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blood calls for blood

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clary fairchild is a murderer, insane and dangerous. her looks can kill and she looks too innocent to tear you apart. you would think she is a softie, but the only people she cares about are the people who help her kill.

she slices your throat and she paints with your blood. she is one of the most talented artists and her works are exquisite. the glory, the gore are all there and she feels most at ease when covered in blood, red like her hair. you can see it in her eyes, that murderous glint. it's breathtaking, really. there are only a few other things she loves more than blood. nine, to be exact.

she is in love with jace lightwood. his golden hair, his golden skin, his mismatched eyes and his body. oh, that body can and does crush someone's skull and, frankly, jace looks ethereal covered in blood. smiling maniacally with one tooth missing and drops of red on his face, a knife in his crimson hands and little to no clothing, he looks like some sort of vengeful god and clary loves that image of him. she sketches it almost constantly, has a whole notebook dedicated to him and is thinking of painting him on the walls of the hospital where she murdered her mother, in shades of red and gold. and frankly, he is sweet and tender, foulmouthed and loud and unashamed. a little insecure and hard to please, but, luckily, the nine of them know how to push all his buttons. clary adores jace lightwood.

she is in love with simon lewis. her nerdy best friend, whom she dragged into this after murdering her mother and showing up in his room covered in blood. he helped her, of course, he will always help her, no matter what. simon knows everything, he is the brain of any plan, he gets them in, gets them out, erases any trace of them in the database (wih help from luke) and gets them all the information they need. but that doesn't mean he can't kill. oh no, he's so fast, so swift, so silent. like a shadow, you never see simon coming until it's too late, when you're already down and choking on your own blood, the only thing in your vision is him smiling down at you, hellish and gorgeous. his dark hair, his dark eyes, the glasses he just lost, make him look so dark and terrifying. maybe to a lowly mundane, yes, but to them all, simon lewis is a sweetheart, always rambling, blushing and stuttering. he is adorable. how did clary not realize how in love she was with him? clary fairchild adores simon lewis.

she is in love with isabelle lightwood. izzy. femme fatale. clary is sure she is probably the most dangerous of them all. because she is beautiful and vicious and there's nothing more dangerous than a demon who looks like an angel. everyone agrees that issabelle sophia lightwood is exquisite, ethereal, gorgeous, the most beautiful out of all of them. long dark hair, darker eyes, lips that have worn so much red lipstick they're basically red themselves, intoxicating kisses, presence and amazing fighting skills. she is so strong, she could rival jace. but she's humble, loving and caring. she is so very intelligent, even more so than simon. isabelle is quite literally the best lover clary has ever had. in her eyes, izzy is perfect. clary adores izzy.

clary loves alexander lightwood. yes, he only loves men, but she is still slightly in love with him. he's the most tender lover, with a body so strong it can break you, but with a gaze so soft it makes you melt. she guesses. clary has never experienced it, only seen it, but it's just as impactful. alec takes care of all of them, if fighting he's always watching everyone's backs. that's why they look up to him. he was born to be a leader. he is also the only one who grounds them, reminds them they need a day off, they're not just mindless machines. "let's watch a movie. what is your favourite genre?" "i'm cooking tonight. what do you want?" "you look tense, let me give you a massage." "you look like shit. go take a shower." are just some of the many ways he shows clary he loves her. clary fairchild adores alec.

clary is in love with magnus bane. she's known him since she was very young, and it should be a little weird but nothing bothers them anymore. (and she's an adult anyway. she can fuck whoever she wants.) magnus was always there for her mother, his eccentric presence fascinating her. his hair was always different colours, his eyelids and nails as well and as a teenager she would often be jealous of his style. now they practically share all of their clothes. if simon is the brain, well, she was wrong. magnus rivals all of them in intelligence, and without him they would be nowhere. magnus is also sweet and kind, but if you get on his bad side there is no hope for you. because he is also ruthless, monstrous even. they love him so much. he loves them so much. clary adores magnus.

clary is in love with raphael santiago. yes, he is dark, brooding and unapproachable, but he is theirs and they are his. yes, he doesn’t like sex at all, but since when is sex the most important thing for clary? his hugs, kisses and words are enough to make her melt and sometimes he seems to be the only sane one. raphael is just amazing and clary is so grateful for him, and for simon for finding him. (simon and raphael might have a somewhat closer relationship, but clary does not give a fuck.) raphael cooks, raphael sings and slow-dances them around the room when alec is too tired to care for them. clary adores raphael.

clary is in love with maia roberts. oh, maia, sweet maia, who has been through so much yet she still manages to be powerful. she could kill a man, but when she thinks of the man who killed her parents, she breaks down. maia, who is so fierce yet so soft. maia, who always has some kind and encouraging words and whose presence radiates warmth. maia, who loves blood so much she sometimes can't help but sink her teeth in another's neck. maia, who is a wonder. clary knows why she loves her: just because she is. clary adores maia.

clary is in love with lydia branwell. how could she not be, when lydia lights up a room just by being there? at first she thought her vain and pretentious, but at last she realised they are no different. they love the same things: blood and each other. (yes, lydia is still a little awkward around alec, but how can you not be awkward when you were the only girl who somehow had his attention? somehow. he had a phase, he says. clary calls internalized homophobia. but this is a story for another day.) but lydia is amazing and she deserves so much more than she had before. (a dead lover and no family) she is level-headed and calculated, used to follow other's rules, now she follows her own rules. even breaking the law has some limitations. lydia is just that good at making them seem natural fun. lydia is amazing and clary adores her.

clary is in love with maureen brown. she had always been her best friend, long before she met simon. sadly, same stupid simon broke her heart and drove them apart. but it's okay, 'cause maureen is back and she's beautiful and breathtaking and clary is reminded of the soft and beautiful days of childhood when she was too shy to touch the other girl's soft skin but not too shy to fly from her swing. clary cannot imagine a life without maureen and, frankly, she knows maureen can't either. (that's what she told her, when she came to clary one faithful night, telling her a five years' story over a cup of tea and nasty glares directed at simon.) she is the only one to remind clary that there's a softness to her, that, in some ways she is still the same small loud child she once was. so what if she killed her mother and many more? it's all still just a game. clary adores maureen.

clary is in love with gretel monroe. gretel is a new addition to the team, brought by maia, who said she is her best friend. and who are they to not agree with everything maia says? so gretel was welcomed with open arms, and now she is so so valuable. clary loves gretel because she doesn't take anyone's shit, and she knows just when everything becomes too much. she has a strong moral compass, only hurting the ones who deserve it. (it's not their fault so many deserve it.) she also has all this pent-up anger inside her soul, and when she finally lets it out, it's a wonder you're still alive. clary is one of the only ones who's seen her in such a vulnerable state and it is a truly moving image. clary adores gretel.

and then there's luke. sweet luke, who loved her mother dearly, but loved clary more. who understood the daughter in her need to kill her mother. who is still a cop, but is done fighting for the "good guys". he helps them, he covers up for them, he spends his free time with them (sometimes just with magnus) and says he is working on the case, but it's just damn near impossible. clary will never quite wrap her head around how much he's doing for them. luke garroway truly is the only one they can count on, 'cause the world is nasty, cold and dangerous for the ones who can't defend themselves. it's a damn good thing they all know how to draw blood.