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An Annoyance

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It was late evening, Bakugou had finally left class for the day to return home. It was a standard for him, not like he had anything planned. At least that was his thought process but no sooner had he turned a corner did he encounter a certain annoyance who was already scolding him.

"Like, if you would just stfu you could totally be a well sought after bachelor. You got a nice bod already, fam." The girl gently purred inbetween re-applying her lipstick. "I'm totes serious!"

That strange ditzy, long haired girl in that tight form fitting black cat-like leather suit who was blocking his path and speaking to him as if she was continuing a past conversation? The one who had so annoyingly placed her right hand firmly on her tilted hip? That girl, she introduced herself as Camie when they had first met.

Damn did she annoy him with her strange manner of speaking and that provocative body of hers which made concentrating much harder than he was accostumed to. He wasn't sure why but it pissed him off far more than he was willing to admit. Not to mention that her presence made going home much more troublesome.

"Shut up, Barbie!" Erupted a threatening growl from Bakugou who tried his best to pass by her. "And stop repeating that trash! Furthermore, stop calling me fam! Tolerating your random harassment is enough!"

With a smile brimming in confidence Camie quickly leapt ahead a fast moving unsuspecting Bakugou and leaned forward towards him with her cleavage in full view of his straining and most agitated eyes.

"The hell?" Muttered a confused Bakugou.

Camie continued to smile, quietly observing the features which detailed Bakugou's face. It only made her smile widen even more.

"Yup, I was totes right!" Happily declared Camie with a sense of massive unwarranted achievement on her part. "You're, like, a real bitchin' babe magnet! I mean, your face is just naturally handsome! Course, this is obvious cuz I'm never wrong about this kind of stuff. Yup."

"Grrrr... Stop agreeing with yourself! It's condescending!"

The fact that Bakugou hadn't refuted her conclusion that he was handsome made it feel like butterflies were dancing in Camie's stomach. This was good, in her opinion, as it meant that there was hope. After all, if Bakugou already accepted that he had the makings of a real hunk then it made her job easier!

"Yeah, yeah! C'mon!" Camie gushed, now tugging at Bakugou's arm. "Let's get going, fam!"

"Shut up! I'm not your fam or whatever the hell that even means in your freaking head!" Bakugou shouted, trying to pull away from her. "Furthermore, I have no time to waste being your tagalong!"

Without warning Camie suddenly pressed forward, placing her two rather large... Melons... Inbetween Bakugou's muscular and toned right bicep.

Bakugou instinctly froze. This warm, soft sensation upon his now smothered arm was completely new to him.

It... Felt... Good...

Evidently it was written all over his now red hot face as Camie didn't even bother to supress a resounding series of giggles that followed.

"So pure, innocent! Live a little!" Camie chirped softly into his ear.

Regaining his wits Bakugou quickly tore his arm free from the grasp of those... Look! Bakugou didn't want to think of those any more! Just thinking about them hindered his concentration!

"Tch, like hell I would want to live like you! You give people the wrong idea, you shamelessly loose virgin!"

"Ah! So out of all our past conversations that's what you picked up on? That I'm an innocent virgin, like you? Teehee."

A vein began to protrude on Bakugou's forehead, it twitched slightly.

"You're lucky I bothered to even remember that. All you do is spout a bunch of incoherent trash. It pains me just to listen to you."

"Yet you are still here, right? Like, you totes like me!"

Camie's latest teasing was really getting on his nerves! Yes, Bakugou would admit as much that he could easily use his quirk to get away. Yeah, that was an option. But he clearly didn't because it would draw attention to him and she would follow the media trail back to his house. That's the true reason. Really.

"Like I would want to try to explain who this stray cat is that followed me home anyway."

"Whatever!" Finally grumbled Bakugou. "Think as you will, I don't care."

Taking this as an invitation Camie rushed over to latch her arms around Bakugou's own again.

"Hehehe. You do like me, like a lot! Like, lot lots! Lotslot! Heh!" 


"Don't scowl! It will threaten that handsome face of yours, fam. You must take responsibility! You owe it to yourself." Camie tenderly and playfully scolded.


Bakugou grumbled, digging his hands into his pockets, and continued his walk. At this point he didn't even care if this stalking bimbo found out where he lived. He just wanted to lay down and sleep.

"Ooooh.... Oooohhh! That's nice! Look, look!"

Camie tugged at Bakugou to admire the sights and latest fashions they passed by.

Bakugou didn't care. It took enough willpower to even look, yet... That girl... Camie... For some reason her face would just light up everytime he bothered to humored her even with his annoyed grumbling.

"Baku, you should totes try on suits! It would compliment your great bod!"

"Baku? Was that a pet name or something?"

"No, I'm going home." Bakugou stated both plainly and firmly. "And don't call me Baku! It's Bakugou!"

"But Baku....~! Oh, fine it's no biggie or anything like..." Whined Camie, pressing against him as they passed by a large crowd.


"Whoa, she's hot!"

"I hate... I hate that lucky bastard!"

"What's she even see in that jerk?"

"Ugh, she's totally wasting her time with a delinquent like that."

The pair managed to pass by without incident.

A miracle considering that Bakugou was ready to explode. Had Camie not suddenly pressed even closer and breathed down his neck, sending strange and oddly comforting chills upon his exposed flesh, he would have started a brawl right then and there.

Why... Why was her mere touch and sweet cool breath enough to stay his hand? This girl... Camie...

She vexxed him. 

More importantly his own strange reactions and actions due to her presence and antics vexxed him even more.

"Whoa, your pad is way more lit than I thought! I was expecting something much more 'eh'!" Stated Camie in a happy tone.

Bakugou felt his eyes widen.

"Shit! How the hell did we get here so fast!?  I lost track of time! How?!"

As Bakugou stared into his hands, trying to rationalize where time had gone, Camie released her hold upon him.

"You're totes interesting, you'know. And you took my advice! Just stfu for a bit and you're all dreamy and stuff! Careful..." Camie said with a seductive wink. "Might get addicted and stuff."

"Just stfu?! I was trying to ignore her! Really! And dreamy? The hell was this girl on?!"

"Tch, damn you're a pest!" Proclaimed Bakugou. "What next? Gonna just invite yourself into my home without an invitation?"

A part of him refused to admit that he actually wanted that.

Camie playfully waved her hands in front of her.

"Oh, oh? Already trying to get me inside? I, like, never expected Baku to be such a perv and such and such."

"Perv?! The hell you on about?"

Bakugou was fuming, face burning a bright scarlet red. His hands were twitching in open and close motions, Camie could see bits of small explosions upon the tips of Bakugou's fingertips.

"Gettin' excited, yeah? Nice."


Taking a step forward Camie placed her face in front of his.


Bakugou was speechless, and it PISSED him off! 

"Moderate thyself, and other fancy wording stuff, and, like, you would be perfect. Or so stuff and such would say on the internet cuz yeah."

"...What the hell does that?----"

With a sudden embrace Camie had now wrapped her arms around Bakugou.

"But..." She began to mumble into his ear, a hand running through his messy unkept hair. "I think that I like the you that is you after all."

Camie pulled away, relunctantly, with her arms remaining around his neck as she once more studied his facial features. After a few moments of silence Camie slowly leaned into Bakugou, who unexpectedly remained motionless, to press her soft vibrant lips over his course and rough pair.

It was brief, too brief, before she had pulled away completely. Bakugou could still taste a hint of strawberries on his now parted lips.

"Anyway! I had loads of fun and would totes do this again and again! But, yeah! Gotta go and, like, stuff cuz... Cya!"

Without another word Camie promptly turned and sped off in a stiff power walk.

"Like, what was that Camie?! You totes kissed him! Like, say what?! What if he didn't like it? Like, you totes liked it sure but it was like your first kiss, for all you know he is a stud with many kisses! And it was short, awkward and boring! Oh gawd, that makes us a terrible person! He must hate me like a ton! Gosh, please kill me now!"

Before she could get far Camie felt a rough and powerful yet familiar hand softly, gently even, grab hold of her.

"Tch, you..." Muttered Bakugou. "Doing something like that and trying to flee?"

Camie didn't even have time to turn.

"Like HELL I would just roll over and accept that!" Came a loud roar from Bakugou. "I've been called many things such as dense, jerk, idiot and the such but even I can understand this!"

Bakugou spun Camie around to pull her in close, their lips just centimeters apart.

"Damn you're annoying." Bakugou breathed before roughly pulling her lips over his own.

Camie felt herself nearly fall, her knees caved and her legs turned into putty as the kiss intensified. Not wishing to see her fall to the hard pavement Bakugou cardled her lower back with one arm, pressing her upon his muscular chest, and continued.

It wasn't her intention, like - not at all, but as if by some strange carnal instinct Camie discovered that she had at some point wormed her tongue into Bakugou's mouth. To her pleasent and very much complete surprise she felt Bakugou's tongue over hers, then under and even around. Rolling...

The entire time he stared into her eyes with that powerful masculine intensity of his. Camie could literally feel her heart skipping beats.

After a few very long moments Bakugou released his lips from hers. A string of saliva parted between them and Camie was panting loudly from the intensity as she gasped for air.

"Tch." Bakugou grumbled in annoyance. "Just be my girl already. At least that way you can justify annoying me all the time."

Tears welled up in Camie's eyes

"Eh? Eh?! The hell you crying for?!" Though his voice and words were gruff and unsophisticated Camie could sense the geniune concern.

"It's just that..." Camie sniffled. "I'm so happy to have such a handsome BF! Like, all my peeps are gonna be totes jelly and salty AF!"

Bakugou rolled his eyes. This girl was...

"Fine, I don't care. Let them think whatever they want."


Camie had now pulled out her cell to begin taking selfies of them together so as to spam on her profile page. After the first pic posting, where Bakugou wasn't smiling or even looking at the cell camera, there were already comments flooding in.

"Grrr... This girl..."

No, that's wrong.

"My... Girl... Friend... Is...."

Bakugou stopped himself. The sight of Camie smiling broadly and absolutely gushing with joy as she rapidly texted while being held in his arms made his heart feel... Different.


"My girlfriend is something else."