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We All Show Our Love In Different Ways (but please stay out of the air ducts)

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Angelica Schuyler had never been particularly good at calming people down. Which was extremely concerning now that she had a wailing Alexander Hamilton in her arms.


“Look, Alex, sweetie-” Alex cut her off with a loud sob as it started to rain harder and the thunder got louder. “Oh shit Alex-”


Apparently her method of somewhat comforting nicknames and pleas to stop crying wasn't working very well, because Alexander just started digging his nails into her sides.


Which is why she was extremely glad when Eliza walked into the band room.


“Eliza, thank god-”


“I'm not god, Angel-Alex! What happened?!” Eliza looked up at Angelica as she pulled Alexander closer to her.


“I don't know! He won't stop! Help, please.”


“That's okay! I've been putting out fires all over today, this is my calling.”


Angelica sighed, before looking at Eliza worriedly. “What do you mean-”


She was cut off again by Alexander suddenly screaming at another really loud boom of thunder. This time Eliza had to pull his hands out of his hair.


“Alex, honey, can you breath with me? In, out, in out, in out...”


Eliza's breathing method only lead to more hyperventilating and another scream out of Alex.


“Okay, this isn't helping.” Angelica said as Alex's knees finally gave out from shaking. “I'm calling John.”


Before that could happen, a very panicked Hercules walked in, followed swiftly by Peggy on a murder mission.








“DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN MILBURN HEIGHTS?! HORRIBLE THINGS!” Peggy screamed, as Lee, Lafayette, and Maria attempted to hold her back.


“Jesus Christ when did you get so strong?!”






As Peggy continued to yell at Hercules while Lee, Maria and Lafayette attempted to hold her back, James and Thomas walked into the room.


“No Thomas, it's fine!” James said, sobbing.


“Nononononono, Jemmy, your not listening!”


“YES I AM THOMAS, I HEARD EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID! AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT? I GET IT! SO IT'S FINE, IT'S ALL OKAY!” James wailed, walking over to Alexander, Angelica, and Eliza's little group huddle.






Before James could respond or Angelica could ask what was going on, John ran into the band room, looking very nervous and sweaty.


“Oh my god, you guys, I need help-”


“Leave me alone, Thomas!”


“Look, Peggy, stop-”


“James, I'm-”




“SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU!” Angelica screamed, over all of the screaming. “John, what's up?”


“There's a situation, and I nee-Ohmygod, LEXI!” John bolted over to Alex (who hadn't stopped crying) and scooped up the smaller boy in his arms. He glared at Angelica and Eliza. “What. Happened.”


“We don't know-”


“And this is room.....” That was when Mr Washington, the principle of the school, walked in, with who appeared to be Very Important People wearing suits.


“Hello Mr Washington sir!” Thomas chirped, waving. “Who are these people?”


“Welcome to our school!” Eliza said, pushing Alex further into John to hide his loud sobbing. “Hello, I'm Elizabeth Schuyler, I'm on the student council-”


Before she could finish that sentence, a very loud crack was heard, followed by 'King' George, Samuel, and Aaron falling out of the ceiling.


There was a moment of silence as Mr Washington, and the Very Important People in suits stared at the three teenagers who just fell out of the air ducts. The only other sounds being, of course, Alex's sobbing and James's panting, because James does not have good lungs and probably shouldn't have been yelling like that.


Samuel was the first person to stand up. “Hello!” He said, with surprising calmness for someone who just fell out of an air duct. “My name is Samuel Seabury, and I just fell out of the ceiling. Um, there may be a snake on the loose, but I have my best people on it.” Then, Sam pulled up George, and pushed his back slightly. George got the message, and started running after the snake that may or may not be on the loose.


“OH MON DIEU!” Lafayette screamed, jumping about a foot in the air. “S-Something touched me!”


That's when everybody saw the green, slithery creature that was heading into the percussion section. George screamed “I got it!” and bolted into the wall, before running into the auxiliary percussion closet.


This is the exacted moment were, in much more polite terms mind you, the Very Important People went 'to hell with this' and left the building. Mr Washington apologized, and then glared at everyone in the band room.


“My office, now.”



Chapter Text


Washington's office was not made to contain fifteen people. Which explained why it was so incredibly cramped. The only person who was not cramped was Alexander, who was still sobbing, and was currently on John's lap, wrapped in his letterman jacket. John had put headphones on him, and he was starting to calm down. Slightly.


Other notable changes in the office included James silently crying and ignoring Thomas, Thomas franticly trying to apologize for his misdeeds, whatever they were. 'King' George currently had Cthulhu the Ball Python (the loose snake) wrapped around his neck like a feather boa from hell. And Peggy had her feet on the desk.


“Alright,” Mr Washington started, placing his head in his hands and wondering how young he had to be to retire. “Let's start with something simple.”


At this moment, James stood up from his seat, ignoring Thomas's pleas to listen, and sat in the corner of the room.




“I don't wanna talk to him, Mr Washington.”


“Jemmy, please-!”


“Thomas.” Washington said in a commanding voice. Thomas stopped talking, but still looked at his best friend worriedly.


“Peggy,” Washington said, before holding up a knife duct taped to a wooden rod. “Is this yours?”


“Yes sir.” Peggy said, her feet still on his desk.


“Peggy, what is it?”


“I think it's pretty obvious what it is sir.” Washington just looked at her. “It's a knife duct taped to a wooden rod, sir.”


“Peggy, this was in your locker.”


“I'm aware, sir.”


“Peggy, your suspended for two weeks.”


“That seems fair sir.”


“Peggy, why did you have it?”


“Yeah, why?” Angelica asked, giving Peggy her best 'I-am-disappointed-in-you-young-lady' face.


“I keep it in my closet.”




“In case of burglars.”


“Wha-Peggy, we live in upper class Manhattan!”


“Yeah, and our Dad's a rich lawyer. I'm sure that lots of people would like to kill us to piss him off.”


“Oh my god.”


Peggy looked back at Washington after the little talk with her sister.


“Why is that important, sir?”




“It's a long story, sir.”


“Margarita Schuyler.”


“Fine.” Peggy sat up a little. “So about fifteen and a half years ago, my mother gave birth to me, expecting me to be the perfect daughter she always wanted, and not someone who brings knives duct taped to wooden rods to school. But, she's the one that named me Margarita, so she kinda brought that one on herself-”




“There's this girl.”


“Oh my god its Maria Lewis, we all know it, Peggy why do you have a weapon oh my god you're going to get arrested-” Angelica rambled as Eliza shushed her.


“I mean-your not wrong. So anyways, as we all know, Maria recently broke up with a certain rat faced bastard named James Reynolds, know for beating people, and being a piece of shit to any who dates him. Anyways, Maria is still scared of him, so I was going to give him a piece of my mind and a reason to never go within ten feet of Maria again.”


“And this involved a knife because?” Washington asked.


“Well I was going to cut the bastards dick off-”


“Oh my god Peggy-”


“But then Aaron told me that that was 'wildly illegal', so I was just going to threaten him a little. And keep the weapon around so that Maria would feel safe.” Peggy finished, and leaned back in her seat.


Washington let out a long suffering sigh as he sat back in his chair. “Okay.” He sighed again. “Maria, do you not feel safe at school?”


Maria nodded a tiny bit.


“Okay, we'll try to fix that. Peggy,”


“Yes sir?”


“Don't threaten people.”


“I don't! Only for Maria.” Peggy flashed her a grin, and Maria blushed and hid behind her hair.


Washington rubbed his temples. “Okay, next question, why were you threatening Hercules then?”


“Because he hurt Lafayette.”


“Peggy it was a misunderstanding!” Lafayette wailed, before being shushed by Thomas rubbing his head.


Washington sighed. “What happened?”


Hercules spoke up. “What happened is that Peggy lost her mind-”




Hercules and Peggy started shouting at each other, until Washington slammed his hands on the desk. “ENOUGH!” Everyone sat down. “Now explain what happened.”


Hercules sighed. “Okay so-”


Earlier that Day


“Hercules! How are you, mon ami?”


“I'm fine Laf.” Hercules grumbled, getting to his locker. Lafayette trailed behind him, looking nervous.


“Umm...mon ami? Is something wrong?”


“Why are you calling me that?”


“Calling you what?”


“Mon ami.”


“...Because I call everyone that?”


“Yeah, well, what happened to mon amour? Am I not good enough for that either?” Hercules snarled, while Lafayette just looked confused, and leaned closer.


“Hercules, you said that you didn't want to steal John and Alex's lightening by saying that we're together right after them.”


“Okay, first off, slut, it's thunder. Second off, I thought it would be okay to keep this on the down low because I thought that you would be better then this, but I clearly wrong!”


Lafayette's eyes teared up at the name, and started looking scared. “Hercules, what are-”


“Oh yeah, I know all about your little party tricks with John Adams. But its okay, I don't need you. In fact,” Hercules pulled out his phone, and picked some random phone number. “Hey.”


Aaron answered his call. “Hi Herc, whats up?”


“Hey sexy.”




“I had a great time last night.”


“I wasn't with you last night.”


“Can't wait to do it with you again.”


“Hercules, I wasn't with you last night.”


“Whatcha wearing right now? Something sexy?”


“Um...just a button up and jeans.”


“Are they tight jeans.”


“Not really. Why?”


“Mmm those jeans sound sexy babygirl.”




“You keeping that tush tight for me.”


“I haven't been doing squats or anything. Been trying to eat less pizza. Hey, Herc, are you feeling alright? You wanna hang out more or something?”


“Mmmm sounds sexy. I'll see you tonight, alright?”


“I can't, I have a thing with Theo.”


“Alright, I'll see you tonight. Can't wait to have you under me.”




Hercules hung up the phone, leaving a very confused Aaron Burr on the other line. He turned back to Lafayette. “So, whatcha think of that...Laf?”


Instead of Lafayette looking jealous or ashamed, he had tears streaming down his face and was hugging himself very tightly. And instead of getting angry or yelling, he just started sobbing. His shoulders shook and his legs trembled.


“I-I-I-I-” Lafayette turned around and started running down the hall.


Hercules blinked and swallowed down the lump in his throat, but refused to let this phase him.


“That's what cheaters get!”




Hercules looked up to see everyone glaring at him.


“Look, I can explain!”


Chapter Text

Angelica stood up first. “I can't believe you would do that!”


“I thought that Lafayette was cheating on me! But we solved it and its okay now!”


“Yeah, after he locked himself in the janitors closet and cried for three periods.” Peggy pointed out.


“Okay, so that is the part were I was a asshat. But I didn't mean a word of it, you have to believe me.”


There was a pause. “I believe you.” Laf said softly.


Hercules looked up a little. “Really?”




Washington sighed. “Okay. We'll come back to that later. Thomas, James-” He was interrupted by the intercom. “Yes?”


“Mr Washington, can we send Theodosia Barlow, Charles Adams, and John Mulligan down to the office?”


“Of course.”


“Thank you. They'll be right down.”


Washington took a deep breath in, before looking back at James and Thomas. “So. What happened here?”


“Nothing.” James said quickly. “Can I go home?”


“James-” Thomas tried to speak, but he was cut off again.


“No Thomas. Please, Mr Washington? I'm exhausted.”


“I'm sorry son, but we need to figure out this whole situation before any of you can go home.”


James sighed and sat back in the corner.


“Okay, we'll talk about that later. George, Aaron, Samuel.” The aforementioned boys looked over to Washington. “How and why did you get into the ceiling.”


'King' George answered first. “That's John Adams fault, sir.”


“Oh really?”




Charles Adam's, John Mulligan, and Theodosia Barlow finally made an appearance. John and Charles were soaking wet, and Theo was covered in paint. John and Charles were also holding hands.


“Hello Mister Washington sir.” The three said in semi-unison. John and Charles stood by the wall, and Theo took a seat on Aaron's lap.


For the third time that day, Washington sighed, before turning back to 'King' George. “So the reason that you were in the air ducts was John Adams fault.”


“Yes sir.”


“Please elaborate.”


“He made fun of Samuel. He needed to be punished.”


“And you were going to do this by...?”


“Dropping the python on his head.”


“I would just like to say,” Aaron started. “That I went in there to stop them.”


“Same for me. I have no idea why George did this.” Samuel said.


“I just explained why I did it Sammy. I don't see what your confused about.”


Sam rolled his eyes. “That isn't an excuse. You shouldn't have done it because Adams made fun of me.”


'King' George looked confused and squinted. “But you cried.”




“So, out of all the reasons that someone deserves to cry that I can think of, you don't fit a single one of them.”


“What are you...”


“You are wonderful, and helpful, and silly, and hopelessly kind. Adams should have know that if he was going to bully anyone, you of all people didn't deserve it. Hence the python.”


“Yeah, but that doesn't mean that you have to get revenge on him!”


“Yes I did!”


“No you didn't”


“Yes I did!” 'King' George stood up, making everyone jump. “You are the most important thing in my life. He made you cry. And I hear how you talk about yourself. You didn't deserve it. Ergo, he needed to pay.”


Samuel stared at him with wide eyes. “Oh.” He gulped, and when he spoke again, his voice came out soft and shaky. “I-I didn't know that you cared that much....”


“Oh Samuel-”


“Okay, okay, break it up, you can do that in the hallway.” Washington sighed for the hundredth time that day and looked at the three boys. “That still doesn't explain how you three got into the ducts in the first place.”


“Oh. Well, I was in the bathroom and I kicked in the vent in there after Eliza gave me the idea.”


“Wait what?” Angelica stood up again.


“Wha-I wasn't involved in this!” Eliza argued.


'King' George sat up a bit. “Well, no, you weren't involved, but I got the idea after we had that discussion in the hallway.”


“What are you-”


“Okay settle down people.” Washington stared at the distressed and stressed students before him. “How about we go back to Lafayette and Hercules. So Lafayette, you were in the janitors closet crying?”


“....Oui.” Lafayette said, not making eye contact with anyone.


“I am so sorry.” Hercules whispered. Laf shrugged.


“Actually it was more like sobbing.” Peggy said, and glared at Hercules.


“Okay, crying aside, what happened after?”


“I tried to get Lafayette out of the goddamned janitors closet before he passed out from the cleaning product fumes or something, while Hercules was presumably being a raging dickhead somewhere else.”


“Okay look-”


“Sorry doesn't make it better-”


“I was upset-”


“Oh yeah, and Laffy was just fine and dandy!”


“I thought he cheated on me!”


“And I thought that you had half a brain to know that he would never do that!”










“Wait what?”


“Oh mon dieu.”






“ENOUGH!” Washington yelled, making everyone jump. “My god, can you two even be in a room together?”


“Probably not!”


“Not until she apologizes!”


“I'm not apologizing for anything!”


Chapter Text


Washington sighed, and took a sip of his coffee. “I'm retiring after you all graduate. Peggy, apologize to Hercules.”




“Margarita Schuyler.”


“Fine. I'm sorry Hercules-”


“Thank you.”


“That I didn't get a chance to shove your foot down your throat.”


“Ms Schuyler!”


“Thats the best you're getting out of me!”


“Alright, fine I'll take it.” Hercules said. “Can we just move on? This isn't relationship counselling or anything.”


“I'm was actually just about to suggest that, Mr Mulligan. Thomas, James-would either of you to like to explain the screaming fight that me and my colleagues walked in on?”


“Not really sir.” James mumbled.


“Well to bad. Start explaining.”


“Nothing happened. I told Thomas some...private information, and I thought that Thomas...liked this private information, but than he made it very clear that he was...lying about liking the private information to protect me, so...yeah.”


“No!” Thomas stood up and nearly knocked Alex out of John's lap. “What happened is that John Adams is a massive asshole-”


“SEE?!” George said, pointing to Thomas as Sam shushed him.


“-who twisted my words!”


Washington looked at Jefferson, than looked at James. Then he very slowly lowered his head onto his desk, took a deep breath, then lifted his head back up.


“Okay, here is what we are going to do. We are going to each tell our own version of what happened today, and then I will decide on appropriate punishments, because this current method isn't working.”


“Your just realizing that right now?” Laurens sassed. Washington glared at him.


“So which one of your stories is going to give me the least amount of a headache?”


Theo slowly raised her arm and adjusted herself on Aaron's lap.


“Thank you, Miss Barlow. Tell us why you are covered in paint.”


Earlier in the art room


“Theo is this necessary?”




Theodosia was currently teetering on the edge of a very wobbly ladder while John Andre watched nervously.


“Theo, if you fall and hit your head, Aaron's gonna blame me.”


“Look, I have to pass this class with top marks if I want to stick it to Adam's, and the only way I'm gonna get top marks is if I do something totally out of the box. But, considering that the art budget in this class is next to nothing, my only option for doing something totally unique is to just make a really massive painting. Also, I'm fine.”


Right as Theo said that, the ladder suddenly gave out underneath her. She tried to grab a nearby shelf that held paint to steady herself, but the momentum of the fall caused the shelf to be torn out of the wall. Then the paint came crashing down on her.


“Hello everybody how are your projects goin-OH MY GOD!”


Theo sighed. “Well shit.”




“And now I am going to fail my art class.”


“That's it?” Washington looked surprised. “Just a simple accident? Thats all?”




“Didn't you think that you were pregnant earlier?” Laf asked quietly.


“Yeah but that was nothing.”


“Wait what?” Lee asked.


“Don't worry about it.”


“Miss Barlow you are free to go.” Washington dismissed her as everyone else glared.


“Bye guys.” There were a few goodbyes, and she gave Aaron a peck on the lips.


Washington turned to Lee. “So Charles, would you like to explain your part in all of this?”


“Hey man, I've been on the roof all day.”


“Please elaborate.”


“...I was on the roof a lot?”


“Charles, students are not allowed on the roof.”


“Never stopped me before.”




“I was on the roof to help these two lovebirds get together.” Lee gestured to John Mulligan and

Charles Adam's, who were talking quietly in the back of the room. They both waved slightly.


“Why did you need to be on the roof to do this?”


“Because I made it rain.” Charles Adam's responded.




“I made it rain.”




“I performed a rain dance, made it rain, and now me and Johnny are together!”


Earlier that day


“So I've decided that I'm just gonna give up on him. I'll just buried my feelings with more feelings. Even if I end up dead inside, it's for the better.” Charles said softly, as Lee looked on his phone.


“That's great Charlie.”


“...Your supposed to say 'no keep on trying'.”


“I don't care.”


“Screw it I'm gonna try one more time!”


“Oh for the love of-Charlie you've tried how many times?”


“Eight.” Charles was bouncing on his heels as Lee glared at him.


“And none of them have worked! Just give it up!”


“No, it's gonna work this time! And do you want to know why?”


“Not really.”


“Because I need to be with him.”


“Dude your starting to get into stalker territory.”


“Just one last try! I know he wants to be with me to. I last try, and I'll give on on him forever. You in?”


“...What the hell.” Lee paused. “Do you even have a plan?”




“What is it?”


“I'm gonna make it rain.”




“I'll do a rain dance, and then, it will rain.”


“A rain dance.”




“A dance to make it rain.”




Lee slapped Charles across the face. Charles bolted off.


“Charlie do NOT make me the responsible one in this relationship!”





Chapter Text

In the boys washroom, after Charles Adams bolted off


Lee walked into the washroom to find Aaron and George (The 'King', not the principle). George was standing on the sink, pulling at the vent above the mirror, and Aaron looked 600% done with everything.


“Hey have you guys seen Charlie?”


Aaron shook his head and George acknowledged his presence.


“Lee! Do you have a screwdriver? Or a pair of scissors?”


“No to the screwdriver, but I do have scissors. What...what are you doing?” Lee asked, handing George the scissors.


“Oh, Mr Tesla said that their was something wrong with the vents, so he asked me to fix them.”


“Our science teacher...asked fix the vents?”




Aaron stared at George. “Don't we have custodians that fix things?”


“There all on strike.”


“Okay, just don't hurt yourself.” Lee turned to Aaron. “Do you know how to make it rain?”


Aaron blinked at him slowly. “Please elaborate.”


“Do you know Charles Adams?”


“That's Adams cousin, right?”


“Yes! He likes a boy and needs to make it rain.”


“...I don't control the weather, Lee.”


This was when Thomas walked in and George managed to unscrew the second screw that was keeping students out of the vents.


“HEY! You did something to James! I need to kick your ass!” Aaron yelled, both angry at Thomas and reminding himself.


“Oh what did you do?" Lee asked.


“That's actually what I came here for.” Thomas paused, apparently not surprised by Aaron yelling at him. “I need your help finding James.”


“You were with him at that party last night! What did you say to him?!”


“I didn't do anything! It was Adams.”


“Um, hi. Feeling really out of the loop right now.” Lee said, raising his hand. “What does Adam's party have to do with Aaron needing to kick your ass?”


“Okay so, last night at the party, I sort of...may have...there is a slight possibility that I...toldJamesIlovedhim.” Thomas paused. Aaron looked unsurprised but also confused and Lee just looked unsurprised.


“Can't say I'm surprised.” Lee said, saying what he was thinking for some reason.


“Okay, that doesn't explain why James came to my house at four in the morning sobbing last and fell asleep in my bed.”


“Yeah, I'm getting there. So, I was gonna take James home for some...afterparty activities.”


“That's my boy!” Lee whooped, and clapped Thomas on the back.


“Didn't need to know that.” Was Aaron's deadpanned response.


“And when I came back to get James, he had left the party. Apparently, Adams told him that it was a dare, and that apparently beforehand, I told all the guys how awful I thought James was. Which I didn't do! I would never do that! Maybe to Alex but not to James!” Thomas turned to Aaron. “You know I wouldn't do that to James.”


Aaron was about to respond when Hercules entered the bathroom.


“Hey that was a weird fucking call earlier!” Aaron yelled at Hercules, who jumped.


“Look I couldn't call one of the sisters because Angelica would have kicked my ass!”


“Feeling out of the loop again.” Lee waved his hand around.


“He called me babygirl.” Aaron pouted.


“Dude.” Thomas gave Hercules a look. “He has a girlfriend.”


“And only I call him babygirl.” Lee said, about to wrap his arm around Aaron, who slapped his hand away. “Hurt.”


“Don't touch me.” He turned. “And you're dating someone!”


“Well I was-wait you knew?”


“About you and Laf? Yeah, everyone does.” Lee said, bouncing on his feet.


There was suddenly a loud crash behind them. They turned around to see that George had thrown the vent cover onto the floor, and was now looking inside of it.


After a brief pause, Hercules starting talking. “Whatever, it's over, we're over, and I'm sorry about calling you. Can we not talk about this?”


“Wait, what are you talking about? Did you and Laf break up?” Aaron asked.


Hercules punched the sink in frustration. “What was I supposed to do! He was the one who cheated! He was the one who drunkenly hooked up with Adams! I didn't do anything, and he's the one crying like a baby!”


The three boys who were not Hercules or George looked at each other, before looking at Hercules. Lee spoke up first.


“Um, Herc, buddy...Laf wasn't with Adams last night. He wasn't even at the party.”


Hercules laughed bitterly. “Look, you don't have to lie for him, okay?”


“No I'm serious. I went over to the Schuyler's last night to bug them, and Laf was definitely there.”


Thomas nodded. “Yeah, I called Angelica for advice last night, and I heard him in the background.”


“Wait, but then-that would mean-oh no.” Hercules paled. “Lafayette thinks I'm cheating on him.”


“What?! Why?!”


“Because I called you to let him know that I wasn't going to be lonely without him. And then I called him a slut.”


There was a pause. A long, uncomfortable pause.


“You done fucked up son.”


Lee broke that pause.


“My god.”


That was Thomas.


Aaron glared at Hercules. “You need to go find Lafayette and apologize.”


Hercules nodded and ran out the door.


“And I should go find James.” Thomas left after him.


“And I still need to find Charlie and help him make it rain.” Lee then walked out of the bathroom.


Aaron sighed and left.


Due to the conversations going on, none of them noticed that George had crawled into the vents. They also didn't notice that he had a ball python with him.


Present day


Washington stared at the five boys in front of him, after they finished recounting there story. He had nothing to say. But Peggy did.


“You didn't notice that George had a python with him and that he crawled into the vents?”


“We were distracted.” Thomas responded, before turning around in his seat. “Jemmy, I promise I didn't lie. I promise. See? I meant what I said, honey.”


James just stayed quiet.


Thomas gulped and looked ready to start begging. “Please, Jemmy. You can't listen to Adams, darling. He lied and I meant what I said. Lee and Aaron were there, they can vouch for me, right?” The two boys nodded. “Please James. I love you and I want to be with you. Please?” Thomas said in a small voice that made everyone worried. He looked like he was about to cry. “Please Jemmy?”


James stayed quiet. Thomas whimpered slightly and turned around. He tipped his head down and stayed silent.


“Thomas?” Washington asked after a moment.


Thomas sniffled and kept his head down. “I don't wanna talk anymore, sir.”


The room was completely silent.






Samuel sat up a little. “Mr Washington? Can I tell my side of the story?”






Chapter Text

Washington nodded, and Samuel started speaking.


Night of the Party


“George I'm really fine.” Sam mumbled as George angrily led him out of Adams house. “There just stupid guys, George calm down.”


“I will not calm down Samuel! They were making fun of you!”


“That is not a reason to punch them and then leave angrily.”


“It absolutely is!”


Sam just rolled his eyes and sighed. He really didn't see what the big deal was. Adams was just an asshole, plain and simple.


“George, lets just go home.”


George suddenly looked at Sam very intently, and frowned.




“Right, sorry. Of course, I'll take you home.”


The Next Day


School was decently normal. Sam stayed by George's side, and George was acting like the night before never happened. It was actually the ideal situation. Until they ran into Peggy and Eliza.


“Hey Schuylers.” Sam greeted, getting his books from his locker. “So how 'bout that weather.”


Eliza snorted. “Nice small talk, Sammy.”


“I try.”


Peggy giggled and looked intently at Sam. “There's a storm coming.”


“Fantastic.” Sam opened his locker and put his lunch in. “Anyone go to the party last night?”


Angelica scoffed. “No. We watched TV and Laf came over for a little bit. Why?”


“Adams is a fucking scumbag.” George responded.


“George!” Sam said, looking at the blond boy in shock.


“It's true.”


“Don't say things like that.” Sam rolled his eyes and turned to the sisters. “Adams was just being rude last night, and I was wondering if you were there.”


“Angelica forbade us from going, and Peggy had some sort of plan-what is your plan?” Eliza asked, turning to Peggy.


“Oh, you know, just some roughhousing between teens.”


“Peggy that wasn't an answer.”


“Oh would you look at the time, I'd best be off to Mr Franklin's class!”


“We still have fifteen minutes before class starts-” Eliza said, but Peggy was already halfway down the hall.


“Someone should teach Adams a lesson.” George said, rejoining the conversation.




“He's not worth it George,” Eliza said, cutting Sam off. “Besides, what are you gonna do? Threaten him with snakes?” Eliza asked, with a very specific example.


George stared at Eliza for, like, a good minute with a worrisome gleam in his eyes. Then, he grinned, and grabbed Eliza by her shoulders.


“Thanks, Liz, your a peach!” Then he kissed her on the cheek, let go of her, and went on his merry way.


Eliza was still with shock, Angelica was still with confusion, and Sam was still with worry.


“I'm going to go see what thats about. Bye girls.” And with that, Sam went down the hall.


“Good plan.” The remaining Schuyler Sisters said in unison.


Fifteen Minutes Later


Classes had started, but Sam had a free period, so he was looking for George, who apparently just vanished into thin air. Peggy, however, was chilling by the janitor's closet, and apparently talking to it.


“Look, either you have to come out, or try to tell me through the door.” Peggy said, pressing her ear against the painted wood.


“Is everything alright?” Sam asked, coming up next to her. Peggy shook her head.


“Laffy's in there, he's really upset.”


“Oh.” Sam gently knocked on the door. “Lafayette? Gil? Can you come out?”


“Laf, we wanna help.”


There was some panicked French mumbling, and another sob. The two not in the janitor's closet shot each other a worried look.


“Okay, Laffy, I'm opening up the door. Okay?” And without further ado, Peggy opened up the door.


Lafayette was a mess. His cheeks were wet with tears, eyes red-rimmed and swollen, still gasping and his shoulders shaking. He sniffled a little, wiped his eyes, and threw his arms around Peggy.


“Hey, hey, it's okay, shhhh.” Peggy rocked the much taller man back and forth. “Shh, your gonna be alright.”


Sam rubbed the taller boys back, before hearing a worrisome noise. He turned around to see George, leaving Mr Tesla's room, ball python in a small plastic container. Sam's eyes widened, and he turned to look at Peggy, who had also seen George escaping with a python. They both gave each other a confused look.


Sam pointed to the retreating George, and gestured to Peggy and the Frenchman, before mouthing “You good?”, to make sure it would be okay if he left.


Peggy nodded, and did a little 'off you go' gesture with her hand.


Sam mouthed a thank you, and ran off.


Around Lunch Time


To say that the rest of the day had been a mess would have been an understatement. Where to start?


Well, the fact that James seemed to be avoiding Thomas was odd. Or the fact that Theodosia was MIA for several periods. Or that the last time anyone had seen Lee, he was stomping after a very determined looking Charlie. Or that Hercules was nervously trying to find Lafayette, who was no where to be found. Or that Reynolds couldn't look at Peggy without cringing and running away.


But what Samuel was most nervous about, was the fact that he couldn't find George. You see, Sam knew how George's mind worked. He knew that George wanted revenge. He knew that Adam's was scared of snakes. He knew that dropping a snake on Adam's head was good revenge. And he also knew that there school was falling apart, and that getting in the ventilation system probably wouldn't be that hard. He also knew that George was ridiculous enough to try such a thing.


So then Sam had that thought, that only he would think was reasonable: Did George climb into the vents with a ball python, in order to drop it on someones head?


The answer was yes, yes he did.


Unfortunately, before he could go looking for George, Theodosia came barrelling down the hallway.


“There is a god! I'M NOT PREGNANT!” She cheered, and threw her arms around the first person she saw-which, interestingly enough, was Samuel.


“Oh Theo that's great!” Sam said, before turning to the person coming up behind Theo-Aaron Burr. He then mouthed 'what the fuck?' to Aaron, who just shrugged.


Theo squealed, and got off of Samuel, before bolting down the hallway.


Samuel turned to Aaron.


“Can I ask you a favour?”


Five Minutes Later


“Sam, this is a bad idea.”


“Oh sod off Aaron, it'll be fine.”


“You are climbing into the vents to find George.”




Aaron was currently staring at Sam's legs as he shuffled himself into the vents. Without using to much force, the two boys had managed to take the ventilation cover off, and then Aaron had boosted Sam into the vents.


“Look, I'll be fine, and it's not like I'll come crashing through the ceiling. I'm just going to get George, and get out. Okay?”


Aaron looked wary, but still nodded. “Okay.”


Twenty Minutes in the Vents


George was slowly but surely making his way to the locker rooms, where he would be able to drop the snake. And yes, the vents were cramped and horrible and dusty, but it was for Sam.


And then something grabbed his ankle and he almost shit himself.


“Bloody hell!” He shrieked, and began kicking wildly.


“George, George! Stop that! It's me! George!”


George stopped and turned his upper body as best as he could. “Sam?!”


“George we need to get out of here-oh my god, oh my god!” Suddenly, the sound of Sam thrashing about filled vents. George screamed.


“Sam? Sam?!”


“Holy shit Sam it's just me!”




“Wha-Aaron, what on Earth are you doing here?” George yelled. Aaron glared at him.


“We are getting out of here, because this is crazy, and you both are going to get in huge trouble!” Aaron whisper-yelled.


“No!” George full-volume yelled, and continued moving through the vents. Sam and Aaron followed after him.


“Georgie, Aaron's right. Lets just get out while we can. Please?” Sam pleaded, but George was officially on autopilot.


“George, listen to Sam.”


“No! He deserves this!”


“George, it was Adams. He's always saying stupid shit.” Sam tried to reason.


“He-” Before George could continue, the vent groaned with the weight of three teenage boys.


“What was that?” Aaron asked. If they could see him, they would have seen his wide-eyed worry.


Before anyone could answer, the vent gave out underneath them.









Chapter Text

“So let me get this straight,” Washington said. “You decided to get revenge on John Adams by dropping a snake on his head, so you crawled into the vents to drop it on his head in the boys locker room. So then you,” He pointed to Sam. “In response, decided that the best thing to do was to crawl into the vents and get George. And then you,” He pointed to Aaron this time. “Decided that instead of getting a teacher, you would also just go up there and get them. Am I correct?”


The three boys nodded.


Washington sighed and looked over the group. “Peggy, Lee, do you two want to confess anything?”


“I've been on the roof all day!”


“Literally had both no idea and bigger issues to deal with.”


John then raised his hand. “In the interest of full disclosure, I helped Aaron into the vents.”


“OH! Wait is that what you guys where doing in the bathroom?” Eliza asked, looking at John and Aaron.


“Yeah. What did you think we were doing?”


Near the Boys Bathroom, about Twenty-Five Minutes after Lunch


Eliza was by her locker, which was coincidentally near the boys bathroom.


“Oh god John.”


“I'm trying my best, I've never done this before!”


“Yeah I could tell-just-Jesus!”


“Yeah that's a tight fit.”


“Mrrmm-I'm in!”


“Oh, great! Then I'll just start pushing-”


Then Eliza decided that maybe she should just. Go.


Back in the Principles Office


“Something very different.” Eliza answered, and Aaron gave her a weird look.


Washington rolled his eyes and turned to Lee, Charlie, and John Mulligan. “So Charles and Charlie, would you like to explain how you two got on the roof?”


“Oh it was actually super easy.” Lee answered. “You guys need to replace all the locks.”


“Charles Lee.”




At the Back of the School, Before Lunch


“So how exactly is this gonna work?” Lee asked, smacking the lock that keep the metal door thingy closed over the ladder, which was there to prevent students from going on the roof.


“So I was hanging out with those weird geography kids, who were discussing something called a Rain Dance, and when I looked it up, it was dance to make it rain. So, I have two options: I'll either make it rain, preventing Johnny from going on that camping trip and convincing him to go out with me, or I'll call Johnny and serenade him from the roof.”


“Whatever you say, kiddo.” Lee responded, hitting the lock with the crowbar for a third time, which broke it. “Well that was easy.”


Charlie started climbing the ladder. Lee watched for a moment, shrugged, and also started climbing.


Once they were on the roof, Charlie started making the basic outline of a circle, using pencil shavings. Lee decided to just lay down and watch Charlie do his thing.


“Hey Charlie?”




“Are you sure you know what you're doing?”




“Shit.” Lee stared at Charlie as he began to dance. “Hey Charlie?”




“You look stupid.”


And in Lee's defence, he did. Charlie was doing a strange galloping motion, occasionally squatting down and making a swooping gesture with his hands. It was almost definitely a bastardization of a culture's important ritual dance.


Lee waiting a few minutes before pointing this out. “Charlie, someone's going to come up here and kick your ass. I don't think Mother Nature appreciates white guys who do Rain Dances to get laid.”


“Well, luckily for you, I am doing this for love.” Charlie said, continuing his dance.




Eventually, one minute turned into ten, which turned into an hour, which then turned into two, which turned into Lee missing both lunch and fourth period.


“Okay, Charlie, it's time to get off the roof.” Lee went to go get the other boy, who just moved away from him. “Seriously, dude, it's time to go.”


“No! I have to stay up here!” Charlie said, screaming and dancing.


“Charlie, seriously. I know you're upset about John-”


“This is my last chance with him, Lee! I've already screwed up so many times, I can't lose him again!”


“Look, I'm sure that there's other ways to get John to go out with you then trying to cause storms.”


“I don't think there is!” Charlie finally turned to face him. “This is my last chance to make things right, okay? This is it, and the only way is if he stays, and thats only happening if he doesn't go on that camping trip, so I need some rain.” Charlie stopped dancing and just threw his hands up at the sky. “Come on! Give me some rain! That's all I want! Give me rain! I think I've earned it! Com'on!”


Lee blinked. “And he's finally lost it.” He mumbled to himself, before grabbing Charlie. “Come on, we're-”


Suddenly, a droplet fell from the sky. Then another. Then a third one. And then, it was like the skies opened up, as the rain went from a trickle to buckets of water. By the next morning, there would have been 13 inches of water absorbed into the ground from the storm.


Charlie squealed.


“You have got to be kidding me.” Lee loudly said, over the pouring rain. However, he soon also joined Charlie in celebration.


The managed to get off the roof safely-an impressive feat-and went back inside the school. Charlie ran in, laughing, and Lee followed him with an amused smile.


They found John Mulligan's class pretty easily. John stood up as soon as he saw Charlie.


“Charlie, what on Earth-” Before John could finish his sentence, Charlie came up to him and spun him around, giggling. John yelped and grabbed his shoulders.


“Hi so I made it rain and your not going on that camping trip and I am sorry for that but I still want to be with you and I think that you still want to be with me so can we please try again?” Charlie asked after putting John down, in what was basically a verbal run-on sentence.


“What?” John asked, smiling widely.


“I still love you. Please date me?”


John gulped, and then smiled widely. “Promise we won't get hurt?”


“Of course not.”


“Okay.” John grinned, and nodded his head quickly. “Yes. Let's date.”


Charlie laughed loudly, whooping and spinning around with a giggling John in his arms, before kissing the other boy hard.


Lee smiled, gave them a thumbs up, and then left the room.


As he was leaving, a very alarmed Maria suddenly pulled him into an abandoned classroom, where Peggy and Hercule where screaming at each other, while Lafayette stood in the middle and cried.


He looked at Maria, who shrugged in response.




“...And that's pretty much how that went down.”


Washington looked at Lee for a very, very long time before sighing. “I'm getting drunk the second I get home. Peggy, start explaining.”





Chapter Text

That Morning


Peggy came to school with one thought on her mind: murder.


Well, maybe not murder, but maiming.


See, she had finally figured out what to do about James Reynolds. Since the man wouldn't listen to reason, authority figures, threatening words, or the law, maybe he would listen to the threat of getting his dick chopped off.


So, the day before, she had managed to hide her knife-duct-taped-to-a-stick in her locker (don't ask), and watched the Evil Dead the night before to prepare. The plan was very simple:


  1. Corner Reynolds

  2. Threaten him with her stick knife

  3. Subtlety imply that she always had weapons on her for the purpose of maiming

  4. Seduce Maria


It was a method that she liked to call, Kill the Dragon, Save the Princess. And it was going to work.


And, after a fun night of hanging out with her sisters and Lafayette (that was surprisingly not ruined by the presence of Lee), she was ready.


“So, got any plans for the day?” Philip Schuyler asked as they had breakfast that morning.


“Oh, just a few.”


“Anything in particular?”


“Not really.” That, of course, was a lie.


At School


After a quick conservation with Samuel, Peggy had managed to get about halfway through her first period english class, when she noticed Reynolds walk by. She asked the teacher if she could go to the washroom. Her teacher said yes.


Instead of going to the washroom, Peggy instead watched as Reynolds went into another classroom. She then went to her locker, grabbed the stick-knife, and then went into the class.


“Hey Reynolds.” She said, coyly biting her lip and hiding the weapon behind her back. She wanted to lull him into a false sense of security, before striking.


“What do you want Schuyler?”


“Oh you know, it's just so cold outside, I was hoping that I could...ya know, warm up.” She sauntered over to him. “Do you have any ideas?”


Reynolds sat up, and gave Peggy his sleaziest smirk. “Why? Do you have any ideas, doll?”


Peggy grinned and sat next to him. “Well, you know what always gets me revved up?”




“Knifes.” And then Peggy backed away from him, and pulled out the stick knife. She held it a few inches away from his face.


Reynolds stood up, and backed away like a frightened animal. “Holy-what the hells wrong with you?!”


“Oh thats rich coming from you.” Peggy gave him a particularly predatory grin. “Now shut up and fucking listen. Fucking leave Maria alone.”


Reynolds sneered. “Or what?”


“Or, I use my knife to lop your dick clean off, balls and all.”


Reynolds paled, but still kept the sneer. “You wouldn't.”


“Oh, you bet your ass I would. Also, I have razor blades hidden in my hair.”


They stared each other down, before Reynolds rolled his eyes. “Alright fine.” He huffed and said the next part softer. “Crazy bitch.”


“Ya betcha.”


Roughly Five Minutes After That


Unfortunately, Peggy's job of kicking ass and taking names is never done. This especially became apparent to her when she found the one and only Lafayette hiding in the janitors closet. After another interaction with Samuel, she managed to coax the French boy out.


“Okay, now, slowly, and in English, tell me what happened.” Peggy gently asked.


Lafayette gasped “H-H-H-Hercules thinks t-t-that I'm c-c-c-” He bursted into sobs again. “Cheated on h-h-h-him!”


“What? Why?!” Peggy knew that Laf was head over heels for the wannabe tailor/football player, and that he absolutely despised cheaters.


“I-I-I-I don't know-w-w!” He hiccuped and rubbed his eyes. “I-I came to s-s-school and went to g-g-go say h-hello, b-b-b-but then he said that A-A-Adams-”


“Wait.” Peggy tilted her head. “Adams told Hercules you cheated on him?”


“...I t-t-think so.”


“And Hercules believed him?!”


Lafayette just sobbed again.




Peggy had managed to calm Lafayette down, and sent him off to his third period class relatively okay. She then found Maria, Alexander, and James talking in hushed voices at a circular table in the library.


“Hello people I am friends with-Holy shit are you two okay?” Peggy looked at James and Alexander. Alexander looked like someone had run over his dog, and James tearing up while reading his book.


“Y-Yeah I'm fine.” James gulped and gave her a watery smile. “Just having a bad day.”


“O-kay. If you wanna talk...” She trailed off and squeezed his shoulder.


Alexander looked at her. “My dad called last night. Aaron took my laptop away.”


“Thats probably for the better.” She patted his head.


Maria gave Peggy a glowing smile, and Peggy felt her cheeks heat up. “Hey you.”


“Hey.” Maria turned equally red. “How've you been?”


“Pretty good.” Peggy leaned down on the table beside her, and bumped there shoulders together. “You?”


“I'm great, actually. It's kinda weird.”


“Thats good. You deserve to be happy.” Peggy tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “No matter what anyone says.”


Maria smiled back, and the two just stared at each other for a while.


“Do you two want us to leave?” Alexander asked after a minute and a half of this.


Peggy playful glared at him. “Oh shush, you and John were way worse. So, whats the tea?”


Right at 2:00pm


Things actually remained pretty normal for the rest of the day, until 1:55pm, when Peggy was in a drama class with herself, Lafayette, and Hercules, and also some other people, but they aren't relevant to this part.


While doing a slightly botched performance of Hamlet, Peggy noticed that Lafayette and Hercules had begun to have an argument. A very quiet argument, mind you, but still an argument.


She couldn't hear what they where saying, but she did see that Laf but particularly angry at one point, glared at Hercules, said something that obviously got to Hercules, and stormed off. Hercules then stood there in shock, before going after him.


So, at 1:58pm, Peggy's scene was finished, and she decided to go off and see what the matter was with her friends.


She did not expect to find Hercules talking down to Lafayette in a very condescending manner. Peggy didn't think, she just swung into action.


“Hey! What the hells going on?” She went to Laf's side, because as far as she was concerned, he was the injured party. “You've done enough, leave him alone.”


“Peggy, leave, this doesn't concern you.”


“Uh, he's my friend, so it does concern me. And I'm not leaving.” She crossed her arms and glared.


“Peggy, you don't understand the situation, so leave.”


“Actually, I do understand the situation, and I'm not leaving.”


“Really? I-What do you understand, Peggy?”


“I understand a lot of things. I also understand that this is borderline cruel.” She stepped closer to him. Hercules glared back at her.


“Peggy, I'm serious, leave.”




Nobody is quite sure who lunged at who first, but Peggy and Hercules then attempted to just straight up brawl right there on the floor. Luckily, Lafayette pulled Peggy off of Hercules. Unfortunately, this did not stop her. It did not stop her when he called in Maria to help. It did not stop her when Maria grabbed Lee to help. They then somehow ended up in the goddamn band room.




“...yeah. That's pretty much how that happened.”

Chapter Text

Washington just stared at Peggy, before turning to Aaron and Alexander. “And what do you two have to say for yourselves?”


“I didn't do anything!” Aaron yelled.


“You climbed into an air vent.”


“ got me there.”




Aaron's problems began at exactly 3:13am. He woke up to his phone being obnoxiously loud, and answered it while groaning loudly.


“Who the fuck is this?” He asked, because he had not read the caller ID.




“James? What's wrong?”


“Um...I'm o-outside of y-your house, could y-y-you-”


“I'm coming, wait right there.”


Aaron crawled out of bed, and walked down the stairs and to the front door. When he opened said door, he said a teary-eyed James standing on the porch. James gave him a watery, quivering smile.


Aaron sighed. “Hey buddy.”


James came in, and Aaron led him down to the couch.


“Can I ask what happened?” Aaron said softly, placing a hand on his back.


James stayed silent, before whimpering softly and wiping his nose. “Thomas said that he loved me, but it turns out it was all a trick, because the idea of someone loving me is ridiculous. You know, normal party stuff.”


Aaron's jaw literally dropped. “I can kill him.”


“It's fine. I shouldn't be expecting these things, you know? Thomas is amazing, and I have a compromised immune system and an awful sense of humour.” James took a shaky breath in. “I just thought he loved me, and I-I was so excited, Aaron.”


Aaron nodded, and just rubbed his back. He didn't really know what to say. He eventually put his arm around James as the smaller boy began to softly cry.


“I'm really sorry.”


“It's fine. I'm use to it.” James gulped.


Aaron squeezed his shoulder. “Do you want some cheesecake?”


James gave a sad laugh. “Sure.”


They ate some cheesecake and decided that James would be spending the night. So, they decided to share the bed-Aaron by the window, and James by the door. This became a slight issue when Theodosia decided to visit.


“Hey Aaron.” Theo smiled as she opened up his window. Aaron opened his eyes and gave her a sleepy smile.


“Hey baby.” He sat up, and Theo crawled into his lap before kissing him.


“You cheating on me?” Theo said teasingly, pointing to a sleeping James.


Aaron smiled and pecked her lips. “Nah. Thomas is being an ass, and I thought he could use some comfort. So no sex tonight.”


“I'm devastated.”


“Maybe some sex.” Aaron rolled on top of her, and she laughed as he kissed her neck. “We just can't wake up James.”


“Please don't have sex.” James mumbled.


Theo giggled, before gently nudging James. “Bad night?”


“I'll be fine.”


“He's really sad but is pretending to be strong.” Aaron gently rubbed James's shoulder as the smaller boy sighed. “So I'm gonna beat up Thomas tomorrow.”


“My brave boy.” Theo kissed his nose.




Aaron woke up to Alexander smacking him awake.


“What the fuck Alex.”


“There's two people in your bed.”


“The fucks your point?”


“Did you cheat on Theo?”


“No.” Aaron rolled his eyes. “James had a bad night and needed comfort, and Theo came for her nightly visit.”


Alexander looked worried. “Is he okay?”


“Yeah, we'll just beat up Thomas.” He answered, semi-serious. “I'm assuming it's breakfast?”


“Yeah.” Alexander played with his fingers. “Can I get your advice?”




“So my dad called-”


“Block his number.”




“I'm serious. Any time your dad tries to contact you, you either end up doing something stupid to impress him, trying to give him the money that he asks for, or crying. It's not healthy for you.”


“He said he changed.”


“Alex, he always says that he changed. Thats what he said last time. Don't call him back.”


Alex looked dejected, but nodded. “Okay. I'll delete his number.”


“Thank you.”




School was a mess, but like, more then usual. The first of Aaron's problems started when he got a phone call from the one and only, Angelica Schuyler.


“Hey Angie.”


“Aaron you rat bastard.” Angelica whispered-yelled into the phone. “I can't believe you didn't use a condom.”


Aaron was stunned. He stood motionless, took the phone away from his ear, looked at it, and then put it back. “What are you talking about?”


“Theodosia is so scared right now, she's trying really hard not to freak out, and you better be there for her when she has this baby.”




“Angie!” Theo sobbed in the bathroom. “I hadn't told him yet!”


“Oh.” Angelica paused. “This didn't happen.”


“Wait-Ang-ANGELICA!” Aaron yelled as she hung up the phone.




Then Hercules called him, and called him babygirl several times. Then he had to deal with Alexander.


“Hey Alex what are you writ-Hey stop that!” Aaron yelled, physically taking the laptop away from Alex.


“Aaron!” Alex whined, before pulling it back. “You don't own me!”


“Alex, nothing good will come from writing to your dad. You know this, and I know this. Don't send him a six page e-mail, it won't end well.”


Alex looked at Aaron with big, watery eyes, and Aaron could feel his resolve melting. “But he said that he changed and-and-and he is my dad. He's my dad, Aaron.” And then Alex made a sad whimpering noise.


Aaron sighed, and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Okay, okay. Look, you can do what you want, but the second your dad asks for money, cut. Him. Off.”


Alex nodded. “I will.”


“Okay.” And Aaron gave him the laptop back.




Aaron then ran into 'The King' George stealing a python. You see, George was precariously standing on the table where the python's tank was. He was trying to quietly open the tank without alerting Mr Tesla.


“Hey George.” Aaron said, slowly walking over to the young man. “Whatcha doing?”


“I am going to give this snake a bath.”


“Does it...need a bath?”




And Aaron decided to just...not worry about it.




Aaron actually managed to avoid most of the nonsense, until the end of second period, when his very frazzled girlfriend pulled him out of class, with both Angelica and Eliza.


“Hey girls.” The sister stared him down, while Theo looked at the ground. “What's up?”


“Theo has something she needs to talk to you about.” Eliza said sweetly, gently nudging Theo forward.


“And you better have an opinion on it.” Angelica said icily.


“Okay. Honey?” Aaron looked at Theo. “What is it?”


“I-There is a chance-Condoms aren't always-It's probably nothing-” Theo stammered, before just looking him in the eyes. “I think I'm pregnant.”


Aaron's mind screeched to a halt. “W-What?”


“I haven't gotten my period. And-Aaron I'm so sorry.”


“Is it mine?”


“Yes, idiot.” Angelica answered.


Then Theo bursted into tears, and Aaron's mind started working again, and he pulled her close. “Oh, honey. It's okay. I still love you, we'll figure it out.” He nuzzled into her hair. “I got you. We'll make it work. I love you, I love you. I love you more then most things. We can find an apartment, I can work as like...a mechanic or something. We can be happy. The baby will probably have to go to public school, but that's okay.” He kissed her forehead as she giggled. “I love you.”


Theo sniffled and smiled. “I love you too.”






Chapter Text

Boy oh boy where James, Lafayette, and Alexander all having very strange afternoons. Not that the mornings had been very normal.


Alexander had been contacted by his father out of the blue. This was very alarming, because his father never contacted him, unless he wanted something. However, there was still a small part of him that wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe, his father had changed, and that they could be a happy family again.


Last night, James had had the wonderful experience of hearing John Adams tell him all about how Thomas had bragged to the football guys that Thomas had just straight up lied to him and played with his feelings. Interestingly enough, James didn't feel like being at the party anymore after that.


Meanwhile, Lafayette was called a slut by his boyfriend, for reasons that he couldn't understand. And then found out that his boyfriend was cheating on him anyways.


Yeah, it had not been fun. Which leads us to the afternoon.


The Afternoon


Do you know what's better then meeting up with your ex-best friend/crush to listen to them explain themselves, only to find them talking shit about you to other shitty people? Literally everything.


“Yeah, and he's just so fucking whiny about everything, right? Just always bitching and bitchin- oh my god, James, hi.” Thomas had turned around to see James standing behind him. “This isn't what it looks like.”


James was tired. He was so tired. Thomas had been hot and cold for weeks, acting strange. He would just give him hope that maybe, just maybe, he like him back. That maybe it wasn't just some stupid fantasy that James's created, like they could actually be something, fucking anything. That maybe all the gay jokes were Thomas actually liking him, and not just some stupid joke about how gross it would be if they were actually a couple. Like maybe James could actually be good enough for Thomas, someone that he actually wanted.


But, this wasn't a high school movie, and this was real life, and people like Thomas wouldn't actually want to be with someone like James Madison.


So James just stared at Thomas, with tears in his eyes, and a lump in his throat, and an overly heavy heart, and sadness cutting down to his bones. And he just said:


“You're an asshole.”


And he just walked away, to find somewhere to cry, and maybe scream a little. He also decided to ignore Thomas calling for him, deciding to walk faster. Then Thomas started running after him, and James started running, but eventually had to stop to catch his breath. Which is when Thomas caught up to him.


“James, I didn't mean that. They where making fun of you, I was trying to mock them-”




“James, I don't actually think those things-”


“No, you only think that I'm a burden. And whiny, and weak, and ugly, and who would ever want that?” James snarled, walking away again.


Unfortunately, Thomas caught up again. “I don't know what Adam said to you at the party-”


“He said that it was a joke. That the 'I love you' and the 'I wanna be with you' was all just a big joke that you and the other guys came up with. And I get it, it's fine, I just wanna be alone now, please leave me alone.”


James tried to walk away again, but Thomas grabbed his wrist.


“Adam's was lying. James, he's a liar. I have liked you since the sixth grade, and I've loved you since the ninth. I want to be with you.” Thomas said, voice thick with sadness and regret and guilt.


James swallowed. “Really? Because you didn't want me when you went to France.”




“You didn't call me once. You didn't text, or-or try to Skype. Hell, you didn't even email me! I was in the hospital at one point, did I tell you that? I was in the hospital, and you were the only person I wanted to see. I tried to call, I texted you a hundred times, and you never picked up, a-and I was so medicated and out of it, I couldn't stop crying. The doctors had to call my Mom because I couldn't calm down. You were complete radio silence for five months.” James sobbed, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “And then you just came back like nothing ever happened. I thought you hated me.




James started walking away again, towards the band room. There was a crash of thunder that, if James was in a better mood, he would find appropriately theatrical.


“James, I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking, Adam's lied, I'm sorry-”


“IT'S OKAY! I GET IT, OKAY?! SO IT'S FINE, IT'S ALL FINE, I'M FINE, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!” James yelled, eight months of bottled sadness and frustration and anxiety and doubt pouring out. “IT'S FINE, I GET IT, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. JUST STOP LYING TO ME, STOP GIVING ME HOPE!”


Thomas stood there, frozen, until James opened up the band room door.


The Afternoon, Lafayette and Hercules Edition


So drama class was going well! (That was a lie, the narrator is lying. It was actually going horribly).


So Lafayette and Hercules where standing next to each other, watching there classmates perform a half-remembered version of Hamlet, which also included about 20% more violence. Also, Lafayette was trying to ignore Hercules.


At least, until Hercules bumped his shoulder.


“Can I talk to you later?” Hercules asked softly.


Laf gulped. “There's nothing to talk about.”


“Laf, I know-”


“Just watch the show.”




“Don't call me that.”


Lafayette glared at him. In response, Hercules sighed, and mumbled something under his breath.


“If you're just calling me a slut again, then save your breath.” Lafayette said, as threatening as possible while whispering.


Hercules's head suddenly snapped back up, and Lafayette turned away, mostly so Hercules wouldn't see how much that comment had hurt.


“Laf, I don't think your a slut.”


“You seemed to think so earlier.”


“Can we please just talk about this in the hallway? I think the teacher's about to kick us out anyways.”


Lafayette looked at there teacher, who was glaring at them rather harshly. He then looked back at Hercules, sighed, and nodded.


So, they left the class as quietly as possible, and entered one of the many empty classroom's that the school had to offer. Lafayette sat on one table, and Hercules sat on the table across from him. And then there was silence.


“What happened this morning?” Lafayette asked finally.


Hercules incredibly sorry, and Laf could feet his heartstrings being tugged. “I went to a party last night, and Adam's told me that, earlier on that night, he had sex with you.”


Laf felt sick. “But I didn't. I-I was with the Schuyler sister's last night, I didn't-”


“I know. But at the time, I didn't know that-”


“So you just believed him?” Lafayette asked, near tears.


“Yeah.” Hercules looked down and crossed his arms, like he was trying to hide. “Not because I think your that kind of person. God, I like you so much. And I'm not used to being in relationships, and I know that I'm kind of boring, and your so amazing, and I thought that you got bored of me, and I was so scared. And I guess I just expect things to fall apart, and-I'm just so fucking sorry.” Hercules looked up at him again. “And I don't actually have a side piece of any kind. I called Aaron. He's actually pretty upset with me, because he didn't want me to call him him babygirl.”


Laf giggled at that, and wiped his eyes, which only filled with more tears. “I would never cheat on you.”


Hercules smiled. “Yeah, I know.” He stood up and walked over the Lafayette, who was still sitting. “Look, I know that I screwed up,” He said, starting to speak in a more serious voice. “But I really wanna try again. If you'll-”


And that's when Peggy walked in.


The Afternoon, Alexander Edition


So Alexander was sitting in the band room, all alone, on his laptop. His dad had just asked him for a thousand dollars. To help him play off a gambling debt.


Alexander was fuming.


He felt stupid, he felt gullible. He hated that Aaron was right. He hated that he was about to trust his dad again, even though the man had done nothing but lie. Even though he had left him and his mother to die of yellow fever. Even though his dad had lied and told everyone that Rachel was a whore, even though it was James Hamilton who was cheating. Even after all of that, Alex was still so ready to just forgive his father.


He was so dumb.


He had been there for ten minutes, trying to think was something to say. Some scathing way of telling him to go fuck himself, some way to telling him that he was a disappointment, that he should be ashamed of himself. But, Alexander couldn't think of anything.


And, as soon as it had came, the anger was disappearing, and it was replaced with sadness. So much sadness, enough sadness to fill up a room. The kind of sadness usually reserved for elderly people with regrets, for people who watched someone they love leave them. The kind of sadness that followed the lonely. The kind of sadness that follows after a disaster.


All Alexander wanted to know was why his dad left, why he didn't say goodbye, why he didn't even come to check on them after the hurricane, or after James died. He wanted to know why his dad contacted him now, instead of after Peter killed himself. He wanted to know why his dad only called or emailed or texted when he needed money.


So, Alexander just sat on the ground and sobbed. He then sobbed even harder even the storm outside started picking up. Eventually, sobbing turned into hyperventilating and screaming. He could feel the walls caving in, could feel the water clinging to his skin under his clothes, could see James disappearing, see him get washed away, and all he could do was scream, because James was gone, James was gone, James was gone James was gone James was gone JAMES WAS GONE JAMES WAS GONE JAMES WAS GONE-


“Alex? Alex! Alexander, can you hear me? Alexander!”


He didn't really notice when Angelica lifted him up, he just kept on crying and trying to will the hurricane away.


He actually didn't notice much at all. Not even when his classmates came crashing through the ceiling.