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now suddenly, you need me [undergoing editing 11/27]

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                                                                           -Monday 22.01-
Joonie♥: I still want you back
              Don't leave me on read, please baby
              I love you
             Please answer, I need you
             I still care for you
             I'm in town next week, would you want to meet up?

                                                                           [Block Joonie♥? YES or NO?]

You: now suddenly you need me
        didn't seem like you needed me when you were fucking seokjin

Joonie♥: Yoongi, please I don't wanna fight about this anymore
              I didn't even fuck him, we we're only cuddling and he kissed me I didn't kiss him.

You: bullshit i saw you kiss him

Joonie♥: Fucks sake, you said it was fine

You: i didn't

Joonie♥: You didn't answer my question.

You: idk if i wanna meet up w u im kinda budy

Joonie♥: Ohh I get it.
              Are you back in school?

You: yeah im studying at global cyber university
        why do you even care?

Joonie♥: Am I not allowed to care?

You: no, that's not the point -.-'
        it just wonders me that you actually care for me after we broke up
       not that you arent allowed to care but yeah

Joonie♥: Why does it wonder you lol

[You changed Joonie♥'s nickname to Kim Namjoon]

You: idk lol

Kim Namjoon: Lol

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                                                           -Tuesday, 10:57-
Kim Namjoon: Hi

You: hi

Kim Namjoon: I found one of your shirts at my place
                       Do you want it back?

You: ... what kind of shirt is it


Kim Namjoon:  I'm not home to take a photo but I have this selca where you're wearing it

(Kim Namjoon sent an image)
                                                        [OPEN? YES or NO?]

You: i dont remember that i own that kind of shirt lmao
        you can keep it if you want to, i dont really care

Kim Namjoon: Okay, just wanted to make sure
                        How has your day been so far?

You: my first class got canceled and i got an email of that right when i got to school lol
        im just sitting here and drinking all the energy drinks from the vending machine
        how about yours? are you still dating seokjin?

Kim Namjoon: First of all, we were never dating. He just wanted to make someone jealous I dont remember.
                       Second, my day has been nice, thanks for asking. I'm having a day off today lol

You: are you still a security guard?

Kim Namjoon: Yeah, I enjoy it lol

You: lol cute

Kim Namjoon: What do you mean "cute"!? >_<

You: lol cute

Kim Namjoon: what
Are you saying that I'm cute? lol

You: yea lol

Kim Namjoon: Are you flirting with me? lol

           「yea lol」
           「yea lo」
           「yea l」

You: no lol what makes you think that
        i just called you cute its not flirting

Kim Namjoon: Oh :/
                      Now im sadㅠㅠ

You: too bad lol
        i could never flirt with a guy who doesn't write the I in a sentence in a capital letter

Kim Namjoon: Wtf you never use captial letters, why should I use it?

You: who said i want to flirt with you?
        you have seokjin, why do you care about if im flirting with you?

Kim Namjoon: jkdhfg I'm not dating Seokjin!!!

[Kim Namjoon changed Yoongibby's nickname to Min Yoongi]

You: for how long have i been yoongibby on your phone lmfao

Kim Namjoon: Shut up! -.-' just yesterday I was "Joonie♥" on your phone

You: true
        what are you doing right now? im bored and i have nothing else to do

Kim Namjoon: Oh, well I'm listening to music and eating breakfast
                       I'm listening to Dead! by My Chemical Romance and having ice cream

You: lol emo
        also, ice cream for breakfast? unhealthy but relatable

Kim Namjoon: What the fuck does "emo" mean isn't that a bird?

You: -.-'

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                                  -Tuesday 12.44-

Kim Namjoon: I'm emo what the fuck are you going on about


You: yeah you kinda are :)
        its kinda cute<3

Kim Namjoon: Fuck off lmao
                      Don't you have class?

You: yeah starts actually now so gtg
        bye, ttyl

Kim Namjoon: Bye, Yoongibby~ o/


You: dont call me that -.-


Kim Namjoon:  Sorry, motionless min

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                            -Tuesday 15.07-

grandpa (You): guys i hate myself

Hobi: relatable

mochiboy: yoongii :(( dont hate yourself~!

Kookie: jimin ure so desperate lmfao

V: ^ i agree

mochiboy: stfu you cunt

grandpa (You): can you listen to me for a moment

V: ya wassup

grandpa (You): fucking namjoon decided to text me last night, saying stuff like "baby i still miss you i love you i need you"
                         also he told me that he's in town next week and asked if i wanna meet up w him????? why

Hobi: he did cheat on you but otherwise he treated you well

Kookie: it made me happy to see yuo so happy with him

V: i dont think it's worth it but you do you boy

mochiboy: youre all jumping to conclusions, what if he wants to just be friends~ ^-^

grandpa (You): that's true

mochiboy: i think you should go for it

Hobi: i agree

grandpa (You): asfhdgfhj i dont know i have to think about it

V: let us know what you'll do, im interested

Kookie: me too

mochiboy: same


Hobi: ^^^

grandpa (You): yah

mochiboy: ^-^~

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                                      -Tuesday 21.48-
Kim Namjoon: Hello.

You: hi

Kim Namjoon: How was your day?

You: it was average
       almost died bc of all the energy drinks i had before my first class

Kim Namjoon: Sounds rad.
                       Btw it turns out that next week the person who was supposed to house me for my visit in town, isn't avaible then
                      And you're the only other person I know who lives there
                     Can I stay at your place for the next week? I'm there Monday afternoon and I'm leaving on Sunday evening.
                     I'd only actually be there in the mornings and in the evenings because I have work.

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                                        -Tuesday 23.09-

Kim Namjoon: You didn't reply.

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                                        -Tuesday 23.20-

grandpa (You): fuck!!!!????? aaaaa

mochiboy: ????

Kookie: mood

grandpa (You): now he asked if he could stay at my place next week!!!!!

mochiboy: damn

Kookie: y tho

grandpa (You): he said that the person he was supposed to stay at isn't in town and im the only person he knows who lives here lmfao

Kookie: oh
             well, if u wanna be a kind and friendly person, you should let him stay

mochiboy: ^ i agree

grandpa (You): idk if i wanna be kind to him :// im still so mad at him

[V added Kim Seokjin, and Kim Namjoon]

grandpa (You): taehyung i swear im gonna murder you the next time i see you

V: i love u too yoongi <3

grandpa (You): ...

Kim Seokjin: What

mochiboy: what

[V changed Kim Seokjin's nickname to worldwide handsome]

worldwide handsome: ???
                                   Thanks, I deserve that nickname :)

[V changed Kim Namjoon's nickname to Unknown]


Kookie: V why are you like this

mochiboy: ^

grandpa (You): ^^

V: idk i wanna make yoongi mad at me :)
    he's emotionless
   motionless min

[Kookie changed grandpa's nickname to motionless min]

Unknown: Why was I added?

worldwide handsome: I also would like know why I was added

V: i missed u guys </3

motionless min (You): fuck you honestly

[motionless min (You) left the chat]

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                                   -Wednesday 13.43-

Kim Namjoon: Do you seriously hate talking to Seokjin that much that you left the chat?

You: ya
        y u ask

Kim Namjoon: No reason
                       But the thing is, he kinda used me for his own good

You: ??? what

Kim Namjoon: We were dating but he only wanted my money so that was fucking shitty of him

You: ohhhh
         ,,,, you were supposed to see seokjin next week?

Kim Namjoon: Yeah...
                       But I noticed that there's money missing from my bank account
                       So I asked him about it, I skyped him and some random twink answered my video call. Then Seokjin noticed it and admitted that he was a) cheating on me, and b) stealing money from my bank account to treat the twink well

You: what a cunt wtf
        i've never liked him that much

Kim Namjoon: Can't relate
                       You never told me if I can stay at your place btw

You: true
        i guess it's fine
        if you buy your own food here i wont share im a student and i only consume energy drinks and mac n cheese

Kim Namjoon: Thank you so much~
                        Noted, I'll buy my own mac n cheese

You: lmao

Kim Namjoon: For one more time, thank you.
                       I have to go now, my break is ending.
                       Bye, ttyl ~!

You: ttyl

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                                              -Wednesday 13.55-

You: jimin help me
       its urgent

Park Jimin: omg what are you okay?

You: fucking namjoon
       i decided to let him stay at my house for next week
      the thing is, he told me that seokjin was cheating and stealing his money and now i feel bad for him i want to make him feel better what should i do

Park Jimin: aww :(( idk what you should do, taetae and kookie would give better advice
                 ok idk about v but kookie gives better advice than me

You: okay, thank you anyway

Park Jimin: np yoongi~!

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                                          -Wednesday 14.34-

You: tae tae tae tae u online?

Kim Taehyung: ya

You: help me with something
        namjoon is staying at my place for the next week.
        and i feel sorry for him bc he was supposed to see seokjin
        who was cheating on him and stealing his money
        i want to make namjoon feel better but idk how

Kim Taehyung: idk have sex with him or something
                       every time kookie is sad about something, we fuck like three times

You: ...tmi but thank you

Kim Taehyung: np :)

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                                              -Wednesday 15.46-

You: kookieeeee

Jeon Jungkook: hi!

You: i need ur advice

Jeon Jungkook: ??

You: namjoon was gonna see seokjin next week but seokjin was cheating and stealing money from namjoon and now he's staying at my place for the next week
       i wanna make him happy but idk how :(
      i asked v advice and he told me to have sex with him, and then proceeded to tell me about your sex life

Jeon Jungkook: dhgfhj i hate tae lol
                        but you should consider that bc you both were really happy in your relationship from what i assumed

You: for fucks sake!!!!
       cant i just like watch netflix with him or something
       would that make you happy if you were upset?

Jeon Jungkook: yeah!
                        netflix and chill maybe ;)

You: stop

Jeon Jungkook: :))

You: im just gonna get him some candy or something and watch netflix with him idk

Jeon Jungkook: sounds lovely, i'm sure he'll enjoy it
                       i gtg, taetae is coming to my house soon and i have to make food
                      bye yoongi~!

You: bye, ttyl! ^^

Jeon Jungkook: ttyl!


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                                                                       -Wednesday 22.03-
Kim Namjoon: Hi

You: hey

Kim Namjoon: How was your day?

You: pretty good, i had only one class today haha
        been thinking about you recently

Kim Namjoon: Oh? Why is that you suddenly started thinking about me ? Lol
                       You've never said that before, not even when we were in a relationship

You: that's because i dont think about people that much
       but i've suddenly started thinking about you is because you suddenly decided to start saying that you still love me¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kim Namjoon: It's the truth tho :/
                       I actually have a crush on you
                       Like, really do
                       I think about you a lot and I just aaaa
                       I think about your stupid lips on mine
                       I think about holding your stupid hand while shopping
                       I think about your stupid arms wrapped around my body while we sleep
                       I think about hearing your stupid and adorable laugh when I tell a dumb joke
                       I think about how much I miss you every day
                       I think about what stupid me did wrong to decide to cheat on you
                       I think about you so much
                       I love you, Yoongi. I really do.

You: oh.

Kim Namjoon: Please don't hate me...

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                                     -Wednesday 23.11-

        Park Jimin you get your ass online right at this second im fucking dying

                  do i need to call somewhere????

You: fucking namjoon told me that he really still loves me
        i cant handle this
        what the fuckkk

Park Jimin: omg just tell him how you feel!

You: but idk how i feel aaa!!!
        i really miss him but he crushed my heart by cheating on me with seokjin
        so idk fuckckckck
       like him too!!??!??!?

Park Jimin: then tell him that!!

You: okay i will
        ill let u know if something happens


Park Jimin: ye!
                  good luck, hyung~! ^^

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                                            -Wednesday 23.25-

You: namjoon?

Kim Namjoon: Yeah?
                       Do you hate me?

You: no! of course not
        i guess i was just kinda shocked when you told me that you still like me
        but the truth is, i kinda like you back
        and i just had to put my thoughts in order so i could tell you this
       but the point is
       i love you too, namjoon. i really do <3

Kim Namjoon: Omg
                       Omg <3
                       Are you serious omg
                       I think I'm crying

You: noo dont cryㅠㅠ

Kim Namjoon: Aa you're so cute <3
                       Can I change your nickname again lmao

You: yea lmfao

[Kim Namjoon changed your nickname to Yoongibby<3]

You: thats really fucking gay, dude

Kim Namjoon: If you haven't noticed, I've been in a relationship with many people of the same sex so yea I'm gay

[You changed Kim Namjoon's nickname to babyboygay]

babyboygay: Thanks lol
                     Are you free right now? I would want to take you out on a Skype date since I can't be there right now.
                     I'm still the same romantic Namjoon as I was before, as you can see~

You: aww that's so cute
      i'll open my laptop and call you ^-^

babyboygay: Yay sounds good <3

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                                       -Thursday 02.09-

[chimchim (Park Jimin) added Min Yoongi]

[chimchim changed Min Yoongi's nickname to grandpa]

grandpa's boyfriend (Kim Namjoon): Hello Yoongi~

jinnie (Kim Seokjin): Oh, I see how things are nowadays
                               Congrats to you

that one weird thing (Kim Taehyung): ayyyy niceee

j-hoe (Jung Hoseok): hi yoongi !

bunnybaby (Jeon Jungkook): lol seokjin i can tell how pissed you are rn

jinnie: What do you mean? I'm not mad. At all

bunnybaby: suuuure

grandpa (You): everyone else has a cool new nickname except me :((

grandpa's boyfriend: True
                                 Lol you're an outsider lmao

j-hoe: let's get yoongi a new nickname

bunnybaby: he has a sweet personality
                   also he's really pale

that one weird thing: he's like sugar

[bunnybaby changed grandpa's nickname to suga]

bunnybaby: i have made a typo

[bunnybaby changed suga's nickname to sugar]

sugar (You): i like suga :(

[You changed your nickname to suga]

[You changed grandpa's boyfriend's nickname to suga's boyfriend]

suga (You): now im happy :)

chimchim: btw yoongi are you aware that we have the same class tomorrow at 8am

suga (You): what the fuck
                  i thought the extra class was next week aaa
                  i'm gonna sleepㅠㅠ goodnight everyone !

suga's boyfriend: goodnight <3

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                                -Thursday 07.58-
babyboygay: Hi

You: hi

babyboygay: On the scale of 0 to dead how tired are you? I saw you tweeting at 5am saying you can't sleep

You: dead as fuck
        i haven't slept in years i can smell colours and hear scents

babyboygay: I don't think energy drinks are that good for you...

You: i agree
       ^ i say and take a sip of my red bull

babyboygay: :/
                     I'm looking foward to next week, I hope I'm not a burden to you or anything

You: i have short school days except for tuesday so it's okay. why would it be a burden to spend time with you haha

babyboygay: How long are you at school on Tuesday? I was thinking if I could go meet Hoseok while you're at school.

You: i dont remember rn and my class is starting now so gtg
        ttyl ily bby

babyboygay: <3

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                                          -Thursday 10.33-

Park Jimin: namjoon quick are you online???

Kim Namjoon: Yeah, I'm here.

Park Jimin: i think yoongi is having some sort of seizure???? he's shaking and hyperventilating and wont talk to me?

Kim Namjoon: Wait what?
                       Did something happen?
                      Where are you?
                      Is he conscious?

Park Jimin: yes he's conscious and i dont know what happened im at the university with him
                 im so scared aa what do i do

Kim Namjoon: Okay, I think he's having a panic attack? I googled the symptoms.

Park Jimin: ok what do i do?

Kim Namjoon: Ask him if he has breathing problems.

                 iHE PASSED OUT
                 iWHAT DO I DO

Kim Namjoon: Fuck.
                      Call an ambulance, he needs medical attention asap
                      Please let me know what happens I'm so worried
                      I'm crying aah

Park Jimin: i'm gonna call an ambulance for him, i'll call you when something happens.

Kim Namjoon: Okay, good.
                      Please hurry ㅠㅠ

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                                    -Thursday 11.04-

j-hoe: jimin where are you? shouldn't you be at my place already?

chimchim: i am at the hospital with yoongi

j-hoe: what!?

bunnybaby: wait are you guys okay!?

that one weird thing: why are you at the hospital!?

chimchim: yoongi had some sort of seizure at the university and then passed out and i called an ambulance and we've been at the hospital for about 20 minutes.
                he's being tested or something i dont really know but im at the waiting room right now

suga's boyfriend: Have you seen him after he was taken to the testing thing? Or has anyone told you anything?

chimchim: no.

[suga is typing...]

bunnybaby: yoongi was typing for a moment

suga: hi guys im okay now! i had an extremely severe panic attack due to being tired and really stressed which caused me to hyperventilate and eventually pass out.
         jimin, a nurse is coming to the waiting room to get you here

suga's boyfriend: Aa I'm so glad you're okayㅠㅠ
                           I think you should take a day off from school after this

suga: yeah i'm gonna.

chimchim: damn this hospital is huge???

that one weird thing: like my dick

bunnybaby: taetae i hate u

j-hoe: jiminie when are you coming here?

chimchim: asap, not within an hour

suga: i'm so fun to be around that he doesn't want to leave :)
        no actually i have to be here for a while and jimin has to make sure that i get home safe

suga's boyfriend: Yoongi please skype me when you get home :((

suga: yeah, i will <3
         i have to go now, a doctor is gonna talk to me soon
        before i go, i just gotta say that jimin's new hair colour looks stunning

j-hoe: i agree

suga: gtg now bye !

[Read 11.14]

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                               -Thursday 23.55-

You: bbayboy i fucjkign lvoe u uknow
        yuo make me so fukcign hapoy
        i wnat yuo to fuck me when yuo get hree
       i dnot evne rmebmre if you hvae a big dikc
      but i bet u do

babyboygay: Are you drunk?

You: ya

babyboygay: Are you alone?

You: na

babyboygay: Who are you with?

You: im wtih jminimn nad hsekok im at sehkokhs place

babyboygay: Fucks sake...
                    Make sure you wont drink too much, please


You: nmajono yuo hshoukd sjype sheohk i miss ur faec
        plesaes :(

babyboygay: I guess I could.
                    Tell Hoseok to open his computer, I'll call.

You: hhe y najmnjon guess whta i lvoe y

babyboygay: I love you too, dear.
                    Are you going to stay at Hoseok's for the night?
                   I don't want you to get hurt while trying to get home

You: yah im gnons tay hree
       clal hoskeo skype

babyboygay: Okay, I'll call.

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                      -Friday 13.49-

babyboygay: You're online
                    Good morning sleeping beauty

You: theres nothing good about this morning i am dying
       im hungover as fuck this is torture

babyboygay: Oh no :(
                    Drink water, take painkillers, eat something light.

You: yeah, ill go check if hoseok has anything to eat here

babyboygay: Okay good~

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                                          -Friday 13.55-

You: i think i've made a mistake

Jeon Jungkook: ???

You: im at hoseok's and we got drunk last night
        and now i woke up in his bed with jimin
       he's still asleep
       and also he's naked

Jeon Jungkook: oh
                        ask hoseok if he's awake?

You: i would, but the thing is, he's also asleep on my other side
       and he's also naked and so am i so like aaa i think we fucked

Jeon Jungkook: OH
                        were they good tho?

You: ...
       that's not my point
       my point is that my ass hurts and i cant walk :(

Jeon Jungkook: damn, they're really good even when drunk

You: honestly, jungkook? fuck you
        idk what i should do??? should i like get up and leave the flat or something or should i stay here
        im really hungover tho

Jeon Jungkook: maybe you should stay there for a while to figure things out and that you'd feel better

You: yeah sounds like a good idea

Jeon Jungkook: btw are you okay after your trip to the hospital?

You: yeah im fine now.
       oh fuck jimin woke up i think

Jeon Jungkook: ttyl

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                                        -Friday 15.33-

You: i've figured things out, kookie

Jeon Jungkook: spill the tea, boy

You: hoseok told me that he fucked me and jimin watched? idk if that's true tho

Jeon Jungkook: are you gonna tell namjoon?


You: no. and i swear to god if you tell him, i'll kill you and your family

Jeon Jungkook: chill i wont tell him

You: good.

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-Friday 23.58-

babyboygay: Hi. <3

You: hey bby i miss u

babyboygay: aww :( i miss u too

You: a few more days :/

babyboygay: Yeah :(
                    The craziest thing happened at work today

You: spill the tea bby

babyboygay: I was assigned to guard at G-Dragon's show! The show ended like an hour ago and it was an interesting show! He's such a good performer and an amazing singer

You: oh my god im so jealous! i love g dragon a lot!

babyboygay: I know that, so I managed to get a signed tour t-shirt from there for you.
                   Also I got a selfie with Mr. GD himself lmao

You: you got me a signed shirt!? im gonna cry ily

babyboygay: <3
                     I have to go now, my bus is almost here
                    Ttyl! <3

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                          -Saturday 14.22-

suga (You): good morning

j-hoe: it's two pm, yoongi

suga's boyfriend: Morning, love~ ^-^/
                            Did you sleep well?

suga (You): yea i did ^^

chimchim: yo yoongi i have your t-shirt do you want it back

suga (You): why does everyone suddenly have a piece of my clothing lmfao
                   is it the one that i left at hoseok's place on friday?

chimchim: ya !
                 i can drop it by your house if you want to~

suga (You): yes please
                   could you get me some peach halves from the store on the way here please ill pay u back

chimchim: sure, hyung~

suga (You): thank you i owe you my life

chimchim: np~! ^_^

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                            -Saturday 23.03-

babyboygay: You're online, the second time today. Wow

You: yeah, i've been really depressed today.
        after jimin came to drop off my shirt and my peach halves at around 3pm, i've been mostly asleep for the entire day

babyboygay: Oh :(
                     I hope you feel better soon.
                    Is there anything I could do to make you feel better? :((

You: could you please skype me? i haven't really talked to people and i look terrible and i just want to see and hear you

babyboygay: Open your laptop, I'll call you as soon as I see you online

You: thank you <3

babyboygay: No problem <3

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                      -Sunday 15.57-

You: morning

babyboygay: Morning <3 did you sleep well?

You: not really, i fell asleep at 10 am and woke up a moment ago

babyboygay: Oh :(
                     I just wish I was there already so I could try to help you more

You: are you at work or could i skype you soon?

babyboygay: Sorry babe, I'm at work :(

You: oh
        its okay, its not like i would be good company today

babyboygay: I'm at home in an hour, I can skype you then?

You: if you want to listen to me complain

babyboygay: Of course I want to


You: <3

babyboygay: <3

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                                 -Monday 03.44-

suga (You): is anyone awake

jinnie: Maybe

suga (You): hi seokjin
                   how are you?

jinnie: Why do you ask lol

suga (You): am i not allowed to ask

jinnie: No, you're not

suga (You): oh ok

that one weird thing: hi

suga (You): hey tae how are you

that one weird thing: im good
                                  how come you're still awake?

suga (You): i've been depression-napping for the past two days my sleep schedule is a bit fucked up

that one weird thing: ohhh

suga (You): i just feel so lonely and like im alone for most of the time i just want someone to hold me

that one weird thing: hey i can come to your place for the night if you want to
                                  i mean, i live literally in the same building

suga (You): if you dont mind me crying and looking like trash, you're welcome

that one weird thing: ill put on some clothes and come there

suga (You): okay
                   i'll open my apartment door please close it when you get here

that one weird thing: okay, got it

suga (You): you're such a good friend thank you so much

that one weird thing: no problem, i just want to make you happy

suga (You): <3

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                                              -Monday 09.45-

babyboygay: I'm in the bus right now.
                    I'm in town in about six hours, will you be at the bus station then? At 16.50

You: yeah, I'll be there

babyboygay: Are you skipping school today? You told me on Skype that you have a class at 8

You: yeah i am
        im just so depressed that i couldnt bring myself to even getting out of bed
        im such a failure lol

babyboygay: You're not a failure :( you have an illness that causes you to behave like that, so it's okay for you to miss school due to your medical condition.

You: i guess so
        im sorry that my apartment looks like a mess when you get here, i just dont have enough energy to clean up

babyboygay: It's okay, baby. I'll help you when I get there.

You: if it isn't a burden for you to help me

babyboygay: Of course it isn't.

You: if you say so :( <3
       but i think im gonna at least cook today, since taehyung is still at my place. he doesn't have school today so he promised to stay around and help me and keep me company.

babyboygay: Bless him
                    I'm gonna try and get some sleep as my night's sleep wasnt that great.
                   See you soon, love <3

You: <3

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                                                 -Monday 14.34-

You: guess what

babyboygay: What?

You: with little help from taehyung, i managed to clean my apartment and make food.
        aND i took a shower bc we had to go food shopping and i haven't showered in a week before that

babyboygay: I'm so proud of you!
                     Good job baby <3

You: <3
         im so excited we'll meet in a few hours im !!!!

babyboygay: Same! I can't wait to see you

You: i want to still clean up my bedroom so im gonna do that right now.

babyboygay: I'm happy to hear that you have energy to clean up <3

You: me too lol
       btw hoseok and jimin are coming with me to the bus stop, hoseok is driving and jimin just wanted to come with us bc hes gay for hoseok

babyboygay: Sounds nice!

You: but im off to clean now!
        bye <3

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                                             -Monday 16.45-

You: we just started driving to the bus stop, i'll be there in five mins.

babyboygay: My bus is at the stop in about ten minutes

You: aah im so excited
        can we text until we see each other

babyboygay: Ofc
                     Earlier you mentioned that you have a long school day tomorrow, how long will you be at school for?

You: well, my day isn't exactly long but my last class starts at 16.35 and ends at about 18.15 so i'll be at home at 18.30-ish

babyboygay: Ohh, okay
                    Is Hoseok at home then? I could go at his place then

You: yeah he's home

babyboygay: Ayy nice
                     Oh shit five more minutes until my bus is there

You: i just got to the stop, im here waiting at the exit. hoseok and jimin are in the car theyre probs fucking in the car or something
        throwback to when i was talking to taehyung and he told me about his and jungkook's sex life and i was like cool thanks

babyboygay: Wtf sounds wild

You: i see your bus i see your bus i see your bus

babyboygay: I see you
                     I'm getting my bag from the trunk I'm coming there asap
                     I'm gonna hold your hand so soon omg

You: okay
        come fasterrr
        ugh the person giving out the bags is so slow wtf how did he get hired
        youre so cute when you smile
        kiss me
        i love you so much

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