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Number One Hero

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“C’mon class, you’re middle school seniors, it's time you started thinking seriously about your future.” The middle aged teacher announced as he looked at his riled up classroom.

Katsuki rested his legs on his desk as he stared at his lap. ‘I am going to UA you shit for brains of a teacher, you honestly think that these idiots are going anywhere in life?’ He scoffed and sneered silently to himself.

“I’ll be handing out printouts of your desired courses.” He older man announced as he picked up the stacked papers on his desk. A large grinned on his lips as he looked at the excited students. He tossed the papers into the air. Already knew what the students wanted. “You all want to be heroes don’t you!” He heard the class cheer and activate their quirks. Said teacher turned his back and looked at the clock before looking back at the students. “Yes, yes your quirks are all wonderful, but it’s against the rules to use them during school time hours.” He told them, watching as they slowly calmed down and deactivate their quirks.

Katsuki scoffed as he stared at the teacher. ‘Are you kidding me, I am way above them, they're all so weak and pathetic.’ He smirked at the teacher, feeling very confident about himself. “Teacher, don’t lump me in with these losers.” Leaning back into his desk he stuffed his hands in his pockets, he could hear the growls and feel the sneers directed at him. But he didn’t care. “You can’t compare me to these weak-ass quirk users.” He grinned was larger as he bosted. “Mine’s on a whole other ball game.” He said easily.

“You’ve got a big ass mouth Katsuki!” One student snapped at him, others looking rather livid that they had just been insulted.

Katsuki laughed loudly. “Quit, ya goddamn rabble!” He barked at them. ‘They need to be reminded of their fucking place!’ He grinned wickedly. His eyes caught sight of Izuku who had her head down. She was trying to be as small as possible, so she wouldn't be noticed by the rest of the class. ‘Stupid...Izu-chan…’ He sneered and looked at the other students who were making a muck of things. He rolled his eyes and hopped on the desk.

“Oh yeah, I've nearly forgotten he’s going to be shooting for Yuuei high, isn’t it.” It was more of a statement rather then a question, seeing how Katsuki always went for the best of the best.

“You done running your mouths?” He looked around them, loving how their eyes were on him. His red eyes gleamed with excitement. His body radiating confidences. “I am the only one who even managed to get an A on the mock test, and I am the only one even remotely qualified to even make it into AU!” He chuckled loudly as he stared down at all of them. “I’m going to surpassed that All Might bastard of a hero, and I’m going to carve my name into the ranks as the higher bracket taxpayer!” He cackled, his palms cackling with sparks.

The teacher looked at Katsuki not that all impressive with his confidence. “Though now that you mentioned it, didn’t Midoriya-San want to go to Yuuei as well?” The teacher watched as the green haired girl flinch and lower herself onto his desk. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, oh well not my problem not like she could get in anyways.’ He thought as he restaked the papers onto his desk and handed them off to the front row to hand them back to the other students.



Katsuki looked at the girl, he felt horror seep into his system. ‘Why Izu-chan…’ He dropped his hands to his side as they dangled there. His eyes never leaving her face, trying to figure out, why she was going so far with this idiotic dream of hers. ‘Why can’t you fucking can’t be a fucking moron!’ He felt the rage boil over as he snapped his hand in her direction, making sure to only get her desk and scare the hell out of her. He watched as he girl quickly jump from her desk. “Fucking Deku!” He shouted at her in rage, his eyes lit up like the fires of hell. ‘Why couldn’t you just give it up, for ten fucking years I forced you down, to try and get that dream out of your idiot head, you stupid-stupid girl!’ He stalked after her. His palms burn with an itch to set everything and everyone ablaze. Katsuki didn’t hear the conversation going on around them, he could only see the desperation on her face. His skin came to a boil at that. ‘Stop looking at me like that Deku!’ He snarled.

“Forget having a weak-ass quirk, you don’t even have a quirk!” His grinned turning vicious. ‘Please Deku, listen...please Izuku…’ He thought desperately. “So where do you come off as being on the same level as me!" He spit at the girl, he watched as she fell to the ground and pushed away from him. Her eyes filled with fear as she stared up at him. ‘I’m sorry, please understand I’m doing this to keep you safe...idiot girl…’

“Hold...hold on...that...that's not...not it Kacchan…” Izuku lifted her hands in defense, her body shaking as she sat on the floor. “It’s not as though I’m trying to compete with you, I wouldn’t dream of it.” Her hands waving around in desperation. Not wanting to set off more explosions.

Katsuki stared down at her, he couldn’t believe this. ‘…’ He felt sick, a chill going down his spine as he stared at her. ‘Don’t be stupid!’ He watched as the girl calmed a little bit, looking at the ground. Her voice soft but shaky as she spoke to him. “It’s just...I’ve always wanted to be a hero...since I was super young and...and…” Her greens eyes peeked up at the ash blonde timidly. “You never know if you try…”

Katsuki stared at her, something inside him snap. He gritted his teeth painfully hard, he fisted and unfisted his hands. ‘Goddamnit Izuku…’ Images of that lady on the news ten years ago, made his blood run cold. He snarled at her. "You never know if you try! ” He snarled, smoke coming from his hands. Even know he felt so heavy, the weight of her words on his mind. ‘Why do you have to push so hard!?’ His blood red eyes stared directly at her. He watched her flinch in fear, it seeping into her green eyes. He hated that look on her, he felt rage coil in his stomach, ready to uncoil out before them like a volcano spewing lava. “The exams are hopeless for you, what can a dweeb like you accomplish! ” He snarled at her.

The look on Izuku’s face always managed to shatter his heart. He turned away and stomped back to his desk. ‘Fucking woman….’



After class Katsuki carefully packed away his things, he looked back at Izuku who was looking at her phone with a smile on her face. 'She is most likely reading that stupid hero news.' He thought, glancing down he took notice of a notebook on her desk. Standing up, he walked towards her. She wasn't even paying attention to him. 'Why even now does she look so damn beautiful...' He thought to himself, irritation bubbling up in his gut once more. 'I can't keep doing this to her...' He watched her for a moment longer. Just to look at her, her short green hair cut at her ears, her sparking green eyes dancing across the screen. 'She is so fucking intelligent, so why...' He shook himself of that thought. He didn't need to do this do more damage to himself then he has already done. He loved her dearly, he truly did. But he had to keep her away, to make sure that she never becomes a hero. Gritting his teeth, grinding down on his molars. He loved the way the uniform fit on her petite body, the way she looked so innocent and so sweet. Her skirt just barely above her knees. Showing off her legs, in all the right ways, they looked so soft.

Katsuki moved towards her desk and stopped beside it, he looked up at her. She wasn't even noticing that he was standing there, until he swiped her notebook off her desk. He felt his goons walk up beside him. Smirked at her, seeing the look of fear etched into her eyes. 'Hopefully, this will be the end of it all...' He looked at the shocked green eyes. He winced at it internally. 'I am sorry Izu-chan.' 

"We're not done here yet Deku." He held the compos journal in his hands.

"Ah!" Izuku reached out for the journal. Her eyes begging him to stop. Pleading with him to not destroy it, she had put so much work and time into it. 

"What's that Katsuki?" One of his so called friends asked him. "Her diary!?" The idiot laughed at them, the other more thicker man snickered along. 

"'For my future', haha, God damn for real Midoriya!?" 

"Hey, give it back Kacchan!" She cried out in desperation, she flinched back with Katsuki slammed his hands against both sides blowing it up. 

"Ah!" She shouted taking a step back, not wanting to be caught in the blast. Tears seeping into her eyes as she watched him. 

Katsuki stared at the girl, who was close to crying. "Hmph." He tossed the the book out the window behind him, flinging it into the pond below. 'The water will catch it, you stupid girl...' He watched her reaction. 'Sorry...but you need to learn that you cannot be a hero...I can't protect you then.' He thought bitterly. He smirked at her. "You know what they say about all those top heros, and what they have in common?" He dropped his hands to his sides and stuffed them in his pockets.

"They could all say about their school years: "I came from an average municipal middle school and I was the first! The only!" He smirked at her, Katsuki watched her face closely, he moved towards the smaller girl, his hands on her shoulders. Squeezing them, but not too tightly. "And I wanna make sure the term "Yuuei Graduate" maintains the same level of gravitas. I am a perfectionist by nature, you see." He smirked down at her, activating his quirk, he leaned forward staring her in the eyes. The smile gone from his face as he looked into her dark green eyes. "What I am saying is, forget about Yuuei, little nerd." Smoke drifted between his hands, burning her uniform. 

Pulling back Katsuki dropped his hands and looked at her, her eyes filling with tears as she stared at the ground. He walked passed her and headed towards the door. Grabbing the handle he paused when he heard the others talking. 

"Oh man, as usually she can't even talk back." The dark haired boy babbled as he looked at the female who was standing there trembling.

Katsuki stared at the wall in front of him. "Just leave her, she's such a sad sack that even now she is a senior, she still can't face reality." He informed them. A silent warning, only he was allowed to talk about Izuku that way. They don't need to add their input. He looked back at Izuku and frowned, he saw something fall from her face and land on the floor. He grunted and walked out of the classroom and out of the school. 'Idiot...' He closed his eyes and side. Shuffled his bag onto his shoulder more as he headed to change is shoes. 



Katsuki held his drink in his hands. 'Melon...' He looked at the label. He never enjoyed it, he liked mango and lemon more. He finished off the drink and tossed it into the trash can. "Put that out, I don't want to get caught with you smoking, and have that on my record." He sneered at the lackys. Already in a rather foul mood, he had nearly gone too far today. The thought that drifted into his mind, made him sick to his stomach, how could he even think of telling her of all people that. 'Jump off the roof to see if you could fly...what bullshit.' He thought to himself, clearly disgusted. He kicked a bottle on the ground, it was rather full. Most likely filled with green tea. He looked back at the others to snap at them for smoking, but their faces made his words catch in his throat. 

"A new guise...and with a tasty quirk too... "

Katsuki turned around and looked back at the sludge monster, but once he did. He felt his mouth being plunged with slime. 'Someone help me!'