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Tight Space

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Bright light from the setting sun bathed the UA teacher’s office in a gentle orange glow, the open blinds casting shadows over its remaining occupant. After a long day, Thirteen was already considering his options for dinner whilst he tidied up the last of his papers. The room was so quiet, he doesn’t even realise he’s no longer alone until a pair of arms snake around his padded costume and a tired head comes to rest heavily on his shoulder.

“Aizawa,” he sighed, only mildly startled by the other man's sudden appearance. It wasn’t unusual for the other teacher to seek him out after school, silently asking for comfort from Thirteen like an aloof cat. As Aizawa cuddled into his soft costume, not unlike a child hugging a teddy bear, Thirteen couldn’t help but be amused that his suit apparently provided some other function besides keeping his quirk in check.

The Space Hero shivered when he felt the other teacher press flush against him. His heart rate quickened and his papers were immediately forgotten when he felt Aizawa’s leg slip casually between his own and it became obvious that the other man was already hard. Thirteen attempted for form a coherent sentence but all that came out was stuttered nonsense as the cuddling arms of his partner began to grope him through his downy costume. Aizawa shushed him gently, continuing to grind against him.

Finally able to string together a complete sentence, Thirteen spun around in Aizawa’s hold. “R-Right here?” He hissed urgently and Aizawa hummed in response, sounding as though he were half asleep. To the older man’s surprise, Thirteen gave in to him unusually fast and he realised with amusement that the other man must be just as needy as himself. Thirteen shifted impatiently and without needing to see under his helmet, Aizawa could picture his blushing face. “Don’t take too long,” he mumbled and Aizawa snorted at the earnest request.

Thirteen jumped when the other teacher’s scarf landed heavily on the desk behind him but was distracted as Aizawa deftly unzipped his black jumpsuit down to his crotch. Even through the baggy material, it was plain to see his arousal was already pressed keenly against the fabric of his costume. He let out a satisfied sigh when he was finally able to pull his shaft free from his constricting underwear.

Eagerly wrapping a gloved hand around the length, Thirteen began to pump Aizawa to fullness. His padded glove worked softly over the shaft but wasted no time teasing, instead focussing on short quick strokes to build arousal quickly. Aizawa gasped as one of the plastic fingertips accidentally tapped against the sensitive head of his cock and chuckled softly as Thirteen made a hurried apology.

The other man licked his dry lips and stared daringly through the dark glass of Thirteen’s helmet. He knew that the other man was watching him right now, he could very well picture his eyes widening and his face turning red under the scrutiny of his gaze.

“Wish I had you home,” Aizawa hummed huskily and rested his forehead against the cool glass of Thirteen’s helmet. He rolled his hips leisurely into Thirteen’s hand and if he didn’t have the teacher’s attention before, he certainly did now. “Take that suit off you so I could see your face, your body, blush spreading from your cheeks down to your neck,” he groaned, “so cute.” Thirteen shuddered against him and Aizawa smiled, allowing his eyes to drift closed and focus on the dirty fantasy in his head. “You’d drop down to your knees, yeah? Beg to have a taste of my hard cock. Too eager to slip your lips over the head and let me use your mouth like you want me to.”

Thirteen let out a tiny whimper and Aizawa pulled back with an accomplished smirk on his face. “Turn around,” he instructed gently and Thirteen obeyed without hesitation, leaning forward over his work desk readily.

Aizawa slipped his hard cock between the plush fabric covering Thirteen’s thighs and the shorter man instinctually pressed them closer together. Grabbing onto the downy costume roughly in the spot where Thirteen’s hips would be, Aizawa positioned himself over him. He pulled back experimentally before pressing forward again into the tight space.

The warm, plush grip of Thirteen’s suit slipped effortlessly against Aizawa’s cock and made him swear under his breath. As he fell into a rhythm pumping in and out between his partner’s legs, Aizawa easily picked up from where he left off. “I’d bend you over the bed, just like this,” he grunted followed by a rough thrust, “spread your cheeks wide until I can see your hole twitching like it’s desperate for my cock.”

“Yes,” Thirteen moaned, rutting back against Aizawa. His whole body rocked with the repetitive thrusts, pressing him further into his desk.

Aizawa chuckled softly at his needy response. “I'd stretch you out, fill you up and keep going until you can't take anymore.” He snapped his hips forward suddenly, causing Thirteen to further whimper and writhe beneath him. Thirteen’s body felt uncomfortably hot inside his thick, sealed suit. The teacher was close to his limit and Aizawa wasn't far behind.

Maintaining his rhythm, Aizawa reached down to where Thirteen’s arousal was rubbing tantalisingly against his suit from the inside and pressed down hard through the plush material. The younger man whined and shuddered in his arms, grinding into his hand, desperate for more friction.

“That’s it,” Aizawa continued, murmuring softly this time. He jerked his hips forward, pressing Thirteen roughly against his hand. The tempo of his thrusts increased until Thirteen’s desk shook under the driving force. “You feel so good, so good,” he panted breathlessly, his chest now flush against the other man’s back. “Cum, cum in your suit for me.”

This encouragement finally brought Thirteen to his release. He let out a strangled-sounding sob and trembled as his orgasm washed over him in pleasurable waves. Aizawa followed a few uncoordinated thrusts later. His hips stuttered as he came and the space between Thirteen’s legs suddenly became slick and sticky.

With a satisfied sigh, Aizawa stood back and admired his work whilst redressing himself.

“Why did I let you talk me into these things?” Thirteen lamented, dabbing at the cum splashed against his thighs with a tissue.

Aizawa hummed as though he were actually considering his answer before he spoke, “I'd say you must enjoy them, you were eager enough today.”

Thirteen huffed and Aizawa could picture the pout no doubt sat on his face. “What I don't enjoy is walking home with a drying mess in my suit.”

“Then we’ll have to get home very quickly, and take it off.” Aizawa drawled sagely.

“Very smooth,” Thirteen giggled.