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All Teeth and Smiles episode three

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Russell and Quinn arrive at the same time to the medical room, Sebastian had called them both as soon as he and Leroy we en-route back to the house.

Marley is standing staring at the body in the exam room, she never expected this when she woke up this morning, ‘Sir Sebastian is on his way he and Leroy have stopped on the way to collect details in the archive.’ Marley reports to Russell as soon as he and Quinn step into the facility.

‘Have you looked over the body at all?’ Quinn asks.

‘Yes, just a quick once over and outwardly there is no signs of trauma to the body.’ Marley made some quick notes which she refers to. ‘I haven’t ordered any other tests I don’t know if this is being handed to the Domus.’

Russell looks briefly at the body, the man seems familiar but he cannot place him, ‘You were right to wait, Leroy may well take the body back to the Domus and have their people deal with it.’

‘We need to know if he is one of ours?’ Quinn wonders if he like the previous body is Imp.

‘I can take a DNA sample it won’t be invasive.’ Marley is keen to get back into Quinn’s good graces.

Quinn looks at Russell hoping he has a decision, ‘Do it, I will shoulder the consequences.’ Russell orders and Marley goes to quickly take a sample.

‘Go to the Guru, take all the information about last night from Eva, do not ask Quinn just take it she doesn’t deserve our sympathies.’ Russell wants answers.

Quinn leaves but is a little put out she would have liked to know more about the forest from Sebastian firsthand but she will do as her father asks.


Andrea and Arron are sick of waiting, ‘Nicol go find mother.’ Arron demands again.

‘She said to be prepared to leave so it must be bad, go find her.’ Andrea echoes.

Nicol is stuck, tipping their hand would be a mistake and Quinn is already on the scent of trouble, Nicol can feel the family bond better than his siblings and knows Quinn was fucking about with their heads at breakfast. ‘Mother said to be prepared she didn’t say abandon her and run.’

‘We have a fortune here, we could be on the other side of the country before sundown.’ Andrea wanted to leave before breakfast but their mother insisted they not cause Russell to look for them.

‘Don’t be stupid, if we run now what will happen to mother?’ Nicol won’t leave her but the twins have different loyalties.

‘If we stay we all face punishment if we leave mother can buy us time!’ Arron is going as soon as his twin agrees.  

‘So leave her to her fate you mean?’ Nicol knows the twins are selfish but he hoped for a little loyalty.

Andrea is ready to leave too, ‘Nicol she wouldn’t want us to miss the opportunity to get away, she would want us to run now before they look for a reason to keep us.’  

‘I will go and find mother, then we decide once we know what is happening.’ Nicol says but the twins are already planning their escape from the estate.


Quinn strides into the Guru with a mission but is stopped by a Guru teacher from entering Eva’s room. ‘She is in meditation, she is not to be disturbed.’

Quinn quickly searches the mind of the Guru for deceit but he is just following the orders of Marin, ‘Well that can wait, stand aside and let me pass.’

The teacher takes a moment to decide then moves, Marin says Quinn is equal to Russell and he is not taking the chance Quinn will take offense.

As the door opens Marin stands ready to take a chunk out of whoever is disturbing his session but it is Quinn and he would rather not be involved in this, ‘Miss remember no blood is to be spilled in the sacred space.’ Marin calmly reminds her and gets out of the room in a flash leaving a scared Eva to face Quinn alone.

‘Quinn I…’ Eva begins but Quinn follows her father’s orders and throws open the bond forcing Eva’s mind open, unusually Quinn can do this without the victim even being aware but this time Quinn is going to make the experience as uncomfortable as possible for her Aunt.

Nicol enters the Guru, he has never been here on the estate before, all the spiritual shit he can do without to him it is all a bunch of mumbo jumbo and superstitions. ‘I am here to speak with my mother.’ He looks for a way past the entrance foyer that actually looks like a waiting room in a high-end salon.

‘She is unavailable right now.’ The woman behind the desk seems bored.

‘Well make her available, you do know who I am right?’ Nicol tries to force the issue, name dropping works just fine usually.

‘Even if you were Russell Fabray himself you ain’t getting in there,’ the woman has a tone Nicol takes exception to and he is riled up now at her dismissal.

‘We will see!’ Nicol decides to let himself in and forces his way through the door only to be carried back again by two large Imps, ‘Told you, you ain’t getting in.’

Nicol is deposited on the floor of the waiting area like a sack.


Quinn closes the door to the room where she has taken all she needs from her Aunt, Marin is waiting for her, ‘Do I need to put her back together again?’ He asks the Gyste.

‘Maybe a little but I assure you she got off lightly, stupid woman.’ Quinn has much to tell her father and they need to call the council of elders immediately.


Russell and Leroy are exhausted by Sebastian’s explanation of the events, Sebastian forgets he has abilities too and Russell is noticing they are growing in strength so today the stresses are making Sebastian particularly testy.

‘Quinn is on her way from the Guru.’ Sebastian says cryptically.

Leroy looks to Russell in a questioning manner, ‘They are twins even if we forget sometimes, he is often more in tune with Quinn than the rest of us they just ignore it.’ Russell shakes his head at his son. ‘Seb, go fetch Sam will you, Quinn will want him here.’

‘Sir.’ Sebastian says with a flourish and leaves the room.

‘Russell if I may speak freely?’ Leroy has questions.

‘You may, and yes Sebastian was feeding on your energy, he does that when he is stressed.’ Russell may have answered Leroy’s question right there.

‘Father!’ Quinn enters the room not expecting Leroy, ‘Leroy, have you found anything?’

Russell speaks, ‘Marley is running tests for the Domus which we will share, she will let us know presently, what did you find out from Eva.’

Quinn wasn’t expecting to share this with the Domus so soon, Russell usually likes to be ahead of the game but this time sharing is necessary. ‘OK well, The text is one about mating rites so I assume they are still fixated on Sam and Santana, if she had asked I could tell her I scoured those text looking for answers and found nothing but whatever.’

Leroy is confused, ‘Why would the rebels care about Sam’s mating?’

‘That bothered me until I realized the contact Eva had for the rebels was Petra Jones-Rey, she seems to have had a hand in this all.’ Quinn plays her trump card so to speak, no-one had any idea Petra was consorting with the enemy nor did they realize she is the financial backer for this little foray into espionage. ‘My guess is as Santana’s mate Sam can demand the land rites the Jones-Rey clan want, but as her claimer, he is not entitled to that inheritance.’ Laws were passed to stop claimers from taking land and monetary gain from a claim or thrall.

‘We will need to tread carefully, Quinn cannot be exposed as the source on this.’ Russell is warning Leroy, he knows he is in a trusted position with the Fabray clan, no-one on the outside has any idea the power of Quinn’s reach. ‘We act only on evidence gathered the old fashioned way I agree.’ Leroy can work around Quinn and her abilities.

She knew the chain was a fake, before Petra informed her to find the chain Eva knew nothing of its existence. Quinn and Russell will never reveal the power of the binding chains to the outside world.

‘So the Vamps wanted the text?’ Leroy asks.

Quinn nods, ‘I think Marcus and Petra hope to bring down Sam and take the land near the lake, the borate there must be never-ending to cause all this.’

The knock on the door pulls the trio from their thoughts and once called forth Sam and Sebastian enter the room.

‘Gods alive Sebastian, get a grip on yourself you are going to suck the air out of the room.’ Quinn feels the jolt in the room as soon as her twin enters with Sam.

‘Sorry, I am stressed.’ Sebastian is sweating a little too.

‘As we all are son.’ Sebastian smirks when Russell says this remembering the moment in the forest.

‘Quinn do something will you.’ Russell fears Sebastian might actually knock Leroy out at this rate.

Quinn laughs at her brother’s aggrieved face but steps up anyway. ‘Relax a little Seb.’ Quinn takes his face in her hands and focuses on his fears and stresses.

Leroy looks on, he has seen this trick from Quinn now a few times and everyone reacts a little differently.

‘You never want to play poker with her though.’ Sam quips to the Domus who stifles a laugh.

‘Thank you, I will attend the Guru as soon as I can.’ Sebastian accepts his sisters calming.

Russell smiles, ‘You have a claim son, just do it the old-fashioned way.’

‘Yeah, why do you think I am so chill?’ Sam says as he implies he has Santana and Dave to ease his frustrations.

Leroy catches on a little late but shares the joke eventually. ‘Do you think there is any immediate danger to your clan Russell?’ He asks, it is getting late and he has other papers to file before he gets to leave for the day.

‘No I doubt it, your people are free to continue investigating and have someone work with Marley too, we can take it from here though I know you have much to do.’ Russell is keen to have the Domus leave, he knows Quinn has more information which she is keeping until their friend leaves.

‘Good, I will leave a small team, you can guide them, Sebastian, you have spent the most time on this so far and they actually like you believe it or not.’ Sebastian beams at this compliment, Quinn will be pleased with him.


Once Leroy has cleared the building with a friendly goodbye from Russell the for Gyste regroup in Russell’s office.

‘OK, Quinn what do we know?’ Russell asks with no room for error on the clan’s part they are against the clock.

‘The Imp Sebastian found is again one of ours, he was a medic at the colonial building for six years and has medium level clearance.’ Quinn make mental notes as she runs through it all to include everything for them. ‘The binding chain is complete and returned to my rooms but in the safe now, this means to our knowledge the rebels have a fake chain and no chance of reproducing the alloy.’

‘But where did the knowledge of the chains come from in the first place?’ Sam asks the obvious question, he was aware there was such a thing but thought his father had the only pair not that Quinn was also in possession of them.

‘This we are in the dark about, I have searched all the record for the staff at the medical research unit and the numbers are so few Quinn could work through them in a day.’ Sebastian has worked non-stop on this since Quinn asked him to assist Leroy.

‘What is it?’ Sam spots a look between Russell and his Daughter.

‘There is a floor on the colonial building no-one has access to but Sue, she has been developing weaponry for years and it is possible this is where the leak actually came from.’ Quinn fills her brothers in.

‘So with Sue Gods know where who is monitoring the place?’ Sam asks.

‘I assumed Holly, actually, I assumed much where my sister was concerned.’ Russell is deciding how cryptic to be about the goings on at the Fabray HQ. ‘OK full disclosure, Sue has never answered to me on these things, I dealt with the money and power side of the business and the main council and your Aunt has always paid the most attention to security and the furtherment of the clan in more clandestine ways, when Quinn steps up she may make a similar decision and separate things out for ease but I hope she learns a little from my mistakes.’ Russell has no control over his sister and for years he didn’t give it a thought, she reported to him regularly enough he just didn’t care about bloodlines and secure lands the way he cared about money and the trappings of a high-blood duke.

‘So do we know where Sue is?’ Quinn asks.

Russell shakes his head, ‘Today exactly no I have no idea if she is with Margret of in the colonial building locked away playing the mad professor.’

The three Fabray children are shocked, this is a grave mistake on their father’s part and could be the cause of the leaks.

Sebastian takes stock of the latest news, ‘So may I propose, Sam and I go to the colonial building tonight and begin taking back control, in your name of course sir.’ Russell nods.

‘Father and I will travel out to the fairy circle and take Rebekah with us to look for clues involving witchcraft.’ Quinn states for the room.

‘Good, Sam you and Seb will have all the codes to all the floors and if there is anything unavailable to you use the Imp detail and break into the fucking rooms one by one.’ Russell can see the resolve of his children on this, but more than that he feels their devotion to him and not just the Fabray clan.

‘What about Eva?’ Sebastian asks, ‘Do we punish or forgive this time?’

Quinn looks to her father, ‘on three state your verdict, one, two, three.’

Russell - Forgive

Sam - Punish

Sebastian - Punish

Quinn - Forgive

It seems Quinn and Russell are looking at this in a different way to the boys. ‘What do we do Sir?’ Sam asks again.

‘OK, lock down her household, no money, no freedoms and no fucking leaving until we know more, Eva can return to the house once the Guru is happy they have broken her completely of this malice towards the rest of us and get me Burt, he needs to shoulder some of this with her for once.’ Russell makes the decision his children will work by.

‘Good, we have our roles so all of us should touch base with our households and then feed if need be, we rest only when this is over.’ Quinn has the final words for them and they all leave to begin the fight.


Shelby is waiting for Russell in her quarters, she had Phillip tell him where to find her and so when he arrives she has a sad smile for her claimer. ‘Shelly darling are you ok?’

‘Yes Russ, I know you have been working non-stop I just needed to feel you close.’ Shelby has fallen for the Gyste and he feels the same for the brunette.

‘Shelly you know just the right moment.’ Russell moves close and pulls his claim tight to his chest.

‘I was hoping you would say that.’ Shelby pulls him to her mouth and the kiss is deep and dirty, passion is something new and thrilling to Shelby and Russell is keen to open her eyes to all his skills. 


Rachel is dancing around the lounge area, she is halfway through a routine that has been made up on the hoof and is loving every moment of her free time.

‘You know you are meant to be taking things a little easy babe.’ Quinn smirks as Rachel jumps in the air, ‘Mother f..’ Rachel drops the remote she was using as a fake microphone. ‘Quinn shocking a pregnant woman is dangerous.’

Quinn rushes her mate and scoops her into her arms, ‘Ooh baby I love it when you are all testy!’ Quinn nuzzles the mark she made those months ago and feels the energy shared between them.

‘Quinn, I do hope you are not teasing me and then leaving before you finish.’ Rachel shivers as her mate licks a stripe up her exposed neck.

Quinn curses herself for starting this now, she should be feeding and getting back on with the job in hand but she needs this, this connection with Rachel is worth more than a feed any day.

‘Rach, I don’t have much time.’ Quinn decides to reason and explain but Rachel buts in.

‘No. no, no you don’t dare leave me hanging again!’ Rachel is instantly furious.

Quinn lifts Rachel and heads for the bedroom, ‘All I am saying is this is going to be quick but I promise you it will satisfy.’ Quinn deposits Rachel onto the bed they share and unbuttons her jeans.

‘Ok, quick is better than nothing I guess, ooh baby is all that for me?’ Rachel asks as Quinn exposes her semi to her mate.