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Refutation Story of Devil

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Hashiri Nio could never have predicted what had happened to her today. It was beyond what could be predicted. Even for someone like her who had no problem to adapt to any kind of situation, she must admit that she wasn't sure of how to deal with the one she was currently in, how to deal with...her.

It all began when she went to visit Hope's Peak Academy, or more specifically, to meet with the headmaster Kirigiri Jin. Well, technically, it wasn't "her" who met with the headmaster, rather the person she was currently impersonating. Anyway, the point is, this is how she ended up having this strange encounter.

As soon as she had left the headmaster's office and began to walk away, she felt a hand suddenly grabbed her arm. She immediately reacted and turned back, ready to attack. After all even if it didn't look like it, she was a trained assassin. Whatever the threat was, she could deal with it.

The first thing she noticed was that the person who had grabbed her had red nails. So it was most likely a girl. Her doubt was confirmed when she raised her head and saw that it was indeed a woman. The latter was rather tall, almost as tall as her classmate Namatame Chitaru. She was quite fashionable and had the body of a top model. Not even Inukai Isuke was as stylish as that girl.

"This is...a fateful encounter!" she said stoically at Nio, as she gazed at her with such intensity it looked like she was directly staring at her soul.

Nio remained impassive. She was used to deal with weirdos, and this girl was clearly one. After few seconds, Nio took her usual fake attitude she had when she was with her classmates, which was a cat-like smile and an innocent expression, and a friendly yet annoying vibe.

"Ah, sorry, but...there's already someone in my heart." Nio replied politely.

"...uh? Why do you sound like I'm hitting on you or something? In case you didn't notice, I'm a girl...unless you're a boy? Are you a trap perhaps?"

"No no no, I'm 100% a girl. Just forget about that. I'm just too used to my classmates."

"Your classmates? What about them?"

"Well, they are girls...who like other girls. I'm in a classroom full of gays."

"Oh, I see. So perhaps, you're gay too? Is that the thematic of your class?"

"I...won't answer that question."

"Is the person in your heart a girl?"

"This question is off limit too."

Nio sighed. She was wondering why she was having this weird and random conversation with that even more weird stranger. Judging by her school uniform, she must be a student at Hope's Peak.

"Could you...release my arm please? And tell me what you want exactly." Nio asked, giving up her fake attitude to act more coldly.

"Oh, yes, what was that again...oh, I remember! How things are going in Class Black? Does the assassination have begun?"

This time, Nio made no effort to remain friendly. She grabbed the other girl and shoved her against a wall, before pulling out her knife. She had made sure first that there was no one in the area.

"Ok, you're going to tell me who you are and what you know about Class Black, or else..." Nio threated with a wide grin that showed her sharp teeth.

"My, my, no need to be so violent! All I want is to have a nice chat with you." the other girl replied calmly, showing no sign of fear.

Nio found that this girl felt off. She was way too calm for someone who had her life threatened. There must have something big behind all of this, something that she needed to discover. That girl was certainly not just a regular student.

"You want to talk with me? Fine. Talk. Tell me what's your purpose..."

"Not here. People might come. And you wouldn't want someone to see you with a knife, don't you?"

The girl smiled in such a confident way that it almost made Nio want to stab her right away. But she knew that she was right. Someone might come, and she couldn't kill in a public area where she could get caught.

"Fine. Where do you want to talk?" Nio said as she freed the other girl.

"Just follow me, I've the perfect place for a friendly conversation!"

Nio could definitely not predict how things went. She was currently in a café with that weirdo. She could barely believe that she was really drinking a coffee with that girl.

"...why a café? There are people around us!" Nio complained.

"It's not like there's a lot people...and even if someone heard us, what do you think they will do? We're just two students, they will probably think we're talking about some drama or anime."

"I suppose it's true. So, who are you?"

"You keep asking that, but there's no way that you can not know who I am, right?"

Nio remained quiet, unable to know what to say. She really didn't know that girl.

"Come on! I'm Enoshima Junko, how can you not know me? Do you live under a rock or what!?"

That name did sound a bell to Nio. She did hear some of her classmates said that name. Isuke and Haruki had said that name one when reading a certain magazine, which Shiena also read in secret. Now that she thought about it, there was blonde woman on the front page, who exactly looked the same as Junko. Nio finally realised who she was.

"'re a top model."

"Uh? Excuse me? A top model? I'm more then that. I'm the Super High School Level Gyaru, as well as one of the most popular top model in Japan!"

"Ah, I see. Well Enoshima-senpai, I guess I should introduce myself too. I'm Hashiri Nio, the Super Middle School Level Illusionist. But I guess you already know that, right?"


" much do you know?"

"Hum, I know that Class Black is a class full of assassins, but that recently, you made an alliance with Hope's Peak Academy to welcome the first SMSL students. Those are the Class Black's students."

" did you learn about that?"

"Well, you know Ikusaba Mukuro?"

"Yes, she was invited to attend Class Black as the SMSL Soldier, but she had to refuse since she was already accepted at Hope's Peak. What about her?"

"Well, you see, that good for nothing is my big sister! Surprising isn't, that such a pathetic girl can be the older sister of someone like me. Well, this is unfortunately the truth. And she told me about Class Black. After all, she's working for me, there's no way she would have kept that a secret from me."

"A top model...who has a mercenary at her service. How unusual. But if she's your sister, I guess it's possible."

Nio wondered what she should do. Should she killed her? This girl might become a threat. But on the other hand, she had a mercenary from the notorious group Fenrir at her service. It seemed wise to avoid any conflict with that group. And Junko wasn't just a nobody, she was a student in the prestigious school Hope's Peak Academy and a popular top model. Her death wouldn't go unnotice. It was safer for the moment to let her live. Anyway, Nio must admit that she was kind of curious about that person, and somewhat more interested that she usually was with other people.

"And what is your business with Class Black? Why did you want to talk about it with me?" Nio asked.

"Well, I thought it looks interesting and want to learn more about it. Like for example, why it wasn't the chairwoman who came here instead of you. It's weird that a student is in charge of meeting with the headmaster about the alliance, don't you think?"

" spied our conversation. Well, the chairwoman is a busy woman, she had no time for..."

"Please, don't try lying. There's more to that, isn't it? Like, why the headmaster called you chairwoman. You're an illusionist, so I guess pretending to be someone you aren't is easy for you."

Nio really began to wonder if she should just kill her, but she remembered what a pain in the ass it would be to deal with Fenrir and Junko's mourning fans.

"Well I guess there's no need to lie anymore. Yes, I was pretending to be the chairwoman. The real one is away for a while, she had an important business to deal with. She asked me to take her place."

"So you're in charge of Myojo Academy and Class Black. Interesting."

Nio was kind of worried to let this person know. But it wasn't like a gyaru could be a real threat. If she became a nuisance, Nio was confidence that she could eliminate her and take care of Fenrir, even if it wouldn't be an easy task. And she didn't know the real truth, that the chairwoman's absence was due to an unknown illness. That fact had to remain a secret at any cost.

"Well it's been week since the class is active, but I'm waiting for the chairwoman's return before starting. The students don't seem eager to begin anyway, all they do is flirting with each other. I can allow myself to wait for few months at best."

"Well then, how about we become friends? Maybe I could help you with your, uh, 'killing game'. You see, I'm really good at killing people." Junko said with a way too much cheerful expression for what she just had said.

This time, Nio genuinely grin. Definitly, this weirdo looked quite interesting. And since she knew a lot, it was for the best to stay close to her, even though she had no intention to let her get involve in Class Black. Let say she'll simply be a way to pass time until the chairwoman return.

"Yeah sure, let's be friend! You seem less annoying than my gay classmates." Nio replied with a friendly smile.

"I'm glad to hear that! I'm sure we can get along pretty good, Hashiri-san."

"But just to be homo, uh? I mean, you did bring me in a café, it really looks like a date to me. I just want to be sure you aren't trying to flirt with me."

" really have a fixation on that, don't you? Do you really want me to hit on your or...?"

"Haha, not at all!" Nio replied honestly with a smirk, before finishing her coffee.