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Dust & Smoak

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Tears stopped leaving a trail down her cheeks three days ago.

Seventy Six hours ago she let them know that she knew.


Her team was worried out of their mind for her safety but in their core they were also scared for their own.

Felicity was never considered a physical threat. In hand to hand combat or any other physical conflict her threat level was under a recordable level. She never struggled or fought back, she played it safe, smart and waited for her team to do their vigilanting.

That is how she had survived, how they always survived, they played off their strengths. Her strengths were not physical, her mind, the things she was able to do with a computer on the other hand, that is where the name Felicity Smoak potentially could bring a shiver to your bones.

It had never occurred to them that they would find themselves on the wrong side of their sweet IT girl. They never thought that anyone could turn the tables. Team Arrow didn't even try to fight because they didn't know they were under attack. Now here they were in the middle of all the debris, none of it mattered. The true loss was that they lost their heart and now had a scorned woman to contend with. Scorned and super smart.

Digg held hope for her; he wasn't ready to give up. Lance was wrong; she wasn't completely consumed by vengeance. He saw the pain in her eyes, anger was there but pain and hurt dominated. She had been pushed to the point of ….no he wouldn't accept that. His friend was not beyond recovery.


Digg and Oliver watched her as she watched them from a distance. They were moments away from the foundry when they received the second message. She instructed to stop the car at the rear entrance and to get out but not to step near the foundry. She would call them soon.

They followed her instructions and assumed she was in danger and acting out of duress.

Oliver's phone rang and he answered straight away fighting off the panic that rose in his throat.."Felicity…are you ok? What's going on?"

"Turn around"

He turned to see her leaning against her mini, when he took a step towards her a small blast pushed him back towards his car. Digg pulled out his gun and Oliver Queen morphed into the Arrow. They looked around the surrounding buildings, looking for an enemy. They seemed to be alone but someone was messing with them.

"Did I babble Oliver?"

Oliver turned around and looked at Felicity. Her legs crossed and her elbow rested on her car. She didn't seem to be concerned about the blast, she was relaxed.

"Felicity? What's going on?"

"That is such a good question. It's kind of hard to tell what's going on. One minute you are one third of a crime fighting American dream team and the next you are traded in for…?" She paused for a moment. Huh, another good question, why did Oliver throw her under the bus so to speak?

"Felicity…" Oliver took a step towards her but was stopped by Diggle.

"Don't say my name…don't say it. Not anymore." Words rasped from her throat.

Oliver and Diggle exchanged looks and after a beat Digg spoke up.

"Felicity, what happened?" he said calmly.

"Another good question, glad you asked. I am sending you the video now. It's a ripper" She waited for them to watch it and although she couldn't see it, it replayed clearly in her mind. It was engraved in her eyelids, the moment Oliver, her person…betrayed her.

A tear escaped her although she didn't know why since she was angry not upset. She was glad for the distance between them, they couldn't see the tear. She didn't want them to under-estimate her anymore.

"It's not what it…looks like. Fel… you have to…" Oliver struggled with his words as he dragged his eyes away from the damming video. He wanted to speak to her face to face. He wanted to explain, to apologise; he needed to convince her that it was not real.

"Save it please, you can't tell me that it's a fake because I checked and it's very real. I even enhanced the image hoping these were some sort of Vegas show impersonators but no such luck…."

Diggle couldn't move - it hit him hard. He knew Felicity, he knew her heart and how much she cared for them and this ….she must feel incredibly betrayed.

Oliver shook his head. "No listen" he roared.

"NO Oliver, it's time for you to listen. Can you hear it?" she whispered the last few words as she pressed a code into her phone.

The sound of glass and twisted metal muffled by old bricks and new cement made them turn away from her and look at the Foundry's back entrance. Dust and smoke blew out through creeks and cracks. They turned around as they heard her mini drive away. She was still on the phone.

"Felicity what are you doing?" he roared.

"You don't get to say my name like that anymore. Now I know, and you know. That's a little bit funny isn't it?" and with that she hung up the phone. She cringed as she processed her own words. She wanted him to know she was no longer there for his amusement but worried she came off as slightly off kilter.

The one person who could pull her out of this decent was the one person who broke her trust, the person who led them right to her. Oliver had thrown her to the wolves without a second thought. She saw him do it and from that moment on she saw him do it every time she closed her eyes. That is why she didn't sleep.

Every single past insecurity plagued her, she had never doubted her team but she was naïve. She realised that now, how could someone so smart be so stupid? She scolded herself continuously. She was well aware that her IQ didn't assure her common sense but…it's not really where she failed. She had become so comfortable with Oliver and Digg. Her trust was so much that it had become the blind kind of trust, the kind that just was.

Isabel she had seen coming a mile away… but not him. Not Oliver. Her heart hurt, before that moment she didn't know that when your heart breaks there is actual physical pain. Another thing that was obvious and rational that she didn't expect.

She was through with being naïve and weak. Before the Arrow she may have not been as worldly as she was now but she had considered herself a strong independent woman who didn't need saving. He had reduced her to this, to this person who was afraid, who need protection, who was less than …the Sara's, Laurel's and other ass kicking women in his life.

He did it so brilliantly that she didn't see it; she stupidly thought there could be a reality where Sara could be her friend, where Oliver could love her. She thought their friendship was built on a foundation of mutual respect, admiration, loyalty and that he cared for her as much as she cared for him. She knew that the romantic feelings she harboured for him were not returned but she did allow herself to believe with all her being that he cared for her.

She was wrong. It hurt to be wrong. It was not her pride that hurt, although it had taken a considerable blow. It hurt to be wrong because for her, his friendship, their friendship was the most important relationship she had. He was her person even if she was not his. He was her person, not anymore. Oliver and Felicity were done.

There was nothing left of the foundry, no authorities called in. They couldn't risk exposing their identities. They were lucky that no one got hurt, she hadn't allowed them in and it as way after club hours. They were grateful for that, Oliver held on to that act of kindness within her current madness. Felicity Smoak was not the killing type.


It had been three days; they tried all they could to reach her. They went to her apartment first only to be greeted with a note on the door in Russian. It dared them to enter at their own risk. They knew after what she did to the foundry that it was not a light warning.

Day three and what was left of the team was gathered on top of the Canary's clock tower.

Oliver had received an email, a company wide email, from Isabel letting them know she was going to be away for two weeks. She said that any and all questions would be handled by Mr Queen himself. Oliver frowned at this, this is exactly the opposite of what he needed. He needed Felicity. He missed Felicity. It made him physically ill knowing that Felicity could think that he would hurt her in anyway. Nothing would stay down, he kept hydrated, food was the least of his worries. He needed to find a way to talk to her…to reason with her.

The lights over six block north and eight blocks south of the clock tower shut down with no warning. They stood in the darkness looking over the city. A moment after that the clock tower was infiltrated.