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Red's Big Bad Wolf

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The sun was bright in the blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds floating across the surface. Yoongi loved the feeling of the warm rays against his skin and he planned to enjoy it for the next hour or so. It was rare when he was allowed out in the sun to enjoy it because of his naturally pale skin that burned much too easily and for now, he wanted to savor it. The shingles of the roof dug into the seat of his pants to the point that he could feel the roughness against his skin but he didn’t mind too much. He was warm and in too good of a mood to worry about it.

All of his chores were done for the day and there was nothing he had to worry about until bedtime. He didn’t always have lengths of time to spare and so he was more than happy to waste it away on the roof of his small cottage at the edge of the village. He could see the line of trees that led into the dark forest not far from his home and there were many villagers who thought his home was much too close to the dangerous forest. Yoongi didn’t think so and that was all that mattered really. He liked his home, he liked the village for the most part and he loved his family.

The sound of a wood door clicking shut caught Yoongi’s attention and he glanced down from the roof, hearing footsteps until someone walked out from the overhang of his home. It took a moment for him to recognize the head of shaggy dark hair but when he did, he sighed softly and shifted in his spot, lifting a hand to run through soft strands of blond out of habit.

Jungkook was one of the village hunters and he was a rather attractive young man. He was tall, built well and had a strong handsome face. Yoongi had seen that stern looking face melt into soft smiles and crinkling eyes on occasion and his heart fluttered at the thought. The hunter was the source of many young females attention in the village for the past few years, since he came of age and he had gained Yoongi’s attention as well. Jungkook wasn’t just attractive but he was a nice young man as well. He was always helpful and always brought back big meat for the village to share. He was a master hunter and that was another attraction to add to his list.

Yoongi had thought for a while he might have a chance with the young man. Jungkook showed up at his house once or twice a week to speak with his mother and he always made sure to greet Yoongi with one of those pretty soft smiles and sometimes, he was even brave enough to share a hug with him. Yoongi could still remember the flush on the boy’s cheeks the first time they shared a hug and Yoongi had thought then and there he had a chance.

Yoongi wasn’t exactly unappealing all on his own either. He had his own flutter of village girls who sought him but they didn’t realize how much they were very not his type. It wasn’t their fault really. Yoongi was just different. No one knew how different he was aside from his grandmother and Yoongi intended to keep it that way. Yoongi knew the girls and some of the boys of the village thought he was pretty. Yoongi wasn’t sure if he agreed but he didn’t hate the way he looked. Sometimes, he even liked to show it off if he was feeling up to it and he enjoyed the attention. It was nice to be wanted, even if he couldn’t do anything about it in return.

The chance Yoongi thought he might have with Jungkook was ripped out of his fingers three months ago when the hunter’s father announced his engagement to Chansu, one of the pretty village girls whose father had the monopoly on fresh farm vegetables. Yoongi didn’t know if it was arranged, or how Jungkook felt about it but Yoongi saw them out and about in town on occasion and the man didn’t seem to upset about the situation.

As disappointing as it was, Yoongi had someone else on his mind a lot more recently.

Jungkook came to a stop on the stone path that led out the front gate of the cottage and then suddenly turned around, his dark eyes flickering over the roof before they landed on Yoongi. The blond perked up slightly and the corners of his mouth twitched up into a smile when Jungkook lifted a hand to give him a wave, a cute smile on his face. Ah, what a waste really. He was such a gorgeous man. Yoongi hoped his bride appreciated that. Yoongi freed his hands from where it was tucked in the crook of his bent elbow and tinkled his fingers at the man in a wave. Jungkook’s smile grew and he looked so happy standing there that Yoongi couldn’t help but smile. They shared a few more seconds of eye contact before Jungkook bowed his head slightly in goodbye and then the hunter was slipping through the wood gate around their small front yard, clicking it shut behind himself carefully before strolling back toward the main part of the village. Yoongi tracked his movement until he disappeared behind a cottage.

Yoongi heaved a sigh and rubbed a hand over his face. Jungkook was unavailable to him but that didn’t bother him nearly as much as it once did. Truthfully, Yoongi’s attention had shifted over the past few months and it had nothing to do with Jungkook’s engagement. It all had to do with a certain creature that lurked in the dark dangerous forest and Yoongi wanted to slap himself every time that crooked smile popped up in his head. Perhaps he was finally losing his mind, like his father.  

“Yoongi!” His mother’s voice was sharp, knocking Yoongi from his deep thoughts and when he glanced down, she was standing on the pathway with her hands on her hips. She didn’t look angry however and Yoongi took that as a good sign. “Come down, hm? I have a chore for you.” She offered him a kind smile before disappearing back into the house.

Yoongi let out a heavy sigh because he knew his peace and quiet wouldn’t last for that long. He was careful as he got to his feet, the grips on the bottoms of his boots keeping his feet steady as he toddled over to the edge of the lowest part of the roof. He plopped back down to his butt, slid to the edge until his feet were dangling, grabbed the edge of the roof and then he tossed himself. It was effortless really, a well practice motion since he was nearly six years old. He landed on the ground with a soft huff, crouched down to ease the force on his knees. Safe and sound on the ground, Yoongi stood up and brushed the dirt away from his clothes before heading inside the cottage.

“Yoo-Yoo!” A loud voice greeted him as soon as he entered and he barely had time to close the door before a small child was latched onto his legs.

Yoongi chuckled softly and reached down to pick his baby brother up effortlessly, hooking him around his hip so he could hold him comfortably. “Hey, Tae.”

Taehyung let out a squeak of happiness and nuzzled into his brother’s pale cheek before moving away to grin happily at him. Yoongi loved his little brother quite a bit. Ever since their father went off into the woods and never came back, Yoongi took it upon himself to protect both his mother and little brother. Taehyung had only been a baby at the time but now he was pushing four years old and was finally starting to speak in proper sentences.

“I found a butterfly!” Taehyung said excitedly, his brown eyes wide and much too large for his face. His shaggy brown hair was starting to get long, hiding his ears that were also a little too big for him but he looked good like that. Yoongi reached up to tuck a few strands behind his ear and Taehyung continued to ramble on about how he saved the butterfly from the terrifying clutches of Mrs. Ho’s cat.

Yoongi listened to him intently, nodding his head and making faces appropriately as he entered the main part of the cottage where his mother was hurrying about in the kitchen. Her skirts were fluttering all around her as she ran from one corner of the kitchen to another, stuffing items into a large wicker basket.

“Oh, honey, there you are.” His mother greeted him as soon as she saw him, giving him a worried smile before she picked up a fresh loaf of bread, wrapped it in a small cloth and tucked it into the basket. “I need you to take this basket to your grandmother.”

Yoongi perked a brow and drew closer to his mother adjusting the grip he had on Taehyung who was now quiet because the big people were talking. “Is she okay?”

“Jungkook has informed me she’s not feeling well.” His mother let out a soft worried sigh as she continued to tuck away food into the basket. “She won’t be able to make the trip out to the village for the next few days and I worry she will grow iller if we don’t send her goods. I worry more and more about her ever since your father.” She paused, grimacing at the thought before quickly shaking her head to rid herself of those thoughts. She then turned to him with a pretty smile. “I know you love seeing her and it’s been a few moons since the last time you visited. She’ll be happy to see you.”

Yoongi nodded in agreement. He loved his Nana. She was one of the only people who fully understood and accepted him as he was. She was the only one who knew about his love troubles and his attraction to the male gender. She was the most loving human being he knew and he could see how much Taehyung was already taking after her. She had grown more and more frail ever since his father disappeared and they worried about her living all alone out in the dark woods. But no matter how much Yoongi tried to convince her to live in the village with them, she refused.

So, once a week, Yoongi made the trek through the woods to see her.

“How sick is she?” Yoongi asked.

“Jungkook told me it’s not too bad. A small cold but, I worry.” Her smile was strained as she went back to tucking things into the basket.

“Don’t worry, mama.” Yoongi assured her softly. “I’ll go see her.”

“Big brother go see Nana?” Taehyung perked up, his eyes wide and his mouth an ‘o’ shape when Yoongi shifted his eyes to him.

“Mhm, I’m gonna go check on Nana.”

“Tae wants to go!” He threw both of his hands in the air, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Sorry baby.” Yoongi spoke softly, pressing a kiss to his brother’s cheek. “It’s dangerous.”

Taehyung’s brow furrowed and his lips pursed out into a large pout. “If it dangerous, why big brother get to go?”

Yoongi chuckled softly and bounced Taehyung against his hip a few times, making the boy giggle. “Cause big brother is big and strong. Those monsters don’t stand a chance against me.”

He could practically hear his mother rolling her eyes but Taehyung grinned and threw his hands in the air again, shouting about how strong his big brother was. Yoongi’s heart swelled with warmth at his brother and gave him another kiss. Yoongi was boosting, as both he and his mother knew. The trek was dangerous, the forest littered with evil creatures lurking off the path and though Yoongi was brave, he didn’t truly stand a chance against most of the creatures. But as long as he made it to his grandmother’s and came back before nightfall, he would be safe.

He had made the journey enough times in his life to know which way was the safest even though he was bound to run into a certain wolf on his way. He tried not to think about that as he placed Taehyung back on the floor, earning a pout from the boy.

“I’ll go get ready.”

“Don’t forget your cloak, honey, the forest will be cold.” His mother told him before she turned back to the stove to shovel soup into a small container.

Yoongi hummed his answer and then moved into the bedroom he shared with Taehyung. The boy followed along because he loved his big brother so much and Yoongi didn’t mind the company. Taehyung sat on their shared bed while Yoongi stripped down to his undergarment and searched through his dresser for clean clothes that were more appropriate for the journey. It was just after the sun was in the highest part of the sky which meant he still had many hours of sunlight left. The journey to his grandmothers would take an hour or two and as long as he didn’t linger too long with her, he would make it back home in time before nightfall.

The forest was always much colder than the village so Yoongi dressed appropriately in thick black wool slacks and a white button up. The clothes fit him rather well and he tugged on his worn black boots which would protect his feet from the rough floor of the forest. He had a pair of black gloves he tucked into a pocket in case he needed them and then he grabbed the cloak his mother spoke of.

Years ago his grandmother had painstakingly created the cloak for him to keep him warm on his journeys. It was a bright red color and soft to the touch even when it was made out of such thick wool fabric. The cloak came to a stop right at the top of his thigh and fit around him perfectly even after so many years. The hood, fitted with pretty white lace around the edge, fit over his head when he needed it because sometimes it even snowed in the forest though Yoongi was certain that was fairy magic than actual weather. He tossed the cloak on over his shoulders and buttoned one button around his neck. The edges overlapped to the side so even when the cloak was buttoned once, his whole torso was covered. He was rather fond of it even when the bright red wasn’t all that appropriate for the dark forest.

“Big brother looks pretty!” Taehyung clapped his hands and giggled happily. “Big brother is the prettiest! Pretty like mama!”

Yoongi laughed under his breath and reached forward to grab Taehyung by the waist and lift him up, settling him against his hip again. “Tae is pretty too.” He murmured to him, lathering his face in kisses until Taehyung was screaming and giggling, wiggling against his hold and grabbing at the fabric of his cloak.

Once Taehyung calmed down and tucked his head against Yoongi’s neck, he made his way back into the main area of the cottage. He saw the basket was packed tight with a small checkered blanket covering the surface and Yoongi wondered how heavy the thing was going to be for him to carry. He hoped it wasn’t too bad.

“Ah, you look ready.” His mother hurried up to him, her hands fluttering around his body to check and make sure he was prepared. Her hand patted at his side, checking to make sure he had the small knife on him that he slipped on without Taehyung’s notice and she seemed pleased to feel it. It wouldn’t do much against most of the creatures in the forest but it always made her feel better when he carried it. “My precious baby.” Yoongi flushed in embarrassment at her words but he let her cup his cheeks and bring him down so she could kiss both his cheeks. Yoongi wasn’t all that tall himself but his mother seemed to be getting shorter.

“Mama, I’ll be fine.” He assured her, bending down to give her cheek a kiss. “I make this trip every week.”

“I know, I know, honey.” She sighed and offered him a soft smile before reaching to take Taehyung from him. The boy refused for a moment, nuzzling more into Yoongi’s neck and he didn’t let go until Yoongi gave him a big kiss on his cheek.

Now that his hands were free, Yoongi grabbed the basket from the counter and he winced at the weight. It wasn’t too bad but his arms would be aching when he finally got to his grandmother’s. She was worth the aches though. Yoongi settled the handle of the basket into the crook of his elbow and checked over himself one more time to make sure he had what he needed.

“Hurry there and back, honey.”

“Brother promised to see sunrise with me.” Taehyung reminded him.

“I’ll be back by nightfall.” He promised, leaning over to kiss them both once more before he tugged up his hood over his fluffy blond hair and moved to the door. His family watched him as he strolled down the stone path, opened the gate and slipped outside of the fence. The continued to watch him as he turned to the right toward the forest and followed the familiar path. The ground arched up slightly and the path was slightly overgrown seeing as he and the hunters were the only ones to use it but Yoongi’s feet knew the path like an old dear friend.

When he reached the edge of the woods, Yoongi felt the familiar chill run up the back of his spine. He glanced over his shoulder to see his family still watching him from inside the safety of the fence. Taehyung lifted his chubby arm to wave happily at him and Yoongi smiled, returning the wave before he disappeared into the woods.

Immediately, he could feel the difference in the air and he tucked the cloak around himself a bit more tightly. He had a while before he would reach his grandmother’s and the quicker he moved, the better. He was safe for now. As long as he stayed on the path while the sun was trickling through the thick leaves, he would be safe. Fairies never bothered him and the small animals of the forest weren't something to worry about. It was the creatures of the night he had to worry about but they were all tucked away at the moment. It was a comforting thought.

During the day the forest was actually a rather beautiful place. The trees were tall, looming over him like giants and the leaves differed from tree to tree. Some trees had large leaves as big as his head and some had tiny little leaves that clustered together in pretty groups. Some trees had small flowers and some trees were so large he couldn’t even see the leaves from how high they were.

The path was rather clean thanks to the hunters and Yoongi followed it. Occasionally, a small animal would sprint out across the path, like a bunny or a squirrel and Yoongi smiled at them. They paid him no mind, too busy looking for food before nightfall and Yoongi liked to watch them. He passed by a small pond where a family of deer was taking a drink and when his feet crunched in the undergrowth, they only stared at him, knowing he wasn’t a threat to them.

Truthfully, Yoongi loved the forest. It was a troublesome thought, seeing as how dangerous it truly was and what had happened to his father but he couldn’t help it. Yoongi made the journey to see his grandmother because he loved her but he also did it because he loved walking through the forest. He loved listening to the birds sing, he loved hearing the animals shuffle about in the leaves. He loved stumbling upon pretty growths of flowers that he couldn’t find outside the forest.  

Speaking of flowers, Yoongi made a choice he always made on his trip to see his grandmother. It happened an hour into his trip and he knew what could possibly happen if he stepped off the path where the decaying log laid between two ferns. He knew the dangers of stepping off the path but Yoongi wouldn’t get lost. He only needed to walk a few minutes before he found what he wanted and then he would turn around and follow his steps back to the path. He had done it countless times.

Yoongi paused on the path, glancing over the trees as he pondered what to do. He was bound to run into the smile haunting his thoughts if he stepped off the path. Heck, he was pretty sure that smile already knew where he was and he been watching him for a while. Yoongi could feel it, the heat of a gaze up the back of his neck, burning like licking flames on his skin and he shivered, tucking his cloak closer.

After taking a deep breath, Yoongi lifted his foot and stepped over the log, leaving the path against his mother’s wishes. Yoongi knew what he was doing. He knew the risks and he knew the dangers. He knew he would run into that smile and his heart thumped in anticipation. He hated himself for being so weak but he couldn’t help his curiosity. He would be safe, he was certain of it. He wouldn’t stray far from the path and he would be safe.

It only took a few steps for Yoongi to find what he was looking for. Settled in a small clearing only a few steps from the main path, was a cluster of bushes. Sweet berries littered the bushes but Yoongi ignored them for he knew them to be poisonous. Instead, he shuffled around the bushes and found the bed of flowers settled next to a very small pond of water. Yoongi knew the fairy pond was a special place, a place he didn’t disturb but the flowers were free for the taking. He had been kind enough to ask a fairy if he could years ago and they had been kind enough to allow him. Fairies were sweet creatures when they were treated with respect and they were fond of Yoongi.

The blue flowers were his grandmother’s favorite and he squatted down so not to dirty his pants and carefully placed the basket down on the ground. The blue flowers didn’t have a name as far as Yoongi knew, seeing as they were created by the fairies but he thought they were stunning and they always brought a pretty smile to his grandmother’s wrinkled face. The petals were large and opened up almost like a rose but they were too large to be roses. Yoongi was careful as he tugged his knife free and cut two flowers for his grandmother. He only ever took two, so not to anger the fairies and they appreciated his kindness. After putting his knife back into the holder, he tucked the flowers carefully into the basket with all the other goods. Happy with his present, Yoongi tucked the basket back into his arm and got to his feet once again.

“Shit.” Yoongi cursed under his breath, nearly stumbling backward as his heart leaped into his throat at the figure standing directly where he needed to go.

“I thought I smelled you, Red.”

Yoongi’s heart thumped hard in his throat and the shiver of fear up his spine should not have been as pleasant as it was. Yoongi had expected it, had been secretly hoping for it and yet now he found himself frozen like ice, his breath caught in his throat and his legs unable to move.

The figure blocking his path was familiar to him and bore the smile that had been haunting his every moment for the past few months, ever since they first ran into each other in this very same spot.

A wolf, obviously from the pointed black fur covered ears sprouting from his fluffy moon silver hair and the bushy black tail at the base of his spine, currently curled around his waist almost like a belt. He was the same height as Yoongi and yet still so much larger and intimidating. There was so much golden skin for Yoongi’s eyes to take in, stretched over pulsing muscles. His arms were so toned, so perfect, bare to the world along with the rest of his torso. Every inch of skin was toned and golden, making Yoongi’s mouth water ever so slightly. He had never seen dips of muscles in someone’s stomach like that and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes away from them every time he saw them. Thankfully, he was dressed from the waist down in black wool slacks that hugged his large thighs and came to a stop just above his bare feet. Dirt clung to the skin of his feet but otherwise, he looked rather clean, his shaggy silver hair looking soft and shiny.

Body aside, the wolf had one of the prettiest faces Yoongi had ever seen and that was dangerous. Everything about this man was dangerous. His small sharp eyes, dark brown in color and always full of so much heat when they gazed at Yoongi, bringing up strange feelings through his stomach until he was forced to look away. His face was round, his cheeks a little chubby and his nose a little thick until it came to a soft curve. And his mouth, his mouth . Lush, pink and plump lips usually tugged back into a sinful smirk filled with unspoken promises. His teeth weren’t sharp like Yoongi had been expecting and instead were flat, a little large but perfect for his mouth.

Jimin was his name and he had been chasing Yoongi for the past few months. Both in reality and in Yoongi’s thoughts. There was something about the way the wolf looked at him, the way his heavy gaze crawled over Yoongi’s skin like he was undressing him. Something about the way those lips pursed out and a pink tongue licked slowly at them.

“Mama told you to stay on the path.” Jimin spoke softly, slowly, not bothering to move from his spot. His eyes were locked on the human, a brow perking up to disappear into his thick strands of beautiful silver grey hair. “And yet here I find you, time and time again.”

Yoongi took a deep breath and straightened out his shoulders. He was used to this game and he knew how to play it. Finally, the feeling returned his limbs and warmth flushed through him like the rays of sunshine through a cloudy day. “Getting flowers for my grandmother.” He kept his voice even, sharp and Jimin’s lips only twitched up more. “The fairies are fond of me, as you know.”

“Ah yes, the fairies.” Jimin rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, glancing around the clearing to see if he could spot one of the sparkling creatures. His attention elsewhere gave Yoongi the chance to see the wolf had a strip of leather over his chest, attached to a bag hanging near his hip. He’d never seen the wolf with something like that and it made him wonder what it could possibly be. “And somehow you think I’m the dangerous one.”

Yoongi scoffed slightly and adjusted the hold on his basket, gaining Jimin’s attention. “The fairies didn’t pin me to a tree the first time they saw me.”

Jimin’s face went a little soft and he tilted his head to the side, one of his ears flicking. “Aw, Red, but you smelled so good .” He purred out, making a shiver of warmth crawl up Yoongi’s spine. He swallowed hard, gritting his teeth at the rush of heat because he refused to allow himself to be attracted to this creature. It just, it wasn’t right. It was dangerous. Even if Jimin was the most gorgeous creature Yoongi had ever seen. “I couldn’t help myself.” His soft expression darkened into something filled with lust and Yoongi had to use a lot of strength to keep himself from whimpering. He was stronger than this. He was, he knew he was.

“You seem to struggle with self-control often.” Yoongi bit out, tucking his cloak around him more in an effort to block Jimin’s intense gaze over his body. “Now, If you’ll excuse me, I have somewhere to be.”

“Off to see Nana?” Jimin questioned, humming under his breath. “Heard she’s not feeling too hot.”

Yoongi’s eyes narrowed and a flash of anger shot through him. “That’s not your business.”

Jimin laughed softly, a sweet sound and he shrugged one shoulder, reaching to run the tips of his small fingers through the fur of his tail. “No need to bite, Red. That’s my job, remember?” There was a promise in his words that made Yoongi’s skin prickle, warmth sloshing in his stomach. “It’s good of you to see her. You’re sweet in so many ways.”

Yoongi couldn’t tell if the wolf was teasing him or not. The expression on his face was that same sinful smirk but there was a softness in his eyes. Jimin had told him in multiple occasions how sweet he smelled and each time Yoongi couldn’t help but feel a little good about it. Honestly, he didn’t know what he was doing. They had been doing this for weeks, this back and forth where Jimin flirted, leaving his intentions lingering under the surface with hot gazes and tilted words while Yoongi scoffed and reminded him he had absolutely no chance. Yoongi always wondered if Jimin could see right through him because the wolf had yet to give up after months of this back and forth. He hadn’t touched Yoongi since that first day and Yoongi still didn’t know what to think about it. His body had reacted in such a strong way when Jimin had pinned him against that tree and nuzzled into his neck. The mixture of fear and arousal was such a strange thing and his mind, and heart were still reeling from the interaction.

“If you think calling me sweet will convince me to allow you to sniff me again, you are strongly mistaken.” Yoongi grumbled out, clenching his hands tightly beneath his cloak.

Jimin let out a heavy sigh and brought up a hand to run through his hair. Yoongi clenched his teeth hard because the way Jimin moved was one of the most sensual things he had ever seen, his fingers brushing his hair off his brow for a moment before the strands fell back into his eyes. The way his muscles clenched and flexed from the movement had Yoongi’s stomach swirling with heat.

“It’s worth a shot.” Jimin purred out, winking at him. “You’re so pretty when you flush, Red.” His gaze caressed the curve of Yoongi’s cheeks and he knew right in that moment he was flushing, just as Jimin wanted him to. He couldn’t seem to help it. The heat on his cheeks was unavoidable when Jimin was around and that heat liked to spread to intimate places Yoongi didn’t like to think about. “Just like that.” Those plush lips twitched up into a dark smirk, his eyes flashing. “You’re so pretty when you flush for me, Red.”

Yoongi clenched his teeth, feeling slightly mortified at his body’s reaction of the wolf and stomped forward, not caring if the wolf was blocking his path. “I need to be on my way.”

Jimin didn’t bother to move out of the way, shifting to place his hands on his hips as Yoongi came to a stop a step away from him. They were nearly the same height, thank goodness, and that made it easier for Yoongi to glare at the wolf. “Always in such a hurry.” He clicked his tongue.

“My grandmother is waiting for me.” Yoongi hissed through clenched teeth.

Jimin took one step forward, closing most of the distance between them. Yoongi could feel the heat radiating off that golden skin and he could smell earth and something spicy. Jimin was close, so very close, dangerously close and though the wolf didn’t reach out to touch, he did lean down until his nose brushed against Yoongi’s cheek.

“She could wait a little longer, don’t you think?” Jimin’s voice was deeper, huskier, as he inhaled Yoongi’s scent slowly to savor it.

Fear and arousal was such a strange combination but it flushed through Yoongi’s body like a flood. It spread all the way to the tips of his toes and made his fingertips prickle. He itched to reach out and touch that beautiful sparkling golden skin so he clenched his fists tightly to keep himself under control. Jimin’s breath was warm against the skin of his cheeks, his nose just close enough that Yoongi could feel the softness of his skin. The scent of earth was so heavy it coated the inside of his throat and Yoongi’s lips parted, the softest gasp coming out that made Jimin’s lips twisted up into a smirk. His eyes were burning into Yoongi and though the human knew he needed to say something, anything , the words were stuck in his throat. He imagined Jimin shoving him against a tree again and he wasn’t all that sure he would stop the wolf this time. They had been playing this game for too long and Yoongi was growing too weak to fight him anymore. He wasn’t sure he wanted to keep fighting him.

The sound of a crossbow clicking snapped both of them out of their daze. Jimin’s sharp eyes snapped to the side before he suddenly sprinted around to hide behind Yoongi. Slightly dazed, the human shifted his eyes to the side to see Jungkook standing in the bushes, his brow furrowed and his lips a thin line. He had the crossbow raised and aimed and Yoongi realized in that moment that Jungkook had been aiming at Jimin.

“Is he bothering you, Yoongi?” Jungkook’s voice was deep, dangerous and his dark eyes had yet to leave Jimin who had ducked down behind Yoongi. He could feel the warmth of the wolf against his back, his hands curled into fists against his shoulders as he peered over Yoongi’s shoulder at the hunter. He couldn’t see Jimin’s expression but he imagined it was full of hate.

“Um.” Yoongi swallowed hard because his voice suddenly felt much too weak. “No, I’m- I’m fine.”

Jungkook glanced between the two of them for a moment before he finally lowered his crossbow, keeping it tight in his grip in case he still needed it but taking away the threat for now. “You shouldn’t stray from the path, Yoongi.” His voice was softer now, his expression watching Yoongi with a hint of worry. “Your mother will worry.”

“I know.” Yoongi took a deep breath. “I was picking flowers for my Nana.”

“Oh.” Jimin gasped softly behind Yoongi. “ He’s why you’re like this.”

Heat flushed up Yoongi’s neck and he snapped his head to the side, leveling Jimin with a glare that the wolf only smirked at. “Shut up.”

“Yoongi.” Jungkook’s voice was questioning and Yoongi hoped the hunter was far enough away that he didn’t hear what Jimin had said. “Are you alright?”

Yoongi nodded his head firmly and quickly shoved away from Jimin. The wolf stood up straighter and almost looked a little hurt by Yoongi’s actions. That was gone quickly, however, and that sinful but dangerous look was back on his face.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head Hunter.” Jimin purred, flicking his tail in Jungkook’s direction. “I wouldn’t lay a finger on his beautiful blond head.”

Jungkook’s lips curled into a snarl. “Liar.”

“Oh well,” Jimin laughed softly and took a few steps away from Yoongi, careful, calculated, “I’ve overstayed my welcome. See you soon, Red.” There was a promise in his words and then Jimin was gone, disappearing through a thick of trees before Jungkook could lurch forward.

“Damnit.” Jungkook hissed through his teeth but his expression relaxed when his eyes landed on Yoongi. “Are you okay?” He hurried through the undergrowth to reach him, eyes glancing all over his body in search of injuries. “Did he hurt you?”

“I’m fine.” Yoongi assured him, swallowing hard because his heart was hammering so quickly. He was a bit upset that his time with Jimin had been cut so short but he was also a little thankful because he wasn’t sure what would have happened if Jungkook didn’t step in. Not that Jimin deserved to be shot. “Really. He does this.”

Jungkook’s eyebrows shot up in alarm and his eyes went wide, showing there was still that lingering of youth in his handsome face. “He bothers you often?”

“Well…” Yoongi bit into his lower lip. “Don’t worry about me. I can handle myself, Jungkook.”

The hunter glanced where the wolf had disappeared before leveling Yoongi with a concerned look. “He’s dangerous, Yoongi.”

“I know that.” Yoongi’s voice went a little hard. “Don’t you think I know that? I spend as much time in these woods as you. Longer even, since you just started hunting.” Yoongi didn’t mean to snap at him but he hated it when people thought he was weak. Yoongi wasn’t a hunter but he could still handle himself. Even if he wasn’t sure what he was doing with Jimin.

“I’m sorry.” Jungkook apologized quickly, ducking his head. “It’s just… Your mother worries a great deal and it makes me worry. I… We…” He let out a heavy sigh and tried to offer Yoongi a small smile. “We’re friends, aren’t we?”

“Yes, we are.” Yoongi agreed if only to make Jungkook smile a little longer. It was time he continued on his way and so he turned back toward the path, motioning for Jungkook to follow along. “I appreciate you worrying. But I’ll be fine. Jimin’s the worst I’ve had to deal with.”

Jungkook stumbled over his feet and Yoongi reached out to steady him with a surprised hand. “Y-You know his name?”

“Well, he’s been very…. Obvious of his intentions.” Yoongi murmured, suddenly very embarrassed and he could feel the heat curl over his cheeks. Jungkook was watching him with wide shocked eyes and Yoongi did his best to move forward so he didn’t trip over any stray roots or sticks.

“Is he being inappropriate with you?” Jungkook almost sounded scandalized.

Yoongi crinkled his nose. “I'm not sure it matters. He’s toying with me.”

Once they reached the path, Jungkook reached out to grab his wrist, pulling him to a stop before he could climb over the log. When Yoongi looked at him, Jungkook’s face was a mixture of concern, anger and something else he couldn’t exactly read.

“Yoongi, Yoongi promise me you’ll go straight to your Nana’s and come straight back.” Jungkook took a step closer, squeezing Yoongi’s wrist a little tightly. His dark eyes were blazing with emotion and Yoongi found his heart in his throat. What the hell was going on? “That wolf is dangerous and I don’t want you to disappear too.”

Yoongi’s breath caught in his throat and he quickly dropped his gaze. It took him a moment to tear his wrist out of Jungkook’s tight grip but he nodded his head in agreement, unable to look the hunter in the eyes. “I promised Taehyung we would watch the sunrise together tomorrow so I must hurry on my way.”

Jungkook let out a breath of relief. “Would you like me to walk you?”

“Don’t you have someone waiting for you at home?” Yoongi hated how bitter he sounded because even though Jimin had been the center of his attention for the past few months, Jungkook had been the first and he was still a little sore over it.

“Oh.” Jungkook’s lips clicked with the sound and when Yoongi dared a glance at the hunter he found the man’s cheeks flushed slightly. “Yoongi…”

“I’ll see you around. Safe travels, hunter.” Yoongi quickly bowed his head because he made enough of a fool of himself and hurried to jump over the fallen log. Jungkook didn’t follow him as he started down the path and by the time he gained the courage to look over his shoulder, the hunter had disappeared into the trees.

Yoongi let out a heavy sigh and rubbed both hands over his face, feeling like an absolute fool. Not only had he let Jimin get to him but he had said something rather rude to Jungkook. The hunter didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t his fault. He didn’t ask for Yoongi’s affections. What a mess. He couldn’t wait to see his grandmother and spill all his troubles to her. She was such a good listener and she always had great advice. Though, Yoongi wasn’t sure following his heart was good advice because that meant giving in to Jimin and what a dangerous thing that could be.

“I’m not toying with you.”

Yoongi nearly let out a squeak of surprise at the sweet voice and when he stumbled to a stop, he saw Jimin directly beside him a few feet away off the path. The wolf looked more relaxed than the last time he saw him and that made Yoongi believe Jungkook was long gone. “What?”

“You said I’m toying with you.” Jimin huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’ll have you know I am very serious about you.” And he looked it too, his brow furrowed, his eyes dark and his lips pressed into a firm line.

“I…” Yoongi let out another heavy sigh and started walking again, Jimin falling into step with him a few feet away. “I’m not dealing with this right now.”

“Are you like this because of him? You don’t smell like him.” Jimin stated, his voice low in the sounds of the forest. “I wouldn’t pursue you if I thought you belonged to someone.”

“Is that what you’re doing?” Yoongi asked, glancing at him from the corner of his eyes. “Pursuing me? What does that even mean?”

“I thought I made my intentions obvious.” Jimin blinked at him, looking a little surprised and unsure, a stark contrast to the sexy confident wolf he was used to seeing. “You’ve made courting you to be very difficult.”

Yoongi nearly choked on air. “C-Courting me? Is that what you’re doing?”

“Don’t sound so shocked.” Jimin huffed, tilting his chin up and rolling his eyes. “Wolves need affection too.”

“I’m, hell, Jimin, I’m human .” Yoongi gasped out, clutching a hand over his rapidly beating heart. The wolf was courting him. Yoongi knew there was something sexual Jimin had been after him for but this was, this was different .

“I know that.” Jimin narrowed his eyes at him in confusion. “You smell sweet and you always bring your Nana treats even when it’s dangerous. You helped that little bunny out of a trap last month and you saved a bird from drowning. You’re a kind person.”

Heat curled up the back of Yoongi’s neck and he picked up his pace, hoping he would reach his grandmother’s soon. “You’ve been stalking me.”

“Like you didn’t know I was watching.” Jimin purred. “Can’t get you off my mind, Red.” And back was the confident flirting wolf Yoongi was used to. This wolf was someone he knew how to handle. “As soon as I smell you step into this forest, I come running no matter what I’m doing. Can’t help myself really.”

“Is that supposed to please me?” Yoongi stated flatly, glancing over to see Jimin watching him with a knowing smirk.

“I can smell your arousal, you know.” His smirk deepened when Yoongi’s eyes widened. “Say one thing but mean another. I’m starting to enjoy this game we play, Red.” He took a step closer, closing the distance between them by a foot but Jimin couldn’t step foot on the path and that was a bit more comforting than Yoongi expected it to be. Part of him wanted Jimin to step on the path; wanted Jimin to grab him, tug him into the trees and press their bodies together again. “You’re doing it again.” Jimin rumbled, a soft growl coming from the back of his throat. “Oh, what naughty thoughts are you having?”

“I’m not having any.” Yoongi snapped back, wrapping his arms around his flopping stomach underneath the fabric of his cloak. “You’re mistaken.”

“Oh, Red.” Jimin sighed lovingly, the smirk on his lips softening into a pretty smile that made the corners of his eyes crinkle. “You can lie to the hunter but you can’t lie to me.”

Yoongi grit his teeth and decided not saying anything would be the best choice. Heat was curled over his cheeks and neck and he hated how he felt in his stomach. As much as he argued, Jimin was right and he knew it. He didn’t think the wolf could smell those intimate parts of himself and just knowing that Jimin knew Yoongi had been playing along with his game all along was mortifying. What they were doing was wrong, taboo. Both being men aside, Jimin was a wolf and he could rip Yoongi’s flesh from his bones any moment he so chooses. And yet, Jimin had never made a move to harm him. Maybe the wolf liked playing with his food for a while before he finally devoured them. Yoongi didn’t know and he wasn’t sure he wanted to find out.

“Speaking of,” Jimin continued, uncaring that Yoongi was trying to ignore him, “that hunter. You’re friends? You smell strange around him like you’re conflicted.”

“I’m not talking about Jungkook with you.” Yoongi hissed.

“But if you’re his, I’ll back off.” Jimin offered. “You don’t smell like him but I know humans are weird. They don’t scent mark or fuck until after marriage.”

Yoongi nearly tripped over his own feet. “We’re not-! He’s engaged.” He hissed, snarling slightly at Jimin.

The wolf looked surprised for a moment before understanding crossed his features. “Oh, Oh I see. You’re hurt.”

“I’m not hurt-What the hell are you playing at?” Yoongi snapped but his anger vanished when he saw the surprised look on Jimin’s face. Right. Getting angry would solve nothing. “I’m not hurt.” He stating, sounding more steady than before. He shifted his gaze to the path ahead of him, tightening the grip he had on the basket. “I was upset but I’m used to it. Why am I even telling you this?”

Jimin hummed, sounding pleased. When Yoongi glanced over there was a soft smile on the wolf’s face and his hands were folded behind his back, making the muscles of his arms bulge slightly. “Because you feel comfortable with me.”

Yoongi crinkled his nose. “Comfortable isn’t the right word.”

“You’re cute when you do that.” Jimin purred, tapping a finger against his own nose. “So does this mean you wanna play more?”

Yoongi grit his teeth and gave no answer. He wasn’t sure how to answer. Whatever game they were playing gave Yoongi a bit of a thrill. It was dangerous, taboo but Jimin was gorgeous and wanted him. His mother would be so disappointed in him.

“Well, I can smell that hunter of yours lingering around so I should run before he decides putting an arrow through me is a good idea.” Jimin’s lips twisted into a disgusted snarl of his own as they came to a stop together.

“He’s not my hunter.” Yoongi grumbled, rolling his eyes.

“Course not.” Jimin’s lips twitched into a smirk and he reached out, just close enough for his fingers to catch in Yoongi’s red cloak. “I’ll see you around, Red. Don’t let any other wolves scent you up, hm?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, heat curling over the apples of his cheeks. “Get out of here before Jungkook sees you.”

Jimin’s fingers tightened in Yoongi’s cloak giving it a soft tug until the human stumbled forward. Soft wet lips pressed to his cheek, knocking a gasp out of his throat and then Jimin was slipping away.

“Be safe, Red.” He gave Yoongi a sweet wink, his beautiful lips curled up into the most lovely smile and then he was gone, slipping between two trees and disappearing into the thick.

Yoongi’s heart thumped in his throat and the place where Jimin kissed him was buzzing with warmth. His entire body felt a little light and even his head felt dizzy. He always felt breathless after Jimin left and he didn’t want to think about what that could mean. He always had such dangerous thoughts about the wolf and he really needed to stop.

He had a mother who adored him, a little brother who looked up to him because he was his whole world. He couldn’t disappear on them like his father. Yoongi refused to be that weak. He nodded his head to himself and then took off again, heading for his grandmother’s without making any stops. He didn’t have the time to linger. He needed to check on her, spend a few hours with her and then hurry home before night fell. Taehyung was waiting for him and Yoongi didn’t want to make his baby brother worry.

The forest was calm around him as he strolled, birds singing in the distance and the leaves rustling in the occasional breeze. He could smell nothing but earth all around him and it reminded him of Jimin. He couldn’t let his thoughts continue to fall back on the wolf but he haunted him. Months of this game they were playing and Yoongi was already trapped and he knew it. Jimin had snared him in his sharp teeth and there was no running anymore.

He wasn’t ready to accept that, however.

Yoongi knew only a handful of things about the wolf. One, he was a year younger than Yoongi. Two, he lived somewhere in the dark forest. Three, he wasn’t a fan of the fairies because they like to play dirty tricks on him. Four, there was nothing more beautiful and sinful than his smile. Five, he was a wolf . Yoongi knew a lot of things about wolves. They ate people, ripping flesh from bones and devouring until there was nothing left. During the day they bore a form similar to human and at night was when the beast came. They were mischievous liars. They would do anything to trick someone into their trap and they could not be trusted. The village was full of horror stories of people who went into the forest and never came back. Yoongi’s father was one of those stories.

For as long as Yoongi could remember, his father went into the forest to visit his mother. Sometimes he took Yoongi along and that was when Yoongi discovered his love of the forest. His father was a tall and stern man but when he smiled, it was the sweetest in the world. His mother said he took after his father in that way. Yoongi was on the edge of seventeen when his father’s trips started to take longer and longer. He remembered covering Taehyung’s ears and holding the sniffling baby close while their parents shouted at one another in the kitchen. He remembered holding his mother while she sobbed because she didn’t understand what was happening to her husband. He was different each time he came back, like part of himself was disappearing. And then one day he went into the forest and never came back out.

Yoongi’s grandmother had no idea what was going on. According to her, her son was the same as always when he came to visit. She was shocked by the news of his disappearance and she had not been the same since which was why Yoongi felt it important to visit her as often as possible since she was too stubborn to move out of the forest.

Yoongi wouldn’t end up like his father. They didn’t know what happened to him but that didn’t matter. He was gone and Yoongi refused to disappear like he had. He couldn’t do that Taehyung. The boy was bright, positive and everything good in the world but Yoongi knew if he were to leave and never come back, it would break his baby brother. He couldn’t do that. He just couldn’t no matter how much he craved Jimin.

Seeing the soft smoke above a thatch of trees was such a relief to Yoongi. His arms were starting to ache from the weight of the basket after shifting it from arm to arm over time and the smoke was a sign he was close. He picked up his pace, relief spreading through his chest and after a few more minutes the trees opened up into a wide clearing.

His grandmother’s house was such a beautiful place, Yoongi thought. Settled right off the path was a small stone cottage with a beautiful flower garden and a fence like the one in front of his own home. Smoke was curling out from the chimney and the air already felt a little warmer and open in this area. On the other side of the path was a bubbling pond with a cute little waterfall. The path curved around the pond and then disappeared further into the forest but Yoongi never went that far so he didn’t know where it went. He hurried up to the gate, a smile tugging at his lip and carefully undid the latch so he could slip inside. He made sure to shut the gate behind himself before he hurried up the stone path to the door.

He knocked twice against the wooden door before calling out, “Nana? It’s Yoongi.”

“Yoongi.” He heard a soft call from inside. “Come dear, come in.”

He didn’t hesitate to open the door and slip inside the warm cottage. It was a little too warm for him but he knew his grandmother was getting colder with age. He paused by the door to remove his boots so he didn’t track mud into the home and he could see she had been busy since he last stopped by.

The cottage was one room and there was a collection of plants and herbs littering the kitchen. The cauldron in the fire was bubbling slightly but there was no sign of his grandmother. His eyes didn’t pick up on her until he had already tossed his cloak off over the coat hanger and picked up the basket again.

“Nana.” He gasped softly, hurrying over to the small bed on the other side of the room.

She looked so frail laying there in bed with a bundle of blankets burying her body. She was already a small woman but now she looked even smaller. Yoongi dropped to his knees by her side, placing the basket down carefully as he reached out to take one of her cool wrinkled hands between his own. She smiled warmly at him her dark eyes twinkling and though she looked a little pale, she didn’t look much different than the last time he saw her.

“My baby.” She reached out a shaking hand to cup his cheek and he leaned into the touch eagerly. “You’ve grown.” Her voice was a little rough like she had been coughing.

“It’s been a week, Nana.” He smiled warmly at her and took her hand to plant a few kisses across her knuckles.

“You’re growing so much, baby.”

“How are you feeling?”

Yoongi’s grandmother was a lovely woman and though she was wrinkled with age, her eyes still sparkled with that soul of youth. She was fully capable of taking care of herself but it seemed this sickness had really taken a lot out of her. Her grey hair was cut short, making soft curls around her face and she was still wearing her glasses, wide and thin-rimmed. At his question, her eyes narrowed and a frown came to her mouth.

“Oh, that Jungkook boy told your mother didn’t he?” She sighed heavily. “I told him she would worry herself to death if he did. Ah, but he’s a kind boy.” She patted Yoongi’s hand and then she tried to sit up. Yoongi moved to help her, tucking a few pillows behind her back so it was more comfortable for her. She looked better sitting up and it eased the worry in Yoongi’s chest. “He checks on me every other day, did I tell you that, baby?”

“You did, Nana.” He let out a soft huff of air and reached down for the basket, bringing it up to place on the edge of the bed. “Mama sent me with goods.”

“Bless her.” Nana breathed out, her eyes twinkling when she smiled at Yoongi. “Did you have a safe trip, baby? Jungkook told me the wolves have been restless lately. I think one of the females is in heat.”

Yoongi shook his head, offering her a tender smile. “I’m fine, Nana. Don’t worry about me.” He grabbed the two blue flowers from the basket and presented them to his grandmother who immediately gasped. “I got these for you.”

“Oh, Yoongi, darling.” She reached out with shaking wrinkled hands to cradle the stems carefully and brought the flowers to her nose so she could inhale the sweet scent. “You’re too good to me. These flowers are so special. The fairies really do love you.”

Yoongi flushed softly. “I think they’re fond of me. I’ll put them in water.” He offered to take them and she passed them to him without complaint. “Have you eaten? What’s in the pot? Mama made you stew you’re supposed to eat to bring your strength back up.”

“Don’t worry about the pot dear, let it simmer. I would love some soup.”

Yoongi leaned over to give her cheek a kiss and then he was up, shuffling about the cottage to get everything together. He put the flowers in a small vase of cool water and placed it on the table beside her bed so she could gaze lovingly at them. Once that was settled, he picked up the basket again and shuffled around her kitchen, putting things away that his mother had packed. He saved the soup for last and it was still hot when he pulled it free from the basket. The stuffed the empty basket by the door so he remembered to take it with him and then went about pouring the soup into a bowl for his grandmother.

“Here, Nana. You don’t have to eat all of it but some would be nice.” He was careful as he placed the bowl in her lap and she was able to steady it with a hand. She was well enough to feed herself which made Yoongi feel a bit better. She was sniffling and coughing on occasion but she didn’t seem nearly as sick as they worried about. It was a good sign.

“Tell me how you are, baby. Did you run into that wolf again?” Nana started softly, glancing at him over the rim of her glasses as she slowly ate her soup.

Heat flushed along Yoongi’s cheeks and he glanced away, biting into his lower lip. “Ah, yeah. I don’t know what to do about him, Nana. He’s relentless. He told me he’s courting me today.” He scoffed softly. “Can you believe that?”

“Jimin’s a sweet boy.” Nana hummed and when Yoongi’s surprised eyes snapped to her, she was smiling warmly. “He stops by sometimes. Did I not tell you? Whenever Jungkook isn't around. I don’t think they like one another.”

“He… Jimin comes to see you?” Something strange prickled at the top of his spine. “Why?”

“Same reason you and Jungkook do. Honestly, If I had this much attention from attractive young men when I was younger I don’t think I would have ever married your grandfather.” She laughed softly to herself, swallowing another mouthful of soup. “If all of you weren’t so handsome I might be offended you think I’m such a frail old lady.”

“I know you’re not frail, Nana.” Yoongi assured her, reaching out to pat her hand gently.

“Damn right I’m not.” She flicked her spoon at him, feeling a little feisty and making him laugh. “But, baby, you should be nicer to Jimin. He’s trying his best.”

Yoongi crinkled his nose. “I don’t understand why he’s seeing you.”

“I’ve known Jimin for a while, dear. I never brought him up because I didn’t see it as important. But now that you’ve gained his interest, and him yours, I felt it important. Just know that Nana approves baby.”

“A-Approves?” He stuttered over his words. “He’s a wolf .”

“I thought I taught you better than that, baby.” The frown on her face made him shrink down slightly. “You shouldn’t judge someone based on things like that.”

“But Nana…”

“I won’t tell you what to do. You’re an adult now and you make your own choices. But you’ve been so sad, baby.” She reached out to cup his cheek again, her skin wrinkled but soft against his. “Ever since your father… and then Jungkook. You deserve to be happy too baby.”

“I can’t believe you’re encouraging me to date a wolf.” Yoongi breathed out, his heart fluttering in his chest full of hope. “Mama would be so angry.”

“What your Mama doesn’t know won’t hurt her, hm?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him. “Besides, dear, I’m not saying fall in love with the wolf. I just think you should explore whatever those intense feelings you are having are.”

Yoongi went tense. “Nana, please-”

“I’ve heard the wolves are wonderful lovers-”

“Nana, please!” Yoongi squeaked, reaching out to grab onto her hand in hope that she would stop . Sex was the last thing he wanted to discuss with her. They talked about many things but this was a little far. “I don’t want to know where you even heard that-”

“The fairies gossip.”

But don’t you think it’s dangerous?”

“Because he’s a wolf?” When he nodded, she hummed and took a moment to answer. She fed herself a few more spoonfuls of soup before finally leveling him with a soft look. “Yoongi, my precious baby boy, you know you mean the world to me. I would never steer you in a direction that I thought would harm you. Jimin may be a wolf but he really is a sweet boy.”

Yoongi dropped his gaze to the cream color of her blankets where he was sitting on the edge of her bed. “The wolf thing aside, we’re both men , Nana.”

She scoffed. “Back in my day, no one cared who we slept with. People kept their noses out of others business and if someone was fooling around with the same gender, it was their business and no one else’s. Did I ever tell you about Hyunchu? Oh, what a lovely lady she was.”

Yoongi gasped in surprise. “N-Nana.”

“Oh, right, we’re talking about you.” Her fond smile shifted to him and she reached out to take both of his hands between her own. “Darling, I don’t want to see you trapped in a marriage with a woman you can’t love. You are perfect the way you are. Jimin is a sweet boy and I believe he’s serious about you. Wolves don’t court a human for months on end if they’re not serious.”

Yoongi’s chest swirled with a mix of emotions and warmth coated his very core. He didn’t know what to do but he would take his grandmother’s words to heart. Her opinion was the most important to him. But, still, he was scared. He squeezed both of her hands and voiced this to her.

“But what about Mama and Tae? What if something happens to me?”

Nana hummed softly. “I don’t think Jimin would harm a single hair on your head, baby. And if he did, he knows he has me to deal with and he doesn't want that hellfire on him.” Her curled of a smirk made Yoongi chuckle softly. She could be scary when she was angry, he knew. “Your mother will always love you, Baby, don’t you fret about that. She worries but she will always love you. As for Taehyung, darling, nothing you could do would be bad in that boy’s star-filled eyes. He’s a special one.” She smiled fondly. “You should bring him next time. There’s magic in that boy, I’m sure of it.”

Yoongi sat up a little straighter. “Magic?”

“Hm? Oh yes, baby, it’s in your blood you know.” She waved a hand at him before going back to her soup. “Don’t you fret. Taehyung seems to have gotten all the magic and I want to see for myself.”

“I…” Yoongi rubbed a hand over his face. “Okay, I’ll bring him next time.”

“Lovely. Now, why don’t you tell me about that funny friend of yours? What was his name again?”


She flashed him a toothy grin. “Yes, that boy. Oh, the stories you tell me about him are so funny. Did anything interesting happen while you were gone?”

Yoongi hummed and shifted on her bed to get more comfortable. “Well, three days ago he scared Mr. Kim’s chickens and almost ended up engaged to his daughter.”

“Oh!” She let out a tinkling laughter. “Do tell me what happened!”

Yoongi loved spending time with his grandmother. He loved how free and open he could be with her, laughing loudly along with her with each story they told one another. He could tell her anything, with no fear of judgment and she always had positive things to tell him in return. The conversation would occasionally steer back toward Jimin and she always said the same thing.

“You deserve happiness, precious.”

Could Jimin make him happy? Possibly. Was Yoongi willing to take that risk? He wasn't sure yet but it was nice to know he had her support no matter what he did.

Yoongi spent the rest of the day sitting with his grandmother, wasting the time away with stories and conversation. It was easy to get lost with the time and by the time he had finally gotten up to get her a fresh glass of water, he found darkness outside her window. He nearly dropped the glass in his hand as his heart leaped into his throat, panic shooting up his spine. He leaned forward over the sink to peer out the window and he saw there was still some light in the sky. Night had not come yet but it would soon and Yoongi was still at his grandmother’s.

“Nana. It’s getting late.” Yoongi spoke softly, his voice trembling slightly.

“Oh dear, it is.” She gasped in surprise, looking out the window beside her bed. “You should stay.”

“N-No. I promised Tae I would watch the sunrise and I don’t want him to worry.” He hurried back over to her bed to place her glass of water on the table and he leaned down to give her a kiss. “I need to hurry.”

“Darling, it’s going to get dark soon.” She sounded worried as he hurried back to the door to tug on his boots and button up his cloak. “I would rather you stay.”

“I’ll hurry. If I stick to the path I should be fine, right? It’s a safe place.” His hands were shaking as he picked up the basket and moved back over to her.

“It is.” She assured him, reaching up for a hug that he eagerly gave. “But you be safe, darling. You have your knife? Take my lantern with you, to light the path.”

“Yeah, I have it Nana. And I will.” He kissed her one more time before hurrying toward the door. He found her small lantern sitting by the door and he picked it up to light it quickly from the roaring fire. “I’ll come back in a few days, Nana. Jungkook will check on you before then probably. I’ll bring Tae with me.”

She nodded from her bed, wringing her hands together worriedly. “Be safe, darling.”

“I will. Love you, Nana.”

“Love you too, precious.”

And then he was gone, hurrying out the door and shutting it tightly behind him. He heard the door click with a lock and then he hurried down the pathway, pausing at the gate to tug the hood up over his head. The air was already growing a bit cold but Yoongi was certain if he hurried he would make it home only a little after dark. The worst of the forest didn’t come out until later in the night and so he should be relatively safe. As long as he hurried.

After clutching the empty basket into the curve of his elbow, securing his hold on the lantern in the same hand, fastening the last button on his cloak and adjusting the hood on his head, Yoongi slipped through the gate and took off in a sprint down the path toward home. His feet made soft sounds against the undergrowth and he was careful to watch where he was stepping so he didn’t trip over anything. He was a good runner, a fast one after so many years of making the walk through the woods but he knew he couldn’t run the entire path. He took breaks and was careful to preserve his stamina.

Once he was back into the thick of the dark forest, Yoongi immediately felt wrong . The air was bitter cold and because of the thick canopy of trees, it already looked pitch black. He was thankful for the lantern to light his path but Yoongi had not taken into account how dark the deep parts of the forest would be. He slowed down to a fast walk once the prickle of fear made itself known at his hairline and Yoongi tucked in close to himself.

The forest was so different at night then it was during the day. He hadn’t stepped foot in the forest so close to nightfall and Yoongi hated the way it made him feel. He flinched at every nose and the silence was almost deafening. He could hear every crunch, every snap of a twig, every late night animal call. It left his skin feeling prickled with anxiety and his heart hammering in his throat. His breath came in puffs, the bitter cold air turning white with each breath. He was lucky enough to have the warm cloak and he was sure he would be fine until he got home.

Oh, how he prayed he would be fine.

The path was easy to follow even in the dark with the help of his lantern. The light wasn’t large enough for him to see through the thick of the woods on either side of him and so he did his best to not look around. As soon as he entered the woods from the clearing where his grandmother’s cottage sat, he felt eyes on him. He really hoped it was Jimin and not someone else. He never thought the idea of seeing the wolf would bring him relief but in this case, he would gladly welcome the man’s company. Jimin wouldn’t hurt him, he was certain of that.

The first hour of Yoongi’s trip was rather uneventful but that didn’t make him lower his guard any. He could still feel eyes on him but he didn’t stop moving forward, staying on the path and never straying from it. Hopefully, Jungkook was out and about because Yoongi felt safer with the thought of the hunter in the woods.

He was wondering if Taehyung and his mother were already worrying about him when a strange sound to his left caught his attention. He didn’t stop moving, knowing doing so would be dangerous but he snapped his eyes to the side. It was too dark to see but he could hear the crunching of footsteps. They sounded heavy and close but Yoongi was safe. As long as he stayed on the path he was safe . That was what his grandmother had instilled in him since he was a very little boy and he had to believe it.

But then came the soft sound of deep growling and Yoongi didn’t feel safe at all. A gasp caught in his throat and he took off running because he didn’t know what else to do. His cloak flapped hard around him, the lantern shook in his grasp but he ran as fast as his feet could take him. How could he have been so stubborn, so stupid? He should have listened to his grandmother and stayed the night. There was something hunting him, something with heavy footfalls and deep growling. He could hear it running around him in the thick of the forest and Yoongi was so terrified tears pricked at the corners of his eyes.

No, this wasn’t happening. He had to get home. Taehyung was depending on him. His mother needed him. His grandmother needed him. He was too young to be eaten in the middle of the forest and for his family to never know what happened to him.

The sharp snap of a snarl came at him from the side and Yoongi didn’t even have a chance to scream before something large launched through the air and knocked into his side. The world tumbled and twisted for a bit as Yoongi fell to the ground off the path with something heavy and large against him. His lantern was gone, his basket was gone and he was still rolling with the force in which he had been tackled.

When the world finally stopped spinning, Yoongi was on his back and though it was too dark to see he could see there was something large and looming pinning him down to the ground. He could feel sharp claws digging into his shoulders and after his eyes adjusted he could see the glowing red wolf eyes.

He wanted to scream or run, or something but he was frozen in terror. The creature above him was twice the size a wolf was supposed to be and he could feel something wet dripping onto his face, the drool of the wolf who’s maw was wide open, showing rows of sharp jagged teeth. Yoongi’s heart stilled in his chest and he could only watch in horror as the creature snarled and snapped at him.

This was how he was going to die. He was going to die with a wolf’s jaw around his throat and wasn’t that something poetic considering the thoughts that had been haunting him for months. He closed his eyes tightly, prayed to any higher power to protect his family and hoped Taehyung would one day forgive him.

The hot breath of the panting wolf came too close to his face and Yoongi’s entire body clenched up in preparation for the inevitable.

But that never came.

There was a loud howl from the side, somewhere in the forest and the wolf snapped its mouth shut, twisting to the side. Yoongi dared to open his eyes just in time to see something large and black shoot through the trees. This time he did scream, thinking he was going to be killed by two wolves but instead, this new wolf tackled the one on top of him and they flung to the floor together. Yoongi heard snarling, hissing and biting. He heard one of them let out a whimper and everything happened much too fast for his brain to catch up.

Run . His mind screamed at him but he found himself pinned to the ground in fear. He managed to sit up but he still couldn’t move, his wide eyes locked on the black bundle of fighting wolves a few feet away. He saw flashes of teeth and spurts of blood and as much as he wanted to scramble to his feet and run, he couldn’t move . They were fighting over him and one of them was bound to eat him and yet Yoongi couldn’t move. He didn’t know where he was. He couldn’t see the path and he had no idea how far they had rolled down a slope before they stopped. If he started running now he would get more lost and that would screw him just as much.

There was nothing he could do.

A large sharp howl made him flinch in fear and he quickly brought his folded knees to his chest, hugging them. He watched with wide eyes as one of the wolves scurried off into the darkness, limping from its injuries. Yoongi’s breath caught in his throat and fear pinned him in place. This was it. The new wolf won. It was smaller than the first one but it was obviously stronger and Yoongi swallowed down a whimper. It was going to eat him.

But then something strange happened. It was too dark for Yoongi to see much but he could see the silhouette of the wolf morph and change right before his eyes. The wolf twisted into a man and then the figure was standing up, letting out a few grunts and Yoongi buried his head in his arms. Tears were already pouring down his cheeks and he hated it. He hated how weak he actually was no matter what he told Taehyung. He had even managed to lose the knife on his waist in the tussle, not that he would have used it. He had been too frozen with fear to do anything and he hated himself for it. He was going to die because of it.

“Red!” A sweet voice gasped out, sounding as scared as Yoongi felt. “Oh, shit, Oh Yoongi.” Something dropped down in front of him and warm hands were grabbing at his arms, trying to pull him apart. “Baby, look at me. Are you hurt?”

Jimin , his heart thumped. Oh, maker, it was Jimin . Jimin had saved him. Yoongi took in a quick shaky breath and snapped his head up to see it was, in fact, Jimin. He was kneeling in front of him, his eyes wide and his hair an absolute mess. There was blood smeared over his face and a bite on his shoulder that was quickly healing and he was looking at Yoongi with so much worry in his expression it made something deep ache in Yoongi’s chest.

“J-Jimin.” He stuttered out, his breath coming in short bursts and then came the tears of relief because the wolf was there and he saved him.

“Oh, baby, where did he hurt you?” Jimin’s hands quickly grabbed for his face, cupping his cheeks to tilt his head and look over his neck. “I’ll kill him.” He hissed out, his soft face twisting into blazing anger. “I should have killed him for fucking touching you.”

“J-Jimin.” Yoongi breathed and reached out with shaking fingers. He found purchase on Jimin’s warm chest and then he was tipping forward.

“It’s okay.” Jimin assured him, wrapping him up tightly in his arms and letting him bury his head against his chest. “It’s okay.” He whispered into his hair, almost like he was trying to assure more than just Yoongi. “You’re safe, baby, you’re safe. I’ve got you.”

“F-Fuck.” Yoongi whimpered softly, his emotions all slamming out of him at once. He was sobbing, heard heavy sobs into Jimin’s chest because he almost died and he couldn’t react any other way. Jimin held him through it, petting his hair and his back gently, whispering to him that he was safe and that he would protect him. Yoongi felt safe in Jimin’s arms and he didn’t question it. The wolf just risked his own life to save Yoongi’s and there was no questioning that. There was no questioning what Yoongi meant to Jimin anymore.

“Are you hurt?” Jimin leaned back enough to try and get a good look at Yoongi’s face. He cupped his cheeks again, brushing his thumbs along his tear tracks to brush them away and all Yoongi could see was blurry darkness and flickering moonlight. He sniffled and tried to gain control of his emotions again, now that he was safe. He swallowed a few times and licked his wet lips. “Oh, baby.” There was the soft press of skin against his cheek and Yoongi knew Jimin was nuzzling him. “I was so scared. I heard him come for you and I was afraid I wouldn’t be fast enough.”

“I-I’m, I’m okay.” Yoongi managed to say through swollen lips. He took a minute to assess his body, moving his limbs and joints to find everything worked fine. He was surprised. He could feel a burning scratch on his neck and his cloak was ripped from where the wolf’s claws sank into his shoulders but he was alive and that was what mattered.

“Are you sure?” Jimin’s words were breathed carefully into his cheek.

“Y-Yeah. I’m alive.” He breathed out the word in disbelief. “You… You saved me.”

“I wasn’t going to let him eat you.” Jimin growled, a deep sound in the back of his throat. “What are you doing out here so late?”

“Home, I wanted,” he swallowed, “to go home.”

“I’ll take you home.” Jimin told him softly, reaching around to grab his biceps carefully so he could lift him to his feet. It was effortless, really, how easily Jimin picked him up but as soon as he was on his feet, Yoongi swayed and Jimin caught him again, pulling him in close to his warm body.

“No, I… They can’t see me like this.” Yoongi clutched onto the skin of  Jimin’s chest. “I just, I need a minute.”

Jimin nibbled his plush bottom lip between his teeth and glanced around the darkness. “We can’t stay out here, Yoongi. One of the females is in heat and the bastards are losing their minds. You smell too sweet. You’re like a target out here, baby. If you want to rest before I take you home, okay, but let me take you someplace safe.”

“Okay, okay. Take me someplace safe.”

Jimin pressed his mouth into Yoongi’s hair and the human closed his eyes, savoring the way Jimin hugged him tightly to his chest before finally loosening his hold. “Hold on to me. It’s not too far from here.”

Jimin hooked his hand around Yoongi’s waist and then tugged one of the human’s arms over his shoulders so he could hold on. Yoongi felt a little too weak to do much else and his legs weren’t nearly as steady as they needed to be. But Jimin held on to him tightly and didn’t complain. His breath was warm and steady in Yoongi’s ear, helping him calm his own racing heart. He felt a little numb from everything that just happened to him and he couldn’t believe it.

Jimin saved him. Jimin burst through the trees, tackled the wolf, fought it and won. Then he cradled Yoongi so carefully, so tenderly, called him baby and made him feel safe. Yoongi never thought a wolf would make him feel safe and he was reminded of what his grandmother told him. She said Jimin was a good sweet boy. She was the best judge of character Yoongi knew and maybe he hadn’t been fair to the wolf.

They had been at this for months and Jimin was always on his mind. Whatever was going between them was much larger than the simple need to mate and Yoongi was starting to realize that in that moment.

It took them fifteen or so minutes to reach whenever Jimin was taking him and when Yoongi finally lifted his head, the air felt a little less cold. There was fire flickering from somewhere through the trees and Jimin was leading him toward it. After a few more moments of walking, they broke through the trees into a small clearing. Yoongi let out a soft gasp at the wall they suddenly came to. It looked like part of a mountain and after tilting his head up, Yoongi could see it was a rather large hill.

The flickering light came from a torch set into the wall beside a wooden door. It was a home, Jimin’s home, Yoongi realized with a start. “We’ll be safe here.” Jimin assured him. “Wolves don’t bother each other in their homes.”

Yoongi nodded, his throat suddenly feeling too tight but he let the wolf lead him forward. It looked like Jimin had taken a cave in the side of a large hill and turned it into his home which was both clever and interesting. He had never thought about how Jimin lived and now he was about to find out. The door opened easily and Jimin helped Yoongi shuffle inside.

Instantly, the air was much more warm and comfortable. He didn’t have enough time to see the inside of the cave before Jimin tugged him to the side and carefully helped him sit down on a pile of soft furs. Once he was settled, Jimin gave his hair a kiss and then he shuffled away. Yoongi blinked a few times, letting his eyes adjust to the room before he took it all in.

The walls were stone, as he expected but the home didn’t look anything like a cave. It looked like a one-room cottage with a wood floor. Jimin had obviously put a lot of time and effort into his home and Yoongi found himself in awe. There was a firepit in the middle of the room, the current light source as it flickered away. Above that were a cooking pot and a few sitting mats around the edge. Yoongi was sitting in a pile of furs that he soon registered to be Jimin’s bed. It was lifted from the rest of the floor by large planks of wood and the furs were soft and comfortable beneath his body. They were mismatched in colors but they were soft to the touch when Yoongi ran his fingers over them. Pillows scattered over the top of the bed and Yoongi flushed at the thought of being on Jimin’s bed.

The wolf was on the other side of the cave, ducked down beside what looked like a spring of water. It was steaming slightly and Yoongi realized it was a hot spring in the wall of the cave. There was a small kitchen beside it and Jimin was currently dipping a cloth in the water to dampen it. Once he was done, he hurried back over to Yoongi and dropped down in front of him.

Yoongi didn’t even flinch when Jimin cupped the side of his neck and brought the cloth up to clean his skin of his dried tears, dirt, and anything else he had managed to collect.

“You could use a bath.” Jimin murmured, his eyes narrowed and focused on what he was doing, his touch so gentle it had Yoongi’s heart buzzing in his chest.

“You have blood on your mouth.” Yoongi pointed out. Now that there was enough light, he could see Jimin was spluttered with a lot of blood and luckily most of it wasn’t his.

“Sorry.” Jimin whispered, rubbing his mouth against his dirty shoulder.

“You need a bath too.” Yoongi added, biting his lip at the way Jimin glanced at him. “You have a hot spring?”

Jimin’s bloody pretty lips twitched up into a soft smile. “A sweet old witch gave it to me. It’s wide and deep enough to bathe in and the water is scented. It’s a great way to get clean since the magic water never gets dirty.”

“A witch?” Yoongi perked a brow. “I thought you didn’t like magical creatures.”

Jimin’s brow furrowed. “Fairies, I don’t like fairies. They’re pricks. Your Nana though, she’s pretty great.”

Yoongi pursed his lips. “You didn’t tell me you were seeing her.”

Jimin shrugged one shoulder and looked innocent as he brushed dirty hair back from Yoongi’s face. “Didn’t seem important. I take it she told you?”

“She says you’re a sweet boy.”

Jimin snorted softly. “She gave me the hot spring in return for bringing her fresh meat. Pretty sweet deal, actually.”

“She…” Yoongi narrowed his eyes in confusion. “You said a witch gave you the spring.”

“She did.” Jimin tilted his head to the side, one of his ears twitching. “Your Nana.”

It dawned then on Yoongi what Jimin was saying. His Nana was a witch. Oh, well, wasn’t that just grand. He wasn’t even surprised really. Just more surprised he didn't figure it out sooner. No wonder she wanted to see Taehyung. He carried her magic within and it all made so much sense.

Abruptly, Yoongi felt tired. Not sleepy but just exhausted from his ordeal in the forest. “I didn’t thank you.”

“No need.” Jimin whispered, pressing his mouth to Yoongi’s forehead sweetly and it seemed he had no reservations touching Yoongi now. He couldn’t seem to stop touching him and that was probably out of his own fear of losing Yoongi.

His heart squeezed at the thought and that was when he saw how Jimin’s hands were shaking. “Hey.” He called to him softly, reaching out to gather one of his hands between both of his. “I’m okay, Jimin.”

“I know.” Jimin swallowed so hard his Adam’s apple bobbed and then he pressed forward, nuzzling into Yoongi’s hair. “I know you’re okay. But… I was scared, Yoongi.” He breathed out.

Feeling brave and little bit more settled, Yoongi reached out to wrap his arm around Jimin’s back and pull him closer. “I was too. Thank you for saving me.” He leaned in close enough to breathe his words against Jimin’s throat. “I’m okay now, because of you.”

Jimin made a soft rumbling sound and dropped the cloth in his hand so he could wrap both arms around Yoongi tightly, tucking him in close. Yoongi breathed in Jimin’s earthy scent, his face pressed against the curve of his neck and he held on with one arm around his back tightly. Jimin was warm and solid in his hold and Yoongi no longer cared that this man was a wolf. None of that mattered. Jimin was special to him now, perhaps had always been and Yoongi wished he hadn’t been so stubborn for so long.

But he was glad they had finally found their way to one another, even if it wasn’t under the best circumstance.

“So, that bath?” Yoongi questioned after a few moments of just savoring one another.

“Oh.” Jimin pulled back to stare at him, his eyes so warm and so loving that Yoong’s heart was losing its damn mind. His gaze drifted over Yoongi’s face, down his neck, and over his torn cloak. His lips twisted into a frown and he reached forward to start unbuttoning the cloak. “I can leave you for a while so you can bathe.”

Yoongi grabbed onto his wrist, ducking his head down so Jimin would meet his gaze. “You need a bath too. There’s blood all over you.”

It was a rather pleasing sensation to see the flush of color curl over Jimin’s cheeks and nose. “Oh, um, you, together?” Yoongi nodded slowly. “I. Is that a good idea?”

Yoongi knew what Jimin was asking without saying it aloud. Were they okay? Was what was happening between the okay? Was the fact that Jimin wanted him in so many ways okay?

“Jimin.” Yoongi reached up to cup Jimin’s dirty face in his hands and brought the man closer until he could nuzzle their faces together. “This is okay.”

“Oh, Oh Yoongi .” Jimin purred, pressing his lips against the skin of his cheek before pulling him close once again. “You mean it?”

“Yeah.” He swallowed hard and let his lips curl into a soft smile. His heart was fluttering and there was a nervousness in his chest but only because he’d never done this before. He just wanted to be close with Jimin, prove to the man that he finally understood and accepted him. “I know I haven’t been… I’ve been mean to you because you’re a wolf and I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s okay.” Jimin breathed against his mouth.

“It’s not.” Yoongi argued, narrowing his eyes but Jimin’s face was too close to pick out anything other than blurry details. Jimin’s eyes were shut now anyway and so Yoongi shut his, letting Jimin trail his lips over the curve of his cheek. “I’ve been afraid of you since we met but you’ve… You’ve been kind to me. You knew when to push and when to back away. You gave me space and I… I appreciate that. The game was fun but I think it’s time to admit I’ve lost and you win.”

“We both win.” Jimin murmured, pressing his lips to the corner of his mouth and Yoongi’s breath hitched.

“I like you, Jimin.” Yoongi admitted in a rush, his heart soaring at the way Jimin smiled against his skin. “I want you.”

“I’ve waited so long to hear you say that.” He pulled back enough to brush his lips over the tip of Yoongi’s nose and then he was hovering their mouths together, his hands gripping Yoongi’s waist carefully. “I love you, Yoongi. I love you so much.”

Yoongi didn’t have a chance to answer, a chance to tell him that he was probably falling in love with him too before Jimin pressed their mouths together. The press was soft, tentative, careful so that if Yoongi wanted to pull away he could. But Yoongi didn’t pull away. He pursed his lips out to return the kiss and Jimin practically melted in his arms. These were lips Yoongi had dreamed about one too many times, in the darkness of his bedroom with Taehyung curled up against his back. Soft, plush and so warm to the touch. There was the lingering smell of blood, reminding Yoongi how Jimin’s mouth was smeared with it and yet he didn’t care. All he cared about was kissing Jimin back without enough force to prove to the man that he felt the same for him.

It was obvious Jimin wanted to kiss him more, deeper, longer but they were both filthy from their adventures in the forest and Jimin still tasted of blood, a bitter thing that made Yoongi groan and pull back. Jimin’s thumb was soft when it brushed the blood away from Yoongi’s mouth, such a soft sweet touch that left Yoongi’s heart pulsing.

“Can I undress you?” Jimin asked softly, his voice full of so much affection that Yoongi found himself closing his eyes and savoring it. There were so many emotions coursing through him but at the top was affection and after the night he had, he just wanted Jimin to hold him a little bit longer.

“Other than my Mama, you’d be the first.” Yoongi admitted, feeling heat curling over his cheeks in a hint of pleased happiness. His entire body was warm, either from the fire or Jimin’s touch but it wasn’t unpleasant. It was a rather nice feeling and Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s hands to bring them to the buttons on his cloak seeing as the wolf was a little bit stunned.

“Oh, um, right.” Jimin’s lips twitched into a soft smile and then he was unbuttoning the cloak, letting his fingers linger over the buttons as he popped each one free. “Your cloak was torn.” He mumbled softly, reaching up to slip his fingers through the rips before shoving the fabric off his shoulders, letting it pool around his waist. “Such a shame. Red looks so good on you.”

“Nana will fix it.” Yoongi assured him.

“I think she should make you a new one.” Jimin’s nimble fingers dropped to the buttons of his shirt, lingering for a moment on the ones at his throat before popping them free. Yoongi’s skin prickled from the warmth of Jimin’s skin sinking through the light fabric of his shirt and he dropped his eyes to watch as Jimin unbuttoned his shirt all the way down.

Yoongi had never been topless in front of anyone that wasn’t his family and even that had been long before he came of age. Taehyung saw him change clothes but he was just a baby, so Yoongi never counted that. And yet there Jimin was, carefully, delicately, slipping the shirt from his shoulders and tugging it down his arms. His skin was pale, much too pale compared to Jimin’s golden tanned skin. Already Yoongi could see strong differences in their torsos. Where Jimin was scared gold skin stretched over tightly toned muscles, Yoongi was soft supple pale skin over thin limbs and soft pudge of a stomach. He had soft muscle in his arms and thighs from years of chopping wood and taking long walks through the woods but they were nothing compared to the bulges of muscles coiled around Jimin’s limbs. The wolf was stunning and Yoongi almost felt small in his presence, shrinking down into himself as Jimin took his shirt into his hands carefully and folded it before placing it down on one of the furs.

“Don’t hide.” Jimin’s voice was so soft, so full of affection as he reached out to gently brush the palms of his hands over Yoongi’s arms. “Beautiful.” He leaned forward to press his lips ever so softly against Yoongi’s collarbone, making the human flinch and shiver from the rush of pleasure. “The first time I saw you, I thought you were so pretty. I’d never seen a human so pretty.” He breathed against Yoongi’s skin, prickling it from the warm breath. His lips trailed over his skin ever so gently until they reached the edge of his jaw. “And now you’re letting me have you. I almost can’t believe it.”

Yoongi made a soft noise in the back of his throat and reached out to wrap both arms around the wolf’s strong shoulders. Jimin nuzzled his way into Yoongi’s throat, brushing his nose along to scent him properly and he could feel the full body shudder than ran through the wolf. Yoongi was certain he had never met someone who wanted him so much and heat bubbled in his stomach, sending soft tingles through his loins. It wasn’t the first time he felt arousal, and certainly not the first time because of Jimin, but there was something burning about it in this moment.

“Are you sure, Red?” Jimin questioned softly, pressing his lips against his neck in a spot that made Yoongi want to moan. “I don’t want you feeling like you should do this just because I saved you. Or because you’re extra emotional cause you almost died.”

Yoongi wanted to snap at him, maybe hiss at him that he knew what he was doing but Yoongi didn’t. He took a deep breath and tilted his head into Jimin’s, pressing his jaw into Jimin’s cheek as an affectionate gesture. “I’ve wanted this for a long time, Jimin. I was considering bringing this up after talking with Nana about it. Then all that shit happened.”

Jimin hummed and pulled back enough to meet Yoongi’s eyes, love and affection flickering in his gaze. Yoongi knew that when wolves mate, they did so for life and he knew what this would mean for Jimin. Yoongi knew exactly what he was getting himself into and though there were risks and he was worried what his mother would think, he was ready to throw himself into this. Jimin was soft, sweet, and so very good to him and Yoongi was certain he would never find someone to love him the way Jimin would.

And Jimin deserved to be loved in return, just as passionately and Yoongi was certain he could give that to him. There was a lot for them to discover and learn about one another but Yoongi was willing to work with him. Jimin had put up with him for months and that proved how much the wolf was willing to make this work. That was all Yoongi needed, Jimin’s love and knowledge that the man was as committed as Yoongi would be.

“We can wait if you want.” Yoongi mumbled to him, reaching up to press the tips of his fingers against Jimin’s jawline, feeling the sharp bone against his skin. “We can just bathe and you could hold me for a while.”

“Such a simple human.” Jimin smiled softly, leaning forward to pout their lips together for a few lingering seconds. “But I have more intimate plans for you.”

Yoongi shivered at the way those words were purred into his skin, filled with unspoken promises that Yoongi prayed the wolf fulfilled. “We’re not going to get far if I’m still dressed.”

“Don’t need to be told twice.” Jimin gave him one more kiss before dropping his hands to the ties in his slacks. His fingers made quick work of the knot and then he grabbed Yoongi’s hands, pulling the human to his feet so he could slip the pants down his thighs. Yoongi felt more steady now on his feet but he willingly leaned into Jimin’s warm body and lifted his legs so the pants could be pulled free. Jimin folded them up just as he did his shirt and he placed it down on the same stretch of fur.

Jimin’s hands hovered over Yoongi’s arms until he was sure the human could stand on his own and then he stepped away to remove his own pants. Yoongi dropped his eyes to the dips in Jimin’s waist, biting into his lower lip at the rush of attraction that washed over him. Jimin was too gorgeous for his own good. How had such a gorgeous kind creature found him and grown attached, Yoongi would never understand. Jimin made quick work of his own pants and stepped out of them without shame. Yoongi made a noise of surprise and quickly averted his eyes because Jimin was wearing nothing beneath and now he was stark naked before him.

“Don’t get shy on me now, baby.” Jimin sounded amused as he moved forward, cupping Yoongi’s cheeks and angling his head so their eyes could meet. “Nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I think I need a minute to gain my bearings.” Yoongi breathed out, closing his eyes at the soft kiss Jimin gave his nose. The wolf was so affectionate and his heart was ready to burst through his chest from it. He waited patiently for Yoongi to open his eyes again, pressing soft kisses all over his face until Yoongi felt like melting to the floor. He finally opened his eyes after a moment and met Jimin’s heavy gaze with a soft smile. “Okay.” Feeling a little brave, with a bit of Jimin’s soft encouragement, Yoongi grabbed the hem of his undergarment and pushed it down his thighs. Jimin’s eyes never left his face, helping him feel a little less embarrassed as he kicked away the fabric.

Now they were both standing bare naked in the warmth of Jimin’s cave and Yoongi felt a chill surge up his spine. Jimin took his chill as being cold so he grabbed his hand, slipping their fingers together and tugged him over toward the hot spring.

“The water is always the perfect temperature.” Jimin told him softly but Yoongi was too focused on the way their fingers fit together. Jimin’s hands were small for a wolf, while Yoongi’s were a little large with thin fingers. But their hands fit together so well and Yoongi never expected such a small thing to mean so much to him. “It’s used only for bathing so the water is scented and already filled with a type of soap that helps my dry skin.”

As they neared the water-filled hole, Yoongi noticed the slabs of sanded wood around the edge, making it easier to get in and out of the water without getting dirty from the rest of the wood floor. The scent of flowers lingered in the air and Yoongi wondered how close Jimin was with his grandmother for her to make such a thing for him. He was more than curious about how his grandmother shared everything with him yet left out the small detail that she was a witch. It was something to bring up next time he saw her but for now, Jimin had his full attention.

“Alright, I’m going to get in first. It’s a little deep so I’ll help you in.” Jimin gave his hand a squeeze before letting go. Yoongi wrapped his arms around himself in a small sense of modesty but Jimin obviously didn’t mind being naked in front of him. One day Yoongi would be just a brave but for right now, he was a little unsure.

Jimin plopped down on the wood before lifting up on his hands and sliding into the hot water. He sighed out in content as the hot water lapped at his skin, flushing color over his cheeks and collarbone. He seemed to be able to reach the bottom fine and so Yoongi should as well. Jimin held out his hands from him then Yoongi copied him, sitting down on the wood as Jimin had done. He carefully dipped his toes in the water and winced at the heat. It was hotter than he was used to but it felt nice against his dirty skin. He slipped his legs into the water as far as they would go and he was pleased to see the way his pale skin flushed from the heat. The wolf reached out to grab his hips, much too close to his intimate parts for Yoongi’s heart and then he lifted him. Yoongi let out a surprised sound, quickly clinging to Jimin’s shoulders at being lifted off the ground.

Jimin laughed happily in his ear, bringing him down into the water and making his skin shiver and pulse with pleasure. “Didn’t know I could pick you up, hm?”

“I wasn’t prepared.” Yoongi admitted, breathing out a puff of air as Jimin settled him down in the water. By the time his feet touched the smooth bottom, the water was licking at his collarbones. They were almost completely submerged and heat soured through Yoongi’s body from how good it felt. He always liked swimming and loved baths even more. The water smelled so good, felt clean against his dirty skin and Yoongi could certainly get used to this.

“You look pleased.” Jimin mused, dipping down to give his cheek a kiss before he moved toward the small wooden bucket on the edge of the lip. He fiddled with the bucket for a moment before he found a washcloth and moved back over to him, the water sloshing slightly with his movement.

“I like this.” Yoongi admitted softly, rubbing at his arms under the water and then trickling some over the back of his neck. “Is it fine to dip down?”

“Of course.” Jimin smiled at him as he dunked the cloth into the water to get it wet and soapy. “I don’t like getting my ears wet so I don’t do it, but you can.”

Yoongi hummed then held his breath before sinking down into the water. Heat rushed over his head, the world went silent and then he popped back up, rubbing fingers through his hair to slick it off his face and then rubbing at his eye so he could see again. When he opened his eyes, Jimin was staring at him with wide eyes and parted lips, a burning want in his gaze that made Yoongi blush.

Pleased to see Jimin was a little speechless and turned on for once, Yoongi snatched the cloth from his hands and stepped closer. He didn’t say a word as he lifted the wet cloth to wash over Jimin’s face. The wolf leaned into the touch happily, his ears lowering in content as Yoongi gently scrubbed the dirt and blood from his soft skin. Jimin’s loving stare was so intense Yoongi felt his face heating from it but there was nothing he could do. He didn’t mind the staring so much and it even made him feel rather good himself. Jimin thought he was pretty and that was enough to make him feel pretty.

“You’re so good to me, Red.” Jimin purred, a deep rumble of a sound coming from his chest. He looked so happy there, letting Yoongi clean the dirt and blood from his face and neck. His hair would need a good wash but they’d get there eventually. Yoongi dipped the cloth into the water again, squeezing to clean away the grim and he was surprised to see how the blood immediately disappeared in the water. Right, magic water.

“You saved my life. It’s the least I could do.” He spoke through pouty lips, bringing the cloth up to rub over his shoulder where he was bitten. “You heal quickly.”

“Perk of being a wolf.” Jimin flashed him a cheeky smile while his hands curled over Yoongi’s hips, bringing him a step closer.

“He didn’t hurt you too much, did he?” Yoongi asked softly, his eyes focused on cleaning the extra blood that was now caked on Jimin’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry about me, baby.” He leaned closer to nuzzle their cheeks together. “Takes more than a horny beta to mess with me.”

“Beta?” Yoongi crinkled his nose and dipped the cloth in the water again. “He was huge. I don’t want to think about what the alphas look like.”

Jimin snorted, sounding amused as he squeezed Yoongi’s hips. “I’m an alpha, Yoongi.”

He snapped his eyes up at him. “You were smaller than him.”

Jimin puffed out his cheeks. “Okay, yeah, but I’m fast and a lot stronger than I look. I kicked his butt didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did.” Yoongi’s lips twitched into a smile and he passed Jimin the cloth so the man could clean his face for him. Jimin’s touch was so gentle against his skin, rubbing the blood and dirt away effortlessly. He was rather cute as he concentrated hard on cleaning Yoongi’s skin, his eyes narrow and his tongue trapped between his teeth.

“I can protect you.” Jimin mumbled through his pursed lips. “I know outside of these woods, you don’t need me to protect you, but inside?” He shrugged one shoulder and let the cloth trail over Yoongi’s arm, grabbing both of his hand so he could start to scrub the dirt from them. “I can walk you back and forth to your Nana’s from now on. No matter the time. I even know a few shortcuts off the path that will take you there quicker. With me beside you, you won’t have to worry about it.”

Yoongi hummed. “And what if I come to visit you?”

Jimin’s gaze jumped to his face, his eyes a little wide in surprise before a smile spread to his lips, bunching up his cheeks and wrinkling the corners of his eyes. He was so beautiful when he smiled like that, full of freedom. That was another thing that appealed to Yoongi about Jimin. He was a little wild and free, with nothing and no one holding him down. That called to Yoongi a little bit. He would love to roam the woods with Jimin, off the path to explore with the knowledge that he was safe and would never get lost.

“If you come to see me,” Jimin pressed closer, squeezing Yoongi’s hands between their chest as he pressed their noses together, “We’ll go anywhere you want.”

“Like explore the forest?” Yoongi sounded hopeful.

“Yes, baby, explore as much as you want.”

“And,” he glanced away shyly, “here?”

“Here.” Jimin agreed, giving his nose another little kiss now that their faces were both clean. “Anywhere you want, baby.”

Yoongi squeezed their hands together and Jimin’s attention was brought back to the fact that he was trying to wash him. His smile softened as he returned to cleaning Yoongi’s hands of every speck of dirt. There wasn’t much need for words between them at the moment and so Yoongi relaxed in the water, letting Jimin run the cloth over the skin of his arms and then down his side. Pleased that Yoongi didn’t need to be scrubbed at anymore, Jimin let the cloth float away and moved back toward the bucket.

“I have this soap Nana gave me too.” Yoongi wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to Jimin calling his grandmother ‘Nana’. “For my hair. You can use it too.” He brought a decent sized vile over to them that looked to be filled with a creamy white liquid. “Dunk down for me again?”

Yoongi did as asked and as he was wiping the water from his eyes, Jimin was pouring a small amount into his wet hair. He shoved the cork back into the vile before placing it on the wood edge of the tub and then dug both hands into Yoongi’s hair to scrub the soap through the strands. Yoongi almost moaned at the feeling of Jimin’s fingers pressing into his scalp. It felt so good to be touched by Jimin and even though the buzzing hint of arousal was still under his skin, there was nothing sexual about this and he still enjoyed it. Jimin was affectionate and Yoongi was starting to really love that about him.   

Once his hair was thoroughly saturated, Yoongi dunked down in the water again a few times to wash the suds from his hair. Jimin’s fingers combed through his slightly long strands to keep them from tangling and Yoongi felt ten times better now that he was decently clean.

“Your turn.” Yoongi reached for the vile of soap and Jimin’s ears perked up slightly.

“Okay, but be careful of my ears. Here, I have a cup.” He reached into the bucket to pull out a small wooden cup and Yoongi smiled because he realized he was going to wash Jimin’s hair the same way he washed Taehyung’s.

“Okay, come here.” Yoongi motioned for him to turn around and Jimin did as asked, sinking down in the water so Yoongi had better access to his head.

Yoongi was careful as he poured small cups of water into Jimin’s silver hair until it was soaked through. His ears flicked if they got a hint of water on them but the fur needed to be wet. His ears were dirty too. Yoongi’s touch was gentle as he brushed through Jimin’s ears, getting them wet with the lingering water on his fingers and Jimin seemed pleased with that. He had his mouth sunk into the water and he was rumbling softly, enjoying Yoongi’s hands in his hair greatly.

Once the strands were wet enough, Yoongi scrubbed in a little bit of soap until the strands were bubbling white. In order to wash the suds out, he tapped Jimin’s jaw to make him tilt his head back and then Yoongi carefully poured clean water through his hair, using his fingers to comb and make sure all the soap was washed out.

“There you go.” Yoongi said after a few moments, running his fingers through Jimin’s soft wet hair once more. “All clean.”

“Yeah?” Jimin’s voice was deep and he sounded a little dazed, or perhaps sleepy. “That felt amazing, Yoongi.” He shook his head a few times and stood up straight, shuffling around to face him. He was flushed over his cheeks and nose and his eyes were a little glazed. “Maybe too amazing.”

Yoongi chuckled softly and reached out to brush wet strands of hair off Jimin’s forehead. He looked good like that, with his hair out of his face. He was so stunning up close, his skin wet and gleaming from being so clean. His heart puttered in his chest from how soft Jimin was looking at him and heat curled over his own cheeks.

“I guess you like being pet.”

“I like it a lot.” Jimin mumbled out, wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s waist and bringing him in close, his tail curling against his hip underwater. Yoongi could feel thick warm thighs against his own and something he was pretty sure was Jimin’s soft cock and pleasure rushed up his neck with the realization. “You should do it more.”

“Anytime.” Yoongi promised, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s neck to bring them a little bit closer.

“Yoongi?” Jimin ducked his head down to bring their lips closer but he was waiting for an answer before he pressed them together.


“I have to clean you. Properly.” The words were whispered against his lips and left a chill over Yoongi’s skin.

Right. Yoongi was pretty sure he understood was Jimin was talking about but he didn’t question it. Jimin seemed to know a hell of a lot more about what they were going to do and Yoongi was willing to follow his lead. He just wanted to feel Jimin, to touch him and kiss him a bit more. He wanted to feel good with Jimin because the wolf had been teasing him for months and his body couldn’t take it any longer.

“Okay.” Yoongi agreed in a sigh.

Jimin made a soft noise of happiness and then he closed the distance between them, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. Yoongi leaned into the kiss, letting his body press into Jimin’s as he focused on the feel of that plush mouth. Jimin was soft with his kiss, pressing over and over again in small kisses until Yoongi’s head was a little fuzzy. It felt good to be kissed, to have Jimin pressing them together over and over again and Yoongi couldn’t get enough of it.

The flick of a tongue against his bottom lip had Yoongi gasping, parting his lips so that sinful tongue could lick into his mouth leaving him breathless. Yoongi’s hands found their way into Jimin’s wet hair, clutching strands between his fingers as the wolf shuffled him backwards until his back connected with the wall of the hot spring tub. He made a soft noise in his throat, something like a soft whine, and then Jimin was kissing him harder, with more intent in the way he was pressing their mouths together.

Jimin kissed him firmly and Yoongi did his best to kiss him back. Their lips caught in all the right places, making Yoongi shiver with pleasure. The last time someone kissed him, it was some girl on the playground when he was seven. He couldn’t even remember her name because it wasn’t that important to him. He always wondered if he would get to feel a man’s mouth against his own and he was so pleased for that mouth to be Jimin’s. It was so softly, plush, and plump and felt so wonderful against his skin.

Yoongi flinched when he felt a hand curl over his thigh and he pulled their lips apart so he could catch his breath and glanced up at Jimin in question. Jimin offered him a soft smile that he pressed into his cheek, slipping his other hand to rest against the small of his back.

“Do you trust me, Red?” Jimin breathed into his neck.

Yoongi swallowed hard and tilted his head back until it knocked against the wood outside the tub. “Yes. Yes, I do, Jimin.”

“It feels so good to hear you say that.” Jimin purred against his skin, his fingers tightening against the small of his back.

Yoongi could feel Jimin all over him. Smell the flower scent of the water and the earthy scent that always clung to Jimin’s skin. He felt warm from the inside out and his body focused on the way those hands were holding onto him. Jimin gave his thigh a squeeze, making his throat tight and then he was pulling on the limb, making Yoongi lift it until it was hooked over his thigh. Feeling stretched and a little exposed, Yoongi buried his face in Jimin’s throat and waited with baited breath to see what the wolf would do next.

Their bodies were now pressed full length together, one of Jimin’s thighs pressed between his as he steadied himself. The hand on his thigh lingered, burning the skin until it finally lifted and he grabbed the cloth floating on the water’s surface. Yoongi’s eyes were closed tightly but he could feel Jimin’s muscles shifting against him as he shuffled around. The water sloshed around them for a moment before something soft pressed against the curve of his ass and Yoongi’s eyes snapped open.

“Oh.” He breathed out, earning a soft chuckle from Jimin.

“I’ll be gentle, baby.” The kiss on his shoulder was a promise and Yoongi nodded his head, clinging to Jimin’s shoulders a little tighter.

He let out a surprised noise when that cloth slipped between his cheeks and his body gave a full shiver, making his forehead thump against Jimin’s neck. It was such a strange feeling to be touched in that area but he trusted what Jimin was doing. The wolf was gentle as he rubbed the cloth between his cheeks gently a few times. Yoongi could feel heat already pooling in the pit of his stomach and he took a deep breath, swallowing hard from how good it felt to be touched there by Jimin.

After another moment, Jimin slipped his hand down from the small of his back and carefully cupped one cheek in his hand. It was a bit startling, making Yoongi flinch against him and the wolf chuckled softly into his hair. Jimin seemed to be enjoying his reactions and so Yoongi didn’t worry too much about it. He was just unsure what was going to happen next. He had figured out the basics of sex between two men but this was a part that hadn’t crossed his mind. When he dreamed about Jimin, it usually involved his plush lips and a little bit of heavy touching beneath the trousers. He knew Jimin wanted something like this out of him but he had never been brave enough to think too deeply about it.

But with Jimin carefully cupping his cheek, spreading it and rubbing over such an intimate part of his body with the cloth, Yoongi suddenly didn’t mind so much. His body rushed with heat at the feeling and he closed his eyes tightly. Jimin was cleaning him because he was going to be inside him and just that thought made Yoongi tremble in the wolf’s hold. He wanted that, oh how badly he wanted that. He didn’t even realize how badly he wanted it until that very moment. Just the thought of Jimin pinning him down in those piles of furs and taking him had Yoongi’s breath hitching and his heart hammering.

Jimin’s touch was gentle over his rim, rubbing him all nice and clean until Yoongi was trembling and panting softly against him. It was such a strange but pleasurable feeling. It sparked bolts of pleasure through his stomach each time Jimin pressed over the puckered rim and Yoongi could see how people would enjoy something like that.

“Just a little more.” Jimin mumbled into his hair, sounding a bit affected himself.  

Yoongi made a soft noise in the back of his throat to let him know he understood and then he gripped Jimin’s hair a little tighter. The cloth rubbed against his rim a little more insistently and Yoongi lifted his thigh a little higher to give Jimin more access.

The sound Yoongi made when that finger breached his tightly puckered rim was anything but subtle. Jimin growled softly at the noise causing Yoongi to bite into his bottom lip. It was an even stranger feeling having something inside of him but Jimin was careful and didn’t breach too far. Just enough to make sure he was clean. When he pulled out, the wolf was panting into his hair and Yoongi was still trembling a bit.

“Ah, you’re too pretty for my own good.” Jimin rushed out, pulling back in order to capture Yoongi’s mouth again.

He whined into the kiss, his fingers tightening in the wolf’s hair as he was pressed hard into the edge of the tub. He returned the kiss as deeply as he could, his heart tight in his throat because he was certain that hardness he was feeling against his hip belonged to Jimin.

Oh, how he wanted this. He wanted this so much.

Jimin’s tongue licked his mouth open again before dipping inside for a taste that had Yoongi gasping. He tried to keep up with the force of Jimin’s kisses, licking into the wolf’s mouth and savoring the way he shivered against him. He tasted as good as Yoongi always imagined he would, if not better, and the way Jimin was gripping both of his thighs had his head spinning.  

“Baby, you taste as sweet as you smell.” Jimin breathed into his mouth, pouting his lips out for another kiss that Yoongi happily returned.

“Jimin.” His voice sounded a little wrecked and he swallowed hard to bring it back to some form of normal. The wolf pulled back at the sound of his name and met Yoongi’s gaze with such an intense stare it shot through him like a bolt of lightning. So much emotion swirled through those dark eyes but most of all he saw love and lust. The combination swirled together until it was almost the same emotion and Yoongi felt a little weak in the knees from it.

Feeling a little brave, Yoongi gripped wet strands of Jimin’s hair between his fingers and brought his face closer, leaning up to run his tongue over Jimin’s plush bottom lip. He pulled back with the most sensual look he could muster, his eyes half-lidded and one corner of his mouth twitched into a smirk, his tongue stuck in the opposite corner.

“Take me to bed.” The words were spoken softly, almost like a whisper but still a demand that had Jimin twitching from how hard the pleasure from it rocked through his body.

“I’ll take good care of you.” Jimin promised, pressing his lips to Yoongi’s cheek and then in his hair. “I promise, baby, I’ll make you feel so good.”

Yoongi hummed, flushing all the way to the tips of his ears and tugged Jimin’s hair slightly. “Then stop talking about it and prove it.”

“Feisty.” Jimin giggled into his hair. “I like feisty you.”

A smile tugged at Yoongi’s lips and he lifted himself in the water, using his grip around Jimin’s neck so he could wrap both legs around the wolf’s hips. Jimin’s hands immediately when to his thighs, holding on tightly so his nails dimpled the soft supple skin.

“I’m still waiting.” Yoongi teased lightly, enjoying the way it made Jimin smile.

“Yeah, yeah. I can’t get both of us out of here with you clinging to me like a baby sloth.” He rolled his eyes playfully and gave one of his thighs a sharp pinch.

“Hey.” Yoongi flinched, pouting his lips at him. “I’m much more cute than a baby sloth.”

Jimin giggled softly and gave his nose a soft kiss. “Yes, you are. But as much as I love you clinging to me like this, we’ll never get out of the tub this way.” He dipped down to place a soft kiss to the lobe of Yoongi’s ear, making him shiver and then whispered in his ear, “And I was certain you wanted me to pin you down in all my soft furs, hm?”

Oh, well then . Yoongi’s skin prickled at the promise lingering on Jimin’s lips and he couldn’t help the soft weak sound that came from his throat. There was something thrilling about how much Jimin wanted him, how much Yoongi wanted him in return, and he was no longer concerned with the fact that he was supposed to be home, safe in his bed with Taehyung. No, he was with a wolf in his cave ready and willing to open his legs for him instead and his mother really was going to have a heart attack.

“Thought so.” Jimin mused, one corner of his mouth twisted into that lustful smirk that haunted Yoongi’s dreams. He captured his mouth in another firm kiss and then those hands on his thighs shifted to his hips. It was easy for Jimin to lift him out of the water, the muscles in his arms flexing and Yoongi was tempted to bite them. There was so much about this man that made his insides boil and he knew with time he would get to do everything he could dream of. The wood of the outer rim was hard against his bare bum and his skin instantly prickled at how cold the room suddenly felt to his wet skin.

“There are towels in that chest.” Jimin informed him, pointing to the chest resting behind the wooden bucket and Yoongi nodded in understanding. He quickly got to his feet, careful not to slip while Jimin tugged himself out of the water. After grabbing two fluffy soft towels from the chest, Yoongi hurried back over to Jimin’s side and passed him one so he could wrap himself up in the other.

Jimin smiled fondly at him as Yoongi quickly covered up his nudity out of shyness and coldness. The towel was large enough to wrap around his shoulders and still keep his front covered but Yoongi was still shaking from his exposed legs. The fire was crackling and once his skin dried off he knew he wouldn’t be so cold.

“I’ll warm you up, don’t worry baby.” Jimin promised him, reaching forward with his own towel to toss it over Yoongi’s head. The human made a noise of protest but Jimin went about drying his hair for him anyway. Jimin had no qualms being bare ass naked in his own home and Yoongi hoped he would have that confidence someday with the wolf.

Once Yoongi’s hair wasn’t dripping wet, Jimin dropped down to into a squat so he could dry off Yoongi’s legs and feet too. It felt nice to be taken care of. After years and years of taking care of the people he loved, Yoongi found it so nice to be taken care of for once and Jimin was more than happy to do it.

Satisfied that Yoongi was dry enough, Jimin stood up straight and started to dry off his own body. Yoongi watched him with the towel tight in his grip, pressed against his warming nose. There was something elegant about the way Jimin moved no matter what he did. Watching the way his muscles moved, the way he seemed to know every part of his body intimately was fascinating to watch.

After ruffling the towel through his damp hair, Jimin dropped it to the wood floor to step on, rubbing his feet on it to make sure they were extra dry before he suddenly dipped down and wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s waist. The human made a noise of surprise but leaned into the embrace. He thought Jimin just wanted to hug for a moment so he was very surprised when those strong arms tightened and he was lifted off his feet.

“Ah! Warn me when you do that.” Yoongi rushed out, wiggling his feet and legs because he was thoroughly trapped in the towel and Jimin’s arms. The giggles in his ear made warmth buzz through his chest and he stopped fighting the wolf’s grip as Jimin brought him over to the pile of fur that was his bed.

Jimin was careful as he placed Yoongi on the fur, kneeling down on the bed to sit him down. Safe and sound on the warm bed, Yoongi wiggled to get comfortable while Jimin shifted away to put Yoongi’s clothes away in a chest near the head of the bed. While the wolf did that, Yoongi glanced down at himself, seeing his naked pale thighs and the bump of his stomach.

Jimin was naked. Yoongi still had a towel covering him but after a moment of consideration, he shifted so he could tug the towel free and then tossed it to the side, watching it pool on the floor. His skin prickled at being bare to the warm air but it didn’t take long for him to warm up. The furs were extra soft against his skin and Yoongi leaned over to splay his palm open against a white fur. It was rather pretty and he brushed his fingers through it, smiling softly to himself. He was still a little nervous at being naked in front of the wolf but they already bathed together and he didn’t see much of a point in being so shy. Jimin had already touched him in such an intimate place and they had only just begun.

His stomach jumped when he realized he was in the wolf’s bed and they were about to do things he hadn’t even been brave enough to dream about. Arousal was already buzzing beneath the surface, ready to be stroked like a fire and brought to blazing life. Jimin already knew how to touch Yoongi to bring such things to him and he felt a small thrill of excitement at the thought.

Yoongi’s gaze jumped up when Jimin shuffled onto the bed in front of him, a soft harmless smile on his lips as he settled on his knees. There was so much affection in those dark brown eyes and Yoongi’s throat went tight with it. He reached out for Jimin and the wolf came at him willingly. Yoongi slid his hands over those strong shoulders, gripping tight muscles while Jimin moved to nuzzle over his jaw and down his neck. His heart hammered in his chest and his skin was prickling with so much excitement he could hardly contain it.

After a moment of nuzzling into Yoongi’s neck and scenting him properly, Jimin pulled back to meet his gaze, smiling ever so softly. Yoongi moved forward first and Jimin met him halfway, pressing their lips together in a deep kiss. It was easy for Yoongi to get lost in the feeling of Jimin’s mouth, letting soft noises leave his throat because he honestly didn’t care anymore. All he wanted was to feel Jimin, to bring him closer and make him stay. The wolf was happy to oblige.

Jimin’s hands found his waist, rubbing soft circles into his skin with his thumbs and then there was a soft push that had Yoongi falling back into the furs. Their mouths remained attached, sharing sweet but intimate kisses that left Yoongi more than breathless. Yoongi’s thighs spread without a second thought and Jimin settled between them as if he always belonged there. Yoongi let out a soft groan, heat swirling together into a heavy pressure between his legs as Jimin pressed their bodies together. He was careful not to rest his weight on Yoongi but the human wanted it.

He hiked up a thigh, wrapped a leg around Jimin and squeezed, bringing the surprised wolf down on him. Their hips pressed together, heat shot through Yoongi with a spike of pleasure and he tilted his head back from how good that felt.

“Impatient.” Jimin growled into the edge of his jaw, giving the skin a soft nip with his teeth that had Yoongi letting out a moan.

“You’ve been teasing me for months.” His voice was so soft, so breathless and all they had done was kiss. “I don’t want to wait any longer.”

Jimin let out a deep sound that was most certainly a moan and he pressed his face flush against Yoongi’s neck, his fingers digging tight into his small hips. “I’m so glad you want this as badly as I do.”

“You said you could smell it.” Yoongi breathed out, trailing his hands over those firm shoulders before digging into his soft damp black hair. “You had to know.”

“Just because you smelled aroused didn’t mean you wanted it.” Jimin murmured, slipping his tongue out from between his lips to lap at Yoongi’s skin, right over the throb of his racing pulse. It felt so good and Yoongi tilted his head to give the wolf better access to his skin. “I’m not a monster, Red. I was never going to force you.”

Yoongi hummed, finding the words rather thoughtful. He had learned over the months that Jimin was never going to touch him again unless he asked him to and that proved even more that Jimin was a respectable man. Wolf or not, Jimin was a gentleman even if he flirted like a sinful devil. Yoongi rather liked that contrast.

“I wanted it.” Yoongi admitted in a whisper, his eyes half-lidded as he stared at the stone ceiling of the cave. His fingers caught in a few curls of Jimin’s pretty hair and he felt the wolf rumble against his chest from the feeling. “From the moment you pinned me to the tree.”

“I didn’t mean to.” Jimin pressed his plump lips against his pulse, giving him a few more soft kiss that made Yoongi’s entire body pulse with light arousal. They were touching everywhere, in places Yoongi never thought another human being would touch him and Jimin’s hips felt so good against him he could barely stand it. “Your scent drove me a little nuts. I never felt that before. I am sorry about that.”

“I’m not.” Yoongi swallowed hard and tilted his head to rub his jaw against Jimin’s hair. He let his hand curl around the back of the wolf’s neck, massaging softly as a form of forgiveness. “You opened something in me that day, Jimin.”

“You were terrified.” He grumbled, flicking his tongue out to taste his skin again and making Yoongi forget his train of thought for a moment.

“I was. But also really fucking turned on.” His breath was starting to come a little harder and if Jimin kept licking him like that he was going to lose his mind. He could already feel the heat in his stomach pooling together into a heavy pressure that spread to his cock and started to make it firm. Jimin’s cock was already a bit hard, pressing into his thigh and he wanted to feel so much more than that.

“Like you are now?” There was a tilt of teasing to his voice that made Yoongi’s lips twitch into a smile.

“And you’re still doing nothing about it.” Yoongi said through pouty lips.

Jimin’s entire body shook with his silent laughter. “Demanding and impatient, aren’t you?”

“We’ve got all the time in the world to take our time.” Yoongi grumbled and let his hands slip back down over the strong muscles of Jimin’s back as the wolf moved to lean up so he could meet his heavy-lidded gaze. “I don’t want to take our time right now. I want you to take me .”

Jimin’s dark eyes flashed a bright red color for half a second and the thrill shot through Yoongi’s body right to his cock. His short nails dug into the warm skin of Jimin’s back and one corner of the wolf’s mouth lifted into that sinful smirk Yoongi dreamed about. He shifted to plant his hands into the bed on either side of Yoongi’s head and the bent down, hovering their noses together so Yoongi’s vision went a little blurry.

In that moment, he felt very much like Jimin’s prey and the fizzle of excitement was enough to make him close his eyes. Jimin’s intense gaze burned across his skin and when lips devoured his, Yoongi arched his back and moaned, trying to keep up with the kisses Jimin lathered him with. It felt too good for him to think too much and the more Jimin kissed him, heavy firm kisses, the foggier his mind went with arousal.

“So pretty all flushed like this, baby.” Jimin murmured against his mouth and then he was moving, kissing down Yoongi’s jaw, neck, over his collarbone and then down his chest.

Yoongi didn’t bother to hold back the soft gasps that came from his throat as Jimin’s plush wet lips left a trail of heat over his skin. He wanted to watch, wanted to see how Jimin’s lips looked against his skin but he was unable to lift his head. He could only stare at the ceiling through half-lidded eyes that slipped shut whenever Jimin kissed an extra sensitive part of his body. He couldn’t believe where he was but his mind didn’t have much time to linger on it before Jimin’s lips were kissing into the soft pudge of his lower stomach.

He jerked in realization of how close the wolf was to his most intimate parts. He could feel his cock twitch in anticipation and when he finally lifted his head, Jimin was staring at his flushed cock with the most hungry expression he had ever seen. Heat boiled through him and he let out a soft whimper that made the wolf smirk.

“Even your cock is pretty.” Jimin rumbled, almost a deep growl and Yoongi’s head hit the bed again because he couldn’t handle how gorgeous Jimin looked leering over him like that. The wolf was on his knees between Yoongi’s spread thighs, hovering just over his pelvis and even though his skin was flushed pink from the warmth, Yoongi could feel Jimin’s warm breath against his skin. Yoongi had caught a glimpse of a hard cock between Jimin’s thighs and he couldn’t handle that right now. He needed to catch his breath first.

“Don’t hide baby.” Yoongi didn’t even realize he had pressed both hands over his face until Jimin was kissing the skin of his hip softly. “So pretty, so very pretty. Mine, all mine.” He murmured against his skin and Yoongi throat went so tight he couldn’t breathe.

“Yours.” He squeezed out, a barely-there whisper that he was sure Jimin’s wolf ears would pick up on.

The rumble of a growl made Yoongi’s entire body shiver and then those lips were kissing around the base of his cock, nose buried in the thatch of light hair there and Yoongi moaned. Jimin had no modesty when it came to things like that and it was something a shy embarrassed Yoongi was going to have to get used to.

Yoongi lost all sense of holding back when those wet plump lips pressed against the base of his cock. His whole body twitched and he snapped his eyes open, letting out a soft noise of pleased surprise. Yoongi had never thought much about his own cock. He never thought about whether it was comparable to others. But the way Jimin moaned against the length of it made him think the wolf was rather fond of it. It took him a few tries to lean up on his elbows so he could see and when he finally did, he felt like falling back because there was something much too gorgeous about the look on Jimin’s face as he mouthed along the length of his swollen cock.

His eyes were caught between deep brown and glowing red, a strange but beautiful color that was glazed over with so much want and desire. His jaw was slack as he moved his opened mouth over the length of Yoongi’s cock which was curled up his stomach. He looked so pleased with himself, so very happy and Yoongi reached out to gently brush strands of damp hair away from his face. Jimin’s eyes flickered up to his face and those lips twitched into a soft smile before he pulled off.

“You taste too good.” His voice was an absolute wreck and Yoongi shivered, reaching out for the wolf who happily came to him. Jimin quickly buried his head in Yoongi’s neck as the human plopped back on the bed, arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders. He started petting through Jimin’s hair just because his hands needed something to do. “So good, so good baby.” Jimin repeated against his skin, pressing kisses and small licks.

“Jimin.” Yoongi hissed out, lifting both of his thighs to squeeze around the wolf’s hips in invitation. He couldn’t handle this much longer. He had barely been able to handle Jimin’s pretty mouth on his cock and he knew if the wolf didn’t hurry up, he really was going to lose his mind. “ Please.

Another growl that had him shivering in pleasure and Jimin’s lips trailed to his face, kissing over his cheeks, nose and closed eyes. “Roll over for me, baby. I'll take care of you.”  

His words were a promise Yoongi clung to and once Jimin pulled back, Yoongi did his best to do as asked. As he rolled over onto his stomach, Jimin’s hand found his hips and helped him lift up, another hand pressing into the back of his thigh to move him into a kneeling position. Yoongi let Jimin move his body however he wanted until he was on his knees, thighs spread a bit far apart while he leaned over onto his elbows. His back arched from the movement, his ass in the air for all to see and he shivered from the feeling of it. There was no hiding in this position, not that Jimin’s hot palms against his thigh and lower back were going to let him.

“I’m going to be so good to you, baby.” Jimin’s lips pressed into the small of his back, another soft promise he knew the man would keep. “But we have to be careful with you. You’ve never done this.”

Yoongi groaned in the back of his throat, his cheeks flushing darkly and he reached for one of those soft pillows. He hugged it with his folded arms and buried his face in it. At least he could hide this way and Jimin chuckled softly at him. “Just do what you’re going to do.” He grumbled into the pillow, wiggling his hips ever so slightly in invitation.

“You’re so tempting.” Jimin purred against the skin of his lower back. “So sexy and you don’t even know it.”

As much as Yoongi was greatly enjoying the praise he really needed Jimin to hurry up and do whatever he needed to do or he was going rub himself against the furs and come that way. Luckily, Jimin seemed to catch on. He gave Yoongi’s back one more kiss before he pulled away. His warm skin was gone abruptly and Yoongi whined in the back of his throat. There was the sound of shuffling, a chest opening and closing and then Jimin was back, soothing a hand over his spine in apology.

“I’ll do my best not to hurt you, baby.” Jimin whispered against his skin. “Don’t hesitate to tell me if I do.”

Yoongi nodded his head in agreement, finding it hard to believe Jimin would ever hurt him but he didn’t know what the man was going to do. He had a rough idea that definitely involved his ass but beyond that, he was unsure. He didn’t get a good look at Jimin’s cock but he had seen a rather large girth and truthfully, he wasn’t sure how something like that was supposed to fit inside of him.

There was the sound of a vile popping open and Yoongi finally lifted his head in curiosity, twisting to look over his shoulder. He couldn’t see what Jimin was doing behind his body but the wolf’s eyes were focused on something intently. He was still kneeling behind Yoongi and because of the angle, all he could see was the wolf’s upper torso which was still nice to look at.

Yoongi noticed a small vile placed to the side and then Jimin was glancing up, meeting his eyes for a minute to give him a soft smile before he focused on his ass again. Yoongi felt embarrassed all of a sudden and he buried his burning face in the pillow again. A warm palm rubbed over one cheek, squeezing and massaging gently before it grabbed and pulled. A sinful sound caught in his throat from the feeling because his rim was now exposed to the warm air and to Jimin’s eyes.

“Even this is pretty.” Jimin purred, giving the base of his spine another kiss. The wolf was so affectionate with his kisses and each one made Yoongi’s heart putter a little more. “Relax for me, baby, stay relaxed.” His palm squeezed his cheek gently and Yoongi took a few deep breaths in an attempt to relax just as Jimin was asking him. He knew having a tense body wouldn’t make it easy for anything to slide inside of him and so he thought about those soft kisses Jimin had to give in abundance and that brought a soft smile to his lips. “There you go.” Jimin whispered softly, giving his spine another kiss before he pulled away.

The position was a strange one for Yoongi, something he was sure he had never willingly put his body into but it felt nice with Jimin’s full attention on him. There was shuffling behind him before Jimin’s palm squeezed his cheek and tugged it to the side even more. A shiver ran down his spine, settling in that boiling pit of his stomach and he could feel the tip of his cock just barely brush over soft furs from how it was dangling between his legs. He was completely exposed but that thought escaped him quickly when something warm and wet pressed against his rim.

Jimin’s finger, he was certain. But it was wet and a little slick, probably coated in whatever was in that vile. Yoongi wondered what it was, and where he got it but now wasn’t the time to ask. His body was too busy throbbing from Jimin’s bare finger rubbing over his rim carefully. The wetness on his finger coated over his skin while Jimin rubbed gently, circling around the rim before pressing against the tight ring of muscle. At first, Yoongi’s body went tense because things didn’t really go in but then with an extra push, his body relaxed and Jimin’s finger slipped inside of him easily.

“Good, good baby.” Jimin encouraged him, his thumb squeezing his cheek. Yoongi could see his warm breath over the skin of his lower back but he wasn’t brave enough to turn around and see Jimin’s expression. He imagined it was similar to what he saw earlier when the wolf’s lips were on his cock and he let out a soft noise, squeezing the pillow tighter.

Throbbing heat shook through his body and Yoongi never expected a finger inside of him like that would feel so nice. Jimin was careful as he rubbed against his inner walls. It was a strange feeling and yet it felt nice. Yoongi’s breathing evened out as Jimin started to thrust the fingers carefully, helping him get used to the feeling and he was pleased with how thoughtful Jimin was being.

When a second finger joined the first, his entire body went tense. The stretch was weird and burned a little bit in a way he wasn’t used to. Jimin shushed him gently, giving his lower back a few more soft kisses that helped ease the tension from his body. His fingers were still slick and slipped in and out without much friction but the stretch was very new to Yoongi. He realized then that the wolf was preparing him for his cock, because of Yoongi wasn’t stretched out, he was bound to get hurt from the girth.

Thoughtful, loving and kind, Yoongi thought.

Jimin twisted his fingers around inside of him until the heel of his palm was pressing against the area beneath his cock, cupping him carefully and giving a soft squeeze that had him choking on his own spit. Jimin gave a soft rumbling sound and then shoved his fingers in a little deeper. There was a moment where Yoongi’s entire body went tense and his vision went white from the intense pleasure that suddenly shot through him. Jimin eased him with more soft kisses and whispered words but all Yoongi could do was whine because what was that ?

Whatever it was, Jimin didn’t mess with it again as he spread his fingers to stretch him a little bit more. Now, the burn wasn’t so bad and Yoongi even found it a bit pleasurable. It made his skin prickle and he leaned back into Jimin’s fingers.

Then Jimin added a third finger and he was back to hissing into the pillow from the stretch. It was a process, Yoongi was learning. Jimin was soft, gentle and oh so careful with him. He gave loving kisses and soft words of encouragement and sometimes his fingertips would brush against that intense spot inside and Yoongi would call out into the pillow, the sound muffled.

By the time Jimin had four fingers stuffed inside him, Yoongi’s hands were clawing at the furs, his back was arched and his thighs were spread wide open, the tip of his cock pressing against the furs and leaving them a little wet. His mouth was wide open, gasping and moaning because there was something so good about Jimin’s fingers inside of him.

“Perfect baby.” Jimin murmured to him, sounding breathless and a little worn. He gave one of his cheeks another kiss before he popped his fingers free. Yoongi whined at the feeling of being empty and Jimin chuckled at him, rubbing over his skin. “Shh, I’m coming.”

Yoongi finally closed his mouth and swallowed a few times, rubbing his lips against the pillow because he didn’t even realize he had been drooling a little bit. If that was how Jimin’s fingers felt inside of him then he was almost desperate to feel Jimin’s cock.

And then he felt it. Hard, throbbing and a little wet, sliding between his cheeks so perfectly to rest there as Jimin came over him, pressing into his back and burying his face into the back of his neck. Yoongi’s thighs strained from how they were being pushed into the bed and he wasn’t sure how long he could stay up like that.

“You’re driving me insane, Red.” Jimin growled into the back of his neck, flat teeth biting carefully into the skin.

Yoongi’s head snapped back at the feeling, hitting Jimin’s shoulder and his eyes snapped open wide. He could see a puff of black hair from the corner of his eye and Jimin’s arms caging him on either side of his shoulders. He felt truly trapped and he loved it. Jimin was panting softly against his skin, his cock hard between his cheeks and his arms shaking from the effort of holding himself up and Yoongi’s chest burst with warmth because he did that. He was the one affecting Jimin in such an intense way and he preened at the thought.

Jimin .” He moaned out, lifting on his knees just enough to rub his ass back against the hips hard against him. Jimin’s growl in his ear made him melt slightly and he rubbed a little more, an open invitation he was sure the wolf was ready to take. But just because Yoongi was feeling a bit sexy, and majorly turned on, he had to take it to the next step. “Inside, I need you inside, please .”

The growl was deep and sinful against his ear and the teeth that sunk into the skin just below his ear made his entire body pulse with heat. “You’ll be the death of me.” His voice was so deep, so sinful, so much like the wolf he was and yet so much what Yoongi wanted from him.

Take me, Jimin. Please.” He knew he was practically begging but Jimin seemed to like that judging by the way his hips suddenly snapped forward and Yoongi’s entire body lurched from it.

“Mine.” Jimin growled again, giving his skin one more nip before he lifted off him.

Yoongi almost felt a chill from the lack of Jimin’s warmth over him but he didn’t have long to wait. One of Jimin’s hands found the curve of his hip, clutching on tightly and making him lift up on his thighs higher. Yoongi shifted on his knees to arch his ass a little higher and then there was the blunt press of Jimin’s cock against his puckered rim. His cock was slick with whatever was in that vile and Yoongi knew the slide would be easy. Whether his ass was prepared for his girth was another story.

As desperate as Jimin was to be inside him, the wolf was still careful with him. He didn’t shove right inside like Yoongi thought, and hoped, he would. Instead, Jimin rubbed the blunt tip of his cock against his rim for a few seconds until he finally pressed. Yoongi did his best to relax but the stretch was burning and made him choke into the pillow. Jimin stopped when the tip was inside, rubbing both of his hands up and down Yoongi’s sides soothingly.

His cock was a lot thicker than four of his fingers but Yoongi knew if he hadn’t been prepared he would be in tears right now. His whole body shuddered when warm fingers wrapped around the base of his hard dangling cock. He let out a noise of protest, certain he could reach his climax if Jimin touched him but the touch was gentle, squeezing carefully to take the focus off the burning stretch. It worked because all Yoongi could think about was how those fingers fit around the girth of his cock and the next thing he knew, Jimin’s pelvis was flush against his ass and he was calling out into the pillow because his cock was brushing up against that special spot inside of him.

“O-oh.” Yoongi hiccuped, his throat burning and tight and his entire body a slave to whatever Jimin was doing to him. “ Fuck.”

Jimin made another growling sound that Yoongi was starting to realize was his way of moaning and then he pulled out just enough so he could lay over Yoongi’s back again. The warm press of slick skin against him made Yoongi arch and lean up to meet the lips against his neck. His arms shook but he managed to press his palms into the fur so his body was more even, making it easier for Jimin to thrust hard into him.

He called out in both surprise and pleasure. The feeling was intense, more than he expected and his head fell between his shaking shoulders. Jimin’s breath was heavy in his ear, his lips continuing to kiss over his neck while his hands found purchase on Yoongi’s hips, tugging and pulling him back to meet each thrust he made.

As gentle as Jimin was in all other aspects, there was nothing gentle about the way he was fucking into him. The pace was slow but each thrust was hard, slapping their skin together and making Yoongi moan and whine through his clenched teeth. Only his lips against his skin were gentle but his hips were brutal. With each thrust, he slammed deep inside of Yoongi against that spot that made him see stars and he wasn’t sure if he was going to last like this. He couldn’t even focus on what was happening to him, the pleasure too much and too intense.

“J-Jimin.” He squeezed out through a tight throat, his back arching as his hips started to willingly roll back to meet those hard deep thrusts. “Can’t.” His thighs were trembling, as were his arms and he was sure he couldn’t keep himself up for much longer.

Jimin seemed to realized what he was trying to say and slowed his harsh pace with a few perfectly timed thrusts. “I’ve got you.” The words were not much more than a growl but Yoongi understood them, nodding weakly because his entire body was burning and he couldn’t focus.

There was a moment where nothing happened, where they both caught their breath and Jimin regained control over himself. He planted soft kisses over the back of Yoongi’s shoulders and then he pulled out with a soft plop. Yoongi whimpered because that wasn’t what he wanted but then Jimin’s hands were gentle on his thighs, giving him a push and a tug.

“Over, baby.”

Yoongi swallowed and did his best to roll over but all he really did was plop to his side, his body curling up naturally from the intense pleasure he was still feeling. When Jimin’s hands found his thighs, Yoongi willingly spread them and rolled over on to his back. He could finally open his heavy eyes and get a good look at Jimin as the man focused on stuffing a pillow under Yoongi’s hips so he could be comfortable.

The world screeched to a stop around Yoongi and his heart about burst through his mouth because of how absolutely stunning Jimin looked. His eyes were that intense red color now, glowing with the fire reflecting in them. His golden skin was glistening from the heat between them and his muscles were clenching and twisting with each movement. His hair was a complete mess, strands falling over his brow and ears. His lips were bitten red and wet, his cheeks flushed and when he looked up at Yoongi, everything started spinning again.

There was so much desire in that gaze and Yoongi swallowed down the whimper crawling up his throat. This was the man taking him, the man who loved him with everything he had even when Yoongi had fought him for so long. This was the man taking everything Yoongi knew and tossing it out the window. This was the man Yoongi was easily falling in love with and he could feel the corners of his eyes prickle with tears against his will.

Jimin’s face softened and then he was leaning over Yoongi, gathering his flushed face between both of his hands and kissing him deeply. Yoongi breathed into the kiss, giving Jimin everything he could muster and he hoped the wolf could feel what he was trying to express. Judging by the way Jimin smiled into the kiss, he heard Yoongi loud and clear.

“You okay?” Jimin asked softly, his voice still a growl but something Yoongi could hear better.

“I’m okay.” He assured him after taking a few deep breaths. He spread his thighs a little wider, welcoming Jimin’s hips between them. “Keep going.”

Jimin pursed his lips against his for another moment before he pulled back so he could line up again. He took one of Yoongi’s thighs and lifted it, holding it against his side so he could slide between his cheeks again. Yoongi’s body relaxed instantly at the press against his rim and Jimin slid inside without any resistance this time, all the way.

Yoongi reached for him and Jimin came without hesitation, falling into Yoongi’s arms and nuzzling into his collarbone. Yoongi wrapped his arms tightly around Jimin’s shoulders, hands digging into his soft hair and thighs clenching on either side of his waist. It was a hard stretch for his thighs, something he was sure to feel for days and that pleased him.

In this position, Yoongi could feel Jimin a lot better. Being taken behind helped Jimin thrust in deeper and that felt amazing but this was better. He liked that he could see how Jimin’s muscles clenched in his thighs as he pulled out only to thrust back in. He liked how Jimin breathed heavy against his throat and moaned, his entire body shaking with the strength of their shared pleasure. Yoongi could hold Jimin this way and he enjoyed that a great deal.

“So good.” Jimin purred into his throat, rolling his hips at a pace that wasn’t as brutal as before. This was more careful, more slow and sensual, dragging his cock against Yoongi’s walls and making him whine from the pleasure. “Feels so so good, baby.”

Jimin. ” Yoongi’s nails dug into his back, clawing at the golden skin because it felt too fucking good and he couldn't help himself. “ ‘s good. So good.”

Jimin growled again, a deep rumble in his chest and Yoongi tilted his head back instinctually, letting the wolf latch his mouth over his pulse. It was such an intimate thing, something so very special to Jimin that Yoongi didn’t even realize. His teeth were flat but hard against his skin, biting down hard enough to leave a mark that made Yoongi call out in both pleasure and surprise.

There was no drawing out what was happening between them. Jimin’s hips were starting to stutter from his slow but hard thrusts and Yoongi’s cock was dribbling between the two of them, trapped between their stomachs. The pleasure was too much and it pooled and pooled until Yoongi couldn’t hold it anymore. His climax built and built until there wasn’t any more room and then spilled all over the place. The only warning he had was the sudden shudder through his body and then he clamped down hard around Jimin.

The wolf let out another deep rumble, his mouth still attached to Yoongi’s throat and only picked up his pace, thrusting hard and quick into Yoongi to milk him through the pleasure of his climax slamming over him. All Yoongi could do was moan and hold on for dear life because he had never felt something so damn intense in his entire life and it was dragging on and on with each thrust of Jimin’s perfect hips.

Yoongi’s pleasure was just starting to pickle at his fingertips, easing out into a lovely burn when Jimin’s hips stuttered and he slammed in hard, keeping himself there. Yoongi gasped when he felt the intense heat of something filling him and he hugged the wolf tighter, pressing his lips into his hair as Jimin’s entire body shuddered with the force of his climax.

Oh, oh it was so much better than Yoongi could ever imagine.

Yoongi’s body was convulsing from the force of his own climax but he was petting through Jimin’s hair softly, whispering soft words to him that probably didn’t even make sense. His body felt like he was floating in the clouds and he didn’t want to come down just yet. Jimin’s body finally unclenched and he melted against Yoongi’s body until the human was thoroughly trapped beneath his weight, though he didn’t mind in the least. Jimin was like a warm, heavy blanket he never wanted to toss off.

There were a few moments of silence between them as they tried to catch their breath and Yoongi enjoyed it, feeling at peace for one of the first times in his life.

Abruptly, Jimin gasped sharply and leaned up, startling Yoongi into opening his eyes. The wolf’s face was still flushed, the rims of his eyes still a little red but he was smiling so brightly Yoongi could only stare in awe. Then those lips were on his face, kissing him all over the place and happiness bubbled up Yoongi’s throat like a tidal wave. He couldn’t help but giggle, wiggling slightly beneath Jimin as the wolf smothered his face and neck in kisses.

“Love you.” Jimin pressed into his skin. “Love you so much.

Yoongi tried to speak through his breathless giggles but every time he tried, Jimin captured his lips and he had never felt so loved in his entire life. Wolf or not, Jimin was exactly where Yoongi belonged. “B-baby.” Yoongi giggled out softly, grinning gummily at the way Jimin jerked up and stared at him with wide eyes. They were both a little breathless, and happy, and buzzing with lingering pleasure and Yoongi had never seen something more beautiful than Jimin in that very moment. “You too. L-Love you too.”

Jimin made the happiest noise, something almost like a yelp and he buried his head in Yoongi’s neck, slipping his arms beneath him so he could hug him tightly. That was when Yoongi remembered the wolf was still inside of him and he gasped at the feeling of his soft cock ever so carefully slipping free from him as Jimin shifted over him.

“Fuck.” He murmured, nails digging into Jimin’s shoulders from the feeling of warm wet liquid slipping free from him. What a strange feeling, truly.

“I worked so hard to get you nice and clean and now you’re dirty again.” Jimin teased against his neck.

“You did it.” Yoongi breathed out. “You made a right mess out of me, Jimin.”

There was a happy rumbling sound from Jimin’s chest. “I’ll do it again, Red.”

Yoongi sighed and lifted a trembling hand to brush blond hair off his brow. “I’m gonna need a few days.”

Jimin giggled softly and planted a loving kiss to the edge of his jaw. “I made you a mess.” He sounded in awe.

“Yeah, you did. You’re cleaning it up.”

Jimin giggled more into him before finally gaining the strength to sit up. Jimin was an absolute mess but he looked gorgeous and when he smiled at Yoongi, the human smiled back just as warm. Jimin found Yoongi’s abandoned towel and shook it off over the floor before bringing it over to them. He used it to clean to mess on their stomachs from Yoongi’s climax and then he was extra careful lifting Yoongi’s weak thighs so he could clean his mess from between his cheeks.

Once he was deemed all clean, Yoongi rolled over onto his side and curled up, feeling happy and content. Jimin grabbed one of the extra large furs and tugged it over the both of them as he laid down in front of Yoongi. His eyes were absolutely sparkling with happiness as he adjusted the fur over Yoongi’s shoulders to keep him warm even when the human felt full of warmth.

Yoongi reached up to press the tip of his fingers against Jimin’s jaw and urged the wolf closer until their lips met in a soft loving kiss. Both of Jimin’s arms slipped around him, one under his neck and the other over his waist, pulling him in close until their legs could tangle together. They kissed softly, slowly, for a few minutes before Jimin finally pulled back. Yoongi tucked himself up under Jimin’s neck and let his slightly aching body relax.

“Do you still want me to walk you home?” Jimin asked softly, his lips pressed into his hair.

Yoongi made a soft noise, remembering his promise to Taehyung that he, unfortunately, was going to break. He would make it up to the boy. “In the morning.”

Jimin’s smile widened against his scalp and he let out a pleased noise. “Rest, baby.”

“Night, Jimin.”

Usually, Yoongi struggled to fall asleep but that night, with Jimin’s warm strong arms wrapped tightly around him, Yoongi fell into a peaceful sleep almost instantly. He woke hours later to the wolf kissing over his face softly and telling him the sun was going to come up soon. He didn’t want Yoongi to break his promise to Taehyung because of him but Yoongi kissed him, hard and firm, and they stayed in the furs for a little while longer together.

By the time Yoongi was ready to get up to face the day, the sun had been up for a few hours and he was certain his family was worrying about him. The two of them cleaned up in the hot spring one more time, washing away the rest of the mess from their night together and then Yoongi dressed in his dirty clothes from the day before because they were all he had. Jimin dressed in a different pair of black slacks but otherwise, stayed bare. Yoongi had a collection of marks on his body, memories of what Jimin had done to him but Yoongi had left his mark to, deep red scratches down the man’s back. Surprised they had yet to heal, Jimin told him he liked them with a sly smirk.

They left Jimin’s home together hand in hand. The morning air was bitter cold against his warm skin and Yoongi huddled close to Jimin even when his ripped cloak saved him from most of the cold air. Jimin smiled, kissed his cheek, tightened the hold on his hand and led him through the forest back toward his home.

They didn’t go near the path and Yoongi found where Jimin took him was much quicker. His heart was warm and full in his chest and every time he looked at Jimin the man smiled brightly at him. There was no need to discuss what happened between them. The words didn’t need to be said. They understood with soft glances and loving smiles.

The forest was beautiful in the morning sunlight even if the air was a bit too cold for Yoongi’s liking. Birds were singing, animals were running through the forest in search of breakfast and it was almost hard to believe this place was so dangerous when the night fell. But, Yoongi was never in danger anymore, not when Jimin at his side.

“Here we are.” Jimin spoke up after almost an hour of silence between them, bringing Yoongi toward the edge of the forest. He noticed the path he usually took directly to his left and he smiled softly, knowing Jimin couldn’t step foot on it but the man brought him as close as possible. The tree line was thick, keeping them hidden in the shadows but Yoongi stepped close enough to peer out over the small field to see his cottage, smoke coming from the chimney. Jimin stayed back out of view, their linked hands dangling in the air between them as Yoongi peered in search of his family.

He spotted them quickly. His mother was standing at the edge of the gate in front of their home, Taehyung in her arms as she spoke with Jungkook on the other side of the fence. She looked worried, terrified even and Yoongi realized she was probably asking the hunter to search for her son even if it was probably pointless. Taehyung was crying in his mother’s neck and guilt washed over Yoongi, making him cold right to his core. He didn’t mean to make them worry, oh he felt horrible.

“Jimin.” His voice was tight when he turned back to Jimin but the wolf was smiling knowingly at him.

“Go on.” He gave his hand a squeeze and tried to let go but Yoongi held on tighter. “Go home, Red. I’ll wait for you. You’ll visit soon, hm?”

Yoongi’s throat went tight and he glanced back at his family. He didn’t want to leave Jimin behind like this. The wolf didn’t seem to mind but it bothered Yoongi. This was important. Jimin was important.

And then Taehyung lifted his head, his tear-filled eyes scanning over the forest almost like he sensed them, and maybe he had. His eyes caught on Yoongi peering around a tree instantly and he let out a loud shout, wiggling in his mother’s grasp so Yoongi had everyone’s attention.

“Yoongi! Yoongi!” Taehyung was screeching, his face bursting in happiness but his mother was holding on too tight to let him go.

Yoongi offered his baby brother a soft smile before he disappeared around the tree to step back to Jimin. “Come with me.”

Jimin’s dark eyes went wide and a light flush curled to his cheek. “C-Come with you? Yoongi, I’m-I’m a wolf.”

“I know that.” He reached forward to cup one of Jimin’s cheeks in his hands. “Come with me.”

“I…” He dropped his gaze to the ground shyly.

“What we did.” Yoongi could feel heat curling up the back of his neck but he pressed forward. “It meant a lot to you. Wolves mate for life and I just committed myself to you, Jimin. Didn’t I?”

Jimin pursed his lips and glanced up at him shyly through his lashes. “I wasn’t going… to make you commit.”

“I commit.” Yoongi stepped forward, closing the distance between them so he could capture his plump mouth in a kiss. “Come with me, Jimin. Meet my family.”

“Yoongi.” Jimin nearly whimpered into his mouth, gripping at his hips tightly.

“Since when are you shy, hm?” He teased lightly, rubbing his thumbs over Jimin’s flushed cheeks.

“They’re your family. What if they don’t like me?”

“Nonsense. They’ll love you. Especially Taehyung.”

“I’m not even wearing a shirt.”

“Yoongi?” Jungkook’s voice cut through their little moment and even though Jimin flinched back, Yoongi held on. The hunter appeared through the tree line, rounding a tree to their right and when his eyes landed on them, they went a little wide and he froze in place.

“Jungkook.” Yoongi greeted softly. “Sorry to worry you, I’m coming.” He offered him a soft smile, which Jungkook tried to return but his eyes were flickering between them in question. “Here, just wear this.” Yoongi spoke to Jimin, stepping back to unbutton his cloak.

“Y-Yoongi.” Jimin reached out to stop him, glancing at Jungkook wearily but Yoongi continued. He slipped the cloak over Jimin’s shoulders and buttoned it up. Red looked rather good on him and when Yoongi smiled at him, Jimin melted ever so slightly.

“Here, we’ll put the hood up so you don't immediately give my mother a heart attack.” Yoongi stated as he tugged the hood up over Jimin’s ears.  His pretty face could still be seen and some of his hair but his ears were hidden. “Tuck your tail up under it.” Jimin did as was asked, his eyes glancing wearily at Jungkook who was slowly making his way toward them.

“Yoongi?” He questioned. “What happened to you? I was looking for you all morning. Your grandmother said you left before dark but your mother said you never came home.”

“I’m fine.” Yoongi assured him with a soft smile, turning away from Jimin to face him. Jimin ducked down behind him instinctively, placing his chin on his shoulder and wrapping his arms around his waist in an almost possessive nature. “I got a little lost and Jimin helped me.”

Jungkook glanced between the two of them, his eyes dropping to the hold Jimin had on him before his cheeks flushed as if he understood exactly what was going on. “Your mother is very worried.”

“I know. I’m coming. And so is Jimin.” Yoongi leveled Jungkook with a hard look, daring the hunter to tell him otherwise.

Jungkook looked surprised, his eyes going so wide and his lips parting. “Oh, Um, Right. You’re friends, then?” He glanced between the two of them, almost looking a little hopeful.

“He’s more oblivious then he looks.” Jimin murmured into his neck and it was obvious Jungkook heard him by the way his eyes jumped to him. “You’re engaged aren’t you?” There was a rumble of a growl in his throat and Yoongi rolled his eyes, dropping his hands to Jimin’s arms around his waist to squeeze them.

“Shut up, Jimin.” The wolf made a soft noise but did as told, nuzzling his way into Yoongi’s neck. “Jimin is my…” Yoongi pursed his lips for the right word.

“Mate.” Jimin supplied and Jungkook looked like he was going to choke on his spit.

“Mate? O-Oh, well that’s, um,” Jungkook’s face was so red as he glanced between them quickly.

“It’s a recent development.” Yoongi added. “But I’m bringing him home with me to meet my Mama and Tae. I think Tae will like him. So, will you be nice to him, Jungkook?”

Jungkook stood up a little straighter, snapping his mouth shut. “Of course I will, Yoongi. If you trust him, then I will too. I, um, I might have some shirts that will fit him back home. They might stink like me but it’s better than nothing?”

“You don’t stink.” Jimin pointed out, leveling Jungkook with a lazy gaze. “You actually smell pretty good. But you keep trying to kill me so I kind of hate you.”

Jungkook looked a little ashamed. “I’m sorry for that. It’s my job. I shouldn't have assumed you were like the others.”

“No, you should.” Jimin hummed, tightening his hold on Yoongi. “They’re dangerous and so I am. I’m just more easily seduced by a certain pretty human.”

Yoongi let out a soft laugh. “I did not seduce you.”

“Walking around with that pretty face and those pants and that ass.” Jimin grumbled. “You sure were.”

“Um,” Jungkook cut in, his face still a little bit red. “I’m not judging, I promise. But, are you sure about this Yoongi?”

Yoongi nodded without hesitation. “I’m positive, Jungkook. He makes me happy.”

That seemed to be enough for Jungkook. “Okay. Okay. Your family is waiting.”

Right, his family. He tugged Jimin’s arms from him so he could start walking again, linking their fingers and tugging the wolf behind him. When they broke through the trees, Taehyung let out a shout of victory and jumped free from his mother’s hold. He jumped the low fence without a care and took off running for them as they strolled down the hill. Yoongi pulled away from Jimin so he could meet Taehyung, dropping to his knees and holding his arms open for his baby brother who ran smack dab into him, nearly knocking him over.

“You’re late!” Taehyung shouted in his ear, sounding like he was both laughing and crying. “You broke your promise!”

“I’m sorry, baby.” Yoongi pressed his lips into his brother’s hair as he hugged him tightly, smelling soap and something sweet. If it weren't for Jimin, he wouldn’t have this moment with his brother again and he was eternally grateful. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“Yoo Yoo okay?” Taehyung asked, pulling back to search Yoongi’s face.

“I’m okay.” He pressed a soft kiss to Taehyung’s cheeks and the boy giggled happily. “Brother got a little lost but he made a nice friend who helped him find his way back home.”

Taehyung looked up expectantly at Jimin who was standing beside them, looking fondly between the two of them. He still looked a little nervous when Yoongi got back to his feet, holding Taehyung in his arms and resting him on a hip. Jungkook was lingering close by as well and Yoongi saw his mother making her way to them.

“Yoongi, honey.” His mother hurried up to them, sparing Jimin a curious glance before she grabbed her son’s face and brought him in for a kiss to his cheek. “We were so worried.”

“I’m sorry Mama.” And he meant it, leaning down to kiss her cheek in return and he let her squish his face and pat at his body to make sure he had no injuries. He was still aching from his activities the night before but she certainly didn’t need to know that. “Something happened on my way back but I’m okay.”

“Oh baby.” She breathed in relief and grabbed his face again to press their foreheads together. “Don’t scare your Mama like that ever again, my weak old heart can only take so much.”

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled again, nuzzling into her.

She took a deep breath and finally pulled back from him, giving Jimin a friendly glance before looking back at her son. “Who is your friend?”

Yoongi reached around until he found Jimin’s hand and linked their fingers together, bringing the wolf closer to him. “Mama, this is Jimin.” Her eyes dropped to their intertwined hands and understanding dawned on her face. “He’s mine.”

Her eyes jumped between the two of them before she gave a soft nod. “You boys must be starving. I’ll make you some food and we can talk about this, okay honey?”

Yoongi nodded in agreement. He knew his mother wouldn’t have a bad reaction to his attraction to men but it was the fact that Jimin was a wolf that he was slightly concerned about.

“Jungkook, dear thank you for your help.” She turned to the hunter who stepped up with a bow of his head. “I know you are so busy and I’m grateful to you for searching for Yoongi.”

“He means a lot to me too, ma’am.” Jungkook glanced at Yoongi with a faint smile.

She only smiled at them. “I know, dear. If you get the chance, can you tell grandmother Yoongi is safe and sound?”

“I will. I’ll bring something for Jimin later.” He said the last sentence to Yoongi before bowing his head again. “Have a good day.” And then he was gone, shuffling back toward the forest to disappear into the thick.

“Jimin.” Taehyung said softly, staring at the wolf wide sparkling eyes. Jimin tried to give him a soft smile, lips pulling up over his teeth and Taehyung’s eyes got impossibly wider. “Pretty. Jimin’s pretty like brother!”

Jimin’s cheeks flushed and he hid his laughter in Yoongi’s shoulder. “So cute.”

Taehyung clapped his hands and a sudden gust of wind had the two of them stumbling. Yoongi blinked in surprise and glanced down at Taehyung who was staring at his hands in absolute shock. Magic. He really needed to bring Taehyung to see their grandmother next time.

“Oh, Oh my.” His mother’s voice was a mix of shock and fear and when Yoongi snapped his eyes at her, he thought she was focused on Taehyung but instead her wide eyes were on Jimin.

The gust of wind had knocked the hood from Jimin’s head and there he was, his pointed black fur covered ears flickering in his silver hair. “Oh.” Yoongi breathed out, knocking Jimin from his stunned daze and he quickly grabbed the hood to pull over his head, though the damage was already done.

“Wolf.” Taehyung gasped. “Pretty wolf.”

“Mama.” Yoongi turned his eyes to his mother but she was already shaking her head and holding a hand out to him.

“Your Mama needs to sit down. Come come, both of you. I’ll feed you and you’re going to explain yourself, Min Yoongi.” She gave them both a warm smile and then she was shuffling back toward the cottage.

That went better than he expected. Yoongi let out a sigh of relief and started following after his mother, Jimin’s hand tight in his grip so the wolf followed along.

“Is she going to kill me?” Jimin whispered.

“Doubt it.” Yoongi chuckled softly. “We’ve survived this far so I think we’re okay.”

“Big brother you promised to make it up to me.” Taehyung interrupted, his lips in a large pout.

“I will, Tae. But Jimin and I have to have a big person talk with Mama.” He explained softly.

Taehyung’s pout grew. “Does that mean I have to play alone in our room?”

“Yes, baby. But if you’re a good boy, Jimin and I will play with you, okay?” He glanced at the wolf, nudging him carefully. “Right, Jimin?”

“Y-Yeah.” Jimin offered Taehyung a smile and the boy brightened instantly.

“Does that mean I get two princesses?” He held up two fingers in a small V, practically buzzing with excitement.

Yoongi hummed, smiling at the way Jimin was glancing between them. “How about I’m still your princess and my knight in shining armor saves me from the big bad wolf?”

Taehyung’s eyes went wide. “Really?” He shifted his gaze to Jimin in anticipation.

Jimin’s lips twitched into a soft smile and he nodded, leaning forward toward Taehyung's face and letting out a soft growl, showing his teeth and snapping them. “Can you save the princess from the big bad wolf, Tae?”

Taehyung bursted into a fit of giggles and started clapping his hands again, this time no wind bursting forth from them. “Yes! Yes! Tae likes Jimin! Tae likes Jimin!”

“Told you.” Yoongi offered Jimin a smile and the wolf smiled so brightly in return that Yoongi’s heart pulsed happily.

Sitting down with his mother and explaining what had happened to him that night, and what he and Jimin now were was an adventure all on its own. But he was pleased when she hugged Jimin like he was her own son and Yoongi pretended to not notice the tears in the wolf’s eyes. She told him he was welcome into her home anytime as long he kept Yoongi smiling like that and Jimin promised he would.

It was a few hours later while Yoongi was sitting outside in the yard behind their cottage, watching Jimin run around chasing a happily screaming Taehyung that it dawned on him how much this meant to him. Jimin was shirtless again, in nothing but his pants and the cloak was abandoned beside Yoongi. He was supposed to be an imprisoned princess so he sat quietly on the grass, watching with a gummy smile on his lips as Jimin caught up to Taehyung and picked him up. The boy kicked and screamed, laughing so much he was wiggling with it. Jimin started tickling him then and they both tumbled to the ground. Jimin was so great at playing with Taehyung, letting the boy crawl all over him and play with his ears. It warmed Yoongi’s heart to see such a thing.

Jimin wasn’t something Yoongi had expected for himself. Jimin was something he fought for a while, something he didn’t think he could have. And yet…

And yet, he had him. The love so passionate that could only be given by a wolf such as Jimin and Yoongi was never going to let it go.

He laughed brightly when Taehyung threw himself into his lap and Jimin dropped down at his side, leaning over to kiss his cheek naturally. Taehyung made a squeal of excitement and hurried out of Yoongi’s lap to greet their mother who was coming through the back door of the cottage with a tray of water in her hands. This was his life, his family, Yoongi thought as he leaned over for a kiss Jimin so happily gave. He smelled of earth and everything Yoongi ever wanted.

There was nowhere else he would rather be. Jimin gave him a love he had never known and Yoongi offered him a family the wolf never got to have. Obstacles may come in their way but Yoongi knew, as he captured Jimin’s plump mouth with his own, they would overcome anything together.

As long as they had each other and the people they loved.