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Patch's Adventures of Mighty Mouse

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Our story starts with a knocking at a mouse-sized door as a familiar strong brown mouse stopped his weight-lifting to go see who it was.

"All right, all right, hold on, hold on." Muscles said as he put his weight down and came to the door and opened it up.

"Muscles Mouse?" A mail mouse asked.

"Yes?" Muscles replied.

"Mail for you." The mail mouse said as he gave him the letter that had a stamp saying it was from Mouseville.

"Thanks," Muscles replied as he took the letter and flicked a coin for the mail mouse while shutting the door. "Ah, mail from Mouseville..." he then opened up the envelope to read the letter.

"Dear Muscles:

How are you? I know that you must still be as strong enough to handle any cat or anyone that tries to push you around, anyways, if you're up for it, there's a house that's for sale in Mouseville and I thought that maybe you would like to move here. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the building is also a part of a gym which is why I thought you'd like to move in, anyways, give me your answer as soon as you can

From Mike Mouse."

"Hmm..." Muscles hummed as he looked all around his home. "I suppose I could use a change of scenery." He soon brought out a piece of paper and mouse-sized pen.

The cats of Muscles's neighborhood nervously shivered as they weren't sure what to do as they expected him to come out any minute to beat them up.

"Dear Mike..." Muscles began his letter.

Seconds later, he was done with his letter as his answer to Mike. Muscles soon came out of his hole which made the cats run away as he then put the letter into the mail box and put the flag up as outgoing mail. The mail mouse soon came and got the letter before running back to Mouseville before any cats would get him. Muscles then decided to pack up and get ready for his upcoming move into Mouseville, and where he would have to tell his cousin and friends that he was moving after packing and where it wouldn't take that much time as he had gotten faster after his adventure with his cousin and friends.

Patch was lying on the floor while talking with Cherry, Atticus, and Mo about Spring Break.

"I'm sorry, Cherry, but I only got tickets for me and Atticus to go to Rio," Mo told her foster cousin. "I'm sure there's something you can do while we're gone."

"Don't the Monster High girls want you to see them?" Atticus added.

"Well, Lagoona did invite me and the others to visit The Great Barrier Reef." Cherry admitted.

"So, why don't you go with them?" Atticus asked.

"Okay... But don't have too much fun at Rio without me..." Cherry replied. "I hear they have beautiful birds over there."

"We'll try to not have too much fun." Atticus said.

Patch soon heard a whistle and came outside while they talked and saw he got a letter from Jerry's strong cousin. He opened the letter and read what it said.

'Hey, Patch, this is Muscles, what are ya up to these days? How'd you like to come with me to help me get settled into my new home in Mouseville? Mike's given me a great offer on a new home close to the gym.'

"Wow!" Patch smiled.

"What's up, boy?" Atticus asked his dog as he took a break from the Spring Break conversation.

"Guess where I'm going?" Patch smiled.

"Shelter 17?" Cherry asked.

"Nope." Patch shook his head.

"To see Colette?" Atticus asked.

"Uh-uh." Patch shook his head again.

"Um... Hmm..." Mo paused to think. "With Spot and his grandparents to the circus, or maybe look for clues with Blue and Steve, oh, I know! Maybe you're off to see Kipper the Dog."

"You've been hanging out with babies too much." Cherry teased.

"Okay, we give up, where are you going?" Atticus asked.

"To Mouseville!" Patch smiled.

"Mouseville?!" Cherry, Atticus, and Mo replied.

Cherry just laughed at the name of Mouseville.

"Have a great time there." Atticus smiled at his Dalmatian.

"Thanks," Patch smiled back. "I'll bring you guys back something."

"What?" Cherry replied. "Cheese?"

"Maybe." Patch shrugged.

"Either way, have fun, boy," Atticus smiled to his dog. "It sounds great."

"Oh, I will." Patch smiled back before making his way out.

"So, where were we?" Atticus asked.

"Spring Break..." Cherry replied. "James won a contest at his work, so Mo won tickets to Rio."

"Ohh, yeah." Atticus smiled out of realization.

"I guess we'll just see each other next week then." Cherry replied.

"Don't worry, Cherry, if there was another ticket, I'd let you come along." Mo promised.

"Maybe next time." Cherry said.

Patch soon went off to get going so he could visit Mouseville where Muscles was going to move to to be closer with his friend, Mike, AKA Mighty Mouse, and where the strong brown mouse even invited his cousin.

"Thanks for letting me come too, Muscles," Jerry smiled to his stronger cousin. "This feels like a dream come true: meeting Mighty Mouse in the fur."

"I had a feeling you would want to come." Muscles smiled as he carried his luggage.

"You know me so well." Jerry smiled back.

A mouse sized taxi soon arrived and where Patch shrank down to mouse size.

"I'll never get used to this magic stuff." Muscles shuddered.

"Don't worry, magic can be a good thing if you use it for anything but evil." Patch said as they got in the taxi.

Muscles shrugged as he soon got in first with Jerry in the middle and Patch at the end.

"To Mouseville." Muscles told the cab driver.

"Ya got it." The driver nodded and drove them out of town.

While the taxi was taking them to Mouseville, a strong black mouse in the said town had gotten a letter from Muscles.

'Hey, Mike, it's Muscles, thank you so much for your letter, we'll be right over, also, make sure you keep Pearl Pureheart safe.'

"We?" Mike smiled. "Sounds like he's bringing some guests with him."

A beautiful brown female mouse with fluffy blonde hair in a pink dress with a matching bow soon sang to herself as she walked down the street, passing by Mike's home.

"And I'll be sure to keep Pearl safe," Mike said. "I better tell her that Muscles's coming."

The female mouse kept going.

"Erm... Pearl?" Mike called out as he came to the female mouse. "Hey, Pearl!"

"Oh... Hello, Mike~" Pearl smiled to him.

"Pearl, do you remember Muscles?" Mike asked.

"Wasn't he that one mouse who became your student in gym?" Pearl asked back.

"Yes, that's the one." Mike nodded.

"What about him?" Pearl asked.

"Well, he's coming over with some guests." Mike replied.

"That's great!" Pearl smiled. "It sure has been a while since we saw him."

"I was hoping you didn't mind." Mike smiled back.

"I don't mind at all and I can't wait for him to meet Scrappy." Pearl smiled back.

"It'll be a lot of fun." Mike replied.

"Here, I'll help ya clean up." Pearl offered.

"Thanks." Mike smiled.

"No problem, Mike." Pearl smiled back.

And so, the two of them got started on cleaning up.

Muscles looked out the window of the cab as they rode off.

"How's Robyn?" Patch smiled to Jerry.

"She's doing great." Jerry smiled back.

"I guess she and Jonny are gonna start dating, huh?" Patch guessed.

"Yep." Jerry smiled.

After driving for a while, their taxi driver finally got them to Mouseville.

"We're here, gang." The driver told the trio behind him as he pulled up beside Mike's home.

"Thanks for the ride." Muscles said.

"Sure thing." The driver nodded.

Muscles, Patch, and Jerry then came out of the cab and waved to the driver once they reached their destination. The driver soon drove off after dropping them off.

"Right this way, gang." Muscles told the others.

They soon went up to Mike's house.

Muscles knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" A female voice asked.

"That must be Pearl," Muscles told the others. "It's me, Muscles Mouse!"

"You can come in!" Mike's voice smiled.

Muscles soon came inside. "Mike, long time no see."

"Ah, Muscles, good to see ya." Mike smiled to the strong brown mouse.

The two of them soon hugged as they were friends as well as mentor and student.

"Wow, you sure haven't let up on lifting weights." Muscles smiled after they finished their hug.

"I'm a mighty mouse, what can ya do?" Mike chuckled.

"Easy." Pearl teased her boyfriend.

"Yeah, you sure are a 'Mighty Mouse'." Muscles winked with a smirk towards Mike.

The two soon laughed together before giving each other a friendly hug.

"How long have you known?" Mike asked Muscles as he knew that wink was a sign that the strong brown mouse knew his secret.

"Oh, a pretty long time," Muscles replied. "I was always wondering why I never saw you two in the same place, but no worries, your secret is safe for us."

"Me too," Pearl smiled. "It's so good to meet new friends. Oh, Muscles, I think my sister would love to meet you~"

"And I'd love to meet her," Muscles smiled back. "Anyway, this is my cousin, Jerry and our friend, Patch."

"Hi there." Jerry waved.

"Hi." Patch smiled.

"Your friend Patch kind of looks like a dog." Pearl said.

"I actually I am, I just shrunk down to size." Patch replied.

"How?" Mike asked.

"Magic." Patch smiled.

"Like real magic?" Mike asked with a gulp.

"Don't worry, my magic is good magic." Patch assured him.

"What's wrong with magic?" Jerry asked Mike.

"I'm vulnerable to magic and Limburgerite." Mike said.

"Oh, well, don't worry, Patch won't hurt you." Jerry promised.

"Is Limburgerite like Kryptonite?" Patch wondered.

"Yes, but instead, it's very old cheese." Mike nodded.

"Ooh... That kinda sounds gross..." Patch grimaced.

"It is," Mike nodded. "Trust me."

"Oh, and before we forget, we have someone for you to meet, Muscles." Pearl smiled.

"Uh, and who would that be?" Muscles asked curiously.

"You can come out now." Mike smiled behind him.

Pearl giggled as she did the same while Muscles looked curious with Jerry and Patch. A young mouse with a red tuft of hair on his hair came out, looking a little shy.

"Oh, who's this little guy, huh?" Muscles asked Mike and Pearl.

"Uh, h-hi," The young mouse smiled. "I'm Scrappy."

"Aw, nice to meet ya, Scrappy," Muscles smiled back. "I'm Muscles."

"Whoa, you look as strong as Mike and Mighty Mouse." Scrappy smiled back.

"Aw, thanks," Muscles chuckled. "Your pal Mike here helped me get to where I am today."

"Cool." Scrappy smiled.

"Yeah, very," Muscles chuckled. "Anyway, this is my cousin Jerry and our friend, Patch."

"Is that a mouse-sized dog?" Scrappy asked about Patch.

"Yes, I am." Patch smiled.

"This is amazing." Scrappy smiled back.

"Yep," Patch smiled. "Sure is."

"New sidekick?" Muscles asked Mike about Scrappy.

"Nope, he's my adoptive son." Mike smiled.

"Congratulations." Muscles smiled back.

"Thanks." Mike smiled back.

Mike and Muscles soon heard fire engines.

"Do you hear what I hear?" Mike asked.

"Sounds like a fire." Muscles nodded.

"We didn't hear anything." Jerry said as he cleaned out his right ear.

"I've got a job to do now." Mike told Jerry and Patch.

"We understand." Patch said.

"Now, here I come to save the day!" Mike grinned before he soon changed into the famed superhero: Mighty Mouse.

"Want some company?" Muscles asked.

"Sure, but maybe you should have your own superhero guise." Mighty Mouse suggested to his old friend.

Scrappy nodded in agreement to that.

"Sounds like a good idea." Muscles nodded.

"Anyway, I gotta get goin'!" Mighty Mouse said before zipping off to save the day like he always did in Mouseville.

Muscles soon joined him after putting on a similar outfit only with different color.

"So, who are you?" Mighty Mouse asked. "Muscle Mouse?"

"Yeah, that sounds about right." Muscles smirked.

"All right, then let's go." Mighty Mouse nodded as they soon came to the fire which called them to the rescue.