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All Teeth and Smiles episode three

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The whole of the household is on a countdown, Quinn has officially stepped away from all her other commitments until the babies are here and Rachel is basking in the attention of her mate.

Russell and Sue have not heard from their brother for days since an argument broke out when Burt realized Holly was in his opinion going unpunished.

‘Russ just let him come back in his own time, you know he is safe and he is just hiding out with Dee that was to be expected.’ Judi tries again to settle her mate.

‘I expect you agree with her?’ Russell asks Shelby who is reading on the bed in his chambers.

‘I do.’ Shelby barely looks up from the novel but she and Judi have already agreed on their thoughts so they are both treating the worrying of Russell with a little contempt and no compassion.

‘Fine, right shall we go to the club to stay close to home or how about we all go down to the lake and get some sunshine for a few hours?’ Russell is now joining Quinn in waiting for the birth at the house but is a little stir crazy.

‘I vote the lake.’ Shelby says from the bed.

‘Yes, the lake with a picnic would be perfect, we will let you make the arrangements and meet you there.’ Judi has a cheeky grin as she dismisses the Gyste who happily leaves the room to arrange a picnic and have the Eunuch set up a spot in the sunshine.

‘He is OK though?’ Shelby says as she rises from the bed.

‘Burt?’ Shelby nods, ‘Yes, he is just sulking, I know he feels justified but he cannot keep this up much longer.’ Judi hates the tensions but still, she feels no Guilt for the expulsion of Eva.


Marley goes through today's list of jobs, she has brought in extra staff from the Colonial building to pick up the slack as she has a team on call 24/7 in case Rachel needs them.

‘Can you look into this peak over near the club in rashes.’ Marley looks for any signs of unusual events every day and even the most mundane is looked at by the Imp security.

‘Yes Ma’am,’ Brice is a little put out not to be on the birthing team for Rachel but Marley believes he is the best option she has to leave in charge of the estate when she needs to attend to the Diva and babies.

‘Good, apart from that all seems ok, nothing else has come up so we wait for the new heirs to arrive again today.’ Marley is anxious to see all goes without a hitch as this will be her first Gyste birth.

Brice gives a small smile, he has birthed Gyste before in his previous roles and believes he would be better used to help Rachel but he will follow orders and do as Marley directs despite his jealousies, Quinn will be eternally grateful to the Drs who deliver her first children and like many Imp he likes to be owed a favour.


Rachel and Dilas make the long walk down to the sunroom from her chambers, Quinn is on the phone with Rando and so Rachel being impatient has gone on ahead. Any movement by the babies throws the little Diva off balance and she has a reoccurring nightmare where she pops open from the pressure on her small frame.

‘Miss here take my arm.’ Dilas notices his mistress wobble again.

‘Thanks, Dilly, to the Gods this needs to end soon.’ Rachel is eager for the birth now as she cannot wait to have the babies out of her before they grow to the size of an adult within her womb.

‘Marley says today is probably the last day, all the tests say you are ready and the little ones are very active.’ Dilas follows Rachel everywhere at the moment even more than usual if that is possible he is her shadow and all the Eunuch know the steps they must take when Rachel goes into labour.

‘Good, I swear I will sew that band to Quinn’s wrist myself to prevent this from happening again, honestly these demons are trying to kill me!’ Rachel is both uncomfortable and frustrated by the final few days of her pregnancy, she is being made to drink blood from the chattels to satiate the babies and her intake of green vegetables has reached such proportions she may never touch spinach again.

‘Sorry, Rando called to check on you but he also has some news on the station plans he wanted to ask about, you look exhausted already Rach, here let me take the strain.’ Rachel bats away her mate as Quinn moves to pick the Diva up bridal style.

‘Look, I am almost there now so leave me be, aw jeez!’ Rachel buckles over as she bites at her mate.

‘Rach, baby.’ Quinn is on her knees looking up at her mate in a flash, ‘Is it time?’ Quinn asks again.

‘For fuck sake Quinn, Awww Fuck!!’ Rachel calls out, she would like to cuss Quinn out a little more but the babies are coming for sure this time.

‘Dilas, go for demon birth!’ Quinn uses the silly code they decided to alert the household to Rachel’s labour beginning.

Dilas springs into action and grabs the nearest house phone, ‘We have liftoff!’ He says to Marley when she picks up.

‘On my way, where are you?’ Marley waves to the birthing team who are sat waiting in the outer room.

‘West wing ground floor outside the sunroom.’ Dilas says and hangs up, he moves to Rachel and Quinn, ‘They are on the way, Miss just sit back like Marley showed you.’ Dilas directs the pair to remember the classes they have all joined in on.

‘Dilly call Sam and Sebastian have them go to the medical suite and offer up their blood for the birth.’ Quinn has made plans for her brothers to donate in case she is unable to give Rachel enough blood.

‘Ma’am.’ Dilas goes to make the calls, he will also call Quinn’s mother to the suite for the support.


Sebastian throws his shorts on and stumbles out into the hall with a baffled Elliott still in a towel watching the Gyste leave without a word.


Santana and Sam are on their way to the medics in seconds once Dilas tells them the news, Dave is a little behind but with his claimer too.


Judi squeals and jumps up, ‘It is happening, Shelly we are going to be grandmas!’

Shelby looks shocked and a little white but Russell helps her up, ‘Come my loves, we have much to do.’ Russell leaves the picnic things on the lawn and leads his ladies back to the main house at speed.


Sue looks from the room and sees Russell rushing across the lawn, ‘Rachel must have gone into labour.’ She says to Holly.

‘Good, she was looking uncomfortable.’ Holly is subdued, she is under the influence of a drug cocktail Marley is using to help her with the madness and confined to her room in the house, ‘You should go, support your niece.’ She instructs her claimer.

‘I will later once they have news, for now, I think they have too many people to be of assistance don’t you.’ Sue is keeping Holly close and following all the advice of the Guru but she knows Holly is feeling suffocated by the attention.


The door to the labour room hits the wall as the medics rush Rachel into the room, set up like an operating theatre and sterile they all know their jobs and how important time is.

Quinn finishes washing her hands and puts on her mask as she practised then enters the room where Rachel is already screaming in pain, once Shelby arrives Rachel can be sedated so Quinn is willing Rachel’s mother to hurry.

Rachel rolls onto her side to attempt to alleviate the pain she is in but she is getting no rest, Quinn is by her side and reaches out for her mate.

‘This is the last fucking time argh!’ Rachel hits out at the Gyste, Quinn tries again but feels helpless to calm her mate.

Shelby arrives and looks on as Rachel again writhes, Quinn is stood like a statue obviously in shock, ‘Quinn, do something, don’t you dare let my daughter die Gyste!’ She shouts at the blonde to bring her back to the room.

Quinn turns to Shelby and finally is able to get control of herself, she turns back to Rachel and despite the wriggling of the pregnant woman grasps her face in her hands.

Rachel, let it go now, give me the pain my love I will take care of you. The pain Quinn feels almost knocks her from her feet but she recovers and begins to absorb the suffering of her mate and Rachel slowly settles.

Quinn can feel the babies, they are becoming sentient and are keen to be born, this is the most dangerous part of the birth, if the Gyste rush to be delivered they will in panic use the tusks they are born with, this is how most human women die during the labour.

Marley enters and quickly rigs up the drip for Rachel she will sedate the young woman and hopefully calm the Gyste babies, if the children feel the mother is relaxed they should be birthed naturally but they are prepared to perform an intervention should it be needed.

‘Thank you Marley,’ Rachel is no longer in pain as Quinn is drawing all that from her and as the medicine takes effect she begins to feel relaxed about the birth, Quinn can sense the children are calming and that the initial danger has passed but Quinn knows the babies are very close to being born so the birthing team will need to hurry this along.


Sam and Sebastian finish donating their blood for the babies and possibly Rachel and are leaving the room when they see the medic rush to Rachel in the other room.

‘Is she ok?’ Santana asks Sebastian.

‘Yeah, I think so it is all very fuzzy so she must have been sedated now.’ Sebastian is finding it harder to focus in on Rachel.

‘That’s a good sign right?’ Sam asks, he didn’t feel this involved when Brit gave birth but he has ascended since then.

‘I think she is going to be fine, Quinn is funnelling much of the discomfort for her I cannot believe she is able to do this and stay conscious.’ Sebastian can feel his twin is in extreme pain and realises she must be drawing the pain from her Mate.

‘C’mon, let’s wait in the other room, if Sam sees blood he will pass out.’ Santana moves them towards the waiting area where Russell and Judi are sat nervously with Dilas and Emmett.


Marley has all she needs to be attached to Rachel now, she moves the ultrasound over the heads of the babies to check their position, ‘It is time, Rachel, I need you to push this time when they start to move, it will be painful but they are in position to be born.’ Marley watches the screen and looks for the first of the twins to make a move.

Rachel has a wry smile which makes Shelby uncomfortable, her daughter is far calmer than she expected and the woman wonders just how good those drugs are.

Quinn is on the edge, she is determined to keep absorbing the pain for her mate but this is so much harder than she expected, ‘Just a little more now darling.’ Rachel says to her and they stare deeply into each other’s eyes.

‘Now Rachel, push now!’ Marley says as she spots the first of the babies moving to be born.

With a wail and a scream Rachel bares down and wills the first child to be born, the head comes easily first and then the bloodied and wriggling form emerges from its mother and Rachel falls back.

The effort to bring the first child into the world was epic and Rachel is now unconscious, Marley watches and counts in her head, ‘Ready the team, we are going in for the other one.’ She says.

‘No!’ Quinn says, ‘Wait, just Wait!’ Rachel slowly comes back round.

‘OK, again Rachel, push honey push!’ Shelby shakes the hand of her daughter she is holding to rouse her a little more.

Rachel again screams out and the second head shows itself, this one a little slower to emerge, Marley allows Rachel to struggle for only a moment then reaches down without thinking and helps this little one ease itself clear of its mother but is not quick enough to avoid the Gyste tusks which sink into the flesh of Marley’s hand and she cries out.

‘Shit, sorry here, let me.’ Quinn takes the head gently of her baby and allows Marley to free herself as Shelby looks on in horror, she has been warned the babies bite but until she saw it she didn’t realise just how feral a Blood Gyste child really is.

Marley ignores the pain and blood from her own hand and spots the problem, the baby is caught on the umbilical cord and so she frees the child and it is finally free of its mother.

‘Well done Rach, just let go now relax.’ Shelby can see the blood and she is shocked there is more than she ever experienced, ‘There Rachel, Rachel?’ Shelby panics as her daughter slumps back white and lifeless.

Quinn can feel the life slipping from her mate but as her father had warned her this might happen she tries to focus, ‘Get the babies to the incubators, Marley dress that wound and send the blood in now please.’ Quinn is no longer taking the pain from Rachel she has no need Rachel is not with them at the moment, Quinn reaches over to the syringe driver and presses the first of the drugs that will help Rachel through this dangerous time.

Shelby follows the babies out of the room as they practised and takes a final look back to her daughter, she cannot think too much about it but this may be the last time she sees her alive.


Russell looks to his mate, ‘They have arrived!’ He says with a broad smile.

‘Oh Russ,’ Judi is drawn close to his chest, ‘How is Rachel?’ She pleads with him.

‘I cannot feel her Mama!’ Sebastian has tears in his eyes.

‘No fucking way!’ Santana rages, ‘She ain’t going down like this!’

Santana would burn the world for her little friend and the Succubus is looking for war now.

‘Everyone calm down.’ Russell tries to get a little control. ‘She will be heavily sedated that is why you can’t feel her Seb, remember Marley explained all the stages.’ Russell hopes he is right because he can only imagine the reactions of Quinn and Santana if anything happens.

The room is full of very tense people while they all wait for news when the door opens it is Shelby who emerges with a smile.

‘OK two healthy little terrors, the second boy bit Marley on the way out which was quite a moment I can tell you!’ Shelby moves to Russell who hugs her tightly. ‘Quinn is dealing with Rachel now, they have begun the therapies to bring her through.’ Shelby adds.


‘She needs more blood Marley.’ Quinn urges her medic to act.

‘Quinn she is losing too much, I can’t stop the bleeding.’ Marley has never seen anything like this, one of the babies must have caught a vein or artery as they were born.

Quinn takes a deep breath and then makes a decision she knows is risky, ‘Is she dead?’ She asks.

Marley continues to work on the little Diva but Quinn can wait no longer, Marley is she dead? Is her heart beating independently?

The blank eyes of Marley stare at Quinn, ‘Yes she is holding on but cannot continue like this for long.

Get out, all of you get out! Quinn clears the room, she knows she has an ace up her sleeve but she only has a moment to make it work.

I swear there will be no more little ones after this my love, hold on for me.

Quinn pulls the drips from Rachel’s arm, she removes what is currently keeping Rachel alive and then makes a decision that could see Quinn executed and Rachel plunged into madness but she has to try.

The Gyste moves to the neck of her lover and allows the tusks to protrude, covering the mark on her mate she feels for the artery that will hold Rachel’s life force and when she is certain she has the right spot she bites down hard pulling deeply and then again and again.


Russell takes a deep stuttering breath, ‘Oh no Quinn what are you doing?’ The others in the room all look to him, Sam and Sebastian searching in the family bond for an explanation.

Judi watches her mate as he storms from the room, ‘Sebastian what is happening?’ she demands.

‘Quinn is attempting transference.’ He says with his eyes cast down.

Shelby and Santana look baffled most of the room understands but they are not in the loop on this one.

‘Why would she be so bloody stupid?’ Judi asks no-one and everyone.

‘She is desperate Mama.’ Sam answers as he feels Quinn.


Quinn bites again, she needs to transfer enough of herself to heal Rachel, she feels in the bond again it is working and Rachel is visibly changing.

Russell tries to open the door but Quinn has locked it from the inside, ‘Quinn, stop this now!’ Russell knows if Quinn gets this wrong Rachel will be turned and Quinn will be put to death for making a changeling. ‘Quinn! QUINN!’


Rachel can feel herself coming back, she feels strong and her skin is buzzing as Quinn’s blood courses through her veins. ‘Stop!’ She manages to gasp out and Quinn immediately releases her grip.

Quinn soothes the wound and clean up the blood that has escaped, ‘Rachel!’ She weeps, ‘Oh Gods I thought I lost you, baby say something.’

Russell is still hammering on the door, ‘Your father is trying to smash the door in, he is going to break his hand.’

Quinn smiles down on her mate then moves to unlock the door and allow Russell in, ‘The fuck you thinking child, Rachel are you OK?’ Russell moves his daughter to the side and heads for the young mother to see if she is still human.

‘I am bloody awful but still very human I promise, she is crazy you know that right?’ She jokes to her father-in-law and he hugs the girl close.

As the moment takes over Quinn she slumps to the ground and begins to sob, curling into herself and then screaming out, feral and uncontrolled just as her children had when they were born into the world.

Russell holds Rachel tightly, ‘Let her be, she needs to release the pressure that has been building, it’s a process and my Daughter is not immune to feeling.’ Russell looks down at his sobbing daughter, in the bond, she is wailing and cursing, Quinn may be more powerful than almost every other Gyste alive but she is still a new parent and the realization is pulling her mind apart.


‘Fuck Sam do something!’ Unable to shield themselves like Russell can Sebastian and Sam, along with Santana are being bombarded by the pain Quinn is sharing and the noise of her screaming is deafening.

Shelby holds onto Judi tightly and the mate to Russell looks on with some fear, ‘Quinn must be in the bond, none of them are that upset so I assume our Daughters made it into parenthood, shall we go see them now?’

Shelby takes a final moment to assess the room and notices for the first time how affected Dilas is, ‘Dilly, come with us, see she is ok.’ Shelby holds her hand out to the Eunuch and he moves to leave with them slightly stumbling as Quinn again screams.


Baby number one is quiet, eyes closed but alert to the room. ‘I have never heard such a noise.’ Brice watches the other child closely as Baby number two screams again.

‘Put them in together.’ Sue says as she enters the room.

Marley looks up from Baby number two and takes a long look at Quinn’s Aunt, ‘Won’t they try to eat each other?’ She asks.

Sue laughs out at this, ‘Maybe but that is half the fun, Sebastian wailed for a whole day until in desperation Russell decided to feed him to Quinn.’ Sue looks down at Baby number one and smiles at the little bundle. ‘Trust me, they have only had each other so far they need to feel connected again.’

Brice gingerly reaches for the more quiet baby not risking his finger near the vocal child, ‘I have always liked you, Brice, you have balls kid!’ Sue jokes as Brice lays the babies together.

As silence fills the room Sue smirks at a baffled Marley, ‘We exist in both your world and our own, we remain forever connected to the clan, they will for years to come be loyal to each other above all else.’ Sue strokes the head of the now quiet child, ‘You need to learn when to scream and when to listen if  you want to be a dominant force.’ She whispers to the newborns.

‘They are barely an hour old and you are trying to test them?’ Holly says from the doorway, ‘Can I look?’ She is hesitant to ask.

‘Come here, remember to keep your fingers out of the way of the mouth, I bet that smarts a little right?’ Sue motions to the bandaged hand of Marley.


Rachel is sat up when Shelby and Judi lead Dilas into the room and she has a broad smile for them all, ‘Hey have you seen them yet?’ She asks.

‘Only when I dropped them in the medical room, they were kind of angry.’ Shelby says as she kisses her daughter’s head.

‘Marley should bring them soon, hurry things along Russ!’ Judi says to her mate.

‘Yes, Sir!’ He salutes his wife with a smile and leaves to fetch the babies back to their mothers.

‘Dilas do you have my bag?’ Rachel asks, ‘I think I should change.’ Rachel feels great but looks like a horror film with all the blood in the room.

Quinn stands and moves to Shelby, ‘She is fine now, she will ache tomorrow for sure but she is safe and fine now.’

‘Did you have to do what you did?’ Shelby doesn’t really understand what Quinn has done and will read in the archive the moment she gets the chance so, for now, she is accepting the situation.

‘I took a risk but I would die without her so yes I am selfish but she is here so I guess it worked.’ Quinn feels no guilt for her actions but she is aware of the great risk she took.

The door opens and Russell wheels a crib through the door with two swaddled babies quietly sleeping together, ‘Look who I have.’ He says.

‘Oh bring them here.’ Judi coos.

Rachel feels her babies, she feels their calm and their hunger and something else, they are different somehow. ‘Rach, what’s up?’ Quinn asks her mate.

‘I don’t know they seem off somehow.’ Rachel watches her mother stroke the head of one of the babies very carefully.

‘They are perfect darling, believe me, they are just perfect.’ Shelby says smiling at her daughter who is now changed and considerably cleaner.

‘Let’s take them to the other room and leave this to the Imp’s to clean up.’ Quinn says and moves to Rachel.

‘If you try to pick me up!’ She warns her mate, Quinn smirks and grabs the little Diva in her arms and laughs when Rachel struggles in vain to free herself.


‘The first few days will be hard Rachel but they will bond with you I promise just be patient with them.’ Judi is watching Rachel as she spies her children with some fear.

‘I love them already,’ Rachel smiles ‘But they seem a little off don’t you think?’ She asks her mate who is still smiling.

‘Rachel you are trying too hard to bond, relax into motherhood baby, look it’s awake!’ Quinn points to the little bundle in the crib and Shelby jumps back from where she was stroking the baby.

Judi looks down and despite being human spots what Rachel is talking about, ‘Wait, look, Russ, look at the eyes.’

Russell lifts the now awake child and looks into its eyes. ‘Green is different.’ Russell points the baby at his mate.

Quinn takes the baby from her father and inspects it closely, ‘Why are they so bright?’ She asks the room.

‘Because they are special.’ Holly speaks from the doorway again. ‘The eyes will calm soon but Quinn is so strong the babies are too and the eyes are ahead of their time is the best way to put it.’ Holly possibly knows more about the Gyste than all the other clans put together.

‘So are they normal?’ Rachel asks but as she does she feels a buzzing in her head and bends over to shake it off.

‘Oh no, no way I am falling for that one!’ Quinn tells the baby, ‘You won’t be getting those gnashers anywhere near my mate believe me!’

The baby still in the crib starts to wail again and Shelby winces at the noise, ‘Oh my, will they always do that?’

Judi laughs, ‘I told you how bad it was didn’t I, honestly, earbuds are your new best friend.’

Dilas moves closer to Quinn with a grin, ‘May I?’ He gestures to the child wailing.

‘Yes just watch your fingers, keep them swaddled.’ Quinn says examining the child she holds closely.

Dilas follows the instructions and with caution lifts baby number two out of the crib and right on cue the eyes gleam green and it snaps the tusks towards Dilas but the Eunuch is smart enough to hold the baby at bay. ‘Little one you need to learn your manners.’ Dilas scolds.

Marley comes into the room and takes in the sight of a family content, ‘I have tested them both, despite the anatomy baby number one is female.’ She announces.

‘Just like you babe.’ Rachel says as Quinn climbs onto the bed holding the baby.

‘We really are blessed.’ Sue says.

‘OK, let’s feed these little monsters and then they might get some rest.’ Quinn says.

Rachel shoves her mate in the ribs, ‘Watch who you are calling monsters Gyste!’ She says.

Quinn stares down at her daughter and smiles, ‘You little charmer you, she is already smitten!’