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Met by Accident: Married Life

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“I now present to you Mr. and Mr. Katsuki-Nikiforov!”

Yuuri beamed at the minister, nodding at her before looking at Viktor.  His beautiful blue eyes were shimmering with tears and the happiest of smiles graced his face.  Yuuri found himself thinking his husband had never looked better.

My husband…

“I love you, Viktor Katsuki-Nikiforov,” Yuuri said, gazing into Viktor’s eyes.

“I love you too, Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov,” Viktor confessed, “Always and forever.  Ready to show our love to the world?”

“Not really,” Yuuri teased, “but I think our guests are a good start.”

After kissing once more, Viktor raised their joined hands and grinned at those in attendance.  He expected to wake up from the best dream he had ever had any moment now, but Viktor knew this was his reality.  He had the love of his life, he had a fulfilling future ahead of him with Yuuri by his side, he had the promise of a family of his own.

The pianist they hired played an instrumental version of one of the songs they thought described their relationship, everytime they heard it they thanked the stars and fell further in love with one another.  When Yuuri suggested they make it the theme of their wedding day, Viktor agreed wholeheartedly. 

Walking down the aisle amidst a sea of bubbles, Yuuri giggled as Viktor pulled him toward the tent holding their reception.  They nodded and gave heartfelt thanks when their guests expressed their congratulations.  Yuuri was on the highest cloud as he took in the smiles from family and friends when a sudden realization hit him.

Our family.  It’s our family now.

Everything seemed to slow down for Yuuri while he walked with Viktor to the tent.  Overwhelming happiness to the extent he had never experienced was bubbling within him and he didn’t want to contain it.  He wanted to shout to the world how madly in love he was with his husband, he wanted to kiss Viktor for the rest of eternity, he never wanted to leave his side.

Yuuri had the life he had always wanted and would cherish every second of it for the rest of his life.

Coming to only when Viktor pressed his lips to his forehead, Yuuri blinked and looked at the setting before him.  A multitude of tables draped with plum tablecloths and ivory lace runners dotted the floor, only leaving ample room for wooden slats that made up the dancing area.  Several tables holding silver serving platters lined one edge of the tent, offering a wide selection of hors-d'oeuvres and bread.  Yuuri and Viktor had decided on an open bar and asked for various wines to be made available along with top-shelf liquor.

Jessica had outdone herself with the floral arrangements. Once Yuuri had recovered from his panic since she was late arriving at the hotel, he was spellbound by the intricacy of designs.  Remarking on how talented Jessica was, Yuuri hugged her tightly until she couldn’t breathe.

Soft classical music was piping through the speakers, provided by a DJ they had hired from the local university.  He had come highly recommended from Sasha and Anthony, so they decided to give him another event to add to his resume.  They had fun with the young man while they picked out the playlist they preferred, even including Yuri and Otabek in the process.  When the DJ mentioned he’d give Otabek a shot during the wedding, Otabek was beyond thrilled.

As their guests began to trickle in, they marveled over the decorations and delicious scents.  The table centerpieces Hiroko and Yuuri had put together were a hit.  Vanilla-scented ivory candles swam in a sea of lavender and purple marbles, the glass containers holding them surrounded by a small hydrangea wreath. When Yuuri told them they were more than welcome to take them home, their friends and family thanked him profusely.

The tent was filled with a throng of people minutes later and the din of chatter drowned the music out until the whine of a microphone hushed everyone.  Attention turned to the DJ stand, all eyes fixed on the young man as he made an announcement.

“Everyone, I’d like you to give a very warm welcome as they’re introduced for the second time,” he said, pausing before grinning when laughter broke out, “Mr. and Mr. Katsuki-Nikiforov!”

Applause broke out along with silverware tapping glasses, the crowd chanting for Viktor and Yuuri to kiss.  Turning to Yuuri, Viktor smiled when he saw the infamous blush creeping up Yuuri’s neck.  Yuuri wasn’t prone to public displays of affection but had psyched himself up for them to prepare for the wedding.  Swallowing once, Yuuri entangled his hand through Viktor’s soft hair at the nape of his neck, pulling his head down for a tender kiss.  Once getting over his surprise from Yuuri’s boldness, Viktor returned the kiss, relishing in the fact he was kissing his husband.

After many calls for more kisses and mingling with their guests, Sara instructed the servers to begin placing dinner plates before those in attendance.  Viktor and Yuuri had chosen grilled chicken or katsudon for their meal, making a wager on which main course would prove more popular.  Viktor had swallowed his pride when Yuuri won hands down, but both wound up being a winner since the prize was a night of lovemaking. 

Sara guided the wedding party to the riser holding their tables.  Viktor insisted on helping Yuuri into his seat amidst sounds of adoration from friends and family.  Once he was in his chair, Viktor lifted Yuuri’s hand and kissed it until their plates were put before them. They were almost finished with their meals when a loud tinkling noise sounded, Viktor closing his eyes when he saw his brother standing.

“Hey, I know this is early, but I want to get this over with!  Most of you know that I’m an ass—” Yuri began, pausing when Otabek gave him a death glare, “a jerk.  I was horrible to Viktor and Katsudon in the beginning, especially Katsudon.  I was upset because I thought some idiot was taking my place in Viktor’s life.  Man, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The more I learned about Katsudon, the more I grew to like and respect him.  He mellowed Viktor into a man I had never seen before.  Viktor had always put me first but was an absent brother.  When Katsudon came into his life, we really bonded as a family.  Once I went to live with him, the best time of my life began.  I realized how truly in love these idiots were.  Now here we are at their wedding.  You don’t know how happy I am for you losers and yeah, I get it now.  I wish you the best in life here on out, but you’ve had it since the beginning.  Mark this moment on your calendar, but I love you guys.  Ok, I’m done.”

Applause and laughter erupted from the crowd.  Viktor rolled his eyes when Yuri walked around the table and bowed several times before everyone, grinning and waving before sitting again.  Phichit took Yuri’s speech as the time to make his own and asked for everyone’s attention once again.

“I know most of you, but for those that don’t, I’m Phichit Chulanont.  I’m Yuuri’s best friend.  When I met Yuuri, he was an anxious wreck of a man. He was quiet, he overthought everything and didn’t put himself out there.  I lost count of how many times he said he felt like he was outside looking in.  Then he called me one day and told me he got into a car accident.  After assuring me he was alright, Yuuri told me about the guy that rear-ended him.  He didn’t admit it then, but I could tell he was smitten.  I don’t know of anyone to ever be happy to get in a wreck,” Phichit admitted, smiling when amused sounds came from the crowd, “From the moment I met Viktor, I knew they’d wind up dating, but never in a million years did I think we’d be here.  I’m so proud of my bro for growing and learning to love.  I can’t think of a better person than Viktor that Yuuri can spend the rest of his life with.  So Yuuri, Viktor, I’m so very happy for both of you.  May you have many years and lifetimes together.  You truly belong together for eternity.”

Chants for them to kiss rang through the air once again, Viktor looking at Yuuri moments later.  He was growing used to their guests’ demands and had been reduced to giggles this time around.  They exchanged brief, playful kisses before Sara appeared behind them, urging them for their first dance. They had each chose a song that meant a lot to them regarding their relationship and promised they would be a surprise until their first dances.  Yuuri had won the coin toss days before for his song to play first, smirking when Viktor complained.

Smiling as he twirled Yuuri once on the dance floor before pulling him close, Viktor waited for the song to start.  When he heard the opening, his breath caught.  It was one of their favorite songs to dance to on nights alone, whispering sweet nothings to each other before becoming lost in the emotions of the night and making love.

When your legs don't work like they used to before
And I can't sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks

And darling I will be loving you 'til we're 70
And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Oh me I fall in love with you every single day

“Perfect choice, Love,” Viktor said, choking back the joyful tears that threatened to fall.

“It’s what I wanted to tell you about what you mean to me, what our relationship means to me,” Yuuri declared, “I really do fall in love with you every day, and that’s never going to change.”

“How is it possible I fall further in love with you, Yuuri Katsuki?” Viktor asked, confused when Yuuri smacked his chest lightly.

“I think you forgot something,” he said, chuckling when Viktor appeared baffled, “Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov, or have you forgotten why we’re here?”

“Never, Love,” Viktor said, quickly kissing Yuuri, “Today is just so much in the best of the ways.”

“I know what you mean.”

They chatted while they danced to the rest of the song, the words permeating into their souls while everyone else faded into the distance.  Yuuri had spent weeks trying to decide on the perfect song for their first dance and was uncertain about the one he chose, but now it was their day it felt right.  Smiling as he remembered his anxiety, Yuuri rested his head on Viktor’s chest and closed his eyes when he felt a hand kneading the small of his back.

When the song finished, Viktor and Yuuri held on to the other while waiting for Viktor’s choice to play.  Yuuri had been impressed Viktor was able to keep it a secret since he was known for being terrible about blathering surprises.  He waited expectantly for Viktor’s song to begin, but when the rich notes of a piano lilted through the air, Yuuri thought he was going to burst into tears.

I don't get many things right the first time,
In fact, I am told that a lot
Now I know all the wrong turns the stumbles,
And falls brought me here
And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face,
Now I see it every day
And I know

That I am, I am, I am, the luckiest

“You ok?” Viktor asked, lifting a hand to wipe a tear sliding down Yuuri’s cheek.

“This is beautiful, Viktor,” he confessed, “This is how you feel?”

“You have to ask?” Viktor replied with a question of his own, “This and so much more, Love.”

Placing a hand on the back of Yuuri’s head, Viktor held him as close as possible as they swayed to the music.  While choosing the song that described how he felt, Viktor reflected on his life before Yuuri and how much he had changed when he came into his life.  He realized he was a completely different person and was so grateful for Yuuri, knowing he was the reason for blossoming into the man he was today.  The day he heard the song on a random satellite station, Viktor knew it was the one.

The song ended too quickly for their liking.  They had become lost in the moment and emotion, wanting to remain frozen in time forever while capturing the feeling.  Only pulling away from the other when Chris demanded they kiss for the nth time, Viktor and Yuuri opened the dance floor up for their guests.

The rest of the reception went on without a hitch yet making many memorable moments.  Yuuri had a fit of laughter when he saw the cake topper Viktor had bought for the occasion.  He made Yuri promise not to show Yuuri the cake once he finished decorating it, finally agreeing to give him a hundred dollars to keep it a secret.  After mumbling about blackmail and highway robbery, Viktor thanked his brother.

“A car wreck?” Yuuri asked in amusement, “I don’t remember being in your arms and gazing deep into your eyes.”

“That’s what I wanted to do,” Viktor confessed, ignoring the laughter of those around him, “I wanted to kiss you senseless too.”

“Do it now, Viktor!” Chris yelled from the back of the tent.

“Quiet you!” Viktor shouted back.

Everyone agreed that Yuri and Hiroko had outdone themselves with the wedding cake.  The owner of the Italian bakery Yuuri and Viktor loved to frequent had overseen their endeavor of creating the perfect wedding cake and declared it a success the minute the last edible pearl was placed on the draping.  Viktor had seen it hours before he and Yuuri had taken their vows and had promptly burst into tears.  He wasn’t used to being so emotional, but knew the day warranted it.

Since his mother wasn’t present, Viktor danced with Yulia for the mother and son dance.  He couldn’t remember being happier than he was that day.  It meant so much to him that part of his dad was present at his wedding, more so that he had reconnected with his aunt.  They spoke on a weekly basis and chatted online at least once a day.  They spent hours retelling stories of the past and Viktor paid close attention when she shared tales of his father.  It felt right dancing with her at his wedding.

Even though he wasn’t a blood relation, Viktor was so thankful to Pops for being there and giving him away to Yuuri.  The man had proven himself time and again since leaving Mama and Viktor loved the person he had become.  He put Yuri above everything else and was there any time he needed him.  He listened to both his and Yuri’s concerns, often lending an ear to Yuuri when he asked.

“Pops, thanks for being here today,” Viktor said, watching Yuuri dance with his sister from the edge of the dance floor.

“There’s nowhere I’d rather be, Vitya,” he replied, “I’m so proud of you.  Despite everything that has happened to you and your brother, you both have risen above it all.  You have grown into quite an admirable man, one I’m happy to call my son.”

Viktor’s eyes swam with renewed tears when he heard Pops’ declaration.  He had always considered the man cold and distant, but Viktor learned it was his coping mechanism for dealing with Mama.  Hearing how much he meant to Pops had Viktor filled with joy that he could call him his father by choice.

“I know that look.”

Viktor had claimed exhaustion and sat at a nearby table as he watched the stragglers continue to dance.  The day was growing late and not many guests remained, the DJ announcing they had thirty minutes left until the reception ended.  He and Yuuri were going to sneak away earlier, but they had been having too much fun to abandon everyone.  When he heard a familiar voice, Viktor smiled when he looked up and saw the new arrival take the seat across with him.

“Hi, Sasha.”

Viktor had been watching Yuuri dance with Benji and Mirren.  He was joined by Otabek and Yuri, the five of them commandeering the dance floor and dancing in silly movements.  Yuuri had Mirren consumed in belly giggles, especially when he scooped her into his arms and spun in a circle.  Benji demanded he was next, but Otabek beat Yuuri to the punch and darted around the floor with Benji in his arms like the boy was an airplane.

It left Viktor impatient for starting his own family with Yuuri.

“Yuuri is really good with them,” Sasha said after turning in her chair and looking toward the dance floor.

“He is.”

“He’s going to make a wonderful dad,” she stated, smiling when Viktor looked at her, “as are you, Viktor.”

“You really think so?” he asked.

“I know so.  You mean the world to Benji and Doodlebug.  Have I told you that Benji still asks to spend the night with you every weekend?”

“No,” Viktor answered, chuckling, “After the honeymoon, he and Mirren can spend every weekend with us.  You know we don’t mind.  Give you and Anthony a chance to try for number three.”

“Are you trying my sanity?” Sasha asked, raising a brow at him.

“Always,” Viktor replied, laughing at her, “Thanks for being here and putting up with my insanity the past few weeks.”

“Hey, you did the same for me.  One good deed deserves another.”

“Well, I appreciate it more than I can tell you,” he said, rising from his chair and walking over to her, kissing her forehead gently, “I love you, kiddo.”

“Love you too.”

Viktor excused himself to claim one last dance with Yuuri before their perfect day came to an end.  It had gone off better than he could ever imagine.  He and Yuuri had made a lifetime of memories and he wondered how they would have room for the ones yet to come.  Once reaching Yuuri, Viktor entwined his fingers through his and pulled him close.

“Have you had a good day, Mr. Katsuki-Nikiforov?” he asked, smiling when Yuuri giggled.

“The best day ever, Mr. Katsuki-Nikiforov.  Today was better than a dream,” Yuuri admitted.

“I agree.  What was your favorite part?” Viktor asked.

“You’re going to make me choose one?” he inquired, sighing when Viktor nodded, “There are three.  The way you looked at me when I walked the aisle, the song you chose to dance to, and the cake topper which was ingenious by the way.  I’m surprised Yuri didn’t tell me earlier.”

“I kinda bribed him not to say anything,” Viktor professed, averting his eyes to the lights twinkling above.

“You didn’t!” Yuuri exclaimed, his mouth dropping open when Viktor nodded, “You did!  How much did he get out of you this time?”

“Just a hundred dollars,” he replied.

“You know he has this down to an artform now.”

“Probably, but that’s not important at this moment.  I’m glad you liked the cake topper,” Viktor said.

“I loved it.  It’s going above the mantle when we get home,” he said, “What was your favorite moment?”

“There were a few.  Seeing your smile when you turned the corner before walking down the aisle.  That’s why I teared up,” Viktor declared, “The fact that you did wear a garter.  I can’t believe Eva caught it by the way.”

“I hate to ask this since I feel like I’m playing matchmaker, but do you think she and Chris will get engaged?” Yuuri asked.

“You didn’t hear it from me, but Chris dragged me out last weekend to look at rings,” Viktor admitted, “Not a word.  It’s supposed to be a secret.”

“This one knows nothing,” Yuuri said, grinning when Viktor burst into laughter from his game reference.

“Good,” he said after calming down, “Ready to call it a night, Love?”

“A night, yes,” Yuuri agreed, “but our forever and a day starts tomorrow.”