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At the beginning of the year, the newly minted Class 2-A had just settled in when a small mob of students arrived. Until their second year, hero department students are off limits to their management counterparts in order to give them time to adjust to other aspects of heroing and to ensure that the students they speak with first have at least an idea of what they are and aren’t supposed to say before approaching them.

With a new year started, they’re officially on the market. In order to build connections, the second year management class’s race to meet the heroics class had begun.

The door slammed open with enough force to potentially damage it and before Class 2-A can do a thing, they’re swarmed. The swarm of bodies push into the room, excited and loud, yet somehow dignified despite the clamor of their entrance. The management students rushed to their destinations, seeming to already know where each student was, and within moments, every student was swarmed, with Todoroki and Uraraka’s desks hardly visible beneath the crowds surrounding them.

As the initial rush settled into swarms of students, there was a sort of lull as the noise level balanced out, excitement giving way to calmer professionalism. Every student in the room had at least two management students at their desk, ready with elevator pitches and crisp business cards to present.

All the students save one.

Shinso was aware that his status as a member of the hero department was new, but he also was pretty sure that the management class had heard of his move- they knew everything that happened in the school- some days they knew of events even before the faculty did.

Unwilling to acknowledge the quiet hurt blossoming in his chest, the transfer student huffed and laid his head on his desk. If he wasn’t needed then he’d get some rest, if only to push off the chaos around him.

“Hello.” The voice was too close- Shinso jerked upright, reaching out something to defend with, hands coming up with nothing more than his pen. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” Willing his heart to settle to a minor gallop, Shinso’s eyes flicked up to see his would-be assailant.

It was a girl with a tired smile, hair as curly as Midoriya’s and silver eyes that danced with amused concern as she extended a hand. “Hi there. My name is Tagaki Sachi, Class 2-I. It’s good to make your acquaintance.”

After a beat, Shinso met her hand, “Hitoshi Shinso, Class 2-A.” Her smile grew in size if not exactly wakefulness. Despite her claim of knowing who he was, she replied without hesitation.

“I know.” Her eyes flicked around the room, and Shinso squinted suspiciously- did they change colors?- but before he could be sure, they landed back in him, any trace of color gone. “If you’re wondering why they’re not here, it’s because they’re idiots.”

“They’re afraid of me.”

“Yes.” Shinso jerked, uncertain how to reply. Most people willing to talk to him at all tried to deny the fear directed at him and his ‘villain quirk’. To have this girl so openly accept this was… disconcerting. Tagaki nodded towards the crowds around Todoroki and Uraraka.

“He’s the son of the current #1 with a flashy and powerful quirk that is likely to rival his father's and a signature look that makes even his scar seem beyond cool. She managed to put up a strong fight against the winner of last year’s festival despite her relatively harmless appearance, and that’s discounting her work with Dragon Hero Ryuuku, the friendly nature of her quirk, or her easily-marketable smile.” The taller girl turned and nodded across the room towards another pair.

“Midoriya and Bakugou are slightly trickier despite making the top 4- Bakugou’s temper will make him quite the challenge for both his manager and his overall image and Midoriya’s honest smile helps, but his first foray into the spotlight was him breaking all his bones for a match. Add that to his encounter with Sludge and the Hero Killer incident and regardless of his potential, that level of trouble attraction is no easy sell.”

“Iida is class president, and his straight-laced nature is perhaps a bit too on point, but ultimately an easy sell to the masses, Yaoyorozu needs to be careful- between her costume and her commercial with Uwambi last year, she has already been tagged as ‘eye candy’ despite her high grades and family name.”

“Asui may be a bit tricky- I’ve heard that she is the kind to always speak her mind, and that could be dangerous. Her calm demeanor and overall competence go a long way for her though, and she did work with Ryuuku last year too. Hagakure’s image- pun intended- will largely depend on how her manager handles her. Though her cheerful response to Mineta and Kaminara’s prank last year bodes well for her.”

“Speaking of- Mineta’s hero name and quirk may be easily marketable, but his demeanor leaves something to be desired. There’s a lot of debate currently over the ethics of managing… distasteful heroes and most of the girls in the management department refuse to work with him. Kaminara’s hair streak makes easy branding for anyone worth their salt and the cheeriness which matches his quirk is also good. I can’t wait to see how his manager manages his overloads.”

“Shouji may be more difficult- even in this day of diverse quirks, atypical appearances are still ranked lower than standard ones in public opinions, but the strong silent type can play well. Tokoyami will be fun for whoever picks him up- drawing a market appeal for a dark hero like him can be difficult but rewarding, though he’ll be an easy sell to niche markets like goth.”

“Jirou is wonderfully easy- she’s not quite a niche market sweetheart like Tokoyami, but if she has even an inch of musical ability- which I’ve heard she does- she’ll easily be a rock queen. Kouda’s sweet, and animals are loveable. Anxiety-induced mutism can be overlooked, but a good manager will either help him overcome that hurdle or use it to promote awareness and programs. Or both.”

“Ojiro and Sero are both somewhat plain, but martial arts master isn’t too far a stretch to sell and Sero made it to the third round of last year’s festival. Even if he was totally beat there, that’s nothing to sneeze at.”

“I’ve heard Satou apparently bakes, and considering his quirk, his brand is practically a cake walk- pun also intended. Aoyama is a diva, no doubt, and there’s some concern about actually working with him, but he’s not wrong in his confidence about the ease of popularity he’ll gain on fashion and light shows alone.”

“Ashido is probably the exception to the atypical appearance standard- her cute looks and overall personality make her almost as good of a brand as Uraraka, even if she didn’t make it to the third round. That leaves Kirishima. His legacy nature will be interesting, since the legacy hero he chose isn’t so popular. Also, it can’t be helped much with the nature of his quirk, but like Yaoyorozu, his costume will mean he also has to be cautious of ‘eye candy’ status. But his positive ‘hero debut’ with Fat Gum a while back is a huge bonus for him.”

Finally, Tagaki’s sharp eyes settled back on Shinsou, “you may want to be an underground hero- your quirk is certainly suited for it, and you’ve been taking lessons from Aizawa, so it seems like that is the path you’ll take. But that doesn’t mean that that is your only choice. They’re all fools for allowing their fears to lead them. If you decide you want a manager, or even if you just want someone with connections to speak with, please feel free to call me.” With a slight bow, she offered her card.

Somewhat stunned and caught off guard, Shinso reached out to receive it, steady hands belying the shock racing through his body.

“Have a good day of classes, Hitoshi. I hope to hear from you again.” Straightening, Tagaki stepped away from the purple haired hero-to-be’s desk and out of sight, gone before the rest of the crowd finished dispersing.

… What?