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twice they made the same mistake

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first, it was at an H.A. party

For the past couple of years, since that long forgotten night with the sword and the undead hero Zombieman, Tatsumaki’s new hobby included cross fit (because of her little sister’s newest brilliant idea) and… drinking. Both things walked together, and were actually a great combo for one reason only: she was going to learn how to outdrink that goddamn boiled egg of a hero who liked to joke about her height.

And she did it. She most definitely won a binge drinking contest with Baldy fair and square, on his face during another of those over the top Hero Association parties to celebrate another big win.

To say that Tatsumaki was drunk was an understatement. Saitama had an outer worldly metabolism, and she didn’t say that because Fubuki had hammered the information in her brain anytime she could, but because she knew it for a fact. It wasn’t easy for her to admit that, and it wasn’t as if she would ever say the words out loud, but she knew it in her heart (and in her stomach) that being half his size, she was in for a hell of a hangover.

It’d be worth it, though, there was no denying it.




And to celebrate, she decided to dance her ass off for the rest of the night. Fubuki was being all control and uptight, but Tatsumaki wasn’t having it. For once, she would let loose and just party.

Well, right after she emptied her bladder, that was.

After Fubuki left, Tatsumaki started her crusade after a toilet, and thanks to Superalloy that she ended up going upstairs and following Baldy into the first open door he found. At least she’d like to blame it on Superalloy later, if anything stupid ever happened, not the fact that she was quite intoxicated, and she heard Saitama mumble her name, making her curious as to what the hell he was talking about, and not even because part of her somewhere in that drunk mind of hers was well aware that Baldy was actually… quite attractive.

“… all Tatsumaki’s fault, pulling that on me. How can she drink so much, she’s like a tiny little mice.”

“Who are you calling mice, Avocado Head?” Tatsumaki inquired and Saitama looked at her surprised.

“I didn’t say anything,” he replied.

“Yes, you did,” she barked back, arguing about how he’d been mumbling nonsense and not giving two shits to the fact he literally had his dick in his hands.

As a matter of fact, Tatsumaki didn’t even glance at his parts once (even though she wanted to. She was curious, but not a pervert), and when he asked her to look away so he could pee, she complied crossing her arms and keeping her thighs close together, because jeez, she really needed to pee, and the sound of his peeing was not helping her bladder.

Tatsumaki wasn’t a show off when it came to her body, she mostly kept her skin covered, but she also cared very little for people’s opinion. Growing up that petit, she’d learned to shield herself from stupid comments, and also to keep an eye for perverts. Saitama didn’t look like a pervert. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be hella clueless, because Tats’ sister had been dropping hints that she wanted to bone him for about two years, and from all she knew, she had little to no success.

She wanted to ask him what was the matter there, with him and Fubuki, but her mind was kind of fuzzy and he was leaving the toilet after washing his hands; in the middle of their bickering, she lost the chance to ask him some real questions, and she’d have to do that later, maybe. If she wasn’t sober. Because there was no way in hell she’d just casually ask him “oh, btw, do you even want to fuck my sister?

He was just such a confusing guy, Baldy. Like, he looked so fucking dumb, but he was so clever, and so strong! And when he had his game face on, damn, even Tats herself thought about banging him once or twice. Not just because of the face, but because he pissed her off so many times and so easily, it made her horny.

The only problem was, she couldn’t have the hotties for Baldy, because Fubuki had dibs. Not that she ever had to say she got dibs, because Tatsumaki had never been that interested or invested, but it’d been what? Couple of years since she had some proper sex, and that stupid Avocado man had muscles out of an anatomy book, she could swear!

She shook her head as she washed her hands. None of it mattered anyway, because he was probably gay. A guy didn’t wear an “Oppai” sweatshirt, managed to get none less than Fubuki Blizzard From Hell head over heels for him, and did nothing.

Yeah, he was probably gay. And probably into some weird kinky shit too, like fucking robots. Oh, God, Genos was not his disciple, he was his fuck toy! She figured it out!

She stepped back in the bedroom fixing the skirt of her dress, and saw that Saitama was still there, looking at her in a weird way. She didn’t like it, and made herself clear about it.

“You’re just being weirder than normal,” she told him.

“I’m not weird, you’re weird,” he replied offended. There. They were off to another bickering contest.

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck yourself, it’s cheaper!”

Saitama’s eyes immediately widened and he gulped, knowing that he fucked it up. He could be strong, alright, but that did not mean Tatsumaki couldn’t still demolish him. She would cut him into tiny little pieces and he would never be able to joke about how small she was and how she was not supposed to be drinking! She even filled her lungs with air to give him a moving speech about how the Caped Bald would be no more, but when she moved in his direction, stead of talking, she… kissed him.

Or maybe he kissed her?

Because he’d been well sat on the bad, and now he was practically dangling on its edge as he pulled her by her waist, and her hands went to the collar of his shirt when their lips crashed together.

She only needed a split second to consider closing the door and locking it before she started to lean on top of him, her legs going to each side of him as she grinded against his crotch. He was wearing summer clothes, just like her, and those were greatly thin, perfect to feel each other out, and she was feeling him, alright. His hands went from her thighs to her hips, lifting her short dress before he grabbed her ass so enthusiastically her panties slipped to her crack, putting an extra pressure to her sensitive parts.

Tatsumaki’s lips parted seeking for some air, and found Saitama’s tongue seeking permission that was immediately granted. She was so horny, burning so hot from inside, that she was pretty sure she sobered up. His tongue in hers was needy, and incisive, but she could be those things too, and she let it show through their kissing.

Saitama grunted when she put more pressure on his groin, and moved anxiously, letting her know how into it he was too. She deepened the kiss, sucked on his bottom lip and moved to place small kisses from his jaw to his earlobe, left hickeys on his neck – or at least tried – while his fingers slid under her underwear looking for her holes, one of his hands still grabbing Tatsumaki’s ass.

She felt the tip of his fingers lightly grass by her anus and keep going a little more to the middle. It was hard for him to actually find space to insert his fingers in her vagina, because she was pressing so much against his erection, but he managed one finger in, reminding her that his hand was much bigger than hers.

It felt amazing, and the best part was, they were just getting started.

Tatsumaki pushed him against the mattress, which made him have to let go of her, but he slid further into the bed – it was a ginormous bed, bigger than hers at her V-City house – and when they felt like they were comfortable enough, she reached for the zipper of his pants, while he reached for the hem of her skirt, each taking off each other’s clothes anxiously, helping out in order to get naked as fast and efficiently as possible until they were just in their underwear.

Saitama’s briefs were stretched to the maximum, and she could practically feel how relieved his penis was now that the pants weren’t keeping it down anymore, while Tatsumaki’s cotton panties were pushed to the side, the bottom completely wet from the little play they’d been having so far.

If there was a moment to stop, it was right there and then.

Should they stop? Probably. They were sort of drunk, she didn’t like him, and he was almost dating her sister.

Did they want to stop?

Tatsumaki took a good look at Saitama’s ripped abs, how the muscles of his arms worked as he leaned on his elbows to look at her better, and how his dick trembled with expectation, leaving a wet spot of pre-cum on the fabric; Saitama saw the way Tatsumaki’s curls were kind of stretched out on her shoulders, and how her nipples were perking on her small breasts, pointing at him so invitingly; she was all small and delicate, her waist something he could hold practically with one hand only, and her hips were amazingly round, but she also held tremendous power, like one of those sayings about perfumes in small bottles.

The short answer was no. They did not, at all, want to stop.

So Tatsumaki licked her lips and reached out to the waistband of Saitama’s briefs, ready to release him from the last piece of clothing that was holding him back, and he did nothing to stop her. As a matter of fact, he even lifted his hips a little, to help her out, and she finally freed him.

All that talk of she didn’t care about peaking at his dick before? Forget that, she was full on staring now. He was big, she guessed. Not like, other worldly big, but bigger than other guys she had sex with, and bigger than the toys she liked to use every now and then to release some stress when necessary.

Tatsumaki reached out and tested the girth of Saitama’s penis on her hand liking the texture of his smooth skin and the hardness of the muscle, and he just let her do her thing while watching her in silence. Her fingers barely touched when she closed her hand on his base, and she gave it a tentative stroke, getting a gasp from Saitama – his first reaction of the night, now that they were down almost no clothes.

In numbers, she couldn’t tell how long Saitama’s dick was, but it was something about two and a half of her hands, more or less. Considering how small her hands were, that could shed some light on the type of guys she’d been with before, small men that would make her feel good about herself. Sex was okay most of the time, and she didn’t quite believe in orgasmic experiences, like every women liked to talk about in talk shows, but now, as she jerked Saitama off with one hand, the other between her legs to rub her clit; she got hot, really hot, and sweaty even, as if something was building up and dripping out.

Tatsumaki was so wet, it was ridiculous. She was just touching a dick, that was all. Contrary to what she believed would be the case, Saitama’s baldness was only restricted to his head; he kept a low line of pubic hair, the blackest she could ever imagine, and she massaged his pubis too, gave some attention to his balls. She knew he had just peed, but something inside her urged her to taste him. So she leaned closer, right hand on the base of his penis keeping it up, and licked at the intersection between his penis and his balls.

“Oh, God,” Saitama groaned, laying on the bed. It was a good sound, him groaning, and it motivated Tatsumaki quite a lot, so she gave it another lick, and another, going up centimeter by centimeter and getting more groans and mumbles from him.

He was hot too, and when she needed both hands to steady herself, her fingers slick with her own juices lubricated his dick, helping spread her saliva. She was pretty sure her panties were ruined, and the liquid was now dripping down her thighs, but she didn’t care. The moment she sucked on the tip of Saitama’s cock, Tatsumaki knew for a fact that she was getting some dick that night. There was no turning back from that.

Saitama’s hand went to her hair, tangled on her curls and invited her to suck him, and she complied once again, because she either were really fucking horny or he tasted really good. It was probably the first option, but that didn’t stop her from going at it with full enthusiasm, feeling him grow harder and tremble with the playfulness of her lips and tongue. He didn’t quite fit in her mouth, and she couldn’t deepthroat, but she was doing her best, and totally digging the feelings of that blowjob.

Damn, she really was drunk, wasn’t she?

Tatsumaki used one hand to caress his balls and reached for his nipple with the other while she sucked him, casually looking up at him every now and them and facing the lust in his face. The way he was looking at her as she sucked him made her wonder how she could ever think he was gay. Bi, maybe, but definitely not gay, because he was so into this. He didn’t seem any close to come and she obviously couldn’t deepthroat or anything like that, but she put as much of him as possible inside her mouth, and kept at it until her jaw started to feel a little sore.

“You’re so hot,” Saitama told her when she let go with a satisfied ahh, saliva dripping from her chin.

She wiped it with the back of her hand and the hand he had put on her hair went to the back of her neck to help her up. Saitama sat on the bed, meeting her halfway and kissing her eagerly, and Tatsumaki was glad to see that besides the lust, he also had his game face on.

Saitama, the Caped Baldy, was officially fuckable.

Not that she had any doubts about how far they were going, she was just stating the facts. His hands slid down her back, sending a shiver up her spine as they kissed again ever so eagerly, so very thirsty for each other, and he held her closer; her pussy rubbed on his hard cock, making her moan in the kiss, and she pushed back, putting some inches between them two.

“Saitama,” Tatsumaki said looking in his eyes, sure that his lust matched hers. He raised an eyebrow to indicate that he was listening. “Fuck me.”

He smirked and kissed her again, just a quick peck, before he put both hands on the sides of her hips to push her to the bed.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said seductively.

Saitama had let Tatsumaki lead the way so far, so she gave him the benefit of the lead now. He helped her out of his lap and got her on her knees by his side on the bed, all the while kissing her shoulder; pushing her hair to the side, he continued kissing her skin, pressing tiny bites and hickeys on her shoulders as he positioned himself behind her legs, and Tats pressed her back to his chest, leaned her head back on his shoulder, to give him better access. His hands slid down to her panties, pushing them down as he breathed on her ear.

“You have the best ass ever,” he told her and she smirked. She knew it damn well, but this time she wouldn’t brag.

“I thought you were more of a boobs guy,” she said instead and he shrugged, starting to kiss down her shoulder blades.

“Yeah, but asses are good too, you know?”

Tatsumaki chuckled and immediately shuddered, for he was kissing down her spine, his hands back to her front to play with her nipples. To try and make it fair, she reached for his penis, willing to jerk him off some more, but the intention was short lived because he pushed her to the bed, making her keep her ass up.

For a brief moment, she thought dog style is such a macho thing, but then Saitama was grabbing her ass and burying his face in her middle, licking her from clit to ass, and it felt so good, she squirmed under his touch and tongue. Saitama massaged her thighs, his hands sliding smoothly on her already lubricated skin, and he invested some time in sucking her nice and slowly, probably as a payoff for her nice BJ, because he was getting soft moans muffled by the pillows out of her, and she could tell he was enjoying it by how well he was playing his cards in that oral.

Saitama didn’t stay long at just foreplay, though. She guessed he was too horny to delay proper sex any longer, and her request to fuck her was still fresh, still inviting. He stopped sucking her clit, but his hands remained in Tatsumaki’s ass as he positioned himself between her legs. She looked back at him in expectation, putting her weight on her elbows and knees, and let him guide the way.

“Ready?” he asked, and she nodded eagerly.

“Ye-“ her reply was interrupted by a long gasp when he pushed inside her pussy, making her jaw drop and her breathing stop for a moment.

“Are you okay?” Saitama asked, and Tats still needed a second for her thoughts to get in place before she answered.

“Yes, go on,” she told him.

“I’ll go slow,” he said. “You’re really small.”

“But I can take it,” Tatsumaki replied sharply and he chuckled.

“Didn’t say you couldn’t,” he said with a smirk, and leaned closer to her. “You’re warm and wet, it’s gonna go in; you just gotta adapt to the size, and then we’ll be all set. I’m a patient guy, don’t worry.”

“You!” she exclaimed, annoyed at his tone, but when she tried to move back to bury him inside of her, she couldn’t. He was holding her hips, and keeping her from doing anything sudden.

“Hey,” Saitama said in her ear. She could feel him sliding in so slowly, and every centimeter hurt a little, but at the same time felt so good. She shuddered once more. “Breathe.”

Tatsumaki followed his advice, and after a couple of deep breaths, her body started to relax again, consequently giving him a bit of a clearer path to slide inside. It was just the initial shock of a bigger-than-usual penis inside her vagina that got her a bit locked up, but she was into this, she was so into this it was insane. Tatsumaki wanted, with all her might, for Saitama to-

“Fuck me,” she said again through her teeth, her head down, ass up. She felt his balls against her labia and knew that he was all the way in now; one of his hands went to her waist while the other still held on to her hip. She pushed back again, as if she could make him go deeper, and spoke up again. “Saitama, fuck my brains out.”

She dared look back at him again, and saw that he was smirking; his fingers tested the grasp on her, and he nodded.

“If you ask so nicely,” joked with a wink.

He pulled almost all the way out, and it felt empty without him completing her, but the feeling was soon gone, for he hammered down inside again in one long thrust that made her gasp one more time. Saitama didn’t give as much time for Tatsumaki to recover this time, as he started to move in and out building the pace.

At first, he moved not as fast as expected, but his rhythm was odd, almost erratic, going fast and shallow, and then nice and deep, and between moans and squirms and shouts of pleasure, Tatsumaki began to realize what he was doing – that whenever she started to get too hyped up, or to tremble, or getting weak on the knees, he’d change the tempo, making her tumble back to the start of her pleasure.

Saitama was denying her orgasm.

It infuriated her, but at the same time aroused her. Each time she came near the edge, he’d bounce back, and each time, the buildup was more intense and pleasurable, so despite desperately wanting to come, Tats wouldn’t complain. At least not for now, that was.

He just felt too good. And he was really good at sex, she’d have to give him that. For a hero as strong as he was, with all the stories her sister had told her, she supposed he’d kill some time with hormonal fans and didn’t exactly expect him to be so engaged in going at it her, but not only he looked engaged, alright, he seemed to be enjoying it with her. Fubuki-

No, she would not think of Fubuki right now.

(correction: she could not think of her right now. Because she was totally banging the guy her sister wanted to bone. Nope, not going there)

Besides, Tatsumaki thought when her arms turned to jelly and she had to rest her head on the pillow in order to sustain her weight, it was coming again, the dizzying swirl in her stomach, the fresh tremble of her thighs, the shocks of energy every time the tip of Saitama’s dick hit her womb, indicating the he was filling her, filling her, filling her so very deep, so completely, and she was moaning so loud, and he was grunting so sexily it sent a rumble through their connected sexes, and she… she…

Please,” she begged, not knowing why nor how she managed to speak.

It worked, though, because instead of pulling out to start all over, Saitama increased the pressure and the rhythm, his thrusts short and quick hitting the right spot, his balls slapping wetly at her pussy, and she trembled even more, letting out a squeal.

“Oh, God, fuck yes,” she practically screamed. Or maybe she totally screamed, because she had no control over her body anymore, and the only thing keeping her ass up by then was Saitama’s hold on her hips, because she was coming, she was coming so hard, it was almost like her vagina wanted to expel him from her insides just to get some rest, but Saitama was super strong, and he didn’t even need all that strength to dominate Tatsumaki.

That core-shaking orgasm of hers rendered her out of control, all he had to do was hold her in there, pressed to her ass as she shivered and trembled, and he was so nice, he was kissing down her shoulder again, laying on top of her, still inside her, letting her relax on the bed and covering her body with his. His right hand slid on her side, caressing her skin from hip to shoulder in a soothing way that was helping her calm her breathing. He pressed warm kisses on her jaw and cheek.

“Do you feel good?” Saitama asked in her ear, and Tats nodded, not trusting her voice just yet. “I feel good too. Tatsumaki,” he called and she turned her head a bit more to look at him. She was all sweaty, and so was he, but neither of them care. “Fuck, you’re incredible.”

“I didn’t do anything,” she said, her voice hoarse. She wanted to kiss him again, but they were in a weird position to do it. He shook his head, disagreeing with her.

“Yes, you did. You do,” he guaranteed, putting a few inches between them again to push her damp hair over her left shoulder. He started moving again, and she caught her breath, knowing that her orgasm wasn’t fully over yet. “You look so sexy when you’re in a bliss, so mature.”

She wanted to reply that of course she looked mature, she was thirty! But he had found her breasts again, pressed to the mattress, and he started caressing at her hard nipples while he talked, the vibration of his body sending shivers all over her at each word.

It occurred to Tatsumaki that one, she was hyper sensitive, but for the first time not because she was an esper, but because of the bliss. Everything was too much and not enough. If she could, she’d stay in this position, right here, forever if it meant to have these hyper senses constantly. Because two, she was definitely still orgasming, and just Saitama’s talking was enough to build again another wave of pleasure in her core. Besides, three, he was still hard, which meant that he still had some fuel to burn, meaning that she was on for another ride.

No complaints there, that was for sure.

Saitama moved slowly once again, his hips going away and back inside in a nice pace, giving Tatsumaki enough time to calm down, and when he felt like she was well enough, he let go of one of her nipples and put a hand on the back of her neck, making her look at him again.

“Tats,” he said, his lips close to hers, them looking in each other’s eyes. “You do it. You ride.”

She raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“Are you sure?” she asked and he nodded, not a beat lost.

She put her hand on his chest then, and without hesitation he got out of her, sat back on the middle of the bed, waiting for her next move. Tatsumaki rolled on her back, taking her time to breathe and consider if her legs were strong enough until she remembered that she didn’t need strength in her legs, just in her mind. Why would she worry about legs hurting by dicking down that guy, if she was an esper? Really, Tats, get your head straight.

So she sat up too and crawled to his lap once again, amazed to see how his skin glistened with sweat; she kissed his neck as she passed a leg to the other side of his hips, and with one hand she guided him to her entrance again. She could totally do it, and if her legs ever got tired, she still could use her mind.

Smiling, Tatsumaki moved down on his cock, the angle so amazing and so much better now that she was on top and they were facing each other, and he gapped at her, letting out a surprised oh that made her smile widen.

“What?” she practically whispered, because he was right in front of her, and his dick was halfway inside her. “Surprised?”

“You feel so good,” Saitama replied in a husky voice. It was so sexy, she almost lost focus.

Her hands slid up his abs to his chest, and her thumbs played with his nipples; Tatsumaki suddenly remembered that she wanted to kiss him, so she kissed him – at first just a press of lips, but his hands were grabbing her ass again, and she slid all the way down, rendering them both a gasp, and then their tongues were wrestling in a mad battle that she knew she would lose.

Tatsumaki liked to kiss Saitama. That was a fact that she would certainly have to shut down eventually, but not that night, not while they were in that bed sobering up by having a lot of sex. Sure, she spent a lot of time just there, sitting on his rock hard dick and enjoying the feeling of having him inside her, but his endurance was brilliant and she was sure they could go all night without him releasing a drop of cum, if he wished so.

(she was probably taking it too far, she knew. There was no way a healthy 20-something would last that much, but it’d been two years since they knew each other, and she kind of liked to think of him like that type of guy who had so much control over his physicality that he could hold an erection that long) (a girl can imagine, right?)

They kissed for a long time, until kissing proved not to be enough, and Tatsumaki started moving again, at first up and down, and then back and forth, adding layers to their movements, digging the sensations of riding Saitama to his edge this time. She needed to focus, and needed to take away his focus, and so she did her best at stimulating him by pinching his nipples, sucking his neck, licking and biting his earlobe as they moved together; and she was rewarded by Saitama’s moans and groans, by him calling her name between fuck yeas and holy shits until his cock started to tremble.

She reached down to his balls, her forehead against his shoulder, and held them on her palm. The position made her have to change the angle a bit, and when she did, his penis found the right spot that made her tremble again. When she moved, it poked at the spot as if sending her a reminder, hey Tats! Remember that thing that you were still orgasming? So! With a smiley face at the end and all.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum again,” she said speeding up, only this time she left the movements for her esper reflexes and forgot about the rest.

Saitama held tighter to her hips, and in her hand, his balls changed, tightened, ready to release his seed. He started to meet her movements and speed, building up their orgasm to something that’d arrive practically together, and they almost made it. Their moans got louder, their skin got slippery with sweat, and for the first time in her life, Tatsumaki could say with certainty had one of those orgasmic sexual experiences everyone liked to talk about.

She loved and hated it at the same time, because it felt so good, it shattered her notion of right and wrong, but holy shit if she wasn’t shaking all over and gushing her come all over Saitama’s crotch and on the expensive sheets, her pussy putting so much pressure on his dick that he came too, practically right after, shooting warm cum inside of her, and did she care? Not at all. She wanted him, and she got him. And since she got him, might as well take him.

This time, Saitama let go when her pussy tried to expel him, letting her slide to the bed tiredly, and even though he came enough for her to be dripping his seed down the crack of her ass and all over her inner thighs, he was still up, and still shooting.

“Holy shit,” he said, laying on his back, cum dripping down his penis, pooling on his lower abs. It was starting to come down and he was breathing hard. “It’s been a while since I had sex.”

Really? Tatsumaki wondered with a raised eyebrow. She’d think that he’d at least had some fun, if he was always complaining about being bored. All heroes had groupies, and what’s the best way to be rid of boredom if not by having sex? At least that was what her sister-

Uh, still not going there. Too soon. Not an option. Focus on now, Tats, and you’ll be happier.

She reached for his penis, that was leaning on his belly now instead of pointing up in a perfect 90 degrees that would make a teenager jealous (she knew. Unfortunately, Tatsumaki’d get a teenager’s dick pick at least once a day. They didn’t seem to get the fact that despite looking young, she was an adult and they didn’t attract her at all, no matter how many times she said it). Saitama’s cum was dense and abundant – it still was sliding from her insides to the sheets – and she brought her hand to her mouth, giving it a tentative try.

It tasted like cum, and she didn’t like the taste of cum. At least in that part, he was ordinary.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked and she looked at him. He really was something, wasn’t he? Something pretty, she meant. Handsome, manly. She smiled.

“I’m thinking that not even super strength can make cum taste good,” she said and he laughed, she following suit.

“I wouldn’t know,” he said when they quieted down.

They breathed in silence, realizing that the music was still going full blast downstairs, and hopefully no one heard them; they kept eyeing each other, and the humidity of summer was also all over that room, no chance to cool down.

“Are you tired?” Saitama asked. Tatsumaki shook her head no.

“That was wild,” she said. It was hard to believe that they just had sex. Fucking great sex, even! That he made her come twice. As a matter of fact… “I’m not even sure my orgasm is completely over. They say it could go on for a while.”

Saitama smiled mischievously and she frowned at him. He took her hand and pulled her closer, making her lay down by his side, his arm pillowing her head, and she waited for him to say something.

“What?” she poked impatiently when he didn’t, and he glanced down. She followed his eyes and saw that he was getting hard again. They looked at each other, both smirking, and he finally let out what was in his mind.

“Wanna go again?”

The night was just starting, wasn’t it? Well, what the hell.