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A Greater Hero Than The World Has Ever Seen

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Deku had become a symbol of peace, a pillar in society that showed no sign of crumbling any time soon, comparable only to the last symbol of peace, All Might. He was the Number One Hero, and had been for the last five years or so, despite his incredibly young age. He was only 29 years old, but had already secured himself a stable position in the hero industry. In his years as a hero, he spoke up passionately for equal rights for everyone.

Together, he and the Number Five Hero, Red Riot, advocated for a past hero, Crimson Riot’s, belief that anyone could become a hero regardless of their quirk. With several prominent female heroes, including Number Four Hero, Creati, Number Eight Hero, Uravity, and Number Eleven Hero, Froppy, he argued against the blatant sexism occasionally displayed in the hero industry. With the Number Three Hero, Shouto, he spoke up for victims of abuse, particularly domestic abuse. Due to these, and many other stances taken by the popular new generation of heroes, a new era of equality and justice was being ushered in. With this came many questions and complications, but it also led to generations of diverse, caring heroes.

After his most recent publicized villain fight, Deku had been swarmed by reporters. They had clamored for his attention, hoping to make their story the next big hit.

“Deku! What’s your stance on Ground Zero’s latest adjustment to his hero costume?”

“Is it true that most former Class 3-A students, yourself included, have moved in together?”

“What is your opinion on the latest legislation passed about-“

“Ah! Please settle down now,” the hero stated with a reassuring smile, “I support Ka-Ground Zero in whatever he wants to do with his costume, that’s his choice. The newest addition will probably help with mobility and enhance his flight capabilities further and- oh, I’m rambling, sorry. Anyway, yes, some of my fellow heroes and I have moved in together, no, I can’t confirm who,” He added with a chuckle, seeing how eager the reporters looked at the thought of identifying which heroes they could spread information about, “And I’m glad that law has helped us move forward more. I have to go now, have a good day!” And with that, he made his way through the crowd, reporters too busy jotting down his words and attempting to decipher his brief mumbling to go after him, though someone else did.

A young girl, about 10 or 11 years old, ran after him, calling out his hero name.

“Deku! Deku! Please wait!”

Hearing his name, he stopped and turned around to see who was there. Upon seeing the girl, his face softened into a kind smile.

“Yes? How can I help you?” He replied. The girl seemed shocked that he had stopped in the first place, and she took a moment to gather her thoughts.

“Oh! Uh, I was wondering, um, I’m...quirkless. Do you think I can s-still be a hero?” She asked him, stuttering over her words in a way that was all too familiar to him. He had once been just like this girl, and he briefly thought back to the moment he met All Might, looking up at him, and asking the same question. His dreams had been crushed in that moment, but that day changed his life forever. As she looked up at him, sad but hopeful, he knew he could only give her one answer.

“Yes. Of course you can be a hero!” He replied, smiling widely, though his eyes were tinged with sadness as the girl burst into tears, thanking him profusely. He continued with his statement, “’s going to be really hard. People are going to be rude, training is going to be harder for you than pretty much anyone else, and it’s going to hurt. If you’re still okay with that, then I’m sure you’ll make a good hero. And if you need any help, let me know,” He finished with a great smile.

The girl was still sobbing, but nodded, accepting the burden that she would have to bear to become a hero.

“I’ll do it. I’ll do anything it takes to become a hero!” She declared, wiping her tears as they continued, looking up to meet his eyes.

“Yeah!” Deku responded eagerly. There was a pause for a moment and then...

“Ah! I forgot to ask your name, I’m so sorry! And I told you I would help you, but I didn’t give you any contact details! Here, let me fix that. But you have to swear that you’ll never give out my information, ok?” Deku suddenly panicked, fumbling to pull out his phone. This seemed to send the girl into the same kind of frenzy, stumbling over her words as she introduced herself as Nakamura Atsuko, and swearing to not give out his phone number. They both fumbled around for a bit before meeting the other’s eyes and bursting into giggles.

“I hope I’ll see you soon!” Deku called as they parted, “If you’re alright with it, I’m already working on a training plan. You’re going to be the best hero this world has seen!”

Atsuko flushed at that, calling out a meek ‘goodbye’ to the hero. She almost couldn’t believe what had just happened. The Number One Hero, Deku, just offered to personally train her. To make her into the ‘best hero the world has ever seen’. Her! Quirkless, useless Nakamura! She couldn’t wait to contact him.