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I know you want me

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Ugh, why the fuck did we have to come back to this shit hole?! Not that the hick town in the ass end of nowhere where we had been staying was any better. In fact, it was fucking shit having to stay with my Dad's Mom and Dad. I mean sure I know gramps was ill and grandma couldn’t cope, I get that. But it was like staying in an old people's home and I lost fifty years of my life, where as it was only three...

"No Chloe you can't have that for dinner!"

"No Chloe you're not allowed to wear that!"

"Chloe turn your music down!"

"Chloe sit up straight!"

"No television after six pm Chloe!"

"Bed by eight and lights out at nine Chloe!"

“What a load of bollocks.” I mutter under my breath.

I Don't see why I had to stay up there in the old people's home with Dad for an extra month, while Mom got to leave and come back.

"But your Mom has to start back at work Chloe and she has the house to sort out and she can't be keeping an eye on you as well, I also need a hand here." My Dad had said to me when I went off on one.

I was so pissed in the first place having to move there and not getting to leave when Mom did, it was so fucked.

So I guess this is better than there, just not by a huge amount. Even if it has still got the same assholes from what I can tell and I've only been back for a few weeks and it's more run down too. I suppose at least I know this town and a few of the people here.

"Yo Chloe Price!! Dude is that you?" I hear a voice call out to me.

I look over to where the voice called from to see the familiar face of Justin Williams. Still the same geeky, grungy and glasses look he used to have. Maybe a little matured, but pretty much how he used to always look.

I make my way over to where he is as he starts saying animatedly, well as much as he can get animated anyway 'cos he seems pretty stoned, "Price that is you. Dude you got blue hair! Or maybe I just smoked some bad green." He ends with a lazy grin and holds his fist out to me.

I bump my fist to his, "Yeah wanted a change and a big bonus something to piss the parents off with."

"Nice, it looks good."

"I see you're still trying to grow ya bum fluff out." I tease with a smirk and point to his face.

He lets out a slow chuckle, "Oh man don't you start, I get enough from all the others!"

I laugh a little and say in jest, "Maybe you need to just give it up dude, you have been trying for years now. A new born could grow a manlier goatee than you."

He shakes his head with a grin, "Shit you may have blue hair but you haven't changed have you?!"

"Nah apart from trying to get out of shitsville, pretty much the same." I shrug and put my hands in my pockets.

Justin nods in agreement, "Yeah I hear that..."

While Justin is talking I notice a girl on a skateboard coming over this way and doing a few tricks without a care in the world. She is wearing some dark red Vans trainers, dark grey skinny ripped jeans. A black top with a name written that I can't see yet and a skull on it and a dark red and black flannel shirt on with the sleeves rolled up. She has really dark blue hair, like midnight and it hangs choppy below her chin nearly to her shoulders. Really pale skin and I can see a few tattoos on her arms too.

'Wow she is fucking HOT', I think to myself as she does a trick and comes to a stop in front of us. I notice she has pretty freckles going across her nose and a very faint dusting over her cheek bones and I look up to see her eyes are a beautiful blue colour, which are very slowly giving me a once over. I can actually feel myself blush a little from her roaming eyes. 'What the fuck is that Price you dork!?' I scold myself.

When she gets to my eyes I notice her lip twitch but she doesn't really give anything away to me as she turns to Justin and I see him give her a goofy grin. Oh Jesus dude really, she is so not interested. I roll my eyes internally as she holds out her fist to him.

"Hey Max sweet tricks and you still gotta show me that move from the other day."

"Yeah I know dude sorry... Well actually hold on I have about..." She pauses to take her phone from her pocket, "...Fifteen now if you're not to busy or ya know, unless you're too buzzed to cope." She ends with a teasing tone and an underlined challenge.

Mmm, she has just managed to get hotter and that little smirk, I wouldn't mind taking her up as a challenge! Hmm, and maybe I'll show her a few tricks of my own I bet I...

"...Yo Chloe, you ok there?" I get knocked out of my thoughts by Justin.

I shake my head, "...W-what?! Yeah yeah, I'm good why?" I reply a little dazed and realise they are both staring at me and I haven't really looked away from this Max yet.

'Shit shit shit...' I begin to scold myself whilst I hastily ask, "So what's up?"

"Um, I was just telling Max here that you used to skate and you were pretty good too."

"Yeah I used to all the time but haven't really been able to the last few years with where I was. 'It's not what girls do Chloe. People will talk. You don’t want to be labelled as one of those people do you'..." I air quote sarcastically in my Grandmothers voice, "...So I was only able to sneak about sometimes and do it. Assholes!"

"Where were you the 1950's?!" I hear Max ask with a laugh.

And now she's really cute too I think to myself as I chuckle, "Ha I might as well have been. It was like I had been transported back in time and the only people around were old wrinkly's and a sea of white hair! Ugh, it was bullshit! Why do you think my hair is blue!? This isn't dye ya know! This is what happens when your life passes you by in three years."

Max starts to laugh more at that making me grin at her as she says, "Haha wow and here I thought that was your natural colour. Well duly noted, don't hang around old people for too long... Although I do have to say that colour is awesome and it looks really good on you. So maybe being around them wouldn't be so bad if there are more like you." And I see her give me a playful quirk of her lip.

OH MY GOD... Is she flirting with me, like openly just flirting. Hmm, maybe it wont be so bad here after all...

I suddenly hear 'I touch myself' by Divinyls and hear Max groan loudly.

I can't help laughing and so does Justin as Max mutters looking at her phone, "You fucking bitch!" Then switches it off and starts scanning the school grounds.

I'm still laughing when Max looks to me with slightly narrowed eyes but then her phone goes off again making her roll her eyes with an exasperated, "ARGH!" Which just makes me laugh more.

She answers it this time though, "You're gonna regret that later..."

I hear Max start saying as a girl with long blonde hair comes up behind her. Ok I suppose, but pretty ordinary looking really. And this Max has got something about her and she is really much more my type. Mmm... and that angry look she started giving me was really hot. I so wouldn't mind seeing more of that.

The girl leans into Max from behind and slides her hands over her hips, "Mmm yeah I'm counting on it Max." And it kinda annoys me.

Max pulls her phone down, gives me a glance then turns to the girl, "Do you remember what happened last time you messed with things you shouldn't?" She says in this sultry tone and it makes me feel something stir in my gut and I want her to talk like that to me.

This girl who I'm starting to dislike gives me a weird look of 'fuck you' then starts running her hands through Max's hair saying, "Mmm yeah I Hella do. It was one of my favourite times with you." Then just kisses her, like flat out eats her face in front of everyone, not giving a shit.

I actually have to bite my tongue from saying something and I don't even know what the problem really is. I have literally just met Max and yeah she is hot but it's not like I have a claim. I thought she was flirting with me but maybe she wasn't and these two are together. That is such fucking bullshit, the one cute girl I have seen for well, forever and she is taken.

"Mmm nice..." I hear Justin say.

I take a look at him and see he is almost drooling watching them. I roll my eyes at him, then turn back to see Max take the girls wrists and hold them behind her back.

Max pulls her head back and says, "Yeah but I have told you about touching my things, I hate my stuff being touched. So you will have to go without now."

For fuck sake stop talking like that Max, that is so hot. I need to fucking bake or something to distract myself because this is doing my nut in. I pat my pockets and groan realising I haven't got anything with me havin' forgotten them. How the fuck did that happen I'm such an idiot!

"You alright there Chloe?" I hear Max ask me.

"It's nothing. I just forgot my smokes that's all." I end with a shrug.

I see Max smile at me and watch as she reaches into her back pocket and then pulls out a pouch of tobacco. She opens it and takes a couple of what look like joints out. She closes the pouch up and then holds it out to me.

I just stand there looking between Max and the backy a few times like a fucking idiot, until I hear her laugh making me look into her eyes and then proceed to just stare into them instead.

I watch Max move a little closer and then lean over to take my hand placing the pouch in it and she puts her other hand on the back of mine just holding it there.

I'm kinda just frozen in place but my heart is thudding so hard in my chest feeling her hand on mine, the playful smile she has and her intense eyes. I think I might shatter or melt away, I don't actually know.

"Here you can take this. It should see you through the torture of classes." Max says then takes her hands away but lingering her fingers as she does and I notice the blonde narrow her eyes at me.

I feel myself shiver a little but start shaking my head, "No way dude, it's cool. You don't need to do that." And I start to hand it back to her.

But Max just pushes my hand back retorting, "I know I don't need to but I know what it's like to try and get through this prissy school without it. So you can just owe me one ok?"

I suddenly make this involuntary snorted giggling sound, making them all look at me and I feel myself blush like a fucking dick as I hastily say, "Ahem yeah, sure dude, whatever..." I shrug and open the pouch to see a pre-rolled smoke and take it out, "...And thanks for this." I spark it up, taking a few much needed drags, smelling and tasting the weed immediately and it's fucking strong and oh so sweetly welcome.

"No problem, you looked like you needed that." Max says with a chuckle.

I smile at her noticing again the scowl the moody blonde girl is giving me but I just smirk at her as I look back to Max, "You have no fucking idea how much." And she laughs which is so cute.

"Hey Max are you coming over to the skate park tonight? Or you got another date with that girl? 'Cos you didn't come the other night and we had to listen to Victoria whine about you ditchin' us for a girl and then bangin' on and on about her new outfit going to smell like a bonfire all night." Justin asks.

"Mhm yep..." Max starts and then blows a big cloud of smoke out, "...No date tonight. She got all, I dunno, weird. Meh woman. So I'll be there."

"You were much to good for her anyway and she didn’t deserve you, none of them do...” Barbie starts to say but it didn’t sound nice it was almost a warning, possessive like ‘You’re mine and don’t you forget it’.

I get knocked from that strange uneasy feeling when blondey starts up really dramatically, “Oh God that girl was so fucking loud too. 'Oh Max Max, yes... right there... MAAAX'... Didn’t hear you only I can make that happen!”

Max pushes her shoulder with an eye roll, "Fuck off Rach! You're just ‘Hella’ jealous it wasn't you this time."

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!! Are they together or not together or am I missing something here?! Hmm, maybe my luck isn't out just yet. Ar yeah, Price is still in there, 'cos she was definitely givin' me the eye and yeah the stuck up barbie doll, what was her name, Rach I think Max said, meh whatever keeps giving me a death stare but if they're not together... Mmm yeah, everything is still fair game and I really wouldn't mind getting a lot closer to this Max...

"...ight Price. Hey Chloe are you stoned or somethin'?" I suddenly hear Justin talking to me.

"What!? I'm not stoned why?"

"We were asking if you wanted to come tonight?"

"Oh..." I start and see the stuck up Rach girl give me the dirtiest look and turn to Max, whisper something in her ear then pull her into a kiss.

I go to continue but am cut off by the scowling blonde on heat, "I'll give you a call late tonight Max and I will see you tomorrow morn." Then gives her a quick kiss.

It turns to Justin, "See you tomorrow J'." And fist bumps him.

The blonde bunny boiler turns to me, gives me a narrowed eyed stare and basically shoulder barges passed me, making me laugh as she walks away.

I turn back and say to Max, "Ya know I think your girlfriend likes me a lot." I chuckle at the end.

Max snorts, "Yeah I have no idea what that was about. She can... Wait what! Rachel is not my girlfriend!" Max ends in a slight screech.

I snicker at her and tease, "Well maybe you need to tell her that 'cos she has been giving me daggers the whole time she was here."

"Really? Wow sorry about that. She can be a little um, intense..” she sounded a little uneasy saying that but shakes it off, “...Ehh, woman can be so complicated sometimes. If you have a problem say it, it's that simple."

"Hey you don't need to apologise for her it's not your fault. But I might not be able to bite my tongue next time."


"So who's going to the skate park tonight?" I ask.

"The usual and you know most of them. A couple you might not but should be good." Justin replies.

"Awesome. What time is everyone going?"

"We're goin' after classes, well Max here is picking us up when she comes back, so anytime after that."

"Comes back. You not got classes today?" I ask Max.

"Yeah but I'm probably gonna lose the afternoon ones. But I will still be picking them up. Did you need a lift? I have claimed designated driver so."

I snort a laugh, "Lose the afternoon ones. Ha, what you gonna do? And have you got room for one more?" I could do with a drink and chill, especially if this chick is there. I think grinning to myself.

"Oh nothing special just food, chill and bake stuff like that. And yeah I've got room for you. If I didn't I would just make Victoria run along side us." She ends with a laugh.

"Haha, awesome thanks. But can you do that to Victoria anyway..." I start and it makes Max laugh, "...See now your afternoon sounds so much more exciting than shitty lessons. You can learn so much more out of class than in it." I try and hint and not that subtly either. ‘Cos one, get the fuck out of class and two, I am really finding myself intrigued to find out more about Max.

"I know right! Some of my greatest ideas came from being stoned and out of class. You are more than welcome to come along if you want?"

"Sweet really, you don't mind?" I reply rather excitedly. Fucking calm yourself Price, just play it cool.

"Nah it's cool. It will be nice to have a new baking partner. And don't ever let it be said I don't take a hint." She ends snickering and shaking her head at me.

"Shit you caught that did you? Was I really that obvious?" I ask while I internally kick my own ass for being so uncool.

"Subtle you are not I'm afraid Chloe. But like I said it would be cool to have you join me."

And there it is again, that little twitch in her lip and something flicks across her eyes so fast I almost missed the change. But I don't know her well enough to know what it means. Fuck I really have to get to know this chick, there is definitely something about her and I want to find out more.

I suddenly hear the bell ring and Justin stands up saying, "Well ladies I'm gonna go find Trevor and I will catch you both later. Oh and Max I'll give you that cash I swear, scouts honour." And then proceeds to make more of a trigger finger at his head than the scout sign.

Max laughs teasing, "Ya know I'm starting to think you were never in the scouts and you have also been promising for a few months now. Like I said just forget it, it's cool dude."

They bump fists, "Yeah I know, but I will for sure in the near future, sometime, maybe." And ends with a goofy grin.

God you're a dork Justin I think as he turns to me for a fist bump, "Price it's good to have you back. Laters." Then he leaves on his board.

"Well another long morning ahead. What class you got first Miss blue?" Max asks as we head towards the school entrance.

I snort at her, "Miss blue really? That the best you got!"

"Hey Chloe doesn't exactly lend itself to many a nickname. But give it time, I'm sure I will find something a lot more suited to you." I see her give me a coy smile and it is really kinda sexy and makes me stop in my tracks.

I shake my head hearing her laugh and jog a little to catch up to her and go through the front doors replying to her previous question, "I have Art first I think. How about you?"

"Same actually. I quite like it though, so I don't mind and the teacher is really laid back too." Max replies coming to a stop at what must be her locker. Sweet it's like three from mine.

She puts her stuff in and then takes her shirt off and ties it round her waist.

I can't help checking her out whilst I stutter, "Hmm erm yeah. Wh-what's there um name?" Oh totally and utterly smooth Price! Jesus fuck shoot me in the ass!

Max looks up at me with a raised eyebrow asking a little amused, "You um, ok there Chloe?"

"Yep I'm awesome." Is my lame reply as I groan internally and I'm trying really hard to not check her out.

"Oook then... I mean as first impressions go it was alright I suppose." Max teases me.

I can't help grinning as I push her shoulder playfully and retort, "Uh huh little Miss 'When I think about you I touch myself', song lover! I bet you love all that kinda cheese. Is it like to pick up the girls with, instead of a one liner?"

Max pushes me back sarcastically replying, "Oh yes, when I'm with a really pretty girl the first thing I do is pick the most embarrassingly cheesy song I can find to impress her. It's the best way to get into a girls pants I've always found." She ends smirking at me, looking me up and down and then opens the classroom door.

I can actually feel myself blush from her implied tone and words, not to mention the look she gave me. 'I have to up my game with this one she's really good.'

I follow her in the room like some kind of lap dog trying to pick up any scraps I can get from her. I don't even know why I am or ended up following her about. I mean what the fuck is up with me? I am usually the loner type and couldn't give two shits about anything. But here I am, trying to basically hump her fucking leg like a dog on heat. It's so wrong and completely screwed, but I kinda don't give a shit.

"OY SLUT!" I hear someone shout out and see a pixie blonde make there way over to us.

I'm about say something when Max snorts a laugh and retorts, "Well if it isn't the most pretentious and stuck up bitch in the bay..." Making me laugh as the pixie smirks at her and gives her a one armed hug, "...What's up Vic?"

Ahh yes Victoria Chase, I remember you I think as she narrows her eyes at Max, "Don't you what's up Vic me! You ditched me again for that girl you bitch! I might have to rethink our friend status if it happens again. I have already lowered myself by talking to you as it is." She ends with a smug grin.

"Oh please Vicky, lowered yourself?! You are so low below me you might as well be licking the soles of my shoes." Max comes back with, making me laugh again as I look between the two.

She is quick and doesn't give a shit either. Mmm, I am definitely going to get on well with her.

"Oh you wish Maxine. I wouldn't lick anything on you, who know's what diseases I might catch."

Mmm I wouldn't mind licking something. I bet she tastes really good, I muse to myself.

"Oh really is that so Victor, because that wasn't what you said at that party. I distinctly remember you saying and I quote 'Max I want to stic..."

Victoria quickly clamps her hand over Max's mouth as she blushes with wide eyes, "You shut it! I was completely wasted that night and you said you wouldn't mention that."

She removes her hand and Max grins, "Ya know I must have been wasted too 'cos I don't remember saying I wouldn't."

Victoria rolls her eyes with her arms crossed and I think she suddenly notices me because she starts to give me a once over. I cross my own arms, cock my hip out with an eyebrow raised.

She looks back to Max and nudges her head towards me and asks with a tone of disgust, "Who's the blue punk? Another cheap ass conquest?"

It makes me want to nut her in her stuck up face, but before I can retort Max jumps in and sounds defensive, and a little pissed, "Don't talk about her like that Victoria! You don’t know her. I have also told you about talking and looking at people like that and it pisses me off. If you want to know, then ask like a normal person."

I'm a little taken aback by her sudden change. She didn't shout or anything but there was no room for discussion and she once again has got even hotter with her sticking up for me.

Chase screws her lips to the side and then as if it is the most painful thing in the world she turns to me and almost chokes as she spits out, "Sorry. So who are you?"

I have to clamp down on my laughter because she looks like she is going to throw up right now, from the bile that's obviously rising up inside her.

"Chloe Price." I say sweetly and stick my hand out to her knowing how much it will piss her off.

She looks at me and my hand a few times as if confused that this is something she would do, you know touch something so low on her scale. But she looks to Max when we hear her clear her throat and then rolls her eyes and extends her hand to me. I grin wider at her as she gives me the weirdest handshake with the tips of her fingers and thumb.

I can't help snorting at her doing anything to not touch me as she says, "Victoria Chase... Price, hmm you used to go here. Where have you been?"

"The 1950's." I reply seeing her give me an incredulous look and hear Max laughing.

I look to Max and give her a toothy grin as she says to Victoria, "Yeah. Why do you think her hair is blue?! Come on Vic it's where all the cool kids go."

Victoria gives us weird looks, "What the hell are you talking about! I think you need to lay off the weed."

"Don't worry Victor you'll get there."

She rolls her eyes at Max but there is a slight smile, "Whatever Maxine... Oh I saw your bitch earlier. She looked really pissed and wouldn't even talk as she stormed past like a cloud of thunder. You with holding sex again?" Victoria ends with a smirk.

Max groans, "I have no idea. She was giving Chloe daggers earlier too. I don't know... maybe she's just due on or something." Which makes me laugh.

Victoria screws her face in disgust, "Eww Max, I don't need to know that! You always have to lower the tone to less than a fly hovering around shit."

Max snorts a laugh, "You would know Vicky."

We share a laugh and after we calm a little Victoria turns to me, "So Price what did you do wrong?"

"I have no fucking clue. Justin and me were chattin', Max comes over and we get to talking. Then the stropping scowler comes over and starts marking her territory all over Max. She's lucky, I would usually knock a girl out for less... That kind of possession and desperation is not a good mix."

"She wasn't that bad and mar..." Max starts but is cut off by Chase.

"Really so you're the cause this time then. She does tend to do all that and the marking her territory thing..." She taps her chin in thought and then clicks her tongue, "...Well you will no doubt get her pulling you to one side at some point to give you a talking to and to also try and scare you off. So a pre courtesy warning."

I see Max shift uncomfortably with her arms crossed while Chase and I talk. But I give Victoria a nod, "Thanks... Ya know, you're not as bad or stuck up as I thought you'd be Chase." And I smirk at her.

Victoria gives me narrowed eyes but she then sighs, "Just don't go spreading it around. I totally blame Max for it the bitch... Ugh, and I suppose you're not as skanky trailer trash as I thought you might be Price." And she smirks back.

"Mmph right, now I must find some more upper class people to talk to and wash this vile distasteful sensation from my mouth..." She starts and then turns to Max, "...Maxine it's been disgusting as always..." Then turns to me, "...Price I won't say it's been a pleasure but... nope got nothing."

She turns around and starts walking away shouting, "Laters bitches."

I can't help laughing and shake my head, "Jesus is she for real?! But for some unknown fucked up reason she wasn't that bad. Shit maybe I'm ill, did I really think that about Victoria Chase."

Max snorts a laugh as she starts to sit down at a desk, "Yeah in the smallest, tinniest of doses maybe she can be ok. Just don't tell her too much, her head is far enough up her own ass as it is."

I laugh loud at that and I am about to reply when we hear Victoria shout, "I HEARD THAT MAXINE AND WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE UP MY ASS IT'S THE FINEST ONE AROUND!"

"I'VE SEEN SO MANY BETTER..." Max shouts back then looks up at me just standing here, "...You erm, gonna take a seat or you enjoying the view?" She teases me.

I feel myself blush a little but grin and sit down retorting, "Can't I do both?" Making her laugh and I'm really enjoying the sound of it, wanting to keep hearing her do it.

"You can do whatever you want to Chlo." And she does that little lip quirk thing that is really sexy.

"Mmm careful what you offer Max." I retort in a playfully husky tone.

"Who said I want to be careful? Where's the fun in that?!" She says in that sultry tone and her eyes are daring me.

Fuck that is so hot and I feel myself getting turned on again as she turns her head away. I just sit here like a fucking dork staring at her knowing I am smiling like a goofball.

Yeah maybe this isn't such a bad thing being back in this dump of a town. I could definitely get used to this I think to myself and manage to prise my eyes away from Max as the teacher comes in and begins to address the class. I take a quick glance at Max and see her give me a little amused smile... Fuck yeah I can definitely get used to this...


"Thank fuck for that!" I mutter under my breath hearing the bell ring for lunch.

I had another couple of classes with Max and it awesome, we get on really well and we had a great laugh. But then she had a different one to me so I had to endure this shitty class on my own. We did exchange numbers though and have sent a few texts to each other and it helped me get through this without her.

I grab my books and head out into the hallway to my locker, stuff my books in and slam it shut. I take my phone from my pocket when I get a text message and when I see Max's name I can't help a grin appearing as I open it up...

MAX: Miss Blue, if you wouldn't mind meeting me in the dorms, it would be very much appreciated. I have a couple of things I need to get.

I snort a laugh at the name as I make my way down the hall and go to type out a reply when I get another text...

MAX: Oh and you SUCK Price! Writing all that shit on my books and the boobs with hands on them on my locker. So not cool dude!!! Don't even try and deny it, I know it was you!

I laugh out loud as I walk across the grounds and make my way to the dorms writing a text back...

CHLOE: Calm ya /( . )( . )\ Maxine and you can't prove anything!

I snicker as I send that, put my phone back in my pocket and go through the girls dorm door. I might as well go check her room out, instead of waiting around here.

Once in I suddenly realise I don't actually know what room she is in but notice a chart and take a look to see she is on the second floor, number 219.

"Of course you would be on the second floor." I mumble out loud.

I make my way up the stairs two at a time and swing the door open. I make my way down the hallway looking for Max's room. I notice a few girls about who I don't know and someone playing some pop music shit.

As I near the end of the hall I start hearing someone blasting Slayer and as I get to the last door on the right I realise it's Max. Nice, she has descent taste in music too, another tick for the box. She has a lot of ticks now, I have gotta find something to put a cross in, but so far nothing.

I take a breath before I knock because I feel a little nervous for some reason but have no clue why.

Something pops in my head and I grin as I start hammering on the door and singing loudly, "I CLOSE MY EYES AND SEE YOU BEFORE ME. THINK I WOULD DIE IF YOU WERE TO IGNORE ME. A FOOL COULD SEE JUST HOW MUCH I ADORE YOU MAX..." I drop to my knees as I sing the next bit and the door opens, "...I'D GET DOWN ON MY KNEES, I'D DO ANYTHING FOR YOU..." Max looks at me with the biggest look of shock and just bursts out laughing as I'm singing, "...I DON'T WANT ANYBODY ELSE MAX. WHEN I THINK ABOUT YOU, I TOUCH MYSELF. OOH, I DON'T WANT ANYBODY ELSE. WHEN I THINK ABOUT YOU MAX, I TOUCH MYSELF. OH NO OH NO OH NO I DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE MAX..." I finish with a shit eating grin as Max holds her stomach laughing.

"Hahaha, you are fucking insane! Wh-what the, hell are haha you doing?" Max wheezes out and leans on me to look down the hall.

I look down the hallway to basically see everyone outside there rooms staring at us. I grin at them and turn back to Max hearing her mutter as I get a load of her bare legs and her... mmm nice...

But it is swiftly all taken away when Max grabs the front of my jacket and yanks me up and through her door, making me start laughing at her.

Once in Max lets me go and goes to her door to close it as I just continue to chuckle. That was so awesome, mmm, I do good work I congratulate myself and straighten my clothes out.

"You are such an asshole Chloe Price! What the hell was that?" I hear Max ask with a laugh.

I turn to her, "What’s the matter?! I was serenading you, I thought you loved that song! You said it was the best way to get into your pants." I give her a toothy grin.

Max snorts shaking her head at me and says amused, "You are completely unbelievable."

"Yeah that's what I was going for." I retort and see Max roll her eyes but with a smile.

I go and make myself comfy on her bed, lying back with my arms behind my head and watch her do something on her computer.

She does have a really cute ass and her pale legs are nicely toned, I think to myself as I scan over them. I notice there is a tattoo on her thigh but I can't quite make it out and it disappears under her boy shorts. Hmm, I need to get a closer look at that. I wonder what else she has hidden on her 'cos I really need to check the rest of her out.

She goes over to one of her sets of draws and gets out a pair of dark skinny jeans and starts putting them on.

"You're a weirdo you know that?" Max says amused.

"Ehh, I'll take it. I'd rather be weird than ordinary." I reply whilst I'm checking her out.

Mmm yeah and you're fucking fit I muse to myself as she pulls her jeans over her dark red underwear. But really Max they should be being pulled down not up and then I can fu...

"...ell I suppose you do have a point, even if you are crazy." Max knocks me from my sweet ass daydream.

"Hmm... Huh?!"

"You didn't hear a word I said did you?" She states more than asks as she gathers a couple of things up.

"Well yeah some of it. I was just ya know checkin' you-r room out and got distracted is all." I try to lie but not very convincingly as Max just smirks at me with her eyebrow raised.

"You know you're a terrible liar Chloe. You should really work on that."

I just shrug with a grin, "What can I say I'm only human." I retort and actually take a look at her room.

I notice a load of pictures all over her walls, a few posters, a horde of DVD's and CD's. Sweet, maybe we can watch something 'cos she has a good size TV on her wall as well. And then we could get a little closer, well a lot closer... There are also a couple of guitars too. Wow she really does just keep getting better and better.

"D'you play?" I ask.

Max looks up at me from getting something from her wardrobe with a confused face, "Huh, what?"

Ha so fucking cute. Really Max you seem so on the ball then you do that face.

I Nod my head at one of her guitars, "Those, do you play?"

Max shakes her head with a smile, "Oh no they are not for playing." And comes near to where I am.

Now it's my turn to look confused as I ask, "What are they for then?"

Max snickers at me and I realise she is taking the piss, "Bitch." I say and push her with my foot.

"Oh come on why else would I have them?" She retorts whilst batting my leg away.

I just shrug with a smirk, "I don't know, maybe it's another one of your pick up techniques. I mean you got me in your room after all and on your bed." I run my hand over the space next to me.

Max just smirks at me, "Oh trust me, if I was trying to pick you up you'd know about it."

I look at her with narrowed eyes, "What's that supposed to mean?"

She just shrugs at me, "Nothing. Like I said, you would know if I was. So I'm obviously not."

I feel my eyes widen and my mouth opens a bit as I stare at her in slight shock and try to find the tell on her face that she is bullshitting me.

We stare for a little longer and I still got nothing as Max just rolls her eyes. But there was a little, I don't know, something there, I know there was. Well I'm saying there was 'cos I will not accept she doesn’t want me, that is fucked. It would be the biggest harshest bollocks ever.

I turn my head away and smugly state, "You're full of shit Maxine! I know you want me."

"Uh huh, sure Chlo." Is all I get.

"There's no point lying to yourself Max. Just admit it, you want to jump me right now." I really wish you would as well because you are driving me crazy Max.

"Again if I wanted that I would tell you, trust me. I just really enjoy flirting, that's it."

"I'm still calling bullshit. I know you want this." Please fuck Max don't do this to me, it's cruel, just admit it.

"Sure sure, fine Chloe you win. Now you comin' I need a smoke and I'm hungry?"

"Whatever, I'll get mine. I will prove it to you." I grumble and stand up.

Max chuckles, "Prove it to me, how would that even work?"

"I will show you and you are gonna want me so bad." And there, there it was again, that flash across her eyes, what the fuck is that. Jesus this chick is driving me crazy. What the fuck is the matter with me!?

"Fine, ok Chlo you do that." Max retorts as we leave her room.

"Oh don't worry I will make you want me." And see Max roll her eyes at me but with a smile.

As we are walking down the hall and I try to think what I’m gonna do someone hollers from their room, "HEY MAX? GET IN HERE."

Max starts walking backwards a couple of steps and pokes her head in a room, "Hi Dana. What's up?" And nods her head for me to follow as she starts going in.

"Hey girl. You skippin' again?" Dana asks amused. I remember her, she still looks the same, a little older maybe, dark brown hair, tall and cute. She always seemed nice, especially for a cheerleader.

"Yeah, got nothing exciting for class and I can't really be bothered."

"Ha when can you..." She teases and then looks to me with an almost knowing smirk, "...So who's your friend? You look familiar do you go here?" Well at least she acknowledged me like a normal person does. I think amused remembering how Victoria greeted me.

"Yeah I do. I used to go here a few years back. But now I get to come here again. I'm Chloe Price."

She sits in thought for a moment then smiles, "...Oh I remember you now. Although you didn't have the blue hair then, long blonde wasn't it?"

"Yeah I did. You have a very good memory."

She narrows her eyes a little at me, "What because I'm a cheerleader!? We're not all dumb blondes you know."

"What the hell I didn't even..." I'm cut off as Dana starts laughing at me.

"Haha. Oh I'm sorry, I was only teasing girl. But yes I have a very good memory." She ends still chuckling.

"Yeah cute." I mumble but can't help a small laugh.

"So I heard, well and saw the little display you done for Max here." Dana says with a laugh and I notice Max roll her eyes.

"Ha yeah, you heard that did you?" I reply a little sheepishly but can't help feeling good about it too.

"Are you kidding me! The whole of the dorm heard and saw it. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the school did. It's also all over social as well with a load of vids and there was a live streaming too."

"No fucking way! Ar yeah Max we have gone viral." I say excitedly with a huge grin.

Max snorts a laugh, "You want to go viral for singing 'I touch myself', really?! No one wants to see that Chlo."

"Fuck of course they do Max. I was declaring my undying love for y..." I start but am cut off.

"No they don't!" Max states but I can see her trying not to smile. Yeah you try and be all angry with me but I know you want it.

"Yeah I'm afraid Chloe is right Max. I have already had over a thousand hits and it has only been up for just over ten minutes. I tagged you in it, how did you not see it?" Dana says excitedly bouncing a little.

"Hahaha, see see Max everyone wants a bit of this...” I gesture to myself and I see her eye me up a little, “...This is so fucking awesome! Hey Dana can you tag me in it?" I say all this laughing and excited giving Max a punch on the arm. She pushes me but is laughing too. Sweet that's it Max come to the Chloe side, we have all the good stuff. I'll get you in the end, my little freckled hotness.

"Yeah I can now Chloe Price... You were just mystery blue haired girl serenades Max Caulfield with 'I touch myself' but nooow... and done." Dana says grinning having just change it on the post.

"Fuck yeah, cheers Dana..." I start and get a beep on my phone and take it from my pocket, "...Haha yeah, there you are you hot piece of ass." I state giving Max a shit eating grin and shove my phone to her face.

She snorts a laugh as she lowers my hand, "Oh Jesus Chloe! Are you really complimenting your own ass?!"

"Fuck yeah of course, why wouldn't I look at it..." I turn around showing her my ass and hear her laugh, "...But I was actually talking about yours 'cos that's one fine piece you got there..." And I lean back to check it out, "...Oh baby yeah, there it is. Mmm so many things I could ju..."

I don't get to finish as Max grabs my hand and hastily says while dragging me out the door, "Right we're off. Lovely as always Dana and I will text you when I'm gonna pick you up."

I hear Dana laughing as she replies, "Yeah Max same and nice meeting you Chloe. You have your hands full with this one Max."

I start cackling at that and I hear Max mutter, "Yeah don't I know it."

We get to the door for the stairs and Max goes to pull her hand away from mine but without success as I don't let her.

She looks at me, "Do you wanna, you know, let go!?" And starts shaking her hand to get me off.

But of course I just smirk at her and can’t help my mouth, "Awww don't be mad Max, I thought we were 'really good friends' and shit. And with me singing that love song for you. I have also drawn you beautiful artwork and wrote you romantic poetry too."

Max pulls her hand away and starts going down the stairs stating, "Drawing boobs, dicks and stick-men in different sex positions does not equal beautiful artwork..."

We get outside as she continues and she is trying so hard to be annoyed but I can hear the laugh in her voice, "... And romantic poetry really!! Writing, 'Roses are red, lemons are sour. Open your legs and I'll make you shower.' Or, 'Roses are red, violets are blue. My pants get wet just thinking of you.' Or this, 'You be the six, I'll be the nine. Let me sit on your face and I'll let you sit on mine.' Are so not Romantic poems Chlo!" When Max finishes she looks at me with pursed lips as I start snickering and she quickly looks away.

I go to say something but I suddenly hear her snort really loudly and see her shaking, "Max, haha, look at me." I laugh but she doesn't look.

So I jump in front of her, "Come on Max just admit it? You loved my romantic shit and it got you all hot for me. We're not going anywhere until you do." I can’t help a big smirk.

Max crosses her arms, "Yeah I'm gonna still go with no. Why do you need me to wan..." Max starts and then looks behind me, "...Fuuuuck!"

I quickly swing around to see what she is looking at but see nothing and turn back to Max asking, "What's the matter? I do..." I stop talking when I don't see Max and look about in confusion.


I look to the boys dorms and see Max over there and she has her arms crossed, hip cocked out and the biggest smirk. How the fuck, that little shit played me! Mmm, but look how sexy she is, I nee...

I watch as Max bends forward a little, puts her hand to her mouth and then blows me a kiss shouting, "FUCK YOU LATER CHLOE." And then she runs off.

I stand a little dazed for a moment before I come back to my senses and shake my head before giving chase after her. Ha, I can't believe I fell for that, what an idiot. I am so gonna get her back for that I think laughing, as I run after her up the stairs, towards the school.

As I get to the school grounds at the front, I look about but don't see Max anywhere. How the fuck does that tiny hot piece of ass run so fast. Where the hell is she! I start slowing down and scan my surroundings.

I suddenly hear my phone start ringing and come to a stop as I take it from my pocket still keeping an eye out. I thought it might be Max but see it is a withheld number but I answer it anyway.

"Yo who d'is?"

"...Ya know Miss Blue, for someone with such long legs you are awfully slow. This does not bode well."

I can't help laughing hearing that it is Max and start walking again, "You little fucker, you got a head start that's all. I can so beat you! Why don't you come on out and I'll show you right now or you too scared?"

I hear Max snort and tease, "Yeah I would but I'm watching this girl at the moment. I thought she was the tinniest bit hot, cool and didn't give two shits about anything..." While she is talking I am looking around almost manically 'cos I hate losing, "...But seeing her now, she just looks like a cute little fluffy kitten all confused."

I narrow my eyes at that and growl, "Fuck that shit! I eat cute kittens! I'm a fucking tiger bitch and when I get my hands on you I'ma eat you too!"

"Mmm, you keep dreaming Price."

"ARGH... MAAAAX!!" I shout with a whine.

I don't get any reply as the line goes dead and I look at my phone with a scowl.

But I suddenly absolutely shit myself and squeal out all high pitched, "AAAHHH HOLYFUCKINGSHITBALLS!!!" As someone slaps me on the ass and grabs my beanie.

I quickly look over to see Max with the biggest shit eating grin as she teases, "Ooohh so girly." As she runs ahead of me and stuffs my beanie on her head.

I growl loudly and charge after her hearing her cackle and I can't help laughing, "Haha you're going down bitch!"

I get to arms length of her and just launch myself at her knocking both of us to the floor with a, "Oooff..."

We roll around on the floor together trying to get the upper hand, both of us giggling and out of breath. I manage to get on top of Max but she quickly lurches forward making me yelp as I get pushed down on my back and she straddles my waist whilst grabbing my wrists and pinning them above my head.

I narrow my eyes and squirm at Max as she looks down at me with a big ass smirk, "Ya know, I thought you'd be a lot stronger, especially with the 'I'm a tiger and I'ma eat you' thing. So tiger where's the eatin'?" Max ends the last part all husky and it makes me shiver and bite my bottom lip.

I watch her grin wide at me but I will not let her get one up on me. So I try to play it cool, while internally I am gonna fucking explode from how fucking turned on she is making me right now and she looks so sexy too, especially wearing my beanie.

I smirk at her, "Maybe I just wanted to get you on top of me and this is all part of my master plan."

"Uh huh, sure Chlo 'Master plan'." She says sarcastically.

"You can deny all you want and play it off. But I know you really like me, I can see it and you'll give it up in the end. So just tell me how much you want to fuck me and want me Max?"

Max rolls her eyes at me and lets go of my wrists as she says a little bored, irritated, I don't know, "Jesus what is with you and this constant need to have me say if I like you? We have literally just met and I barely know you..." She then stands up and holds her hand out to help me up as she continues, "...I mean yes I think we could be quite good friends 'cos you seem fun and pretty cool. But if that's not what you are interested in and you just want ya know, sex or something then just say?"

Wow I think as I just stand here not really being able to do anything. Because that is the first time someone has called me out on my shit and I feel a little weird and nervous. I mean yes I want to fuck her, but I also want to find out more about her and I don't want to just never talk to her again 'cos she is really fun and I haven't had such a laugh, in such a long time.

I look at Max's face, then her eyes and just blurt out, "Why can't I have both?"

Max looks at me for a moment and I see that something flash across her eyes again. But then it's gone in an instant when she snorts a laugh and shakes her head, taking her hand from mine. I kinda miss the warmth of her hand against mine and have to smirk at her to hide my disappointment.

Max looks at me with a small smile, "Why am I not surprised you are not satisfied with one thing and want more." And begins to walk away with a chuckle.

It makes me smile as I go to follow her, when I notice someone over on the stairs watching us and realise who it is. The blonde bitch from this morning. She has her arms crossed and even from here I can see the massive scowl she is giving me and she might as well have smoke coming out of her with the amount of fire she seems to be throwing this way.

I give her a huge grin, the middle finger and run up to Max slipping my arm over her shoulders, "So Mad Max, where we off to?"

I see her look to my arm round her, then to my eyes and gives me a weird glance. But I just give her a toothy grin and squeeze her shoulder looking at her as if to say 'What's the problem'.

Max lowers her eyebrow and looks ahead as I feel her less tensed and she answers, "Well I gotta get my munch on first, I'm fucking starvin'. That cool with you?"

"Awesome! I'm always hungry for something to nosh on... Be it pizza, bacon n’ eggs, pancakes, burgers, fries or girls, mmm... yeah, pretty much anything. I just love to eat."

Max laughs out loud and it gives me a happy feeling making her laugh like that as she teases, "So anything that's really bad for you then?"

"Haha yeah. Why do you think I like you." I retort and squeeze her shoulder.

I can feel Max tense again at that but she settles as she says, "You will have to do a lot better than those cheesy lines if you think that will get me to like you back."

I just grin at her, "Mmm... I accept your challenge and I will completely annihilate it."

Max chuckles, "Yeah we'll see about that."

"Yeah we will won't we..."

Because I don't like to lose. And we may have just met, but there is definitely something about this chick Max. I just know that we are gonna get on so good together. I have finally found something worth being back in this shitty town for...