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Sanders Sides Headcanons

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- maybe it’s sarcastic because they’re still not quite friends but they’re not enemies, they still do the whole back and forth insults but more playfully - maybe it’s an offhanded comment like ‘sure thing, princess’ 

- and Roman just lets out a tiny moan at the nickname, immediately going bright red at the realisation and Logan’s eyes go wide before he smirks and says ‘something wrong, princess?’ and Roman is just weak, he can feel himself getting hard and he’s not sure if he wants to beg Logan to stop talking or for him to talk more

- it’s a unspoken thing but he utters the word ‘princess’ twice more before Roman can’t handle it and is kissing him, Logan is shocked but reciprocates, letting his hands wander and coming across Roman’s hard cock which is very visible through his trousers

- ‘what do you want, princess?’ ‘p-please, anything’ ‘do you want me to stroke your cock, princess?’ ‘fuck- please’

- so he does. Logan undoes his trousers and pulls out his cock, constantly commenting on how flushed/hard/vocal he is as he gets him off, always adding ‘princess’ to the end of the sentence. Roman hiding his face in the crook of Logan’s neck. and Roman’s quick to come, Logan looking at him with a piercing gaze and calling him princess and the work of his hand is too much for him

- maybe Logan calling Roman princess whenever he wants to make Roman weak, to get him to let his guard down, and to have some fun with him