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From The Last Word to The Last Chapter of Our Journey

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Elbert Hubbard once wrote, "If men could only know each other, they would neither idolize nor hate."

I’m so glad that after all this time I’m finally getting the chance to work at the BAU, I think as I walk up the stairs towards the office of Agent Hotchner. After a quick check of my clothes I knock on the door to his office and he answers “Come in”

I open the door and enter his office “Agent Hotchner?” I ask, to make sure that it is really him and I’m speaking with the right person.

“Yes” he says, as he stands up out of his chair and puts out his hand for me to shake.

I put my hand out as well while I tell him “I’m Agent Emily Prentiss” and we shake hands.

“How do you do?” he asks and after thinking for a moment he asks “Oh, you’re ambassador Prentiss’ daughter, right? I did security clearances for your mother’s staff. It was one of my first commands. I believe you were off to Brown at the time”

I had really hoped to do a bit longer without someone mentioning my mother, but I can’t help myself and correct him “Actually, it was Yale”

“Ah” he says.

I tell him “I have been in the bureau for almost 10 years now” well at least that is what my file created by the CIA says.

He sort of jokingly states “Don’t tell me it has been that long”

“Apparently Sir, but I worked mostly in the Midwest. St. Louis, Chicago” I say, not really knowing why I said it since he read my file before hiring me.

It’s awkwardly silent for a second “Your parents well?” he asks, but I can see that it’s more out of courtesy than real interest and I don’t blame him.

“Yeah, yeah, they’re great” I say while this is getting more and more awkward. I look around his office a bit, not knowing what to say.

“Excellent” another awkward pause falls “What can I do for you?” he finally asks to my relief.

“Ah, well, I guess I was hoping that you could tell me where to put my stuff”

“I’m sorry?”

Maybe he forgot so I tell him while grabbing my transfer papers “I’m supposed to start here today. At the BAU” and I hand over the papers.

He tells me “There has been a mistake”

I feel my excitement ebbing away “I don’t think so sir”

“There’s definitely been a mistake” he says.

I hear a knock on the door before a beautiful blond comes in “Oh, excuse me. We’re getting started”

“Thank you, I’ll be right there” Agent Hotchner tells her and she leaves the room.

He refocuses on me and says “I didn’t approve this transfer, Agent Prentiss. I’m sorry for the confusion, but you have been misinformed” he gives back the papers “Excuse me, it was very good to see you again” he leaves the room and I walk after him. He walks away and I hear him ask another Agent “Did you approve any transfers?”

The other one looks at me before saying “No, I would have discussed it”

“That’s what I thought” they continue talking as they walk away but I can’t hear them anymore. As they walk into a room, I decide to go home, but I’m not giving up.


He walks into his office and doesn’t immediately notice me. When he turns he says “Please don’t tell me you have been there for the last four days”

“I heard you were flying back tonight” I tell him, not letting him know that I had indeed been waiting here for four days. Or that I was sad when I found out that the blond went with them on the case.

“Heard? How, how could you have heard a thing like that?” He asks confused.

“This was dropped off today” I tell him and hand over the file.

He looks a bit flabbergasted before saying “I appreciate you interest Agent, but profiling is a specialty. We can just give anyone who wants it give it a whirl”

I bet that if I could just tell him I have been profiling for the last 10 years, it would be a lot easier. Since that isn’t possible I fall back on just showing him I can profile “The I-80 killer? Coeds in Indiana?”

“Yes, I read it on the plane” he says getting annoyed.

“They aren’t blitz attacks. This guy’s organized. White male, early thirties and a smooth talker, because even after 11 victims he can still convince educated women, who know that there’s a predator out there, to get in his car”

For the first time I see him looking a bit impressed. He asks “How would you advise the police?”

I’m sure that he is testing me now and I answer “I would stake out the Ranch house, a nightclub in Gary, they have a very popular ladies night on Thursdays. If you look closely you see that 8 out of the 11 victims went missing on a Friday. So something gets this creep’s motor running on Thursdays” I pause before telling him “This isn’t a whirl, Agent Hotchner. I don’t know how the paperwork got screwed up or maybe you believe that my parents pulled some strings, which they didn’t, by the way. I belong in this unit and all I’m asking you for is the chance to show you that” I wait for his answer.

“I still need to look into this, I’m not promising anything” He says, but I can see his features softening a little at my demonstration.

“Understood” I say relieved.

“We brief new cases every morning at 10 AM. You can see facility managers about a desk”

“You won’t be sorry” I promise him. I grab my stuff and try to contain the smile that is threatening to show on my face.

“Agent Prentiss” I hear him call after me.

I stop immediately, did he change his mind? “Yes sir?” I ask nonetheless.

“Tomorrow at 7.30 AM Agent Jareau will brief you on protocol”

“Yes sir” I say and I really hope that Agent Jareau is the beautiful blond.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Remember that all through history there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seemed invincible. But in the end they always fall. Always."