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Magical Denial

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Good evening. It is I, Detective Willy Glass. Why I do refer myself as a detective, you ask? It's very simple actually. I'm starting an investigation. An important one! That will shed the light on the subject regarding the "magical" events that happened between me and my friends. We are Inazuma Japan. You can say that I am the guy behind the scenes of their success.

Yeah right!  Hihihihi  - Scotty Banyan (a REGULAR who ACTUALLY contributed success to the team. )

Don't mind that... Anyway, this account of my adventure to find the answer would be helpful to nerds out there to see that there is NO WAY "magical" beings exist in this world aside from the characters in a manga.


If you reach beyond this message, it means you are either crazy or simply you are curious with the actions my superior brain could do in tackling those thrilling yet stupid imaginations of the events happening in the team's mind.