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now suddenly, you need me [undergoing editing 11/27]

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                                                                           -Monday 22.01-
Joonie♥: I still want you back
              Don't leave me on read, please baby
              I love you
             Please answer, I need you
             I still care for you
             I'm in town next week, would you want to meet up?

                                                                           [Block Joonie♥? YES or NO?]

You: now suddenly you need me
        didn't seem like you needed me when you were fucking seokjin

Joonie♥: Yoongi, please I don't wanna fight about this anymore
              I didn't even fuck him, we we're only cuddling and he kissed me I didn't kiss him.

You: bullshit i saw you kiss him

Joonie♥: Fucks sake, you said it was fine

You: i didn't

Joonie♥: You didn't answer my question.

You: idk if i wanna meet up w u im kinda budy

Joonie♥: Ohh I get it.
              Are you back in school?

You: yeah im studying at global cyber university
        why do you even care?

Joonie♥: Am I not allowed to care?

You: no, that's not the point -.-'
        it just wonders me that you actually care for me after we broke up
       not that you arent allowed to care but yeah

Joonie♥: Why does it wonder you lol

[You changed Joonie♥'s nickname to Kim Namjoon]

You: idk lol

Kim Namjoon: Lol

[Read 22:34]