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Sanders Sides Headcanons

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~ Logan can get very vocal in bed, aside from moans and whimpers, he begs for “more” and “please” and babbling about how he wants them to fuck him, he’s such a demanding sub – he’ll tell them to add another finger or suck/touch his cock just so, etc.

~ and the other just gets so sick of him being so mouthy and not letting them take full control and literally tells him to “shut the fuck up” and maybe something like “you better stop talking otherwise I’m leaving and getting myself off and leaving you with orders not to come”

~ and he shuts up so quick, mouth opening and closing trying to do something but he can’t do anything but gape at them because he really, really wants to come right now so he stays quiet, trying to urge them on by fucking himself back on their cock only for them to slam him down and hold him down

~ and he bites his lip or presses his head into the pillow and eventually if he’s good they’ll let him come – they let him off if he makes noise when he comes

~ if he makes a noise they’ll probably give him a final warning before they pull out, come all over him and wait until he’s soft again and they’re sure he won’t touch himself anymore (if he does then he’ll have a sore butt)