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Pieces of Amor

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There he is.

Paco’s bike came to an immediate halt and he almost tipped over from doing it too fast. He froze trying to figure out what to do now that he had found him.

The him in question was of course Miguel Rivera. In a small town, everybody knew everybody, so it wasn’t surprising that Paco knew of him. However, Miguel was famous in his town, and in fact known in some sense throughout most of Mexico. He was the young boy who revealed the crimes of Ern*sto de la Cruz and even more surprising than that, to the citizens of Santa Cecilia at least, he had managed to make the entire Rivera family love music. And, apparently, he could play the guitar pretty well himself.

Paco was a year older, so he had never taken notice of Miguel before, but after all the news broke loose, he had started to notice him a lot more. He had even asked around at school and found out a lot about him. Apparently, he was kind-hearted and goofy and, in Paco’s opinion, downright adorable.

He had never worked up the nerve to talk to him before, but it was now that they really met face to face. Paco was on his normal daily paper route when he saw none other than Miguel Rivera playing his guitar in his front yard with his dog sleeping next to him.

Paco wanted to just go up and talk to Miguel like a normal person. He really did, but the thought of it just made him feel more nervous and he knew he would never have the guts. But he thought it was stupid to just avoid  the kid for the rest of his life. So, he made a split-second decision and the next thing Miguel knew a newspaper was hitting him square between his gorgeous brown eyes.

“Have your lost your damn mind?! Ay, pendejo that hurt.” Miguel shouted standing up seeing the newspaper boy still sitting on his bike just staring at him.

“Oh shit.” Paco said realizing what he had just done.

Maybe I have lost my mind.

“I’m sorry! Lo siento, lo siento.” Paco yelled running over to Miguel. He kneeled down and held his hands up not really knowing what to do what to comfort the boy.

“Uh, are you okay? I, uh, I didn’t mean to.” Paco said as Miguel glared at him.

“Ugh, yeah I guess. If you’re a newspaper boy shouldn’t you have better aim?”

“Pues, usually I do, but, uh, I just got distracted.”

“Hmph, well, it’s whatever. Don’t worry about it.” Miguel said with a look that made it seem like he hoped Paco would worry about it.

Shit, shit, shit. “Uh, you, you play the guitar?” Paco asked in hopes that he hadn’t just ruined any chances he had of getting to know the boy. Miguel just nodded.

“That’s pretty cool. I play the tuba, actually.”

“Woah, dude, really?” Miguel said immediately brightening up, “Y’know, I hid in a tuba once.”

“What? When?” Paco asked in shock.

“Eh, it’s a long story.. What made you distracted earlier?”

“Huh, oh, uh, no sé, I just…” Paco didn’t quite meet Miguel’s eyes and he shrugged sheepishly.

Miguel looked at him in confusion before something clicked in him. He made the incorrect assumption that the boy had gotten distracted by him. He knew people saw him as cute, so he figured that’s what had happened. He started blushing slightly and his smile grew.

“Oh, well, don’t worry about it. Seriously. I’m Miguel by the way.”

“Oh, I’m Fransisco, but most people call me Paco.” They shook hands.

“We should play together some time, that’d be fun.”

“We should!” Paco said, before realizing he may have sounded too excited, “Uh, well, that would be cool, sure. Maybe, maybe after I finish my paper route though.” He said standing up and saying goodbye to Miguel.

“See you then, Paco!” Miguel called waving after him. 

And as Paco got back on his bike, it was the happiest the boy had just around ever been.