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Shizuo, Claude and Kyo Husband & Father Scenarios!

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Shizuo's eyes slowly opened, annoyed at the light shining in his eyes while he was trying to sleep. His hard gaze softened when his eyes landed on his wife's sleeping form cuddled under the covers. Shizuo noted he felt more relaxed then usual, but that was easily classified as normal after all the fun they had last night. A lazy smile formed on his face, his bleached blonde hair covering his eyes as he brought his wife closer, nuzzling his face into her neck. "Shizuo~! I'm trying to sleep.", (Y/N) moaned tiredly, feeling the shivers run down her spine as her husband brushed against the bruising hickey. Shizuo pressed an apologetic kiss on the aching love bite, snuggling his loved one as if she would disappear if he didn't.

"I love you, sweetheart."


Claude's eyebrow twitched at the loud and rude awaking from the annoying birds outside, slowly opening his honey-colored irises to glare at the wall he was facing, angered that he forgot to close the window. The spider demon snarled softly, turning around as he snuggled deeper into the cold linen sheets, his now pink eyes slowly turning back into their beautiful original gold. His annoyed eyes landed on the demoness in front of him, quickly losing their malice as they filled with uncharacteristic tenderness. He scooted closer to his newfound mate, snuggling into her, taking her familiar scent in to calm himself down. "What...what are you doing, Claude? I don't want any more.", (Y/N) groaned in annoyed tiredness, they had mated many times last night and she was not in the mood for any more. Claude softly licked the hickey he had bore into her neck, doing his best to take the pain away.

"I love you, butterfly."


The teenage boy stirred in his sleep, slowly opening his sienna eyes to look around the hotel room. He forgot how he got there for a minute, but the memories came back quickly. His tired sienna eyes adverted to the sleeping form next to him, her (H/C) neko tail peeking from underneath the sheets. He smiled at the neko girl beside him, just yesterday, they managed to escape the confines of Akito's hold and elope. They might have been young, 16 actually, but Kyo loved her with all his heart. Akito had forbidden them from seeing each other, as his newfound wife was not a Sohma and what he called 'a freak'. That didn't matter to the Young Sohma, she was his freak now. He cuddled his wife, brushing his cat-like fangs against the slowly healing hickey on her neck, placing a protective kiss on it. "It's too early for this, Kyo Sohma.", (Y/N) pointed out in exhaustion, they had used up all of their sex drive last night. Kyo chuckled a deep but soft chuckle, snuggling into his wife, or 'mate'.

"I love you, kitten."