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All Teeth and Smiles episode three

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Judy makes it to the drawing room just in time so see Rachel pacing and chattering to no-one about everything. Santana is just behind and moves past Judy bowing as she goes.

‘Have you seen Dave?’ Santana asks the room.

‘No but the Guru stay put when the alarm is raised so he could be there.’ Mike says guiding Iris away from the expensive stuff she likes the play with.

‘Rachel, I have spoken with Russell and he is ok, so is Quinn the others are already on their way back Sue is with them.’ Judy moves to sit with Shelby and scoops their hands together for comfort.

‘Quinn should call me soon then, she would put the others first.’ Rachel says halfheartedly.

Emmett moves close to his mistress, ‘Ma’am, Dilas is here.’ He says to just her.

Rachel nods and lets him leave to meet with Dilas.

Santana watches the woman closely but says nothing again she notices the odd behaviour of the Eunuch in Quinn’s service.

‘So we just wait and when Russell comes back he can settle us all, do we know anything about what is happening?’ Judy hopes Phillip has news when he gets here.

‘An explosion was reported but nothing major as far as they reported no deaths.’ Santana caught the radio report while she was swimming before the alarm.

‘Well no deaths is good, I bet it was that rebel group again.’ Rachel ponders.

Dilas moves into the room with Phillip and a stranger, ‘Mistress, this is a friend he needs sanctuary.’ the Eunuch bows to Judy and Bryant follows suit, Judy Fabray is amazingly beautiful and the Imp smiles brightly at her.

‘Any friend to Dilas is a friend of ours, please sit with us while we wait for the all clear from my mate.’ Judy motions for Bryant to take a seat then turns to Phillip, ‘Where is Sue?’

‘She has gone to the Guru to drop Holly for safety and then she will return, she says not to worry Quinn and Russell are fine.’ Phillip knows something is happening Sue was unprepared to share with him.

Judy nods, she knows Margret will be locked down in her lodge with the Cheerios as a backup so Sue will not fret about her but Holly is another matter, Judy cannot be sure the reason the Guru would be the ideal place for the Imp.


Palous stands arms folded over his chest as the two restrained bodies slowly come round from the anaesthetic gas used on them in the truck.

Miranda is by his side ready to act if necessary she has brought the Gyste forward and is thrilled with the chance to let off some steam.

Across the hall Jane West tries to make out the sounds of the new residents of the cellar, she has been here for days now and no-one seems to give a fuck about her. Jane suspects this is a Vampire coven but she saw no faces and has seen only soulless Imp guards since she arrived.


Petra comes round first, the golden eyes at first make her believe Quinn has her but she quickly recognises the Nielson clan leader and two of his siblings with golden Gytse eyes.

‘What is this, you will fucking burn for this, do you have any idea who is looking for me right now?’ Petra spits out her words, furious she is here.

‘Let us not play games, the poison gas you have been playing with is at this moment being destroyed, I am afraid it will render the grand house of Jones-Rey a toxic waste dump for ooh.’ Palous flourishes his hand in a gesture of dramatic proportions. ‘Fifty years, you see I dropped a little uranium into the mix and it gets in the cracks.’

Petra’s eyes widen in shock, she has never seen this side of another family. ‘You have blown up my lab?’ She asks because she cannot believe this, the gas should have been moved yesterday but the transport cancelled and now it is starting to make sense.

‘There she goes, making connections finally.’ Miranda says, she can read the Vamp easier than she thought. ‘The gas was unstable, the power would fluctuate at all the wrong times, your rebel contact went silent on you, the Domus stopped taking your calls, the transport didn’t show up.’ Miranda runs through how Palous and their clan have tampered in her plans.

‘You thought you could play silly games and stop me, Quinn Fabray is a fucking freak and when I kill her bitch she will fall into madness like all those fucking unstable children of yours.’ Petra has always been petulant and if these Gyste are going to kill her she will go down having her say.

Palous smiles, she has guts he has to give her that and her mate is still playing dead hoping to escape the worst of it. ‘Wakey, wakey Marcus, you are in a room full of Gyste do you really think you are fooling us?’

Petra whips round to look at her mate as he opens just one eye and looks at their captures. ‘You fucking coward.’ Petra spits.


Leroy stands in the rubble of the South wing, three bodies have so far been recovered and many are missing in the confusion, the Imp Guard quickly locked down the situation though there will be questions as to why the Domus needs an army unit to deal with this.

‘Sir I have sent out messages to all the clans asking for updates on those who were here for the vote, many of the phone lines are down and we are moving the daily business to the cloud servers.’ Noel says to the boss of the Domus, Noel is efficient, to say the least, but Leroy needs that more than anything today.

‘Good have a mobile command centre set up ASAP and have all the paper files left removed to safe storage I believe the Fabray family have a facility contact Quinn for access.’ Leroy looks down the corridor to where Andrew is shaking his head, Leroy dismisses Noel and moves to his junior for an update.


Quinn groans, she is bleeding badly she can feel it and it is still dark all around her. It is taking every ounce of strength she has to keep the shield up and not alert her mate to her pain and possible death.

‘Father, father are you still there?’ Quinn makes a rasping noise as she speaks that doesn’t sound good even to a layperson.

Russell drifts in and out of consciousness, he can hear his daughter, like she is at the end of a long tunnel and she is whispering.


Sebastian and Elliott arrive back at the estate from the city and a shopping spree for Elliott that even Santana will admit is lavish, Udan takes the bags straight to the chambers of his master knowing something has happened but he will find out more once he finishes his chores.

When Sebastian enters the drawing room to find everyone crowded and chattering he frowns, ‘Mother what is this?’ He asks.

‘Sebastian darling, where were you?’ Judy asks, she thought all the family had been recalled, she knows Sam is at the Colonial building but all the others even Kurt is back.

‘Shopping, I have been to that new mega-mall by the old foundry, Santana what is going on?’ Sebastian searches the bond but they are all away from the house apart from Sue who he knows is stressed and hungry.

‘A bomb was detonated..’ Santana begins but Dilas who is back in the room after checking on his lady friend by phone interrupts.

‘Two bombs went off, the second after we evacuated.’ Lily the Imp Dilas is courting works across the river from the council building and has been worried for the Eunuch all morning.

‘Who dares..’ Sebastian is dramatic then stops, ‘Who are you?’ He moves towards Bryant.

Santana is the first to notice a problem but Rachel moves far quicker than the usually fast Succubus.

‘Seb, he is with us from the council a friend of Quinn’s.’ Rachel lies a little to help Sebastian calm down.

Elliott moves to his claimer too, ‘Sebastian, sweetheart let us find some refreshment.’ The claim is unsure what is wrong but can sense something is off.

Did you see that? Rachel asks Santana in the bond and the Latina nods unable to verbalise in the bond to Rachel.

Phillip moves to Dilas slowly and the pair head for the large windows for a little privacy, Emmett follows the senior Gyste keen to be involved.

‘Master Sebastian is very unstable.’ Phillip saw the flash in Sebastian’s eyes when he confronted Bryant.

‘Do you think he realises it?’ Dilas asks unsure of what the best course of action would be.

Phillip looks back to Rachel and Santana who are close and talking quietly, Ida and Quillion both sleep in their stroller. ‘I believe not, have you spoken to Udan since they returned?’

‘No, he went to unpack their shopping and then to eat I think.’ Emmett only briefly saw Sebastian’s Eunuch.

Dilas again checks on the twins, Quinn’s rules are unflinching and Dilas has three priorities in the room. ‘We should speak with Sue, she is the most knowledgeable.’ Dilas reasons.

‘I shall go find her and ask her for guidance, you both continue to serve Miss Rachel as she sees fit.’ Phillip nods and moves towards the exit closest to the kitchen, he will leave through the dining room and over the lawns to the Guru.


Sebastian slumps into a chair, he is feeling a little dizzy. ‘Can you call my sister again please Elliott, I am worried now I have not felt her recently.’ Sebastian is aware even over the distance Quinn’s death would be felt in the bond so there is a silver lining to his worries.

‘Darling, are you ok your eyes keep changing.’ Elliott is scared when Sebastian changes he still cannot trust the Gyste inside his claimer despite Sebastian spoiling him and being an utter pussycat.

‘You worry too much El, once I find Quinn all will be well, you must understand she is my twin she is the other part of me.’ Sebastian gives Elliott and reassuring smile then closes his eyes to try and focus.                  


Quinn tries to move her legs to shuffle closer to her father, she cannot hear the laboured breathing that filled the space just a moment before, ‘Dad please, please Daddy.’ Quinn pleads to her father to answer.

Dad, I need you to answer me, Russell Fabray!

Russell feels the bond opening and his daughter close but he has lost so much blood surely time is running out for him, Quinn…

Quinn feels the fire in her veins and now desperately tries to move something, she wills her body up and coughs at the effort, ‘Help!’ Quinn screams out to anyone close enough to help her.


Rachel bends at the waist suddenly drawing the attention of the room as she cries out in pain, Judy is up and holds the diva close stopping her from falling.

‘Santana call your mate, he needs to get to the council chambers now and find my mate!’ Judy cannot know the meaning of the pain Rachel feels but she knows the woman is bonded to her daughter and she fears the worst.

Dilas and Emmett both take faltering breaths when they feel the stabbing pains in their stomachs, Dilas knows this is from Quinn and from memory only the death of a Gyste can travel such distance.

Elliott crashes through the door, Jake and Ryder close ranks near the babies and their mother, ‘Please it is Sebastian he is sick, come please.’ The claim begs for help from the others in lockdown.

Dilas moves to Rachel and takes over from Judy to support her, ‘We cannot leave the mistress.’ He says and Judy knows Quinn would kill any of Rachel’s protection for leaving the Gyste’s mate and babies alone during such a time.  

Judy tries to think what to do, Russell always says a cornered Gyste is a dangerous Gyste so she makes the decision to leave the room alone and attend her youngest son.

Elliott follows Judy back to the other room where Sebastian is now writhing on the floor, Shelby is just behind the pair backing her mistress up.

‘Sebastian honey, are you in pain.’ Judy moves to him slowly hoping to not scare him.

‘Mamma, get out, fucking get out now take Elliott argh…’ The young Gyste stares at the ceiling with raging golden eyes and elongated tusks, he is clawing at the carpet like it is holding him down.

‘Jude..’ Shelby grabs her arm and pulls her from the room, ‘Do as he asks wait for the Imp guard.’ Shelby has no idea what is happening.

Once out of the room with the door slammed shut Judy begins to sob, she has already lost a child to madness how can this happen again.

‘Judy what is happening, Elliott is he hurt?’ Shelby tries to get a grip on what is happening, the scream from inside the room makes her shiver.


Sue throws the door to the drawing room open and sees Rachel on the couch with Dilas holding her, ‘What happened Dilas?’ She asks.

‘No idea she keeled over and now something is wrong with Sebastian, can you feel the master anywhere?’ Dilas wonders what the dominant woman can tap into.

‘No but the distance is too far, I am sure he still alive.’ Sue states, she strokes the face of Rachel and the babies scream in unison.

Shelby leads Judy back into the room and spots Sue, ‘Sebastian is in the other room on the floor, he is mad.’ She calls out to Sue.

‘I’ll come with you.’ Santana says to Sue and the pair leave quickly.

Sebastian is trying to focus on a point on the ceiling and channel some sort of calm but he is failing and his thoughts drift back to childhood and into an imaginary future with Elliott.

Santana is shocked at her brother-in-law lying on the carpet, ‘Seb, hey princess come back to us.’ she calls to him as she crosses the room to kneel with him.

Sue takes just a moment to work out what is happening and is both amazed and shocked by this turn. ‘Sebastian try to relax, this is your ascension.’ She smiles at the shock on Santana’s face.

Sebastian is pleased to feel the women close to him and understands the words Sue speaks even if he is as shocked as Santana.


Rando has found a way out finally, he was caught up in the second explosion and took a while to find his bearings. The corridor leads from the Imp offices down to through the Domus and past the eateries that are filled with diners twenty-four hours a day in this hub.

He stands still, sure he just heard something, Rando holds his breath and uses every ounce of Vampire he has to focus on the direction of the noise so subtle he only catches an instant of it.

‘Hello, hey, call again…’ He waits, is that noise, shit he cannot tell. ‘Hello, I am coming for you hang on, hit something make some noise.’


Russell is losing consciousness again, he is weak and can feel everything drifting away.

Quinn has managed to free her top half and is scrambling for something to hit against a pipe or the wall of the lift to make a noise, she can hear Rando in the distance but is unable to raise enough air through her lungs to cry out.


Rando moves to the weak tapping noise he hears then he looks along the corridor through the wreckage, ‘Hey! Hey! Help us down here Hey!’ Rando tries to get some attention there can’t be only him on this floor.


Andrew falls and stumbles through the rubble towards the person screaming for help, he has sent some Imp guard back for more bodies and a medic.

‘Hey, is that you Rando sir?’ Andrew can make out the outline of the Vampire through the dust and stumbles again towards him.

‘Yes, yes it is me, get the help we need to move some of this someone is trapped in here.’ Rando updates the Domus pleased to have another pair of hands. The vamp pulls a door out of the way and throws it aside using his extra strength.

Andrew joins the Vampire in ripping the debris aside to find who is trapped beneath. ‘This was a lift shaft I am sure, how far have they fallen.’

‘No idea but whoever is in there can’t have long left, the air here is thick with all this dust.’ Rando pulls metal back and hears more banging coming from below, louder now he motions for Andrew to stop. ‘Hello, we are coming hold on.’ Rando calls into the hole.

‘Rando is that you.’ Quinn rasps out, her father hasn’t moved for a while but for now, she still feels him in the bond but he like her is weakened.

‘Quinn, Quinn.’ Rando pushes on to rescue his friend, ‘Fuck I’m coming Quinn hold on.’


Sam launches himself from a town car a block away from the council chambers and runs towards the burning building, he sees the tall dark figure of Leroy Berry and heads straight to him. ‘Leroy, where is my father?’ Sam calls out as he approaches the Domus.

Leroy spins, he is not aware Russell is still in the building and he gets a sinking feeling. ‘Samuel, I have not seen him, who is he with?’ Leroy looks for more Imp guard, if Russell Fabray is in that building finding him is a priority.

‘He is with Quinn, let me in the building to find them.’ Sam looks for the way in but Leroy stops him.

‘Wait, Quinn is in there?’ Leroy stares wide-eyed at this revelation.

‘Take your hands off me!’ Sam lets the Gyste out and stares the tall Domus down, ‘Let me find my sister now!’ Sam is losing his grip on his temper and is about to tear a hole in the next person he sees.

‘OK, come on, I’ll come with you.’ Leroy ignores the rage of the young Gyste and leads Sam to the only entrance available to them.