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No Filter Kids

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Contrary to popular belief it was a rare occurrence for a school to contact Killer about his young brother, and besides the occasional comment about language during parent teacher interviews Bakugou was a rather productive student. So being called by the U.A. during the middle of work was rather surprising, especially with them refusing to provide any details as to why Killer had to essentially drop everything and book it to the academy. That was a little concerning.

Following behind the thickly wrapped teacher, Baku had been rather negligent in actually telling him about his teachers, he couldn't help but glance at the shorter old woman walking with them. He guessed she was part of the nursing staff for the school, or perhaps science department - if there was one.
She had shuffled her way out to walk with them moments ago but was yet to speak, seemingly busy chewing on something, and the solemn teacher had hardly spoken a word upon his arrival instead just demanding he follow him and walking off.
"Mr Bakugou, we are terribly sorry to call you in like this." Jumping slightly at the rather sudden sweet voice coming from round his knees he tried to play the motion off as an unconcerned shrug, knowing it would be pointless to even attempt to point out Bakugou wasn't his name. It would probably look bad if he was attending an emergency situation for his brother and to suddenly start pointing out they didn't actually share a last name. He was technically his legal guardian slash parental figure, unofficially they preferred to refer to each other as brothers.

"It's not a problem, but please what is going on? When they called no one would explain what exactly the situation was, only that it was urgent." Grip tightening within the confines of his jacket pocket he tried to resist fidgeting with his hair in nervousness as the shared look of regret that crossed both administrators faces. If the news was really so bad he'd rather have it stated to him clearly then end up being left in shock from a surprise.
"There was an incident..." The sweet nurse hummed quietly, perhaps trying to find the right words to say what needed to be said. Only succeeding in adding unnecessary tension to his already fraying nerves, a sickening pit in his stomach wanting to drag him to the ground.

"Stupid teenagers, no clue how to control their quirks... Irresponsible."

Frowning at the judgemental words Killer resisted the urge to point out that they were all learning, an experienced teacher had no right to judge them so harshly. This was one of the toughest academies in the country, that produced some of the world's top heroes, their expectations were probably much greater than what he considered to be standard. In a world where heroes faced death head on, a strict high school conditioning was probably more than necessary. Still it didn't mean he personally agreed with it.

But instead of commenting the acknowledgment of a quirk being at fault for his call out sent the unease within him writhing. Could Bakugou have done something to hurt another student? Or was he himself harmed?

"It was a simple accident. Everyone is more than alright." A withering look shot over the grey scarf, the commentary not seeming all that much appreciated. Killer certainly didn't feel any better for it.
Rounding the corner, instead of another overly long bland hallway, a crowd was gathered round the cracked far door. As if watching someone trying to catch a loose animal, too curious to retreat fully to safety but also not willing to face it themselves. The hulking form of a second teacher noticing their approach and breaking away from the huddle of students. The bright man feeling vaguely familiar but Kill supposed they'd had a brief encounter sometime around the school over the last few months but no formal introduction.

"Mr Bakugou it is excellent you have arrived! Young Midoriya is just making an attempt to calm the situation! No harm has come to the young Bakugou do not fear!" Why was everyone so insistent on calming his fears? He didn't even understand what he was meant to be upset about.

"Could so---"

A loud shriek broke from the room as a teary eyed green haired young man basically flung himself out into the crowd, a distinct childish wailing following the abrupt departure. Seemingly setting the gathered teenagers into a flight response to escape the distraught noise. All of them slowly creeping closer to the approaching teachers seeking protection from adults in a situation that was out of their depth.

"It's no good... None of us can get close.... he just keeps screaming murderer at everyone." Midoriya reported to the group, settling down now that he had escaped whatever was in the room. Worried looks passing round the students as another idea failed and their solutions ran thin.

Tugging at the thick fringe over his eyes Killer tried to hold back a sigh, it didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on here. No wonder no one had been particularly keen to explain to him the situation in full, it was doubtful parents would react to the news enthusiastically in most situations. Quirks certainly did make things interesting, a little too interesting for his tastes sometimes.
Rolling his shoulders with a slightly over exaggerated sigh he waved away the concerned expression of the teacher, easily being allowed through the collection of students to reach the rather oversized classroom door. No one seeming to want to come close to the classroom but all anxious enough to seek to stop him. Ridiculousness. Crossing the threshold he was only mildly surprised to find the room still intact, the screaming still going coming from the front, behind the solid form of the teacher lectern.

Crouching down at angle with it so he was visible from the other side, Killer couldn't help but smile just a little over how cute Bakugou was. And the silliness of the class he'd been placed in.

"Katsu," voice soft he reached out his arms in invitation; "it's alright now Katsu."

Chubby hand curling round the pale wood a foggy tear filled crimson eye peaked out next, the wailing having broken off into tiny hiccups at the soft call of his name. The new quiet letting the conspiratorial whispers from the door float over to him, surprise filling the students at the lack of screaming though really it shouldn't of been that shocking.

"Killer!!" The collective gasp of fear had him breaking out into quiet chuckles, the cry not being one of distress as it had earlier but one of childish glee. Stepping forward he scooped up the chubby bundle, little hands fisting his shirt with snot and saliva from their teary adventure as a bubbling giggle left the tiny form. "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Hello Katsu." He chuckled, pulling out the handkerchief from his bag to clean up the toddler, not particularly keen on having the dribble wiped all over his work shirt.... Or rubbed through his hair. The instant pale little fingers were clean they wormed their way into the thick locks, one content tangled into his hair while the other clung to his lapel. Big bright eyes completely focused on him like he was some kind of the centre of the universe.

Content Baku was clean from the hysterics of finding himself surrounded by the strangers of his class, he turned his attention directly on those people with a stern glare. A few of the students at least having the decency to look guilty under the firm gaze, a few still seemed amazed that the child had stopped crying like Killer had performed some sort of magic trick.

"Age reversal is hardly the worst that could of happened in this situation, simply being told the instant it had happened would of saved us all a lot of stress. Especially for Katsuki." Reprimanding trained professional teachers was hardly how he wanted to spend his time, and it certainly didn't give him any sort of sway when a little hand patted his cheek like it was trying to soothe his irritation over the situation.

"We apologise Mr Bakugou, at first the situation seemed to be under control until the young Bakugou was returned to the classroom. He simply refused to be calmed and called anyone who got close a killer." At the sound of his name Baku made a gurgling giggle, bouncing in place as he reached up to tug at his fringe. Head tilted to the side he gave his best withering patiences look at the hero teacher.

"Killer! Killer!" Baku chanted clinging to him tighter with all the might his tiny body could muster, the steady arm holding him to his hip keeping the wiggling child from climbing any higher and ending up falling.

A look of understanding passing through at least most of the class as realisation finally came. "Bakugou did not mean the threat of a murderer then but rather the person. An unfortunate misunderstanding due to rather abnormal naming practices." Some girl stated from the back of the group, seemingly proud of herself for figuring it out, not that it seemed all that complicated to him. Then again he lived with the name for twenty-five years, things do tend to lose their strangeness at that point.

"I'm sure your parents have stories about you refusing to be handed over to strangers or left without their company when you were two." He pointed out, giving the baby a gentle bounce to try and get him to release the grip on his hair. Though it just ended up with more giggling, this was turning less into an instructive conversation the more Baku decided to get involved. Apparently he was done with Killer trying to be a serious adult figure. "Katsu..."

"F'oof gabbaa aahhii mo... Smoop!! Smoop!!" Using the grip he had on the long fringe he gave a sharp tug forward, babbling away as he positioned the other how he wanted. Keeping on eye on what the child was doing, Killer kept the other on the class, apparently childish antics were not something anyone was expecting and seeming to enjoy watching his minor struggle against the toddler.
Though at the demand for 'smoops' he gave up, grinning brightly as somehow slightly sticky kisses were pressed to his cheek. The grin marking the success of the 'smoop' adorable on the slightly rounded cheeks.

"Oh you want some smooches Katsu, hmm, you want smooches?" The question was met with a tiny bounce and his nose being headbutted by the excited toddler but it barely hurt enough for him to stop grinning. Leaning in he made over-exaggerated kissing noises on the soft little cheeks, nose brushing through the seemingly invisible blonde locks as the little head buried itself into his shoulder. Killer would make sure to send a sternly written letter to the school about making parents worry, it would probably be ignored, but with an armful of innocent happiness he couldn't really find it in himself to continue his triad on proper emergency call outs.