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Sanders Sides Headcanons

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- it early ish in the morning, he wakes up, changes, and gets straight to doing his make up without going to the toilet first

- it’s a skill he hasn’t really perfected yet and it’s a lot of trial and error, applying, removing, and reapplying stuff which means a lot of time

- him squirming and messing up his make up even more making him frustrated but the longer he spends in front of his mirror the more desperate he gets making him shake and rock his hips on his chair

- not even being able to hold himself for too long because he needs to finish his make up, and he’s very stubborn but can only go so far until he’s leaking

- pausing momentarily to grab his crotch and take deep breath before resuming applying his make up

- but having to quickly give up, hands bracing himself on his desk, looking at himself at his mirror as his face flushes and his eyes well up with tears as he wets himself in his seat