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Little Karin awoke bright and early every morning to turn the open sign on the pâtisserie her family lived in.

“Grandma's invited some of her work friends to have dinner here with us tomorrow night, so we're going to work extra hard to make them a delicious meal, OK?”

“My my, you’ve grown up quite a bit since I last saw you, haven’t you, Karin?”

“How do you know my name?” Karin asked. “Mama, who is this fancy lady?”

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Doctor Karen Minazuki Ph.D., and I know you because I was the doctor who delivered you when you were born.”

“Deliver? Like a cake order?” Many questions began running through Karin’s mind, as well as her mouth. “How did you deliver me to my mama and papa? If you delivered me, am I a pastry? Why is your hair blue? How did you get so pretty? Why does your name sound like mine? You look too young to be my grandma’s friend, but why do you feel like you’re as old as her? Are you gonna poke me with a needle—”

“That’s enough, Karin.” Rio stopped his daughter.

Hiiro took a slice the Mofurun pancake in front of him, saying to Karin “To this dessert, I say thank you very much.”

“We’re back!” Ichika yelled, coming downstairs with Rio.

“Mama, that’s not fair! Why do you and Papa get to eat snacks in the bedroom but I don’t?” Karin asked, pointing at the whipped cream on her mother’s cheek.

“Let me clean that up for you, sweetie,” said Rio before licking the whipped cream off of Ichika’s face, eliciting a deep blush from her.

“Gross, Papa!” Karin covered her eyes and smiled. “I’m going to the kitchen to get tea for everyone!”

After Karin hid herself away from the public display of affection her parents made, the other adults in the room gave the couple a sly look.

Hiiro spoke in as monotone a voice as usual, “You know, if you’re going to involve food in your… marital activities, don’t get too crazy experimenting with them. Before my girlfriend died, she and I tried something similar with a lot of Hot Pockets® and ended up vomitting uncontrollably mid-bl— ow!”

Karen shot him a scowl. “Hiiro, no one wants to hear about that.”

“It’s from Auntie Ciel!” Karin smiled widely as she read the letter in her hands. “She says the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Pâtisserie cookies had the most kirakiraru of all the confectionaries she’s judged. She's even gonna bring some for us when she comes back!”

“That’s some pretty high praise coming from Ciel,” Ichika said. "What a cute picture of a ladybug macaron… I just had a flash!"