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Theo sighed as he unlocked the door to his house. He'd had a long day at school.

There had been lectures about bullying all day, and the school were still making everyone do those bullshit "don't kill yourself" classes.

Just because one student killed himself, doesn't mean everyone's gonna do it, Theo thought to himself, tears forming in his eyes. He still remembered the day Liam did it. Theo was working work after school, and partway through his shift he had received a text from Stiles.


Naturally, Theo had rushed home, probably going way over the speed limit. He'd figured it was some kind of pack emergency. He wished it was some kind of pack emergency.

Theo shuddered at the memory of seeing the ambulance outside Liam's house. Someone was being wheeled into it inside a body bag.

"Theo," Scott had sobbed, running up to him. "It's Liam. It's Liam in the bodybag."

And just like that Theo's entire world had come crashing down.

Theo trudged upstairs and threw his bag onto the floor, lying facedown on his bed. And then the fucking doorbell rang.

"Piss off," Theo muttered, getting up and sliding downstairs on the banisters. He hopped off them and opened the door. Whoever had been there was gone, but had left a box on the ground.

It had his name on it written in blue Sharpie.

Theo took it inside, closing the front door with his foot. He walked to the kitchen and placed the box on the table, slicing open the tape with his claw.

Inside were seven cassette tapes. Theo picked the first one up. One side said 'A' and the other said 'B'.

Don't I have a Walkman somewhere around here? Theo asked himself. His eyes scanned the room and he saw his Dad's old Walkman on the windowsill.

Theo picked it up, inserted the first tape, and pressed play.