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A New Experience

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Three years have passed since Haru and his friends defeated Leviathan and learned the true depths that Yuujin was willingly to go to keep him safe. Two years since Haru returned the favor and brought back his best friend, Yuujin Oozora, from the great digital beyond. One year since Haru found the courage to kiss his friend. Currently, Haru wants a new milestone between him and his partner. He wants to finally do it with Yuujin.

Their relationship had progress to the point where Haru felt that he was ready. In Haru's mind, their relationship was reaching the natural progression. He could only hope that Yuujin felt the same way. He could never tell with his redhead best friend. Haru found it interesting that at every new step in their relationship, he had to initiate every new intimate act with his android lover. However, once Haru first slipped his tongue in Yuujin’s mouth, Yuujin was more than happy to do the same at every chance he could. The same was true for every other romantic gestures such as hand holding, hickeys, or cuddling. When Haru gave the okay, his boyfriend was more comfortable in performing these acts thereafter. He thought maybe that’s the role of the protagonist, to help their less confident lover be surer of themselves.

Now if he wants to do the deed with Yuujin, he’ll have to preposition it to him first. And Haru knew the right moment to do so, their anniversary.

The only problem now was learning how to adequately have sex with his boyfriend. Engaging in sexual acts was not new for the young couple, but they had never engaged in more serious feats. Haru had a general idea of how heterosexual couples engage in intercourse, the boy was an avid reader and had picked up on occasion books that had the main character engage in suggested themes with his love interest, but finding a book on a gay lead main character was difficult, and it was even more difficult to find one that had a gay protagonist with an active heathy sex life.

Haru dreaded the only alternative left. With no other options, Haru chose online pornography has his means of discovering how male-on-male intercourse worked. To do this, he had to make sure he was alone. This was easier said than done. His favorite spots to do "research," such as Ai’s father’s bookstore and his room, were a no. He would be caught in either location. Haru decided that his only choice was to use his bathroom. Nonetheless, this presented a different pitfall. If he was in the bathroom for too long, someone could suspect something amiss. Haru figured that he would look at the graphic videos while pretending to bathe.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this” Haru said to himself in the bathroom.

Haru pulled out his cellphone and typed in the search engine “gay porn.” He was presented with quite a list of videos. Haru selected videos with small run time. The budding AI researcher deduced that he must look at several videos to best understand how “gay sex” works.

In each video he saw the same, two young men would kiss and touch each other. They then undress each other and sometimes suck on each other’s arousals. However, it was the next part that caught Haru off-guard. One male would have his entrance be penetrated by fingers covered in lube and then it would follow. One male would insert his member inside his partner’s entrance and for a few good minutes, he would thrust in and out of it. The male on the receiving end expressed a face of true elation. 

Eventually Haru surmised that he gathered enough "intel" and that the seventh video should be the last one he views for his “study.” The video started out like every previous video he witness before, except for one different feature. One of the participants had a striking resemblance to his boyfriend. However, this man was clearly in his late twenties, had several tattoos, and the hair color and noses were different, but everything else was eerily similar. Consequently, Haru became more erect not shortly after it started.

The video slowly enchanted Haru. The man who looked like his Yuujin was very affectionate, quite unlike the other dominant males in other videos. His partner, a smaller and younger male, seemed to be taking the leading role. This was completely different from the other videos he saw earlier. The younger partner seemed to be initiating all the acts between them. Haru couldn’t help himself. The green haired teenager began to undress himself.

As the video progressed, his conscious control over his body faded away. He began to imitate the acts he saw on his screen. He grabbed a bottle of ointment from his bathroom and began to slick his fingers, just as the young male did in the video. And, similar to the video, Haru slowly inserted one fingered covered in goo into his tight entrance.

The feeling was odd to say the least. Haru’s cavity seemed to reject it and tried pushing it out. But Haru was persistent. He kept the finger firmly lodged, until he decided to move it around like he saw in this video and others. A few minutes into activity and Haru felt as if he hit something, something pleasurable. Haru then pushed in another finger and began to spread out his entrance like in the video. Haru pushed both fingers in and out and kept going at steady rhythm.

Then the video jumped to the younger man lying on his backside lifting his legs and slowly waiting in anticipation for what was to come. The older partner placed his arousal near his lover’s heat and slowly plunged in. He wrapped his arms around his lover like he was a protective cocoon and begin to thrust with almost wild abandonment. It was this that pushed Haru to the edge. Haru quickly placed his free hand near his shaft and began to vigorously stroke his length. He no longer cared about the video. His mind began to imagine that his fingers inside of him were Yuujin’s cock. He furiously started to push them in and out, while he rubbed on his erection at a faster pace.

Haru screamed at the top of his lung his lover’s name and released himself all over the bathroom floor. The last time he felt that type of rush was when his boyfriend brought him to completion when he sucked him off. Haru tried to compose himself when a thunderous noise rang across the bathroom door.

“Haru! Are you in there!?”

Haru recognized that voice. “Gatchmon!?”

"Oh, so you are in there, good. Yuujin called the house because you wouldn’t answer your cellphone. He called to let you know that he won’t come home until later tonight from cram school. He said he is sorry that he’ll have to miss your anniversary with him."

"Okay thank you Gatchmon." Haru's mind couldn't process the information that Gatchmon just given him. The green haired lad was still concerned over getting caught by his Buddy Appmon.

"Are you okay in there Haru? I heard you calling Yuujin’s name."

Haru was glad Gatchmon couldn’t see his face, for it was the same shade of color as his partner’s hair. “I am okay Gatchmon, thanks for asking.”

“Alright, if you say so.” Gatchmon left whistling to himself, only slightly wondering why did the bathroom smell odd but opted to ignore it.

Haru returned to watching the rest of the video. The couple engaged in all sorts of various positions. The younger male, while being penetrated, was taking and active and leading role in many of the sexual positions. This was the first video where Haru saw that occurring. And then the video finished with the couple embracing each other and saying they loved each other. Before Haru closed the tab on the video, he saw the summary of the video which stated it is a homemade tape. That’s why it was different, the two men in the video clearly loved each other. Haru now more than ever wanted to have this experience with Yuujin.