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A Year of Thursdays

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The Storytellers

The Storytellers gather
And excitement rises
Steady as the tide filling the bay
It’s been a long time waiting
A winter cold, lonely, and grey

The Storytellers gather
Beside the embers, beneath the moths
Call us to come round, come round
To share community and fellowship
As they revel, delight, astound

The Storytellers gather
Their humors bright
And passions strong
To pull us up, raise us high
Away from thoughts dark and nights long

The Storytellers gather
And it’s a sweet sort of magic
Hearing voices that rise and fall, pitch and rebound
A powerful, generous sort of magic
To create faith and joy from sound

The Storytellers gather
Giving freely their love and their truth
And we’ll hold it close, hold it fast
Prose turned to talismans
For those days that spin and those which lash

The Storytellers gather
And new worlds are born
Though winds whistle and wolves howl
We are a thousand minds dreaming
Safe and jubilant and together now

The Storytellers gather
Challenge and inspire
Lay foundation to our hope
Which becomes marvelous and mighty
With ten thousand hands to hold

The Storytellers gather
And kindle those sparks
That glow and pulse deep inside
A hundred thousand wishes
Ignite into a hundred thousand lights

The Storytellers gathered
One cold, dark, lonely night
And when they went they left
A sky filled and burning bright

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There are Fools in the Village
Drawing shit on the walls and pissing in the lake
I think one might be responsible for Pieter’s missing cane

There are Fools in the Village
Rowdy, rough, and disreputable, seen going in and out of jail
Even the ones with good grooming seem sly horn to tail

There are Fools in the Village
Holding curious swords and curiouser histories
And I will admit the stinky one too has an air of mystery

There are Fools in the Village
With bluffs and cons and for every truth more lies
With silver tongues and itching fingers and roaming restless eyes

There are Fools in the Village
Brought in by some strange and shifting wind
My dear, one can only imagine what chaos they’ll bring

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There’s a game I like to play
And it begins by saying yes

I see the providence of joy and I take it
Sink my teeth in and smile
With jam stained lips and cheeks dusted in sugar

I see the invocation of mischief and I revel in it
Run full force and delight
Turn the world upside down and belief inside out

I see the grace of friendship and I welcome it
Hold out my hand and hope
As fortunes are shared and a ring slides away

There’s a game I like to play
And it begins by saying yes

It’s simple to say no
And never try, never fail
But how can you bake a tart
If you never start a fire

It’s easy to say no
And never worry, never fear
But how can you share a joke
If you always hold your breath

It’s tempting to say no
And never falter, never be lost
But how can you follow the Traveler
If you refuse the journey

There’s a game I like to play
And it begins by saying yes

Yes to bright new horizons
Yes to the buffet of experiences before me
Yes to being and becoming and beyond all I ever knew

There’s a game I like to play
And it begins by saying yes

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“...and if Pieter’s damn pigs get into the garden one more time I swear I’ll drag that old goat to the Lawmaster myself. That reminds me those Fools too had been running about and causing quite the ruckus.

There were Fools in the Village
Befuddling the guards and having orgies at the lake
They were a curious lot sweet, strange, smelly, and too many faced

There were Fools in the Village
Always wandering about, doing uncanny things far too early or far too late
Why yestermorn Ludy saw them carrying on with a demon’s head in the street

There were Fools in the Village
Heard brawling in the warehouse, seen buying a great many rounds
I tell you dear one the volume of mischief they’re center of quite astounds

There were Fools in the Village
Now the bath’s missing a knob and the general’s been turned round
Some skein might get woven and Baumbauch’s parcels aren’t to be found

There were Fools in the Village
Come in and gone out on that same peculiar shifting breeze
One can only imagine where next they’ll go and who next they’ll tease

It was as I predicted Giselle and they were quite impressive in the amount of mischief wrought. Now, I’m eagerly awaiting the news from Alfield do write as soon as you are able it's been far too long since I've heard from you…”

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There are things we see, we should never know
‘Neath the waters deep and dancing
Strange things flow beyond the lighthouse glow

Slunk low 'neath the the undertow
There’s creatures lovely and maddening
Strange things flow beyond the lighthouse glow

When the stars hang high and moon’s filled low
They hunt fey, sharp toothed, enchanting
There are things we see, we should never know

Uncanny things lay strong folks low
Turn good ones raving and ranting
Strange things flow beyond the lighthouse glow

My ship and mates lay broken among the sands below
And I encompassed by an eye wa̧tch҉i͡ng all entrancing
There are things we see pot̕e̛͜n͠t̵҉i̵͞al̶̢ we should never know

Though I wander l̢ea̕rn, g͟r̨ow̧ far from that maritime woe
Those haunting...luring words keep advancing
There are things we see p͟r͜ovo̕k҉e̸ we should never know C̨̜̳̭̝͕̪͓O̙̫N̝̭ͅS̵͓̫̝̱͔ͅͅU̡̘͇̰̰͔M̧̘͎̬̰̦͈E̟̯͍̜̮
Strange things flow rew҉a҉r̸d̴ beyond the lighthouse glow

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We live our lives an overlapping cycle of seasons
One laying on the next, folding over another in perpetuity

We plant our spring eternal
Sharing flowers in fields and pastries from rusacks
Exchanging tricks in taverns and nonsense in trees

We cast eager fields with tiny moments
Pickle juice and picked pockets
Dancing lights and moonlit sights

We propagate trust in the warmth of action
Delighting in clever wordplay and cleverer tactics still
Chasing through smokey streets and down tunnels deep

We graft faith with each exchange
Healing wounds and holding hands
Carrying each other and caring for each other

We seed promise in wild grounds
Blessings and incense and salt water
Ball bearings and kisses and book money

We live our lives an overlapping cycle of seasons
One laying on the next, folding over another in perpetuity

And in spring, we hope

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Tagged on the door of a monastery classroom...

Homework fucking sucks
Writing poetry is dumb
School’s stupid, I’m done


Nott tries her hand at some human poetry...

Sticks are canes
Trinkets are shiny
Caleb is wonderful
And we are the Mighty Neiny

Nott: How was that Caleb?
Caleb: You can write poetry?! Wunderbar! This is amazing!!


Along with some truly magnificent pictures Jester likes to add in a verse or two to amuse the Traveler…

We met a man with slick hair and a lot of vanity
And I talked him into writing a letter for me
Cause he used to know my mother
Ya know cause he used to fuck her
And now we can take Fjord to the Academy

*below the poem is a doodle of Fjord with heart eyes*

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We move forward
The Wheel spins as Fortuna turns
Time beckoning while Fate churns

We move forward
The tapestry with finite thread, the festival already begun
The star of so much sparkle, and the day half gone

We move forward
The roads always change and the waters mander
And madness ever lies in gazing back to wonder

We move forward
Better to go somewhere, go anywhere, go away
Than to stop, to stagnate, to decay

We move forward
A cornucopia of places we’ll never see, experiences we’ll never know
But we can’t know what those aren’t ‘til we travel, ‘til we grow

We move forward
No future no later, nor any past any then
Only the glorious present and an ever looming when

We move forward
For the sights and delights, for kindness manifold
More lovely than any platinum, any jewel, any gold

We move forward
We fools dancing gaily along the cliff
Bargaining danger and ruin for the beauty of a life well lived

We move forward

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there are loud noises
many loud noises
and i am scared
i am scared
but she will come
will hold me
and it will be well

there are people
bad people
they take me away
and away
but she will find me
will take me home
and it will be well

there is pain
so much pain
it hurts
it hurts
but she will come
will heal me
and it will be well

mama said listen
listen to nature
to the leaves
to the birds
i listen
and i listen
and i listen

and i hear
far away
the sound of thunder
she is coming
it will be well

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Be loud, my dears
Brassy and bellicose
Living in fanfare, walking in triumph

Be outrageous, my dears
Shameless and spectacular
Tell all who you are and they’ll do the same

Be bright, my dears
Glint and glamour
Light the sky and guide in glory

Be open, my dears
Exuberant and enchanted
A world to be filled with wonder and delight

Be kind, my dears
Courageous and courteous
Leave it better than you found, better for being there

Laugh, my dears
Laugh and love and live
Leave no regrets behind
...and long, long may you reign

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Tomorrow can wait
The future can hold
Right now
We’re a universe of wanting
My hands pulling your plate
Yours tearing my coat

Tomorrow can wait
Alongside what happens next
Right now
I’ve only two concerns
Marking your every inch and
Savoring your hands grip ‘n’ tense

Tomorrow can wait
As what troubles may fall
Right now
The curve of your bicep has my focus
Rugged as it tosses my weight
Beautiful as we almost take out a wall

Tomorrow can wait
With all life’s moral exams
Right now
There is nothing more distracting than
The burn of your cheek on my thigh
The feel of your hair in my hands

Tomorrow can wait
So too hindsight and doubt
Right now
There’s only you
Swagger in your eyes
Smirk on your mouth

Tomorrow can wait
As well the morning light
Right now
There’s a bed too inviting
A body too willing
And a couple rounds left to fight

Tomorrow can wait
And every fucking stress
Right now
I’ve you beneath me
Handsome how you buck
Stunning how you flex

Tomorrow can wait
With tomorrow’s attacks
Right now
All I want to think on is
Your teeth tattooing my neck
Your nails entrenching my back

Tomorrow can wait
As can goodbyes
Right now
Your warm and waiting
Hair feathering my nose
Hand tracing my sides

Tomorrow can wait
Right now
I’ve got myself something nice

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Once I was a seed, filled with potential and blessed with good soil

Once I was a sprout, green leaf and curious, safe beneath the canopy

Once I was a sapling, stubborn with hard bark and roots dug deep

I am a still maturing, learning to hold against strange winds and long droughts

One day I may be majestic, with sheltering branches and roots far-flung

One day I will die as all things die, fall as all things fall become rot and duff

One day there will be a seed, may that I leave behind enough to make good soil

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At night I wonder, did I kill you friend
Doom you same as the mariner his albatross
And is this the way it will always end

With my failure once again
My dearth of strength, my weakness of thought
At night I wonder, did I kill you friend

What a callow fool I have been
To so miss weigh the danger, the cost
And is this the way it will always end

We trying to move forward, trying to pretend
Yet all still feel keenly your loss
At night I wonder, did I kill you friend

Because there is no way to defend
How much ruin I have wrought
And is this the way it will always end

Though I try to fix, try to mend
Try to make your memory not for naught
At night I wonder, did I kill you friend
And is this the way it will always end