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All Teeth and Smiles episode three

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Quinn is shown into the offices of the Domus, quite a step up from Leroy’s previous rooms in the council building but that was to be expected, a mousy looking woman with large rimmed glasses leads the Gyste and introduces her, ‘Sir, Madam Fabray to see you.’

Leroy smiles and dismisses the minion and waits for the door to close, ‘Quinn, come my friend, how is our little star?’ Quinn has become accustomed to Leroy’s interest in her mate and unlike others outside the family, he doesn’t insult her by talking in such familiar terms about Rachel.

‘She is good, very hard to keep up with but good.’ Quinn shakes the offered hand readily and moves to the couch where Leroy gestures they are to be seated.

‘So apart from that update what brings you here?’ Leroy is pleased to see the Gyste but surprised she has the time.

‘A favor, but not really for me, I will, however, honor the debt however you see fit.’ Quinn’s tone makes Leroy aware she is serious and a favor from a Gyste is a blood oath.

‘What is it?’ Leroy is only aware of a problem with Sam and Santana he hasn’t interfered with Jane West and her investigation.

‘Santana had a run in with a Vamp at a club, she was insulted and struck him.’ Quinn lets this sink in.

‘His status is above her?’ Leroy doubts one of the Fabray clan would be so careless.

‘No but it seems Santana is guilty of being Incubus firstly.’ Quinn hates all this bullshit with the clans and the species even if it has afforded her family great wealth and power.

‘I see, was she justified, in your opinion.’ Leroy asks.

‘He laid his hands on her first, he was sexually aggressive towards her and he threatened her publically, as I have read her she gave him numerous warnings to back off and she was in the process of leaving to avoid a scene when the incident took a turn for the worst.’ Quinn is still unsure how it was allowed to go this far within the Domus.

‘May I ask, is she being truthful in her telling of the story.’ Leroy knows Quinn is able to read people but he would never say this publically.

‘One hundred percent, she attempted to avoid the confrontation and when he persisted she gathered her companion to leave.’ Quinn knows there was a time when she would have started a fight for much less but Santana had done the right thing.

‘I am at a loss as to why this is dragging on then, I take it they have placed restrictions on Santana?’ Leroy knows the process while investigations take place.

‘My only thought is that she is being investigated for using her abilities against him, she didn’t need a thrall to deal with a low blood Vamp.’ Quinn knows Santana could easily despatch either of the Vamps involved just by channeling the Gyste she has inherited from Sam.

‘Even so, she is not wrong to defend herself, this is stinking a little don’t you think?’ Leroy asks.

Quinn half smiles, she is glad he is a fair and just man or he may have missed the point, ‘I agree, something isn’t right and if this is an attack on the clan I would rather shoulder it myself and not have our mates or claims used, she risks losing her right to travel over this and believe me Santana won’t just take her punishment if that is the case.’ Quinn weighs up her options but decides to let Leroy into a secret. ‘Originally she was sent to our family as a weapon, she has a spell on her that was meant to kick in and he destroy my brother but it never happened and so she has only just tasted the true freedoms of our family, Santana has earned her freedom from the rules but she is also a loyal subject of the council.’

Leroy files his questions for another time but he will ask Quinn how yet another member of their family has been enthralled by magic. ‘OK, you have my word I will look into this thoroughly and that it will be my decision she is cleared of all charges immediately but I cannot just wipe this away today.’ Leroy wonders if the Fabray clan had expected him to make this disappear.

‘Thank you that is all I ask, will you keep me in the loop?’ Quinn would like to know who has been interfering in their affairs.

Leroy smiles, she is a smart cookie for sure, ‘I promise, now can we just talk briefly about babies?’

Quinn rolls her eyes, he parents get the same sparkle when they talk babies too. ‘ I know what you think, Rachel should be pregnant any moment now but honestly Leroy, I have fears for her carrying my child and I also have high hopes for her talent.’ Quinn sighs, ‘We have so much time for children that I just want Rachel to explore the world before we start a family, I am also a jealous creature and fear I would resent any child that got to live inside my mate for five months.’ Quinn smirks at Leroy's scandalized face.


Sebastian is trying to remain patient but Elliott is taking an age in the changing room, ‘Elliott, have you finished trying those on?’ Sebastian has sent him in to try some trousers but surely it cannot take this long.

‘Just finishing up, may I have the blue ones again.’ Elliott is stunned he is being allowed so many things, he arrived with a bag of underwear and two outfits all of which have been taken and burned as far as he understands.

Sebastian takes a deep breath, ‘of course, now don’t take too long we still need to get you some clothes to relax at home in.’ Sebastian usually loves shopping but this isn’t the same.

‘OK, all done, these fit and these I don’t like.’ Elliott holds out two piles for Sebastian to take but with a quirk of his eyebrow, Elliott understands Sebastian isn’t taking them from him and moves to place the unwanted items in the return bin.

‘Good, now let’s get some spare of the ones you like and perhaps a few more colors in the shirts then we really need to get on, we have dinner arranged and I want you to have a haircut before we go back to the estate.’ Sebastian is pleased that this claim is well groomed he really couldn’t have been seen with another hippy type.

‘Sir, may I ask a question?’ Elliott asks after they have paid for their purchases and are leaving the store.

‘Please, call me Sebastian unless we are in a formal situation.’ Sebastian says then thinks, ‘Just for now actually while we are out of the house Sir is fine but you can just ask the question, Elliott, you don’t need to ask to ask every time.’ Sebastian is becoming frustrated by his new claim before he would have insisted on such things but he has declared himself a new man now.

‘Sorry, do you think I might send a letter to my parents once we finish the claim, they would like to hear I am ok.’ Elliott was never ready to be taken to the farm and he struggled to adjust to the training he was put through.

‘Yes, Elliott I know you are new but you will see we are different.’ Sebastian has spoken with Rachel and she mentioned the culture shock she went through once she was brought to the mansion. ‘My mother will help you I promise.’

The pair head for the sports shop where Sebastian expects Elliott will find some god awful Nike’s like Sam and Dave wear.


When Rachel returns to the estate she is surprised to see Dilas waiting for her on the steps, ‘Dilly is Quinn ok?’ Rachel searches the bond and cannot find her mate.

‘Yes Miss, I didn’t mean to worry you I had a delivery arrive and saw your town car coming.’ Dilas thought Rachel might have luggage so he waited to take it in.

Rachel smiles and links her arm through his and they both enter the house, neither of them saw Ava in the shadows staring at their blatant display.


‘Sebastian!’ Santana screams down the hall toward the Gyste’s room, he pokes his head out then slams his door.

‘Elliott this is an important life lesson, never piss off a Succubus!’ Sebastian hides poorly behind his new claim.

As the door is thrown open Elliott freezes in place, the woman before him has blazing blue eyes and looks really pissed. ‘Santana, calm down now let’s not be hasty.’ Sebastian dodges her grasp behind Elliott’s frame.

‘You little shit, come here.’ Santana tries again to reach her foe, ‘Stop hiding behind your new boy toy and let me slap the shit out of you.’

Elliott is shaking, he is about to faint he is sure and as soon as the thought comes into his head he hits the floor.

Sebastian and Santana both stand stock still and look at the claim on the floor, ‘Sebastian you broke him!’ Santana sneers.

‘Like fuck I did, did you touch him?’ Sebastian looks curiously at the boy he is out cold, ‘Wake him up, I permit you to touch him this once, shake him or something.’

Santana stares at the Gyste, ‘Seriously Sebastian you are a dick!’ She turns and leaves him to deal with his problem.

Elliott groans a little and roles over blinking as he comes to, ‘I… Sorry…’ Elliott has embarrassed himself. ‘Did she hurt you?’ He asks.

Sebastian kneels beside his claim, ‘She wouldn’t hurt me, or you for that matter.’ Sebastian smiles and offers his hand to Elliott to help him up. ‘Quinn is scary, she has this thing where she stares at you and you shiver,’ Sebastian leads Elliott to the sofa and sits with him. ‘Sam is all muscle and brawn and when he shouts, which is almost never, he has lost his temper but his muscle is for show.’ He takes his claims hands in his, ‘And I scream and throw things, mainly for dramatic effect but none of us are going to hurt you.’

Elliott looks closely at the Gyste, ‘She had blue eyes, creepy blue eyes and she wanted to kill you.’

‘I stole one of her silk scarves, the pattern is divine I want to match it for a cravat for myself, she is selfish that’s the problem.’ Sebastian explains. ‘As a family, we bicker and fight all the time and we also close ranks against the outside world so now you are on the inside you are safe right?’

‘You fight all the time?’ Elliott questions.

‘Every day!’ Sebastian pokes Elliott’s ribs and smiles again to help relax the guy before him.


Quinn flops into the couch in her chambers, today has been a bitch of a day. She has thrown off her jacket as she came in and looks about for the Eunuch that usually appears from nowhere to pick everything up.

‘Rach?’ She calls for her mate but receives no answer, she knows Rachel is here somewhere she felt her as soon as she entered the building and Rachel usually makes a point of greeting her.

She leans back into the soft couch and lays her head back closing her eyes.

Quinn jolts awake when she feels the air around her move, looking down towards her feet she smiles when she sees Rachel knelt at her feet. ‘I wondered where you got to.’ Quinn smiles comforted to see her mate.

Rachel doesn’t answer instead she pushes Quinn’s knees apart and settles before her, reaching up a little to Quinn’s hips then sliding her hands together across the lap of the Gyste.

‘Did you have plans?’ Quinn asks fully aware of Rachel’s mood. ‘Seems you have lost your voice.’

Rachel smiles cheekily but still has nothing to say, he hands are doing the talking for her as they become more persistent in their actions, kneading Quinn’s groin area to wake Quinn up a little.

Looking down on Rachel Quinn decides to let her just have her fun, I am happy to let you use me as you see fit. Quinn whispers in the bond.

Rachel unzips Quinn from her trousers freeing up space for her small hands to fit into the gap.

Quinn’s breath hitches, Rachel has a firm and sure grip on her member now as she moves in closer to her Gyste to get a better position. ‘Quinnie you are far too tense and I am duty bound to change that.’ Rachel has a wink and another grin then motions for her mate to lift her hips so she can pull her slacks out of the way and then with a gentle touch she does the same with her boxer briefs freeing her now hardened member.

Quinn feels herself relax immediately, either Rachel is going to give her one of those amazing blow jobs she loves or she is going to ride her cock, either way, Quinn needs to do none of the hard work.

Rachel pays careful attention to Quinn’s throbbing cock and inspects what she sees as hers, first pulling it down and running the tip of her tongue around the bulbous head and then pushing it back to Quinn’s stomach and licking a steady stripe from the balls to the now leaking tip.

Quinn is trying to calm her breathing and really enjoy this but Rachel is so damn good at getting her off this way she is falling into the familiar feeling and has to hold her breath and count to stop her pleading.

Rachel works Quinn, her balls fit perfectly in Rachel’s mouth and the gentle suckling increases to add the tension until one by one Rachel releases them with a loud pop and a smirk at her mate.

Quinn’s eyes are scrunched tightly shut but she knows the pause is because Rachel is staring at her, ‘It’s creepy to stare you know.’ Quinn says in a breathless tone.

Rachel’s reply is only to chuckle and return to Quinn who is rock hard and fit to burst, Quinn’s cock fits perfectly into Rachel’s mouth and Rachel works fast.

Sliding Quinn all the way in and beginning the suction, using her mouth only to pull Quinn to the back of her throat. ‘Ergh oooh baby’ Quinn babbles.

Rachel had the cock deep in her mouth and shifts only slightly so Quinn can feel her throat touching the very tip of her dick. ‘Rach, ooh babe that’s it.’ Quinn loves how this makes her feel, her heart is racing and the sweat is building on her brow as she anticipates Rachel’s next move.

Swallowing Quinn whole just came naturally to Rachel, it is an activity she loves, the power she feels having the Gyste writhing for her mouth gets Rachel off too.

Quinn is whimpering and moaning loudly now, Rachel is swallowing her dick and squeezing her balls in the way that makes her crazy, the Gyste comes without warning, throwing Quinn into convulsions as she empties her seed into her mate’s willing mouth.

As Quinn slowly recovers Rachel stands smiling down on her mate and unceremoniously sitting in the Gyste’s lap wrapping her arms around Quinn’s neck then planting a sloppy kiss on her neck.

‘You still with me baby?’ Rachel asks when Quinn doesn’t immediately open her eyes.

‘Almost.’ Quinn opens one eye and sneaks a peek at Rachel and her beaming smug smile, ‘You are very good at that.’

‘Is that right?’ Rachel asks.

‘The best!’ Quinn replies and finally opens her eyes to join her mate in the smiles.

‘I guess I have a hidden talent.’ Rachel snuggles in a little more, she would like a return but Quinn has been really tired lately so she would understand if they just cuddle.

‘Did you enjoy it?’ Quinn asks her after a few moments.

Rachel takes Quinn’s features in, searching to see if she is being serious. ‘I always do, you taste good.’ Rachel has to say Gyste is one of her favorite flavors.

Quinn laughs and pulls Rachel close to whisper in her ear, ‘My turn?’

‘Thought you would never ask.’ Rachel moves quickly to remove her panties.