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All Teeth and Smiles episode three

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Once again the breakfast room is crowded and rowdy, Russell shakes his head because he remembers wanting this more than anything but he guesses in truth you really should be careful what you wish for.

‘All I am saying is there is a precedent for a human to offer up as a Eunuch.’ Richard has taken to arguing with Rachel almost every day.

‘And I am telling you regardless of any precedent this is a bad idea.’ Rachel tries again to reason with her brother, he has been in the household for barely three months she really doesn’t want to lose him yet.

‘Maybe if you take some time to better study the ways of the Eunuch.’ Quinn applies reason but is met with an Icy glare from her mate.

Busted sister! Sam teases his sister within the bond but Rachel is privy to everything Quinn is.

‘Sam if you would be so kind as to but out of our household!’ Rachel begins with another rant but Russell has heard enough, for now, the noise inside his head is driving him mad.

‘OK, so will the heads of the households meet me in ten minutes in my office, thank you.’ Russell ends all the noise and leaves the room with Judi and Shelby in tow.


‘Russ, we were going into town with Santana, do you need anything?’ Judi asks her stressed out mate, she knows when to make herself scarce.

‘No my love.’ He gently kisses her lips centering himself in the feeling of love he has for this woman. ‘Go spoil yourselves, Shelby if Richard wants to study with the Eunuch he has my blessing, I think it will be a good move for him.’ Russell has taken to the boy, he has a good head for things and will be an asset in the future should he chose to serve the clan.

‘Thank you Sir, he has his heart set.’ Shelby bows her head in respect.

‘That is settled then, I will have Quinn deal with her mate, I know I am not one to attempt that!’ Russell smiles at the women then heads for his office leaving them to arrange their own day.

‘You heard him, let's go spoil ourselves, shall we begin with the salon and take it from there?’ Judi suggests she had never had a girlfriend before and having Shelby has been a blessing.


Sue checks her watch as she heads for the office, she is late and she despises being the last into a room.

When the door opens the occupants of the room know there is only Sue left to arrive and so are not surprised to see her enter, ‘Please excuse my late arrival.’ Sue shows her submission to Russell.

‘Well now we are all her together let’s get started, I have made some decisions regarding this family in the last couple of months and have decided after much thought to begin a process of stepping back from the day to day running of Fabray Inc.’ Sebastian looks for his siblings, did they know about this beforehand.

‘I have spoken to all of you individually recently about your hopes for the future and where you would like to see us head as a clan and as a company going forward,’ Russell gives his daughter his complete attention for a moment. ‘I have taken everything into account that all of you said and I believe now is the right time for me to make these changes.’

The room remains silent for him, he has spoken with them all and everyone had pulled him in their own selfish direction.

‘Ava, I am grateful you have stayed with the family and should you choose to remain with us an extension to the east wing will be undertaken, this will give you and your household quarters of a standard which matches the rest of the clan.’ Ava nods in thanks but doesn’t want to tip her hand, her children are keen to stay they enjoy being treated like royalty locally and have a number of potential business deals in the offing.

‘Burt, I know you have been at times overwhelmed by the day to day here on the estate, this is a mammoth task which I have all but ignored unless it is to gripe about decor or lightbulbs.’ Burt chuckles a little, Russell couldn’t change his own socks without Judi and they all know this. ‘I propose you take a full seat on the board at the headquarters and look at our logistics businesses, take them on completely in this file is a projected budget for the next five years, do with it as you see fit.’ Burt nods for this, he asked to be given a roll away from the estate, he is feeling out of the loop socially and being at hand for everyone all the time was making things worse for him.

‘Sebastian, you have matured son and I am so very proud of you for the way you have shown your loyalty to this family, I have taken on board your comments about responsibility and so on the condition you take a claim and show temperance with them you will take a seat with the company alongside Sam and oversee the properties, I know you had a retail idea in mind and I am not dismissing this, I only ask that you cut your teeth in the gap your sister left behind.’ Sebastian smiles and nods then turns to his sister, Quinn is happy for him and he is grateful because he knows she has pushed for him to be a part of the company just as much as he has.

‘Sam, the idea you have for the lake, do it.’ Sam looks shocked but Russell smiles brightly at him, ‘You have good ideas and Santana has a good business brain so you both can be involved, of course, I ask that you help with Sebastian’s transition though also.’ Sam agrees he can do that no problem.

‘Now Sue and I will not be giving up our seats on the council just yet, I will, however, be spending more time on the estate than previously and so that you all know what I am planning.’ Russell has learned from his wife and adds a dramatic pause, ‘I have a dream to change the status of humans and this will be where I want my main focus to lay.’

Quinn has heard this, she knows her father has been moved and affected by the uprising and the loss of their sister Britney.

‘I believe the inequalities we live with have caused many of the clans to become callous and cruel towards the humans that should be under their care, all the clans need humans for our survival and we have all been complacent in their treatment.’ Russell has a plan to rewrite the rules but he has a long road ahead of him to make the other clans even consider any changes.

Russell looks to his sister, they have agreed on all of this and it is now her turn to take the lead. ‘I shall be undertaking a period of reflection.’ She begins with the most shocking part of her decision. ‘I am blessed with amazing children whom I need to bond with and so I shall be doing this in the near future, I shall also take a step back within the companies to allow the younger generation to prove themselves.’ Ava is shocked by this and unlike their brother, Sue will receive interruptions.

‘Wait, you can’t just swan off away from the clan and do your own thing, who will support Russell in his endeavors.’ Ava speaks.

‘I am taking on these roles Aunty, don’t fret I have it all in hand.’ Quinn motions for Sue to continue and despite their initial shock, the others in the room stay silent.

‘It will not be forever and this is a time I have neglected to take for many years, I need to decide if this is the time I perhaps look for more children and if so I have many decisions to make within my own household.’ Russell pats his sister’s back to comfort her guilt, she has done all she can for this clan and now she must focus on her future and the future of her household.

‘So we all have a plan, in the more minor details, much of the estate management will fall to David.’ Sam nods, Dave has taken to this role with enthusiasm. ‘I am led to believe Quinn will be taking Ryder and Jake as full-time chattels and that we shall also be welcoming a new member to the family in due course.’ The loss of Tina left Quinn with a gap in her feed regime and so she has looked for a replacement to Tina and needs the added strength Ryder and Jake will give her.

‘Sir, may I speak?’ Sebastian waits until his father acknowledges him to continue, ‘I would very much like mother to help me choose a claim, I believe I have narrowed it down but her input would be greatly appreciated.’ Sebastian is scared he will get it wrong this time and all the blame would fall on his shoulders.

‘Of course, remember to use her wisely she might end up picking a small noisy diva for you.’ Quinn smiles, she knows her father loves Rachel but she also knows her rapid-fire talking drives him to distraction most days.

‘If I had her I would cherish every moment Sir.’ Sam coughs and makes a face at Quinn who just looks proud as she always does in relation to her mate.