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Mewtual Watersports Fantasies

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Meulin purred contentedly as she nestled into the chair she was sitting in. This was one of her favorite places on campus to just relax and read - a nice cozy out-of-the way lobby with comfortable furniture. It was Friday afternoon of the first week of the semester and her last class had just ended, but she had plans to meet friends for dinner a bit later so was killing some time writing a bit more of one of her fanfics.

Just as she was getting another paragraph finished, Meulin saw some motion out of the corner of her eye - someone waving. Looking up, it was a girl who seemed to be waving towards her and walking closer. Meulin definitely recognized the girl and figured she must have been in one of her classes, and she tried to remember which one.

Before she could place her, the girl stopped a few feet away and started to speak. Meulin looked in to read her lips, and was about to interject with her usual warning that she was deaf and would have trouble understanding her, but noticed that the girl had started to gesture along in Troll Sign Language. She wasn't quite perfect but it was plenty good enough for Meulin to follow along what she was saying. "Hey! I'm Roxy, we're in that memes class together. L O L, I still can't believe this place actually has a class on memes, it's amazing."

"Oh hi!" Meulin squealed, waving back. Yes, that was where she recognized this girl from, the sociology course she was taking. It wasn't her field exactly, but she had some electives to fill, and she couldn't not take a class titled 'I Can Has All Your Base—The Life and Death of Internet Memes'. And it was very exciting that one of her classmates not only recognized her but came over to talk - Meulin took a moment to try to calm herself down and keep her voice from getting up to the volume she tended to. "Yes, isn't it pawesome? It's so cool to see internet culture furrom an academic perspective."

"Yeah!" Roxy signed with a grin, before plopping herself down in the chair next
to Meulin's. "Hah, especially since I bet you're totally familiar with internet culture personally, right? I deffo am at least."

"O M G yes!" Meulin replied, turning to face her new friend and gesture her excitement. "I love all of the fandoms, I'm in so many! And I write so many fics fur them, and have so many ships. It give me all of the feels, Roxy!" She always had a hard time containing her excitement about fandom, especially when there was someone else who seemed interested.

"Yeah! I'm in a few myself, girl," Roxy replied, pausing to give a thumbs-up and a quick high-five. "I kinda figured you were from your bag there. Definitely some choice ones you have there." She motioned towards Meulin's backpack, which was adorned with various patches and pins from a whole variety of media that Meulin loved.

"Heehee, yes, that would purrobably give it away!" Meulin looked down to admire everything attached to her bag for a moment, before turning back to Roxy. "Is there anything on there you really like?"

"Oh yeah, definitely! I definitely spied a lil Metroid pin on there, that's basically my favorite game series ever," Roxy said, before looking down to inspect it a bit more.

"Eeee yes! My friend Catula keeps me up on all of the video games and I play through a lot of them with her. They're really fun but I'm always even more excited about the fanworks. Especially fur all of the troll Nintendo games."

"Oh, Latula? I know her, she's def a formidable gamegirl. Nice," Roxy replied with a grin. "And fanworks for Metroid and stuff? Huh, never really looked at those, I'm more into the games themselves, but that sounds kinda cool. Do ya have a favorite pairing you ship?"

"I purrtainly do!" Now this was a subject Meulin could go on about at length, but she figured she should just start with one of her favorites. "I really like Samus and Troll Princess Zelda together! A bit of a crossofur ship but it's so fun."

"Ooh, iiiinteresting. Never thought about them before, maybe I'll have to read some of your fics," Roxy said, pausing for a moment to ponder. "But how about Samus and Rosalina? And then Troll Zelda could get together with Princess Peach."

Meulin had to restrain herself from squealing too loudly over her new friend's apparent willingness to indulge in crackships. "Oh! I've nefur really thought about that but purrhaps I will have to write a fic fur it."

Roxy grinned. "Aww yeah! Definitely show me when you do, then. Actually can you link me to your fics? I'm kinda curious. Hmm, how 'bout I add you on Pesterchum so you can send it."

"Sure!" Meulin turned back to her laptop again. "My chumhandle is 'amewsedCalico', spelled A-M-E-W-S-E-D."

"Oh my god that's the best thing ever, I love your dedication to the catpuns babe," Roxy clapped her hands together before grabbing her phone to type it in. "Mine's tipsyGnostalgic... and you should be getting the friend request now."

Sure enough, a notification popped up on Meulin's screen and she accepted the request, then pasted in a link to send to Roxy. "Okay, there's the link to my fanfic archive."

"Awesome, will take a look at that later!" Roxy said, having slid away her phone to return to being able to sign with both hands. "Anyway, I can't help but also see you have a bunch of Troll Sailor Moon pins on your backpack there too. That's like totally my favorite anime."

"Eeee mine too! Oh my god what did you think of the latest season?" Meulin found herself squealing probably-too-loudly once again.

"Oh man, so great, I've got so many thoughts about that," Roxy flashed a smile. "Hah I hope you have some time if you really want me to get into it."

"Umm, sure! I'm not supposed to meet my furriends for dinner for another hour at least," Meulin said, glancing at the clock on her computer.

"Awesome! Hmm, wanna go over to and grab a cup of coffee in the meanwhile?" Roxy asked. Meulin nodded in approval at the idea, and soon enough she had packed her laptop and was off to the nearby coffeeshop with her new friend.