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Tumblr Prompts - 200 Word Challenge

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Zenos let out a low groan as the tight channel clenched around him, one hand coming down to clutch firmly at moving hips as the other wound around a twitching tail. If only his enemies could see them now, the way their beloved Warrior of Light came apart under his touch.

   "That's a good boy..." The Garlean purred, sliding his hand from the adventurer's hip to the middle of his back, pressing down on his spine so the other was forced face down on the bed with his hips remaining high in the air. The sharp slap of skin on skin increased in volume as Zenos moved faster, harder. Long fingers squeezed the dexterous tail wrapped around his wrist before giving it a swift tug, making the Warrior cry out and grip tightly to the sheets. If it weren't for the way the other reflexively clenched around him, he would almost think it had hurt. But instead it made the Warrior's body tighten up deliciously.

The sound of tearing fabric told Zenos that the other had ripped into his sheets, probably to smother any sounds that might be pulled from his lips. Licking his own lips slowly before they pulled into a pleased smile, Zenos slid his hand up even further and tangled his fingers into hair that was much too soft for such a hardened warrior. Pulling up despite the cry of protest, Zenos chuckled softly and traced slow kisses along a flushed cheek. "What's this now? All out of snark and sass already? And to think... We've only just begun." He purred almost affectionately before trailing gentle kisses down along a sweat beaded shoulder only to chuckle as that tail in his hand twitched again eagerly at the threat, or promise, for more.