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How I killed you

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For a second everything was white and soundless. The moment lasted unimaginably long till the white light subsided and the noises of the world came back rushing on them like a merciless downpour in the form of ringing ears and piercing screams.

He felt dizzy. His legs wobbled under him as he tried to stand then he felt a strong hit on his shoulder and being off balance he fell to the ground with a hard thud, still blinking unaware where he was and what happened just before the blinding white light.

But this blissful state of obliviousness couldn’t last long as among the dozens of screams his ears was hit by the one familiar.


He scrambled to his feet again and reality was evident and undeniable in front of his eyes as the enormous crater in the place of the building that had stood there just a minute before.

Before the crumbling. Before the explosion.

’’Ladybug! Ladybuuug!” Rena’s shouts echoed through the now empty place while she frantically tried to search after her last companion.

Only to find nothing.

There was nothing there anymore. Just an empty crater with some debris on the side, shattered into smaller pieces by the detonation.

He took a step, then another, until his feet got in sync with his frantic heartbeats.

It couldn't be. No, it couldn’t. It was a bad dream. It wasn’t real. He kept saying these to himself as he jumped into the crater as well, head searching in utter madness for any signs of the heroine. But there was nothing. Not even his cat eyes could find any trace of her. He desperately turned around but nothing. Nothing remained from the building. There was nothing.

His mind was railing and he felt his breathing getting heavier and more labored with each second. He couldn’t see her anywhere. He was about to run to the side and start to dig himself through the debris but a firm hand landed on his shoulder jerking him backwards with full force.

’’This is your fault!” Rena cried out as both of her hand now were gripping his shoulder and tears steamed down her face. ’’This is all your fault! You did this! You killed her!” She choked on the last word and the sobbing stopped her from yelling any further.

’’No… I…” He tried to take a step back but feeling the movement under her touch Rena Rouge gripped down harder on him.

’’You…!” Her voice died off again but she gulped down her tears and tried to continue.’’You…” But the force slowly dripped from her tone and the venom was replaced by despair. ’’She… she trusted you. She trusted you. S-She al-always thought y-you would have her back.”

’’I…” He started but didn’t know what to say. His own throat constricting painfully, not letting any air into his lungs.

’’And you killed her!” Rena shouted using up the last bit of energy before slumping to the ground, dissolving into uncontrollable sobs.

’’Rena!” Came a voice from further away before the turtle hero landed a few meters from them. ’’Rena!” Carapace ran to her immediately pulling her into an embrace. ’’Rena, where is Ladybug?”

But he got no answer from the girl in his arms. She just kept helplessly sobbing like the world just ended. And it truly ended.

Carapace became as hopeless as the girl but this helplessness morphed into anger as his angry gaze shot up to the cat in front of him. ’’What have you done? What did you do to her?!” He demanded.

’’L-L-Lady-y-bug-g” She choked out in trembling voice. For a moment confusion was evident on the turtle hero’s face but slowly it dawned on him too.

’’Guys, you didn’t pick up!” Queen Bee huffed as she landed beside them. ’’What are you doing here?” She hissed at Chat Noir but the boy was frozen in place. She rolled her eyes as she pushed him out of the way. ’’Guys, what’s with you all?” She asked again obviously annoyed but suddenly her brain registered the sobbing Rena Rouge on the ground held by Carapace. ’’Guys…?” She tentatively took a step closer, her face getting paler. ’’Where is Ladybug?”

Carapace looked up at her and shook his head.

’’No…” Queen Bee whispered out before she turned towards Chat Noir again. ’’You did this?!”

In that moment Chat’s ring let out a warning beep dragging him out of his stupor. His head shot up and a sob escaped as he ran. Ran and ran and ran until he could run away from this reality. It’s just that he couldn’t.