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Sanders Sides Headcanons

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- Patton loving the feeling of the fullness in his bladder and forgetting that he’s holding sometimes so sometimes starts doing things and getting more desperate, most of the time he manages to get to the toilet in time and then trying to hold it another time

- but one time Roman ropes him into watching movies with him and he only vaguely realizes he needs to pee at the beginning but ignores it as he and Roman keep watching movies

- Patton starting to shift slightly and holding himself but he’s too comfy cuddled up slightly to Roman that he doesn’t want to move but he can’t focus on the movies anymore

- Roman asking if he’s alright and him lying, telling him he’s fine but Roman knows better but doesn’t say anything

- Patton thinking he can get away with leaking slightly so doesn’t bother to stop himself leaking because it might attract Roman’s attention. but soon enough he’s leaked considerably through his pants and it’s very visible, he can’t hold it for much longer so gets up to go to the toilet

- maybe he gets away, muttering that he needs to go to the bathroom, and rushes to the toilet. either him not making it and wetting himself on the way there or he gets to the bathroom and starts wetting before he reaches the toilet, soaking his pants slightly before getting his cock out or giving up and sitting on the toilet with his pants still on

- or maybe Roman doesn’t let him go, Patton’s being awkward and quiet, so him grabbing his arm and asking what’s wrong but Patton not being able to answer and just wetting himself right there. Roman just standing and watching as Patton’s pants grown wet and darker

- Patton apologizing afterwards but it kind of loses its effect by his very visible hard on.