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Whatever It Takes

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The war ended hundreds of years ago, but the evil that caused it still lingers.

It was bound to happen; centuries of built up tension concluding in a battle between the two strongest quirks ever seen. They were destined to fight against each other. Destined to die with each other.

When the symbols of good and evil fell, both sides retreated; one more damaged than the other.

Evil was not seen for many years, and some thought it was gone forever. Others knew it was not possible. For as long as good prevailed, evil tried to take it down.

Many years passed, and the world saw plenty of strong quirks come and go. Most were used for good, while evil remained in the shadows, waiting patiently for the perfect time to strike.

The ways of living changed and cities were rebuilt over old territories, lost to history.

Those who sought out good remained in the South, while rumors of evil kept them away from anywhere North of the Restless Mountains. Few brave souls had ventured up the mountains in hope of gathering intel only to never return.

Villains were getting stronger every day, and whispers of an army forming in the North kept the Hero Coalition on its toes.

Volunteers set out to spy the other side of the mountain, never to return. All Might never knew how they were captured, but assumed they died gruesomely at the hands of the League.

Everyone knew about the massive city that lies North of the Restless Mountains. It’s name was Vidra, and it was the capital of the villain territory.

Situated at the front of the city was the League of Villain Headquarters, rumoured to also house the current King of the Villains.

Otherwise, details about Vidra were scarce. The Hero Coalition struggled to even complete a map of the Northern Territory.


Meanwhile in the South, a quirk that had not been seen in a long time resurged.

Those aware of the legend believed it to be long lost in the past. Yet, a new hero showed signs of its return.


All Might -the symbol of peace- was known to the free world as the leader of heroes. The general in charge of protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. He was the current leader of the Hero Coalition, created years before his time to combat the fast accelerating rise of evil. Taking on the position for he knew who the brilliant mind behind the villains of today was.

Endeavor had always been a passionate hero, his drive to be the best sometimes leading him in the wrong direction. Always being second to All Might eventually took a toll, and one day he disappeared.

He was thought to have died in action at the hands of a powerful villain known as the Hero Killer: Stain, but All Might knew that Endeavor had sinister plans of his own. He knew he would eventually see him again. He knew that when they next saw each other, one of them would die.


As the Hero Coalition began to grow, All Might put an emphasis on training the brightest, most promising young heroes to take on whatever evil Endeavor was building. With members now exceeding the thousands, the Hero Coalition is the most elite army in the fight against villains. Those with the strongest quirks from all over the world would apply to work for the Coalition, and All Might couldn’t be more proud of the family of strong, passionate heroes he had created.

Just when he thought his family was complete, he came across a boy during a rescue mission who would come to change his life.

He was quirkless -a rare find- but All Might had seen something in him that even those with the most powerful quirks lacked. He was brave, truly fighting for good. It was then that All Might decided that his legacy would be passed on to that small boy from the outskirts of town. He would train him to be the number one hero.

While All Might knew he had found his successor, he wondered if Endeavour had been doing the same. Who could he have decided to fulfill his role as the number one villain? All Might worried that they could be stronger than his young Izuku Midoriya.

All Might didn’t want to risk the stability of the Hero Coalition, but he knew the League of Villains were close to launching their final attack. He could feel the end nearing. He knew the world would soon crumble and only one side would remain standing.

He needed to keep himself one step ahead of them; ahead of the evil that had yet to show its ugly face.

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Shoto Todoroki dropped his book on the floor, too distracted to continue by the loud, repetitive screeching of his brother from the other side of the castle. Nothing new, really.

He had his own living quarters on the East end of the mansion, including a lounge, ‘receiving’ room, office and giant bedroom overlooking the gardens. His brother had the same on the West end. Evidently, it was still not a big enough distance to block the screeching his brother made when something didn’t go his way. He didn’t know how to whine, only to yell.

Shoto opened his bedroom door to see his brother- Kacchan, having a fit at the other end of the long, red-carpeted hallway. Some assistants scurried around him, trying to dodge his flailing limbs. Shoto calmly walked over to the commotion.

“Before you say anything, fuck off.” Kacchan growled, struggling to pull a shirt over his head.

“It’s not going to stop us from having to listen to people’s complaints from all over the city.” Shoto clasped his hands behind his back.

“I haven’t even gotten to train yet today.” Kacchan pouted. “If this takes all afternoon I’m gonna be pissed.”

An assistant brought his black League of Villains jacket from his room, holding it out with shaking hands for him to grab.

“More than normal?” Shoto said.

“Shut up.” Kacchan zipped up the stiff fabric, leaving the collar undone. “I ask myself everyday why we do this court shit even though people can just send an email to our assistants or something.”

“To keep all parts of the city in good morale. Plus, they’ve been doing it for over 200 years.” Shoto stepped forward and zipped up the rest of Kacchan’s jacket. “I’m saving you from dad. He wouldn’t want to see your tits out.”

“He’s not even here today!” Kacchan stomped his foot.

“I don’t trust that.” Shoto said quietly.

“This jacket fuckin’ sucks and it’s too hot.”

A dark figure came up from behind Shoto, handing him a piece of paper.

“Fuck! Tsukuyomi where did you even come from?!” Kacchan yelled.

Fumikage Tokoyami, who went by his villain name Tsukuyomi, was Shoto’s head assistant. He kept track of Shoto’s day-to-day duties set by his father, made sure Shoto was on time, and was also a great sparring partner. His quirk- Dark Shadow- was terrifying and powerful. Enough so, that Shoto’s father hired Tsukuyomi on the spot to be his head assistant.

He was always wearing a black cloak, keeping Dark Shadow to rest and build strength in the darkness.

“Endeavor has a message for you.” Tsukuyomi said, ignoring Kacchan.

Shoto took the piece of paper, scanning it over.

“Why the fuck can’t he just like, text us this, or something.” Kacchan said.

“No audience with the citizens today.” Shoto said. “Dad wants to meet with us later.”

“Great.” Kacchan rolled his eyes.

“Thanks, Tsuku.” Shoto handed the paper back to him, “Anything else?”

“Endeavor will be back by 4 p.m. today, from what I’ve put together.”

Kacchan threw his jacket on the ground. “Thank fuck. I have boatloads of time to have the practice room all to myself. None of dad hovering over me and commenting on every single move.” He stomped off to his room.

Shoto watched an assistant pick up Kacchan’s jacket and rush it away to a safe place. It was a relief to know he now had the afternoon off, but he also knew that Tsuku and his dad would be on him to get his paperwork done. He headed towards his office, Tsukuyomi in tow.

“Know anything about this meeting that my dad wants to have with us?” he asked.

“Dabi and Toga are invited as well.”


Dabi and Toga were the children of members of the League of Villains, which was- of course, led by Shoto’s dad, Endeavor. They were basically like cousins to him and Kacchan, and had always been present when they were younger. The four of them used to get along really well, with Dabi being the same age as Shoto, and Toga the same age as Kacchan. However, as they got older, Shoto and Kacchan began to take on more intense roles as Endeavor’s successors, barely having time to see their childhood friends.

Why Endeavor was having a meeting with the four of them was very odd. Shoto last saw Dabi and Toga a month ago at a charity event to raise money for the League of Villains. They hadn’t changed much, still taking on a scarily evil vibe.

“Dabi was hot until whatever happened with that purple stuff.” Kacchan called from the other end of the hallway, heading down the stairs. He was pulling on a black tank top.

“He’s basically related to us, Kacchan.” Shoto said.

“Not actually .” Kacchan’s voice echoed in the giant entrance of the castle a floor below them.

Shoto shared a glance with Tsuku as he held open the door to the office.

“When do we leave to visit the League of Villains office up North?” Shoto asked, scanning some new papers on his desk as he took a seat in the plush red chair.

“Your dad cancelled the trip, actually.” Tsukuyomi said.

“That’s odd.” Shoto frowned, “It’s been in the works for months.”

“I know.”

“Something’s up.” Shoto muttered.

“I can assure you, I’m doing everything I can to find out what is actually going on.” Tsukuyomi stood in the corner of the room, unmoving.

“I know that.” Shoto said, “I trust you more than anyone here.”

Other than Kacchan, of course. Kacchan was moody and angsty pretty much all the time, but they had always seemed to be on the same page about their dad, life at the mansion, and what it meant to be a villain. If Shoto didn’t have Kacchan while growing up, he wouldn’t have survived.

“I’m going to get some tea.” Tsukuyomi announced, after a pause. “I’ll come to get you when your father gets home.”

“Okay.” Shoto nodded. “Thanks.”

The door closed softly, and Shoto was left with the distant rumbling of Kacchan practising his quirk in the basement training room.


At 3 p.m. there was a knock on his door. Before he could say anything, it swung open.

“Hello Mr. Todoroki.”

Shoto peered up from his desk. “Hi, Tomura.”

“It’s Shigaraki to you.”


Shoto stared at the hand covering the entirety of Shigaraki’s pale face. “What is my father asking me to do now?”

“We have some captured heroes he wants you to help me interrogate.”

He mentioned it casually like they were going to have tea with the prisoners. Interrogating captured members of the Hero Coalition barely involved talking, especially with Shigaraki.

“How many?”

“Two. They seemed to have made it into the city somehow.”

He frowned. This would not be fun.

“We have to punish them, but I figured we could try to get some information out of them as well.” Shigaraki grinned.

Shoto knew that this was one of Shigaraki’s favourite things to do. Everyone at the League of Villains headquarters knew that. He could feel Shigaraki’s eyes boring into him, challenging him to say no. He wanted Shoto to slip up, to show a sign of weakness and empathy like he used to.

“Give me a moment.” Shoto stood up, smoothing out his clothes.


Their footsteps echoed loudly down the winding staircase to the dungeon.

Despite the living portions of the mansion being constantly renovated, the dungeon had rarely been touched since the war hundreds of years ago. This was evident in the stones that lined the walls- cracked and warped from time. There was a constant murkiness in the air, the floor littered with puddles created from the dripping ceiling.

Shoto followed behind, hands clasped behind his back as Shigaraki basically skipped towards the cell, following two huge guards. They walked past numerous captured members of the Hero Coalition, some had been there longer than Shoto could remember. There were a few prisoners who Shigaraki deemed ‘regular people’ or, those who were not involved in either the Hero Coalition or the League of Villains.

Some of the newer prisoners begged to be set free, but the older ones knew that the successor to the King of the Villains and the King’s right-hand man would be the last people to release anyone.

They arrived at the last cell at the end of the dungeon. There were two boys close to Shoto’s age slouching against the wall. Their hero outfits were torn, covered in dirt and blood.

“Hi boys!” Shigaraki squealed. A guard unlocked the cell while another guard grabbed the boys.

“This is Shoto Todoroki.” He gestured to a neutral-faced Shoto. “And we’re gonna have a nice lil’ chat.”


Their walk towards the other end of the enormous dungeon dragged on longer than it should have. They were headed to the ‘interrogation’ room, the last place any hero wanted to end up. It looked the same as everything else, with dark, cracked bricks and dirty floors, but there was a tiny window at the top of one wall with bright light shining in. There was also another full wall dedicated to various torture devices.

The guards locked the four of them in the room and watched the door from outside. Shigaraki was hovering closely over the scrambling heroes.

“Any questions, boys?”

One pointed to Shoto. “Are you a Todoroki, like, the SON of Enji Todoroki.”

Shoto nodded.

“So you’re his successor?” The other one asked.

You’re the one that everyone is talking about defeating before it’s too late?” The one boy looked at the other, then back at Shoto, who looked so bored he could have fallen asleep right there.

“What’s your quirk?”

“What’s up with your hair?”

“Why do you have a scar around your eye?”

Shoto stepped forward calmly. “I don’t look like a villain to you?”

The boys glanced at each other, then back at him.

“Not as menacing as everyone has made me out to be, huh?”

They started to cower as he got closer. Shigaraki was smirking behind him.

Before anyone could say anything more, flames lit up on the left side of Shoto’s body, reaching out to completely engulf one of the heroes. He then pressed his hand to the ground, directing a path of frost to the other boy, watching him slowly get covered in ice.

He marched over to a grinning Shigaraki. “Defrost the one eventually but let the other one burn. You still have one guy to interrogate.” He opened the door to the cell. “He should open up more knowing that we have no problems killing them.”

Without waiting for an answer, he nodded at the guards and left. Technically, he did have authority over Shigaraki to make these kind of decisions. Plus, a move like this would hopefully keep his dad off his back for a bit. Most of all, it was a way to quickly get out of being around Shigaraki for any longer.

He returned to his office, very happy for the custom designed uniform he was wearing that adapted to the severe changes in temperature. There had been many times in the past when he returned to his room with half of a shirt on. That was also when he had less control over his quirk. He hadn’t had that issue in a long time.

He heard Kacchan stomp up the stairs in his usual fashion and slam the door. He most likely wasn’t even in a mood, that’s just the way he made his way around the house.

If he had finished training, that must mean they were getting closer to their meeting with their dad. Shoto glanced at the time on his computer. 4:14 p.m. His dad would be summoning them anytime now.


Shoto was the last to arrive, taking a seat beside Kacchan.

“Hi Shoto!” Toga sang.

“Hey, guys.” He glanced at Kacchan, whose uniform was unzipped to his chest. Kacchan zipped up the jacket and sneered at him.

“How have you been?” Dabi asked, leaning far forward in his seat. They were all seated beside each other on one side of the table, making it difficult to have a conversation.

“Swell.” Kacchan answered, continuing to look straight ahead.

“Fine.” Shoto said at the same time.

Two guards opened the door across from them, allowing Shigaraki to enter the room. Next was one of those bumbling idiot Nobus and finally Endeavor himself. Another Nomu followed then closed the door.

“Hi kids.” Endeavor said with a small hint of enthusiasm. He was wearing his version of the League of Villains uniform- a stiff black jacket with thin red accents and matching pants- but his jacket was the size of three of Shoto’s put together. He made the giant dining room hall feel tiny.

The Nomus arranged themselves on either side of the door, making slight grunting noises while Shigaraki and Endeavor took their seats opposite the kids.

“Shoto did a great job today helping me interrogate those Hero boys.” Shigaraki said.

“So I’ve heard.” Endeavor looked over some papers that had been placed on the table. “What did you do today Kacchan?”

“I did some sparring.” Kacchan responded.

“Next time bring Kacchan for interrogating too.” Endeavor asked Shigaraki.

Shigaraki rubbed his hands together. “The more the merrier!”

There was a brief moment of silence as Endeavor continued to read through some papers. He smacked his pen on the table and brought his attention to the kids.

“Okay. I have a mission for the four of you. Actually, five.” He motioned to Tsukuyomi who was watching quietly in the corner.

“All of the spies we have sent to enroll in the Hero Coalition have failed me. So I need to send more reliable people.”

“ I’m sending you to go undercover in Shojagi, the hero capital. Starting tomorrow, you five will begin training in the higher ranks of the Hero Coalition. I want you to find out as much as you can about All Might, his advisors and team. We will organize a way for you to communicate with the League of Villains without getting caught. I will send detailed information on everyone you will be associating with tonight. Memorize it. That is all.”

He exited the room, Shigaraki and the Nomus following, leaving the four frozen in their seats, mouths wide open.

“Wait. What?!?” Kacchan shouted. He jumped out of his chair and began to chase his dad.

“Kacchan!” Shoto called from his seat.

He stopped in his tracks and turned to him.

“Don’t.” Shoto warned.

“Why the fuck is he sending us ?!” Kacchan gripped the back of one of the chairs. “We have to go live with like, gross, happy, annoying Heroes?!!?!?”

Toga and Dabi watched, waiting for him to chase after Endeavor, and cause a scene. Kacchan and Shoto had both done it before- lashing out at their father while he just stared back. The punishment, of course, was seen and heard by everyone in the headquarters. A display to show that not even Enji Todoroki’s kids could make him change his mind.

It was entertaining to the cousins.

“Will you excuse us.” Shoto stated, his eyes dark.

Dobi smirked. Toga waved cheerfully as Shoto pulled Kacchan by the sleeve out of the room. Tsukuyomi followed without a sound.

They marched up to their wing, Kacchan turning redder by the second. Before his head exploded, Tsukuyomi locked the three of them in Shoto’s bedroom.

“This is fucking madness!! And that’s all we get from him?! Nothing else?!” Kacchan shrieked.

“He’s not going to change his mind.” Shoto said.

“I fucking know that!! God-” Kacchan picked up a book sitting on Shoto’s dresser and threw it out the- thankfully, open- window, “-dammit!”

The book stopped in mid-air.

Dark Shadow was extended across Shoto’s room, grasping the book. It placed it gently back on the dresser.

Kacchan launched himself on to Shoto’s bed, face buried in the thick blanket.

“Everyday I think he’s done the worst he can to us, then he does something even more hurtful.” he mumbled.

Shoto approached the bed cautiously, opening his mouth to speak, but Tsukuyomi beat him.

“I think being away from here will be good for everyone.”

Both boys were silently contemplating this statement.

Would it?

They had not been outside of the League of Villains capital in a while, only on small trips to other League of Villains cities. Their only interaction with ‘normal people’ had been with those that were captured. Everyone else that lived in the capital treated them like royalty, because, well, they basically were.

“I don’t think I can pretend to be a hero.” Kacchan said.

“That’s the part that confuses me,” Shoto began, “We have only ever been surrounded by villains. How did Endeavor think that we would be the best candidates to infiltrate heroes?”

“I have no idea what a hero even acts like.” Kacchan lifted his head off the bed. “Do we have to be nicer or something?”

Tsukuyomi laughed. “I think it’s more than that.”

“I say we just be ourselves…” Shoto suggested, “But, pretend that how we feel about villains, is how we actually feel about heroes.”

“We hate them?” Kacchan raised an eyebrow.

“Just pretend to hate the villains.” Shoto said.

Dinner was called at exactly 6:30 p.m. that night. Shoto and Kacchan sat side by side to the left of their dad, Shigaraki to the right. There was no one else joining them that night, which was unusual. They never had a moment with just their dad (and Shigaraki).

The first course was served, Kacchan digging in straight away. Shoto poked at his food for a bit, waiting for someone to speak.

“Are we staying in the dorms at the Hero Coalition training facility?” Kacchan asked.

“Did you read your briefing?” Endeavor shot back. “That’s what that is for.”

Kacchan didn’t respond.

“How was your trip today?” Shoto asked, voice flat.

“Very successful.” Endeavor began, “We are working on the final attack to get rid of All Might.”

“Do we get to help with that?” Kacchan jumped forward.

“You are by going undercover.” Endeavor said.

“This is part of the final attack?” Shoto queried.

“It’s the beginning of it.”

Kacchan frowned, peering over at Shoto. He looked just as confused.

“Please, boys, no more questions for now. I will let you know as the plans get finalized.” Endeavor snapped at a butler for more water.

“We just wanna help.” Kacchan muttered.

Endeavor sighed, watching the water spill into his glass. “I know. I am very pleased with that, Kacchan. Just stay focused on the upcoming mission. I know you tend to stray off a bit.”

Shoto felt his jaw clench, watching Kacchan turn pale out of the corner of his eye. Endeavor hadn’t brought up this particular incident in a while. No one was prepared for it. It was as if he had sucker-punched Kacchan directly in the face.

Shigaraki and Endeavor continued to eat calmly. Shoto could feel Kacchan’s rising emotions. He glanced over to see Kacchan forcing food into his mouth, eyes watery, one hand gripping to the tablecloth.

“When did you reschedule the trip to go up North?” Shoto thought of the first thing that came to mind to distract from Kacchan.

“When you guys get back from the Hero Coalition.” Endeavor said, “I want you to meet the families from the Northern League of Villains headquarters.”

“They have some daughters close to your age.” Shigaraki added.

“We are hoping to unite the Northern headquarters and capital in order to strengthen the next generation of villains.” Endeavor admitted, much to Shoto’s surprise. He would not normally disclose these types of plans to them so far in advance.

Shoto knit his eyebrows in confusion. “You mean-”

“I am arranging a marriage for both of you in the future. I have many quirk geneticists working on who you will be most compatible with to create an heir with the strongest quirk.”

Kacchan coughed, choking on his food. He reached desperately for his glass of water.

“I didn’t want to discuss this with you now , but it is something to start thinking about.” Endeavor said, placing his napkin on the table, ignoring Kacchan’s growing distress.

“It makes sense.” Shoto agreed. “We want to continue the bloodline.”

“And make it stronger than ever.” Endeavor stood up, the chair scraping against the wooden floor. “Good luck on your mission tomorrow. I will see you in two weeks.”

With that he left the room, Shigaraki floating behind him.

They hadn’t even finished their meals.

Shoto turned to Kacchan. “Are you okay?”

“Absolutely. Fucking. Not.”

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“So do you think dad has any more goddamn BOMBS he’s going to drop on us today?” Kacchan asked Shoto later that evening. He had pulled a duffel bag from somewhere and was aggressively stuffing clothes into it, Shoto perched on Kacchan’s king sized bed.

“I’m surprised he even said anything about the arranged marriages.” Shoto questioned what the real intentions were behind it.

Kacchan paused, black t-shirt in one hand. “How am I supposed to get a girl pregnant if I’m not even like, attracted to girls?”

Shoto smiled. “There are certainly a lot of problems with dad’s plan for us.”

“Also… how can I be with someone just for their quirk?” Kacchan frowned. “I mean… I guess that’s what dad did.”

“There are a lot of things we have to sacrifice for the League of Villains.” Shoto said.

“And you really are okay with that? Being with someone just to create a stronger quirk? No love… or, friendship even?” Kacchan blurted.

“I haven’t experienced love the way you have.” Shoto began, “I won’t miss it if I’ve never felt it.”

Kacchan was quiet. “I guess. But… even companionship?”

“Look, if I could have it my way, I’d have no quirk at all.” Shoto stated. “Then I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this arranged marriage bullshit.”

“What?!” Kacchan shrieked, staring at his hands, “If I didn’t have my quirk, I don’t know who I’d be!”

“That’s what I want.” Shoto said, “To be defined beyond whatever my quirk is.”

Kacchan stared at him, looking sad. “You don’t like your quirk at all?”

“My quirk is amazing.” He answered, “but I don’t want it to be seen as the only important thing about me.”

“I don’t think that.”

Shoto smiled. “I know. You’re one of the only people in Vidra who respects me for who I am, not my quirk.”

“Who said I respected you?” Kacchan smirked.

Shoto rolled his eyes. “Fine. I guess Tsukuyomi is the only one who respects me.”

“I respect you occasionally,” Kacchan smiled as he threw heaps of socks into his bag, “When I feel like it.”

He felt a sharp pinch on his shoulder as Shoto walked passed him and towards the door. “Respect your elders, or be banished!”

“We’re already being banished!” Kacchan called, watching Shoto close the double-door entrance softly.

He glanced down to see the bag overflowing with dark clothes. He wondered if he should pack ‘hero’ clothes, but remembered there was nothing in his closet lighter than grey.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the blood red binder filled with details of the mission  on the edge of his nightstand. Shoto must have been looking it over while he was packing. Or maybe re-reading it. He was sure Shoto had already read through the whole thing twice. Nerd.

It was very difficult getting himself to sit down and read the binder. He had barely read a book since they finished their high school studies a few years ago. His study skills were very, very rusty.

He leaned against the headboard and stared at the binder- which seemed to grow bigger by the minute, willing it to go away. It wasn’t even going to be fun reading, he had to read about a bunch of heroes who most likely wanted him dead, or would do anything they could to get information on Vidra and the League of Villains out of him.

How could Shoto focus so easily on things like this? He even managed to memorize the most precise details by the time Kacchan was only halfway through. It was frustrating. Shoto was always considered the smart one, with no one ever taking into consideration how Kacchan had taught himself to adapt and create his own methods.

Right now his method was ignoring the book until it went away.

He surveyed the city beyond his open window. It was dark, with a few lights illuminating the streets closer to the core. Beyond the city were the Restless Mountains, which seemed to extend South forever.

Everyone was aware that normal cities and people lived on the other side of the mountains, but the range extended way beyond what anyone had ever explored. Plus, the windy conditions intensified the closer one got to the peak. Kacchan hadn’t been too deep in the forest surrounding the Restless Mountains, but even at the edge it was difficult to see where you were heading. No wonder so many heroes would get lost in the mountains, eventually landing in the clutches of the League.

How will we even get to Shojagi without being detected?

He rolled his eyes when he realized the answer would be in the book. He grabbed it and slammed it open to the front page. OPERATION H.I.T. (HERO INTERNAL TAKEDOWN) .

There was an index of all the chapters on the next page, reaching as high as fifty. Kacchan was annoyed just looking at the page. He skipped ahead to a list of the main people they would be working with. This page had large photos of every individual:

First and foremost, All Might. His perfect white smile contrasted with the red and blue of his suit. He was described as being very hands on with the training, all the way down to the newest recruits. They would be seeing him frequently, especially as they would be training under… Eraserhead ?! Why did he have more of a villain’s name than Kacchan did?

Eraserhead looked tired in his photo, his eyes the reddest Kacchan had ever seen. Was he high? Like, all the time? Or was it allergies? What’s up with this guy?

He was in charge of overseeing the training of the Elite force in the coalition. They had the strongest ranked quirks of all heroes, and were assembled to take on the worst of the worst villains.  

Kacchan remembered hearing about an incident ten years ago where some villains ran into the elite force and were taken out in under two minutes. It was the most worried he had ever heard his dad.

Could Eraserhead have been a part of this attack?

Below him was Present Mic. Kacchan felt like he could hear how loud he was through the picture. His mouth was wide open, smiling, and his blonde hair was standing up, stick straight and out of the photo. Apparently he was in charge of the secondary elite force, which Toga and Dabi were to be enrolled in.

He flipped the pages a bit further, scanning over other licensed heroes of all shapes and sizes. They were of no importance to him.

The pages that he recognized were most significant were who the instructors were. The instructors were the real leaders of the elite force, and would be training new recruits. In times of battle, the heroes were lead by the instructors, who then reported to Eraserhead. The instructors were considered the top five rated heroes in the elite force, making them the strongest out of everyone in the coalition, other than All Might and the teachers, of course.

From the pictures, it seemed as if the instructors were about the same age as Kacchan and Shoto. Kacchan scrunched his nose, wondering what it would be like to be in charge of some of the strongest heroes in the coalition. Probably annoying , he thought.

The first instructor’s name was Tsuyu Asui, a small girl with green hair and frog-like eyes. There was no information on her quirk, or the other instructors’ quirks, as the League of Villains had not been able to infiltrate the coalition to that extent. Considering her animal-type features, Kacchan would guess that she has something to do with frogs.

The next instructor was Ochaco Urarka. Kacchan could only describe her as adorable. How on earth did this girl manage to be in the top five heroes? Without knowing her quirk, she seemed as if she had the power to heal wounds with a song or something else majorly cute.

Below her was a picture of a pink girl, Mina Ashido. She had ivory horns and black eyes. She was also very cute, despite her alien-like features.

Is this how the hero coalition worked? By wooing the villains over with cute instructors? Kacchan glanced at the last two instructors.

Momo Yaoyorozu seemed less cutesy than everyone else so far, but Kacchan knew this did not define the strengths of their quirks.

Are there any male instructors? Kacchan wondered. It was interesting to see the top five be made up of mostly girls.

His eyes landed on the last instructor, a boy with dark green hair and emerald eyes. Izuku Midoriya. He smirked. This was how he was going to get more info on the hero coalition. He couldn’t charm girls the same way he could charm boys, and considering how cute this one was, this mission was looking to be a bit more fun than he expected.


The next morning at 6 a.m., Endeavor’s personal jet took the five member team and two Nomus to a location just outside of Shojagi. The Nomus were there to make sure they made it to the Hero Coalition HQ safely, with no incidents.

Toga and Dabi sat beside each other closest to the cockpit. Dabi was asleep while Toga painted her nails a deep purple. Kacchan looked across the aisle to see Shoto’s nose scrunched at the strong smell. Tsukuyomi sat beside Shoto, reading over the red binder and making notes. It was strange seeing him without his black cloak.

In fact, it was weird seeing all of them in non-villain attire. They looked like normal young adults, which wasn’t very fitting in the fire-themed interior of the jet.

Kacchan’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out to see a text from his dad.


Let’s not have a repeat of the last mission.


Kacchan scowled, and threw his phone across the aisle. Tsukuyomi glanced up, then returned to reading. Shoto didn’t flinch. Toga turned around in her seat, grabbing the head rest.

“Everything good Kacchan?”


She shrugged and faced the front again.

Shoto watched him, eyes flickering as if he was running a million different formulas in his head. He was trying to solve the problem before he even knew what was wrong with him.

He glared out the window across the aisle, willing the storm of emotions that were rising from his stomach to stop. He swallowed heavily, his throat pinching.



Two Years Ago


Endeavor had sent Shoto and Kacchan on a mission to stay in one of the more Northern villain cities called Otevu for a year and attend school. He wanted to examine how other villain families lived their lives further away from the capital. They were enrolled in a high school at the city centre in a junior and senior class.

Every night, they were to type up reports of their daily activities, which were then sent to Vidra for Shigaraki to read and summarize for Endeavor. Endeavor would report back at the end of every week and send tasks for the boys to accomplish during the week. It was a lot of work between studying for school (so they wouldn’t seem suspicious), quirk training, socializing and reporting to Vidra.

For the most part, the other students were fairly easy to get along with- when they weren’t intimidated by Shoto’s quiet yet watchful demeanour and Kacchan’s attitude.

They got to know most of their classmates pretty well, even the ones with strong personalities. It was nice to fit in and feel normal amongst a group of people close to their age, and they really enjoyed the time away from their dad’s intense training regime and rules back in Vidra. It was something they had been missing out on for a while.

Two months into the school year, Kacchan became friends with a boy named Kirishima- who was in the grade below him. He was respected amongst everyone- older students, teachers, even the librarian had fallen for his charm.

When Kacchan was alone with him, he felt like he could tell him anything. He almost revealed that he was Endeavor’s son. It was as if Kirishima could reach deep within him and understand his thoughts and feelings, without even trying. Their connection was strong, and it scared Kacchan more than anything.

First and foremost, Kacchan didn’t mention anything about this boy to his dad. If the progression of their relationship was scary for him, there was no way he would tell his difficult father. He was even hesitant to tell Shoto at first. It wasn’t until one night when they were getting ready for a party they were both invited to that Kacchan blurted out:

“Is it weird that I’m seventeen and never kissed anyone?”

Shoto frowned. “No. Don’t ever feel pressure to do anything with anyone. There is no rush.”

“Wow, that’s the most brotherly thing you’ve ever said to me.” Kacchan smiled.

Shoto laughed. “Being outside of Vidra has made me feel like an actual teenager again, that’s probably why.”

Kacchan smiled at him then went back to tying his shoes, silent.

“Is there a reason why you’re thinking of this?” Shoto asked.

There was no way to casually brush the question off. It was obvious that he had asked it for a reason.

“There’s someone that I really like.” Kacchan said quietly.

“Do you think something is going to happen at this party?”

“I want it to.”

Shoto stared down at him, eyes unreadable. “You deserve to have a night like a normal teenager. So do whatever you want, and I’ll make sure dad doesn’t ever find out.”

Grinning, Kacchan jumped up and squeezed his brother in a hug. “I know you don’t like to be touched, but I really appreciate it Shoto. Love you.”

“Love you too.” Shoto responded quietly.

A few hours later, the party was in full swing.

Kacchan wandered into the walk-in coat closet to grab his phone charger from his jacket. Coincidentally, Kirishima was in there as well.

“What’re you doing?” Kacchan asked.

Kirishima paused digging through his backpack to crane his neck up at Kacchan and smile. “Looking for more alcohol.”

Kacchan’s ears were ringing a bit, finally in a quiet place after spending hours surrounded by more than a hundred people from school jammed into the house, yelling over the loud music. He was feeling a bit tipsy at this point, but not completely gone like a lot of the other people there. Kirishima didn’t seem drunk at all, even though he had been nursing beers all night.

“I can’t believe how many people showed up.” Kacchan chuckled.

Kirishima stood up, a bottle of rum in hand. “I know. And it’s only midnight.” He grabbed Kacchan’s hand, pulling him towards the door, “Let’s do something really stupid!”

“Like what?” Kacchan was laughing.

“I don’t know, let’s prank Shinsou or something!”

Just as they approached the door, a huge senior stopped them in their tracks.

“You are not allowed to leave this room.” He said.

“Why?” Kirishima asked. Kacchan frowned behind him, getting ready to fight.

The senior pointed to a group of fifteen or so of Kirishima’s friends sitting on a few couches nearby. “They said you guys should stay in here until you work out your ‘sexual tension’.”

“WHAT?” Kacchan screeched.

Kirishima leaned out the door and glared at his friends for a brief moment before the senior pushed him back in and slammed the door shut. He pushed on the door frantically, but it didn’t budge.

Kacchan’s mind was spinning out of control, what the fuck did that gigantic senior say?!!???

Giving up, Kirishima rested his forehead on the door.

Kacchan didn’t know what to say. He certainly hoped but didn’t think that Kirishima actually had any feelings for him. He was too popular, and Kacchan was… well, he wasn’t even a real student at their high school. He didn’t actually belong, as much as it seemed like it.

Everything in this city was way too ordinary for him, there was no underlying struggle for ultimate power like his family back in Vidra. No one secretly wished for his demise here the same way that Shigaraki did, or the way that Endeavor overlooked every single achievement Kacchan had made with his quirk in favour of Shoto. There was no fear of being suddenly exiled from your family by making one small error the way it burned deep within Kacchan. Kirishima was too normal to understand him, so how could he have feelings for him?

“Are you okay Kacchan?” Kirishima’s voice pulled him out of the tunnel he was falling into.

“What the hell is going on?” Kacchan asked, cheeks pink.

Kirishima looked back at him with puppy-dog eyes. “Um...well…” his cheeks flushed, “I… uh… oh my god, I can’t believe I’m saying this… I-”

“Spit it out!” Kacchan stomped his foot with impatience.

Kirishima closed the space between them and kissed Kacchan softly. He pulled back, seeing Kacchan’s features soften.

“Ugh. I have a crush on you.”

Kacchan smirked. “Why is it ‘ugh’?”

“Because crushes always end badly for me.”

“That’s surprising, considering you’re perfect in every aspect.”

“What?” Kirishima scrunched his brows.

“You’re like a ray of sunshine… or… something.” Kacchan blushed harder. He was starting to sound like a nerd and needed to shut up.

Kirishima grinned. “You’re so cute.”

“No I’m not.”

He pinched Kacchan’s cheeks then kissed him again. “Adorable.”

“I’m tough. And scary.”

“So. Cute.” He said in between kisses.

“I’m not going to let you kiss me anymore if you keep on saying that.” Kacchan threatened.

“Oh no! You’re so evil!” Kirishima raised his hands in fake fear.

Kacchan froze for a second. Little did he know…

“I hope this means you like me back by the way.”

“You’re okay.” Kacchan tried to hold back his grin.

They spent the rest of the night in the closet alternating between whispering and making out.


The Monday after the party, when Kacchan was able to pull Shoto aside during lunch and finally have some alone time with his busy brother, he told him everything.

“I’m seeing someone, I think.” he said, pulling out the grass underneath him.

Shoto leaned back against the big oak tree they were sitting under, smiling, “So everything went well at the party then?”

“I would say so.” Kacchan stared at each individual blade he was yanking out of the ground. “I’m scared though.”

“Neither of us really have any experience in this.”

“I can’t let dad find out.” Kacchan’s eyes welled up, “He would take me out of here in an instant.”

Shoto sighed, leaning over to put one of his hands on Kacchan’s knee. He glanced up into his brother’s amber eyes. “I will do everything I can to stop him from finding out. But- you need to be really cautious about it. Try not to go all-out on this.”

He knew Shoto was right. He was stating the facts, but it’s not what Kacchan wanted to hear. He didn’t want to have to worry about stuff like this.

“It’s not fair.” he sniffled.

“Not at all.” Shoto answered.

“I don’t want to be part of our family anymore… I want to stay here forever.”

“It’s just… who we are… and what were meant to be.” Shoto sighed, “Dad means well… sometimes.”

Kacchan pouted.

“The only way to really make this best of this situation, is to enjoy every day we have here.” Shoto suggested, “And not think about the end.”


A month later, while Shoto was studying for a science quiz at their quaint apartment in the city, Kacchan came home alone. It was rare to see him without Kirishima; his new boyfriend, in tow. Shoto frowned, wondering what was wrong.

Kacchan disappeared to his room, not saying a word.

When he is ready, he will tell me what is going on. Shoto knew not to push anything with Kacchan.

An hour later, he came out and quietly sat down at the table across from Shoto. He glanced up from his science textbook, an eyebrow raised.

“I really wanna have sex with Kirishima.”

“You haven’t yet?!”

“I would have told you!”

Shoto paused. “Okay?” He wasn’t too sure what to say.

“I know this is a lot,” Kacchan sighed, “But I need you to not be home on Friday night.”

“That’s not an issue at all.”

Kacchan chewed his lip, looking uncharacteristically nervous.

“Do you love him?” Shoto asked.

He nodded slowly. “I’m starting to.”

“I’m really happy for you.” Shoto chuckled, then switched to serious parent mode in an instant, “Do you need me to get anything for you?”

Kacchan frowned in confusion.

“... you know,” he continued, “Anything that would make you… like, uncomfortable to buy?”

“Um.” Kacchan blushed, “I’m good I think.”

“Just be safe.” Shoto said, “From what I’ve read, seen and heard preparation is key.”

“Ew!” Kacchan jumped up from the table. “Why do you have to say it like that?!”

“Sorry! But it’s true!”

“I know it’s true but… just… ugh!” He wandered to the kitchen, yanking open the fridge. He scanned over the few scattered items.

“I really like Kirishima.” Shoto added.

Kacchan turned, his profile outlined by the light in the fridge. He was glowing. “I have never felt so lucky to have met someone in my life.”


Two weeks later, they were on a call with their father and Shigaraki to catch them up on what had gone on that week. Everything had been progressing normally, which made the update relatively easy for the boys. They were reaching the end of the call when Endeavor announced he had one more message for them.

“I’ve heard some rumours that we are getting a little too close to the subjects.” He began, “Remember, keep a distance between them. They are beneath you and will ultimately end up serving you.”

Shoto remained stoic, glancing over to see Kacchan clenching his jaw. He prayed that Kacchan could hold himself for another minute.

“Furthermore, I will not allow any sort of intimate relationships with these people or any people I do not deem suitable for our families growth. We’ve discussed this before, but I feel like being exposed to so many new people your age requires a reminder of this rule. I can assure you both will be happy with who you are to marry- all I want is for you to be happy- but I need you to focus on the mission now in order to ensure that. Am I clear?”

“Yes, father.” Shoto heard himself say over Kacchan’s “Yes dad.”

“Keep up the good work, boys!” Shigaraki added before ending the call.

Shoto made sure the computer was closed, and they were definitely disconnected before they said anything else. He watched Kacchan, waiting for him to speak.

“What will dad do if he finds out?” Kacchan asked, staring at the wall in front of him. “What do you think the worst is that he would do?”

“We’d get taken off the mission.” Shoto sighed.

“He wouldn’t ever hurt Kirishima, would he?” Kacchan held his face in his hands.

“I don’t think he would ever hurt one of his people.” Shoto assured, “Kirishima is first and foremost in villain territory, in a villain city. What would benefit dad from hurting Kirishima?”

Kacchan nodded. “That’s true.”

Shoto rubbed Kacchan’s hunched back with his warm hand. He wished he could get peace for his brother, but the fact of the matter was- Endeavor would do anything to make sure his son’s were the strongest and the best in order to defeat the heroes. He didn’t know if his dad would hurt an innocent teenager to make a point to Kacchan, but Endeavor had certainly done worse. Shoto had seen him do worse.


So Kacchan continued to see Kirishima, their relationship progressing beyond what anyone had imagined. At points, Shoto wondered if Kacchan had told Kirishima who he really was, and didn’t mention it to Shoto. He was worried about how close the two were, because there were so many variables that could go wrong. Kacchan was certainly brave for putting his heart out there, but it was something Shoto would never do the same way. Falling in love was always more risky than beneficial or them, which Endeavor definitely helped prove during their December holiday break.

When they arrived back at the League of Villains, Shigaraki was waiting on the other side of the door with Nomus. It was surely a surprise to be greeted by him as soon as they arrived, which instantly made Shoto nervous. Something was not right about this.

“Follow me.” Shigaraki said.

The boys exchanged glances, and followed the group to the top of the headquarters, the highest floor reserved for Endeavor’s massive office.

His desk was built to fit his size, back against the wall of windows looking towards the mountains. The other walls were lined with books and old photographs.

Just like how it was last time they were there, years ago.

Shigaraki walked up the black carpet that lined the path to Endeavor’s desk, standing beside him, who was waiting patiently for their arrival. He was resting his head on one hand, looking bored.

“Welcome back to Vidra.” he said.

They said nothing.

“What? Are you not excited to see your father?” he asked.

“It is wonderful to be back.” Shoto said, looking over to Kacchan. He was white.

“Good to hear. You are not going back to that filthy town after the break, I have cut the mission short.”

Shoto exhaled, trying to maintain his composure. “Why is that?”

“You have obtained enough information for me. Now, go and relax and we will discuss the debriefing reports after dinner.”

Kacchan didn’t move at first, until Shoto tugged on his jacket. They were halfway through the room when their dad said:

“If you ever hide anything from me the way you did during this mission, just know I always find out.”

They stopped dead in their tracks.

“You do understand- you can’t keep anything from me.”

Kacchan whipped around, tears in his eyes. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!”

“I made sure you won’t ever see him or hear from him again.”

Shoto grabbed Kacchan’s arm and held him back the best he could.

“Let go!” Kacchan shouted, throwing Shoto to the ground. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” He yelled again, storming towards them.

“I killed him” Endeavor sneered. “And I will kill anyone that gets in the way of my plan to take down the Hero Coalition.”

Kacchan wailed, falling to his knees. He began to sob, unable to form a response to their father.

“You clearly don’t understand how vital you are to my plans, Kacchan. I can’t have you associating with out of town filth. I can assure you it’s a waste of time.”

Shoto ran up to Kacchan, stopping behind him and glaring at Endeavor.

“Are you going to do something about that, Shoto?” Endeavor asked, laughing.

He was trapped. His dad had threatened the absolute worst for them in the past. He had control over everything they knew and loved. He crouched down beside his brother and whispered into his ear:

“Kacchan, I know you are in pain right now, but we need to go before anything worse happens. You know he will do anything he can to get us to listen to him. You can cry and suffer and be as mad as you want, but we can’t let him see it. We need to go.”

Shoto glanced over to Endeavor, who was looking bored again. Kacchan sniffled, allowing Shoto to pick him up off the ground and walk him out of the room.

They slowly made their way to Kacchan’s room, ignoring the knowing looks of those passing by. Everyone had already found out what happened. Endeavor probably spread the rumours himself, making it very clear that if anyone decided to go against his rules- he would find out, and he would stop it, no matter what.


The restless nights and dreary days were forever ingrained in Shoto and Kacchan’s brain. Shoto stayed in Kacchan’s room for months after it happened, being constantly awoken in the night to Kacchan screaming and covered in sweat. It took a long time for Kacchan to be able to have a full week of normal sleep. He started to return to his normal self again after that, but they both knew a part of him was forever ruined by what Endeavor did. And what could they have done? Their father would always find out. It was evident that anything they wanted to do in defiance would be shot down instantly. Their lives were on the line, but more importantly, their moms.

Kacchan felt like an innocent, naive piece of himself was killed on that day. It would never come back. Anger immediately filled the spot, changing him in ways he never wanted to. He missed the person he was before everything happened, and there was no one to blame but his horrible father.

He knew he would never be able to open up to someone the way he did with Kirishima. Only if it was over the span of a few months, it felt like they had known each other for years. Kacchan would have risked everything he had for him.

Not a day passed without Kacchan thinking about him. He had hoped on every rare occasion they left Vidra that they would somehow come across Kirishima, just casually strolling around. He would smile at Kacchan and it would feel like the sun, the kind of warmth that permeated deep into your bones and made everything feel okay. He missed that the most.

He kept that feeling protected with everything he could. He didn’t reach for it often, to preserve it the best he could for times when he was really feeling bad. After two years, it had shrunk a bit- Kacchan forgetting some of the small moments, but it was still there- the warmth of being with him, then having it taken away so abruptly. It would never leave.




The plane landed on a small runway just outside of the city. It must have been run by villains who had been operating in the Shojagi area undercover, as they were welcomed into the small yet expensive-looking airport with open arms. In fact, some of the villains working at the terminal were a little star-struck by Endeavor’s infamous sons. As the group was escorted towards their van, there were some people coming closer to ogle the entourage.

Considering the rare chances the boys had to leave the city, not many people in the villain kingdom had actually gotten a look at Endeavor’s sons. They were rumoured to be strong and terrifying, but also both very handsome in their own respective ways. Shoto, with his two-tone hair and Kacchan’s fiery red eyes. It wasn’t unusual for kids in high school to be confessing crushes on the boys, once rumours spread of their semester-long visit to Otevu.

Endeavor had assured them multiple times that anyone South of the mountains had no idea what the King of Villains son’s looked like. But it was a bit odd that so many villains undercover knew who they were. It’s not like they were high-ranking villains who spent a lot time at the League of Villains or anything. Even with the rumours of their appearances, they should be almost unrecognizable in their normal outfits.

Guess not. It must have been Shoto’s easy-to-recognize hair. No one else anywhere had it.

The city began once they passed through a towering brick-wall facing the forest. There was only one way to get in and out, which was monitored by an excessive amount of heroes.

They were fortunately let in with ease.

Everything about Shojagi looked very similar to Vidra, although Vidra’s style was a bit more gothic than this cities modern look. There were restaurants, banks, schools and libraries just like Vidra. Apartments, condos and other normal things were scattered around the city. People walked by on their phones, walking a dog or chatting with friends. It was nothing that the group had not seen before, the only difference was the Hero flag being flown instead of the Villain one.

When they reached the city’s core, it was hard not to notice the many buildings dedicated to the Hero Coalition. They were all grand in scale and appearance, painted a royal blue to match the Hero flag, with ivory accents.

There were multiple training facilities, dorms and places to study, all encompassing the Great Lawn- the exact centre of the city, where citizens would enjoy a stroll through the gardens or feed the ducks at the pond.

All Might’s office sat at the North end of the Great Lawn. Their supposed number-one enemy.

It was a building they had only ever seen in pictures- modern, with sharp edges and large glass windows, yet, still humble. It was smaller than what they expected and surrounded by a lot more greenery. It’s placement atop a small hill gave All Might a view of the city from every direction. Perfect to watch over his great city.

They pulled up to a dorm at the Opposite end of the lawn.

Dabi reached for the handle to open the door then paused for a moment, hesitating. Everyone felt to some degree that it was too easy to enter the city. Someone out there must know where they really came from. The second they opened the door, they would be revealing themselves.

He swung the door open, and there was instant chaos of new recruits moving into the facilities. Some were accompanied by families of ten, others getting out of taxis, alone. No one seemed to notice the large dark van emptying five strange-looking kids amongst the crowd.

Young adults of all shapes and sizes were carrying suitcases, trunks and even couches up into their assigned dorm rooms. It was the beginning of a new training year, and the campus was buzzing.

Chapter Text

Conveniently, everything they required for the mission had already been moved into their dorms. Shoto and Kacchan were on the highest floor of the building where the elite recruits were housed. They each had their own bedroom and shared a kitchen and bathroom with everyone else.

Tsukuyomi, Toga and Dabi were a few floors below them, which were dedicated to the advanced recruits.

There were fifty rooms per floor, making it difficult for Shoto to even find his own brother’s room.

When he arrived at room 806, the door pushed open with ease. Kacchan was lying on his bed with his hands behind his head.

“I feel so free.” He said.

“Not for long,” Shoto began, “training starts at 8 a.m. tomorrow.”

Kacchan scrunched his nose. “Well at least we have today to be free.”

“I’m going to walk around the city, wanna come?”


They were almost at the stairs when someone sitting in the living room yelled to them: “Are you guys rich or something?”

They exchanged glances, Shoto confused and Kacchan annoyed.

“What’s it to you?” Kacchan shot back.

“All of your stuff is moved in already.” The guy stated.

“So?” Kacchan said, getting more annoyed by the second.

“Yes we are.” Shoto stepped in, “Can we go now?”

The boy jumped over the couch, his chin-length blonde hair bouncing, and approached them. “Where are you going?”

“None of your business.” Kacchan fumed.

“Wait- are you guys related?”

“Yes.” Shoto said.

“And you’re rich?”

Shoto held back an eye roll. “Yes… I guess. I don’t see why that’s important.”

The boy shrugged. “I dunno.”

There was an awkward silence, Shoto and Kacchan inching towards the exit while the boy waited for them to say something.

“We’re going to go now.” Shoto pointed at the door.

“That’s fine.” The boy said. “I’m Kaminari, by the way.”

“Pleasure.” Kacchan said sarcastically.

“Very nice to meet you.” Shoto added, “I’m Sh-uh, Todoroki and this is my brother Bakugo.”

“Cool!” Kaminari cheered, “Later, I think everyone on this floor is having a get-together in the living room. You should come!”

Kacchan grimaced.

“Sounds great.” Shoto said. “Hopefully we’ll be back by then, bye!”

They didn’t wait for an answer, running down the stairs and outside.

“What the fuck was that?” Kacchan asked, taking in the fresh air.

“Someone being nice.” Shoto said.

“Too overwhelming.” Kacchan put his hands in his pockets, walking towards the Great Lawn.

Shoto laughed, catching up to him. “He was very inquisitive, for sure.”

“I forgot we have to use our ‘secret mission’ names.” Kacchan frowned.

“Yup.” Shoto said.

Kacchan started walking slowly on one of the many paths towards the Great Lawn’s expansive gardens.

It was peaceful, the sounds of the city combining with the chirping birds and rustling leaves from the garden. Other pairs were walking through the paths, smiling or waving at the boys as they passed by.

It felt like the last mission- the freedom, the new city, being with peers- but it was so much more. This was the furthest they had ever been from home, which would be fine if they weren’t surrounded by heroes . Kacchan and Shoto had never really met heroes who weren’t in the midst of being tortured. That was the only exposure they had had to these people.

Shoto could sense the heaviness in the air around Kacchan. The weight of lost love and the anger that came with it was evident in the way that he carried himself.

“Stop staring at me.” Kacchan said.

Shoto frowned. “Was I?”

“Yea. You’re analyzing me again. Just let it go, I don’t wanna talk about it right now.”

“Okay.” Shoto shrugged. “Let’s just get a feel for this city.”

“It’s warm and sunny and even the grass has a hero vibe to it.”

Shoto snorted, “How so?”

“It’s too green. Too happy.”

“So heroes are happy and villains are angry?”

Kacchan kicked a stone across the path. “Heroes are overbearing and have too much energy, villains like to keep it low-key.”


Everything about the city felt oversaturated, from the blue of the sky to the bright white sidewalks that were all somehow sparkly clean. Even the people of the city seemed too friendly, their smiles wide and beaming compared to the casual-cool citizens of Vidra.

The city radiated with vibrant energy, even though it was late Sunday.

No one seemed to care that Monday was around the corner, where most likely everyone had to return to their day jobs or other boring tasks. Shoto didn’t understand how everyone was so cheerful, nothing that important was happening.

Their tour around the city core ran into the early evening, the sun setting into a deep purple sky filled with stars. They approached the dorm exhausted and filled with information about the citizens of Shojagi to pass on to Endeavour.


The get-together Kaminari had spoken about was in full-swing when they opened the door. It seemed as if everyone in the building had been invited, with recruits flowing into the hallways, chatting in small groups and holding red plastic cups filled with who-knows-what. There was loud music playing from somewhere, which was barely audible over everyone talking.

“I’m going to bed.” Kacchan stated, heading towards his room.

Shoto stared at the group, then back to Kacchan’s receding figure. He knew he should try to socialize, and would probably enjoy the time spent with other people his age, but everything felt wrong.

He knew Kacchan was still suffering from the trauma of the last mission, and being thrown into a similar situation made it worse. It didn’t feel right going to have idle conversations with people while Kacchan was sitting in his room alone and depressed. But he also knew that this party was vital to their time here at the Academy -it was a good excuse to break the ice. Plus, it’s not like him or Kacchan had a lot of practice making friends their own age, and this party would certainly help.

Kaminari stumbled towards him, clearly hammered, and grabbed onto the wall for dear life.

“What’s wrong with your brother?” he asked.

“A lot.” Shoto said with all honesty. It felt good to not lie about something for once.

Kaminari laughed.

“Tomorrow morning is going to suck for you.” Shoto said.

“I may have overdone it because I was feeling way too socially awkward.” Kaminari slurred.

“I like your honesty.” Shoto smiled.

“That’s what friends do.” Kaminari patted Shoto’s arm, then slid down the wall, spilling his drink in the process.

Shoto hovered over him, not knowing whether to help or not.

“Leave me.” Kaminari said, “I did this to myself and I’ll deal with the consequences alone.”

Shoto snorted. “A true hero.” he added sarcastically.

The door to his room was just a few steps away from the kitchen. He unlocked it and was surprised with Tsukuyomi blending into the dark in his usual black cloak on the other side.

“We have some information to go over before things start tomorrow.” he said.

“That’s fine.” Shoto lied, wishing he could go see how Kacchan was doing.

“You are going to be in Izuku Midoriya’s training group.” Tsukuyomi pulled out the red binder Endeavor had given everyone and turned to the page with all of the Elite members.

“How did you find this out?” Shoto asked, glancing at the picture of the green-haired boy.

“I’ve done some of my own exploring today, mostly at the Coalition head office.”

“Interesting.” Shoto sat on his bed and crossed his legs. “What about Kacchan?”

“He’s going to be trained under Momo Yaoyoruzu. Her quirk is the ability to create any object with the use of her fat cells.”

“What about you?”

“I’m being trained by Tsuyu Asui Her quirk seems to be similar to a frog. Excellent swimming... enhanced jumping.”

Everyone’s quirks were very intriguing so far, but nothing had compared to his or Kacchan’s. They were created for that very purpose. Except for-

“What about Midoriya’s?”

“His is unknown. There was next to nothing about it in Aizawa’s office.”

Shoto nodded. “Right, the head of the Elite division.”

“I also was unable to find anything about it myself.” Tsukuyomi said.

“That’s fine. We’ll know soon, anyways.” Shoto’s eyes were drawn to the half-moon shining in through his window and lighting up the room despite there being no actual lights on. “Is that all?” he asked.

“How are you doing so far?”


“No issues… of any kind?” Tsukuyomi pressed.

“I am doing well.” Shoto reiterated. “Kacchan… I’m not sure.”

“This situation bringing up old trauma for him is valid. I didn’t expect him to walk in to the mission ready to go.” Tsukuyomi mentioned.

“I think he did.” Shoto said.

They had never discussed what happened to Kacchan between the two of them. When it first happened, Shoto had just assumed that Tsukuyomi was on his father’s side -he was hired by him. But as time went on, it seemed Tsukuyomi was actually working more for Shoto. It made sense -considering they spent almost all of their time together.

“I’m going to prepare for tomorrow, if you don’t mind.” Shoto reached for the mission binder.

“Of course.” Tsukuyomi nodded, heading towards the door, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thanks, Tsuku.”

The muffled sound of the party took over his room while he stared at the wall. It was getting quieter, but no one seemed like they were really ready to leave yet. It was only 11 p.m., but if anyone wanted a decent sleep, now would be a good time to retire.

The hardest part of tomorrow would be trying to hold back on his quirk and making it look like it was a struggle to control. He didn’t want to stand out amongst the elite as a top contender, the goal here was to get as much research as possible, not make it as the number one hero in the Coalition. But at the same time, if he wasn’t strong enough the heroes would question his placement in the Elite team, which was where he needed to be in order to gain trust amongst the higher-ups.

He stepped as quietly as he could towards Kacchan’s room, hoping that no one would notice him. Once he rounded the corner he felt his shoulders drop. Dealing with Kaminari was more than enough for random interactions for today.

Kacchan’s door pushed open, his room dark. He was lying facedown on his bed.

Shoto approached slowly. “Kacchan?”

“What?” he muffled.

“How are you doing?”


Shoto perched at the end of his bed. “I know.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Shoto offered.


“Okay.” He grabbed the bottom of Kacchan’s shoe and wiggled it around.

“Stop.” Kacchan grumbled.

“This time is different,” Shoto began, “I feel free from Vidra and dad but everything that happened last time is coming back. I didn’t expect it to be so bad. There’s something leftover from having it all taken away in an instant and destroyed by dad.”

Kacchan huffed.

“I’m sure you’re feeling it much worse than I am, though.”

“I feel like I’m back in the dad’s stupid fucking office getting told that Kirishima is dead all over again.”

Shoto nodded, even though he knew Kacchan didn’t see him. “Me too.”

“I haven’t missed him this much in a long time.”

Shoto missed Kirishima too, despite the small amount of time he knew him. Seeing him come into their apartment made his day a little brighter. He was kind, smart and very funny. He brought out a sense of humour in both him and Kacchan, which was definitely a rarity for Shoto. Sometimes he even felt like the third, fun brother in their trio -which was a bit odd considering Kirishima and Kacchan were sleeping together.

He pushed himself further onto Kacchan’s bed, leaning against the wall. They sat in silence for a bit, sounds of the still-buzzing city drifting in through the open window. It was loud- especially compared to the quiet control of the League of Villains headquarters. Vidra citizens shut everything down by 10 p.m., the sounds of the neighbouring forest taking over the empty streets, as per Endeavor’s rules.

Shoto could tell by the stiffness of the single bed that he would be missing his king-size bed back home. Endeavor may have emotionally ruined their lives the best he could, but he always made sure to keep them warm, extremely comfortable and well-fed.

They really did live a privileged life on the outside, he remembers realizing this last time they moved to the small two bedroom apartment in downtown Otevu. They were treated like princes back in Vidra (technically, if they followed the old traditions of their ancestors they should be called that) but Endeavor preferred to call them his ‘successors’, which was a little less embarrassing when being introduced to other villains.

In Otevu, they had to cook and clean for themselves for the first time in their lives. They ended up spending a lot of their allowance on eating out until Shoto felt so gross he decided one day to make himself a salad.

Neither boy enjoyed cooking or cleaning, but it was better than being at home with their father, despite the millions of people in villain territory that would kill to be the successors of the King of Villains.

Little did they know, their escape from the League of Villains had Shoto and Kacchan feeling the best they ever had in their lives.

Their dad definitely proved to be the best supervillain out there, even down to the way he raised his sons.

The next morning the tired group walked to the Elite training facility across the Great Lawn. An upbeat Kaminari was following them for some reason.

“I can’t believe we get to train with the best heroes of all time!” He cheered, somehow not hungover from the night before.

“Why are you following us?” Kacchan asked grumpily. He got an hour of sleep.

The sky was a perfect blue, birds chirping and people hustling to places they needed to be. Everything about this city seemed to make Kacchan angrier than normal.

Kaminari’s presence was definitely unexpected, and non-threatening. In fact, his encouraging attitude was a warm-welcome to the group, in Shoto’s opinion. He reminded him a bit of Kirishima, but Shoto would obviously never mention that to anyone. Maybe that’s why Kacchan didn’t like him.

“Cause you guys are my friends!” he skipped merrily.

Shoto shot Kacchan a look that said “don’t say anything mean”. Kacchan rolled his eyes.

“I don’t even know your name.” Tsukuyomi said.

“Sorry, this is Kaminari.” Shoto introduced, “We met him yesterday while moving in.”

Tsukuyomi raised an eyebrow.

“How was the rest of the party?” Shoto asked.

“Good!” Kaminari said, “Everyone is scared of you guys, I think.”

Kacchan cackled.

“We don’t even know them.” Shoto mentioned over Kacchan’s laughter.

“”Maybe it’s your scar or Kacchan’s attitude or Tokoyami’s terrifying presence.” Kaminari chirped.

The other three boys stopped in their place, sharing glances.

“I don’t have attitude!” Kacchan stomped his foot.

Shoto laughed. “He’s not a hundred percent wrong. We need a blunt person in our group.” He picked up his pace again, the others following. Kacchan lagged a bit, hands in his pockets and pouting.

The training facility was easily the largest building of the Academy’s. It dominated the East end of the Great Lawn, wide and fat with the front face made entirely of windows.  

Recruits were coming from all directions into the building, it’s facilities used amongst all students. The group fell into the crowd, trying to distinguish where they needed to go over the deafening sounds of excited recruits.

They found themselves walking down a smaller, much-quieter hallway on the third floor. Just before they reached one glass-walled end of the building, they found a simple classroom-type door. There was someone standing in front of it.

“Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki, Tokoyami Fumikage and Kaminari Denki.”

They exchanged glances. This guy was slightly shorter than them, wearing a crazy wrapped-scarf and looking as if he got negative four hours of sleep. Shoto recognized him immediately, it was the head of the Elite heroes -Aizawa Shota. Eraserhead.

“Welcome to Elite recruitment training.” he said monotoned, opening the door to reveal a large lecture room half full. “Please be seated while we wait for the rest of the trainees.”

Kaminari’s eyes were huge, taking in all of the different types of quirks. Shoto, Kacchan and Tsukuyomi hung back behind him, scanning the crowd. They made their way to the last row of desks at the top, while Kaminari shuffled around introducing himself to random people.

“He’s very annoying.” Kacchan said, placing his feet on top of the desk with a thud.

“He’s excited.” Shoto retorted.

The class was almost full of the sixty or so other recruits when Aizawa stepped in and stood at the front of the class. The room went silent very quickly.

“Welcome to the Hero Coalition, recruits. Out of thousands that applied you have shown extraordinary quirks that will be able to support All Might in the ongoing defense against the League of Villains. You were handpicked by myself and the Elite squad to train under us and become the best of the heroes in the world.”

“That being said, if you are unable to realize the importance of this role, and are here solely for superficial purposes, I will not hesitate to kick you out. If you have any sort of attitude, and are unwilling to take constructive criticism, I will kick you out. If you do not get along with any of my Elite team, I will kick you out.”

He paused, smiling. “Consider yourselves hanging onto this role by a thread, until I deem your position here deserved.”

Shoto could feel Kacchan rolling his eyes.

If Aizawa saw it, he ignored it. “The first few weeks we will alternate between in-class lessons and practising without quirks.”

Some of the recruits gasped.

“I know what your quirks are, and I’m sure they’re great to see, but we need to develop a basic core of martial arts and acrobatics if you plan on being an Elite squad member. Quirks come later.”

He sat down at the desk in the front, shutting his eyes. “Anyways, I’m gonna let the Elite team take over for a bit and we’ll go into the finer details later. Momo, you can come in now.”

The door opened, and the five members of Aizawa’s Elite squad walked in.

“I picked the top five of my class three years ago,” Aizawa muttered, drifting off. “And I’m going to pick the top few this year as well. Everyone else will train with advanced heroes after the selection- which is about this time next year. Okay guys do your spiel.”

Momo nodded at Aizawa and addressed the class: “So we will each be taking on fifteen of you to train under us. They have been assigned randomly. Today we’re going to get all of the groups together and introduce ourselves, and go over the course material. So, we’re gonna start with Tsuyu’s group and we’ll work our way down to Ochako at the end.”

Tsuyu began reading out names, Shoto already knowing he would be called with Midoriya’s group.

When he told Kacchan that he was working with Midoriya last night, he got surprisingly flustered.

“I think I can get more information out of him than you can.” Kacchan said.

“You still can?” Shoto said, so confused it came out like a question.

“Is there any way we can switch? Get Tsukuyomi to do it or something?” he pressed.

“It’s too late.” Shoto said.

“Dammit.” Kacchan frowned.

He had an ulterior motive for this, and Shoto was not really interested in getting in the way. If Kacchan really wanted to woo over Midoriya, he was more than welcome to.

Momo called Kacchan’s name, and he stomped down the steps to join her. He eyed Midoriya from the side as he passed by- raising an eyebrow and smirking. Shoto watched Midoriya frown, the slightest pink showing on his cheeks.

After several more names, Shoto was the last to be called. He joined Midoriya’s group slowly.

“We’re just gonna go to another classroom, it might get too loud in here.” Midoriya said. The group followed him out of the room, Shoto hanging in the back.

Midoriya was smaller than he was, about a foot shorter, but very toned. He walked through the building with the confidence of someone who knew everything about the place, but kind and approachable enough that he would answer any stupid question you asked him. How many air vents are in the building? He would know and he wouldn’t judge why you’re asking.

Watching his green hair bounce with every step, Shoto realized why Kacchan was interested in him: he was a small ray of sunshine. He was greeted by everyone that they passed by with enthusiasm, an obvious favourite, beloved by everyone in the hero coalition. His sweet voice sang hello to other mentors, instructors and teachers as the rest of the recruits in the group watched him in awe- a celebrity amongst the coalition. Shoto knew that he was a perfect distraction for his brother.

Chapter Text

After four months off from studying at the Hero Academy, Midoriya was finding it very difficult getting back in the groove.

He didn’t get any breaks from being an Elite member of the Hero Coalition -he was expected to be ready for a major battle at all times -but he did get the summer off of studying and training with Aizawa and All Might.

It was a well deserved break -he hadn’t had the summer off for long before he joined the Elite team, and it was nice to take even one day out of the week to not do any physical activity.

This would be his first year mentoring new recruits -they came every three years- and it seemed like he had been preparing for it since he was chosen by Aizawa as an Elite member.

So far it required a lot of extra planning. So much so that he had his own little office on the third floor of the training facility, complete with a window overlooking the Great Lawn.

This is where he found himself at 6 p.m. after the first day of classes -sitting at his desk, preparing exercises for the upcoming week. He wanted to go home and watch TV more than anything or at least grab dinner, but being a mentor for the new recruits required all of his focus and energy. Even if planning the lessons required to be at his office until midnight.

The setting sun was casting an orange glow through the window, making him want to go outside and soak up the last few moments of warmth before it got dark. He was really not used to being stuck indoors for such long periods of time.

Everytime he started a new sentence, his mind drifted off to thoughts of the outdoors. Maybe a short break will be good for my focus .

He paused immediately outside in front of the grand entrance to the training facility, taking in the deepest and longest breath of fresh air he could. Annoyed recruits swerved around him, heading in all different directions.

There was a cafe a bit behind the training facility that had killer ginger molasses cookies that were calling his name.

As he rounded the back, he recognized a new recruit from the Elite class leaning against the wall. His blonde spiky hair poofed in all directions, amber eyes meeting his own green ones. He seemed to be waiting for him.

“Hi Midoriya.” he drawled.

“Hi-uh… Bakugou?” Midoriya had sixty or so names to learn, and he barely knew everyone in his own group.

He kicked off the wall and joined Midoriya. “Going somewhere?”

Midoriya smiled. “There’s a really good cafe around the corner here. I’m craving a ginger molasses cookie.”

Bakugou smirked. “That’s my favourite kind.”

“How convenient.” Midoriya retorted. He really didn’t feel like being hit on right now, but the teacher in him wanted to continue to be nice, and get to know the new recruits better. “Do you want to join me?”

Bakugou motioned his arms for Midoriya to lead the way.

They began to walk down a relatively empty street, leading to a much busier one.

“So where are you from?” Midoriya asked.

“Ikeneria.” Bakugou said.

“Wow. Small town.” Midoriya added. “Enjoying the big city so far?”

“I’ve barely been here for 24 hours,” Bakugou said, “but it’s very-uh, colourful.”

Midoriya snorted. “Are small towns really that dark and dreary?”

“If you hate living in them.” Bakugou said.

“So colourful is a good thing, I presume?”

“It’s… a change.” Bakugou said, jamming his hands in his pocket. “I do miss my king-size bed though.”

“Spoiled, hm?” Midoriya raised an eyebrow, giggling.

“To some degree.”

“Well,” Midoriya began, “I better not see that during training. If you have an ego, Aizawa will have it out for you.”

“Yea, I think he made that very clear by threatening us during the first ten minutes of class.” Bakugou said.

“Then you know how important it is not to be a dick.” Midoriya shot back.

“I feel like I’m being accused of something I haven’t even done yet.”

They arrived outside the cafe, its bright yellow light beaming onto the street and casting over Midoriya’s features.

“We’ve seen a lot of people come through who think that their quirk will be the one that defeats every single villain out there for good. Don’t be that guy.”

“I’m not!” Bakugou exclaimed.

Midoriya laughed. “Prove it, then.”

He went into the shop without waiting for a response, Bakugou immediately following.

“Does everyone get this treatment, or am I just special?”

“You did seem to be waiting for me outside the training facility.” Midoriya teased. “Almost as if you were asking for it. Don’t you have your own mentor to report to?”

“Maybe mine doesn’t interest me as much as you do.” Bakugou stated.

Midoriya smirked, scanning over the menu above the register. “How am I more interesting? You don’t even know my quirk.”

“It does seem pretty secretive compared to everyone else’s.” Bakugou leaned against the counter, “Why is that? It’s not some kind of mind control thing is it?”

“No.” Midoriya laughed.

“Looks like they’re all out of ginger molasses cookies.” Bakugou sneered.


Midoriya settled with just a coffee, and when they left the cafe the sun had completely set, street lights illuminating their short walk back to the Hero Academy.

“Why do you want to be an Elite hero?” Midoriya asked quietly.

“Villains captured my mom years ago and I never saw her again.” Bakugou said.

“Wow.” Midoriya frowned, “That’s awful. I’m sorry.”

“Yea… thanks.”

They were quiet for a moment, Midoriya thinking of what to follow up with such a heavy-hearted topic.

“Why did you become a hero?” Bakugou asked.

“I didn’t get my quirk until I was kinda old…” Midoriya began, “and I just really want to help as many people as I can. I want peace for everyone. I know what it’s like to not have a quirk and feel scared and helpless, so I want to protect them.”

“Is it fun being an Elite hero?” Bakugou asked.

“Sometimes.” Midoriya admitted, “There are a lot of times when I would rather be doing normal young adult stuff. Especially right now, I can’t seem to focus on all this paperwork I have to do.”

Bakugou was quiet. He looked like he was holding something back.

They stopped in front of the training facilities and faced each other. Midoriya took in the somehow perfect way that the Hero uniform fit Bakugou’s broad shoulders, the bright blue striking against his pale skin. He was at least foot taller than him, and Midoriya knew that he would fit perfectly in his arms - wait, crap . He needed to stop. This was a recruit he was thinking about. A student . Yes, they were the same age but it definitely wasn’t professional. Aizawa would murder him if anything happened between him and a student.

Midoriya swallowed thickly, “Looks like our date is over.” he said sarcastically.

Bakugou smirked.

“See you tomorrow.” he turned towards the building, “And please don’t wait for me after class again.”

“You thought I was waiting for you?” Bakugou snickered.

Midoriya shot him a knowing look. He could see a light blush form on Bakugou’s cheeks.


The next day Midoriya had booked the afternoon for one on one meetings with each of his recruits. He really wanted to take the time to get to know every single one, especially the more quiet ones who hadn’t been as talkative during the group activities.

He had found that even those with the most powerful quirks were sometimes more reserved and less extroverted about it than others. They would get overshadowed by those who believed their quirks were the best thing around. Midoriya figured that with some encouragement, the quieter folks would hopefully become more comfortable and willing to try their best as soon as possible. This was a fast paced program, and there was really no time to hold anything back.

Towards the end of the day he was meeting with Shouto Todoroki. A quiet student so far, but full of potential. He had the most memorable face of his team -with his half white-half blood red hair and heterochromatic eyes, his features were striking compared to the rest of the group. The scar circling his ice-blue eye definitely added a mysterious presence to him, combined with his quietness and curious gaze.

Midoriya was fascinated in what Shouto would bring to the group, ever since he saw his picture in the profile package. He was interested in what his purpose really was here, as Midoriya wasn’t sure it was just a passion for being a hero. Todoroki seemed to be holding back, which itched at Midoriya. He wanted to ask him as many questions as he could, even though he could tell by Todoroki’s nature that the responses would be vague and unhelpful. Todoroki was smart, and had closed himself off for a reason- which Midoriya desperately wanted to figure out.

Todoroki sat across from him, the royal blue uniform contrasting with his hair colours.

“How are you, Todoroki?” Midoriya chirped.

“Fine. Yourself?”

“Good. I wish I was outside enjoying the sunshine, though.” Midoriya would be as honest as he could, perhaps that would ease Todoroki.

“A little too sunny for me.” Shouto said, “Not what I’m used to.”

Midoriya knew he was from somewhere out in the country. Wait… this conversation sounded a lot like-

“That’s weird,” he began, “That’s what Bakugou Katsuki said yesterday.”

“He’s my brother.”

“He is?!”

“We have the same dad.”


Todoroki nodded.

“I don’t think a lot of people know that.” Midoriya said, pressing for more.

“I’m not one who likes to advertise any personal information.” Todoroki shrugged.

“You’re brother is quite the opposite.” Midoriya said.

“Is he?”

“I ran into him last night… he was very charming.”

”He tends to be.” Todoroki looked bored.

Midoriya frowned. He was being difficult.

“So, why do you want to be a hero?” he asked.

“I would like to train with the best in order to be the best.”

“That’s it?”

“Can’t you take a compliment?” Todoroki responded.

Midoriya sighed. “Well… part of me wants to believe that but I think there’s more to it.”

“If there is, I will share it with you when the time is right.” Todoroki said.

“Great.” Midoriya said sarcastically, “Not like I’m here to help or anything.”

Todoroki smirked. The same one Bakugou gave him yesterday. These brothers were driving him crazy, and he’d only known them for two days. He would kill them by the end of the training program at this rate.

“How did you acquire such a strong quirk?” Midoriya asked, trying to redirect the conversation.

“I just really like fire and ice.” Todoroki said.

Midoriya groaned. “Oh my god. Why are you being so difficult? You do know I’m the same age as you, you don’t have to talk to me like I’m a teacher.”

Todoroki tilted his head, raising an eyebrow.

“What questions will you answer about yourself?” Midoriya pleaded, “I just want to get to know the people I’m training.”

“Hmmm…” Todoroki pursed his lips. “I’m 21, so I’m actually two years older than you, my favourite colour is navy blue, I really wanted a cat when I was younger, but I never got one, I hate the beach and if you’re wondering where my scar came from -my mom poured hot water on me when I was little.”

Midoriya was quiet. “I’m sorry to hear that.” he said softly.

“Shockingly she’s better than my dad.” Todoroki added.

Jesus. Midoriya tapped his fingernails against the desk, thinking.

“My parents are a fucking mess, but they have been all my life.” Todoroki maintained the same neutral face he had on the whole time.

Jesus. Midoriya thought again.

He sighed. “Listen, I’m not trying to be your therapist. I just want to be friends with my recruits so we can all work the best together. I don’t want this experience to be anything bad for you.”

“I know.” Todoroki nodded. “Thank you for that. But, do know I will do everything to make sure my brother’s experience isn’t anything bad for him.”

Wait… what? What does their meeting have to do with his brother? What did Todoroki being a dick have to do with Bakugou?

“Um… okay?” Midoriya was tired of fighting.

Todoroki stood up. “I really do look forward to learning from you. I’m sure you made it to the Elite team for a good reason. Don’t take my attitude as a lack of interest.”

He gripped onto the door, peering back at Midoriya. “And be nice to Bakugou, please.”

Then he was gone.

Midoriya realized he was still frowning in confusion a minute after Todoroki had left. He had been nice to Bakugou last night… kind of. He didn’t want to be too nice… besides Bakugou was the one that stalked him after class!

Don’t take my attitude as a lack of interest.

Then what was he supposed to see it as? That was too cryptic.

He dropped his head down on the desk. Todoroki had so much potential, but how was he going to help him realize it? Or be less stubborn about it, for starters. That was Midoriya’s job , and he had to find a way to help him.

A knock on the door made him realize that his next recruit was here, and it was time to shift his focus on someone else. Todoroki can wait for now -but Midoriya knew he needed to get creative to earn his trust.

Chapter Text

In the late afternoon a few days later, Shoto found himself already overwhelmed with school work. Expensive textbooks littered his desk, a calculator teetering off the edge of the pile. Being part of the Elite team meant you were knowledgeable in many different subjects, and Aizawa went straight into the hard stuff on the first day.

He was rocking back and forth on his chair when there was a loud knock on his door. There was only one person that could be.

“Hi Todoroki!” Kaminari cheered when he opened the door.

“Hey. What’s up?”

“Wanna go study at that coffee shop around the corner?”

Shoto thought of the hard chair he had been sitting on, and compared it to the comfy booths he had seen through the windows at the coffee shop. It would be nice to not be locked up in his room any longer.

“Sure. Gimme a sec.” He reached for his bag and began packing up.


The coffee shop was busy- it always seemed to be, but they lucked out and were able to grab a pretty decent booth across from the baked goods counter. Even the smell of coffee was able to pull Shoto out of the sluggish hole he had fallen in to ever since he began studying.

Their class schedule of training 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. everyday then having in-class lessons 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. was exhausting. Aizawa still refused to let anyone use their quirks for sparring, and while Kacchan and himself were still practised in hand to hand combat, not being able to use their quirks at all was very, very annoying. Shoto found he had to focus more on throwing hits and dodging in close combat, whereas if he was using his quirk he was normally much further away and could partially pay attention.

“Should I throw like, a huge party and invite the Elite team?” Kaminari asked.

“When?” Shoto glanced up from his textbook.

“I dunno. Like… next month?”

Shoto shrugged. “Sure. In the dorm again?”

“Where else would I do it?”


“I’m surprised there’s no one watching over us or anything.” Kaminari took a sip from his coffee. “Obviously we’re all going to abuse the fact that we all live together, especially cause it’s co-ed.”

Shoto stared at Kaminari, quiet. He was right. Where the hell were the people watching over them? Could they really just get away with anything in their dorms?

“We should have parties once a month,” Kaminari’s eyes twinkled at the prospect, “and then- hey guys!”

Shoto frowned, following the direction that Kaminari had quickly shifted to. It was Momo and Ochako- the other Elite team members.

Ochako waved back excitedly, her blushed cheeks turning even more red. Momo smiled behind her. They grabbed their coffees and approached the booth.

“How’s it going?” Momo asked.

“Great! Just studying for-” Kaminari glanced down at his open book, “I don’t know, something!” He sang.

The girls snickered.

“You don’t know what you’re studying for?” Ochako asked.

Shoto laughed, realizing that whatever he had been reading had not been absorbed into his brain as well. “It all blends into the same thing.” He admitted.

“I get that.” Momo said. “Aizawa kind of likes to drop everything on you at once.”

“Then take away our quirks.” Shoto added sarcastically.

The group chuckled, and Kaminari’s eyes lit up.

“Hey!” he smiled, “Do you guys wanna hang out here for a bit? It’s not like we’re doing work, anyways.”

Momo shrugged. “Sure.” She slid into the booth beside Shoto, Ochako sitting beside Kaminari.


An hour later, textbooks unmoved, they had somehow landed on the topic of first pet stories. Momo was talking about the pet hamsters that her and her sister had when they were younger.

“Mine would do everything it could to escape from its cage.” she said, holding back laughter, “And one night while me and my friend were playing Barbies, we screamed so loud when we saw my hamster just sitting in front of us, on the carpet. We thought it was a rat at first.”

Kaminari snorted. “Wait, you didn’t recognize your own hamster?”

“I didn’t expect to see it just sitting there!” She exclaimed.

Their laughter quieted down, attention turning to Shoto, who was the last to share his ‘first pet’ story.

“I actually never had a pet.” He said somberly. “BUT my brother and I used to feed this squirrel that would come by his window everyday. It was really cute… it had a big, bushy tail. And it eventually learned the best time to come by and get fed by us, and we all had a meeting time.”

“That is so cute!” Ochaka squealed.

“Yea,” Shoto continued, “then one day it ran into my brother’s room and refused to leave. It hid somewhere and we searched for hours trying to find it. If my dad found out we let a squirrel in our room we would be murdered.”

Kaminari was laughing uncontrollably, making it hard for Shoto to finish the story. It was one of his favourites from his childhood. He tried to hold back his giggles.

“And then…” He snorted, “And then…” He couldn’t finish his sentence he was laughing so hard.

He took a deep breath. “When we finally captured it, we lured it into my backpack with a piece of candy and zipped it in. Then we sprinted out of our house and set it free. We never saw him again!”

“No!” Ochako exclaimed in between giggles. “Did he have a name?”
“Benson.” Shoto smiled.

“Why Benson?!” Kaminari shouted. “Who the hell names a squirrel Benson?!”

“Cause me and my brother were stupid.” Shoto chuckled. “We were also like, 8 and 10 years old.”

“Oh my god.” Momo laughed, “Who decides to feed a squirrel anyways?”

“We weren’t allowed pets!” Shoto said. “So we had to get creative.”

Kaminari sighed. “Better than nothing, I guess.”

Shoto smirked. No wonder him and Kacchan got in trouble so much when they were younger, they had the dumbest ideas. But, anything was better than training with their dad to be super villains and defeat the greater good.

Momo and Ochako’s phones started buzzing at the exact same time. They locked eyes with each other.

“Shit.” Momo read the message flashing on her phone. “North-East sector.”

Ochako nodded as they both stood up.

“We’ve got some villains to deal with.” Momo explained, “See you guys tomorrow.”

“Bye!” Ochako waved, rushing with Momo out the door.

Shoto knit his eyebrows together. Was his dad launching an attack? Or was this just a group of outsiders? Endeavour should have told them if something was going on.

He sent a quick text out to Kacchan to see where he was.

“I just realized that I have to meet my brother for dinner tonight.” He lied, packing his things in his bag. “Sorry, I forgot.”

“That’s okay!” Kaminari grinned, eyeing the menu board. “Maybe I can get some actual work done now.”

“Good luck.” He knew that was definitely not going to happen.


With access to an extensive collection of ancient books in the Hero Academy library, Shoto had been working on studying old maps of the city. He was hoping to find old tunnels of some sort that would provide a more secretive path under the city, therefore providing him with better ways to sneak around and do more research.

The core of the city proved to be the best for secret tunnels. Considering the original city of Shojagi was built hundreds of years ago, there were many hidden paths to be discovered underground. Even the Hero Academy had tunnels between different buildings that were used when the school had originally been erected. They were long forgotten, but fortunately there was still a map or two of them hidden deep within the library.

Shoto walked down a tunnel that was supposed to go towards the training facility. It’s bricks were old and damp, water dripping in every direction. The ground was covered in an inch-high river, making Shoto’s walk not as quiet as he had wanted.

He knew there would be no one else down here, but he was on alert as if there was a giant sea monster about to swing around the corner. Or, thousands of ghosts watching him. They were the ghosts of dead heroes, who knew he was a villain, and wanted him gone.

He had a bright fire blazing across his palm, ready to aim it at the next sign of movement.

Around a bend, he heard the splashing of quick moving footsteps. It didn’t sound like they were running in one direction, it almost sounded like dancing. Shoto peeked around the corner, puzzled.

It was Midoriya.

He was wearing all-black, his green hair vibrant against the muted tunnel, with green lightning flickering all over his body. It swarmed his limbs, vibrating against the black clothes.

Shoto hadn’t seen him use his quirk yet. Did he have some kind of electrical power like Kaminari? Intrigued, he watched his practice a little longer.

It really did look like he was dancing, but also moving sharply to deflect a pretend attacker. His movement was smooth but strong and sturdy. He seemed to work more along the lines of defend then attack, versus someone like Kacchan who liked to attack and then defend.

It was mesmerizing, Shoto so entranced that he found himself stepping out of the dark and into the candlelit area where Midoriya was practising.

Midoriya reacted immediately, stopping himself when he saw it was Shoto. He tilted his head to the side. “Todoroki? What are you doing down here?”

“Back at you.” Todoroki used his fire to light a few more candles Midoriya hadn’t been able to reach.

“No.” Midoriya crossed his arms, “This is the second time one of you has creeped up on me. You tell me first.”

“I find the history of this city very interesting.” Todoroki began, “There are some old books in the library that have maps of these tunnels. I thought I’d explore while I had nothing better to do.”

“Nothing better to do? What about like… homework?”

Todoroki stepped towards him. “So, if you knew about these tunnels you would choose to do homework over exploring them?”

Midoriya paused, thinking about it and pursing his lips.

Todoroki smiled. “What are you doing down here?”

“Training. I mean, you watched me, didn’t you?”

Why are you down here?” Todoroki stopped a few feet from him.

“I like to train alone.”

Todoroki crossed his arms, staring down at him.

Midoriya rolled his eyes. “What? Are you going to fight me if I don’t tell you the other reason? I’d like to see you try.”

“Okay.” Todoroki smirked.

Midoriya narrowed his eyes. “No quirks. See how well you’re learning with Aizawa’s rules.”

“Fine.” he rolled up his sleeves, and assumed his fighting stance.

Midoriya was the first to attack, going for his left, and Todoroki missing by an inch. His reflexes were fast. Todoroki used the momentum to try to hit Midoriya’s right. Midoriya jumped back, spinning around and staying low. He was suddenly behind Todoroki.

Todoroki spun, bracing for whatever Midoriya had on the other side. He was too slow, and got a hit in the shoulder. It was harder than he expected.

Midoriya moved quick, trying a few more hits, which Todoroki barely missed because he was hyper-focused on reacting quickly. It was a zone that he could only get in when times were dire.

Their attacks picked up, each striking the other a few times. Todoroki was getting the hang of Midoriya’s fighting methods, and their movements morphed into a dance.

Similar to when Todoroki was watching Midoriya practice alone, their steps splashed to an imaginary beat. Midoriya remained stable and solid, his eyes hypnotic, while Todoroki felt a harmony of his own elements. Fire sparked an energy through his movements, while water shaped the flow. He had never felt so in tune with someone before, even after sparring with Kacchan for so many years.

It was terrifying.

Getting lost in thought, Todoroki was suddenly faced with a stream of Midoriya’s high kicks. He frantically dodged, moving backwards until his back pressed against the wall. Midoriya was in front of him, very close, with hands on either side of his head. He was breathing heavily.

“I win.” Midoriya panted.

Todoroki ducked under his arm, freeing himself. “Fine.” He started towards the tunnel’s exit. “It will continue to be a mystery why you actually train down here.”

Midoriya was quiet, the sounds of Todoroki’s steps echoing.

“You’re really good, though.”

Todoroki spun around, throwing his hand to the ground and freezing over the water where Midoriya was standing. “Thank you.” He grinned, running away before he had to fight him again.

The last thing he was saw Midoriya frozen in place, throwing his arms up in exasperation.


Kacchan was lying in bed, ignoring his homework and looking at his own Instagram feed. He obviously couldn’t share it with anyone here, as they could probably guess from some of his pictures that he was from Vidra. He had photos of his and Shoto’s travels, mostly from when they accompanied their dad on trips to visit other villains.

After scrolling for a while, he ended up on the group of pictures from his time at Otevu High School.


Back when it all happened, he wanted to delete all of the pictures from his phone. He didn’t want to see Kirishima again, knowing that it was his fault for his death. Shoto told him he would regret it, and everytime Kacchan went to delete the pictures, Shoto’s voice popped into his head.

Kacchan turned to ignoring them instead, pretending they didn’t exist while he tried to heal. It wasn’t until now that he remembered they were all still there.

Looking at the pictures this time, he felt the usual sharp surge of anger towards his father- that would never go away. But his heart didn’t break the same way it did last time. He missed Kirishima more than anything, but he also felt content in knowing that he got to experience that kind of love.

He had stopped hating himself as much, those feelings seemed to transfer to the amount of resentment he felt towards Endeavor.

There were a few photos of him and Kirishima hanging out around the city. Kirishima’s hair was so stupid, yet he missed it so much. He was so beautiful.

He grabbed a pillow, blowing it up in his hand then launching it across the room. Fuck Endeavor. Fuck Vidra. Fuck being a villain. He was going to do something really stupid.


When Shoto strode in his room, his idea slipped out almost immediately.

“I wanna have sex with Midoriya.”

Shoto frowned. “I thought that was always the plan?”

“Oh. Yea. I guess. Why are you sweating?”

“I was training.” Shoto perched on his desk chair. He was very flushed.

Kacchan locked his phone and threw it on the bed. “I need to move on. Or like, need someone else to think about. Not just you know… you-know-who.”

Shoto nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” He glanced back at Kacchan’s desk, his textbooks in the same pile they had been in yesterday. “How’s homework?”

“Fuckin’ stupid.”

“Alright.” Shoto pursed his lips, looking like he was going to start lecturing Kacchan. “You know-”

“Yes.” Kacchan interrupted, “I know. I need to study so I can stay in the program.”

His brother shrugged. “It sucks.”

“It’s not that difficult.” Kacchan rolled his eyes.

“Yea… you’re smart…. So… do what you need to do.” Shoto shrugged again.

Why the hell was Shoto being so awkward right now? He rarely saw him bumble this much through a sentence… unless he was hiding something? Something that would really piss Kacchan off… what could it be?

“What are you-”

His sentence was cut short as Kaminari swung open the door.

“Guys! Me, Ochako, Momo and Midoriya are chillin’ in the lounge. Come join us!”

Kacchan and Shoto exchanged glances.

“How the hell did you become friends with them so fast?” Kacchan raised an eyebrow.

“I dunno!” Kaminari sang, running away.

“I guess the same way he kind of forced himself to be our friends.” Shoto said.

Kacchan jumped up, Shoto following.

“You didn’t even knock, Kaminari!” Kacchan shouted down the hallway. “What if I was naked?”

“Would have been even better!” Kaminari yelled back.

Kacchan pouted, the group becoming more visible as they got closer.

The lounge was set up with one enormous sectional couch facing a giant flat-screen TV. It was shaped like a ‘C’, spanning three sides of the room. Ochako and Momo were cuddled in one corner, Kaminari was lying on his stomach in the middle, and Midoriya was tucked into the other corner. Kacchan nonchalantly took a seat beside Midoriya, Shoto sitting on his other side.

“How did your mission go?” Shoto asked Ochako and Momo.

“It was a false alarm, actually.” Momo said.

Shoto tried not to glance over at Kacchan. That whole event was becoming an even bigger mystery by the second. Why would they call the Elite team for it to be a false alarm? He needed to meet with Tsukuyomi to see if he knew anything. It felt like he hadn’t seen him in ages.

“I invited the rest of the elite team, but they were doing some work with Aizawa.” Kaminari said.

“I’m still confused as to how you became friends with all of the elite team, enough to be able to invite them to hangout in our dorm.” Shoto looked over at Midoriya, who shrugged.

“I don’t know! They’re pretty much the same age as us… and they’re cool!” Kaminari kicked his legs back and forth, looking like a ten year-old girl.

“The lounge here is better, too.” Midoriya added. “Our couch isn’t as squishy.”

“We just wanna be friends with the recruits! It gets lonely with the five of us. Plus, I miss this dorm.” Ochako admitted. “We had some good times in here.”

“If you notice,” Momo pointed to the TV, “The TV has been bolted down to the wall. NOT because people try to steal it, but because during a party here while we were recruits, someone got way too drunk and threw it out the window.”

Kacchan and Kaminari started laughing, Shoto’s eyes widening.

“No one tried to stop them?” he asked.

“Everyone else was squished into someone’s room, cause they were going to show us how they could breathe fire.” Momo giggled.

“Could they?” Kaminari asked.

“They could already produce fire, like Todoroki.” Midoriya said, “But for that trick they just like, drank a bunch of vodka and spit it out or something. It was still cool.”

“Anyways,” Momo said, “We all came back and the TV was gone.”

Ochako and Midoriya started giggling, reliving the memory.

“And someone was like… where’d the TV go?” Momo said, trying to keep a straight face.

“And the guy was like-” Midoriya cut in, “Fuck it, bro.”

“So casually!” Momo said.

“Everyone got in a lot of trouble.” Ochako added.

“But they still don’t have like, RA’s in here?” Kaminari made a face. “Are they dumb?”

“Yea.. I don’t know.” Midoriya said, “It should be us, really.”

“I don’t wanna be an RA.” Momo said. “Aren’t they normally like, really lame?”

“They have to stop the party normally, so… yes they are.” Kacchan said.

“Even though there’s like this huge divide between good and evil and most likely a battle that will destroy the world as we know it, we still need to party.” Kaminari said.

Kacchan and Shoto burst out laughing.

“That’s a good outlook.” Shoto said.

“If only.” Kacchan added.

“Guys.” Kaminari turned to Kacchan and Shoto. “You’re so mysterious. What’s your family like? I feel like your dad is really hot.”

Shoto and Kacchan glanced at each other, eyes huge. Midoriya blushed.

“I’m sure they’ve never thought of whether or not their dad is hot.” Momo chided.

“But, like, look at them!” Kaminari motioned an arm towards the boys, “Their dad has to be hot. Oh my god, and you’re RICH too right?”

“Do you want to date our dad?” Kacchan asked.

“Is he available?”

“He’s very busy, all the time.” Kacchan said. “I don’t think he’s looking.”

They turned to each other and cracked up.

“I’d say his business doesn’t allow time to date.” Shoto added.

Kacchan made a retching noise.

They laughed for way longer than normal, everyone else watching them with confusion.

Midoriya peeked out from between them, “Kaminari, if you wanted to marry a rich, older guy you could always go for All Might?”

Kaminari squealed. “He’s not as hot as Todoroki and Bakugou’s dad!”

“How do you know our dad is hot?” Kacchan challenged.

“Cause you guys are super hot!” Kaminari yelled.

Momo and Ochako nodded in agreement.

They looked at each other, Shoto blushing and Kacchan smirking.

“Oh my god!” Midoriya covered his face with his hands. “This is so awkward can we please talk about something other than hot dads?”

“Not into sugar daddys, Midoriya?” Kacchan quirked an eyebrow.

“I prefer gentleman under 25.” Midoriya was fully red now.

“Good to know.” Kacchan smiled.

“Good to know that you’re not going to be our step-dad.” Shoto added.

Midoriya snorted.

Kaminari flipped onto his side. “So, who wants to order pizza?”

After multiple arguments, they finally came to a decision on what to order.

Between the pizza, Kaminari’s never ending energy and the laughter, time flew by late into the night.

Midoriya glanced at his watch and called it around 1:30 a.m., everyone returning tiredly to their rooms for the night.


Shoto found himself restless, still at his desk and hovered over his notes until 2:30 a.m.

Everything was going wrong. They weren’t supposed to be getting along with the heroes so well. He didn’t anticipate this. His escape plan would have to be completely re-written.

Chapter Text

Sunday rolled around, and everyone was exhausted from the intensity of the first week. Endeavour had scheduled a briefing at the end of every week, so Toga, Dabi, Shoto, Kacchan and Tsukuyomi arranged themselves in an empty room at the back of a pawn shop that was run by undercover villains. While Dabi set up the computer, the other four caught up on their past week.

“They all think you’re terrifying, Tsukuyomi” Shoto said.

“I’m not here to be friendly.” Tsukuyomi responded.

“All of the advanced recruits are weak.” Toga sighed. “They’re so boring .”

“Yea, we’re trying not to use our quirks too much…” Dabi mumbled while trying to jam a cable into the laptop. “We could over power any of them instantly.”

“And Present Mic has way too much energy, all the time.” Toga whined. “He’s so loud.”

“We’ve definitely had to hold back as well.” Shoto said. “Actually, we’re not even really supposed to use our quirks until Aizawa says so. That’s actually been pretty helpful.”

“We still stand out though.” Kacchan added smugly. There was no denying he was proud of that. “No one wants to spar with us.”

“Alright, we’re on guys.” Dabi joined them at the table.

Endeavor and Shigaraki popped up on screen, the recognizable view of the Vidra cityscape behind them.

“Children!” Shigaraki cheered. “So nice to see you.”

Everyone waved awkwardly, minus Kacchan who just rolled his eyes.

“How are we doing in Shojagi, kids?” Endeavor said.

“Everything has been going really well.” Shoto assumed the role of head speaker amongst the group. It was an obvious decision. “We’ve been doing a lot of research and finding out tons of information daily, as per our reports.”

“I can see that.” Endeavor nodded. “Keep up the good work. You have access to a great deal of information. Please continue to use those resources. How is the Elite team?”

“Nothing we can’t handle.” Kacchan grumbled.

“We seem to be pretty evenly matched in terms of strength.” Shoto explained. “Although we can’t say the same for quirks, we haven’t been able to use them yet.”

“Good.” Endeavor looked the slightest proud, to their surprise. “Try not to stand out with your quirks. I’m sure you are stronger than the Elite team, but we don’t want to make them aware of that.”

The group nodded, although they had already been told this a million times.

“I’m going to be planning an attack this week that will hopefully pull the Elite team out to our boundaries, we will provide you with the exact location shortly.” Endeavor glanced over at Shigaraki.

“All of you must watch this battle from afar, please take notes on the Elite team’s quirks and fighting techniques. And do not let it be known that you are there.”

“Do you know when this week?” Shoto asked.

“We will let you know the day of.” Shigaraki said. “Knowing less will be better for us.”

“Continue with these daily reports, and everyone have their weekly summary by the end of the day.” Endeavor said. “See you next Sunday.”

The screen went dark, Shoto closing the laptop.

“Well…” he began, “Good job, guys. I guess we’ll reconvene before this supposed attack.”

“Why the fuck won’t they tell us anything about it?” Dabi asked.

“Secrecy is vital for this mission.” Shoto said, “Or, that’s what dad told me.”

“We’re lucky we’re even aware of it.” Kacchan added.


They took one of the underground tunnels back to campus, Shoto leading the way. He prayed they didn’t run into Midoriya, for multiple reasons.

Things were quiet back at the Elite dorm, most recruits either studying or napping.

“It’s way too quiet here.” Kacchan muttered. “Where the hell is Kaminari?”

“I’m surprised you miss him.” Shoto said.

“I don’t miss him!” Kacchan scowled.

Shoto knew that Kacchan was warming up to Kaminari. He was a positive and harmless energy that they definitely needed in a friend.

“Right.” Shoto jeered. He stopped at his door. “I’m gonna study. See you tomorrow.”

“Night.” Kacchan grumbled, stomping off.

Shoto sat down to begin his weekly report, something he needed to get out of the way before moving on to homework and other important matters. Just as he held his fingers above the keyboard, Tsukuyomi swung open his door and stepped in, barely making a sound.

Shoto spun in his seat. “Hey, Tsukuyomi. What’s up?”

“Smart idea to find out about the underground tunnels.”


“They go pretty far South, from what I’ve seen on your maps.”


So Tsukuyomi was spying on Shoto now. This raised a lot of questions.

“Why do you need to map out those areas so far outside of the city?”

“There’s a chance I will need to do some undercover work in smaller cities.” Shoto stared at him, unblinking.

“You’re dad has a seperate mission for you?” Tsukuyomi asked.


“Interesting.” Tsukuyomi frowned. “That you were informed of this well in advance.”

“It was a big enough task that required some research in the city before it was executed.” Shoto said.

“When is it?”

“Are you accusing me of something?” Shoto challenged.

“I’m not used to you keeping so many secrets from me. Or Kacchan.” Tsukuyomi admitted.

“They’ll best be dealt with on my own.”

Tsukuyomi glared at him.

“Keep to your research of the Academy. Not me.” Shoto glared back.

“Whatever you’re doing is going to bite you in the ass.” Tsukuyomi warned. He slammed the door on the way out.


At 4 p.m. the next day, Shoto and Kacchan received a text from their father.


By the lake. 6 p.m. tonight.


The Mirrored Lake was close to the mountains. It bordered villain territory. Shoto was surprised his father was cutting it that close.

Fortunately, there were many hidden tunnels that led towards the Restless Mountains. Shoto assumed they were created long before the war had even begun. There were marks imprinted on the mossy stones that dated as far as a hundred years ago.

The group met underground immediately after class and began their walk. It would take at least an hour and thirty minutes to walk to the edge of the city. Shoto prayed they didn’t have any issues as they were entering territory he hadn’t explored yet. The border could be a lot more secure than downtown.

They chatted idly, all still wearing the Academy’s uniform. It was a decision Shoto had made, figuring if anyone got caught they could pass it up as simply being a recruit interested in how the Elite team actually fought. The uniform’s proved they were associated with the Academy, on the good side.

Kacchan was quiet. He looked pretty nervous, something unrecognizable to many except for Shoto and maybe Tsukuyomi. It would be hard to watch their new Elite friends go up against strong villains. Kacchan was most likely worried about Midoriya. If he got hurt, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Shoto unfortunately had the same feelings. He wanted to protect Midoriya and keep him safe, even though he knew he would be at the forefront kicking ass. He had no doubt that Midoriya was incredibly strong, even without using his quirk. This feeling was coming from somewhere else. Somewhere that was intrigued by him, which was a rarity for Shoto. Midoriya was a breath of fresh air to Shoto’s otherwise stale life. They had only known each other for a week, but Shoto did not want to lose him in this battle. He wanted more time with him.

He didn’t know who Endeavor would be sending for this attack. But they had to be a big enough issue to call in the Elite team. That means the villains would be some of the highest ranked in Vidra. They most likely lived close to the League of Villains mansion, and operated out the League’s massive headquarters. Shoto and Kacchan probably had dinner with them weekly when they were home.

They exited the tunnels deep into the forest along the base of the mountains. That way the only people that they could even possibly run into would be villains, who would be aware of their presence.

It was easy to hide in the dense vegetation of the forest. The hardest part would be finding a way to see the full fight, and really study the minor details. If there was a lot of movement, they could miss some vital moments.

Kacchan sat close to Shoto, legs splayed out in front of him and pouting. He unzipped his uniform halfway down, his bare chest peaking out.

“I don’t think Midoriya will be able to admire that from here.” Shoto whispered, eyeing Kacchan’s zipper.

Kacchan flipped him off, face going bright red. “It’s hot out.”

Shoto checked his phone. It was 5:57 p.m. Everyone should be showing up soon.


They didn’t see the villain their dad sent until after Midoriya, Ochako and Momo arrived. The three heroes stayed low to the ground, scanning the area for the supposed attacker.

Perched on the branch of a tree, strands of cloth circling his body and blowing in the wind, Hero Killer Stain jumped down to announce his presence. His thud trembled through the ground.

Kacchan whipped around to Shoto. His eyes were huge. Shoto nodded. This was going to end badly.

Stain was easily the strongest villain behind Endeavor and Shigaraki. He had worked closely with them to plan multiple attacks on heroes on the borders of Shojagi, and would capture heroes and bring them back to Vidra for torturing. He despised heroes, and many battles ended in a violent and gruesome defeat.  

Kacchan looked like he was ready to run out and stop the whole thing. Shoto grabbed his wrist, startling him. He shook his head, begging Kacchan to stay still.

Endeavor wouldn’t let Stain kill the Elite team, would he? Shoto would assume no, for keeping them alive for questioning would be the best option. But, he didn’t have the same grudge for heroes that Endeavor did. Maybe his dad instructed Hero Killer Stain to kill them, and maybe he wanted to send a message to Shoto and Kacchan that they shouldn’t be making friends. Or, perhaps he could already tell that Midoriya had piqued his and Kacchan’s interest, and wanted him gone.

There were too many variables. The Elite team was not safe. Shoto had no idea what to do.

One of the many reasons why having feelings for someone is a bad idea . Shoto scolded himself.

Stain was keeping his quirk hidden from the Elite team, using only his swift movements to dodge attacks.

Finally being able to see the Elite team’s quirks in action was worth the wait. Ochako used her anti-gravity quirk to catch flying debri and throw it back at Stain. It also helped with keeping the surrounding area relatively safe from damage. He was moving too fast for her to catch him in her anti-gravity bubble, but manipulating the area around him helped the others.

Momo was able to create any weapon she desired, and seemed to be an expert with every single one. She stayed on the ground, while Midoriya jumped all over the place.

They were getting frustrated, Stain continuously deflecting their attacks.

Midoriya disappeared into the forest, perhaps coming up with a new offensive. He was the least of Stain’s concerns at the moment, with Momo and Ochako giving him all they had.

Suddenly Stain zipped between them, faster than anyone could notice, then stopping behind them. They turned around, shocked by his momentum, but quickly getting ready to retaliate. Momo glanced down to see a slash from Stain’s katana on her stomach. Ochako had a deep one on her arm. Then, they were frozen.

They were paralyzed, stuck in their positions.

Midoriya remained in hiding.

“They’re dead.” Kacchan whispered, quietly enough so only Shoto could hear.

Shoto made eye contact with him, trying to get him to remain calm. No matter what happened, the could not reveal themselves.

Stain walked slowly towards Ochako, katana in hand. She couldn’t do anything but watch.

Midoriya flew out from the forest, green bolts shooting around him. He was able to get close enough to punch Stain, sending him flying back into the forest. Trees crashed on either side as Stain disappeared.

Ochako and Momo fell, both able to move again. Midoriya rushed over to help them, Ochako’s wound spilling blood. He helped her get to somewhere safe, sitting her down so she could try to use her quirk from afar.

Him and Momo stood side by side, hands on their hips as they quickly discussed a new plan.

Stain landed behind them, bloodied, and they braced themselves for the next round.

“You heroes are weak!” Stain yelled. “You have no idea what we have planned for you!”

They ran towards him, Momo with a knife in hand, Midoriya’s pulling back his fist for a powerful punch.

Their hits were harder this time, more calculated, and able to pass through Stain’s quick movements. Momo slashed numerous wounds onto his right side. Midoriya was preparing for another big hit. They both nearly missed Stain’s sword a few times, but he was slowing down. It felt like they were winning.

It started to drizzle, the overcast sky getting darker. The Mirrored Lake’s still water became dotted with light rain.

Stain crashed to the ground after a particular hard hit from Midoriya. He was not moving.

Momo held her stomach, the wound from earlier getting bigger during the fight. She glanced over at Midoriya, who seemed hesitant. There was no way Stain was done.

Sure enough, he sprung back up, getting close enough to the two to jam his hand against Momo’s wound. She fell back, and he licked his fingers.

Momo was paralyzed on the ground. Midoriya wiped the drops of rain away from his face, breathing heavily. He threw everything into a single punch against Stain, throwing him back into the lake. His arm fell limp beside him. It looked broken. He fell onto his knees while Momo tried to pick herself up.

They watched the lake, waiting for Stain to come back.

His sword dragged against the ground beside him as he limped from the lake, water mixing with his blood. He was tired. These kids were putting up more of a fight than he expected. But, it was time to finish them.

Momo jumped towards him, the clash of swords echoing through the mountains. Midoriya ran behind Stain, getting ready to use his other arm for a final blow. Stain whipped around, slicing deep through Midoriya’s chest. Blood poured out.

Kacchan twitched. Shoto threw his arm against his chest, holding him back. Toga, Dabi and Tsukuyomi glanced over at them, each with a look of confusion.

“He started falling forward…” Shoto said, “Must be low blood sugar.”

Momo cried out, getting slashed again by Stain’s katana. She collapsed.

“Fuck.” Kacchan muttered.

Toga smirked. “The Elite team isn’t as good as we thought.”

“There’s three of them against the strongest villain in Vidra.” Shoto said. “Other than my dad. I don’t even know if our teachers could win against this guy.”

“It must be hard seeing your friends get beaten up by Stain.” Dabi chimed in. “I thought they were better than this too.”

Shoto pressed his arm harder against Kacchan to keep him down. He was inches away from either running out to save their friends, or starting a fight with Dabi.

“No one has a quirk like Stain.” Tsukuyomi began, “They’ve never experienced this kind of fight.”

The rain picked up, drumming against the leaves. It bounced off of the three unmoving bodies in the open.

“Is he going to kill them?” Kacchan whispered towards Shoto.

Shoto shook his head. There was no way. He looked over to Ochako, who was resting against a tree. She had passed out from a heavy amount of blood loss.

“Fuck.” Shoto said under his breath.

There was a movement of green electricity again, Midoriya pushing himself off the ground and running towards Stain. Both arms were dangling beside him, exhausted. He jumped, feet first towards Stain, hoping to use his non-broken limbs to take him down.

The impact rippled throughout the area. Stain getting thrown back into a different part of the forest.

Midoriya landed, falling belly first to the ground. He turned his head to the side, calling for Ochako. With every ounce of energy he had left, he flipped over. He looked like a ragdoll.

“What do we do when Stain comes back?” Kacchan asked Shoto quietly.

“I-I-” Shoto was at a loss for words. “I don’t know.”

Kacchan scowled. “What do you mean you don’t know?”

Shoto glared at him. “There’s only-”

A loud thud cut him off. Someone had landed beside Midoriya and Momo.

Vibrant against the grey skies, a figure wearing red, white and blue towered over the fallen team. His blonde hair jutted into the sky.

“All Might!” Shoto and Kacchan whispered. He was even bigger and brighter in person.

Stain was back in the clearing again, laughing. “Your Elite team is nothing, All Might.”

All Might charged at him, dodging his sword and throwing him into the ground. He punched him repeatedly, blood spurting out from the crater in the ground with every hit.

“Holy shit.” Kacchan murmured. He was grinning.

All Might stood up, throwing the very unconscious Hero Killer Stain over his shoulder, then collecting Ochako, Momo and Midoriya. He jumped into the sky, and was gone in an instant.

“Dammit!” Toga whined, “I wanted to see some hero deaths!”

“Another time.” Shoto added, standing up and heading towards the tunnel entrance. The rest of the group followed.

“Midoriya was willing to break his entire body in order to defeat Stain.” Tsukuyomi noted. “Very interesting.”

“Why does his quirk break his body?” Dabi wondered. “Does he not have full control over it yet?”

“His quirk is weird.” Toga said.


No one said a word on the walk back. Shoto assumed everyone was processing the intense and bloody battle they had witnessed.

There had been spectacles held at the League’s headquarters in the past, where a captured hero would be thrown in an arena to fight to the death against a villain. By now, they were all desensitized to the amount of blood that had been shed tonight. But this one felt different.

Shoto found he had even more questions for Midoriya now, and he knew Kacchan was on the same page. He wondered how he could get a second to speak to Midoriya alone, without Kacchan finding it suspicious. Any time he spent with Midoriya would make Kacchan jealous, and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

But he was still very intrigued by this boy, and in the end it was just more research for his mission. Right?

Chapter Text

Shoto’s early life at the mansion seemed to be bathed in gold . His parents were together and happy, his mom’s white hair twinkling in the warm sunlight coming in through the windows.

He would play outside with his parents, ducks fluttering around in a nearby pond. They had two golden retrievers, Daisy and Ginger. They were gifted to his mom from his dad, and followed her around wherever she went.

They flaunted their wealth, his mom decorating the house in rich jewel tones to compliment the gold and white interior. A portrait of the family hung front and centre in the entrance of their home, parents smiling with a chubby baby Shoto in hand.

The League of Villains were invited to dinner every night in the mansion, the table always a source of rowdiness. Shoto and Dabi would be put to bed early, while the dinners continued late into the evening.

Despite her ice-cold quirk, Shoto’s mother was always warm. When she cuddled him close. When she held his hand. Her smile. He remembered sitting on her lap by the huge fireplace in the living room during the winter months, watching the dance of his father’s flames.

When he discovered his quirk, the League was ecstatic. Endeavor’s heir would be the strongest villain anyone had ever seen. His mother thought otherwise, and began to resent the power which she had helped bring into the world.

Pouring hot water on Endeavor’s prized son’s face would get her banished from the mansion. Shoto would be escorted off the property every Sunday afternoon to visit her in a small town outside of Vidra. She wasn’t the same woman that lived in the mansion. The house was cold, small, and empty. The fireplace was never lit, just full of dust.

He never saw his parents together again.

A different woman would sit beside Endeavor at the ‘family’ dinners. She was the sister of a member of the League of Villains. Her spiky blonde hair scared Shoto at first, but she always brought him a piece of candy when she came over. It was good candy too.

She would tickle Shoto until his belly hurt from laughter. She made funny faces at him during dinner. She was much more fun than his father. He was allowed to stay up later when she was over, and they would watch movies with a lot of swearing in them.

Then Kacchan was born, and Shoto didn’t see her as much. He missed having all of her attention on him, she was the funniest person he knew, but having a younger brother was cool too.

Discovering Kacchan’s quirk was one of the best things to happen to Shoto. They spent all day outside practising their quirks, throwing fire and explosions at each other until someone got severely burned. They would play pranks on Kacchan’s mom, who would laugh and try to get back at them. Even Endeavor would let them get away with some of their shenanigans.

He stopped missing his mom’s presence in the mansion. Endeavor and Kacchan’s mom completely redid the house so Shoto had one wing, Kacchan had the other. Red accents were added everywhere, and the family portrait was re-painted. It was as if Shoto’s mom had never even lived there.


The theme of Kacchan’s seventh birthday party was dragons, and every toddler in the League of Villains was invited.

The cake was a four-foot tall red dragon, complete with red and gold wings, and sat at the centre of the ballroom. Dragons of all colours hung from the ceiling, looking as if they were soaring through the sky. It was the coolest thing Shoto had ever seen.

It was normal for each of the boy’s birthday parties to have an elaborate theme, but this particular event Kacchan had chosen himself, and Shoto thought it was the best idea he had ever had.

There were so many fun games, with a never ending amount of prizes to be won, including custom-made stuffed dragons for the event. Shoto had ‘won’ a specially designed ice-blue and red dragon just for him, who he still sleeps with to this day.

The birthday party was one of the best days Shoto had ever had at the mansion, he almost forgot that his mom was not invited. He remembered going to bed way too late in the evening, belly full of cake and pizza, the happiest he had ever been.

At 2 a.m. that night there was a knock on his door. He and his dragon (Blaze) opened the door, Kacchan crying on the other side. He had his custom-made orange and gold dragon (King Explosion Murder) in his hand.

There were loud noises coming from downstairs. It sounded like plates being thrown, and other various glass objects being broken.

Shoto ushered him in to his room and closed the door.

The fighting began about a year before, mostly yelling. It had never gotten this violent. He had asked his dad what they were fighting about, which Endeavor replied ‘they were just having a heated discussion’. He told Shoto not to worry, they would never fight.

He sat against the wall, Kacchan tucked under his arm, with Blaze and King Explosion Murder at the foot of the bed on guard. The sounds continued well into the night.

In the morning, when the sun peeked over the horizon, Shoto couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore, and he fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, the house was being torn apart. Red carpets getting pulled out, golden vases thrown away. All of the furniture was gone. Kacchan and his mom were not at breakfast.

Shoto poked at his food, Blaze sitting on the table beside him. Endeavor was watching him, but he was afraid to ask what had happened.

“I know you liked having her around,” Endeavor began, “But it was not working out.”

Shoto nodded slowly, continuing to move his fork around the full plate.

“Can I say goodbye?” he asked.


Kacchan slept in Shoto’s room for a long time after his mom left. It went on for so long that Endeavor eventually forced Kacchan to go back to his room. Kacchan put up a fight, and would normally be carried from Shoto’s room in the middle of the night screaming back to his own by Endeavor. Shoto was told to not intervene.


One summer day when Shoto was thirteen and Kacchan was eleven, Shigaraki brought them over to the League of Villains headquarters for a very important meeting with their dad. Shoto remembered the elevator ride being long and uncomfortably quiet. They had never been called to their dad’s office for a meeting.

They sat across from their dad at his desk, back to the Southern end of Vidra and the Restless Mountains. The view was incredible, but the rest of the office seemed enormous and dark.

“From now on,” Endeavor began, “You will have a strict schedule organized by Shigaraki and myself that focuses on refining your quirks to be the best they can be. You will also have time to study the courses I see fit for taking over my business.”

“Six days a week will be dedicated to intensive training. It will be hard, but rewarding. I will make sure that you get anything you require, only the best in resources. This is the beginning of your rise to be the successors of the League of Villains.”

He sighed. “If you choose to not participate in this training, my only option will be for you to be removed from Vidra. I can’t have someone who is not willing to participate.”

“Can we stay with our moms?” Kacchan asked.


Kacchan and Shoto exchanged glances.

“Your moms will do nothing but hold you back.”

Kacchan sniffled, eyes filling with tears. Shoto bit his lip, trying not to cry.

“This is all so you can excel at what you’re truly meant to be.” Endeavor said. “I want nothing more than to make sure my sons are strong, smart and safe. I can trust you that training here will be the absolute best for you. You were meant to be rulers.”

Shoto picked at his thumbnail. He didn’t want to leave his room, the backyard with the cool fish, or the fun parties. What would even happen to them if they had to leave? He didn’t want to find out.

“Okay.” he said quietly.

“Excellent.” Endeavor said.


The training was brutal, the teachers harsh and the weeks were long. But, they were spoiled on their days off. The kitchen made anything to their heart’s desire, and the growing boys were eating anything in sight.

Endeavor took their ideas for villain suits and had them created by the best designers with the most high-tech accessories.

He took them all over the Villain territory on lavish vacations numerous times throughout the year.

He even threw Kacchan a bigger and better dragon birthday party when he turned thirteen.

Life was good at the League of Villains mansion, but it was very lonely. It was great to have Kacchan there, he was his best friend, but on Friday nights they would hear about other kids having parties while they were stuck at home studying.

When they told Endeavor about this, he opened the doors to the kids of Vidra, allowing them to hangout with Shoto and Kacchan in their huge game room at the mansion every Friday night. It became the coolest place to be on the weekend.

Soon enough, people in their friend group began dating, there was drama, fights and tons of gossip. Shoto never actively participated, but he did tend to get in the crossfire.

One time Kacchan and a group of people were caught smoking in the forest, and not only did Kacchan get in a ton of trouble, but Shoto got the same amount of punishment. He wasn’t even there for it!

“But it’s your responsibility as an older brother and future leader.” His dad said.

The older they got, the less they started to care about training. They would sneak out constantly to go to their friends houses, despite the curfew being 8 p.m. on training nights.

Endeavor was slowly losing his patience, and the punishments worsened each time. First they were grounded for the weekends, then Friday game nights were cancelled, they weren’t allowed to go on fancy trips, they had to help Shigaraki torture the heroes.

It was too much. They felt a major presence was missing in their lives, knowing their mothers were out there but they were not allowed to ever see them. Shoto would wonder why their moms never made an effort to contact them, obsessing and analyzing over ever reason he could think of.

Their dad visited with them once per week, only briefly checking in to see how their training was going. Otherwise, he was constantly surrounded by other League members, eagerly discussing the next move against the Heroes. He paid very little attention to them, except when they had made major achievements in their quirk training.

He never showed them the same enthusiasm he had had with the League.

“Do you think our moms would like us now?” Kacchan asked Shoto one day on break between training sessions.

He didn’t know what to say. They had signed their lives away for safety and security, while their moms were out somewhere in potentially dangerous situations. They probably hated them.

Kacchan’s question sparked an idea with Shoto.

“Why don’t we try to find them?” he suggested.

He missed his mom’s hugs. Her affection. He missed her reassurance to always do what made him the happiest, whether or not his father agreed.

He wanted one person in his life to love him for who he was and not just his quirk.

One weekend when Endeavor was away, they snuck out early Saturday morning to explore the city.

Dressed in long, beige cloaks, they walked around the downtown core- a place they had rarely been able to visit, looking for clues to solve the mystery of their missing moms.

There was a farmers market set up in a square across from the train station, bustling with citizens of Vidra. A few Nomus patrolled the area, which was nothing unusual for the city, but the boys could not be seen by them or else it would be game over.

Suddenly, a woman with the same pale blonde hair as Kacchan caught their attention, both boys immediately taking off in her direction.

“Do you think it’s her?!” Kacchan shouted in front.

Shoto was smiling too hard to answer.

Kacchan slid to a stop, Shoto running into him and almost knocking them to the ground.

“What the-” Shoto began.

“Shhh!” Kacchan quieted him.

Endeavor approached the blonde woman in the distance, Nomus and other guards engulfing both of them.

Kacchan and Shoto ducked behind a barrel, both peeking over either side to catch a glimpse of the situation.

“I thought dad was away this weekend?” Shoto whispered.

“Is that actually my mom?” Kacchan replied.

The exchange between Endeavor and the woman was getting louder. A yell came from the group, causing Kacchan to jump up from behind the barrel and run towards them.

“Mom!” he shouted.

Shoto followed Kacchan, but froze in place when he saw the scene before him.

Two Nomus had strong grips on the woman and were trying to escort her away from Endeavor. She turned to Kacchan when he called out, her crimson eyes wild.

“GIVE ME BACK MY SON!” she screamed, the Nomus dragging her to a dark van.

Kacchan started to chase after her, but Endeavor threw a wall of fire in his direction, blocking his path. Kacchan reacted quickly, using small explosions to jump over the wall, but Endeavor was right behind him, pulling him back down.

Shoto didn’t know what else to do but run up to his dad and try to freeze his hands, trying to distract him so he could let go of Kacchan.

Endeavor pushed him away with brute force, throwing Shoto to the ground. Before he could get up, he was grabbed by Shigaraki and pulled away.

“KACCHAN!” he screamed.

Kacchan continued to struggle against Endeavor, using any move he could, but it was useless. Their father was too strong.

Endeavor stormed towards Shoto, holding Kacchan in a death grip.

They were in serious trouble.

The trip back to the League of Villains mansion was hazy, but Shoto and Kacchan were taken to the dining room, locked in and surrounded by multiple Nomus and other guards for hours until they were summoned to their dad’s office late at night.

“I sent your mothers away long ago because they betrayed the League of Villains.” Endeavor said, when the boys quietly took their seats across from him.

They were covered in dirt and bruises. Kacchan was crying.

“They wanted to take you away from here and bring you to the Hero Coalition. They were working for All Might.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell us?” Shoto asked quietly.

“Because they would do nothing but hold you back.” Endeavor said. “I spared their lives and sent them far away.”

And that was all they were going to get from him before being dismissed back to their rooms for the night. Shoto didn’t check but he knew there were guards stationed outside and around his room in case he wanted to leave.

There was never mention of their moms again after that weekend. But as the days went by, Shoto realized some things didn’t add up.

His mom didn’t seem like a spy from the Coalition. There was no way. And why was Kacchan’s mom in downtown Vidra that day? She was supposed to somewhere far away from them? Was she not banished from Vidra?

What were the chances that their dad was telling them the truth?

Tsukuyomi, Kacchan and Shoto snuck into the dungeon one day and tried to question some of the more important heroes they held captive. It was their only option. Their dad’s office was impenetrable, and all of the guards and League were sworn to secrecy otherwise punishable by death.

With Tsukuyomi on guard, Kacchan and Shoto sat across from an old hero named Gran Torino. He had been held in the dungeon for decades, his knowledge of the Hero Coalition vast and never ending. He was the League of Villains most important source of information.

“The evil sons.” he addressed them when they sat down. “Where’s your decaying teacher today?”

“We’re not here to torture you.” Shoto said. “I don’t think that was ever the best way to get information out of you. You’re smarter than that.”

“It seems you are, as well.” he responded.

Shoto glanced over at Kacchan, whose eyes were huge. It seems that whatever Shoto was doing was working.

“Do you have any information on either of our moms?” Shoto asked.

Gran Torino eyed the back of Tsukuyomi. “Your father doesn’t know about this visit? He will be disappointed to know that the successors he has been crafting for all these years are so quick to betray him.”

“We’re expendable.” Shoto shot back.

Gran Torino snorted. “Big words for a fifteen year old.”

“We go to school six days a week.” Kacchan added.

“Endeavor is so hungry for power, he doesn’t notice that it’s affecting his most important assets.” Torino stated.

Kacchan raised an eyebrow, looking at Shoto.

“Were our moms spies for the Hero Coalition?” Shoto asked.

“No.” Torino said. “I know nothing about your moms, except they were both briefly kept down here before they were banished from the city, years ago. I have never heard of them outside of the League of Villains.”

Shoto exhaled.

“He lied to us?” Kacchan whispered. “Why?”

“We’re just pawns.” Shoto said. He brushed past Tsukuyomi and marched up the stairs.

Kacchan thanked Gran Torino and rushed off, trying to keep up with Shoto.


Their father was in his office, sitting calmly at the large mahogany desk. His eyes shifted to see Shoto storm in, followed by Kacchan.

“What were you doing in the dungeon?” Endeavor asked.

“Trying to get answers.” Shoto replied. “Because you don’t seem to be giving us the right ones.”

“And you would believe a fallen hero over your father?”

Shoto shut his mouth. Would he?

“Sit. Down.” Endeavor said quietly, scowling.

They both took a seat.

“I have given you a very comfortable life, and in exchange I asked you for one thing. But you never listen to me. And if you’re not going to follow that, then I will take it all away.”

Shoto peered over at Kacchan, he was biting his lip.

“Then we’ll leave.” Shoto said. He glared at his dad, challenging him.

Endeavor banged his hands on the desk. “You don’t understand how important you are to the League of Villains!”

Shoto stood up, face to face with Endeavor. “We’re not important to you, we’re only pawns!”

“Even if you are,” Endeavor hissed, “I made you to be the strongest villains the world has ever seen. You are my creation, and you will not disobey me.”

“Not if we leave.”

“If you ever try to take a step off of this property without my permission,” Endeavor narrowed his eyes, “I will make sure your mothers are never heard from again. I know where they are, and I can kill them anytime I want.”

Shoto hovered over the desk. He couldn’t find words to say.

“Please don’t.” Kacchan whispered. “Shoto. Stop.”

“I fucking hate you.” Shoto seethed. “I wish you weren’t my father.”

Endeavor jumped up from his chair and slapped him across the face, hard. Shoto fell backwards.

“You signed away your life to me a long time ago.” Endeavor said. “And if you don’t seem to understand your importance here after the punishment I’m giving you, then I will have to plan a visit to see your mothers.”

Kacchan was on the floor helping Shoto when two giant Nomus came in, dragging them away.

They spent many weekends after getting ‘special training’ from Shigaraki and his decaying quirk. They still had the scars from it.


Two years later, Shoto debuted his quirk to the League of Villains. Years of training had prepared him for this demonstration. He had to kill a captured hero in front of everyone.

The man’s screams of being burnt alive still rung in his ears.

He watched Kacchan do the same thing two years after him, stiff and unsmiling in the audience while the crowd around him cheered. He adapted the neutral face he was so famous for, while his dad patted him on the shoulder.

“We did a good job.” he praised.

Shoto smiled thinly.

That night, he started his long-standing plan to leave the League of Villains, Vidra, everything he had grown up with, behind. He wasn’t ready then, but as the days passed there became more opportunities to get out safely, and maybe even find his mother. He would just need to get Kacchan on board.

Chapter Text

Midoriya’s room in the Academy’s hospital reeked of flowers. There were vases of colourful floral arrangements on every empty surface, crowding the private room. The giant window overlooking the Great Lawn let in soft sunlight, adding a slight glow to everything in the room.

Kacchan peaked through the crack of the door, listening in to Aizawa and All Might yelling at Midoriya.

“You can’t push yourself this far every time!” All Might said, “Your body still can’t handle the power!”

“But we would have died !” Midoriya exclaimed.

“You would have died either way.” Aizawa added. “You weren’t prepared to take on that level of villain.”

“The Elite team’s purpose is to protect the city from high-risk villains!” Midoriya slammed his hands on his bed, “If we can’t do that, then what’s the point!?”

“That still doesn’t mean you needed to break every bone in your body.” Aizawa said. “You should have relied more on Momo and Ochako. Plus, all of the extra training we’ve worked on by spreading out your power and using it slower, but steadier.”

“I’m sorry!” Midoriya shouted. “I did everything I could to keep the city safe!”

All Might sighed, and sat down beside him. “Thank you for that. I know you’re passionate about helping those who can’t defend themselves, but you need to pace yourself. There will be a day when you won’t come back from a battle.”

“Isn’t that what I signed up for, though?” Midoriya spoke quietly.

“Not with this villain.” All Might said, “You should have called one of us in earlier. He was too strong for you guys.”

Midoriya was frowning. “I’m so disappointed in myself.”

“Don’t be.” Aizawa said. “You were outmatched.”

“We’re supposed to be the best.” Midoriya’s lip quivered as he spoke. “And we almost failed.”

All Might patted Midoriya’s messy hair. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. The Elite team is still a work-in-progress. You’re not perfect.”

Midoriya nodded slowly, looking down at his bandaged hands.

“We’ve got to get back to work.” Aizawa pointed to the door. “I’ll send Tsuyu by later to go over what you missed in class.”

“Thanks.” Midoriya mumbled.

They made their way out the door, Kacchan slipping into the washroom beside the room. When their footsteps became quieter, he made his way to Midoriya.

“Bakugou!” Midoriya smiled as he made his way in. “How was class?”

“Same old.” Bakugou said, plopping down in the chair All Might had been in a few minutes ago.

“It does get a little boring sometimes…” Midoriya admitted, wiping the tears away from his eyes.

“Are you okay?” Bakugou asked.

Midoriya sniffled.

“What happened?”

“We were uh… called for a mission that I guess we couldn’t handle.” Midoriya said.

“There was a villain attack?”

“Yea. He had a quirk I’d never seen before. If he drank our blood he could paralyze us.”

“Gross.” Kacchan said.

Midoriya smiled. “It was.”

Bakugou poked Midoriya’s arm. “No one’s signed your cast yet.”

“Oh yea!” Midoriya smiled, “I forgot that was a thing.”

“I’m going to take up the whole space, and draw a giant picture of myself on all of your casts.”

“Nooooo!” Midoriya laughed. “That’s not fair!”

“What are you going to do about it?” Bakugou pretended to search for a permanent marker in his backpack.

“Stop!” Midoriya squealed, “I can’t do anything!”

Bakugou sat up, showing his empty hands. “Don’t worry, I don’t even have a marker. BUT I do want to sign your cast. Maybe I’ll draw a giant penis on it.”

“I’ll kill you!”


“I’ll… headbutt you!”

Bakugou snorted. “You can’t even move over here to headbutt me!”

Midoriya flinched, trying to shuffle over in his bed. “Just you wait!”

“Speaking of which… how long is your recovery supposed to take?”

“Well Recovery Girl is doing everything she can, and I guess I need about 12 hours of sleep in between her healing… so, I’d say a week or so.”

“Not bad compared to the months you would have to heal if she wasn’t here.”

“True.” Midoriya pouted. “It still sucks though. I’m the worst teacher ever.”

“No you’re not.”

“I got injured from a fight two weeks in. That’s not good.”

Bakugou laughed. “So what? Who cares?”

“I need to be able to push myself further in fights. I have to be my best.”

“Aren’t you doing your best right now?” Bakugou frowned.

“Yes! But… it’s not good enough. I need to train more.”

Bakugou placed his hand over Midoriya’s. He couldn’t believe he was saying this. “Why don’t you just… relax for right now?”

“I can’t.”


“Cause a villain could strike at any moment!” Midoriya snapped. “And I need to be ready!”

“I mean, just relax while you’re recovering.” Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Not like you can do anything the way you are right now. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Midoriya sighed. “Fine. But it’s so boring.”

“Then I’ll come by and bring some games or something.” Bakugou shrugged.

“With two people?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Fine. I won’t come by then.”

Midoriya smirked. “Yea, okay. I doubt that.”

“You don’t enjoy my presence?”

“It’s tolerable.” Midoriya said, a hint of pink dusting his cheeks.

He looked adorable. His hair messy, sticking out in every direction, green eyes wide. Kacchan smiled softly.

“Good enough for me.”

He ran his hand through Midoriya’s soft hair. “Stop crying about it. It’s a waste of time.”

Midoriya frowned, watching him stand up and yank on his school uniform.

“Don’t get too bored.” He said over his shoulder on the way out.


Bakugou was back the next night, a thick folder full of papers in hand.

“Oh god.” Midoriya scrunched his nose at the sight of the folder.

“Everything you’ve missed.” he slapped the folder on the the bedside table. “These flowers smell bad.”

Midoriya eyed the sunflowers to his right. “I like them. They make me happy.”

Bakugou shrugged, sitting down and searching through his backpack.

“What’ya got for me?” Midoriya tried to lean over. His healing sessions today were focused on his arms, which were only wrapped in a thin layer of tape. He was able to fully move them again.

A chocolate bar landed in his lap, Bakugou then pulled a Nintendo Switch out.

Midoriya grinned. “Sweet!” He grabbed the chocolate bar and unwrapped it in a flash, jamming about half of it into his mouth.

“I’m gonna teach you how to play Zelda.” Bakugou turned on the Switch and handed it over to Midoriya.

“I literally never have time to game. This is awesome.”

Bakugou leaned in close to him, heads almost touching in order for them to both see the small screen. “You gotta use the thing on the left to move.”

“I know how to use a Switch! I’m not old!” Midoriya whined.

“You said you never fuckin’ game, so I’m trying to help!”

“Hey! Don’t say fuck!” Midoriya swatted at him.

“But you just said it!”

“I’m your senior, I’m allowed to!”

“No you’re not! We’re the same age!”

Midoriya scowled, yanking the Switch back towards him. “You can watch. But don’t touch.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes.


The old, yellowing clock on the wall hit 11 p.m., but neither boys were aware. Midoriya was not far along in the game, despite the few hours he had been playing it, and he was trying to defeat a guardian. Bakugou was practically on top of him, their cheeks pressed together.  

“Go hide behind that rock so his laser doesn’t hit you!” he yelled.

“I can’t get there! The guy is in the way” Midoriya aggressively swiveled the little joystick around underneath his thumb.

“Just dodge him with a roll!”

“I CAN’T!”

“Let me try!”


A nurse swung the door open. “Boys! It’s past 11! Stop shouting!”

They looked like two deer caught in headlights.

The nurse huffed and closed the door.

Bakugou was suddenly very aware of Midoriya’s smooth cheek pressed against his own. He leaned back, turning to meet his eyes. They stared at each other for a moment, the muffled sounds of Link’s struggling shouts filling the space.

He wanted to lean in. He wanted to close the space between them, but something was holding Bakugou back. Midoriya licked his lips.

“I have to go.” Bakugou said quietly.

Midoriya nodded.

“Keep the Switch. You need it.”

On his way out, he glanced behind to see Midoriya watching him, smiling.


Every night that week, Bakugou had come by to watch him play Zelda around the same time. He also came with a folder full of the day’s activities from Aizawa. It seemed as if the folders got thicker as the days passed.

Recovery Girl’s healing was working wonders on his broken bones. By Friday night, he was able to fully move again, and was permitted to go back to his own room. Once he was settled back in the dorm, his next step was to go outside. It didn’t matter where he went, he just needed the fresh air.

Bakugou was standing by the pond in the Great Lawn, hands deep in his pockets. Midoriya shuffled up behind him.

“I could hear you from a mile away.” Bakugou said over his shoulder.

“I’m just happy to be walking again.”

“You can shower again, too.”

“I did shower! It just took about an hour to get my casts waterproof.”

“They still smelled bad.”

Midoriya hit his arm.

There were a family of ducks in the pond, gliding back and forth on the dark water. The smaller ones splashed around, their small wings flicking drops of water onto each other. Their tiny chirps caught Midoriya’s attention, and he smiled down at them.

“The ducks are happy to see you.”

“Man, that stale hospital air really got to me. It felt like death was around the corner.” He crouched down, the ducks swimming up to him in interest.

“Do you wanna walk somewhere?”


There was a park a few minutes East of the Academy, smaller than the Great Lawn but thicker with trees. It was perfect for a dusk-time stroll.

“I think there’s a dog park at the centre of this.” Midoriya noted.

They walked slowly, getting passed by a few cyclists, but there weren’t many other people out walking. Bakugou was happy for this, as he was struggling with the leisurely pace Midoriya limped to, and knew other people would have gotten mad about it too.

They reached a hill, taking longer than usual to make it to the top. Midoriya was struggling and Bakugou lost his patience, swooping Midoriya up and carrying him to the high point.

“I can do it on my own!” Midoriya exclaimed. “You have no patience!”

“No, I don’t!” Bakugou placed him back on the ground.

Midoriya snickered. “Well, at least you’re aware of that.”

“I hear it almost every day from Sh-uh, Todoroki.”

A bench was on one side of the path, which allowed visitors to enjoy the view from the top of the hill. Turned out it was steeper than they thought.

Midoriya shuffled to the bench. “Wow, you can see the Academy from here.”

They sat beside each other in silence, taking in the panorama of the city. The sun was almost gone from the horizon, casting orange and yellow against the deep blue sky. Midoriya exhaled loudly, making Bakugou frown and glance over at him.

“Are you good?”

“It’s just so nice to be outside. And have freedom. And be able to move anywhere.”

“You were only in there for a week.”

“I need to be moving at almost all times or else I go crazy.”

Bakugou was quiet, watching some fat birds dip between the tops of the trees.

“Thank you for everything.” Midoriya said quietly, turning to him. “One of the only reasons I got through this week was because of you and Link. Well, mostly Link. But seeing you was good too.”

Bakugou snorted. “Good to hear.”

Midoriya shifted closer to him. Bakugou turned to see emerald green eyes looking back at him. Their faces were inches apart.

“Bakugou- I…” Midoriya sighed. “I’m breaking so many rules.”

“I know.” He felt his heart pound in his chest.

“It’s barely been a month and I’m already hooking up with a student… Aizawa’s gonna kill me.”

Bakugou watched Midoriya’s lips, which seemed to be extra red and soft looking.

Do I really want this? The thought popped into his head.

Midoriya examined his face. “I really want to kiss you though.”

“Then do it.” Bakugou challenged.


The last time you kissed someone, it was Kirishima.


He felt himself being pulled out of the little park in Shojagi and back to the party where he and Kirishima were forced into the closet. Every little touch, scent, was instantly brought back to him. He remembered just wanting to nibble on Kirishima’s lip, push him against the wall and suck on his neck. It was an overwhelming, terrifying feeling, but he needed him.

Suddenly, every time him and Kirishima were together started to flash before him. Their first kiss, the first time they saw each other naked, the first time they had sex. It ran through his mind at hyper speed. All of it was awkward and weird, but he wouldn’t have wanted it to happen with anyone else. Kirishima was all that he wanted.

I still want him. I can’t do this with anyone else. He will always be the only one for me.

His heart was in his throat. He felt like he couldn’t breathe.


The air had stopped moving around him. Midoriya was too close.

“I have to go.” he whispered.

Midoriya opened his eyes and nodded slowly. He looked nervous and a bit defeated.

“I’m sorry.” he said. He didn’t wait for Midoriya’s answer, walking away as briskly as he could.


He slammed his door when he got home, falling to the floor.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

He couldn’t stop his emotions from bubbling over into sobs. He couldn’t hold it back any longer. He was tired of it. Tired of everything. Every little thing his father had done to ruin his life. Everything that had made him happy was taken away from him. It wasn’t fair.

His chest was heaving, the room closing in on him. There wasn’t enough air to breathe in there. He needed to go outside, but couldn’t get himself up off of the ground.

He was so close to hooking up with someone he actually felt a spark of interest in for the first time in years. So close. And it was ruined, by his fucking father. Even when Endeavour wasn’t here, he took away the things he wanted.

He hated him. He took away his mom, he took away Kirishima, and now he was taking away Midoriya. He hated him.

I want him dead.

He felt the energy build up in his hands, sweating enough that he could have blown the wall off of the dorm.

I want to kill him.

The anger burned through his body. There was nothing stopping him from going back to Vidra right now and setting the mansion on fire. His dad deserved a slow death. He wanted to watch him burn in his own flames.

The smell of burning plastic brought him back into his room. He looked down, noticing burns marks in the carpet in the shape of his hands.

He brought his hands close to his face, staring at them. Fuck.

He exhaled deeply, feeling all of the tension in his body melt away. He felt like he could pass out.

All he wanted right now was Kirishima. He needed him to rub his back and tell him everything would be okay, even though it was inevitable him and Shoto would eventually be killed by the heroes in the final Hero vs. Villains battle. He needed to know just right now, that everything could be okay, for even one second.

But Endeavour took all of that away from him.

With all of his remaining strength, he picked himself up and laid down on the bed. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, they wouldn’t stop.

He wondered, before dozing off into a restless sleep, would he ever be able to be fully happy again? Or was it even possible with his father still around?

Chapter Text

The next day, Midoriya called meetings for all of his recruits. He wanted to hear about their week without him, and what they were working on. Todoroki’s meeting was closer to the end of the day, being further down in the alphabet.

He tried to avoid staring at the multiple bandages and scars that Midoriya was sporting, overwhelmed with guilt. His friend had been injured almost to the point of death because of his father.

“How are things?” Midoriya asked with a slight smile.

“Pretty normal, to be honest.” he frowned, “Are you okay?”

“I’m doing much better now.”

Todoroki sighed. “I’m really sorry this happened to you.” Word had spread around the Elite recruits that Midoriya had been injured badly in battle, followed by tons of false rumours which Todoroki had ignored.

“It’s part of my job.” Midoriya shrugged.

“I wish I could have helped.” Todoroki admitted. He was being honest. He had wanted to step in more than anything, he knew he could have defeated Stain.

“The villain was way beyond anyone’s skills here.” Midoriya confessed. “All Might actually had to stop him.”

Todoroki wasn’t shocked, but he still appreciated the fact that Midoriya was able to admit he had been defeated. It was refreshing to see someone with such a powerful quirk and barely an ego.

He told him that.

Midoriya blushed. “You’re being very honest today, it’s surprising.”

Todoroki scrunched his eyebrows. “I guess I… I don’t know. You’re easy to talk to. I don’t know a lot of people like that.”

“Then I guess we were a perfect match.”

Midoriya turned even redder. “For- er, teacher and student, I mean. Mentors. You know.”

Todoroki laughed.

“Um… how are you enjoying the program so far?” Midoriya steered himself back on track.

“Learning a lot. Aizawa’s still terrifying.”

“That seems to be the case with everyone.”

“Shojagi is starting to grow on me. Oddly enough.” Todoroki said. “Although I miss the rain. And storms. Is it ever not sunny here?”

Midoriya snorted. “It seems to be perpetually bright and shiny in the city. Like every day is the best day ever.”

“See, that fits you.” Todoroki said, “Not me.”

“I have my off days, too.”

“I could never see you having an emo day.” Todoroki joked.

“I used to be made fun of all the time for being a cry baby!” Midoriya exclaimed.

Todoroki smirked. “That’s cute.”

“No it’s not! I’m just emotional!”

As Midoriya’s face turned red again, Todoroki tried to hold back his grin. He was so adorable. And kind. Something about Midoriya made Todoroki happy in a way he had never felt before. Damn.

“You look like a Christmas tree.” Todoroki said.

“Cause my face is red and my hair is green?!” Midoriya screeched.

Todoroki started laughing. “Don’t worry, it’s endearing.”

Midoriya slammed his head on his desk, groaning. Todoroki leaned over and pulled on strands of his hair with each hand. “It’s soft, and perfect.”

“Thank you.” Midoriya muffled against the desk. “No one’s ever told me my hair is perfect.”

Shit. Todoroki froze. Kacchan was gonna kill him.

“Does your quirk make those scars?” Todoroki changed the subject. Even if it was invasive he needed to not talk about how perfect he thought Midoriya was.

Midoriya shifted his head up. “Yes.”

“Must be strong.”

“Too strong for me, sometimes.”


“You’re quirk is incredible. What are your parent’s quirks?”

“My dad makes fire and my mom makes ice.”

Midoriya snorted. “Duh. Stupid question.”

“No it’s not. I’m not sure how I ended up with both quirks, it’s like I’m two people.”

“Do you prefer one over the other?”

Todoroki sighed. “Um… not particularly. I guess I like my ice quirk better because I like my mother better.”

“That’s fair. Your dad’s a dick?”

“You could say that.”

“I don’t really know my dad.” Midoriya rested his head in his arms. “But I love my mom more than anything.”

“We’re in the same boat.”

“Another reason why we’re perfect for each other.” Midoriya smiled. “Full of daddy issues.”

“Cheers to that.” Todoroki said sarcastically.

Midoriya rolled a pen back and forth on his desk, contemplating. “I’m such a bad teacher. Why do you and Bakugou make me forget all of the rules? How is he doing by the way?”

Todoroki frowned. “Fine? Last I checked.”

“Have you seen him recently?”

“Uh…” Todoroki tried to remember when he saw him last... yesterday at school?

“Something happened with us last night. You should go see him about it though.” Midoriya noted.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Midoriya said, “Confused a little bit, but he seemed troubled. I dunno.”


“He’s so sweet under that thick layer of aggression.”

Todoroki felt a tender smile form. “I know. Don’t tell him that though, he’ll kick your ass”

“You guys are lucky you have each other.”

“Tell me about it. He’s the only reason I made it to where I am today.”

Midoriya glanced at the clock behind Todoroki. “My next student is gonna be here any second. Sorry to cut it short.”

“That’s fine.” Todoroki got up and pushed his chair in. “Thanks for meeting with me.”

“I arranged the meeting.”

“I know  but… thank you.” Todoroki grabbed the doorknob and smiled at Midoriya. “For being a good teacher.”

“Oh my god!” Midoriya squealed. “I hate you. Go away.”

Todoroki laughed, closing the door and heading immediately to see Kacchan.


The walk back to the dorm was short, but enough time for Shoto to have a mini panic attack.

He was never that open and honest with anyone. What the fuck happened? He was a different person in Midoriya’s office, like being possessed some sort of positive, emotionally stable spirit. Why did Midoriya bring that out in him?

Kacchan’s door was locked. There was a chance he wasn’t home, but Shoto used his key to unlock the door anyways. Something was telling him Kacchan was here.

He was. Lying in bed, awake and wrapped in his blankets. His eyes were red.

“Oh my god.” Shoto ran up to him, kneeling on the ground by his head. “Are you okay?”


“What happened?”

“Go away, I’m trying to dissociate.”

Shoto sighed. “Remember when we were kids, after your mom left? And you slept in my room?”


He jumped over Kacchan, sitting beside him. He dug down the crack between the wall and the bed, pulling out King Explosion Murder, who had definitely seen better days. He placed the dragon on Kacchan’s chest.

“I also brought Blaze with me.”

“I didn’t trust dad around my dragon. I was worried he would throw it away.”

“Me too.” Shoto admitted. “We’re a little too big for this bed though.”

Kacchan was quiet.

“I can cuddle you like we did when we were younger too.” Shoto joked.

“I’m okay.” Kacchan said softly.

“What happened?”

Kacchan inhaled deeply, turning over to face him.

“I almost kissed Midoriya last night.”

“Okay… that’s a good thing isn’t it?”

“I... I couldn’t. All I could see was Kirishima.”


“I don’t think I can be with anyone else, ever again. It’s too hard. Dad ruined it for me.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“I couldn’t stop crying last night. And I almost burned a hole in the carpet.”

“Midoriya is worried about you.”

“You saw him?”

“I had a meeting with him today.” Shoto crossed his arms. “He looked real beaten up. I felt so bad.”

“Midoriya is cute, and I would definitely earn bonus points for sleeping with the enemy to find out more information, but I can’t do it. I can’t.”

“That’s fine.”

“I thought Midoriya would help me get over him, but it just brought everything back that I had tried to forget.”

“It’s going to take years to go away.” Shoto said, “I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. What happened was awful.”

Kacchan sniffled. Tears started to roll down his cheeks.

Shoto wanted to comfort him, but he wasn’t sure if Kacchan wanted to be touched. He pat him on the head.

“What, am I a dog?” Kacchan laughed.

“Sorry!” Shoto grabbed King Explosion Murder and pushed him against Kacchan’s face. “Here, cuddle your dragon.”

“He needs a bath. He smells bad.”

“Wash him in the washing machine here?”

“I don’t want anyone to see I have him though!”


They sat in silence for a bit, Shoto resting his head against the wall. “What a tough week. Let’s take it easy next week, okay? Nothing too stressful. Minor research.”

“I can definitely do that.”

“And let’s watch a movie or something, and order pizza. That’s what normal people do, right?”

Kacchan burst out laughing. “Sure.”

“Good. We deserve that.”


“What’s up?”

“Thank you.”

Chapter Text

During the next Wednesday’s class, Kacchan’s phone vibrated loudly mid-lecture. Considering all of Kacchan’s friends were in this class at the moment, Shoto knew exactly who that text was from.

While Aizawa chewed out Kacchan in front of the class, Shoto pulled out his phone discreetly underneath the desk.



Come home this weekend. I have a surprise for you.


Oh boy. Did he find out about Midoriya?

Once Aizawa returned to his lecture, Shoto glanced over at Kacchan. He rolled his eyes. Shoto’s phone lit up.



Such a drama queen


Shoto smirked. Kacchan must have gotten the text as well.



I’ll arrange the rides back for this upcoming weekend.


Damn. Tsukuyomi, Toga and Dabi must be in on this too. It would have to be a big-scale surprise to summon them back home this early on.

Another teacher that the boys had never seen before entered the classroom, walking briskly to Aizawa and whispering something. The class exchanged glances. He directed his attention to the Elite Five, who were sitting at the front desks.

“Code Nine. Go get ready to leave.”

The five left the room quickly, barely looking back at any of the confused students, following the unknown teacher. Aizawa faced the class.

“We’ll further discuss the Coalition code names in the future, but for anyone that’s wondering- Code Nine is a missing student or teacher. In this case one of our teachers has gone missing.”

Kacchan and Shoto eyed each other from across the room. This was happening way too close to their dad’s surprise announcement.

“The situation is bad enough that we have to send the Elite team out.” Aizawa continued, “But class will continue as usual.”



This is suspicious.


Shoto turned to Kacchan and nodded. Something was fishy.


After class, Shoto led Kacchan away from the training facilities as fast as he could, trying to avoid Tsukuyomi. They ended up in a park a  away from the downtown core.

“Have you heard from Toga or Dabi lately?” Shoto asked.


Two girls a bit younger than them walked by, smiling. They were wearing the same school uniforms.

They smiled back, the girls giggling into their hands and blushing.

Kacchan waited until they were a bit further away from the girls, before suggesting; “Ask Tsukuyomi what they’ve been up to.”

“He’s… I already asked him.” Shoto said.



Kacchan was frowning. “He hasn’t reported any significant activity that Toga and Dabi have been up to?”

Shoto sighed. If he mentioned anything about his confrontation with Tsukuyomi, Kacchan would be suspicious. He wanted to tell Kacchan about his plan, but it wasn’t ready. He wanted the plan to be perfect when he told him, so it could be executed seamlessly .

Tsukuyomi was so close to finding out last time, and Shoto didn’t know if he could be trusted. It seemed the longer they were in Shojagi, the more Tsukuyomi leaned towards Endeavor’s side.

“I think Tsukuyomi is working with dad.”

Kacchan scowled. “What? Why?!”

“He hasn’t been reporting to me as often.” Shoto lied. “And whenever he is with me, he just seems to ask me a million questions.” That part was true… kind of.

“I thought we figured out he was trustworthy a while ago.”

“I’m not sure, something’s changed.” Shoto said.

“Damn.” Kacchan kicked a small rock, “He was like, our only reliable source in the League.”

“It’s just us now.”

Kacchan dug his hands in his pockets. “It’s always been just us.” He stopped, turning to Shoto. “What do we do about this weekend?”

“I mean, I could say what’s the worst dad could do…” Shoto began, “But I’m sure he’ll find a way to one-up everything he’s ever done.”



“So do you think he’s planning on capturing Midoriya?” Kacchan asked.

“Who knows. Neither of us are in love with him, so maybe not.” Shoto felt his cheeks redden at the thought of falling in love with Midoriya.

Kacchan raised an eyebrow.

“We would know by now, too.” Shoto continued on.

“I guess.”

“Plus, isn’t it too early in the mission for dad to kill someone?”

Kacchan snorted. “You never know.”

“Let’s check in with Toga or Dabi. Maybe they will give us some clues.” Shoto offered.

“Good idea.”


Toga and Dabi were nowhere to be found. And without Tsukuyomi’s spying, they were lost.

Friday, before the car arrived to pick them up, Shoto dipped into Kacchan’s room. He was throwing clothes into a backpack.

“I haven’t seen Toga or Dabi all week.” Shoto said, leaning against Kacchan’s desk.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Kacchan huffed.

“They haven’t been to any of their classes this week, either.”

“Shit. Where the hell are they?”

Shoto pursed his lips. “I don’t know. It’s not like we ever talk to them, anyways.”

“Yea, cause they’re creepy. And annoying.” Kacchan stated.

Shoto exhaled. This was a mess. They were going into dangerous territory with next to no preparation. Everything was falling apart.

He straightened up. “I’m going to go get ready. I’ll see you in 20.”

Kacchan watched him leave, a worried look on his face. “Okay?”


The car ride to the Restless Mountains was quiet. Tsukuyomi watching for any interaction between Shoto and Kacchan, Kacchan staring at Shoto, worried, and Shoto focused on the back of the driver’s headrest, deep in thought.

He had to come up with a plan to protect them, anything he could think of. Whatever waited on the other side of the mountains was bad, but he couldn’t let himself or Kacchan get hurt. Not again. Especially Kacchan, he didn’t need anymore shit from their dad.

Shoto’s body tingled in panic, but he remained frozen in his seat. He forced a calm look on his face. No one could sense that he was falling apart, he was the one who had to keep it together. It was his job.


Their father was out of town for the evening, along with most of the League of Villains. The mansion was quiet and empty, save for some of the house keepers and the chefs.

Kacchan and Shoto went their separate ways to their rooms, Tsukuyomi following Shoto.

“Any requests for dinner I should give to the chefs?” Tsukuyomi asked.

“No.” Shoto answered. He started dumping dirty clothes on his bed, back to Tsukuyomi.

“Nothing?” Tsukuyomi exclaimed.

“I dunno… go ask Kacchan.” Shoto muttered.

Tsukuyomi sighed. “Fine.” He exited swiftly.

His room was stuffy. Considering no one had been here in a month, it seemed the dust had settled. He went over to slide open a window overlooking the backyard.

A cool breeze drifted in, much colder than Shojagi.

There was a usual hustle around the League of Villains during the week that gave the headquarters life. Today, there was none of that.

Shoto felt himself missing the close proximity of the other trainees at the Academy. The fact that he could go to the kitchen and hangout with whoever he pleased, at any time. There was always something fun happening there.

Kacchan kicked his door open, causing it to bang hard against the wall. “I’m bored.” He stomped over to the open window. “It’s too cold here.”

“Remember when dad would let us open the mansion to everyone our age on Fridays?” Shoto asked.

“Yea.” Kacchan huffed. “I miss that shit.”

Shoto sighed. “I guess we could train.”

“No freakin’ way. That’s all we do at the academy. I need a break.” Kacchan slid his boot off and shook it out the open window.

Shoto raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry, there’s a rock in my shoe.”


Two hours later, Kacchan was splayed on Shoto’s floor, Shoto sat in his bed typing on his laptop.

“I’m bored.” Kacchan repeated for the thousandth time.

“I know.” Shoto said.

“I miss Midoriya.” Kacchan admitted.

They hadn’t really hung out with Midoriya outside of class all week. They were too busy searching for the missing teacher, barely having time to attend class. All training sessions with the Elite team were on hold until they had finished their mission.

Shoto missed Midoriya too. More than he expected.

“Too bad we don’t have his number or anything.” Kacchan sighed. “I need to partake in some witty banter.”

“You mean flirting?” Shoto asked.

Kacchan groaned. “I guess. I don’t know. I think I blew it.” He sat up, craning his neck to see over Shoto’s bed. “What are you working on?”


“Nerd.” He threw his boot at Shoto’s face. It bounced off of the head rest.

Tsukuyomi knocked twice then opened the door. “Dinner is served.”

Kacchan jumped up, running past Tsukuyomi. “Thank god!”

Shoto closed his laptop, brushing by Tsukuyomi without saying a word.


The next day, the headquarters was full of people again. Workers moved between the mansion and the League of Villains dining hall, carrying trays of food. There were people outside moving pots of black and red flowers back and forth, while others worked on the finishing touches of a large ice sculpture of Endeavor erected in the centre of the compound.

Shoto was awakened by the shouts of some of the workers around 9 am. After glancing outside into the bright, early morning sun, he returned to his bed, digging deep beneath the covers, trying to hide from everything and everyone until the last minute.

Tsukuyomi came in before lunch with papers in hand.

“Your dad wants you to meet him in the dungeon at 12:30.”

“Ok.” Shoto mumbled from underneath his covers.

When he heard the door close softly, Shoto let out a long groan. Not the dungeon.


Getting to the dungeon involved dodging and dipping around an endless stream of workers who were deep in preparation for this unknown big event. Every single person seemed to be carrying a tray of colourful food, decorations or flowers. Shoto hadn’t seen an event this big in a while.

The echoes coming from the dungeon were louder than usual, Endeavor’s voice booming over everyone else’s.

Shoto followed the sounds of laughter to the end of the hall, leading into the torture chamber where he last saw those two nameless heroes. Pushing open the door, he was greeted with the maniacal laughter of Toga. Her yellow eyes were glowing in the darkness of the room. Dabi, Tsukuyomi, Shigaraki and Kacchan were standing alongside her and his father in a circle.

Endeavor- head almost hitting the ceiling- turned to Shoto. “Son! We have a big day ahead of us.”

There was someone on the ground, he could hear quiet whimpering, but couldn’t see through the group.

“Well, I’m excited to see who our special guest is.” He said dryly.

Endeavor chuckled. “Wow, sending you away has given you a sense of humour! How delightful.”

Shoto pursed his lips, approaching the group slowly. He peeked over at Kacchan briefly to see his normally bright crimson eyes turned dark, the colour of blood.

In the middle of the circle, tied and gagged, was the Hero Coalition’s missing teacher. He was covered in dirt, still wearing his teaching clothes.

Shoto tried to keep his face still. He could feel the terror of the situation coming up through his throat, forming in a scream, but quickly pushed it down.

He was used to not letting those feelings actually manifest, anyways.

“The missing teacher.” he stated.

“Dabi and I got him!” Toga cheered. “He’s our teacher!”

“The Elite team has been looking for him all week.” Kacchan mentioned, voice flat.

“We’ve gotten some interesting information out of him so far.” Dabi said.

“Their interrogation skills are improving immensely.” Shigaraki smiled. He looked to Kacchan and Shoto, “You know, you guys could maybe learn from them.”

“What have you found out?” Shoto asked, ignoring Shigaraki’s taunting.

“We’ll discuss that in my office.” Endeavor said.

Shoto nodded, then glanced over at Toga and Dabi. “Good work, guys.”

“We’re going to have him go against Hero Killer: Stain this afternoon, in front of the whole League.” Endeavor added.

“A good old fight to the death!” Shigaraki whooped, “We haven’t had one of those in a while!”

“Toga, Dabi. Stay down here with Shigaraki, see if you can get anything else out of our guest .” Endeavor turned towards the door, “Kacchan and Shoto, let’s talk in my office.”


Tsukuyomi was standing still in the corner, waiting for the three to get comfortable in their plush seats. A guard on the outside closed the door gently, leaving the room in complete silence.

“You boys are so quiet today.” Endeavor began, “It’s like you’re not excited to be home! It must be nice to be away from all of those heroes.”

Shoto exhaled. “I did miss my bed. And I’m sure this dinner will put Shojagi’s meals to shame.”

“It absolutely will. Only the best for the League.” Endeavor said.

Kacchan folded his arms, looking constipated. Shoto knew from experience that was just him trying to hold back his anger. He was not good at it.

“You don’t think that a missing teacher will make the Coalition worried about a potential attack?” Shoto asked.

“They already know that we have infiltrated them.” Endeavor stated.

“They have?!” Kacchan squeaked.

“One of the many things our captured teacher has told us.”

“Do we need to pull out of the mission?” Shoto asked.

“No. The Academy does not suspect you four. Just continue what you’re doing.”

Shoto frowned. Wait… they weren’t in trouble for anything? No punishments?

Endeavor smirked. “You are part of a much bigger plan the League has been working on for a while now. Your goal is to continue to bring us information from within the Academy. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Neither boys knew what else to say. They had never been in this office to receive somewhat-positive news.

“Okay?” Was all Shoto was able to say.

“Let’s just enjoy this afternoon show, alright boys?” Endeavor said. “I put it all together specially for you.”


They were the last to enter the crowded arena, the audience eagerly awaiting the arrival of the most elite members in the League of Villains.

The arena sat close to 20,000 people, flights of seating spiralling upwards from the sandy pit in the middle. There was a small area at the top of the oval reserved for the couple hundred members of the League, decorated in luscious drapes and floral arrangements.

All heads turned when Endeavor walked in, followed by Shoto and Kacchan.

Every single seat was full, Shoto had noticed. It was rare that the League of Villains had an event like this, inviting guests from all over their nation to watch such a major spectacle. Tickets must have sold out fast.

The throne- made of the darkest shade of red, rimmed in the most expensive gold- loomed over the stadium. It’s emptiness ominous amongst all of the other filled seats. It was waiting for its king.

Endeavor took his seat, Shoto and Kacchan on either side. The arena fell silent.

“Citizens of Vidra, esteemed members of the League of Villains,” he began, “Thank you for coming to my event. We haven’t had an exhibition on this scale for some time, and it is wonderful to have you all here to celebrate with me and my sons.”

A booming applause spread through the arena.

“Today we will be recognizing the talents of a very gifted member of the League of Villains, and a personal friend- Hero Killer: Stain!” Endeavor motioned to the pit.

Stain walked in slowly to loud cheers from every direction. He ignored it, marching to the centre and awaiting his opponent. He jammed his katana into the dirt.

“He will be facing our special guest, all the way from Shojagi, and former teacher of the Hero Coalition- Sir Nighteye!” Endeavor cheered.

The teacher waddled into the arena, head down, hair disheveled. He carried a rusty sword with him, wearing loose leather armour.

Shoto bowed his head. He had heard from others that Nighteye was known for his intellect- not his fighting skills. Sure, he was smart in battle, but didn’t have the physical quirk to back it up. He was great support for the others.

Would he even try to fight Stain? What was the point? Stain would kill him instantly.

A horn boomed, sounding the beginning of the battle. Both fighters took their stance.

Shoto watched his dad cheer when Stain slashed deep into Nighteye’s chest. His excitement bordered on maniacal.

Being the “King of Villains” obviously came with some evil tendencies, but was killing for sport really that essential to the way this nation was run? What does it prove?

Nighteye collapsed to the ground, covered in blood, the crowd jumping out of their seats to cheer on their beloved Stain as he took his final swing.

In the past, Shoto had been indifferent to seeing heroes being killed in front of him. They were his enemy, it’s what they deserved, and it was inevitable if the League of Villains wanted to win against the Hero Coalition. It was what he had to do.

But something felt different. He wasn’t cheering for the good or the evil sides, he didn’t want to.

It was time to leave. He didn’t belong to this world anymore.

Chapter Text

Everything was back to normal in Shojagi when they returned. The Elite team were back to train their students, and Aizawa was finally letting the class use their quirks for exercises. People had forgotten about the missing teacher, and were getting excited to show off their quirks to their peers.

Kacchan was showing his group how he could make himself fly by making continuous small explosions on either side of him.

Midoriya was mid-speech when he noticed members of his own group getting distracted by Kacchan’s loud quirk. He started speaking louder, trying to pull everyone’s focus back to him. Shoto was tempted to freeze Kacchan’s hands so he would fall in front of everyone.

Their group was going to go through an obstacle course, the goal to get the ‘prize’ at the end and deliver it to Midoriya.

Midoriya was trying to explain the complexity of the obstacle course, being that it was spread throughout a fake city, but Kacchan’s showboating was too distracting.

Shoto felt like he was the only one actually listening, everyone else distracted by all of the different quirks being displayed by the other groups. He couldn’t care less about anyone’s quirk.

“We’ll go to one of the smaller cities to practise in, a few floors below us.” Midoriya was practically yelling.

“We’re going underground?” someone asked.

“There’s a lot of floors below us that not many people know about.” Midoriya smiled. “We’re going to visit one of the less exciting ones.” He began to walk towards an elevator, ushering the class to follow him.

Interesting. Shoto hadn’t even thought of the idea that there could be multiple floors below them. Who knew what could be going on underground.

The elevator door slid open on L3. Somehow the whole group had managed to fit in the elevator, Midoriya at the front leading them to a small chamber at the beginning of the pretend city.

The city itself was overwhelmingly huge. Especially for something being underground. It looked like a real spot in downtown Shojagi, the tallest of the buildings reaching twenty floors. Shoto was impressed.

The chamber had a wall full of screens, showing multiple camera angles of the city below.

Midoriya hit a few buttons, changing the camera angles. “Here’s where the class will watch as you all take turns running through the practise test. I only want to hear constructive criticism for your peers, though.”

Some of the members in Shoto’s group looked a little nervous. It was definitely hard to have your peers watch you give everything you’ve got in a fake-dangerous scenario, but Shoto knew he would have absolutely no issue with it. He had had worse from his father.

“We’ll start relatively easy for now, and as the weeks go on we can build up to harder scenarios.” Midoriya added. “I just want to see where everyone stands, and how we can improve your skills. Any questions?”

The group was silent, nervously anticipating the next step.

“Okay.” Midoriya glanced down at a clipboard beside him. “We’ll go alphabetically, I guess.”

The first few students to go did relatively okay. They definitely showed signs of uneasiness, but quickly fell into the obstacles of the scenario. There were robots to fight, bombs to stop, and a different small object for everyone to find and deliver to Midoriya.

The path of the course changed for every student, so that the people going at the end hadn’t memorized the whole thing and completed the course faster than everyone else.

When it was Shoto’s turn, the city was waiting for him in complete silence. It was eerie seeing a place like this with no life.

He tried to hold back in his fighting techniques the best he could, but he couldn’t control the size of the ice wall he had to use a couple of times. He knew he would most likely get in trouble for the destruction it caused.

He didn’t want to use his fire, mostly because he didn’t want to be reminded of his dad. Using his flames made his dad ecstatic, which is the last thing Shoto ever wanted to do. Even if his dad was miles away, his and his dad’s flames took on a similar shape and colour, which Shoto did not feel like seeing today.

Compared to the other students, he was making good time. Too good of a time. Midoriya would be suspicious is Shoto continued on like this. He had to be creative in ways to slow himself down.

Coming in ten minutes earlier than the rest of his classmates, Shoto handed the small, yellow bouncy ball to Midoriya, unscathed. A few of the students watched him, mouths open.

Uh-oh . He hadn’t held back his power enough.

Midoriya looked mad. That was not good.

“Any feedback?” Midoriya asked the class.

“That was amazing.” A shorter student with horns said.

“You’re quirk is incredible!” Another student added.

Shoto tried to smile, but he knew was in trouble from multiple parties.

Midoriya said nothing, quickly directing the attention to the next student to take the obstacle course, while Shoto tried to hide in the back.

The last student finally went, wrapping up the exercises for the day. Midoriya led them back to the training grounds where the rest of the class was waiting for a final debriefing from Aizawa.

As soon as the class was dismissed, Midoriya bee-lined straight to Shoto.

Shoto stared down at the smaller boy, arms crossed.

“So do you plan on killing all of the innocent people you are trying to save?” Midoriya sneered.


“You’re using your quirk too aggressively.” he stated.

Oh shit.

“I’m sure it’s great having all of that power,” Midoriya continued on, “But there’s no way you can use that to help people. Have you learned anything from what we’ve been teaching you the past few months? Everything you’re doing is way too aggro. That’s not what we do.”

Well. Shoto had been discovered. His dad was going to murder his mom, then Kacchan, then him for ruining the mission. The best part was being found out because of how his dad had trained him to be.

“Also- you don’t use your fire side? Why is that?” Midoriya continued, “Your quirk is amazing but your techniques are all wrong, I don’t think-”

“Are you going to let me talk, or no?” Shoto interrupted.

Midoriya exhaled. “Yes.”

“This is why I’m here.” Shoto said, “To get training from you to control my power.” He needed to backpedal out of this the quickest he could.

“It’s like your quirk isn’t your own. You need to own it. Connect with it. Do you not like it?” Midoriya asked. “It is part of you.”

“You don’t know me or what my quirk has brought me.” Shoto snapped.

“But I’m trying to know you!” Midoriya shouted, “That’s all I want to do! I want to help!” His face was turning red.

“There’s more to being a hero than a quirk!” Shoto shouted back. “Why is everyone so obsessed with mine?!”

Aizawa seemed to have materialized beside them in the time their conversation turned into an argument. They fell silent when they realized he was right there.

“Why is one of my teachers fighting with a student?” he asked.

Midoriya groaned. “I’m not fighting with him, I-”

“We’re going to be spending the next three years together.” Aizawa stated. “We have to get along with the students. Even when they are being frustratingly closed off.”

Shoto frowned. “Hey! I’m not closed-”

“Extra training sessions!” Aizawa exclaimed. “Midoriya, you will provide Todoroki with extra training sessions on the weekend in order to understand your student better and to help him refine his quirk.”

Midoriya stomped his foot, face tomato red. “Fine!”

Shoto tried to hold back his laughter from watching a nineteen year-old almost have a full-on temper tantrum.

“Todoroki.” Aizawa stared at him, face flat. “Get that smirk off your face and go home for the night.”

Shoto nodded once, turning away and trying to walk as fast as he could. He was so fucked.


“So…..” Shoto began, perched on Kacchan’s bed. How was he going to explain to him that he got in trouble for fighting with Midoriya. Shoto was supposed to be the calm and collected one. He thrived on it.

“I guess I was too ‘aggressive’ with my power today.” He made air quotes around the word aggressive. “And Midoriya called me out on it, then I got in trouble from Aizawa.”

“That’s not like you.” Kacchan said. “That sounds like something I would do.”

“I know.”

“What’s happening to you here?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

Kacchan was sitting on the ground, spread-eagled, arranging some pieces of paper around into a collage for an art project they were assigned. He raised an eyebrow. “What’s your punishment?”

Shoto sighed, face expressionless. “I have to do extra training with Midoriya so we can get along better.”


“Yea.” Shoto nodded slowly.

“Well, what kind of extra training?” Kacchan peered up at him. He looked sad.

“Something stupid, I’m sure.” Shoto rolled his eyes.

“Hm.” Kacchan returned to shifting the papers around again.

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t like me at all.” Shoto added. “In fact, I think I infuriate him.”

“I think we both do.” Kacchan replied quietly.

Shoto snorted.

The room fell silent, Kacchan very focused on his collage. Shoto felt really guilty, considering this all happened because of his own outburst. He never knew it would end up affecting Kacchan as well.

“Dad was surprisingly nice to us when we were home this weekend.” Shoto said.

“Too nice.” Kacchan added.

“I’m sure there’s something he’s got for us soon that will be a real treat.” Shoto said dryly.

“I don’t know how much more I can take.” Kacchan said.

Shoto sighed. “Me too.”


Kacchan almost knocked Kaminari unconscious when he snuck up behind him while studying outside the next day.

“What the hell Kaminari! I would have murdered you! Now I lost my spot!” he whined.

“You want some cheese with that whine?” Kaminari exclaimed, sitting perky and cross-legged across from him.

Kacchan’s eyes narrowed, trying not to launch Kaminari in the nearby lake.

“Please don’t talk to me like a dad.” Kacchan rolled his eyes, “You sound like an idiot.”

“Wanna go to the mall?” Kaminari said, ignoring his threats.

“No. Why?”

“I wanna get Momo a birthday gift! It’s coming up soon!”

Kacchan tried his hardest to not roll his eyes again. “Why are you sucking up so much to the Elite team?”

“I’m not. We’re actually friends , Bakugou. You’re too busy being anti-social to notice.” Kaminari started to rock back and forth, like a toddler who needed to get up and run around.

“I’m not anti-social!” Bakugou ripped a chunk of grass out of the ground in anger, face turning red.

“Jesus. Calm down.” Kaminari said, “I was only joking. Maybe you should buy an item of clothing that isn’t dark grey or black? Then maybe people won’t be as scared of you.”

Bakugou tried with every fibre in his body to hold himself back from pummeling Kaminari. “I’M NOT FUCKING SCARY.”

Kaminari burst into laughter. “Man, you’re one of the most entertaining people here.” He stood up, reaching out a hand to Bakugou. “Come on, I’ll buy you a bubble tea.”

“Fine.” Bakugou pouted, refusing Kaminari’s help.


Meanwhile, Shoto and Midoriya were locked away in a smaller-than-usual training room underground. There weren’t many other ones available, as students would rent them out far in advance to practise, leaving only smaller ones available for last minute bookings.

Technically, they were supposed to wear the standard Hero Coalition training outfit when using any of the school practise rooms, but Shoto had worn an old black t-shirt and shorter-than-he-remembered black shorts in defiance. The shorts hit mid-thigh which was way too short to wear around a teacher, but Shoto couldn’t care less.

Midoriya was dressed casual as well, but he was always casual. The teachers weren’t required to wear anything fancy except for their hero uniforms on certain occasions.

“Okay.” Midoriya started, “Can you make me a simple icicle?”

Shoto did what he was told, face blank. He handed it to Midoriya. This was such a waste of time.

“Okay,” Midoriya continued, “Now fill up the room.”

Shoto bent down and pressed his hand to the ground, icicles filling the room in every direction, encircling the two in the middle. Shoto kept going until the ice had lightly pushed Midoriya a foot in front of him.

Midoriya studied him, eyes narrowed. Shoto displayed no signs of exhaustion, his face still blank.

“You have an endless amount of power when it comes to the cold side, it seems.” Midoriya said. “What about the hot side?”

Without breaking eye contact, Shoto pressed his other palm against the wall of ice, melting it with his fire. The room heated up quickly, casting a fog in the room.

“Just as good with that side.” Midoriya stated. “So why hold back?”

“Bad parents. Let’s just keep it at that.” Shoto said.

“Opening up more might help you get stronger.” Midoriya said, voice higher and softer than usual. His emerald eyes bore into Shoto’s.

He’s so cute.

Shoto started choking the second he registered his own thought. He tried to cover his mouth, feeling his face heat up.

“My quirk doesn’t always work with my body.” Midoriya said, “To have one like yours is really, really lucky. It’s perfect in every sense.”

Midoriya was starting to sound a lot like his dad, going on and on about how special his quirk was. Shoto bit his tongue, trying not to get too angry, despite how irritating this whole thing was.

Shoto felt Midoriya’s warm hand touch his cold one, then place his other hand on his chest.

“So your hero suit regulates your body heat?” Midoriya asked.

Shoto stared down into the tufts of Midoriya’s dark green hair. It looked so soft.


“That’s so cool.” Midoriya said. He held up Shoto’s cold hand and examined it in the light.

“Can I be honest with you?” Midoriya asked quietly.

Shoto shrugged. Why not. This was getting weird anyways.

“This training room is way too tiny for us to really work on anything. What I wanted to do was put you back in that city and try the obstacle course again with more defensive techniques. I’m not really sure what to teach you right now. It’s not like you have no control over your quirk, although it is very, very fascinating.”

Midoriya dropped Shoto’s hand after holding it for too long, looking embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I kind of have an interest in studying other people’s quirks. I don’t know. Yours is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen.”

He stepped back from Shoto. “I’ll book the city training arena for our next private lesson. Then we can both go in together and work some things out. But, for now, you can go home. I’ll tell Aizawa we were here for another hour.”

Shoto felt a genuine smile form on his face. He got to leave!

Midoriya did a double take. “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile before!”

“Well,” Shoto said, reaching over to the top of Midoriya’s head to ruffle his hair on his way out the door. “That was a rare opportunity. I’m never going to smile again.”

He cringed the second the door closed behind him.

Did I really just tousle his hair? Was that flirting?


Kaminari and Kacchan coincidentally ran into Ochako and Tsuyu in line for bubble tea. Ochako squealed in excitement, giving each of them a hug (even if Kacchan didn’t want one) and invited them to sit down together at a booth.

When Kaminari noticed that the girls were holding hands, he squealed so loud other people around them had to cover their ears.

“Are you guys FINALLY dating?!” he asked, bouncing up and down in his seat.

Ochako blushed while Tsuyu nodded.

Kacchan glared out a nearby window, trying to dissociate. How did he even get here? He knew next to nothing about Ochako and Tsuyu.

“That’s so cute!” Kaminari continued, “I have shipped it since the beginning.”

“You’ve only known us for a few months.” Tsuyu stated.

Kacchan snorted.

“Hey.” Kaminari directed his attention to Kacchan, “I heard that you and Midoriya almost had a thing!”

Ochako spit out a tapioca ball. Tsuyu rubbed her back gently.

“How did you hear that?” Kacchan asked flatly. Stupid Kaminari and his gossip.

“I know everything.” Kaminari grinned.

“That’s nice. I don’t remember almost having a thing with Midoriya, but it sounds fun.” Kacchan said dryly.

“Then why did Midoriya tell me that you went to see him basically every day he was in the hospital?” Kaminari challenged.

Kacchan groaned.

“Don’t be mad!” Kaminari grabbed Kacchan’s shoulder, “We’re friends! You can tell me anything!”

“Oh my god, Kaminari,” Ochako began, “You’re so dramatic. Why don’t you tone it down before we’re kicked out of the mall.”

Kaminari’s phone beeped, which he grabbed excitedly and scanned over the text.

“Oh my god!” he said, “I forgot I was going to do some extra training tonight with Tsukuyomi! I gotta run!” He took off towards the door.

“Uh.” Kacchan glanced between Tsuyu and Ochako. What the hell, he didn’t want to be stuck here with them at the mall . How did he end up here on his own so quickly? He tried to think of reasons to leave, but his mind drew blank.

“Midoriya told us that you came by every night he was in the hospital, too.” Ochako mentioned. “He thought it was very sweet.”

Kacchan grimaced.

“He also made it very clear that he was better at Breath of the Wild than you.” Tsuyu added dryly.

“NO HE’S FUCKING NOT!” Kacchan screeched.

Parents sitting with their kids close to them gave him dirty looks.

Tsuyu chuckled. “It is fun getting on your nerves.”

Kacchan rolled his eyes. “Midoriya told you that too, huh?”

They both grinned mischievously.

“Jesus.” he said.

“Why do you get so mad about it?” Ochako asked, “I think you guys would have been cute together.”

Kacchan groaned. Maybe if he was honest about it they would lay off for a second.

“I don’t know.” he said, “It ended messy, I guess. I don’t like to talk about personal things like that.”

“Or that you have a heart under all of those dark, angsty clothes?” Tsuyu asked.

He glared at her.

“You would look good in a different colour.” Ochako said, leaning forward. “Any colour.” She waved her hands in excitement, “Oh my god can we please take you clothes shopping! Can we make you look cute?”

Kacchan frowned. “What do you mean cute? I always look cute.”

Tsuyu and Ochako exchanged looks, both trying to hold back their laughter.

“Okay.” Ochako said. “How about this? First person to finish their bubble tea gets to decide whether we go clothes shopping.”

Kacchan looked down at everyone’s bubble tea. They were all three-quarters full. He could totally do this.

“Tapioca too.” Tsuyu added.

Kacchan smirked. “It’s on.”

The competition began, and Ochako choked on a single pearl immediately and had to tap out. But Kacchan and Tsuyu kept on going.

There was a chunk of tapioca balls clumped together that Kacchan swallowed without hesitation, almost dying but continuing on. He could not lose to a hero . He was going to make Vidra proud.

He looked down to see how much he had left- about an inch in the cup, then glanced at Tsuyu, who set her own cup down empty.

“Tsuyu wins!” Ochako cheered.

Distracted, Kacchan choked on a pearl and felt the liquid come up out of his nose. He started coughing uncontrollably, once again scaring the families sitting around them.

“Oh my god!” Ochako patted his back as hard as she could. “Don’t die!”

Tears streamed down his face while Tsuyu watched him, trying to hold back laughter. He dropped his head on the table, letting death consume him.

“Just take deep breaths.” Ochako said softly.

“We’re still going to take you clothes shopping.” Tsuyu stated. “Almost dying doesn’t get you out of it.”

Kacchan whipped his head up, snarling.


Shoto was exhausted when he got home, heading straight to the shower then burying himself under a bunch of blankets in bed. It took only a couple minutes before he felt himself drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep. Soothed by the warmth from the shower and the blanket, he was sure he could stay asleep for the rest of the week.

Soon enough, he found himself back in the training room he had been in only hours before. Midoriya’s hand in his, and the other placed on his chest.

“Can I be honest with you?” Midoriya asked. He inched closer to Shoto, moving both hands to ghost along his collarbone. Fingers tracing along the lines of his chest, lingering over his nipples before continuing down to the waistband of Shoto’s shorts. A tug on his shorts brought their bodies closer together. Shoto fought the urge to wrap his arms around Midoriya.

Pressed together, Midoriya reached Shoto’s shoulders. He peered up, emerald eyes twinkling from an unknown light source. His fingers continued to trace along the waistband of Shoto’s shorts, tugging them down lightly.

“These are in the way,” Midoriya cooed.

Shoto could feel the heat in his face as his shorts dropped to the floor.

Midoriya slipped his hands underneath the black shirt that Shoto was wearing, lifting it up and over his head slowly. “This can come off too.”

He traced kisses along the places where his hands had previously explored, sending jolts of pleasure throughout Shoto’s entire body. He looked up as he traced a hand back down to where Shoto was now exposed, emerald eyes piercing and mesmerizing.

Shoto tried to will his hands to wrap themselves around Midoriya but found them tied behind him. He wanted to touch and to hold and to feel.

Midoriya’s hand trailed along his length with one hand, reaching up into Shoto’s hair with the other. He pulled him in for a meltingly deep kiss.

Shoto was achingly hard, and longed for more friction as Midoriya teased. Trying not to whimper at his own restraints and the need for relief.

Midoriya nibbled lightly at Shoto’s neck, eliciting embarrassing sounds that would haunt Shoto for weeks.

Eventually he gave up on teasing and started stroking slowly, causing Shoto to sigh in pleasure. He had never been touched like this before. Not by someone else, anyways.

It almost made him forget the high stakes of the mission he was on. Almost.

Midoriya’s hand was moving faster, and Shoto felt himself moan into Midoriya’s mouth as he strained his neck down to meet him.

Midoriya smiled. “Good thing this is only for the mission, right?”

“Mission?” Shoto asked, breathlessly.

“The mission!” Midoriya cheered. “Everyone knows you guys are villains. It’s super obvious.” He took both hands off of Shoto, dissolving into the distance.

“Wait- where are you going?” Shoto asked.

“To see Kacchan!” Midoriya’s voice echoed, falling further away.

“Why?” Shoto asked. “What about us?”

There was no answer and suddenly Shoto was naked and alone in the dark.


He jerked awake, covered in sweat.

“What the fuck.” he whispered, removing all of the blankets but one.

He sat up slowly in his bed, disoriented. His hair was sticking to him in every direction. He hadn’t had a dream like that in a long time, and normally they were all with faceless characters.

This was bad. This was very bad.

Chapter Text

Shoto stood at the opening of an underground tunnel that faced the edge of a thick, overgrown forest. The brush had begun to crawl towards the interior of the tunnel, mixing the brick with lush green leaves.

This was the end.

He had been working on mapping out the old tunnels since he had arrived, and finally, four months later, he had found an end.

It looked half-finished, as if the builders wanted to continue it on deeper through the forest, but had abandoned the project.

Cicadas chirped loudly outside, mixed with calls of different types of birds. It was calming. Shoto had missed the closeness of nature their mansion gave them in Vidra.

The compass on his phone said that the tunnel let out south of the Shojagi border. The Southern territory following Shojagi was made up of a multitude of quaint towns, and then some large coastal cities. The climate was much more tropical the further South you went, eventually leading to a warm sea. The coastal towns were a long distance away, but Shoto could picture himself living there happily.

Or maybe he could even cross the sea and discover something new on the other side.

Nonetheless, this is where he would escape. Him and Kacchan would use this exit to escape, find their mothers, and leave the League behind for good.

Everything he had been collecting had led up to this tunnel exit. All of the small details he had found in his father’s office when he was out of town. A mention of something from Shigaraki, or any of Endeavour’s henchmen that suggested potential locations. He had picked up tiny clues over the years and had concluded that his dad had moved their moms somewhere near the Southern coast, far away from Vidra but in Hero territory. Shoto knew the reasoning behind it was so him and Kacchan would absolutely never find them.

But what Endeavor didn’t plan for was having the boys in Shojagi for a long period of time. Even though they were under heavy watch, Shoto still knew a thing or two about ducking under his dad’s radar. The best part was if Endeavor decided to come in to Hero territory to kill their moms, all hell would break loose and All Might would declare war on the Villains.

Shoto finally felt like he was a step ahead of his father. It was perfect.

All of this time- ever since he had realized how little him and Kacchan had meant to Endeavor- they had been so behind on all of the sinister plans he had for them. Now, Shoto had found a way out. No one knew. Soon they would be safe and he would never have to worry or think about his quirk again. No more training to be the new King of Villains. No more Shigaraki. No more League of Villains. Life would be normal.

Shoto felt the urge to sit in the grass and soak in sun, with the fresh air surrounding him. He was so close to freedom, after all of these years of torture he would finally be able to relax.

“This is an odd place to find you.” A voice echoed behind him.

He turned around slowly. Midoriya’s eyes shone back, a pop of white and green against the dark tunnel.


How could he convince Midoriya that he wasn’t doing anything suspicious? This was the second time he had found him in the tunnels, which definitely raised a lot of questions. Would Midoriya fall for his ‘casual exploring’ reasoning, or stop believing him? How would he-

“You’re pretty far away from the academy.” Midoriya interrupted his racing thoughts. He stepped slowly towards him.

Shoto held his ground, face blank.

“What are you doing?” Midoriya asked.

“You’re also pretty far away from the academy.” Shoto retorted. “Alone? Very interesting.”

“Don’t turn this on me.” Midoriya said, “I’m supposed to know the paths of these tunnels.”

He clasped his hands behind his back, stepping forward to Shoto, never breaking eye contact. “I’ll ask again: What are you doing?”

Shoto couldn’t help the small smirk the formed on his face. He didn’t know if he could take Midoriya-the-Interrogator too seriously. He was too cute to come off as intimidating.

“Don’t smirk at me. I’m getting tired of your mystery. I could get you in trouble for being this far off grounds.” Midoriya threatened.

“I guess you could.” Shoto said nonchalantly.

Midoriya tensed, getting more frustrated by the second. “What is wrong with you, do you not care? About anything?”

Shoto pursed his lips. “I need to find my mom.”

Midoriya frowned. “What?”

“You were right. My mission here hasn’t been just about training to become a hero.” Shoto sighed, feeling a weight lift off of his chest. He was still going to lie through his teeth about everything else, but it felt good to finally mention a portion of his plan to someone else.

Midoriya pouted. He looked like he was going to cry.

He approached Shoto, lightly touching his shoulder. “What’s going on? Can you tell me? I want to help.”

Shoto felt an intense wave of emotions overcome him. He took a deep breath, steadying himself, but a single tear rolled down his cheek.

Confused, he scrunched his eyebrows together.

Midoriya grabbed his hand and led them closer to the forest, sitting in the grass and pulling Shoto down with him.

Another tear trailed down his cheek.

“Um,” Shoto tried to begin. He didn’t even know where to start with this. How did he even end up crying?

“It’s okay.” Midoriya said, holding both of his hands.

“Well… my mom and my dad had a falling out, I guess, and my dad sent my mom away somewhere far away and didn’t tell us- I mean, me. He used that to manipulate me to do whatever he wanted, taking me out of school and forcing me to do quirk training six days a week. I haven’t seen my mom since I was like… four years old.”

“I found out my dad put her somewhere near the Southern coast, maybe even further, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to get to her while I was here and away from his control.”

Midoriya nodded slowly. “Wow.”

Shoto shrugged, wiping away another tear.

“Thanks for sharing that with me.”


Midoriya gave his hands a quick squeeze. “Seriously.”

Shoto stared back at him, a small smile forming.

“If you left I would have been very concerned.” Midoriya said. “I might have even missed you a bit too.”

“Yea, I bet.” Shoto said dryly.

“I’m not joking.”

“I’ve brought you nothing by problems since I’ve been here.” Shoto said.

Midoriya shrugged. “Maybe it adds some spontaneity to the dullness of teaching.”

“Does it?”

“Absolutely.” Midoriya began, “You’re different.” He shrugged. “Smart. Charming.”

Shoto’s cheeks pinkened. Midoriya thought he was charming? He thought that was just angst coming out. He had been told he was cold and unapproachable by peers, not charming.

“The Southern Coast is beautiful.” Midoriya said. “The ocean is warm and crystal clear. Plus there’s a whole bunch of islands that are uninhabited. They’re really fun to explore.”

“It sounds perfect.” Shoto said softly.

“Yea. I kinda wanna go with you now, maybe have a little vacation time.”

Shoto smiled forlornly.

“Is Bakugou going with you?”

“He doesn’t know.”

Midoriya frowned. “Oh.”

He stayed quiet, waiting for an answer.

“I…” Shoto trailed off, not knowing what to say. He sighed. “I wanted to have the plan set before I told him.”

“Why?” Midoriya asked.

“To protect him.”

“From what? Your dad? Where’s his mom?”

Shot sighed. “Listen. There’s more to it than that.”

“I get that. And I’m happy you told me what you did. I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell him anything about this.” Midoriya said, “You guys seem close.”

“I didn’t want to tell him until everything was set, I didn’t want him to worry.”

“He probably would have been helpful though.” Midoriya retorted. “Something like this isn’t meant to be done alone.”

“I don’t know what to tell you.” Shoto said, getting more annoyed by the minute, “But it’s the decision I made.”

“Fine.” Midoriya said. “Then let’s leave it.”

“Fine.” Shoto grumbled, standing up. “I’m going back to the Academy.” He started off towards the entrance to the tunnel, kicking away tall grass.

“I’m coming with you.” Midoriya called, jogging to catch up to him.

They walked a few paces in silence, Shoto still sour.

Midoriya flicked Shoto’s right arm.

Shoto glared down at him.

“Stubborn.” Midoriya jeered.

“You’re the one who won’t tell me why you were out here.” Shoto replied.

“None of your business.” Midoriya smirked.

“So who’s the stubborn one, then?”

“Still you.”

Shoto rolled his eyes.

The tunnel slowly transitioned from bright natural light to warm, yellow lamps that had survived the test of time. The exit to the forest became a small speck, then disappearing as they rounded a corner headed back towards the downtown.

They kept their pace in sync, steps amplified by puddles and echoes.

“So… other than quirk training and planning to save the world, do you have any other hobbies or stuff?” Midoriya asked.

Shoto smiled softly. No one had ever asked him that before. “Yea.” he began, “I like reading. And writing. Sometimes photography, too.”

Midoriya gasped. “Have you ever written anything?”

Shoto glanced sideways at him, surprised by Midoriya’s genuine interest. “I’ve tried. But I always start things then never finish them.”

I always get pulled away from them to do something for the League of Villains, he wanted to add.

“Starting something is better than doing nothing at all.” Midoriya said.


“To be honest,” Midoriya said, “I still enjoy reading young adult novels even though I’m not really a young adult anymore.”

Shoto chuckled. “Nothing wrong with that. They’re not for me but I think the stigma around them is unnecessary.”

“I don’t really tell anyone that.” Midoriya admitted. “Not even Ochako or Momo know.”

Shoto turned to face Midoriya, placing a hand over his heart. “I am honoured.”

“Oh my god, stop.” Midoriya giggled.

“I would really like to finish something, someday.” Shoto continued, “But I don’t think it will be young adult, sorry.”


“So far, I’ve written mostly poems and short stories. The short stories were fiction, I would say.”

“I’ll still read it.” Midoriya stated.

“Even my angsty, emo poems from when I was fifteen?” Shoto raised an eyebrow.

“I want to read those ones the most.”

Shoto grinned. “You really don’t.”

“Yes I do.” Midoriya taunted. “They sound like works of art.”

“I guarantee they are not.”

Midoriya nudged Shoto. “Still wanna read them.”

Their giggling was quickly interrupted by a splashing sound coming from far behind them. They both whipped around, ready to fight.

There was nothing there.

“Do you think these tunnels are haunted?” Midoriya widened his eyes, stepping closer to Shoto, cowering.

“They’re really old.” Shoto noted, “Could be.”

He looked down at Midoriya, who was inches away from latching on to him for dear life. “Are you scared?”


“We’re close to the Academy, I think. Let’s just keep going.” With hesitation, Shoto took Midoriya’s forearm and pulled him further away from the sound.

One of the lamps above them went out, causing Midoriya to jump.

“Nope! Not today.” He quickly grabbed Shoto’s side, tucking himself under his arm. “I don’t think my quirk will help me in a fight against a ghost- mmmm.” he hummed, “Your warm side.”

For a second, Shoto’s brain completely shut down. He didn’t know how to function with Midoriya this close to him. All he could think of was that he would relish this for many days to come.

“Can we keep moving?” Midoriya asked quietly.

“Sorry, yea.” Shoto said, pulling him along.

When they reached the next lamp, a ladder became visible in the distance.

“That’s the ladder out.” Shoto said, pointing ahead of them.

“Thank the lord.” Midoriya cheered.


They reached the front of the dorms shortly after, running immediately into Kacchan. He squinted his eyes, sizing them up.

“Hi Bakugou!” Midoriya waved.

He pursed his lips. “What’s up? Where are you guys coming from?”

“Training.” Midoriya answered quickly.

“Isn’t your extra training on the weekends?” Bakugou raised an eyebrow, studying Shoto.

“Well-” Midoriya began, but was interrupted by Kaminari running up to them.


Bakugou and Shoto ignored him, not breaking their eye contact.

“Is everything ok?” Midoriya asked. Kaminari was really out of breath and had a wild look in his eyes.

“One of the advanced placement students just fell down the stairs! She’s ok but it scared her so much she accidentally let out this weird gooey stuff that went everywhere! A whole bunch of people are stuck to the ground!”

“What the-” Midoriya glanced over at Shouto and Bakugou for their reactions. They were glaring at each other still. “You guys…”

Kaminari ran back towards the building, waiting for no one. “Come on!”

Midoriya’s eyes flitted between the brothers- who had not registered what was going on- and Kaminari running away.

“Shit.” he cursed. He had some suspicions about this sudden-tension between the brothers, and he was pretty sure it was because of him. Were they going to fight each other? Please don’t let it be over him, that would be so embarassing.

He decided that that would be a problem for another time, and ran towards the dorms. He was supposed to be taking care of the students after all. No special treatment for anyone .

“Is there a problem?” Shoto asked Bakugou once Midoriya had disappeared inside to the dorm. “I think you’re misunderstanding what just happened.”

“Am I?” Bakugou snarled.

“You really think I’m going to distract myself with a relationship?” Shoto quipped. “Do you know me? Why would I waste my time with that.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Whatever.” He stormed off towards the dorm, passing Midoriya and Kaminari- who were carrying two students covered in sticky goo.

Midoriya glanced back at Shoto. His arms were crossed and he was glaring in the opposite direction. From far away, he looked calm. But Midoriya could sense there was some sort of inner battle going on with him.

Before he could see if he was okay, Shouto took off towards the lake.


The bell chimed at exactly 8:30 am the next day, signaling the beginning of class. Midoriya and Momo stood next to Aizawa at the front- marking down each student’s attendance.

Bakugou was the last to arrive, taking a seat directly in the front. Even Aizawa showed a brief moment of confusion- Bakugou always sat in the back, as far away from Kaminari and all the other “annoying” students as he could be.

Shouto watched the events unfold from his usual seat in the back, his face blank. There were now two empty seats around him- one where Bakugou normally sat, and the other where Tsukuyomi sat. Tsukuyomi had not been in class for the past two days.

“I guess everyone is here, then.” Aizawa stated, taking a stance at his podium. Midoriya and Momo took their seats at the front.

“A few notes before we start class today,” he began, “After yesterday’s incident, the Northeast stairs in the dorm will be closed for a few days while we clean up an unknown element. Special thanks to Denki Kaminari for helping our elite team during the crucial moments.”

Aizawa started a slow, awkward clap. Everyone joined in, turning towards Kaminari. He was beaming.

“The element has been deemed not poisonous, but please avoid the area, as you can still get trapped.”

There were sounds of shuffling paper, as Aizawa flipped through some notes and everyone waited patiently for the next update.

“We’ve been tracking villain activity South of the city, close to the sea. I’m going to send the elite team there on the weekend to check things out, and I want some of you to join them. I’ll be sending out an email to the chosen group tomorrow.”

Murmuring spread through the classroom. Being chosen to go on this field trip would be a big deal.

Ignoring the students, Aizawa turned to the blackboard and began writing notes.

“Now, today we’re going to learn about Northern cultures.”

Shouto stared at the back of Bakugou’s head. Was this area where their moms were? Endeavour rarely talked about the Southern coast. What could be going on there?

Chapter Text

Aizawa called a meeting with the chosen group the Thursday night before the weekend trip. They met in their usual classroom, but without the sun shining through the windows the room felt odd- like they were in another dimension.

Despite barely speaking all week, Shouto was happy that him and Kacchan had made the list for the trip. It was a surprise to no one that they had made it, consistently excelling in all subjects and tasks given to them. A part of Shouto wondered how Kacchan was keeping up with him, but he knew that his brother was super smart, just bad at studying. He must have figured out a way to make the schooling work.

Along with them, Aizawa had chosen Kaminari (not surprising after the sticky-goo event), Tsukuyomi and the invisible girl, Tooru Hagakure. How Tsukuyomi was chosen was a mystery- he hadn’t been in class for a few days, but here he was. He also only knew nothing about Tooru, except that she was invisible.

It would be an odd weekend for sure.

Aizawa turned on the digital whiteboard, pulling up a map of the South-Eastern coast. He focused in on a city called Mitsu- which bordered the ocean to the East, and the Tuuka jungle to the North-West.

“There’s been an unprecedented amount of villain activity by the Green Sea lately.” He marked a small patch of land where the jungle met the ocean.

“There’s an abandoned town here from a few hundred years ago. We think they are hiding out there.”

He switched the screen to a thermal map of the same location. “There’s been a lot of movement from the ocean to the house closest to the shore. Almost like they’re taking things in and out of the ocean. Or maybe transporting stuff from Villain territory to their base by boat. Whatever it is, their heat signatures are creating a path from the ocean to here. We need to figure out why.”

“The focus of this mission is to track and surveill the villains. I don’t want any altercations. No one’s gonna be a hero, just watch from afar.” Aizawa seemed to focus a little too long on Kaminari. “Do not approach the villains. Understand?”

Everyone nodded.

“Now. I will be pairing each elite member up with a student to shadow for the weekend: Tooru and Mina. Tsukuyomi and Tsuyu. Katsuki and Ochaco. Kaminari and Momo. And last but not least, Shouto and Midoriya.”

Crap . Shouto knew his brother was gonna get really mad over this. It made things even worse, even though it wasn’t even his fault.

“You’ll fly out tomorrow night at 18:00 hours, and will be staying at the Coastal Way Hotel in the downtown core. Instructions for the day-of mission duties will be available to go over on the plane.”

Aizawa set his papers down and stared at the class. “I want to make it clear that I expect excellence for this mission. Anything you bring back will be helpful for myself and the Coalition, but DO NOT engage with the villains. I really don’t want any dead students again.”

Again ?” Kaminari whispered loudly to Momo. She ignored him.

“You are my top students, and I want to see how you work with my elite members, but most importantly- as a team. This is not an excuse to kill villains, or try anything stupid.”

He scanned over each student, giving them a hard look. The room was silent in fear.

“Okay, leave. See you tomorrow.”

The sound of chairs scraping the floor took over the room, most students going to the elite member they were paired with to discuss the mission. Shouto felt Bakugou’s eyes on him as he approached Midoriya.

“I’m sorry, you can’t seem to escape me.” he said.

Midoriya smiled, peering up at him with wide eyes. “That’s okay.”

They left the training facility and followed a path slowly in the direction of Midoriya’s apartment.

“Should we go over anything before our flight tomorrow?” Shouto asked, trying to match his long strides to Midoriya’s slower pace.

“Um. I don’t know.” Midoriya sighed. “Probably not, considering we’re just going on a stake out.”

Shouto felt disappointment wash over him unexpectedly. Part of him wanted Midoriya to ask him to go back to his dorm, but he ultimately was unsure if Midoriya was even interested in him in that way. Maybe Midoriya just felt some sort of obligation to help Shouto overcome his emotional trauma. Or, maybe he was looking into it too much.


Midoriya reached for Shouto’s elbow, pulling him gently to a stop. He inhaled deeply, nervously shifting his eyes back and forth. “Look. I- ugh…I think you-”

Shouto frowned, impatiently waiting for him to finish his sentence

“I think you- ugh you’re so cute when you pout-” Midoriya threw his hands over his mouth with lightning speed, face turning bright red.

Shouto tried to hold back his smirk, mouth twitching.

“Oh my god, okay. Just talk to Bakugo, please. Figure out your problems. I need to go.” Midoriya ran off into the night, not looking back.


A cool breeze drifted into Shouto’s dorm from the open window while he threw together a backpack with essentials to survive the weekend. A single cloud passed over the sun, casting a shadow on the grounds.

Their plane was scheduled to take off in a few hours, and Shouto didn’t have a plan to get through the mission. He hadn’t thought of what he could research to bring back to his dad, or who the villains could be- if he knew them or not. He wasn’t even thinking of what he needed to do in order to prove to Aizawa that he was still a good candidate for the elite team. He wasn’t thinking at all.

He found himself walking towards Kacchan’s room, pushing the door open, and letting whatever happened, happen.

His brother stared back at him, sitting atop his bed.

“Kacchan- I’m sorry.”

Kacchan bit his lip, shrugging. “S’fine.”

“I just want you to know that I really don’t want a boy to get between us. I’m doing everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“I know you are.”

Shouto examined his brother, who was slouched against the wall and frowning like a sad little boy. He didn’t want to be the cause of that. Kacchan had been through too much, he didn’t want to be another person in his life that betrayed him.

He then realized he had been standing at the door for too long, and awkwardly shifted to close it. He jumped on the bed beside Kacchan.

“We can’t lose each other during this, or at anytime, really.” Shouto said. “No matter what happens, you have to remember that.”

Kacchan sighed, then nodded slowly.

“Does he like you?” he asked.

“Who knows.” Shouto said. “I can’t read anyone, even the most expressive person on earth.”

Kacchan chuckled. He hugged his knees closer to his chest. “I thought you didn’t want a relationship?”

“I don’t.”

“Maybe it would be good for you?” Kacchan added quietly.

Shouto stared blankly into the distance for a moment, considering, as if he had never thought about it before. If he were to let someone in his life in that way, what could happen?

The answer was always the same: most likely the worst thing possible. It did tend to go that way in his life.

“It’s too much of a risk.” he said.

“Yea, I guess.”

He checked the time on his phone. “We have time to grab some dinner before we leave, wanna get some gross fast food?”

Kacchan grinned, “That would be fun.”


After an uneventful evening at the hotel, the 6 a.m. call time came way too fast the next morning. The group was driven to the Northern border of the jungle that met city lines. They would have to travel through on foot in order to reach the abandoned town near the coast on the opposite side. Each pairing had specific locations they were to meet for their stake out, and were to reconvene at the drop off location in twelve hours.

Shouto nodded at Bakugo as they parted ways. Bakugo looked back, eyes unreadable.

They were definitely both nervous, mostly due to the fact that they had no idea which villains they were going to be spying on. Up until yesterday, they had rarely heard of villains living south of the border. There was a chance the villains would be completely new to them.

“Check.” Midoriya tested the in-ear that everyone had been set up with.

“Here.” Kaminari spoke into the comm.

Everyone else followed suit, making sure their individual systems were available in case of an emergency.

“Please let us know when you have reached your marker.” Midoriya instructed, “And good luck.”


Shouto had never felt air so humid in his life. The dense jungle seemed to be damp with water no matter how far from the ground, and the thick air was making him sweat in a way he had never experienced- like the heat was deep under his skin, pulling out sweat in places he didn’t know could sweat.

Midoriya turned around to check up on him. He was also dripping in sweat. “Maybe we should have worn less clothes.”

Shouto chuckled. “I can freeze a part of your body if you want.”

“I feel like that would be great at first, but would then become a problem.”

“How so?” Shouto asked, smiling.

“It would be real stupid to be the first person ever to get frostbite in a 40º C jungle, wouldn’t it?” Midoriya was laughing.

Shouto felt the sudden urge to take his shirt off, despite never being comfortable enough to do that in public, ever. It could be the heat, or the company he was in. Or both.

A giant beetle climbed slowly up a mossy tree trunk to his right. It was the size of his hand. He tried to hold back a grimace. Fortunately, being North of the border provided less horrifying sized bugs.

“Watch out for snakes.” Midoriya mentioned.

Shouto felt another grimace coming. He had done enough research on the Southern jungles to know that the snakes here were disgustingly huge.

“I’ve stepped on some in this jungle before.” Midoriya added. “Didn’t end well. Learned the hard way that sucking poison out isn’t as effective as everyone says.”

Shouto checked the screen on his arm band- a very useful device for elite members, complete with digital maps, heart rate monitors and access to the web. Midoriya said he couldn’t live without it during missions.

The map calculated his position between the drop off point and the stake out zone. It also showed the locations of every other member of the team. They were a third of the way through the jungle.

“We’re not close, are we?” Midoriya asked.


“Let’s take a water break.”

“I feel like it’s coming out faster than it’s going in.” Shouto added.

Midoriya snorted, water coming out of his nose. He started coughing uncontrollably.

Shouto rushed over and began rubbing his back, trying not to giggle. “I’m so sorry.”

“No. You’re. Not.” Midoriya said in between coughs.

“I’m sorry Midoriya, but you really need to shut up right now. Or else the villains will hear you hacking away like a seal.”

Midoriya started cackling, then coughing, then swatting at Shouto’s leg multiple times. “Back off!”

Shouto raised his hands in surrender, stepping away slowly.

When Midoriya had regained himself, he stormed over to Shouto, poking a finger aggressively into his chest. “We cannot compromise this mission. No more calling me a seal.”

Shouto snorted. “But you sounded like one.”

“Stop patronizing me.”

“It’s not patronizing.” Shouto claimed.

Midoriya sighed, then turned around and continued to push through the hanging leaves.

Shouto frowned, chasing after him. “Uh… are you actually angry?”


“Oh. Okay.”

After a few moments of them stepping over fallen trees, leaves and puddles, Midoriya spoke up. “I don’t know if I like when you act like a sarcastic little shit.” he turned around, smirking.

“Uh… smirking is my thing.” Shouto retorted.


“Stop what?” Shouto probed, a smile on his face.

Midoriya shook his head back and forth, sweat flying in every direction. He continued walking, mumbling to himself.

Shouto felt some cool drops of water land on his arm. He glanced up, expecting to see a leaf dripping dew, but it was coming from clouds.

“Thank god.” He whispered.

Midoriya turned around, confused. He glanced up. “Rain?”

The rain started to pour heavily around them, bouncing violently off the leaves. The sound quickly became deafening, followed by thunder booming in the far distance. The rain was so thick, Shouto was barely able to make out Midoriya approaching him quickly, pushing his hair out of his face and squinting.

“Just a flash storm.” Midoriya shouted, even though he was only a foot away. “Should be over soon. I say we wait it out.”

Shouto nodded slowly, eyes stuck on the shorter boy. Midoriya’s hair was flat against his head, shirt soaked through and clinging to his very toned upper body. He was typing something in to his arm band.

The coolness of the rain drenching his clothes felt heavenly. He pushed his bangs up and away from his face, tilting his head towards the sky. This was the relief he needed. Shouto ran his hands through his drenched hair, feeling a smile form. They never got rainstorms like this in the North.

He was taken out of his delightful moment by the warmth of a hand on his chest. He looked down and saw Midoriya inches away from him. He reached up, standing on his tippy toes, grabbing Shouto’s face and pressed his lips against his.

It was soft, gentle, and Shouto wanted it to last forever. Midoriya wrapped his hands around his neck, pulling their bodies closer together. He opened his mouth against Shouto’s, running his tongue against his lips. Shouto hesitantly parted his lips to allow Midoriya’s tongue to lick into his mouth. The wetness from the rain mixing in with their saliva made Shouto feel hungry for more. Drawn in by the warmth, Shouto slid his hands down Midoriya’s sides and tightened his grip on his waist. Fingers gripping lightly at the nape of Shouto’s neck sending tingles all the way down his spine. He wanted nothing more than to hold Midoriya even closer until their bodies could become one.

The rain continued to pound onto their heads, but neither boy cared.

It soon became too much, and they broke apart slowly to catch their breaths.

Shouto stared back at Midoriya, still in shock over what happened.

“That was wet.” he felt himself say, immediately wanting to punch his own face.

Midoriya snickered. “That was great.”

Shouto felt his face heat up even more than it already was.

“Now that that’s out of my system,” Midoriya began, pushing water off his face, “Can we continue this mission without any flirting? I really need to focus.”

The rain abruptly went from a downpour to a trickle, the sudden silence a shock to their ears.

“You don’t like it?” Shouto sounded like he was teasing, but he was genuinely concerned.

Midoriya made a face. “What do you think?”

“I think that…” Shouto pursed his lips, watching Midoriya trudge through the muddy ground, “I don’t want that to be the only kiss I get from you.”

Midoriya spun around, arms crossed and smirking. “ We’ll see .” He sung, then picked up his pace towards their target.

When they finally reached their designated location, they were covered in a mixture of mud, sweat and rain. They hadn’t heard any updates yet about any of the other team’s arrivals, which was odd. Most teams should have been at their marks by now.

“Something’s wrong with the comms.” Midoriya noted, eyes growing larger in concern. It could just be a simple mechanical issue, but it was important to consider all options.

Shouto pulled his in-ear out, examining it.

“They’re supposed to be good for any condition- even underwater.” Midoriya explained, then glanced up into the sky. “Maybe there are some thick clouds blocking the signal.”

“Check. Check. ” he whispered into the mic.

Shouto left Midoriya to continue on fiddling with the in-ear. He peered out of the bush they were stationed behind, surveying the area. There was no movement. In fact, the old concrete houses looked completely untouched. He wondered if it was because it was so early on a Saturday morning.

A royal blue macaw sat atop a decaying wall of the house closest to them, bright against the dark grey sky. It called out, somewhat audible over the crashing of waves on a nearby shore.

Midoriya kneeled beside him. “I don’t know if we should stay out here all day if the comms are down. It could be dangerous.”

Shouto nodded, eyes still fixed on the bird.

“Look.” Midoriya pointed to the map on his arm band. It only showed his own blinking dot. “It doesn’t even show you on here, and you’re right beside me.”

“What are the chances of this area being a dead zone?” Shouto considered, “Cause it’s between the jungle and the ocean?”

“We’ve been here before with no issues.” Midoriya replied.

“It’s either the weather or the villains blocking our tech.” Shouto concluded.


“So what are we going to do, team leader ?” Shouto tilted his head.

Midoriya exhaled slowly. He stared off into the distance, thinking.

“I’m going to go talk to Momo. Just stay here until I’m back.”


He watched Midoriya disappear into the jungle.


His ears perked up when he heard movement coming from the opposite direction Midoriya had left. He held his ground, watching intently and prepared to attack at any second.

Tsuyu crawled out from a fern, immediately looking confused.

“Where’s Midoriya?” she asked.

“He went to talk to Momo. All of our tech is down.” Shouto stated.

“Mine too. But there’s a bigger problem… Tsukuyomi is missing.”

“Shit.” he hissed.

“We were at our spot, then suddenly he was gone. I don’t know.”

“Shit.” He said again. Why did this idiot decide to break off from the group? Did he want to out himself as a spy?

He needed to warn Kaccchan. There was something very wrong with everything going on.

Midoriya returned with Kaminari and Momo. He frowned when he saw Tsuyu.

“Tsukuyomi is missing.” she said.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, inhaling deeply. “This is all going to shit. We need to leave asap, it could be a set-up.”

“I’m gonna look for Tsukuyomi.” Shouto insisted.

Midoriya glanced in his direction. “Fine. You head towards the water. Tsuyu, you head towards our original drop off point.” He looked down at his watch, “Meet back here in three hours, if you haven’t found him. Let’s pull the group together and come up with a plan to get in touch with Aizawa.”

Shouto nodded quickly, exchanging a glance with Midoriya before heading back into the thick jungle.


Thunder clapped in the distance, briefly drowning out the sounds of various animal chirps and running water. Shouto prayed it would not start to downpour again, that would completely disorient him in the already-confusing jungle. His mind was already racing, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Was it a coincidence that Tsukuyomi mysteriously disappeared just as they found out none of their tech was working? Probably not. It seemed planned. But the real question was, why?

What was the purpose of disabling communications? Was Tsukuyomi looking for something in particular? Why was he using this mission as an excuse to do so?

Shouto had a lot of questions for his former friend, but had absolutely no idea if he would be able to find him. There were a lot of variables working against him.

He stopped dead in his tracks, noticing a large, heavy-looking snake coiled around a branch a few feet away. The only route towards the coast involved walking under that branch. Damn.

How cruel would it be to slightly burn a snake? Or like, freeze the tip of its tail? No… that would definitely provoke it. God, he hated snakes.

Considering the necessity of covering as much ground as he could as quickly as possible, he needed to pass the snake no matter what. Without thinking, he sprinted as fast as he could under the branch and for a few minutes after, to make sure he was far away.

There was a clearing up ahead. In the centre was a pool with an arrangement of waterfalls spewing from different sides. This must have been where the distant sound of running water was coming from. Plants had overtaken the edges of the basin, leaving a meter or so for Shouto to stand and watch the water lap at his shoes.

He bent down, dipping his fingers in the warm water. His thoughts immediately went to  if he could ever hangout with Midoriya here. Maybe they’d go swimming or jump off the cliffs of the waterfalls. They would completely undress- getting rid of these disgusting Hero Coalition gear, and pressing their bare chests against each other as Midoriya wrapped his legs around Shouto’s waist and- wait. He needed to stop.

There was a flash of movement in the corner of his eye, drawing him towards a narrow river. It was trickling away from the basin, most likely draining into the ocean. He decided to follow it.

The closer he got to the shore, the cooler the jungle became. He started to feel a slight breeze pushing through the trees, causing the thick, humid air to lift. It was amazing.

As he approached a rather large set of monstera leaves, the sounds of the tide hitting the shore became crystal clear.

A part of him wanted to run onto the beach and throw himself into the sand, finally free of the disgustingly muggy rainforest air. He wanted to breathe the fresh, salty air in deep, cleansing his lungs of the jungle and the ever-present dampness.

But the chance of being spotted by the villains on the beach be high. It would be best to avoid that, despite his legs urging him to just start running.

The North got pretty warm in the summer, and the beaches along the coast were fun to visit then, but nothing compared to this. He had never been in such a tropical climate before, and he could only imagine how warm the waters were here. How much trouble would he get in if he went in the ocean for a swim and never came back?

God he was finding it hard to focus. Maybe it was the complete isolation. Maybe it was the fact that he kissed Midoriya. Or, maybe it was that everything was going to complete and utter shit and nothing mattered anymore.

He tried to pull himself back to the real world, struggling to take his eyes away from the mesmerising push and pull of the waves. They were turquoise . He had only ever seen water that colour on Instagram.

How long had he been away for? He glanced down at the watch on his arm band. It was 1:16 p.m. He only had two more hours until he had to meet back with the group.

A part of the water began bending in an unnatural way, against the current. A figure started to rise from the bend, dragging something behind it. Shouto had to squint, trying to see what this thing was.

It had a human form, but two extra arms. Its face was covered by a cloak, and Shouto could make out two appendages sticking out of its face. It was dragging a net full of clunky-looking wooden objects. They were waterlogged, almost to the point of being squishy.

The person continued dragging the stuff up the shore, and into the building where the villains were supposedly camping out in.

A second later, another person approached the house from the opposite end of the shore, dragging along a dark figure attached to a chain. Its head was not human-like, it appeared to look more like a bird.

Holy shit .

Tsukuyomi was attached to the chain, being dragged along by a man wearing a bright red bandana. His hands were tied up, too.

How in the hell did Tsukuyomi manage to get captured? Shouto wondered, beginning to freak out. This was bad. This was really, really bad.

Would he have enough time to go and get the others before trying to rescue Tsuku? Before he could decide, he hopped out of the jungle and took off towards the villain house. He kept low and close to the trees, wishing more than ever that his hair wasn’t white and red.

The sky was getting darker again- there must be more rain clouds on their way. This time, it would be good for Shouto to hide in.

Chapter Text

Shouto wouldn’t consider ‘sneaking around’ to be one of his better skills, which was why- as he found himself approaching the years-old mossy house, he was panicking a little more than usual. This was all Tsukuyomi’s fault.

He needed this rescue to be done before any of the heroes showed up to help. Whatever was about to happen, he was sure it would involve outing himself as a villain undercover, and he was really not ready for anyone- especially Midoriya- to find out.

The closer he got to the house, the more worn-down it appeared. Turns out it didn’t have any real windows, just rectangular holes in the walls, which would make it harder to walk around silently. Good thing the storm had produced big waves, which were crashing loudly on the shore.

He kneeled below one of the openings, holding his breath and trying to pick up any sound coming from inside.

“So… you’re working alone?” A gruff-sounding voice asked.

“Yes.” Tsukuyomi responded.

“You’re not associated with the Hero Coalition?” Another voice sounded surprised.

“I’m from the Southern Coast, looking to join a group not associated with the Hero Coalition or League of Villains.” Tsukuyomi declared, “I heard the Tuuku Jungle hides some of them.”

“How do you know? Prove that we can trust you.” The gruff-sounding voice insisted.

“Well I can tell you that you are currently being watched by about ten Hero Coalition agents.” Tsukuyomi stated.

Shouto grimaced. Fucking Tsukuyomi . He needed to stop this before they attacked his friends.

In one swift motion, he hopped through the window, landing on an old carpet inside. There were three people who looked like pirates, and a half-octopus man.

He froze temporarily, mouth dropping, stunned by the man’s multiple tentacles coming from his face.

“Who are you?” The Octopus man asked.

Shouto honed in on a box behind him, covered in green blinking lights. It could possibly be the communications blocker, only one way to find out.

He threw a fireball towards it, not noticing until it hit that the blocker was being powered by a gas-generator directly behind it. In a quick second, the generator exploded, blowing a hole through the roof and toppling the walls. Everyone was thrown into different directions.

Shouto rolled backwards onto the beach, gripping onto the sand to slow himself down.

“The comms are back.” He snarled into the mic on his arm band, spitting out sand.

“What the fuck is going on?!?” Bakugou yelled from the other end.

He ignored the frantic yelling coming from his in-ear, running towards Tsukuyomi. He had been  thrown onto the grass, and was not moving.

“Tsuku?” Shouto pushed his friend over to see if he was alive.

Tsukuyomi’s face was covered in blood, but he was still breathing.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Shouto wanted to slap him, but held back.

A massive fire raged where the house used to stand, shooting high into the sky. The octopus-man appeared out of the flames, looking ready to fight.

Tsukuyomi coughed, providing no answer. He struggled to get himself up, resting on his elbows.

“Stay down.” Shouto ordered. “You can’t fight.”

“You’re going to take them on by yourself?” Tsukuyomi asked meekly.

Shouto stood up, searching the octopus man for clues on what his quirk was. “No other option.” He brought his arm band to his face. “Tsukuyomi’s down, I’m gonna need back-up.”

“On our way.” Midoriya responded, out of breath.

“Your quirk reminds me of someone I used to know.” The octopus-man called.

Shouto inhaled.

“Had the same red hair too. Full head of it though.”

“I have no idea who you’re talking about.” Shouto said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Endeavor fooled around with the Hero Coalition.” The octopus-man came to a stop. “You know, the Heroes and Villains have always been mixing together, the wall doesn’t stop it.”

“How do you know Endeavor?” Shouto seethed.

“He kidnapped a friend of mine. Went on to be his wife, I think.”

Shouto glanced back at Tsukuyomi. Was he aware of all of this before he was captured?

The octopus-man slowly paced towards him. “She had the most beautiful white hair. Like silk.”

Shouto stared him down, unsure if he needed to attack or keep listening. “When was the last time you saw your friend?” He asked quietly.

“Minutes before I escaped villain-territory and fled here. I tried to get her to go with me. Might still be alive if she did.”

“She’s not dead.” Shouto snapped.

The octopus-man was a meter away from him. One of his tentacles reached towards Shouto’s white hair. “Villain prince. What a pleasure to meet you. I would do the world a huge favour by killing you right now, you know.”

Shouto narrowed his eyes. “So it seems.”

“And what are you doing here, on Hero grounds?”

“Looking for your friend.”

The octopus-man chuckled at first, gradually turning into a cackle.

“Very interesting.” He said.

“You’re not associated with the League of Villains?” Shouto asked.

“There are more than two sides to this war, little prince.” The man quipped.

The brush behind the houses started rustling in an unnatural direction. A cloud of smoke drifted across the grass, shortly followed by Kacchan landing with a thud beside Shouto. He had the wild excitement in his eyes that only came about during battles. Grinning at Shouto then then octopus man, he asked:

“Who’s this?”

“How exciting! The second villain prince!” The man said.

“Shit.” Kacchan frowned.

Shouto shrugged. “We need to take care of this before everyone else shows up.”

“Agreed.” Kacchan held his palm towards the man, forming a bright, white ball. Before he was able to shoot it off, the man reacted- swooping his tentacles at them and knocking them to the ground. The explosion hit another house, sending old stone everywhere.

“Fuck!” Kacchan shouted, picking himself up. “Stupid fucking tentacles!”

“We’re doing exactly everything Aizawa told us not to.” Shouto exhaled, clenching his teeth.

“Who gives a shit?! We’re screwed if that guy says anything about us in front of everyone else!” Kacchan helped his brother off the ground.

The smoke was clearing up, and the man was gone.

“Dammit!” Kacchan shouted.

“You take left, I’ll go right.” Shouto commanded.

Kacchan nodded, launching himself off the ground with a blast.

Midoriya, Momo and Kaminari arrived, just as there was another loud boom. The man ran by them, tentacles flailing in all directions. He spit out black ink in Kacchan’s direction.

“Jesus.” Shouto cursed. He made brief eye contact with Midoriya, who looked just as worried as he did angry.

Pouring all of his energy into his right palm, he pushed into the ground with as much force as he could. Sharp spears of ice trailed along the ground, heading in the octopus man’s direction. They started small and went higher and higher as they got closer, shooting out at all angles. When they reached the man, they surrounded him, closing him in before he knew it. Kacchan quickly boosted himself off the ground and into the enclosure.

There was a brief moment of silence- the hot, humid air mixing with the newly formed frigid ice. Time seemed to freeze.

The blazing fires coming from two different houses quickly brought Shouto back into real life. They whipped into the sky, against the dark grey clouds. A part of his ice enclosure shattered, Kacchan emerging with an unconscious octopus man. The group circled around him, which Shouto took as an opportunity to run back and search the house for any remains.

The main room had been blown to pieces, the three henchmen strewn about the room, but there was a hatch with concrete stairs leading deep underground. Shouto followed them.

Papers were scattered everywhere in the damp basement, clearly disrupted by the explosion above. A map was pinned to a large table, marking the location of the League of Villains and Hero Coalition. There were a few file folders sitting atop the map, labelled “League of Villains Prince #1”, “LOV Prince #2” and “Hero Coalition Heir”. He opened the thick League of Villains ones.

There were notes about what they guessed the League of Villains princes were supposed to look like, and their alleged quirks. They were pretty dead-on for him and Kacchan. The rest of the notes were monitoring his, Kacchan’s and Endeavor’s activity for the past few years, up until their departure to the Hero Coalition. After that it was labelled “missing”.

Shouto returned the papers back to the folders, except for the visual descriptions. He held them in his hand and set them ablaze, watching them disintegrate quickly. Brushing off his hand, he turned to look elsewhere.

It seemed as if there were papers everywhere, containing research on everything between the two territories.

Shouto peered up when he heard feet stepping down the stairs. It was Midoriya. He gave him a look of exasperation. Like he knew he had failed.

“Midoriya, I’m-”

“They were going to kidnap me?” Midoriya’s face scrunched up, eyes drifting towards a huge whiteboard filled with writing at the opposite end of the room.

Shit. How did Shouto miss that? He scanned it over for anything to do with the League of Villains, but fortunately it was just an elaborate plan to kidnap the alleged ‘All Might’s Heir’. Wait a second-

“You’re All Might’s heir?” Shouto squeaked.

“Aw… fuck.” Midoriya made his way closer. He trailed his fingers along the map, pondering what to say next. “Yes.”

He sighed loudly, glancing at the files on the map. He reached for them. “They have that there are two princes in the League of Villains? Hm. We only thought there was one.”

His dark green eyes stared up into Shouto’s. “Please,” He whispered, “You cannot mention to anyone that I am All-Might’s heir. Not even to Bakugou.”

Shouto exhaled, brushing his fingers lightly through Midoriya’s wild hair. He took a strand and twisted it around his finger. “I will never share that. I promise.”

Midoriya smiled softly. “Thank you.”

Kacchan’s signature clunky boots slammed against the stairs as he made his way down. Shouto quickly pulled his hand back, turning his attention to his brother and trying not to panic. Kacchan immediately frowned, looking pissed off.

“So, how much trouble are we in?” Kacchan asked a red-faced Midoriya.

“Maybe not as much as we thought.” Midoriya pointed to the whiteboard. “We may have stopped a plan to kidnap All Might’s heir.”

“He has an heir? Who would’a thunk?” Kacchan stood beside them.

“Is the prisoner secure?” Midoriya asked.

“Yea, don’t worry about it.” Kacchan winked at him.

“Aizawa’s here with a clean-up crew.” Momo announced over the comms.

Midoriya glanced between the two taller boys. “Well… let’s see how this goes.”


They got in a lot of trouble from Aizawa. But he also put into consideration that they had foiled a potential attack against the Hero Coalition and All Might, even if it wasn’t intentional.

Tsukuyomi was kicked out of the Coalition after he recovered from his injuries. The students were banned from field trips for the rest of the year, and the Elite team were taken off to have a ‘discussion’ with Aizawa immediately following their return. There was a chance that would go late into the evening.

Before everyone went their separate ways, Aizawa pulled them into a classroom for a debriefing. He stood at the front, arms crossed and staring back at the mud-covered students.

“This mission obviously turned into a shit-show.” He began, “But I want you to realize that something good came out of it as well.”

“Whatever Tokoyami’s intentions were, you worked well as a team and reacted in a sort of safe way. And ultimately, you captured a rogue villain and uncovered a lot of helpful information for us. Probably more than what you would have found if this mission had remained a normal stakeout. So, thank you. You should be proud of you achievements. However-”

His face turned from pleasant to menacing in one second.

“Todoroki and Bakugou- you blew up houses and caused extensive fire damage to the area, Elite team- you lost track of a student and completely fell off the directions I had provided for you. Kaminari- you were screaming multiple times and could have blown your cover. You’re lucky that this is all the punishment you’re getting considering how quickly this mission turned into a nightmare. What if one of you had died?”

The tired students looked back at him with blank faces.

“That’s it. Students- please give me a 3,000 word write-up on what you learned during this mission due next Friday. Elite team- stay back for our discussion.”

The class filed out, Shouto giving Midoriya one last look before he went to bed. Their eyes met- Midoriya giving him a small smile before Aizawa closed the door.


Shouto caught up to Kacchan on their way out.

“That octopus guy knew my mom.” He mentioned.


“And why would Tsuku allow himself to be captured?” Shouto continued. “Do you think he was trying to find out more about that guy?”

Kacchan was quiet.

“Kacchan, I-”

“Listen.” Kacchan began, cutting him off, “I have a lot on my mind right now. Just… go away.”

Shouto frowned. He wasn’t surprised though. “Ok.”

Kacchan stormed off in the opposite way of the dorm, hands buried in his pockets.

There was heavy breathing coming from behind Shouto. He turned around to see Kaminari sprinting towards him. “WAIT, BAKUGOU!”

Kacchan turned around, scowling.


“Aren’t we supposed to be more discreet about that information?” Shouto asked him.

Kacchan gave Kaminari a sad thumbs up, then continued walking away.

“It’s like an hour away, on the West Coast.” Kaminari continued, “I used my parents credit card to rent this HUGE cottage. I’m gonna invite EVERYONE in our class.”

“Oh boy.” Shouto sighed.

“It’s gonna be so sweet. We’ll be right on the water so we can go like, surfing and swimming! I’m also gonna invite the Elite team!”

“That sounds fun.” Shouto admitted. It did. It would be nice to leave the city and be far away from the school. Maybe even give his mind a quick break from thinking about, well, anything. It would be refreshing.

“Hell yea!” Kaminari cheered. “I’m gonna buy so much booze.”

Shouto smirked. Hopefully Midoriya would be going on this weekend-getaway.