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Evanescent - Five Prompts

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Evanescent - Five Prompts

Tony watched as his career went up in flames, followed quickly by his fiance dumping him. All because Danny was dirty. He couldn’t help watching Leroy Jethro Gibbs across the bar.

He wondered if Gibbs had arrived just in time. He’d been getting close to his two year mark. At first, he’d thought he’d settle down and this would be the police station he stayed at for a significant amount of time.

He’d proposed to Wendy and he thought they were happy. Then she started getting upset with his hours and nagging that he was never home. He started to have second thoughts.

He knew his time to make a decision regarding Wendy and Baltimore was running low. His bosses only gave him a couple of weeks after the 2 year mark to decide. If he stayed he’d be out of the program, if he left they’d find him a new job.

Tony had been lost. He’d been tossing these particular dice with his bosses for a long time now. First at Peoria and then at Philadelphia, now at Baltimore it was the same losing dice and he was lost as to what to do.

He’d done the move on option, multiple times before, and while it had been fun at first, it didn’t bring the same excitement it once did. That bridge had been crossed. He had contemplated the bridge where he stayed in Baltimore and married Wendy, but it was pretty obvious that bridge wasn’t going to work out for him, even before Gibbs showed up.

He had nowhere to go. No options that suited him. He wanted a place to stay forever.

He’d been searching for that forever place for a long time now. Every time he thought he found a forever place, it turned out to be an evanescent place instead. This would be his 3rd evanescent police station that he’d practically been chased out of.

It wasn’t just that he had to leave that made them evanescent. No, they were also corrupt police stations that required a significant restart to get them back on the right track. Tony was tired of the corruption in the places that were supposed to uphold the laws and stand for truth and justice.

He’d listened to Gibbs spiel about NCIS. What had really stuck with him, though, was Gibbs’ promise that NCIS didn’t have the corruption he was used to. Now that Gibbs had arrived, Tony knew exactly where he was going.

He no longer had any doubts or fears about his decisions. He may have a few regrets about the way things worked out with Wendy, but he’d seen other cops go through similar situations and it never worked out. With Gibbs, he had finally found his way.

Gibbs had opened a new bridge that Tony didn’t realize existed. Gibbs had found him just in time. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the man was hot.

Tony had no problems working under him or over him or all around him, if the man was willing that is. When Gibbs glanced his way across the bar, Tony knew he’d been spotted. He wasn’t ready for anything significant after just breaking up with Wendy, but he could feel the pitter-patter of his heart as it responded to Gibbs’ look.

As the years progressed and his relationship with Gibbs continued to grow, he knew that their time in Baltimore had not only saved him just in time, but had also brought love into his life just in time. He’d almost given up on love, but Gibbs had saved him from that. The day he met Gibbs had been beyond lucky.

Tony’s lonely life had changed that lucky day in Baltimore when he shook hands with Gibbs and saw the answering spark in Gibbs eyes to the question in his. He had a job he loved and a partner who also loved him. To think, if Gibbs hadn’t shown up just in time, he’d have missed out on all of this.

He turned to Gibbs as Gibbs worked on his boat. The man may not seem like a catch to some, but to Tony he was the biggest catch in the world. Squeezing Gibbs hand, he moved closer content with his life and his love, finally.