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Naughty Boys

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            Chachamaru was awoken to the sounds of giggling in the hotel room and knew Gackt must be back. Why had he been the one stuck with the vocalist, who never knew when to call it a night? He had gone to bed three hours ago and it must be around five in the morning by now. Silently cursing the record label for insisting on these budget cuts, Chachamaru tried his best to ignore the giggling men in the room. Gackt clearly had company and curious to see who it was Chachamaru rolled over and opened a single eye, just enough to recognise the other as Jon.

            The giggling continued along with whispering and then metal clicking against metal, Chachamaru did his best to ignore it all but as the noises changed and he realised that they were planning to have sex in the bed just a few feet away, he knew he had to speak up.

            “Guys, you know I'm awake and only a few feet away, right?” Chachamaru demanded.

            “Hi Cha!” Jon spoke up brightly and Gackt began to giggle again.

            “Hi Jon,” Chachamaru replied. “Now go to bed.”

            “We're horny,” Gackt explained. “Right Jon.”

            “Yeah.” Jon agreed, sounding proud of it, almost as if being horny was an accomplishment.

            “Well go to Jon's room then,” Chachamaru ordered. “Because I'm awake and you're not having sex in here.”

            “Can't, Gackt wet the bed.” Jon explained making Chachamaru sit up and glare at the two men, furious at being disturbed by this.

            “With wine,” Gackt explained quickly. “It turns out I can't drink it through my ass, though that bottle neck felt so good.”

            “Seriously. I don't want to know.” Chachamaru complained, watching as Gackt headed over and got into his bed beside him, his hand sliding down his naked back and straight into his boxer shorts where his finger began to tease his entrance. He wanted to complain but instead a quiet moan escaped his lips, he was just so sensitive and Gackt knew it.

            “Come on Cha. I'll do that thing you like with my tongue,” Gackt begged. “Help me punish Jon, I have him handcuffed for you.”

            “I...” Cha began but the slight increase of pressure on his hole and the promise it made was tempting.

            “Spank him Cha,” Gackt begged. “Please?”

            “I've been bad.” Jon spoke up as he raised his handcuffed wrists to show Cha. Figuring everything out in an instant, Cha looked at Jon and smiled.

            “Bring him here.” Cha ordered, as he got out of bed with a smile. The couple had planned this, to come in here and wake him up so he'd join in. Gackt knew he couldn't resist him, knew that Cha could be quite the slut when he wanted to be. The guitarist just loved to please and didn't even believe in monogamy, believing instead that humans were designed to sleep with whoever they pleased, whenever they wanted too. All that mattered to Cha was that he had his partners consent. It had been why his relationship with Gackt had been so short lived and why Gackt had come back to him now he wanted to try a threesome.

            Gackt pulled down Jon's trousers and underwear, helping his lover out of them before getting him to kneel on all fours on Cha's bed. A perverted grin never once left his lips and as Cha moved behind Jon they kissed quickly, displaying just how much they had both missed being together like this.

            Jon groaned as Chachamaru's hand first connected with his ass, he hadn't expected it to be so hard. He was prepared for when Chachamaru's hand connected again and quickly became hard from all this. It wasn't so much the pain but the humiliation that got him off and he knew Gackt was watching with a perverted grin on his face, though he couldn't see it.

            After a few slaps, Chachamaru gently rubbed Jon's ass before hitting it again, he was an expert at such games. He always had loved playing the naughty teacher to younger men's bad students.  It was a role he found himself playing in both real life and his sexual fantasies and so it came natural to him.

            When Gackt decided Jon had had enough, the other vocalist was rolled over and his t-shirt eagerly cut off his chest as Chachamaru pulled off his boxers. Gackt had stripped whilst they'd been playing and the sight of his erection made them both weak at their knees. Knowing what was expected of him, Chachamaru crawled up the bed and gently pushed his length into Jon's eager mouth, feeling himself being sucked off hungrily. He was already moaning by the time Gackt's finger was pushing on his entrance again and his body shook in anticipation of what was about to come.

            Gackt teased Chachamaru for a while, never once penetrating him, before deciding it was time to fulfil his promise. Getting comfortable behind the guitarist, he gently slid his tongue over Chachamaru's entrance making him moan in delight. He teased him like this a few times before slowly pushing his tongue inside the older man. Gackt didn't enjoy this so much as tolerate it but it had been what had got Cha to agree to join in and he would keep his promise, besides, the delightful moans coming from Cha's mouth were all the encouragement he could ever need.

            Flicking his tongue inside Cha Gackt reached around and began to play with Jon's erection, not so much pleasuring him off as teasing him. Letting go he moved his fingers down and pushed into Jon's entrance, still wet from their love making before.

            Jon gasped around Chachamaru's length and felt himself almost melt thanks to Gackt's fingers. It had been such a great idea to continue their love making session in here and include Chachamaru. He was loving every second and as Chachamaru came into his mouth, Jon swallowed hungrily, knowing exactly what Gackt's next move would be.

            Without a word Gackt got up and undid the handcuffs, winking at Jon who nodded his head. A second past and then Gackt had Chachamaru's arms pinned behind him, as Jon sat between the guitarist’s legs. There was a smirk on his lips, as Chachamaru struggled slightly but the other was only surprised and excited. Gackt held Cha's wrists with a single hand for a second as he reached over for the lube he'd hidden in the night stand draw and tossed it to Jon, who instantly began to prepare the guitarist with a grin on his face the whole time. Chachamaru was so sexy like this, trapped between them with his erection standing proud. He looked almost innocent, which was strange given the circumstances and Jon loved him even more for it.

            Once Cha was prepared, Jon slid his length into the other and began to move within him hard and fast, knowing any pain he caused was his thanks for before. Cha was loving it anyway and so he picked up speed, getting harder and faster as he did so until from a signal from Gackt he stopped.

            Pulled over onto hands and knees Chachamaru braced himself for Jon's re-entry. Sure enough, it came before he was even ready and he fell onto his chest, held up by his hips by Jon. It was harder now, more exciting and he moaned eagerly with his head buried in the bedding.

            Gackt watched for only a moment before moving behind Jon, pushing himself in as deep as he could go before picking up a hard pace of his own. It pushed Jon deeper inside Chachamaru and the moans that filled the room got louder and louder as the three men desperately tried to find release.

            Chachamaru managed to get his fingers around his length and eagerly stroked himself with the same frantic pace as the men behind him. He wanted to cum, he needed to cum and so he did, dirtying the sheets beneath him and simply laying still as Jon finished inside him, so only Gackt was left. It took him a minute to finish but when he did his moans were enough to make Chachamaru smile, it'd been so long since he'd slept with Gackt. Too long, but perhaps things would change after tonight. He didn't say anything but looking between the two men, he suspected his theory was right, humans just weren't designed for monogamy and that was alright. In fact, it was great because as soon as Gackt and Jon realised it to, nights like this would become more and more frequent. Chachamaru could hardly wait.