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I Know That Monster

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Who in Asgore's name could be out here at this stars-awful time? The artificial sun had just peeked into the air bathing the woods in an early morning glow and someone was out there, this deep in the woods, singing? Stars help him. It was going to be a long day.

Dancing. He saw you, a human, female if your singing voice was any indication, dancing with Gyftrot. At first, he had been worried the deer monster was rearing back for an attack. And so Sans had prepared to answer with an attack of his own to your back. But then he saw how the other monster had landed with a slight bounce in his hooves as he pranced to and fro. And you, a young woman (he shamefully had to give you the once over to know your age), were reciprocating in kind with small sways of your hips, some teetering spins, and small bunny hops, as best you could with snow up to your shins.

During one such twirl, you spotted him hiding in the tree line. A painfully long moment of silence settled over you. Sans began a hasty retreat. No doubt his presence was distressing for you being he was a skeleton. But you just smiled at him.

('You can join us if you'd like,' You offer)




You had always been beautiful. He'd thought that the moment he laid eyes on your face. So then why was he having problems remembering...?

(Soft. Loving. Emerald eyes shining with kindness that flickered with a powerful determination when things got tough. A chocolate waterfall for hair. You had a voice so sweet he would get weak in the knees. And a smile that warmed him down to his SOUL.)




Your soul was a shining beacon of warmth to all monsters. You made them smile. They believed your words when said their freedom was close. Your voice, speaking or singing, was a melody from a heavenly place. And San loved you so much. It made his soul ache. But you'd never want him. Sans was a broken monster, he would tarnish that beautiful soul of yours.

Sans never wanted you or your soul to suffer like that. So he ignored the tug in his soul when he saw you. He pretended to not feel how his soul screamed at him to mark you as his. It longed to cover you in his sent and mark you with his magic so every monster knew you were his. He squashed those feelings down every time they reared their head. You were his friend. Just his friend. And everything was okay. He was lying.

You sang for monsters. You danced with them. Even though you weren't really very good at it. You still did you best even if you messed up or fell over. It brought all monster-kind joy when they needed it most. You showed them not all humans were bad. And slowly, as word spread about you, the underground began to have Hope again.


In the forests of the North Lands

Where light curtains dance at night

Lived a warrior named Alexi –

He was fair and young and bright.

Many maidens sighed to see him,

Yet Alexi dwelled alone.

Though they tried their best to please him

To their charms he was as stone.

Then one day within the forest

Young Alexi passing there

Met a maiden

like no others –

Tall and shining, proud and fair.

Hair as pale as virgin snowdrifts,

Eyes like ice with hidden fire.

From the moment that he saw her

He was taken with desire.


He hadn't meant for it to happen. But it just had. The two of you been goofing off like normal. You shared a few bad jokes with him, Sans had answered in kind with a few of his own and you'd ended up admitting a giggled defeat. Then MK just blitz into you mid-step. In all of the frantic flailing and surprised yelps, he kissed you.

(You tasted like the first sip of warm apple cider on a cold winter day and your magic left small crackles of delight against his teeth)

Words were useless but he tried nonetheless to string together a haphazard apology. His bones gave an audible rattle as he sat there fear and panic crossing his skull. None of this would be worth it if he lost you in his life. But he was so damn glad it happened in the end. Because you stole a second kiss from him. And he took the third from you a moment later.

('I love you' you whisper.)




He loved to hear you sing. And you could always be found doing so in the woods. You claimed to like it there. The peacefulness of the pines let you think of the future. The future you were busy planning for monster kind. Even he started to have hope for the days ahead. And the future you undoubtedly had together.




You always declined his offer to stay the night at his home. He never quite understood why. It wasn't because of his brother, the two of you got along so well. Hell, his cooking was even better than before because of your lessons and guidance. The two of you were already like family. So then why did you prefer the company at the Inn rather than next to his side at night?




Another human fell one day. This time it was a child. Sans had been on a slightly romantic walk with you in the woods when the child stumbled across the two of you. They were scared, they were roughed up, and they were shaking like the world would give out from under there feet at any moment. You didn't even hesitate to be at their side. The two of you spoke in whispers, he never did find out about what. But you swore to protect the kid with your life.

(A replacement for their crazy ritual. Your mind reels at the knowledge. But you don't have time. Only thing is certain: You won't let it happen, not on your fucking watch! You won't ever let them have Frisk.)


To Alexi's awe and gladness

His pale maid love in return.

And she would deny him nothing

Though her past he could not learn.

Nor would she once leave the forest

Back to his own village go.

Said she feared the touch of strangers,

Would not leave the peaceful snow.

Now though he would often beg her,

Let him much past moonrise stay.

But with tease and soft intrigues

Sent him homewards on his way.

Enemies had young Alexi,

One of them a cunning foe.

Noted where he spent his hours,

Laid an ambush in the snow.


Sans pleaded with you not to go. There was this forbidding feeling welling up in his soul and he had this suspicion it was linked to you. He argued it was a bad idea to split up, you should stay together – because if the kid looked like this what would happen to you if you got caught alone?

('I'll be right back I promise. We need a healer; you're too low on magic for a shortcut.' you knew Sans would understand. But that doesn't make leaving him any easier. You're worried. A tight knot is already forming in your gut. You push past it. For all of your sakes.)

In the end, he submits to your words. The dread grew in him every second you were gone. But you'd be back, you'd promised him.




Too long.

You had been gone way too long by this point. The kid was shivering and not even his blue hoodie was helping them. The two of them had started trudging towards Snowdin at a snail's pace. If only because the kiddo couldn't move very fast due to whatever wounds they had. You hadn't been joking, they really did need a healer. The dread Sans had felt in his soul rear its head at the sound of heavy footfalls behind him. From the same direction, the child gave the most pitiful whimper he'd ever heard and held onto his shirt even tighter.

Six of them. They were all human adults too. Thankfully only one of them seemed armed. And wouldn't you know it? He was carting around a dusty kitchen knife in his hand. Talk about being outnumbered Sans took a wise step back to begin a retreat. He Made sure to keep himself between the kid and this group at all times. Something about that freak made his magic coil in preparation for an attack. Sans wanted to blame it on those crimson eyes. Or that large creepy grin plastered across the humans face. Damn thing was just so unsettling.


Oh my love and life, Alexi –

Leave while light is in the sky!

There is danger in the forest –

Leave and do not ask me why!”

Young Alexi, strong Alexi –

Laughed away his lovers fear.

And he did not leave till darkness

Then behind him he could hear

Sounds of wolves that stalked his footsteps.

Then before him he could see

Men that sprang out in an ambush

And his mortal enemy.


It quickly boiled down to a single fact: Sans was going to have to fight. Magic buzzed to life at the ends of his fingers in preparation to strike. But he never got the change to lift a hand because you shot past him like a bullet. Your own magic coiled around you like a thick smog of color (Teal) with the canine unit hot on your heels. Together you came screaming down upon the six like some pack of rabid animals. The dogs howled and snarled in combat against the humans while you literally threw yourself at their leader.

He'd never seen you so ferocious in battle before. You brought down blow, after blow, after blow onto the knife-wielding lunatic. Never halting for even a second. You didn't dare to give him a chance to ACT against you.

('No mercy! Not for you! I HATE you! So just DIE ALREADY!' your mind screams in the midst of your battle.)

The canines and you drove back the attackers, but not without a price. The Dogi were slightly wounded but neither of their cuts ran too deep. A bit of dust was flaking from Lesser who yapped excitedly. They began to sing of their victory. But then you turned to face them and the canines hushed themselves as Sans' soul seized in terror.

The blade was lodged in your chest. He watched your legs buckle from under your own weight while your coughing fit robbed you of your breath. Sans was cradling you in his arms one moment. The next his eye lights were blurred and nearly blinded by his own tears. Your HP was slipping away by the second, slow enough that you had a few moments of life still but too quickly for any hope of a healer making it in time. Still Sans begged you to hang on, he told you help would be here any second, that's why you'd gone to town right? For help?

You explained that you hadn't been able to find Papyrus in town but the canine unit had been willing to lend you a paw. But you thanked him for being brave at a time like this. Sans couldn't understand how you could cry and smile. Didn't you understand the serious nature of the situation?! Behind him, the dogs howled, desperate to find aid for you.

The child (Frisk was the name you called) timidly approached. One hand lifted to your chest and with a pained sound, your soul was drawn forth. Sans gasped at it. It was (broken)! But from it, you pulled forth a shinning four-pointed star. The child shook their head. You insisted. And they relented.


He was one against too many,

But ere they could raise a sword,

Wolves appeared and leapt upon them

Like a great avenging horde!

Wolves lead by a raging bitch-queen

As white and soft as snow.

And Alexi much astonished

Watched his enemies laid low.

Oh Alexi, my Alexi –

Why were you so bold and proud?

Why did you not heed the warning

That I dare not speak aloud?”

And the wolf-bitch faced Alexi

As blood stained her white fur red

And before he drew one breath

His lover stood in wolfing skin.

Long I loved you with Snow magic.

Wrought a spell, but with one ban –

In my woods I'd stay a maiden

If I never killed a man.”



('It's the only way; please understand.'

You grab their hand and put it against the SAVE point. They're just like you. You know they're gonna be alright. Dying hurts like hell. But you have to hold on, have to show them it's gonna be okay. Besides, you'll see them when they get out of the underground. Your wonky soul wasn't going to hold out much longer.

So you muster up all of your magic and determination to reach out for one last button. One you had seen in the recent days but refused to press. It's golden orange glow blinded the monsters around you as you leveled your gaze at the other human. They whimpered as their own tears finally started to show. But you held your ground. You had to be strong for them.

'Be good. Be safe. Be strong.' the edges of your sight were starting to become hazy. 'and I'll see you topside.'

They nodded and you forced their hand to push the button.

You felt the world stutter around you before it started to fade into black. As it did there a force held you in its vice grip. For a moment you were confused, then the pain came crashing down upon you. It felt like you were being ripped apart from the inside centralizing at your soul. The pain was so intense, so focused, you just wanted to scream out in pain or to black out and be done with it. But by the will of some cruel God, your own determination wouldn't let you.

It felt like hours but it couldn't have been more than a few moments for the bright happy world you once knew was inked out by an endless void. You took your first shaking breath trying desperately to regain some control over your quaking body. Something tugged at your unresponsive limbs dragging you in a slumber so deep you feared that you might never ever wake up. If only you had the power to fight back against its encroaching intrusion on your brain. Your eyelids grew heavy and your mind drifted back towards all of your friends in the underground.

And then the darkness swallowed you up.)


Now the spell I wrought is ended,”

And she vanished as she spoke

And the wolf-maid turned and fled him

Howling in grief as her heart broke.






Though many maids pursue him,

Young Alexi dwells alone.

And his friends are heard to wonder

At how sad his face has grown.

Young Alexi proud no longer -
Each day to the forest goes,

Seeks for something lost to hiding,

Raised by magic in the snows.




Sans blinked the last bit of sleep out of his sockets. His mind was trying to piece together the fading dream. It was similar to cupping water between his bones, slipping away so quickly that what he could hang onto were only small droplets of information. He swiped a gloved hand over his skull while adjusting himself. Same dream as last time, and the time before that, and so on and so forth.

Normally Sans would consider this a coincidence and nothing more. But no matter how many times he had these dreams they were the same. And in them, Frisk stood out so vividly. But not so much with the other humans. He wished he could remember more, anything really. Her face, the first letter of her name, hell he would have settle for knowing her eye color at this point. Just something besides a faceless human in his dreams.

With a defeated groan Sans placed his skull into his hands. When his phone chimed he wasn't ashamed to admit he'd been startled. And the text from his brother brought a genuine grin to his face. Seems he'd managed to sleep away most of the day without really meaning to. But with all of the excitement who could blame him? One shortcut later and he had stepped out into the surface.

It was beautiful.

Sans didn't think he would ever grow accustomed to seeing the soul-stopping colors or sights around him here on the surface. It was so big and bright and colorful and loud. He loved it. Every night he could go sit outside and gaze up at those twinkling stars. Each day meant Sans could go outside and see a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds. And every morning he got to wake up to the sounds of birds singing and machines hard at work building something new.

Although, if he could be honest for a moment, he really wouldn't mind not having to listen to all of the construction noise. It wasn't any fun hearing that at what felt like the crack of dawn each day. But then again those sounds were a reminder to him about his new found freedom.

Briefly, he let himself think back to that eventful day as he walked back home. The day Frisk had shattered the barrier and they had all stood right here to watch the setting sun. How they had intercepted a group of humans on the way down. And rather than meet with hostility they were warmly welcomed into this world.

Through them, a deal was struck and the monsters had land to call their own. Houses had started going up as quickly as the next day. It was amazing what could happen when monsters and humans worked together.

“'m home,” he called as he shut the door behind himself.

Frisk scurried out of the kitchen at the sound of his voice while Papyrus remained in the kitchen to finish up what smelled like dinner. He chuckled as the kiddo wrapped their arms around him for a tight but short hug. The stockier skeleton returned the action then slipped into the kitchen.

His younger brother was hard at work over the stove. The apron tied perfectly around his torso was complimented by the chief hat that sat slightly askew atop his skull. Sans noticed how his sibling was lightly trailing a finger over an open book with one hand. His other was gently shaking some spice into the pot he had boiling on the stove. Whatever it was smelled amazing. Looks like all of those extra cooking lessons from Toriel and Jill were paying off.


Frisk didn't often speak. They preferred ASL given they were shy around most. But when they did it was in a voice so small and so quiet it hardly ever went an octave or two above a whisper. He motioned for them to follow him back into the living room.


He felt his grin tightening into more of a grimace. The way Frisk paused before continuing told him they had noticed it as well.

“Are... are you okay?”

All of the tension in his face drained away at those words. He'd been really worried for a moment. Normally when they spoke to him it was to warn him about upcoming events. Ones that were about to replay because they hadn't gone so well before. Sans was thankful for those times – but the knowledge about them having this power in their hands made him rightfully worried at times.

“oh kiddo...” a skeletal hand ruffled their brown hair. “had me really worried there for a sec,”

“Sans.” their voice was stern now. “I'm serious.”

They didn't have to tell him twice. He could see it in their eyes.

“just nightmares again, 'm fine otherwise,” he said.

His answer seemed to pacify them. Which he was thankful for because he just couldn't bring himself to tell them how much irritating this was to have these half-memory like dreams that kept haunting him. And no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't remember. For a moment they looked contemplative. Then their mouth opened and hung like that for a period of time before they spoke again.

“Do you... do you promise?”

Sans really should have been expecting that one. So he smiled back and answered with a half-truth:

“yeah, i promise,”


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“You violated me you delinquent!”

“And you're a Velociraptor.” your eyes rolled while resting your hip on the door frame of the bathroom.

The remark had been aimed towards the high-pitched screeching sound that he'd made when you blew a wet raspberry on his stomach. Your siblings face burned pink with having been called out like that and he shot you a glare that was lukewarm at best. It made you chuckle knowing he was far more salty over the means which you had woken him up than the words which had just been spoken. Normally you were understanding, but not today.

With one hand he flipped you the bird which to which you cocked a brow and gave him your best 'really?' face. He chose to be cheeky and ignored you in favor of brushing his teeth.

“It's your fault in the first place I'll have you know,” he shot you a narrow glance. “You sleep like the dead I swear. Anyways, I tried tons of other things before that. It was my last resort, so don't go pinning this on me you brat.” You informed him teasingly.

Andy's face crinkled as he made the 'no way' sound and spit into the sink. “It's true. And before you argue – yes, Momo, can, in fact, vouch for me. Passed your room around twelve thirty and saw me trying so don't even”

As your brother floundered for a retort there came an overwhelming smugness that settled on your face. The gears in his mind were turning. His brow knitted together as he arranged the puzzle pieces together in their proper order to see that, yes, indeed, the fault was his. In fact just to double check himself before speaking next his hand fished out his cellphone from the pocket of his shorts. No doubt checking the time to see what you already knew.

“... Er...”

“Why, yes, I did, in fact, try for forty-five minutes to wake you comatose ass up. You're welcome for it, by the by”

“... You're forgiven,” he hastily added while retreating to his room “just this once!”

“See you in the car~” You sang to him through the door.

In the meantime you were grabbing a small snack for the road sounded like an excellent use of your time. Just as you'd managed to set foot on the main floor and en route to the kitchen someone gave a professional throat-clearing before calling out: “Rin, a moment if you please,”

It was Doc. The man had been your personal physician for as long as you could remember. The scraggly older gentleman really should have retired years ago, because that limp of his could not be comfortable to work with. Cane or no. But he simply refused to entertain the idea. No matter how tactfully mom and dad addressed it. Said that he'd stop working when Andy was ready to take over or when his last breath left him, morbid sure, but that was Doc.

“Yes, sir?” You asked.

He motioned to follow him into the in-house office he had and ushered you into an open chair as he closed the door behind himself.

“You'll be going to see the monsters today, am I correct?” he sat down in his plush work chair.

“Yep. That's the plan, and I'm excited as hell about it too!” The grin you had damn near split your face in half. “Dad said we'd be having lunch with the King and Queen and some of their close friends.”

He looked over you sitting there in some jeans and a graphic tee-shirt. “Dad said they requested we keep it casual. I know, confused me too.”

“They'll no doubt be infusing magic into the food you'll be eating, which no doubt will do your Soul good, just be sure not to take too much,” Ah. So that was the reason he had pulled you aside. “And speaking of magic, how are your levels doing today? Any tightness in your chest?”

It was times like these that you hated having been born. Well, more specifically, born with a wonky as heck soul that is. Doc was only doing his job as his namesake, sure, by making checking up on your health but it was almost suffocating at times. Didn't they trust you to know when to speak up?

With a close of your eyes and knowing the faster you answered the faster you could leave. So you focused briefly on your own magic. It rose up to answer your call. There was no twinges of pains nor long pauses of response so you relayed this to Doc who no doubt was writing it all down. And, as you expected while doing so, an inquisitive bump made up of a secondary source of magic bumped against your mind. As always your friend was quick to check in with you. Not that you blamed the bone jackal, he was curious.

Your magic brushed against his in a soothing fashion. Quick to assure him there was no impending fight, just Doc and his questions, and everything was alright. He radiated understanding and a hint of mirth before no doubt returning to the nap he'd been roused from.

“... Anku's fine too, just in case you were gonna ask.” Your eyes fluttered open.

“Hm.” Doc scratched a few things onto a pad of paper.

“Even though my Soul hasn't felt out of sorts I'm guessing you wanna have a look still?”

“Let's. Just for good measure.”

“Sure thing Doc,”

You wheeled closer enabling him to place his hand against your sternum. A small chill skittered down your spine despite the warmth he gave off. You hated this part, always had, always would. Doc pinned you with a leveled gaze his own magic began to coil down his arm. You could feel it in the air, it was so focused, so precise you could almost taste it. His magic met yours and you gave your Soul a gentle nudge in the same instant he tugged. There came a discomforting twinge as always, a pain of sorts. You could never really put a name to the feeling, just for a split second before your Soul manifested.

Between the two of you twirled your soul. Its crimson surface was adorned with jaggy cracks turning it into a glass mosaic... or at least half of one. Because that's all you had.

Unable to look at it any longer your eyes were cast downwards choosing instead to becoming interested in the wooden flooring. Anything to distract you while it was out. To keep your stomach from twisting in knots at memories of being called 'blessed'. Of being compared to her. You hated that woman. You hated everything she stood for. And you hated the legacy she left in her wake.

I'm not her. I'm not her. I'm me. You chanted the mantra.

“And Anku's magic please.”

Once more there was a focus on your magic, this time you reached out to your friend. He answered in kind with letting his own magic slip forth at your nonverbal request. You didn't need to look to know his smoky teal colored magic now filled in the other half of your Soul perfectly. Like this you felt good. You felt strong and capable. Complete even. So you let it hum through your veins for a moment longer before it all pulled back inside of you along with your Soul.

Between the bond, you shared with Anku you were given a flash of the jackal with a lazy grin stretched across his muzzle. His tenor voice reverberated with the ghost of a whisper in your ears which only served in making you giggle. All of your previous turmoil now forgotten.

There we go, a smile is much more benefiting you.

Thank you Anku.

Anytime my Little One, anytime.

In your mind there came a fleeting image of him bumping his forehead against yours, you couldn't have stopped the smile even if you tried.

After that Doc went over a few other things with you, some basic advice you'd heard a million times before, and some that you hadn't. In turn, you thanked him for everything, warnings included, promised that you'd text if anything changed in your magic and headed out to the car after snagging some fruit from the kitchen.

Unsurprisingly Andy was already in the car by the time you walked out the front door. Seems he'd settled on some black jeans and a Grey short sleeved shirt with the text “DO NOT READ THE NEXT SENTENCE.” and under it “YOU LITTLE REBEL” in the same big blocky font just sized smaller.

“Mom's gonna be so disappointed in you.” You told him around your snickers.

“She can't be mad.” He stated matter-of-factly as you buckled up and he began to back the green Subaru out of the driveway. “There aren't any even curse words, or sexual references. Now if I was wearing the one with the crack about it being okay to swallow my seed – yeah, the one with the little cartoon watermelon slice on it – you know the one,” you certainly did that's why you had started wheezing in the passenger seat beside him. “Then she could be angry with me.”



Between feeding Andy slices of oranges and choosing music the half hour drive was over before you knew it.

Well, it was more like forty when it was all said and done with because someone got the two of you lost, and then ended up having to ask some patrolling guards for directions. Not that you weren't going to name names. Besides, it ended with you at your destination which was all that mattered.

A peaceful aura settled deep in your bones while you took the time to commit two-story brick house to memory. No more than a few away from the house sat a two car garage which currently not in use, since there was currently a red sports car parked outside. Curious, but not unheard of, since you know, washing your car was a thing. It was so simple, so homely, was is really housing royalty here?

Andy gave the old shave and a hair cut knock to the front door.

“Weirdo.” you snickered just loud enough for him to hear.

“Bitch.” Came his sharp retort.


“Did you just...?”


You made sure to pop the p more than need be.

A devilish light flashed over his blue eyes, and at that moment you knew where this was going: And thank whatever god[s] there wasn't a soul around to hear it. Because when the two of you started in on each other like this it spiraled downwards into often raunchy but playful banter. Not that anyone would really know that unless they knew the two of you. But that never really seemed to stop you from doing it – even if you were in public. Andy drew in a large breath, oh good this was gonna be a long one then the door was seemingly forgotten between the two of you, and you were grinning like the god damn Cheshire cat eyes alight with the prospect of some amusement.

You lived for these moments with Andy.


The small voice made the words in Andy's mouth turn into a rushed raspberry that came out more air than sound. Meanwhile, you were more preoccupied with whoever had finally answered the door.

Oh shit. It was a kid. And not like a monster kid – Nah, that would make things substantially easier, this was a human kid.

“Uh... h-hey, uh, kiddo, um, your... folks home?”

Andy outwardly cringed at his words. So did you to some degree. Because you were certain that you both were acutely aware of how bad this looked. Two random people, borderline adults, asking a small child if they were home alone. Hm. Yeah, that was wholesome~ and not at all creepy or questionable...

So you were a needlessly stunned when the little tyke offered a hand towards you. It sort of felt like a trap to be honest. But you hated to come off as rude and holding a child's hand wasn't innately wrong... so you could do it, right? One look at those trusting eyes of the child and your heart twisted painfully. No, no you could not. It felt too much like taking advantage of them.

You felt your mouth fall open to give a gentle scolding about the importance of stranger danger only for the wave of familiarity to wash over you. But...

You'd never met this kid until now!

Yet there it was. The feeling of a memory tickling at the back of your skull begging for attention. You grasped at it in desperation, only for it to dance out of your reach when you started to close in on it.

(A blanket of cold. A shimmer of white. A duel sweater – blue and purple – hanging slackly on such a small frame.)

“Do I...”

(Bruises and cuts all over the small round face. Mewling of pain. Tears falling from big brown eyes. Another innocent harmed. The sound of begging for a safe haven. Boiling blood. A promise made with a tongue dripping vengeance.)

“... know you...?”

They answered you with a silent demand you take their still offered hand. You stilled for a moment longer. Pros and cons weighed heavily on your mind and in your heart. The child sensed your unwillingness and thrust the entire length of their arm towards your face. There was a look etched into their features, one you were very acquainted with since you often wore it yourself in times of desperation or fear, a look of pure determination. Despite your misgivings you found yourself reaching for and ultimately taking the hand which had been offered to you.

The young child smiled at you and the tension just melted from your limbs. Until they pulled you by your arm with a strength you hadn't expected from them.

A very undignified squawk flew from your throat as the (what you guessed to be eleven-year-old) child yanked you around the inside of their house. Behind you, Andy yelped as you had grabbed hold of him with your free hand out of pure instinct. This forced your sibling to endure the same treatment. The two of you must have been quite the sight.

You felt your legs stumble in an attempt to keep up not only with the child, but also ensured neither you nor Andy fell too far behind. The entire thing was very awkward and hectic – like walking a tightrope – but you managed decently enough. Hell, you only had the smallest of run-ins with a corner. And while you normally would have been proud of such a feat you found yourself heavily distracted by the sheer size of the inside of the house. Strange, it hadn't looked this large from the outside...

All the while the little brunette was calling out with an elated 'Mama! Mama!' no doubt looking for the caretaker in question.

Oh thank the gods, they had adult supervision.

Just as suddenly as they had started they stopped. Like dead in the middle of the path. To keep from crashing into there back you latched onto the door frame of the kitchen jerking yourself to a halt. Oh, that'd been close. When Andy collided firmly into your back you made an undignified squeak. This was in response to him throwing an arm around you at hip level after his other slammed against the wall. The impacted caused you to jerk a hairs width closer to your little tour guide but thankfully did not topple them.

Both of you breathed a collective sigh.

“Yes my child?”

Came a motherly voice from in front of you. Instantaneously you and your brother's attention snapped towards the woman who owned it.

(“Prove yourself...” Fire ignited in both her large paws illuminating the tears in her eyes. “Prove to me you are strong enough to survive.” You didn't want to fight. She blocked your way. She became aloof. Still, you refused to fight. You were determined to reach her. )

A breath caught in your throat at the sight of the tall, virgin snow drift colored fur, goat-horned female in front of you. The edges of her red eyes crinkled with mirth as a kind smile spread over her face. Again that feeling of knowing this being teased your senses. On impulse, like you had done it a million times beforehand, you spoke.

“Hi... Mom,”

Aaaaand there was the awkward as hell silence you'd been expecting. Aghast at those words, because you knew you had absolutely no right in saying them, you hid your burning face behind your hands.

“... Thought that was my kink...” Andy whispered to you.

You had never slapped your brother so hard in his entire life.


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So...I've struggled with the story I originally had planned for this story. I couldn't get things to fit together and that was driving me nuts. And to answer this problem I had the awesome idea to just adjust things and so I did.
The setting is still in Undertale however, now it's Dancetale AU.

I also will not be connecting this to my Underswap story...For the moment. That MIGHT change in the future but very unlikely. As it is now I'm happy with how I have this idea fleshed out, I know reader inserts have been done out the wazoo but it goes well for this idea that's been harassing my brain nonstop. My muse is at an all-time high but work still occupies most of my time, so updates will be as I can and for this, I'm very sorry. But this is here to let you know that I haven't given up, I'm still going through with this. Just had to change it up a bit.

Also, this is happening as of 1/18/2019 so any comments made in chapter 1 before that time may not make any sense to those who are just joining this story, and that reason is because; Major overhaul of the story.

Just wanted to get that out there. Thanks for being understanding and uh, sorry for making the wait time an atrocity.