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Asami checked her lipstick one last time before she stepped out of the limo. She wanted to impress, but the only opinion that mattered was Korra’s. Her heels clicked on the sidewalk, and each step reminded her why she enjoyed dressing up. Sure she looked professional for board meetings, and when she taught classes, but galas were different. She’d known that since she was a child. Seeing her mom command a room cemented the poise and swagger Asami embodied when it came to Future Industries.

She knocked on the door, hearing Naga bark and the children shouting from within. Despite how regular of a visitor she became, she could have walked in like she always did, but tonight was special.

“Well don’t you look stunning.” Pema beamed at Asami after she opened the door and pulled her into a hug. “Korra is finishing up.”

Asami relaxed into the hug. “Thank you. And sorry, I’m a bit early.”

Meelo skidded around the corner on socked feet and gaped at Asami. “Isn’t this a fancy party?”

Asami looked down at him and shrugged. “Yeah, and?”

The boy narrowed his eyes at Asami. “And you’re taking Korra?”

“Meelo, go back to playing with Rohan. Leave Asami alone.” Pema shooed him away, watching as the boy rushed back off through the house.

Pema and Asami stopped in the kitchen, hearing noise coming from the back stairs up to Korra’s room.

“Korra, Asami’s here!” Pema stirred a pot on the stove. “There’s food at this thing right? I don’t want you two going hungry.”

Asami chuckled. “Yeah. I double checked with our inhouse event coordinator. Plenty of food tonight.”

The stairs creaked and Asami glanced in hope to see Korra, only for Ikki and Jinora to come around the corner.

“She’s almost ready.” Jinora grinned. “Aunt Kya is just finishing up.”

“Ooooooh, Asami. You look so beautiful. I can’t believe you two are going to this fancy party. I’m so jealous. Do you always have to look like this at Future Industries? How often do you hold these parties? Are kids allowed?” Ikki’s questions came out as they always did, rapid fire. Asami grew used to them, and managed to keep up with everything Ikki said.

“Not this fancy, but business professional. Once a quarter, depending on the season. Sometimes kids are allowed.” Asami went back over the questions in her head to make sure she answered everything and nodded when she was satisfied with her own answers.

“Well, aren’t you dapper.” Korra’s voice cut through Asami’s thoughts. She looked at her girlfriend and felt her mind go blank.

Asami didn’t exactly coordinate her outfit with Korra’s. The thought crossed her mind weeks ago when she asked Korra to attend, but between their hectic schedules they didn’t have time to discuss what they were wearing. Any extra time spent with Korra since making their relationship official was spent making out.

The night they slept together, when Asami finally got to feel Korra’s skin against hers, and appreciate everything her girlfriend had to offer, happened after the most rewarding heart to heart. Asami wasn’t sure how long she could maintain the slow pace Korra set for their relationship. She wanted so much more physically that only making out wasn’t enough. Asami pulled back, afraid she’d push Korra too fast. That was the last thing she wanted. It took them long enough to date. Korra calling her out about her odd behavior made Asami confess how she felt. Her girlfriend’s laughter dragged her from her embarrassed pout. And then Korra pulled her into a kiss so deep Asami didn’t remember taking off her clothes.

“Korra, you look beautiful.” Her heart raced, taking in Korra in a dress and the slightest bit of makeup. Asami wished they didn’t have this gala to go to so that she could take Korra out to dinner before going back to her apartment. She wanted that dress on her floor and Korra’s weight on her.

But that would have to wait far more hours than Asami liked.

“I should say the same to you.” Korra, reached over and ran her fingers over the silky lapels of Asami’s tuxedo, tracing the edge down until she came to stop at a button.

Kya cleared her throat. “Let’s get a picture before you two are late.”

Asami glanced at Pema and Kya, her cheeks pink. She didn’t want to admit she forgot they were there, but the lack of awareness must have been obvious to the two older women.

“Kya, seriously. This isn’t prom.” Korra stuck out her tongue.

“Which you didn’t go to, so let me have this.” Kya waved at them to lead the way to the front door.

Asami slid her arm around Korra’s waist as they walked. “You didn’t go to prom?”

“It seemed overrated.” Korra leaned into the embrace. “Did you go to yours?”

Asami hummed in affirmation. “A guy from private school, his family is big in the Fire Nation.”

“Sounds like a real stiff.”

“Iroh’s not so bad. Just not my type.” Asami smirked and stopped at the front door.

Kya and Pema stood like proud moms behind the camera. “Say turtleduck.”

“Turtleduck.” “--What?”

Asami laughed, hearing Korra’s confusion as more pictures were taken. She looked at her girlfriend who pouted. “Loosen up, you tiny baby.” Asami pressed a kiss to Korra’s cheek, always on her scar, hearing the fake shutter sound from Kya’s phone.

Korra blushed and half pouted at everyone. “Okay, we should get going so we’re not late.”

Asami snickered, wrinkling her nose. “We should get going, but this is fun.”

Meelo appeared on the stairs, arms crossed. “Have her back by ten, young lady.” He stood so he could be eye level with Asami and Korra.

“Meelo, are you serious?” Korra rolled her eyes at the boy.

“How will you know she comes home? Isn’t your bedtime at nine?” Asami smirked.

“I’ll make Jinora tell me you brought her home on time.” Meelo put his hands on his hips.

“I can’t make any promises, Meelo. But I’ll try.” Asami winked at Korra.

Meelo let out a heavy sigh. “ Fine .” He raced back upstairs without another thought.

Pema chuckled and pulled Korra into a hug. “Have fun and relax.”

Kya hugged Asami. “You two enjoy yourselves. And do everything you know I’d probably do.”

Korra opened her mouth to say something but Asami clapped her hand over it. Asami sensed the next sentence would be inappropriate and there were children in the house.

“Let’s save the unsavory language for when we’re alone, shall we?” Asami eyed Korra and dropped her hand.

“Yes, ma’am.” Korra stuck out her tongue and slid her hand into Asami’s to tug her to the door. “Night!”

Asami waved them a farewell and stepped outside with Korra, running into the athlete on the front porch.

“A limo, really?” Korra looked at Asami.

“So?” Asami shrugged and stepped around Korra with a smirk. “I wanted to keep my hands free.” She started walking towards the limo where the driver stood by the back passenger door. Asami made it a few steps past Korra where she felt the pull on her hand and turned to see Korra stopped on the bottom stair.

Korra chuckled. “Remind me again why we have to go to this?” She stepped to catch up with Asami and kissed her on the cheek before sliding into the limo.

The drive wasn’t long, although if Asami didn’t have to be presentable tonight, she would have told the driver to take the long route so she could spend some time with Korra. They pulled up to The Four Elements Hotel where Future Industries booked the ballroom. Asami stepped out and held out a hand to help Korra.

“Awfully chivalrous of you. Trying to impress me?” Korra accepted the help and threaded their fingers together when she stood next to Asami.

“Is it working?” Asami waved to someone and glanced at Korra.

“You’ll have to find out.” Korra smirked and started walking.

Asami watched Korra, the swagger and confidence she saw from the athlete on the soccer field and more recently since they started dating, made her mouth water. She shut her eyes for a moment to collect her thoughts and focus on the employees and board members. Opening them she watched Korra take a few more steps, her hips swaying.

“Hey! Egghead.” Opal’s voice cut through Asami’s hyperfocus on Korra.

Asami blinked and saw her girlfriend standing with their friends. She walked over to them, and hoped they wouldn’t say anything about the slight pink in her cheeks. “I’m glad you two could make it.”

“And miss this ?” Opal gestured to Korra and Asami.

“Seriously, wouldn’t miss this and all the food at this party, ever. That’s really why we’re here.” Bolin nodded his head at the people showing their invites to get into the hotel.

Asami felt Korra take her hand, the warmth from the athlete’s skin a comfort but also a thrill. “Well, thank you both for coming. It’ll be good to have some friendly faces.”

“I’m sure there’s only one face you really want.” Opal smirked at the two and chuckled when she saw them both blush.

Korra cleared her throat. “Bo, let’s ditch these weirdos and go get food.”

Bolin clasped his hands together over his chest. “A woman after my own heart.” He clapped Korra on the back and two walked off leaving behind the girlfriends.

Asami watched them walk away, her eyes straying from Korra’s hips to the Raava tattoo that peeked over the back of Korra’s dress. She appreciated the athlete’s bare shoulders and the slit that went up the side of her left leg.

“Spirits, Asami. Stare any harder and you’re going to get her pregnant.”

Asami turned to Opal, her arms now crossed. “That’s just a lot of skin, okay?”

Opal smirked, bumping her shoulder against Asami’s as they started walking into the gala. “How long has it been?”

Asami exhaled. “Two weeks.”

“How do you control yourself?”

“Hectic schedules, some cold showers.” Asami sighed and ran a hand through her hair. “If I didn’t have to make an appearance here, I can guarantee we would be in my apartment.”

Opal cracked up. “Now I’m really glad you invited me. This is some solid entertainment for tonight.”

They caught up to their significant others and entered the party. Asami found herself falling into easy conversation with everyone she and Korra came across. Sometimes she would be listening to an employee or someone from the board talking and eavesdrop into whatever conversation Korra got involved in. She felt relaxed at how at ease Korra was around everyone, how she somehow managed to talk to anyone no matter the topic.

Asami finally stepped away from mingling, her arm slipping around Korra’s waist. She smiled feeling Korra copy the gesture. “I should probably talk to my father before he does the big welcome.”

Korra smirked. “How long after that until we can leave?”

Asami felt Korra trace circles on her back under her suit jacket. A quiet groan escaped Asami’s lips at the contact, and the thought that there was still far too much time until they could excuse themselves. “You don’t want to know.”


The two women turned and found Hiroshi standing before them.

“Dad. We were about to come find you.” Asami felt Korra’s fingers still and her hand move so that they were held together. She found the gesture incredibly grounding.

Hiroshi seemed to scrutinize them for a moment. “You are not obligated to join me on stage for the welcome.”

Asami nodded, not sure if he meant just her or them as a couple, but decided to ignore the possible dig and ratchet up her charm. “I’d love to join you, actually.” She smiled to him and pulled away from Korra.

“I’ll go find Opal and Bolin.” Korra gave Asami that lopsided grin that still made her weak in the knees. “Come find us.” Without another word Korra winked and walked away.

Asami stared after Korra, seeing her disappear into the crowd.

“I expected your plus one to be someone else.” Hiroshi glared at Asami. “Iroh or your cop friend. Or no one.”

“My plus one is always going to be Korra, dad. I can guarantee that right now.” Asami set her jaw and nodded at the stage. “Shall we?”

Hiroshi grumbled as they went up the steps. “My office, first thing Monday. We’re going to talk about your guest privileges and how you represent this company.”

Asami ignored his comment because she didn’t want him to ruin her night. They reached center stage and she stood at his side as he greeted everyone with the jovial tone he used only when he needed to impress. She smiled, her eyes searching the crowd for those blues that became her center. A waiter brought two glasses of champagne up, Asami accepted hers. Her eyes found Korra’s as her father made a toast. She sipped her glass, watching Korra do the same. The champagne was no comparison to her girlfriend.

“Excuse me dad, I need to return to Korra.” Asami bowed her head in a slight nod and headed for where she last spotted her girlfriend standing with Bolin and Opal near the food tables. She found the other couple, Bolin standing with a plate of food in one hand as he snatched appetizers off passing waiters. “Where’s Korra?”

Opal nodded toward a few board members that stood with the athlete. “They said something to her that I didn’t understand. I’m not sure if she saw a ghost, or if she was happy to see them.”

“Huh.” Asami observed them talking, although Korra seemed to spend more time listening and sipping at her glass of water. She patted Opal on the shoulder and walked over. “Hey, babe.”

Korra’s face brightened and she opened her mouth to speak.

“Asami, why didn’t you tell us your girlfriend was from the Southern Water Tribe, and an Atka no less.” One of the board members beamed at Asami and looked between them.

“We’re pretty private about our relationship. But given her soccer skills and me being a Sato, I can’t imagine that will last.” Asami smiled back, and noticed something in Korra’s eyes that seemed to be an apology. She took Korra’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her mind tried to figure out why Korra’s last name, which she didn’t remember ever knowing before, sounded so familiar.

The man patted Korra on the shoulder. “Your father was an incredible businessman. I know Hiroshi can be tough, but nothing got past Tonraq. He challenged me to a sled dog race to pass a deal, and believe me I never beat him. Everything always went his way.”

Korra nodded with a tight-lipped smile. “I’ve heard he wasn’t someone to mess with.”

Asami kept attuned to her girlfriend, noticing the slightest twitch at the corner of Korra’s mouth, or how her hand felt warmer and sweaty.

The man laughed. “We should do lunch sometime. I want to hear all about your studies. Soccer player, right?”

“Yes, sir. We’ll figure out a time.” Korra shook his hand and accepted the business card he handed her with a slight smile. The other board members bid them both farewell and went back to mingling.

Asami waited a beat for him to walk away before she turned to Korra.

“I was going to tell you.”

“Kor, hold on.”

“I don’t usually meet people that knew my parents. And he knew them. I don’t even know how he recognized me.” Korra pinched the bridge of her nose.

Asami chuckled. “You’re pretty memorable. Have you looked in the mirror?” Asami put her hands on Korra’s shoulders. “Everyone remembers your eyes because they are the bluest that I don’t think there’s even a proper name for their color.”

Korra blushed at that and Asami slid one hand up to cup Korra’s cheek, her thumb grazing over the scar.

“I wanted to tell you. But I wasn’t sure how to bring up the whole, I’m unofficially royal, and honestly had no idea until I was ten.” Korra sighed, leaned forward and put her head under Asami’s chin.

“Makes sense why we never discussed our families.” Asami kept holding Korra, enjoying their proximity. She wished there were fewer layers involved, but this would do for now. “We don’t have to tell each other everything yet.”

Korra shifted backward and looked up at Asami. “You’re sure?”

“We have all the time in the world.” Asami smiled and then snickered. “Plus, now I can call you princess .”

Korra groaned. “Please don’t. I wasn’t raised with all the pomp and circumstance, and I’d like to keep my life that way.”

“Remember who you’re dating.” Asami paused and licked her lips before pressing them to Korra’s. She pulled away and put her lips by Korra’s ear. “I’ll keep the title for the bedroom, my lady.”

Korra rolled her eyes but continued to smile. “This is how you end up sleeping on the couch.”

“Is that with our clothes on or off?” Asami watched Korra bite her lip. She wanted that mouth elsewhere and everywhere all at once.

“How much longer do we have to be here?”

“I think it’s been an acceptable amount of time for the heir of Future Industries to disappear with her hot girlfriend.”

“Then good night to us.” Korra grabbed Asami’s hand and headed for the ballroom exit.