first five rounds of torture, but they survived way longer then the captor expected. From the looks of it the victim they survived another fifteen rounds before who ever did this got either annoyed, feed up, or raged. This ending in the victim’s heart being cut and ripped out while still alive.”

“The poor guy.”

“Yes, the poor guy indeed. I can’t believe someone could do this to another person.” Bones answered, she went to take off her glove when a feminine shriek went up in the old house.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Was heard after from Aubrey.

The rest of the team turned to where Aubrey was standing, all had a confused/startled expression written over their faces.

“What is or was it Aubrey?” Booth asked exasperated when nothing looked out of the ordinary. Aubrey turned and look at Booth wide eyed and slowly extending his shaking arm, Aubrey pointed at the now beating heart laying on the tray where Saroyan had put it after picking it up off the kitchen table.

“How is it possible? It’s not even attached to any piece of the victim’s body.” Saroyan questioned out loud.

“Well clearly it is because we are watching this happen. Quick Angela get this on video.” Booth put in quickly.

“On it Booth.” Angela turn to grab a camera that will allow her to film when a glow caught her eye. She turned her head after grabbing the other camera when she fully caught sight of the lightning bolt glowing on the brow of the male. It was the only skin on the body left untouched, was odd as the rest was utterly destroyed.

“Guys…” Angela called in a shaky voice after turning on the camera and filming the glowing lightning bolt scar and then the beating heart. “You’re going to want to see this.”

“So are you, the heart is moving towards the body.” Hodgins responded. Angela whipped the camera to the heart that was now floating to the body.

The heart wasn’t the only piece of the victim that was moving to the body with the brightly glowing scar. St the sight of this the group stepped back because chunks and little pieces slowly floated from different parts of the old house to the mutilated body of the 23-year-old male. Seeming to slowly put itself back together.


“Shoot Aubrey.”

“Alright. Am I actually watching a body put itself back together?”

“Yes, yes you are.”

“Thanks Hodgins.”

“No problem man.” Hodgins squeaked out.


~~~~ Time Skip (30 minutes give or take.)~~~~


As the lightning bolt scar slowly darkened, a barely audible gasp was heard from the over scared, mildly tanned, beautifully muscled, I-just-had-sex messy haired 23-year-old male still laying on the floor.

“Holy fuck is the guy actually breathing???” Booth whispered to the group.

Startling brilliant emerald green eye fluttered open.