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Hello everyone! This is an idea I had for a new story. I wrote the first chapter and figured I would post it and see how it went. If it gets a pretty good response, I will continue this into a full blown multi-chapter story. If you like it, go ahead and leave a review and let me know that you would like to read more!

WARNING: Rated MA for Explicit Graphic Depictions of Violence, Graphic Depiction of Rape/Non-Consensual Sex, Graphic Sex, Graphic Physical and Mental Abuse, Mental Instability, Hints and Implications Toward Underage Non-Consensual Sex, and Human Sex Trafficking of Minors. Please read at your own discretion.

I do not own Fairy Tail; All major characters depicted in this fan-created fiction story belong to Hiro Mashima.


Sold to sex traffickers at a young age by her own father, Lucy is sent to into a foster home before being placed into a normal high school where she struggles to conform to what a normal life should be for a 16-year-old girl. Can some of Magnolia high's students help the blonde to adjust and show her what it means to be a normal teenager? Modern day AU. TRIGGER WARNINGS INSIDE!

Fresh unshed tears welled up into the blonde girl's honey brown eyes as the young child no older than twelve wandered the overly crowded mall that her father had all but forced her to come to with him. The usually passive and cold male had been all too eager to drag what he would consider his bratty daughter along with him.

At the time, the child didn't understand why her usually bitter and distant father had decided to take her out. Ever since her mother passed away, the male had completely shunned her while throwing himself into his work, the young girl had been certain the blonde haired man had forgotten he even had a daughter.

After all, sometimes days would go by without the man even checking on her to see if she was okay.

The once strong and capable male she looked up to had turned into a shell of his former self, closing himself off from the only remaining family that either of them had left.

And it hurt.

It was almost as if the blonde had lost two parents the day her mother had passed away instead of just one. If the girl was asked, she would say just that. Her father hardly spoke to her unless it was to berate the blonde on something she'd done wrong.

Eventually, his angry bellows had stopped altogether, leaving the blonde alone. It was almost as if she didn't exist anymore.

The blonde girl stamped down her need to cry at the situation she was currently in, after all, she was twelve now, She wasn't a little kid anymore and she was positive she could easily find the main office by herself. If she was able to do that, maybe security would be able to reach her father on his cell phone to let him know where she was.

The blonde knew that even though he had been distant from her for the past two years, her father would never leave her alone in a huge mall all by herself on purpose, after all, he and her mother had been the ones to tell her that if she was ever to become separated from either of them she should seek out help from someone of authority, whether it be the owner, police or security.

The blonde could only hope that she hadn't angered her father by becoming lost, while he was usually a patient man, that didn't mean that he had time to wait around without getting somewhat agitated.

Lucy didn't get out of the house often, only when her mother took her with her grocery shopping for the house. And she had only been to the mall once before when she was maybe eight years old and always stayed by her mother's side. She had never been lost before.

Lucy didn't recall wandering away too far from her father's hulking form, after all, he was hard to miss in a crowd, especially when he put off a very intimidating air around his presence. So how did she get lost in the first place?

One minute her father was beside her, and the next he was gone.

The blonde wiped the tears that pooled at the corner of her eyes before they could roll down her now pink cheeks. There was no need for her to cry, all she had to do was find the security office, and that shouldn't be that hard, at least the twelve-year-old hoped.

Lucy looked around, the blonde found it odd that none of the multitudes of people had stopped to see if she needed help. They all seemed way to busy as they buzzed by her without even chancing a small glance at the blonde who stood glued to the floor while she tried to make sense of where to go.

She could only guess that it had a lot to do with her appearance. For being only twelve years of age, the blonde was blessed as an early bloomer, giving her the appearance of that of a well endowed preteen.

Through her tear induced blurred vision, Lucy didn't take notice of the one adult that had seemingly started to follow her as she wandered the large building while she searched for any indications on where the main office would be.

It wasn't until the blonde turned to look back and see if maybe she missed any sort of sign, did she notice the man. He walked up to slowly, an intimidating presence seeming to follow the well-dressed gentleman.

For some reason, the young girl felt like she needed to run far away from this male, but the thought slipped from her mind as fast as it had appeared when the male stopped in front of her, his hand held out in front of him in a friendly gesture.

"Hello, dear. You wouldn't happen to be Lucy, would you?" The blonde hesitated before placing her hand on his, light her parents had taught her.

The older gentleman had a distinct long white beard that stopped just above the waist of his tailored black suit. The most noticeable and odd feature of the strange man was his eye patch that made his stand out in the crowd. Not many people wore eye patches, at least that Lucy could recall.

Though he smiled at her, the blonde couldn't help but feel the gesture was forced.

Who was this old guy?

"Yes, I am. How do you know my name?" The blonde retracted her palm from his significantly larger hand. The loss of contact let the white haired man move from his crouched position to stand at his full height once again.

"I am from the mall security. Your father has been looking for you. I've been instructed to bring you back to him as soon as possible." A wave of relief crash into the blonde's body while a genuine smile slipped across her small face at the man's words.

Her father didn't forget about her, after all!

"Please allow me to show you the way back, Lucy, dear." The blonde bobbed her head up and down enthusiastically in a show of understanding. The young girl was sure relief was evident on her face as she followed the suited man without another word, she didn't need any more convincing than that.

Lucy took in her surroundings, making sure not to get separated from the male much like she did with her father. Crowds of people filed through the mall's open floor plan, leaving hardly any room for error. If the blonde was so much as to look away from the suited man, she might just lose him within the chaos of the crowd, so the blonde kept her eyes trained on his back.

She couldn't afford to look away for even a second, that's probably how she got in this situation in the first place.

Laughter and bits and pieces of difference conversations met her ears while she waded through the crowd, the blonde only stopping when the male in front of her did so.

The blonde came to stand just a little in front of him to get a better view of where he had taken her. The blonde had been too busy looking at the door that she didn't notice that the man had started to reach within his suit pocket.

"Okay Lucy, your father should be right beyond that door." The blonde looked at the door with confusion, above the frame, it clearly said 'Exit'.

Surely this was some type of mistake, shouldn't it say Security or office? Why would she need to leave the building?

But the blonde didn't have a second more to ponder on her confusion before the door was pushed open and she was forced into the alleyway, a wet cloth came around to cover her mouth just when she was about to let out a terrified scream.

A muscular arm wrapped around her body, while the other kept the cloth over her mouth firmly in place. The force of his hand on her face caused the blonde to wince, surely he wasn't trying to break her nose as well?

The young girl tried to breathe, but from the force of his hand weighing down on her face and the smell of chloroform as it choked the small blonde, she wasn't getting enough oxygen.

She struggled against the man's hold while her eyes darted wildly around the alley, taking note of another man snickering while the girl kicked the man holding her, the action allowed her to free one of her hands.

She let her nails embed themselves deep within the flesh of the old man's hand that was covering her mouth, causing an infuriated grunt ripe from the male's mouth.

"The little brat too much for you to handle, Hade?" The cackle from the long blonde haired male that had been standing against the wall of the alley had the young girl whimpering from the volume of the annoying laugh.

The preteen's vision started to fade in and out while her ears started to muffle all of the sounds around her until she could barely make out any words her two kidnappers were saying.

"Silence Zancrow! Is the car close by?" The blonde felt her eyes droop while she fought hard to breath against the soaked rag that was held against her face. Her attacks wear becoming weaker and weaker by the second as the fight all but left her body while sleep threatened to take hold of her consciousness.

"Right over there, boss man. Don't forget to give that bastard his dirty money before we leave." Lucy opened her eyes just in time to see the long haired young man gesture towards another part of the alley.

The blonde could barely make out the blurred form of a brown suit that she knew.


That was all the blonde could whisper, though the word was muffled by the soaked rag.

Then Lucy's world went black as she finally felt the effects of both the lack of oxygen and chloroform take hold of her.

If the blonde had been able to hold out just a moment longer she would have seen how the head of the Heartfilia household moved closer, but only when he was sure the blonde in the older white haired male's arms had gone unconscious.

He didn't need the troublesome girl seeing him, that would only cause him problems in the future.

Well if she had a future, that was.

Zancrow took the limp girl from Hades' arms while the older man turned towards the blonde haired male in the brown suit before taking out a wad of cash from his pocket.

"Just take her away. I can't stand to look at her face anymore. Do as you wish with her, just keep my name out of anything to do with her." The stern blonde accepted the cash from the older man. Not one regret on his passive face.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Heartfilia." The eye patched man all but sneered at the blonde.

Precht may have been in this business by choice, but he would never understand how a father was able to offer up his own daughter to the type of men that he just did.

Sure the white haired man abducted many children himself, and bought other children abducted from others if he felt that they looked like they would catch him quite a few dollars of his own, but having a father release his own daughter was still the purest evil he would see on his end of the business trade.

After all, he didn't deal with the children, he just collected then dropped them off. Even the white haired man didn't know what fate would have in store for the children after he had finished dropping them off at the drop-off point, nor did he care.

So many willing parents ready to sell their own flesh and blood just for a few thousand dollars. It was disgraceful, but it's not like the old man could judge.

Human nature was very cruel, indeed.

The old man turned to walk toward the car that his younger partner had already deposited the twelve-year-old girl in. Precht glanced at Jude one last look over hisshoulder, before he himself climbed into the car.

When the blonde finally came to, she was bound and gagged in what she could only assume was a vehicle.

A small whimper slipped from the blonde, her head was pounding while the feel of her body bouncing as if she was in a car made her feel nauseous.

Lucy moved to sit up but found herself hitting her head from the fact movement, letting her know that she was in a small confined space.

Anxiety slipped into her heart when she realized that not only was she blindfolded, but she was gagged while her arms tied behind her back.

The blonde took in shallow breaths while she bounced as if the car had hit a big pothole. Fear gripped her heart when she let out what she could only call a pathetic sob around the gag that had been forced into her mouth.

The young girl pulled at her wrists, trying to loosen the knot that was digging into her back.

What happened?

How did she get her?

The blonde felt tears pool in her eyes causing the liquid quickly dampened the blindfold that was tied securely around her head when the memory of the old man that had masqueraded as a security personnel.

He had pushed her into an alley and gagged her.

Was she being kidnapped?

The blonde gasped around her gag when she remembered the blurred vision of what she thought was her father just when she was about to fall unconscious.

Did he try to save her from these evil men?

Is he okay?

The blonde couldn't help but cry for her father. Hoping that no harm had come to him and he was able to call the police.

Hopefully law enforcement would be able to find her quickly so she could return back home.

The blonde winced when her head was forcefully slammed against whatever she was laying on when another bump caused her body to involuntarily jerk up then down again.

Lucy tried to suck in another breath while the anxiety clawed its way into her throat, making her feel like she was choking from the little oxygen she was about to get from both her mouth and nose.

She was claustrophobic.

The feeling of being trapped almost too much for the child to bare as she rolled from her back into her side before rubbing her mouth against the rough carpeted ground in an attempt to remove the gag from her mouth.

If only she could just somehow breathe.

Without realizing it, the blonde started to scream when panic started to take over and her involuntary fear started to shrink in around her.

She couldn't breathe..

Her throat felt dry and numb when it felt like her airway had decided to close off on its own. Her body was on fire as she tried not to imagine her lungs aflame from the neglect of precious air.

Lucy let out more, much louder whimpers and shrieks while using her bound ankles to kick up on the roof of the trunk in hopes that whoever was taking her wherever would hear her and help her.

Her wish was granted when the car come to a sudden halt causing her body to jerk while slamming into another hard surface. Her back pressed into another carpeted surface.

She was certain she was stuffed in a trunk now.

The blonde tried to take a deep breath when she felt cool air hit her skin when the trunk latch popped open with a rusty groan. Even though she was blindfolded, Lucy knew that someone was staring down at her.

The young girl let out another muffled scream, in hopes that whoever was above her would have mercy and remove the gage so she could replenish her lungs with much needed air.

However, luck was not in her favor, when she felt a hard force collide with her cheek. The blonde let out a muffled scream when the burning sensation of being slapped hit her nerves. Her tears cascaded down her face in renewed vigor when the person that hit her cackled.

The blonde could feel every hair on her head being ripped from her scalp as the man made a point to pull harder than needed to drag her body up before her face was slammed into the musky smelling carpet of the trunk.

"Shut the fuck up you little brat. We paid good money for you, so be a good girl and keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut." Honey brown eyes widened beneath the blindfold when the stranger's words slowly registered in her mind.


The blonde tired to voice her question but was silenced when another hard slap was felt across her already stinging cheek. The pain from the man's forceful hits had made the blonde forget all about her suffocating fit.

"It would do you well to learn to shut up now before we hand you over. If not, you're never gonna make us any money." The blonde let out a silent sob while her body violently shook. She didn't understand what the man meant.

"I guess now we know why your ol' man decided to sell your ass. You don't listen worth shit you fuckin' brat!" The blonde felt another slap, this time to the other cheek before she could feel the force of the trunk being shut with a loud bang.

The blonde was stunned into silence.

Her father… He wasn't there to save her..

He let them take her..

The blonde's body shook violently. Her own father, the only remaining family member that she had left- He didn't want her..

Her would rather sell her off to the highest bidder than deal with her anymore? Was she really that horrible of a daughter?

What had she done to deserve this fate?

The twelve-year-old girl found herself curling in on herself the best that she could in the small space that she had.

This pain- It was too intense for her. She felt betrayed- by her own father no less. Wasn't a father supposed to protect his daughter from these types of people that had her now?

Then why?

If that was a father's job, then why was this happening to her now? Why had she been handed over to two complete strangers to be treated with such cruelty?

The preteen's still learning mind hurt from both the physical and mental anguish of the situation.

Lucy could help herself from the thought before it rushed through her mind like a tidal wave. She wanted her mother back.

If Layla Heatifilia was still alive none of this ever would have happened.

Her mother cared about what happened to Lucy, she would have never let this happen to her own daughter.

Her own flesh and blood.

Lucy couldn't help but wonder how long her father had this planned?

How many times did she wake up and eat breakfast at a silent table with him with that awful man having his plan in the works without her even knowing?




A year?

Tears ran freely down the twelve-year old's face before exhaustion or anguish finally made the girl succumb to the darkness while she wept in her sleep.

"Wake up, little shit." Lucy was violently shaken from her slumber, her eyes opening only when she felt her young body collide onto a rock hard surface before the blindfold was ripped from her red-rimmed eyed.

The blonde blinked when harsh rays of light blinded the blonde after being stuck in the darkness for so long. She rapidly opened and closed her chocolate orbs, trying to adjust to the harsh brightness.

Next, her gag was forcefully removed, much to the relief of the young girl.

She could finally breathe again.

When Lucy was finally able to make out more than just random blurs of color, she looked around. The blonde's eyes scanned over the large expanse of the room before falling her two captives while they spoke.

"Alright, I've done my part. See ya 'round, Madam Ultear." Lucy's eyes looked back to the male who had slapped her around while she was still in the trunk. His long blonde hair was unkempt as it fell down his back in large tuffs.

"Well done. Let Hades know that his payment is being transferred as we speak." Lucy's eyes widened when her eyes landed on an older woman with long black hair pulled back from her face. Her eyes were downcast toward the cell phone in her hands.

Lucy zoned in on the older woman's face, noticing at how much make up the woman wore. The cosmetic products were thick upon every inch of her face. Though even with all the dramatic makeup, Lucy could tell that if she hadn't been wearing any, she would still be gorgeous.

The blonde male only cackled while waving his hand over his shoulder as he walked out the front door. The blonde followed him out before the door slammed back into its original closed position. The door had too many locks for a normal house.

"Hello, little girl. From this day forward, you will call me Madam." Lucy shrunk back from the older woman who was dressed in what looked to be a velvet robe. The blonde shook when the woman leaned back away from her, a frown evident on the woman's face.

"Girl, what is your name?" Lucy eyed the woman, hesitating while she wondered if telling this woman her name would be a wise decision. However, before Lucy could think any more on the subject, the older woman had reached out and slapped her across the face. The sting causing the blonde to let out a small shriek of surprise as the pain shot through her body.

"You will do well to answer when your madam speaks to you, brat! Do not make me wait for an answer." Lucy coward in fear when the woman's voice rose to a high pitched yell.

"Lu.. Lola. My name is Lola." The blonde felt a tear slip past her closed eyelids in fear of being struck once again if the ebony haired woman knew that she was lying about her real name. She had been smacked around so much today already.

"Lola. I see. Well, from this day on your name will be Ashley. Forget the name Lola, wipe it from your mind completely. Do you understand me?" Lucy could only shake her head in a silent nod.

It didn't even matter that she had given the woman a fake name.

Lucy watched the woman turn her back to her while walking into another room, most likely expecting the blonde to follow. Her suspicions rang true when the ebony haired woman's voice drifted through the room

"Now, rise to your feet Ashley. It's time for you to get to work."

Silent tears fell down her wide brown eyes while she tried to stand on her weak legs while wobbling to follow after the older woman. Her head was pounding and her stomach churned within her body as hunger started to set in.

She hadn't eaten since breakfast time. But it looked like she shouldn't expect food anytime soon.