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ask and receive

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It had been weeks since he’d asked and not a single word had been mentioned about it since the initial conversario. So he’d assumed that meant no.

Paul had at least taken it better than Sonny. That wasn't to say Sonny took it in a bad way he just couldn't understand why Will would even ask. Which in fairness was probably because Sonny actually had very specific memories that he didn't.

So he’d askes Paul and like all things Paul was understanding and questioned politely and with what seemed like genuine interest but yet - once again - weeks later complete radio silence on the topic.

Which is Will’s excuse for nearly coming without permission at something so simple. He'd been straddling Paul's lap, knees hugging at the other man's hips, while Paul had two fingers knuckle deep in him stretching him open.  He'd started to ride Paul's hand eagerly when suddenly he’d felt Paul's free hand curve around his throat.

“Did I say you could?”

His entire body bucked, eyes wide as Paul's fingers hit his prostate without warning. His hands clutched at at paul's shoulders and he kept  grinding down erratically. Chasing his orgasm when Paul spoke again, his voice firm.

“Don't you dare.”

It took every ounce of will power he had but he managed to still his hips mouth opening and closing but no sound coming out.

His eyes fluttered closed as Pauls hand pressed against his throat tentatively. “Paul?”


It wasn't a question but a statement and Will hurried to reassure “ Green .”

He felt Paul's lips against his in a tease of a kiss and his eyes opened slowly, a sound of distress leaving his lips, when Paul pulled his fingers out. He wanted to complain to beg for them back only for his eyes to roll back as Paul pushed into him slowly before he even got the chance.

He whined, honest to go whined, when Paul used a hand on his hip to urge his movements on and he started to rock on Paul as best he could his body giving a shudder anytime Paul applied pressure to his neck. Always in two second intervals. Always making sure he was okay after.

He should have waited, he should have gotten permission, but he’d shifted just so and as Paul squeezed he rocked his hips forward and Paul hit his prostate dead on.  The combination too much for him as Will splintered apart in Paul's arms. He felt Paul's mouth against his temple the other mans words ghosting against his skin as he trembled in his arms.

He clung tightly to the other man, wrapping arms around Paul's neck tightly, body held as close as possible, and all the while Paul rubbed a hand up and down his back to comfort him before finally asking. “Color?”

“G-Green.” and then “I'm sorry.”

“It's fine, it was new and something big for you, I'm not going to hold it against you.”

We’d barely even started, its embarrassing.”

He felt Paul's laugh more than he saw it and pulled back to search the other man's face his own cheeks growing pink with fresh embarrassment when he found nothing but understanding reflected back at him.

“It was for you Will, something you've wanted for a while now, there's nothing wrong with how much you liked it. How enthusiastically you reacted to it. Will work up to it lasting longer.”

“But you didn't..” The feel of it unmistakable against his hip. He didn't even recall Paul pulling out.

“It's fine, you can make it up to me later.”

He started to shuffle, his intent obvious, only for Paul's arms to hold tighter.  “No.”

“But -”

“You're still trembling “

He hadn't even realized.  

“You reacted viscerally to this. We take it slow alright? We'll get a blanket and curl up on the couch. Watch your favorite show and grab a snack” he smiled then, bright and happy. “Besides, Sonny is home soon and you love a good show.”

As Paul settled him on the couch, a hand running through his hair before he turned to locate a blanket Will couldn't help but smile in return, he really did love a good show.