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Soccer and Shadows

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Inazuma Japan is on the soccer field training for the finals. They are split into two teams, fighting with their all.

Jude dribbles the ball, only for it to be taken by Nathan in a flash.

He still has the ball until Axel steals it.

"That's the spirit guys! Keep it up!" Mark says enthusiastically.

While they are training, two mysterious figures are watching them.

"Simoun, I don't get it. Why are we here watching a bunch of kids playing ball when we could just eat them?" A boy asks in an annoyed manner. He has messy brown hair, wild amber eyes, and sharp teeth. Right now he wants to sink his teeth into one ─maybe two─ of those humans' flesh.

"Because I want to know about the humans who defeated the Demon Lord so get a hold of yourself Travis!" Answers Simoun. He has black hair, intense gray eyes, and like his companion, sharp teeth that can easily rip off flesh. Unlike Travis, however, he seems to be smarter and more self-controlled. He's about to wonder why he picked him as his companion for this mission when his thoughts are interrupted.

"Alright alright, Simoun. Jeez. I still don't get why you're so interested in that gossip. I mean, how can a bunch of low rated creatures be able to defeat one of the most powerful demons known to all dark beings, which is hilarious but still, it might be just a flu─"

"If it is true that they defeated the demons, then that 'fluke' might be our chance to dominate the Dark Forest or even the entire Enchanted Forest once and for all! We've been bullied by the vampires for far too long so I say we change that by increasing our powers with the powerful spirits of brave warriors."

"And you think that those humans are those 'brave warriors' you're talking about?"

"Exactly! But I need a way to bring them into the forest in one piece. We won't be able to get their brave spirits if other dark creatures, especially the vampires, desire their flesh. But how?"

Then Simoun's thoughts are interrupted by Inazuma Japan's practice.

Axel looks around and says, "Xavier!" and passes the ball to him. He's about to get the ball when...

"Snow Angel!" 

It freezes him, letting Shawn have the ball. Then he dribbles the ball straight to the goal where Darren is.

"Oh no you don't," says Kevin as he tries to steal the ball but Shawn passes him easily.

He is so energetic throughout the practice match that he's able to pass through the other team members who are defending the goal easily. He's finally in a standoff with Darren.

"Show me what you got," says Darren as he is ready to defend the goal.

"All right! Legendary Wolf!"

"Maou the Hand!"

And the ball goes in.

"Way the go Shawn!" Mark exclaims.

"Thanks," says Shawn.

"Wow, you look pumped today! Don't think that I'll make it easy for you next time," Kevin says with a smirk.

"You're on," Shawn replies with a smile as he high fives with Kevin.

While the team continues practicing, Simoun asks Travis with an evil grin, "Did you feel that?"

"Feel what?" asks Travis looking confused "Do you mean the auras of those humans? Because it smells good."

"Oh it's more than that," chuckles Simoun.

"I don't get it," Travis says. Looking more confused.

Instead of being annoyed, Simoun says with a cruel grin:

"Travis, it seems that I have an idea. Are you ready?"

"Of course, Alpha Simoun!"